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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 13, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? shipping. ? Orient Ine. Tie follow ice steamships wet Royal mail contract will leave Adelaide Largs Bay at x pin. On the undermentioned dates for ply Vovou and London. A Albany. Colombo Tran shipping or All Indian ports. Sues canal Aptos. Marseilles and Gibraltar Goubau ? sch j. F. But Hven 1 dec 14 Austral ? jm5 dec s3 of Jupo. ? 3918 a l. Gace Jin. 11 Ottosi. ? so Uno a Hay Obio Isi. ? s297 4. Mcweat feb. 8 Boxa ? -ij7 e. E. Lavington feb. S3 Pheb ? 10 Rob men. 8 oho a. ? -s37 j. Linklater Loh. S a Skuz ? 618 h. W. Livett april 5 and fortnightly thereafter. Trin Crew. Aloof to London single �35 to �70. J be tuns �65 to a910. I class �15 15/. �17 17/. And �1848/. Ayoob to Cou Hibo Sifel �s2 Toj �30. Be turn �s3 tos45. . I. Saloon �4 10/ to �6 third. Jo., a Paa aures from any port can be prepaid rare. Betorin tickets first Saloon Between ports Are now available for return by p. O. Steamers having room. Managers of been & co and Asder 6ok, Anderson co., Fenchurch Avenue us Imo pc ,? ? a. I Ftp Rirl. Cd Pecini. Trails for Paniff inoes id Tor 13 jobs to the . Oprah will have Adelaide for the sea end or Larrs pier at Kut an. And u-48 on thursday Huj Imti the last launch for the Shore will Lave the Ompah at 1.50 to connect Ruth a special Tain which Vii rave the Ostend of larg wer at 835 . So see bar offs a at Apanu Colombo Aden timfrtjsss1 Al 11 Wittl a Teaera to room wander. Tote. Ass. 28 it Sib i. Ife $ Nhav. Jf�5 . � i a ers for Fumal a hip a dry ald7 Vamg to pa8sejgebb. We bpm read Rad. in both hut and second saloons ii Unnur past Paa afe from Europe Cle a be arranged Here. Fidget Flo redo Brak their journey at in Toni it Locke to India cd Tina Japan a Boond the world to diets Imaa. Passage of 8 he Tell taxed at lowest Carrent Tea. Sabo Ttoe tables and an p5s5l St Casace Mon a to Fui a Deil on jail a Fig few ugh Irith of co., to a co i1 f Lahti of Loubo Suez Tad Post sad Fol to ffl4lijied Mont tar a ii it in Mia Rosa a Flam its nor. Osny finl 5.ml of fat a i passengers booked to Bombay Iodia a. Jar Fjug . ? a smax Douex can do Iff i ii Erci Cor a 4 1 to or of f -1 floss Basss but a each a Hbl eve j steam a her i ii i iii Cleave pm until 4 lnt4tj j a Donsi Tiff Bravi Sig till a to Hsini pts w. Barb amoeba. Tons a. By Char mar. 17 pm. Oumou Ort Wilu apr. U Oeha. Via mos in. He3sel j stay m ka3? oath w1sb& european a talc Ami Amert cab fort. A Farsi hip ate and parse Jarf apply tothe at i � a if Goce to o67.lund s Une steamers Lake Cir to per my lat tit Amana appoint a tear hit fort Tate 6af e it-4h, Mai % Cost Tou. Wot Jamair a at Canna. 460 torn to allow vah Hawo a i. 4lt4iojrj Ksmiia--.1T111 Dunkirk London Antwerp. The fast and full to Webb Bew Ete Ahab South Australia Ompton. Captain basses. 28rd december tafi2j-tbir�iia� tat Ubach Wool Sau for freight to pay to George wills & co. Titae ? Adelaide and Lort Adelaide. Elder line of steamers. For London Dunkirk Ham Burg and Antwerp. Toe fact fax till powered steadier i.x1it Bias 4, ions k. T. Mos Lostuto. Captain. Air be Dia patched from Post Adolf top a about Doe emitter 18, in ample time for the March Wool Hales. For full part Colars to Smith co. iii rift see lie. Yob Wev for London. Durban and Cape ? bbb Kurtt the Steamer Gulf of Genoa a appointed to leave Ocean steamers whirl. About january 19, 1900. For Fri put apply -347-50 p. & w. Mtr Bay. Ltd. Adelaide. Tippon Usla k.a1sba. To. Auxila Honc Koso. And Japak Vul. Thus Xiv. Brisban a and Owtis luxe. Will leave o under ? you. Sot name of Steamer Mander. Bourne. Sydney. Kasuga uru. Was Vrej dec. N dec. S. Futami make ? idiom ban. 25 b. 1 beae Steamer bj.,. Us i eur Rieur Acup Tui. A Tion for Pii arc in in All Cia . And Are United with the most recent improvements. Fall psst Icalan u to to Birtt and Palace from Hal wealth . It co. Peop. Lust go. Agent b. Orente Street. 