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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 7 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 7, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Is bakeries Maku Imes , Render a jul mail cont East no the Irenn of Era Adelaide to lond9k Viau Arcill calling a Albany Sej Cheles Aden buc and port Eaid. Adt Laid to a non is is Days Tusk Cou-niiuoe.-. that Kames mfg dinner . Mon Jana Cimis a Whf Furchi la. Huh Jan a Foi Rassie o2l u Uiko . Mon. Or tas Saoe Pinciu c i a or Ala. At Sun tit \ thbxh.-6h tit Kra Israr Tolm to look a indeed Hen Jour Oev i Boure of l l the Cuil of 6 ister porters will a Sipany Troub a eos or f rom Maneilles to Pari and of. L it -cii4bb Accaoui Madation unequalled. Wine and ail Cabin furniture Pinciu att in fares. Passengers Are evoked or Urli to Sia cirtus. Reunion by Spirra a Bica a e? to Beau dec per Branch line in i Adea. Cabo hooted Chr Nuh to Hiiop Genoa. Artner bunt irk. Hun Bure to Deaux and loan of. For full particulars apply to bgs3?-Haeold Brothers. P. & o. S. N. Co. Under Oja Mau contract. Will dispatch the follow fas St Ameis for London Cal Kat Albany Oil combo Adak Blind lbs Malta. Of Ual car. And ply Mouttet steamers tvs. Comm Mider a ave. Oceana fun e. Tit Art Hec 7 Acadia oat ii w. B. Andrews 8.n.8.dec.21 bomb Tzib a e. Daniell Man. 4 Balsa aka ?7?e As Dotra Jao la Auk italia -7 Oul. Up ves in b 1 Parramatta 4771 p. Huns Itab. 1 5 Britannia bi67r.g Murray. R . Sur i Himalaya. I6subj. Or Ian . I a uasi Iua i9lsc Fraser mar 2 first and second Saloon passengers allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. Cabins reserved on Vecial terms Liberal concessions made to famines daring Bis Slack a Ascer Mason. Passages room Langland Caa is arranged Hen. In the second Saloon the arrangements have been thoroughly reorganised the offered to Elf Bates of passage Money to Eurove in int Salon �55 to �70 to Europe in Secco Datoon _ i otdi.s7 Benm ticket to ?115 cargo received until 5 p in on the to id a and Worls till noon on the tuesday prior to Steamer s departure cot handbooks and All to form too apply to elder is iii t co., Linued. Agent. Boost Biem line of Royal Kail fallowing Boyal mail steamships be i big iii. To the Rient and Natilio null leave Adel Ide semaphore at it Nono on the tide re anti owed Date tar Ali Moath an j in Morton. Via Alhajj Suez canal Naples and Swamer. Tons. Commander Dale. Ouner5.566 h. O. Darby dec 14 Obj us6,03 in. E White . Deo. It of Botta a. Suid Dert jul so Tsu utes l. Hay. K.. Jin. I 5 Art Mih 5,5?4 -. M. Tuka s Cuzco _ x Anderson Job. St Otbo. 7, 1 f. Buven tech. S Luzam .6.077 v much. 22 Yokota. C.057 i. E Ovington april 6 and ? there tote. Saloon paste cers w owns j3 Fie Cular to ably Lioe of fast a Julig Reger scramm to ?ton, "basw6hp. And Bremen. Rau de. And Karls Bube 6.347 f. Kessler -060. � olde Nasiru. a Cema in an. T hotienstapfen1 ,3.n80 j. Rob Nufeh. 1 a Brunch Tine in Itu nut Ana ctr Amer leaves s is offered for bringing out Fri pcs by payment of passage Money Here. Cabin pages Gera tray break their Joaq a. Kenn Ripe Chauy arranged to suit All optic in. All of Rioera and swards conversant with the a Duliah Laos Tuaefe a singers and cargo booked through to London and principal european Asiatic and american sorts. Passenger a for King and Are landed a Southampton. In passengers a Fol land and embark at lugs Eav. For freight passage and All other Parta Culson apply to the Aernots. H. Mueke & co., Addaide