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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 10 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 10, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ssh fishy the Best weekly. A of shipping. 0rient Une of myal mail steamers. Of Fursova. 12,036 Fonovtf-s., 9.023 . 23 or Oke Smith. . F. S. Symons . A. J. Jonk . D.r.w.parsons.. A. A Coad. . J. F. Heal. . H.g.staunton.. Feb. G feb. 20 mar. 6 mar. 20 apr. 3 apr. 17 May 1 ? ? All fitted with wireless telegraphy. All twin screw steamers. T triple screw. ,. A prob blk calling at Hobart in route to Mel Bourne from Sydney. Visitors will not be allowed on Board within ?0 minute of time of failing._., ? special tickets issued available for return by Aberdeen line. For Fremantle . Steamers will sail from Adelaide. Outer Harbor As above. Faxes first Saloon �7 10/ return �11. A -. Second Saloon �6 10/ return �9 15/. ,. Third class. �3 is each Way. For Selbourne Sydney and Brisbane. Steamers will sail from Adelaide outer. Harbor its follows a orontes1 ? i 0,023 tons saturday i a Vieto t i 12,130 tons j saturday f dec. 27.a " and fortnightly thereafter he fares to Melbourne. �1 3/ to �3 10/�. I Sydney �2 6/ to �9 10/. I. He Brisbane. �3 2/ to �14. ? v. European Tours. rail travelling and hotel Aee Momoda. A. " ton ",".?.-Holiday ? trips. To-.? ?. Ceylon in conjunction with the other . For Phird class passengers. ?. Special. Accommodation in new 12,000-ton. ? ? ,. �17, �19, �21 return 32. �3g, �39 spacious promenade ?. . Indies music Root on shelter deck. -. Xvi Jianne Toto berth ond four berth Cabins situated. Nil to Beck Large Well ventilated dining Saloon a main deck. , giving full a. A a Raj Mantle. India. China. And. Europe. Rett Vand second saloons Only. ? tons. Commander. Leaves. a Ibson , dec. L8 1914. Alwi Vlis Insoo a Thompson Jan. 1 Sooltan. Io.�1 . Jan. 15 ?. Morea llo0o.d.andrews. . Lan. 29 Daloja 12.500 ,. Be. 12 Marmora. 10.5w s.deb.lockver.. Vib. A Woi Mii 10.009 to. H. Gordon. Jar. 12 c is Sio . Har.-28 � to Tongole vol 9 " y 1 " and fortnightly thereafter. La heat Bombay ? Callins at Hobart ear route from Sydner. For Melbourne and . Laflin on the 20th instant ? ? steamers Are fitted with. Wireless Tele ,�rar.ht.-and Are twin Crew. Of Host anti second Saloon Passac chanted to Europe winding / China and Western Australia. .?-c.a spec Anri round the world --Exttn-sion3 a a Navy Alao throw--v0,clas3/sly. y \ a of ? a or Mussi to Phr. /. Afoot Peck ski kt�52�ohsabo Fujah. A sly re &i��o.-i. Ona. About feb Revtt Iyott a a Felt a. Vabolis Marv 7 Tioy and \ deck .,._.? in it smoking room. Ice. 80ttenran 3-.8lnwarde6�esicarried. Frari on Tox .f�16�vls �20. ? Veolo l5woa-13�lff./8ia 17 hound. ,Illondon by above weamers returning via Suez canal by per Wolmat Steamer. Froinir�4&.l9/� Ordinary return "tirlt3. Are i Ter Chan Cable Jirian the Aberdeen line " / j pamphlets and All application George Walls & co limited. Agents. 802naio. ? ? 33grcnfell-Street.-Adelaide. La Portal Cernav matl . ? ?. To Fonlk a and. Continent a ,Colombo, Suez Naples f Guaca falgiers.-,. Sort Hampton ant " Wei Jpn Abr Lien i. A a a a to Phi. Command in i Avi. Nigin Luise a ass c. Miners dec 30 .seydlit2.�. is f. Hakun Meyer Jan. 27 Zieten .s�021 w. Van Senden of a. 2 ,. Der. Grosse 10.7p r Posch Mir. 2-1 Kroon. S.1v4 a. Wittstein. April 21 sgt Arnhorst. S.3ks Ali. Stoiberg Muf 19 Seydlitz. S.0os f. Harc Meyer. June 16 All twin screw. A steamers fitted ? with laundry on Board. R-bep�rtnre4hour, l . From outer Ilir Bor. Special train Fruin Adelaide at .12 noon. The bucked Cabin fares list class. Single 7�ri0/-return, �107 6/ 2nd class single a �a40s return. �80. 3rd ass from �15. It to Holiday. Return tickets p a cd interchangeable with All mail1 lines. first and second Saloon return. Tickets with All mail. Steamer for i Zucke k co., Adelaide and port agent -. Six ? ? ? ? -27502280 f Blue funnel Lime. V /. Apr liver pal and Glasgow. Via the Cape. A the. Steamers of the in one line Are some of the of Fitzsi and fastest passenger and cargo boats afloat.s6ierjnervtakinff cargo leave port Adelaide a Kustor. 