179naic in Rue . A kits will be Dis Pau hed cd oks. Us Onder to Stass Luhv Era Jam Tuva Day and saturday. At 8-s0 a Bibb -. From staks cry every us Oay. Leaving 10.30 aujn., and tuesday lev inc s pin. To port it Klemt every tues Day at 8.s0 ., from port Vincent every wednesday. Leaving 10 . Age ? a. Limes starter. Secretary. To cd oath East ports. For its to jambs. O Ston and Beac poet Elsie Job Jbf wednesday december is aids ibb bbb cares for . Day. A Buncg of and Eine too. port Adelaide. ? shipping. ? tin lift ittle clip Aby limited of he dispatch ii Sinars from 1 Orl Adelaide m Ler i i cais Lysje Mir Kije 1ua&buu i . Fob Perth web Altos All Auklet to Elf cd a to Karl add on in Rouen Bills or iodine. Wollow a ? j Friday cd �2 1 3 a in. For slfc.lboi&s�, Wol Lowra ? i Friday dec 15 s . For Syo Lifey. Thais ii i log for x outs. Moonta 1. Tiday dec. Ii i cargo Only. ? fert a 4.clf tse Kolce. For w it Lincoln. Loon a Wall Auto am fi1amujn i1akbos. Ferret ? tuesday 1 dec. 13 i 3 pm. Puts alg Sia pm Elk invest Gator jail Ujlaky dec 16 1 4 . Torn prior to so revised Ike pos Bay to Jailie. ? Fata Awers tickets i Raed by 4ab comp for a ant Tau Cceal with at Mansram the my bpm. Co. Between All than. Torau inform Uon apply to the Adelaide Sta usurp co. Ltd., conf str at. Adelaide and comm racial wharf. � ,-.- port Adelaide. A West a1jstealia. I a Adelaide steam Islip co Paky. 1�jniusianu5 ted steam Kavita t tips . A. Moat in a Pkt Adelaid the alter and t to t is to of Stoltm a. Of. Saunas As Enders a r taboo ? / Friday. Dec met is. ,. Friday december to. A i Babra i Fri Pat. December �. Marlon. Fe1day, january 5. A Satas Wir . Lowest rates 3ft freight and tunic Mmry. For Fau Artl Cedars apply ? fug Atka Saip oomph it jux Fht Aad fort i b. V. Kac Bohnau. The a.0jui. Osy. Ltd Annh slim. �rt.i.--. Sad Queen s wharf. Ort. I i t paroo of Tiru re Ember is. ? ?-?., Itu i at . Yes Djel to a i taboo. Friday december Ararat Matsu in a Nat. U, up Tovey Aop ibid iat Yery Hotl a. Be Lepiane Ait intr Iso port Ariel Pirir. It h. Graves co., hallway and general car ten Custons boo a and Forward tar agent to a parti of the ant and Delarett of parcels and Large it to any part of the Colony. ? Jive it Streeet port Adelaide. F t i a if % in a i a ask your grocer of a awarded special prize Silver cup Adelaide show. I a a sat act a Sta ? by ass ssh Csc Ntsasa. Imp Trainr in Yip to i Onder to acis a arting a prepaid us. Is words. On ? insertion 1/ three insertions. 8/6. ? f Thomas Smith. Who a bom in Eden Budt on the 4th of june j8js, and was last heart of in Adelaide will apply to messes. Taylor son & Humbert of 4. Field court Grays London. England he will hear of something to his advantage. 310i� plants seeds., is . London . A meat Prat inc bearer. The Froit is Nooth. Air Hilj a pitied. Is to so in. Lone of a Beano no i a Creen and of lha most handsome form. 1/ packet. . Hackett be i san. �4aaxt6 t8 7i, so. Adelaide. Seeds and plants. We Bex to notify that we Hin opened our to Tow pkg Snuski and offer for Sale a fresh stick of flip War vegetable and agricultural seeds and plants also seed potatoes manures and Garden and far Hiple Meketi a. Us. Azacs cro., Corner esst Terrace and bundle treet. Telephone Soi. A 206 drapery and cute lung. Foales great co operative Coupon k11\a\t every wednesday ivs orning to Clear the remnants accumulated during tile week. 60. Spent 14, 16, 18, Brown St 132, 132a, gouger St closed to Day at 1 o clock ? Llic Bob Madame Wehcel srem liable cot paper Mamek Pai techs or dresses. 4lijil� mantles. A Cut in feb bbb a am tic Erent size with Illust a. A Tva a 1 and directions. Journal b Ijo ated id., Taco diff in Bibb by g Mauern renew posted so. So by bbl. Address Harris & exp ts3snssbbbv Wiel 22. Arcade. ? shipping. ? the Howard Smith li2te. Leave Howard Smith s wharf As follow circumstances pen nitting Albarr fee Matt a Steamer Early. Biel Bonne Sydney Kewa Stuj Bri Saioc Kaby Sobotar Gladstone Boram Minto a bowmen pc to . Tuesday. December 19. Fas Songen and cargo. A Carco most be Deurand Alega Side Oara a costless than one boor before advertised time of sail ing. A Ettern tickets Are with he steamers of messes. He Draht. Par Kert co. And Mcilwraith. Mceacharn. Sad co. Coal hunkering at Adelaide Melbourne or port Pirie Laid taken St any time. We. Vimr Jeri Smith a str nor mar. In 11% King win Tom Tanct Aat Olauus. And Morth Parade. Fan a Dehuma. 