and port Adelaid. Bi2si? _ by. V Tuder use of clippers11/\ i3i to Logsoon the tolls Lisa jts i a High i Assad ssi lug ships Ravi. Will be Asp itched from Post by T Seal elate and out putts at v regular in Vervals zoos. Commander. To Oswald 79s . Hori Alxa _ 1167 f w. But 9qbbssb _ a w. V. Code Fot owed by once ii strolls ships. Wool and produce booked at lowest Cunt raves. Good or pave nicer. For rat a of Freixes or pm Saga apply to gi3naio elder a mtg. & co limited j. Fri Deb line part of ii Avci Adelaide to London ii a a first Ossa ship in e3iebald.lmataft h. Ped Snoop commander now at of port Adelaide will a Dos patched Acly in deep mfr. This Fine is Well known in to Atli Gratian Wool Trade and shippers May Tely on Rompc easy for rates of in eight a apply to Sosaia elder. Smith pc co. Limited. I to stir 1 of to Saises. For uric a Iju London. York Shibe. And Continental. new pox Erial Golf of Genoa 8.448 tons Beitter d. Own commander is a. To Tea for dip to abut december 24. Oars now Brin Recei it. Hail Swedt. Banao elder Smith pc co. Limited. Alteration or sailing Date. A. Gaybis. Jap. And Prtrt Dar fobs a win Eastern and is so Thauan steam ship coup and limited under Curac i iii the Sonjii Anso Alian Gove Mpr to for to Coave Vance of ita Favorule Eum hip Airlie. 109 Ai at loyd2.66j tons Register. It. Erfu. Com. A or. Win be dispatched from Midrea wharf. Port for nor Day is and. Port do sin and Boog Keg on or a out Tours Oak dec Ember 8, 1892 Pax Norrs can Val -4%h so o Fine Teimer s a Kab Weera. A Bow 1,200 tons. Catkin blows pm sail from port Adelaide or Sydney and a its Sale on Wayne so. Dec emos 7. Taki Nir car of at. Through Rea for All que Island fijian. New Talana and Otter ports. 3k,q.2 Harrold Boot hubs. Mfg Atward Ellis bits Vios. Of anus. Strakey. 4-Fowoee, and denial to tour Meei Derby will sen on wednesday live. Ii.b-, at 1p m. Cargo awl Dunc ind in so. 4 shed. Madarra wharf. For freight or passage apply Haeold bothers g-9 town port. i uni s line of steamers. I whisk my London via ports As required a asks ice a new full powered fast steamers a a appointed to leave the port Adelaide wharf and or oot ports a require d a Fol decembers ?mb.r2i _ to follow. Ho6bock _ _ to Folio. Excellent accommodation for passenger. For freight or passage apply to be Obb wills it co., Adelaide or port. J i let each to Antwerp and if fast. O Haub Cro. Via Suez onal. 4a? to toe Fine fail powered Steamer a Strathaven 2,672 tons Register. Capt in w. C. Smith. I l the Wewt. Post Adelaide a ou1 the 10ji Deceiu-1 her. Cargo no being received. Lot freight and ii Parrier Lara apply to Geo. A ttys & co. Hainan aae aide a port arte tide. A fun kick. London Duiker. I Seffl life Elf Kutz canal the we known fast Mobes Cul Goa j of Lane s l be 3, is ton Gross Asp san j. Pm lust is a pointed to Cail tree Lii a Bat. Tort As above Vinji. The ii Ort decent by. Gbo Bob wills & co., Sisas Adelaide port shipping. Rinse Adel Aije coat part x limited 1u diam teb their steamships under for Melbour Isuji and Sydney Tau ship uni us All Queensland forts. . Add Lilii e is Ainlay i i be. Id 2.16 . . Ikekai Kucka a saturday vex. V \ . West australian service. For in Bau shipping too Tutun in fits. . Albany pc turd. J t c. 17 i . South East service. Ror King boo Robe. Be achoo to and Mac Donnell Bat. . Emu tuesday be wet a la 2 p in. Owing through to Aie bul in if. Western Bays service. For Post , Vesiai and Kkt East Nav. And twi air a Bay calling at other Bays if Nea Cary. . Lube _ tuesday dec �0 1 6 Pitt. Spencers Gulf service. Tor Post Lincoln. Soonta Wallaroo. Ahu Franklin Habboba Ali c at Tumby and Litso s co tors trip 6.5. Ferket _ _ i to a Pec 131 b pea. A k to Mats Adosia. Zikik. And Oeum Eui. Be. Investigate Cut. 1 a Unay dec. 10 i o pub. Cargo received till 1 pin. John tub Bull store Tail. Swf5 Currie camb a. Currie Street. Adelsida. Cual. The Adelaide steamship company limited is Vrr pared to Supply Laboe Small St iii household 004 a also firewood. M Saj quantities at races. 