14,500 tons iabo�tjant7 classes i1 14,500 tons i Abou feb. or passenger steamers see special advertise. Bent alternate clays. " � for it Veicht a i Par ii Ulara apply to � & co. Limited. Agents a go Facic. 33. Grenfell it ret. Adelaide. " Tor Dunkirk and. Liverpool to via Suez canal. ,. ? -.-?-. A. The splendid fast Blue funnel Uxer Iju. Due at port Adelaide on londay 15, of Aid will receive the fastest possible dispatch. Y0 g so fro Igat and Ali particulars apply to. A in George wills i Ca Ltd. A joint. A Dalgety & co., Ltd. ? /. Agents Lilli w0ql in Snage. A Dws Snik or , Hull. a it a Jet a. Werp via Suez. Cant a a Kasenga due december Isi Kov. London Liverpool i i. I ssi \ y-., Dorset due december-23 a a to ?. A. F. Re i these Fine fast vessels will catch for wools a Tiu Adelaide Sale of december 13, t -. " ?. ? if All continent ports and York sure centres London and America. � i. A for freight and further particulars apply i ? ?.?. Elder Smith. &.co., limited. ? ? ? Adelaide and port Adelaide. A a Nippon Yuseim Kaisha. A Imperial japanese mail line. Kan a. China and Japan via Brisbane. Townsville and thursday Island. Etca 1. Icons. I com. Melb. I Sydney. V Cikk. Cru i.�.o00 i Takeda i dec. 17 i Der. 24 ainu. Jaru 5.000 i Wini Kies Jau. 14 i Jan. 21 and every four weeks thereafter. Fastest and most Lux Riol a steamers in the Trade. Special through booking to All parts of the East America and Europe. Particulars from Mcilwraith my Acharn & co. Proprietary. Limited agents Adelaide. 27uaic ? Cem navigation co., Ltd. For Wai Kerie Loxton. And Renmark. ".tl.e. Trainer Marion will leave Murray rbuidut.-every-wednesday at 10.30 an from Morgan every thursday at 7 for above places taking passengers and cargo. A. For Renmark. Wentworth and Mildura. " the Corowa will leave Morgan every tue Day at 7 and the Ruby eve cry saturday to ., for above places taking passenger no cargo. Further particular from coi Kano Attoh co., Ltd ,. Cock sol Stacu the Adelaide steamship company limited will dispatch steamers punctually As under from port Adelaide circumstances permitting i Albany and Fremantle. Tran shipping for Perth Geraldton All North West port Adel Singapore. Warilda i 7.713 ton-1 tues. I dec. 16 i 3 . Via Scilla i 7.7s5 tors i sat. I def. 27 i 3 . learners twin screws wireless telegraphy. First and second Saloon and Steo Niec passengers. Melbourne and Sydney. Tran shipping for All tasmanian and Queensland ports. W Ydill y 7.7s5 tons dec. U 3.30 . W Zyrilda i 7,713 Lons i Mon. I dec. 29 i 3.30 Wanilla special sex Prev to port 2.30 . On thursday returning 1.30 . coast service via edit Burgh. Streaky Murat. Denial Fowler s Bays. . Rupaka wednesday december 10, 9 . Elliston . Streaky Bat Sand Carawa. Psi ferret saturday i dec. Is � . Steamers sail from commercial wharf on Rudval of s.4b . Express from Adelaide. No Careo redhed after s . On sailing Days. Gulf trips in Spencer Gulf. Lar Cost steamers in the Trade. Round trips �3.j port Lincoln town jct to and Kirton Point. Tumby Arno. Wallaroo Cowell Neill. . Paring tuesday dec. 1 5, i . Ports Lincoln Kirton i Augusty Pirie. Marialta saturday dec 1j 2 . No Carso received after 11 . On sailing Day. Intending passent is on trip december 27, Are notified Steamer returns port following won cuday. T ports Lincoln town jetty and Kirton poin Tumiky. Neill Arno Wallaroo. Hugues Cou Ell. North Shields. . Investigator 1 thursday dec. 11 � . Ports Voct Prev Wallaroo Pirie Broughton Minla Cowie Turton. . A Lorna. Tuesday dec. 16 j 5 . Freights prepaid to Turton Minla Cowie Vic Toria germen Arno Neill. Tumby Louth North Shields and All West coast ports except Ellis ton. " i j Saloon passage tickets interchangeable with other enter state companies subject to conditions. Tue Adelaide steamship "co., limited Adelaide and port Adelaide. Rhe Adelaide steamship company Burgh sail twice a week from commercial . Bup Yra a Ery wednesday at � . . Ferret every satyr Day. At t . I having edit Burgh every monday Ana thursday at noon. Fare a single 6 return excluding meals lowest rates of freight. _ 239c Phe Adelaide steamship coy., limited. Kangaroo islam. Kingscote. Steamer twee a Weet. S3. To Rlyta saturdays 2 ., direct to Kins Scote. " . Rupaka wednesdays 9 ., via Edith Burgh. Leaving Kin Ironte mondays and thursdays Taree dining and smoking rooms ladies farms Sinarle 10/j return to. Including meals. Saturday to la return meals incl live. Lowest rates of freight. 