4� mcllwraffl., ,&c0. . Uke Tobl nil Elsp Slyn tha too wins a Assner Eta men a of up it of fat per if few. Melbo Obira syd1utcai.go9buk, thursday. Dee. It r. 10 . Cargo a Inobe a soared later than Apon tub. Strw. / tax Gooduk. Tues oat a december Junr Krupnik is fax Kab Tuer gab. Air Don. And so . Feb to a throne a bisect Ladua note. A Taro trek sol Are inter changeable with to Aua. Howard can Tea stat and Huddart Par Ker 1 co s Ili ism w. B. Fave too of sub l4s-aet, Adelaide 3. Bawls res 4 Bok. Fert Adait Lda m Hij Dart Parker & co. & a i byc a Jaios a taunt a 1-Hihiibt is. Anglian Ivai liitle. Moldav. Joec Erbst a. Btl Boulb Tolu Sor Ixko Ocoro Perth. F .aeoindo-4imtn-J�Mdt�Awlthacnwtalth, co. Prairie try limited and West aus Aiila. Joist weekly service. Or to thu Psi. I Atal Pak a Krebs j tuft Tatj Jned Sam to Boh tit ? Roix Otono stea1djs8 at Omni. Iktbstal8. . J . Tomb Bat Deo. M. Jio Dav. Jan. 1. Monday. Jan. 8. Aad beg Diuble a text Mondat mw7sr fab and Nei Ohn. 1 by Dan Nick bib ivikb0bakw4j-Ul add att. I a xxx. Co. A tap a lot. Udi wealth Mceach Abs of pb0py unt. We. Bow ass is bib bobs Bott Ltd. ? Mac a. Tobt Wakefield shipping Al j .co1ipaky.-�pr. Port Wake 3ssssss feed Kame Vatt sails wedness bbb of Fay Isth iatt., at from. 34o? a. Is a i Gas ruler port Adelaide. Java from Hamburg. Con Agnes Are requested to pass eni Bies at once. Bills of lading most be presented and Frei its paid it our port Obice before delivery. No claims will be acknowledged unless damage Baa been pointed oat on Landing and the will not be responsible for abstraction of spirits or other bonded goods except Bam packages pointed oaten the wharf in bad order and in the presence of the Captain. A goods impeding discharge will be landed and stored at consignees risk and expense. Captain feb Kkt ukat will Kot be esp Obi ble Tor any debts contracted by the Crew with to us of Ittin authority. 346fr Francis h. Skovy. City and port. Ont Pery a set Tab Black silk laces we have purchased 6000 Yards of the above goods at exceptional advantage and Are enabled to offer the Publio the following substantial reductions. Black silk laces a. For Black silk laces. 8d. For Black silk laces a fid. For Black silk laces 1/. For 85d. Black silk laces 1/3 for Black. Bilk laces 1/6 for a several patterns in every Price. A whole Sale Stock to select from of new and fresh goods. Charles Birks co. ? 348-8 Shierlaw & co. New shipments of boys & youths clothing. A Large Stock or durable Aad Seit i cloth is co select Iram. Trousers suits 13/6, 15/6, 17/8, 19 3 Serce Sailor ii. 501, 6 9, is 2-Sarment so ,4. ,5vij er3, i Send for in hunted Priam iii. Fait Eraa. Jet Tuu Esse Stock of a kits White Straw bats new shipments of haz3 Aad Caps at lowest Price 16 and 18,. 1twtlffit Marshall s fairy Dell and Bazaar open to the Public Marshall s Xmas presents novelties. It Pijem a pm a pfc 35333e5 father Christmas Mae Shalus fairy Dell. Don t forget to bring the children to have a talk with father Christmas at \ m a bsh a tat Fil ? assess Sosa bl_-b9 Sassy ass Astus a assess sail sea dolls. Dolls. Dolls the largest Stock of Doris in South Australia Denitto Marshall s ? father Christmas toy parcels. Tascu . Bettt add l Setch items toe Smas. Gifts. Toreky Rabi web iii 8 Brawers itt Fittro and Plash top. Robt in Long as9brtcii to Iralu. 1 is i just opened several parcels of Mani pc Needle. Cases All different in Lei her Leatut Rette celluloid and Kvoring 6d., is 1/, 1/s, 1/6, 3/6 each Plush cop Metal pin roxor Small round .6jd. Bree n-un4, 10id. Large Waare 1 each the Cantujr Metal Hon cd boils. 