3? John Tob Bull. Secretary. Tit 4 & cubes will be dispatched a. Fisk. Of under afire 1? Tansbury every mtg tat and bar. As 8 . From titans win Fieri in Nosy and Frid Aat 11 am. Top Jet my Jet every tuesday at 8 no re Tominic same Day. Leading at 4 3u . 3oic a. Laues Subiel. Secret re. To i nok Aii Kossa off if. 1/ James com Busg Feea onto by and a.m., r Tumio tame Day. Syric h. Mueckl & co agent. A in obits Oill be Recend up tin on 7 h i dec Niber for Tow Hope Spring. ? f 4 Hooi 14 in. I Coil i n. Am a haul my line ii stay 1 pair Riyal backstay. Aptly Captain Maze in to ted. Tea to is and others. \ tick Debs Are invited until noon of set ordain 17th inst., for the Lection of the a Gas build legs. Piani a d specification at our office to tender Etc twirly cd. Withal i Walls. a. Architects. Foj 0. Kui Iri a Turret. A Fly. A tenders tier try in it re ?n1 will he a vivid unit the for tie Supply during la off Hhd tons of Hay Lonmo Pra or cd. Dpi ived a our in table Adelaide Traaen ? Supply of 160 tons of mod of d wheaten cd at. Not growth also ii tons Bax. And 400 Ira a Kush by new zealand Oats. Particular at c. Snith Esz a Moat Sheet. L of any tender is cease if a. Ond st4-t in Deks Are a sued us us Memi la to. I suppl two left urns Raff. P.raoular-, j Well & co., livery and retune sit 3 43. A month . Flo win be r be died at Al a of Friday dec Eltar 16 for Ute eau Xii of Tutor in and launch a Iko at uie Fob the Blind deaf and dumb. Bal Ohton plans. A. Tuu be on application. Neither the to Esi nor aay tender necessarily accented. English & sowed architects. Ciiri4itrret. ?64-5 end Etu will be re irad by Tor Naan mined till noon of the Day 15th lost Tor the Beti ovation of a coital a i Mokry Ood. No acpt Al. Kdw4kd Davis , architect. Mutual Boio it l at a 7 h Inslfe. Tot the Purchase Hurt remo in i tvo coinages a Bdl Lireet. Kept town. Panic Lara at stir Oleo. Gae ick. Jack an & Gelick Vasa la. Architas. 340.-2 a. S be Cimoch my a. Of tenders wre invite Rel i u r to Ualifi tent to a. Specs Mcadon and Pard near a. 36 King William Street to tender Nece rarely eps a 337.0,2 r Tje h. L. J , insolvent. Lends Sareini Redna to the 7th december Forth Schaab of in it elect in a lease of Coe Glen Osmond a cabbies for term of Eli n Yean boat Febra Arf 1, lj3o. Goa Ray tools to be taken at. Valuation. Lease nay a inspected. And Orther Parta Cults of Tai Nedon Appu Quiong la. 3r. Lop. Adjoining Kunrt y property. Term up res on Only 1, 1 35. Bental fi6 its a Pera Nom. Lot no 3. Freehold part Section us. Hundred of Mac Clerfi old. Ontai cog in acres of Rich soil ats Mininc the to ship. To Creeke run air oujda the property t Vig a never Filuk Supply 0 Wier. Toe consist of a comfortable brute of he Roo a. Eyed fee a circe Ander roat a tank fruit acid Flower Garden. The a k i planted with Choice Varnay o in St Tea. And the View is Unwar psst is the District. The lad is Allf Icea. The whole is Rwy Enid far a Een Tivnan a country Reed Wenot or the punch by May cub Divide to advantage. Now in toe occupation of sir f. A. Smit. 1 to no 4. Township Aioli mint mount b Raker. St and 52. Cot using 3r. 34 a with two front As s. Tuv and a Cees oat buildings. Exec Lent fruit and vegetable Gac decs Creek Ranning Ali roman which wow be it sub sided for Bob frontages now or. L. L. . Let s lib it to right of it Irachas Spir Jon Vii Ruhr car. Iron. no. 6. Town sep . Mount babies allotment a. Coop Idziur. 