273c a. U. S. A Steamer Luve circumstances permitting for Al boxy. 1 a Darra w.0oo ton unik formal of Geraldton. . Ports Lugat it t pm Melbourne St an ,0 3 Sydney. J in Yrra. 10,000 Toni. Tran shipping for Fiji i wed. Dee. 24, Tasmania " new Zeaf 6 . Land and Queensland i thurs. Jan. 22,a. 3 . Twin a Crew. Fat tits with wireless. So Diro received sailing do. I Corr Fajr first. Second and third class a of lures Saloon tickets interchangeable wits. The. Tater Ethie companies subject to Condi Tion. Peu return portion or Ordinary of cwt. Dan return bail tie Iota Between Melbourne Al. Udel Minvare it Airah Nef Eal Riff. \ Registe to legs. Get Nufril it. And port " ? to australian " steamships Lime. / Howard Smith coy., limited managing agents. 6teamers1 will leave port Adelaide Areu stances permitting Melbourne r eke i no i Bun Inyong. Noon 3,t Mcilwraith Mceacharn. & company proprietary. Limited. Uan Airine accents. Scot Tieh House. 117-110. Kinc William Street j. Rawlings & son. Port Adelaide and j. A. Bowering & son. Broken Hill. 277e Huddart Parker line. To Albany. Of Rem Ontl e. T.. Zealand by. 7,000lons. January 3rd 2 t.. . Jinja re Slat. H . ,. To Melbourne and Sydney. T., Zealandia 7.000 tons. Thursday. December Isth. I pro. Sailing from Queen s wharf. Carrying 1st. 2nd. And 3rd class Paa Tengea telegraphy. 1 refrigerator cargo carried. Carso cooled through to Perth. zealand ports. Trom Sydney.-t.. Uli Maroa. January 3. From Melbourne a Uli Maroa. Decem Ber 17th. Saloon Pas a car tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies subject to conditions. Full return portion of Ordinary first class rail Way tickets available by inter state steamers. 2 ., wednes Days. Piti Davs returning thursdays mr.ndaj-3. , 9 ., wednesdays saturdays retiring thursdays monday. Haley s coach meets Steamer. Kangaroo Island Kingscote hog Bay. Causing at Glenelg both ways weather a Crofting. Varatta s.30 am., saturdays returning mondays wednesdays returning thursdays. Freights prepaid. Week end tic Ket available saturdays returning mondays 11/ return. Tickets on Hoard or from tourist Bureau. Second Etta s 30 ., \ de . Returning Mondai. Freight prepaid. American River Salt jetty Popoola to dais. 5.30 . , 0 ., thursday Turni in same Dav saturdays returning a mondays. Port , tuesdays re turning wednesdays. Kooring fridays re turning same Day. Wool , 10 ., sunday. Cairo received till noon wait arrival of f.", . Train from Adelaide for . Ports and 8.4s . Express for Gulf cargo received after s . In Day of sail ing. Only perishable Good and Stock received sailing Dara for Kangaroo Island. Tickets on Board. West coast service. Ports Lincoln Kirton Point ant town jetties Tumby Arno. Wallaroo Cowell wanuy.5a. Every thursday i . Waita arrival of 3.35 . Train from Adelaide. Freight Tumby and Arno prepaid. Passengers to Wallaroo by Ade Laide and Brinkworth trains can catch Steamer on saturdays. To Cowell and mondays to Arno Tumbs. And Lincoln. Reduced fares to All ports and round trip of curving six Davs. Elliston. Venus. Sceales Streaky Smoky Murat. Denial Fowler s Bays Point Sinclair and Cary a Landing. Woo Kata. Wednesday december 17, 6 . Freights prepaid except Elliston. Reduced All ports. S21aiue a. Lemessurier. Sec ury. Arnold s Une of River steamers ? limited. Weekly passenger and cargo service. The new Steamer Renmark leaves Murray Bridge 10 tuesday Morgan 7 ., wednesday. Arrives at Renmark noon. Friday returns same evening cargo consigned Arnold should go. Into the railways two Days prior to departure of boat. Particulars of fares and freight Huaie James Bell & cd. Agents. Port sails thursday Lith inst. A a. A e. Clai Esserie. Port. Port sails this Day a. A e. Lemesurier and r. Picker. Port. . This Day princes bros., agents l Home 371-21. 