3 Compart ments combining assorted hairpins 7jd. Ach the housewife companion Case a Leuh Orette i Din Case. Containing Bomon Book Linen ii sons Sci sors pins and old eyed Sec does Queen Bessi cry us Glass Fin boxes with tics i i plated cover. 1/ Onieh. Ebeo Ial Purchase my siae Combs Ltd and 3d. Pair tour new designs usual Price a Lai Tottori is Arieli hairpins 1 dozen on card icy cardboard boxes hairpins s Compart ments Verr pretty and attractive sad. Each real Silver thin files lord. 10 2/0, Plush cases for tune. So. And a. Each. Ine Dorcas thimble a tent real Silver Lynsi pc and outside with an plate of Teol in enter Abl and durable in five taif Feroni def spa Sasha Mirror top Black and White piss 1/3 each. Ik0oheti det Asnier. ? us Trail in teas Pete sets. Japanese trans a Choice a or uncut Otoji tools Epe Crimy selected for the present spa set ots in sri 5/9, .-9, 7/s, 6,v, Lilc tin porcelain Frith Walnut frames so rend backs and plated handles 10/g, 12fi, 15/6, is 6. 81/. 2t/8, 35/ each. Crumb Brosh and Traye. New and Choi 4 uns. In papier Macrae Gilt and hand Sci s/6. A b. 8 i 10/6 per pair Serviette Kis in by Lonnie. 6euuloid, a c., in bores of half dozens assorted colors 2/3. St 6/6, 7/ per Bam dozen fancy spice Babwa. A very sem Ceacile present. Bread boards in neat a coins a 2/. 3. 5.0 Saefa table wats in Wood Leatherette 1 3, 3/3. Rwy set table hats in brass wire wove the very inert and most suitable mat Ever introduced into tiie a splendid Vasor Anent of . Plate handles. In All the newest and artistic designs 1/c. 1/s. A s/8, 3/. St each. Bazain seeders takes the stones oat of the tent. In 8 minutes 6/f each. Cherry Stoner. A Hwy useful article. Is each bread or Almond Crater a useful machine 5/g each hammocks. These nuke a very acceptable present s/6, 6. T/6, 8/9, 10/. 1 to 42/. Uit Navvie bin useful goods Fob Christmas gifts. Ladies and Yenta dressing cases nicely fitted with requisites 8/11. 6/11. 10/6, 12, 15/, 17/fl, a or. K/6, a. So to each ladies useful folding lock clasp purses. 1,9, 1. 2/6. 2/1l 3,11. 6/6, 7/6. 10/6 each Law Rand Bam. In Nev tapes and fancy leather. 2/11, Sal a. Is. M/6, 12 0. La a girls leather hand Bap fitted with purse Salt bottle and Mirror 2/11 each Intine blotter a and cases in leather 2/11. Cuts ii w6, 10/6, 12/6. 16/ each music folios in folding Roll Flat shapes in leather 9/11. 4/11. S11, 6/11, 7/6 each ladies and gents Brush cases fixed with enc and Tro hair by users and comb and Mirror. 511. 7/6. 10 6. 15/, 19 6 rach the new Clia Tcline ban for ladies Waist Belt 2.6 ski 4/11. R 6. 10.6 each just arrived by Majl . 45 samples in the latest novelties ladies hand Bacr. Every one different 43 new hand bags to choose from Lor a useful present. Mii sekt show Mim. To Day Laid out on tables Over 100 dozen new fancy Straw untrimmed ii ats to goal 6d. And 1/ each Tor Christmas. Be to must Depak test. Ciu ustas anti new year novelties. Settable for a besets. Gents silk Stripe Cashmere lounge shirts 4/11, 5/11, 7/11 each gents i lain and fancy silk Tennis shirts 9, la. J2 6, 15 6, 19.6 Earh cents coloured silk handkerchiefs 1/11, Sll 3 11. 5 11 each gents fancy Waist sashes. 2/11. Sll 4/11 each cents White Herroed stitched silk in Andett chiefs 1/6, i la. 2,11 each Cess smax i it. Coo gents White Herom Raj it died silk Sandker Chiee with. Special Livia 1, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11 each special prig or half Douras. Gents new extra Long s i Dot scarfs 1/11, 2/6, sol tar. Gonta sew fancy silk be is 1/, 1/3, .1/6, 1/11 each or t outs Cru fancy Silai Orby Scarf 1/8, 1/6, . 2,11 each ? gents flute and fan a of Cotton washing scarfs ?6i. Ad., cd i. Cams fancy . Race of u6, 1.11, 2/11 pair a its fancy silk web braces 2, 3/11, ? 4/11 pair ? gems 1 Iorland fancy studs solitaires and links so. 17. 1/11 each the n1i\v americas rolled Gold jewel Lery uni ranked color. Cellar stands cd. And 9d. Links 1, 2/11, 3a1 a i front studs 1/11. 2/11, set of 3 pins All test novel Ici. 1/, 1/8, each also gents Silver Luks and full suites 2/11 and 4,11 set gents Tennis and it Jinty shirts 1/11, 2,3.11 Rich Gnu soft Oxford and Kentta shirts 3. 