1 Rood 8 p a chef for room no and other improve meets. O Cumiea by Mios j. Wal Rel As Tryr Kee or lotto 8 township Moust Babkey past allotment no 6j a a u pit Cut Pla Olea Fiji fruit Trees Ard lire que Onty of Cut Boi Lohoar St of. And on which there ii erected a or to ail built room to 9. Allotment no i in Coon position at new Clabe 1 Ico 19 or Rihei eni Taue building tits. Littly occupies by or. F. W. St if. Full and detailed paroo liars May be bad on Applit of to the us Ertist cd. Terttu tenderer Annj tender for one or More Lota no tender need wire y accepted. Tenders to be Idle Al a Tuder. And to be lodged before up m to Oscar Riih l be to a 1832 or Cash at. A. H. Marti if so Aai role Anisi Yan. Annhu Ley ?7?i rib plants seeds be if jail ices anime has Hern Toivo w yield nil la i too per acre. We have just received a Jive consignment of this Sra of car Tull bile cts seed. Early Albeft Cane 8d in Karly Bange Case. 1 in. . Price per Basel of 4 j in o air pm Rarico. E. & w. Hackett seeds men no Beymen a. 13. Bum Ltd do bet a . To till i shipping. 1 Juk Hov Vaud Smoli Llesi fore Saloon. Betnun. Cabin. Tomt Thynne _�1 10 0 42 10 0 �0 16 0 s Duey _ b g 0 6 0 0 i 6 0 freights at lowest rates. Without uan end \ Sydney brio Bank. Maryborough Hock a Upton bae Bitou Mackay tuesday 13. Towns Ville 12 16 . Geraldton . Kono Owbra. Cairns tue by december a Rort Doug lab li-16 . Cooktown thi7ksday isto. 1 Normanton i Blurb Tourk j i Tob. Ports Pixie germen. And Ai i Sta i 6.5. Bab Babool. I Bee t i noon. Saloon Euini. Voit Cabiri. To Poltie 1 0 �1 15 0 �0 12 0 soft Iuta. 110 u .10 0 1 0 i from Smith and carts what of. Fore Cabin past censers re supplied with food and j bedding free. J full Patio Lars on application to w. E. Cave & co agents i Greo eur Tetrau Adelaide so Sec u on the to. A i. Ade Laufle. Tutt i i it. Par Eai � Cotis sv4 Al us Xii ii i spun lieu. I Attu a Tor alb4nv. Is be Bush Jet. And j a Keman tix i wit i Aid at rengers front poet Adelaide on wednesday a Cwb a 7, at Nova. For Frei tit or apply i 383 5.7.u-j d. A. Fowler. A Hub Abt Parker and co., limited. A 5 sea Kew zealand and australasian beef Tusup company. Steam service to All a Bitch Al poets in to Victoria South Wales. Fouth and 1 West a Sakalia Sod Tasmania ate to sew zealand � from Melbourne by toe Lugn Ltd ent steamships Warr Moo j Mio Wera via Hobart. I via s Dey. 1 wednesday december u. Tue Way. December so 1 " janasry4. I " Jody Ute. February l 1 " Feu Wiy u. " Muchl. 1 " lurch 14. S the attention of Paben jars n directed to the Emp thous appointment of those be eela having a capt to of �,000 us and Speed of 17 knots. For particulars As o freight passage Money ac., to o _3w?wi2szso a v. & j. Fowler i in of a Domsa m. A Jay a. A feet Wing prior a Wii Arf port an Elsiei eras wednesday As 6 p in. A 8-friqkeb.bbr. General merchandise. O of a n talk and to a Kive c Wom Packa i Hematite paint Gorne Acks Icem of Domic soda Brancae steel standards Bluestone potato is steel droppers stay Chioe i f on Bage steel win go Dusoe Ore a is Iron wire a Frairie � Semrow Ivine oath