2jort . This Dav. Princess bros., agents. Phones 371 624. Carriers a. Notice of removal. John Mitchell & sons. The downstairs Mitchell late Alfred Chambers ? furniture and general carriers drag and motor drag proprietors have removed � their head office to Gulbert place rear of Bowman s Arcade. Off Currie Street. And Edmund Street Norwood. Central 316. 317. And 534. 319 45 stored. Household furniture warehoused in depositories of Stone and Lulck. Estimates . Song vant used a rail and sea removals. Jichaku Mitchell & c0. Vacuum House cleaners. Depots Unley. Hyde Park South-tcr., and port. Head Oitice i,.Currie,-et telephones. Central 4s10 3 lines. Port 517. Sie Graves Hill & company. Limited. Head office-39, Currie Street. Adelaide. Government contractors. Railway and general carriers. Customs and Tor warding agents to All parts of Australia. Liar contractor. Coach and letting stable proprietors. Motor care motor dra a said y Chioles i every description supplied at lowest rate. Picnic parties in scially catered for. Firms sup plied by the Wiek or year Riith horses. Veh Ijes and Drivers. Furniture carefully removed. Goods received for to race. Special attention to the collection o passo Rgers Luze age for shipment or otherwise. Our men Lioard All steamers arriving for the col Lection and Deli Erv of Passen curb Luggage to any part of the stale. Thev also Hoik orders for motor cars and All kinds of vehicles for trips through the Hills i for pleasure parties. A. I ambulance motor or horse available night t re Day. I for motor cars. Drags Light vehicles and. Ambula Iris ring up phones s020 and 5021. I for heavy cartage. Lugrace. And shipping i ring up phones 5010. 5011. And 5012. I for port Adelaide co tile ring up phones 77 and 160._182aiuc_ Mcculoch Cambe Green & co John Hains & co. Proprietors. Globe parcels express. Carriers customs shipping and forwarding agents. Heavy lifts and machinery o specially. Libe ral charges and Quick disc arb. Furniture and Ether good6 packed and removed to any address horses Boucot sold or exchanged. Firms supplied with teams by hour. Day. Or week. Agencies Brou shout and the United kingdom. Head office Austral Chambers. Currier Street. Adelaide. Telephones Adelaide. �17. 70s, and s08 port site Laid. �9 Gad sit snug to James Marshall & company the shopping Centre where the people congregate Rundle Street and Stephens place. Christmas presents and suitable gifts if Fow ois inspect our China electroplate and presents Departmentnew toys about to open. American carts bicycles motor cars. Parents wanting useful toys should secure one or two of these. Ice creams sweets and Canadian drinks. A Large display of toys and Christmas presents the Canadian soda Fountain for c6o%.refreshing drinks and Lees. Try the Ste to i the string band discourses Bright music. Xmas presents. Ladies leather hand bags from 2/11 to 50/6 each k ladies beaded bags from 3/6 to 16/t ladies crash bags from 3/11 to so ladies dressing cacs from Oil to 45/ eau ladies Brush cases from 2/11 to �8 10/ ladies purses from of ted. To 17/6 each ladies card cases from 1/11 to 6 11 each ladies fitted suit cases from �7 10/ to 1c fancy Art needlework goods m Pincushion photo frames Boses blotters hair tidies handkerchief Ratchet cd ask to see them. Gent s dressing cases from 5/11 to 457 eachgent s military Brush cases from 7/6 to �,6 each gent s fitted Bago irom �4 5/ each gent s Collar Boxe from ill to 10/6 Cadi. Tobacco pouches from 1a1 to s/11 Caen gent s tie Bote from 1/11 each cent s tie Case from 1/6 each gent s pocketbooks from 2/11 to 27/6 each cent s purses from 1/ too la each Hall Brush sets from 4/11 to 4o, each perfume from 6id to 22/6 the bottle Sterling Silver hair brushes from s/6 to 35/6 each. T p n s. Hair Bru secs irom 4/11 to 15/6 each Antimony hair brushes from 2/6 each Antimoni cloth brushes from 1/6 each Antimony hot brushes from 1/6 each toys for the children boys tricycles a very Large assortment Iron tyres at 10/f, 12/0, 15/6 each rubber tyres 1s/�, 21. 