4, 5/11 each a sck8ajj�cs and inc Gulas. For Xmas Polk skits. Something sure to i jibe. 8ome very Dainty fan sunshades Trinu cd inthe most approved styles jul 12/e, 15/0, 19/a,21/, in so Jophe popular Black and White parasols. In a to dcsi8n31 3/6 5 11 7/1l 6/Ul w/6 or Sill i my alias. With the test handles la. 5/11, 7.6, Sll 10/c. To 55/ pretty fancy parasols stripes brocades Floral putters &c., 3/11, 4/11, Sll 0/11, 7/6, 8a1, ladies Sun umbrellas for the Seaside and Hill 3/1l 4/11, 7/1l 10/e, to is/4 Blok Brobbel parasols All tee newest de stuns 5.11, , 10/6, 13/6, 15/0, to 21/the Ever a to fun shot. Silk i parasols. 2/11, 3/11, /u,5 11, 6, a 7 11. Sll 10. To a Dressy Black moire parasols. 10/6, u/6, 13/fi, 15/,, 19 And �1/ j. A talc girls sunshades at 1/, 1/3, 1/6, 1, 2 a 2/11. 3.u, 4/11, and 5. ? ? a wit of put my. Special limit Fob the holidays. Boys Wasuik suit. Trimmed Plain Navy All sizes 8/11, 4,0. 4 11, 6/6 Bov washing blouses 1,9, 1/11, s/3, 2/b, 2,11,3/5, c 6 strip pique blouses in Byron Ebi pc perfect 3 3. St., Sll boys washing Tundra in pique Drill Galatea &c., maps 21. 23, 2s in., 5/11 each boys washing american vests for Clifford Coats in pique Marcella and Duck 2/11, s/6, 3/11, boys and youths1 Tweed trousers Sll 4/6, 4/11, 5/6, 5/11. Special value. Shawl travelling tucs. In plaids and Plain colors just opened and purchased before the Advance a Wool took place. 6/11, 9/6, 10/6, 13,6, 15/, 17/6, 23/6, to 32/6. . Ladies Beautiful coloured Gilk petticoats is/9, 15/9, 21/, sae ladies Lovely White embroidered and lace petticoats. Sll 10/ n. Is/9, 21/ ladies pure silk i under vets Plain and fancy fronts 1/1l 2/11. 3 11. 4/uchildrra s Verj pretty pique Sun hats Button Cri. 3/11, 4 11, t la children s Van stylish Muslin Sun bats buttoned 1, 2/il, s la children s and maids Styli i White Muslin Sun bonnets 1.11, 2,11, 3/il, 4 11 children s von handsome White pique Tunica and Pelissey 12/9, 15/s, a ladies Lack trimmed underclothing in great variety 3, 4/11, 6/11, sift ladies corsets White Creme and try. 3, a 4. 51 u 6 u i Idius bathing costumes in every style and de sign from 2.11, 3. 4, 6,11 ladies . Bathing Caps Plain and fancy colors. 1/, 1/6, 1, 2/11, 3. Xsi4s Katel tips Fob Mas Rae sent in Oik sick . Blouir Silks boxed in apr Ruvi sufficient for a Bouw 12,0, 15/, 17, 35/ a Blouse length 0 Only silk bohos Torii roof contains 13 yes. Of s la. G yes. Of insertion and yes. Of lace 42, t nip it in 1, w Yards of the Host washing Blouse Silks our usual Price 117, Row so. Per Yard Navy Blue iii Whit. Black and White. Silke our Price 1/11, for the Xmas Trade 1/ or Yarri White and foam Silks 1,11, 2,s. Tit. ?. 3. 311, 4/11. Ind 5.11 per Yard 24 in., pm in Japan Silks in Thror of Ial Itic and 2s Ludos 1 i 1 6. And 1/11 per Yard Silks. It in. A id. A Squire cuts t .ielandk.t.-Luef, 2 11. Ski. 311, and 4.11 per Tard in. Cushion silk and siting. In Plain am 6acy Floral pit Iceni. S 11 and a 11 per Yard heavy make of Russore is iks for gents writ suits vat5, or a Janun a. Arc. 3. I per cd. To or Sills. Is in. In in. 2u in. I in., in ted11.4. 1 a. 1 a . 2.11. And s.11 per cd. B Silks in All known and or liable nukes 1,11, 2b, 2/11. 3 6, 3ii 4/c, 4 11, 511. 6/ii, 7/11, . In 10 v per cd. White Ari i yom Sullins. I la to 15 6 per cd. Bark Satin. 1/in r. Pir Yaj. satins 1 11 to lol. In All tints and shades so silts. In a color at 1 11 per cd. Liberty Silks in a Levy shades Only 1, per cd. Furn ure. Marshall s have received and an not he owing a new ship acct com Priaino Many ii needs of Kotel shapes and Patt bks in Rattan ceases Rattan lounges Rattan settees Rattan r0czers. Being somewhat late in arrival Meas a. Mani Hall s Ca Are marking them Down to exceptionally 1.oiv pm ties and draw the Public ? attention to Tebesa very seasonable goods. Charming chairs from 9/6, rocking chairs from 11/9, settees very new from 21/, lounges and sofas from 14/6. Also Bamboo blinds at lowest