bid win Oak Staves. Oali Aniced Iron barbed wire mooring Flat Iron Wir Joe tug eau Jyz Taok sort Iron j i Iron Helvio a. She led i Boop Iron american Daon i Sheet Zico i Euc Oab Cokeh i Norree tort sherries g Doc s head ale head toot Giblet d Champagne i finial a schnapps. Indent of All is asses of Raoof Tomaree expo need at thew ild. A be Obb gift co. J Cawn Dill Cha Mexia 1 sonic of enl net. Business notices & Tendis Hubi Sifas Cabot h j a for new tear a of and Emu Treit when presents will be made. There s none like Wendi s in bundle Street and Kotce a Cade so. Not in the old world or he nor any other sphere am Nersi Ucb splendid things 00 View x As now a is appear. Hia Kim is purer than the Light. Hia kill it Virgin Fine. 1 by a cons Anu Slid the Way to by Gnu. Place where All is Bright and reasonable too. W where you Lloja Che Ennett do rat a Beer met your View. O Fob chbistsia6 prksest3 you Oan t beat i wests and abrade ? shops. 4? i the cheapest House in tse count. 3i6aiiiltaii Birkess i insect destroyer. 3 ask them when wanting insect powder to pro cure ours. G. A. 0 if. B. Birks s chemists s9, a Kdle Street Corker of of web place. Ss9e Osman practice or lessons pipe on Complete two Mannal instrument with pedals 17stop College o Orea Niata . Fay s 1 j. H. Fray. Ort Anisi Aud choirmaster St. Peters. Ign neg. Organ audio to Ronale stent. Fall " 1 Par Ca Lanvee Prospeck. Lac Jim p. A. Howells and co s3. Bindl a beet. Opposite Les is. C. Birka 4 c3o. Piano Footett 1 organs i of the tune a Yix Exi system. Fino Lortt from 30/ a Morotta. Pm torn 30/ each. Q accordeons.io/6jui the latest novelties in music Lee Foed Eway month. Tuning repairs on toe Shoress notice. Brass by Ken bands completely fixed oat prices and catalogues on apply edition. ?irrh9o Viola Job. Oases bows and strings my Itawi ont do from 36a. Tan Dolhi. Tate Latrac ens Tab in Zefora in. Xic Ber harps piccolos of maw pm Rex ors Anemee Banjo Koumas Sephyr to. Akk. In great variety Joss b. I a. U0 Roo ale acre at. Liao goal boots goes. I of Large or Small quantities at lowest Correct rate. We. Howard Stuth a bomb. Ltd goal Moe Korto pm adv port Adelade Anae a Tow on View i a Large she poem of 1 James Dixon & sons and other celebrated Zakeus bieblin6 Silver and knt elected plate a is soon Tea , Luu Ukoh Cli its. By Taka . Olast cos. I acts jams and a most exp Bieile assortment of at Elkoun Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst Mmi-d1 thai Christmas is coming wit Iasi Vuole demand pm Esters and a Uwi Alou Stock of every main k o i h Navel and it club Uii tie the sea of if be found the is Maxc us fists sorted Mobe City. ?-10 Morrii ally invited it Mure suitable for a really u Mut 1 a a Node run ii Tift Titan Oue clout a us Niue silk Ijar below we Eive a few up of the May eels enable lines we ure vow c vrd9 Russore Gilk. For 1- m j u a in Cretin Pilk 2t a 1 Yarb or i Honyiu silk. Ror39-t j Uytani Iclain Humek Styli. Icm-?7cod 1 Black Mern Rioux tor3m 4 Van s 81 Csc on Grain. For39uol 4 Yards Hawk , is of u Yam Black Kuiler. Lor lbs u Yards Buck be Veilleux ror 7986 1 14 Yaron Blackb online for 9fts ? Yard Navy Ion. Fri k with White Scotland Floral do it for to l 14 vat a coloured Bergline silk All Polgre for 14 Yards Colon d Surah on Shade far 62s so i Only Remido silk hat. It aids Viii Bik 5 Yard far silk or 834 i Coly Navy i k Ribe 11 Jarl Plain silk s 3 no a oct silk Tor 7t? t Only Brown silk Ruji. U Yards Plain silk 2 ads fancy Auk. Lor 63s i Only Black silk Kobe. U Yards