21/, 21/0 each girls tricycles o0/, 70/ Irish mail carts the new toy for girls or boys 37/6 4o/ 55/ m ".,. Pioneer flyers with rubber tyres 22/6, 2,/6, picture 3ooks-a last assortment in cardboard bag and unto arable books from 3d to 4/6 each in books for boys and girls from id to of each Chatterbox. 2/9 boys and girls annuals 7/g chum7/6 Empire annual 3/�1 � girls budget 7/6 and Douala of other Al Model building sets for boys. Mech no sets 5/6, s is 6, and 27/6 Metallo Tirpo. 13/8 Jud 27/� set Kimitt by Imlay sets 3/li, 0/0. 9 Sefc modelling aaa. Sets. � Perm Dell fld ill Comet Ioner department not stocks just in of Iresh a Gliso. Con mental and american Cou left loner Bon Bona by 9d-, 1/, 1/6, 1/u, to 16 6 Box Feto Kings from id to 21/. Lse1ul and .ln�apens1ve or Earvus at thl Huberd Asvery cons tar Fane hair Fin Boses Glass with Metal top 1/, x13, 16 ond 2/6 each Glass pin Bonce p ush tops 10? Needes for Ewing Between straws crewel darning to Postoj Ehe mlle carpet glovers double Ion yarn pick and surgical Needles and 2 bodkins 1/" Ironmonger depart mint Xmas gifts had new a ear presents. Y ases in Copper brass or antique a splendid assortment to choose from Price 2/ 2/9, 3 a 4/, 4/6, of 5/6, 0/9, 7/6, s/6, 0/6, i�/9, 12/6, to 17 9, 21/ each Jardiniere in All the latest designs 2/, 2/6, a a 3/0, 3/9, 4/, i of a �6/0, 7/0, so 9t10/6, 11 6, 12 6, 13/9, l /0, 17/9, 19/6, 21/, 22/6, 2j/, 27/0, 35/ each spirit stove and kettles in brass o Copper is/6, 19/6, 21/, 2a/, 27/9, 10/ Complete candlesticks Copper and bras., s 6, 6/9, 8/6 each Jug hot water and Plain 56, 6/9, 7/9, 8/9, 10,6, 12/6 Fig boilers 12/6, 17/6, 21/ each motor tool sets m leather Case Bonsa a Verv serviceable present 7/9, 10/9, 11/9, 14/6, 19/6 per set hammocks 0/6 6 6 sol 12/6, 15/6, 17/6, 21/ Rravis genuine White Metal 3/6, 4/6 5/6, 6/6 Crumb Brush and Traje 1/6, 6/6, 7/6, 9/6, 10/6, 11/1� tra Copper 4/6, 6/6, 6/6, 7/6, s 9, 9/6, 11/6, 13/6 10 6 trans Oak Nickel rail 17 m21/, 19 in22/6, 21 in2o/ 23 i 39 bra�3 hot water kettles 10/6, 11/6, 12/6, 13/6 each Oak trays wooden run handled 6/9, 7/9, 8/9, 10/5 Iee a Eam machines Imperial 7/9 each dish Cours plated 17 9. 21/, 27/6 dish covers. Dixon s Best 70/, 84/, 97/6, �5 17/6 and �7 10/ dish co cars plated Duton s wired 45/, 5b/, 65/ bicycles ladies Shcaal All Complete �7 15/. Ladies gloves useful Xmas presents. Ladies Elbow length suede finish gloves in Bis Cuit Grei White and Black 1/11 per pair ladies Doe finish gloves Ith strap at wrist and Loose Gauntlet in biscuit Champagne write and bark 2/13 per pair ladies 2 dome Fine Trench hid gloves with stitched Back in Champagne White and Gre ,3/11 Pepa a Ladi j length kid Glove with stitched Back our firs quart a in White and Black 6 6 per pair ladies double silk gloves with double tips a Russore White and Black to the Elbow 4/6 per pay. Mantle and costume department ladies Creme Jap silk tucked blouses 3/11, i 11, 6/11, Sll Ladie White embroidered Muslin blouses 1/6, 1/11 2/11. 3/11 % ladies Ceme a avy and Black sicilian c skirts 4/11, 6/11, sjj1 ladies Creme and coloured sicilian dust cloak 12 0. 15 9. 21/ x ladies Holland and crash motor and dust cloaks 8/11, 10/9, 1�/9 ladies White embroidered Muslin Princess cos Tumes 6/11, self 10 0 ladies kindergarten and Matron cloth cos Tumes 6/11 811, 10/9 ladies a Rippli Bedford Cord Princess costume 12,9 i-,/121/ ladies Bedford Cord coat and skirt costumes 21/, 2a/, 29/6 ladies Lovelys lace blouses Creme and White 12 9 lo/9, 21 ladies fancy crepe japanese Kimono jackets 2/11, 3il. 4,11 ladies fancy crepe Jarinee Kimono jacket 4/u, 6,11, 8/11. Ladies Undi it clothing department. Ladies Navy stockinette bathing costumes 2711, in 4/11, of � 5 ladies Tovy and Cianci India rubber bathing Caps i 1/6, in. 2ni /7 ladies Aster be p shaving mugs 6/11, 9/b, 12, a to 0/ y p or Viette rings 1/0, 2/c, 3/6 -t/6, to 12/6 Bab pocket knives Nith Cham 3 0 presentation costs of 4 pairs Sei ors 10 g the pm scrip " for serving fruit fish pies and confine turnlk6 pair thermos flasks in ung eases 21/, Complete. Christmas gifts in the print Dupy rement buy a Good useful Cotton dress piece a Cool Cotton dress is always in acceptable gift Beautiful Cotton pop Luis a new colourings in Saxe Blue Champagne a vient Rose Greys White brow Laek cry special 5 9 the dross Beautiful coloured sponge cloths cry much worn ii season double Width 4\ or 5 Yards will make a frock 1/11 2/6, 2/11, s 3, so Yard coloured japanese cloths requires no ironing or searching saves 1 lot 01 labor no is the time to secure one of these Good useful or Csc c have All colors on Loid and 1/4 Vard Rich French printed Cambric All new prot to Choice patterns these goods Are ver Low in Price Only 3/9 the dress win Wash splendidly Boot department ladies Champagne Ari Klitte Neubuck walking shoes self covered heels once 21/ and 22/6 a pair ladies Button and lace Neubuck boots self covered heels very smart once 22/6 ladies Bostock Glace kid 3 Hole lace shoes sole cuban Heel Price 14/9 gents Crockett � Jones ind Bostock Glace kid lace boots once 19,6 outs English slippers in Glace kid and Levant Tan and bark. Suitable for Christmas prices ail. 4/11, 5/6, of 6/11, 7/11, to 10/0 a pair gents shirt and Mercury department Jost opened Tor the Christmas Trade a Large Stock of silk handkerchiefs Plain he stitched silk handkerchiefs Price i of 1/11, of 2 i 3/6 3/11, to 5/6, with initials ill 2/6, 3,0 3/11. And 4/11 Cream shirts with Collar and pocket once 10/6 to 21/, bands and Gauntlet cuff Price Russore silk shirts Collar and pocket Price 12/6 and 14/6 furniture produced a or own 1 pc toques. A Yrd Robes � it 6 wide two doors Cason Ion tubies it s. J. A Castor turned los 42 7pircr dining roof a Hesi upholstered in leather. Tang stuffed Compi Isles Couch two chair and four Domni to Spe Ciyi a lab Soi id Blacka Vood diving suites with Slat Wood seats comp isme 1� dining Chauv Anil 1 yrs Liau old y splendid line american a lying so hrs High Bac chairs with Cane eats Cominb Ine 7 pieces. 6 diners and 1 Armbri air for 79/6 draving room oct vision Al chairs troies of a amt designs upholstered in Rich tapes tries marked irom 14/9 17/6. 22/6 of29/6 32/0 �7jb, 42 special Cleyr Aace Job per Chad. Strong sea grass occasional a Hybris at 10/6 by Aboo occac10 Nal Gipsy tables Plain 2/3, wich scroll decoration 2/11 re Ltd Curtly a poles enamelled and Art Shade. 6 it Long with Good brass fittings Complete s in Wood curtain poles 6 it Long finished Light or dark Complete with ends rings and brackets 2/o Why try More that is the question buyers should ask themselves. The above splendid values obtainable at . Rums i a. Our Homes at Marshall a the immense and absolute la unrivalled Stock of furniture Bedat cafes and Home up Post Meiti held the guarantee of every article s Sterling ment our great facilities for delivering to All parts and the fact that we manufacture in our own Tacorie 90 per cent of the furniture sold Are features of which buyers should never lose bight. James Marshall & compy am Complete House fora shebs. Drapery and clothing. Please note the special line at foot of this advertisement. Something new each Day. Coates & Ramnat tto the store noted for uniform Good values. Dress department bargains in washing dress i materials. Tor Holiday frocks Dainty printed Floral crepes. Light grounds with Small color designs Loid. Yard. Jet aunty printed Cotton voiles. 80ft-Yards to go at 7$ Yard Jap crepes. Excellent washing material. Sax Whtie Bis Tjit Grey Navy Black . Yard. _w White spot Swiss Muslin-3tfi inches wide special value 1/3 Yarett Best Quality French printed voiles newest shades Dainty foulard designs. 