rates. Beautiful occasional chairs for Christmas presents. A special importation of very Choice Doawikg-s00u chairs artistically upholstered in Sok Lizard Sidn. Genoa Plush Artel act and Euler fabrics novel quaint. A highly artistic Fra aces. Shis assortment is undeniably the most attractive Ever opened in Adelaide. Sew pictures bronzes statuettes vases plan does easels Book bests fire screens door screens. Innumerable articles suitable for Xmas gifts. Also All descriptions modern household furniture bedsteads and bedding at Marshall s. Drapery and clothing. Tit Isirov Oise View. Cyclorama of toe Between Boers & British showing Campaign Neh at hot balloons a Mimno 7vn-ns. Maxim Tuu. Artillery. Ambulance vow and tents Buind farm Koiva. The australian Ca Tinoa Gordon Vighi Andton the Lauua Ems the gnat drathetislury.mowitainm.th4 Batt Kloidt Kac Ify interesting and in Struc Tik. Saring engr Xiv red a in Nuey skirt of tie Chiurri of customer at Christmas time. Ba2tds of music dub1nc chbi8tmas week. Please write or ii attn Bros.1 catalogue of fancy goods and toys. Ladies shirt blouses a very Jarbo. My ment Juit to band in anticipation of Hobday requirements. Host suitable As Chr Mas gifts. Once Sil 3/6, 3/11, 1/6, up to 33/ each ladies uui3jk and Lawn aprons trimmed frills or Muslin embroider make useful pre sents. Prices 1/3, a. 1/1l 2a p to 8/ each ladies sa1lou hats Laige shipment of the latest styles now arriving for the Christmas Trade prices so. 1/. 1/s, 1/6. 1. 2/6, 2/11. Girls leghorn Flop hats another ship ment to hand prices 1/11, 2/6, 2/11. 3/6. And children s Sun nats All the test beaming styles an admirable form of present prices 3/0, 4/, 4/11. 5/6, and upward. Useful Christmas presents. Ladies Umbi Ellas the newest handles Choice goods specially imported for Christmas presents prices us a 6, 8/11, 10/8, and upwards a splendid variety of ladies sunshades Sty Lish goods Correct colourings most elegant candies make acceptable Christmas presents prices 4/11, 6/11, 6/11, flu 10, a and up Udo ladies kid Glo is Martin Bros specs Lite Brand guaranteed to Wear Well perfectly Cut and made from the first Donee of dds. Large deliveries of Dent s celebrated kid and Ukle Goa is. Glens apr Fri it to pm suit. Prices 2/li n. Oil ands of per pair gloves specially boxed in fancy boxes with Narter dozen or half Dozon pairs in the Box for Christmas presents. A to lots guaranteed. Christmas gifts of hosiery a Varit a Stock of Ladin and children s hosiery in Lisle thread and silk beautifully embroidered Cashmere Stock does Plain Black Cashmere Hosie Dorcly s Best brands prices la 1/6, 1/11. And 2/0 per pair hosiery Lor Christmas presents boxed in fancy boxes containing either Quarter dozen or half Doxen pairs in each Box. Please write for the catalogue of fancy goods and toys. Haberdashery Fob useful chb1st11as gifts. Martin Bros have imported a Large variety of boxed Haberdashery and for inexpensive useful presents draw attention to the following t dozen Linen buttons in Metal Box 4jd. Per Box. Leatherette cabinets containing Assort ment or pins. Hairpins safety pics at 4jd. Per Cabinet. Metal boxes of a was with l Lush Pincushion cot Bird w. Or Box. Leatherette cabinets containing 1 dozen flexible haircut lers Price ii. Per Cabinet. Handsome 1 la trial Metal cabinets bus Plain curved and crinkled hairpins 6d. Be Cabinet. Handsome pictorial Cabinet contain ing Quarter found of tic Best pins 4jd. Per Ca Binet. It ath Cretu Cabinet Eon Mininc an at Bort Cut of Plain curved and crinkled hair pins Price 3d. Per Cabinet. Mode had baskets. Oon Winig 150 Touet Pina in Black White id mixed colors if. Per Baa Ket fashion me bo., for useful presents in web pique Jet beaded White Bradurd Saun elastic leather. A. Prices from 3d. To 5 6 each Cabin ctn and cases containing every kind of use Ful Needle he prices from ted. To 3/g per Cabinet. Toilet re Sites for presents. Ladies hair Bru Sfara from 1/ to 10/6 each toilet and Ulah sponges from lid up to 15/ each All kinds of delicate