13 and 1/6 Yard. Black and White Stripe Gam Brics Small pin stripes &2d. Yard. Dark ground washing Cam Brics. China and Navy grounds with Small patterns Sid. Jard. French printed foulard new Dainty patterns All colors. Clearing Price 1/6 Yard for White Jap. Silk special value Loid. Yard. White Jap silk 36-Lnches wide 1/6 Yard. Russore silk 33-Lnches wide 1/6 Jard. Embroidered Jap. Silk Blouse lengths half once 15/6 for 7/8, toys. Toys. Toys. Immense variety of toys of All descriptions. open in our toy Section. Inspection invited. 120 i ladies smart crepe Coatee and skirt costumes Navy Saxe Champagne White Tan 29/6, for 17/6. V�wh.Al.?�., line will be supplied at Gas Price or to Day Only. Country co Tomera Rill be supplied if order be tent by first j Tea after de very of Nai t drapery and Cia thing. Foy & Gibson s department store Xmas fair mow open a grand display of toys dolls books and useful presents for Xmas and new year. Children bring your parents. Parents bring your children. Free rides. Free rides on old favorite Switchback and merry go round running daily. Novelties for Henley Wear smart hats smart frocks. Smart sunshades. Smart boots and shoes. Smart gloves and hosiery our Stock of millinery com Prises the smartest and Nevest Chic hats our work room Herb and in Melbourne can turn out Mas pc Tel re to " Mart hat for mad so smart hats for ladies. Smart hats for Matron we have been fortunate in securing several junes of smart frocks and Coats and skirts at Good discounts. We have marked these at the smallest margin of profit. Beautiful one piece frocks 29/6, Worth 2 to 3 guineas. Specially handsome gowns with Rich lace and embroidery in White and colors 49/6, usually sold at � to guineas. A parcel of Coats and skirts which Are marked at big he diced , 49/6, 59/6, and 70/. Ladies Lou French kid gloves 10 Button length 3 buttons at wrist pretty shades of Beaver Brown Pastille and Grey 8/6 pair ladies 10-Button length French kid gloves shades. White and Black 7/11 pair. Ladies Lons French suede gloves in 12 Button length. 3 Pearl buttons at West shades of Beaver White Black and Grey. 5/6 pair ladies Short velvet suede gloves 2 dome fasteners at West shades of Bea ver mole and Black 7/6 pair a few Odd sizes in ladies Short White kid gloves with pretty coloured Pointa 5/6 pair ladies Short French kid gloves in 2 domes and 3 buttons at West shades of Beaver White Black Grey and Pastille 3/11. 4/11, 5/11, and 0/6 . Dainty embroidery and lace insertion handkerchiefs cd 1/, 1/6 Guipre lace Edge �/6, 1/11, and 2/6 each. Smart sunshades. Pretty White embroidered sunshades extra Long handles 10/9, 11/9 each. Coloured silk sunshades extra Tong handles with leather strap 17/9 blk and White silk Sun shades Long handles table tops 10/9, 12/9. 15/9, 17/9 Black Moiree sunshades Long handles 12/9, 15/9, 17/9 Russore silk sunshades Long handles 9/11, 10/6, 11/9, 15/6. Smart White Canvas court shoes 6/11 shite a Vas and one bar shoes White Heel 8/6. �7hite c4nvas Derby shoes High toe 10/9 5vttite Newbuck Derby shoe High 10e, welted 14/9. Foy & Gibson pty., Ltd., runt3le-Strelt, Adelaide. Phones 3310 and 13lu John Martin com Yip Busy Busy always Busy Job Purchase of s la ankle Lisle Hose. I Job Purchase of silk ankle Lisle Hose lakes Fine Black Lisle Hose with Fine silk Ankles double soles heels and to of Lisle double Woven tops an exec Lent make perfect. Shape to go on Sale to to Day and while they last at 1/11 per. Two Odd lots of children s . First group children s Fine Cotton sox in Pink and Pale Blue to be sold to Day and while they last at less than half pc 4ad. Pair. Second group children s pure silk lace in pretty Pale blues and pinks All to go at Ress than half once to Clear 9d. Pair. 1 the three above bargain lines go on Ria be this morning for the first time at to paces quoted. See them at your earliest fashions for the great ate carnival Henley. On Torrens smart dressers will Wear such items of up to Date attire As those mentioned hereunder Dainty Tammed Large brimmed leghorn hats. � 2 \. To named Large brimmed Panama hats. Smart Tammed Bama Large brimmed hats picturesque Large White spotted Muslin and net Hail