toilet soap perfumery to a irom All the Hest know ii makers and Ai every Price Pskov . In All the new and quaint Des Iorns of the season or actg from 3d. Per Box up to 2/11 per Box. Laces ties a lieu fall nets ruffles ruffling. Ribbons Boas Jabot Collar ettes made up lace Good a silk acc Molte Handke Rehei. Ficus Linen Hani Iverc iii efs in fancy boxes new Tiern collars and Cun blotted ties Windsor scarves. Ladies neckties. In All the Fie goods Martin Bros Are now Hovring a extensive Stock being in popular As Chr Ianus gifts. � new Onekeo in the basement of the building. Special Dio Basic effects Ami ail semen to. Sec next week s advertisement. Pievac write for Cau logic of fancy goods and toys. Lan Rhing dolls crying dolls Spca Kinc dolls sleeping dolls Meeh Aniol mice Soldi is of the Jue a. Umrai Buller in Adunni Kruger toy books. Picture books leading books. Thousands a volumes of St Sadard works by the Preat authors. 0d. Per volume Send for Cata Logue. Useful for school prizes for Bazaar stalls for libraries in. Mechanical Toye. Engines Alaric lantern. Armoured trains. Toy washing Seta water cans musical boxes. Musical instruments. All the Well known an Nual volumes boys and girls own annuals. Chatterbox fcc., a. Fins purses photo frames novel inks lands manicure Kel useful Bric a Brac crinkled paper. Christmas cards. New year carols. De nears. Ic., in. An immense variety of useful Olid inexpensive pre sents. Visit Burusc ton Dolse Bazaar Nove Hies and attractions announced in Dut Courie. Please write for Burlington House cd Talomie of fancy goods and Toya. The gentlemen s dept fun ii stocked Frith new scare. Ties Bow Straw hats. Felt at. Socks i no Wear. Who e shirts braces to Melling bugs. Umbrellas port Nant Caus Valis a. A. A. Lar a Stock olt weeds for Holiday suits. Fri Cint Cutter by whom we can guarantee a perfect fit Martin Bros Christmas Bazaar crowded with nov duties. Cheat att actions. Burlington House Bazaar drapery and clothing. People who Are Good buyers act to their own advantage by coming to Wilson brige s store. To Day we Start Al couple of weeks of Sharp bargains. Toe whole store is ii aped full of tempt to summer ueedhaxdi9e. Every department i at it Best and prices hire been put upon. Many lines of these bigot fresh goods that no lady can afford to miss. Tin Price clip neg will commence this Moryc a and continue for a Short time Only. Kor trill be your Opportunity to clothe you Neif St a tiny expense. Read this. Sous Sharip silk Barua iks. 1/3 it Unity striped Jap. Silks lord. Yard 1/0 Quality shot Floral Silks Sid. Yard s/6 Quality shot Floral Silks l/4 Yard 1 and 2/0 Quality regatta she 1/6 Yard. 1/11 and is Quality Black Surah Silks. 1/6 Yard. And Titis. ? some sba8p dress bargains. 1/3 Quality dress fabrics doable Width 6 d Yard 1/11 a Mility dress fabrics All Wool 1/ Yard 2/0 Quality dress fabrics Cut in half 1/3 Yard 2/3 Quality dress Poppins All Wool 1/6 Yard. A collection Fiat contains every weave and color. Some splendid Black fabrics and a ions line of colors. This too is Worth your immediate attention. The sharpest bargain in the City. T .70 =2,600 Yards. Black Lustrous dress fabric 11 in. Wide the filling is Wool smart designs stripes. Berool. And Blister effects. It have shown this dress fabric to several experts engaged in the wholesale warehouses who pronounced it Worth 12/0 the dress at the least. Ladies a present for you 4/6 the full dress. And what next lace Cir tails. Because you want to make your Home look spec and Span for the Xmas visitors. 600 pairs just opened. 1st Quality. ? 1/ pair 2nd Quality. ? 1/6 and 1/114 pair -3rd Quality ? 2/6 pair 4th Quality ? la pair you can go on. Friend increasing the Price according to the Quality Ana length you ilk them until Yoa reach 30/ pair. These Are the Best. New store tags. Some prices that show the savings you May pocket. 500 pain women b Black summer goods. Stain less Dye absolutely fast 3�d per pair c pairs for 1/6 Odd pairs ladies Black All Wool Cashmere bloc Kings 7jd the pair 6 pairs for 3/6 cloves foxes s English make. These Are our offerings 72 dozen pain ladies Black Lisle gloves self Points at 4 id pair ladies pure silk mitts Cream Whit and Black a Sharp bargain at lord pair 4-Button kid gloves tans and Browns fownes s English make 1/11 pair. and women s neck Wear. Here arc some prices it Grill pay you to read about then Tomc in and let us show Yon the qualities. 536 White real japanese silk hinder chiefs scalloped Edge and beautifully embroidered with Colony silk. 4 d. Each 300 real lace Collar ettes 3/6 Quality Cream or White 1/11 each Dainty pretty handkerchiefs embroidered Bor Ders and edges for a Short time at 6id. Each pretty fancy veined if Uslin handkerchiefs at 4tf sch useful hem stitched Cambric Hadder Chipeta a 4jd. Each. Gents cloth avg 4nd gents furnishing goods department. Fee Are ready to fierce you with the latest and swell St styles in gents collars and ties. 3d. Quality gents scarves at 4jd. Each 1/ Quality gents scarves just half 6d. Each i/3 Quality gents scarves at 9d. Each 1,9 Quality gents scarves at 1/ each �/3 Quality gents scarves at 1/3 each. Cents bows swell Sty Iris. Old. Quality for this week at 4 d. Each 0 j. Quality this week at cd. Each1/ Quality this week at 9d. Each i of Quality this week at 1/ each. We do this As an advertisement just to fret you to come and see oar show. We Hare Sou different styles from the smallest pattern to the Erca test. Let us show them to you at thin week s prices. Wilson. Brice s store opposite the Arcade Rundle mtr Xet. A Sec Bright fresh bargains the coliseum new washing veil Ings. In a flute. All Block and Black on White silk embroidered Cizes. Sensational value. Ordinary prices 1/s to 1/11 Yard our Price to Day 163 dozen ladies White Linen collars. Siiter Rose Gertrude shape also the. New guard shape. Ordinary Price old. Our Price to Day zj.2cl sacs. 75 dozen ladies White men is. Turn Back shape Best anal Lar Ordinary Price 7jdto81d. Our Price to Day Ney White Cambric embroideries and insertions. fatty and effectors patterns. Coal Trice irom -.to61d. Our Price to Day 4 new Torchon and fancy Cotton laces up to 8 in. Wide. Well Worth no to cd Peryar. Our Price to Day 1pee j Yard. New shipments ladies summer blouses collars and Cutts stylish Shakea. Crawl Price 4, our Price today i i i each. Ladies morning wrappers French Cambric Well Worth 8/8. Our Price today 4/11 0h a Large Purchase of ladies fancy silk blouses Beautiful garments Ordinary Price from 21/ to 45/, our Ariceto Day 1 0/6 new season s Cambric re our Ariceto Day fancy French Cambric As inches vide wry us Sihto Lor flow bad wia-ind�ota�-i.--1l-fc4ttwl-b. i 31-3 T i fancy French moved j Ress Mensi Liob a in Rnka bucs Beu tropes aa-4tkk.lm t of Fetters an extraordinary Une Railor jtd.pedi, / i our Proeto paid ? it a ? / ? ?.tustas,. Brilliant goods that Eustas in Tea Ai a Safik v ? Well Worth 801 the dress ?,.-.-.,?- � our Price to Eli ii Deess. Ladies White of Cambric embroidered sets 1 ?. ? ? ? consisting of a Cottar Aad one pair of Oakl to of. Or. Best a nausea Beautt Fudy Embro mend a prices Upton by heart our Price to Day jul sub. Black silk laces ? newest patterns Bat in duties anal to to to. I Irupe Byird our Ariceto Dat % figured Japan a n Silks i pare silk a the jew lbs film u in ride a wonderful bars in Sotl Nhia. Our Price tq-\9k? i 3 my a new striped silk Bestqb-jity.ada-idaa.wanwotjhv-, ? our Price to Day ? the Colin a Good feb give Good Bxs Jess the Best Nars undoubtedly that bks Quick in act Lom reliable am Cap Abt Ejof mfrs Tambini plenty of hard Ridic. A b00ch�0ad8. To Bytof Phe Whatu ism a. li1iited, 59 fbjkk1jk-St Adelaide and at Melbourne. Sri aet. Perth. Brisbane and . . Roadster types Curaj unteed Fob 12 months. Ii guarantee a. Only applies to roadster / by \ ?9bvebbflbbb # bats a a Cunt thu Rade Paark. I he stove Gek thine wet hot x the dts Flop Meh that it tech. Of Australasia. I suited. A. Strenz Aden Auml

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