trimmed lace and ribbon Channing effects quite the latest Novelty Large White net and Muslin hats frilled net brims with White inns in Tam crowns very Damte and smart � Large White ready to Wear Drill hats. Large White ready to Wear pique hats an excellent selection St bsh Large White Flop raffia hats a big group at 1/11. This style of hat is very much m demand it is so Light and Dainty looking Price Roll each. Pretty Floral elastic Bat bands for Quick hat Tom mag can be worn on raffia hat with Good effect or on any other hat of similar style various colors and patterns once 1/3 and 1/6 each Long silk Ninon veils hold a prominent position in smart fashions and will be a the Tage at Henley the newest colors Are narc Large Stock to select from at 1/3�i own -,"-_,.--- Beautiful. J costumes and blouses for4a Henley on Torrens / White Linen skirts smart styles splendidly made fashionable fitting 12/9, 14/9,16/f each White crepe skirts very neat Well Cut 12/9, 14/9 White pique skirts Dainty Cool stylish 9/11, 11/6 White voile Robes handsome up to Date garments 21/, 24/0, 27/6� 29/6, 35/, 49/8/ c 59/6, 63/ each t ? fashionable White crepe Robes charming effects a test cuts 8/11, 14/9, 16/9 each handsome White mus in Robes in Many new and Beautiful finishes 16/9, 24/9, 27/8, 29/6, 35/, 39/6, 45/, 49/6, 55/ Channing Creme silk Robes perfectly Cut Well made latest effects 29/6, 35/ t Creme silk coat and skirt costumes Dressy and stylish newest shape perfect fit trog 35/ White Muslin blouses a very fint Assort Merit showing All the newest ideas of the Day 1/11, 3/li/ll, 5/11, 6/il, 7/11, 8/11, 9/11, 11/6, 12/9, 14/9white voile blouses latest designs smartly finished goods excellent Vaines 6/11, 7/11. 8/11, 9/u, 11/8, 12/9 r. F i pretty net blouses Low priced Choice or canons m Many fanning Manes 9/11, y 12/0/14/9, la 9, j9/l4�v ? " i Lif a Renje silk blouses a Wana Erfyl Arock to Chook fro . The pick of the season s styles 3/m 6/11, 7/11, 8/119/11 11/6, Styls a " a. The Jall prices / ladies " j fashionable boots and sh0e$ a � Crand assortment of White Canvas boots and shoes. Also White Snobeck i boots and shoes. Smart stylish sunshades. A in All the latest novelties and color including the popular Royal tone. The lattes Shade was the color at ii Enley on the Yara. ,. A fashionable Lisle Elbow gloves. 3 Button at the West elastic tops All sizes 1/6 pair a White Creme pastel and Ben or do 1/11 pan pastels. White Black Lisle gloves Elbow length 2-dome fasteners at wrist 2/3, 2/11, f 1 3/6 pair " it � Short Lisle pastels beavers Creme White and Black self and Black Points 1/6 a 1/11, 2/11 pair \ \ 8 Button Dent s Lamb Glove pastels Palo Grev and White splendid finish 3/6 pair a Bowne s 10-Button Lamb gloves White Une finish Only 4/11 pair Black kid gloves 10-Button length 3 buttons a West perfect fitting 5/11 and 6/11 to pair a 2 Button washing Doeskin gloves 2 Large Pearl buttons Fine qnahty.,-Good vain 2/f pan. \,4fi tips.".��5. A world of toys ? x j 7 j in ,.v to la Al the magic Cave a i our All White american soda tounian i i pure sparkling Crystal iced sodas Flavoured with Deb a l Nous fruit flavors. Choice ice creams and ice j pm Cream sodas ice Cream with fruit flavors Best ? �5 value popular paces. Tvs of \0ld Viii father Christma Surz 7 invites All his Little boy and girl friends to come m and see him to Day Brif fathers and mothers with 2. The famous drum tight 1 collapsible cot � 3mlt in America of hard White Maple has 3 drum tight surface of 10 Onny suck with Inch Ned head rest. The cot is All in one piece excepting one Small end roller can be set up in 30 seconds holds any weight folds into the space of a suit Case scientifically constructed the Best value the handles and most comfortable cot on the Market jew sold in this state by us Only Price 19/6 each. I see the drum tight cot first 11 3 Shipu the big st0r Al a Fie Bur a logy yes bar Post a. Kabo corsets the Happy figure Corset. Stocked by All Lea Las drapers. A mum

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