Plain Sik 2 Yards Ranry silk or 81s4 in. Pioss All colors s lid infer cod in itch. County orders Vii re Eive 9 Chat alien and a each Apefai. I a Ranvei inv ? i Andl Mead. As a Nal oar sunk of Straw hats is Larcer bearer world and Mcnea Berthaa i t be and win speck Galatea straws Worth Ewe Orlum ? Blak and White fancy Galatea Strain Worth so Tor is lid and better goods of envy Oraen Noo at proportionate or Tomb be bibs Book sit Fao 7 bands Worth ii Hlf in v very Superior White Shaw hats Airlie Bank. Worth 2s lid la 6d Sente chips raw shave Hatt very Broad brisk Worth an 4 or is by grata a Tom k n hat la 2 6d, 2s 6d. 3. Ocren Ordook Stock of thu Cheri . ? i leather Tronu twill to offend tred Orrt prices for Gnu re in to Sofce 7a trays Worthi double to Duar at 21s, v6r. 2r-.ttd.kto.3ss loss top to nor. Motoe an Entao skin to Bea and at fully so percent Leas Baa Oral Nara Price is iii of Paranell will by found a i ref Assn tent f goods Evita to Tortu Totman and new year Pete or. A Large Joau tiny of japanese van6 in. High. In erf pair Ahonso pairs japanese vases. 9 s. High. Pair a Sootoo Paw japanese Terra Oona vases is 6a pair about 25 pairs japanese vases s in. Ugh. A 114splendid ii smut of doubt Owara Vater jog 10 div cheap As fid 6a, fit 6d each Woolton hots. 1 fld each Woolton Tumen it each Abo. Splendid assortment of Doulton vases. Ranging in pries Dom is 6d each no Toxsie each bal India assortment of painted China cake and it baskets. As 6a, 7s us is i. Al Jid. Lust. Used 15?6d.145. Tiie above Are Ith a 3, Ard 4 divisions cake or fruit Laya u a. A 3,7s cd As 6d, 9s 00. 10s a frail starts from saw no to 2i3 ear seven Only ver Haon Sime band painted Denert sets 18 piece �3 1jump bed a of be a a Tomei icon Alivn Coonc piano sauce from 9d up to 6a.lefe Whit pore silk gloves 1? per pair Lann pure silk hover in Aua Stetu and b a a. Is6d per pair taffeta silk gloves in tans states fawns a d Black la per pair a better Quality do. In tans. Slates. Drabs of silos. Creams voice and Buck is 6d per a full assortment of pure Elk gloves. Soppart Finger in tans drabs fawns slates Buck. And White dupe. Pair. Als an tent of milanese 80k Olores with to Bly % vow tips girls Colon Lisle thread Olores. 4j4 per pair girls pure silk Glorn double Finger ens in Taos. Black a d bit girls Lirie to cad Gauntlet doves in Tan colors m64 Ladis White Brusti loved handler Cigels. Per daten4a6d,s fid,sm.s6d 1 dozen on a aiuppa Packe c of Handoc Shirb each Zoua Inion 18 oif Lerent Sands is lid per packet 3d Only each Contat Lin _ gents ladies. And 3iies wraps. 4/6, 6/6, 8/9, 10/6 i4ghi Woollen a Bafs 16/6 Peame Zolator Linen dust we is 2/, 3/ Ceylon shirting. Fob. 1-Vjam?s, shims a / Vaud. J. Miller Anderson and co Hundley Street. 3s3c summer Days Are coming. Hoyit d prints Boyle 3caubrios. To yurts dbl Moresi holes beam shot lab sateen Abe Ottamay bed fast ool Obs. I be ook Timpie by Etam Peron Tod who get perfect goods that will Wash and Wear. Ask Youb diaper Fob Hoy ifs Hake. Thomas Hoyle & sons. Manchester. Stamid Over 100 teats. 31s-47 j t. Fitch the Corner a diddle and pot Teney streets. We Macc Tunur invite Inq Mutton it not new and fashionable drapery clothing boots and shoes a Forth Spring and Bummer Betom. By Erta tem Ilyf. H to in. In Dona Kavy Aad Wlmes Rena add Drasco. Per Yard five am Stu Ofrinia a adj Ana Eteri til Liivia. Id,7idi?y? Fawn Faiuu Eadd Redgra d. Ted. is Cynthia 6jd, 7d pet Yard motion us Iamb or Yard hew Granny Fumm. My. Lud per Yang St Doolam. Jud per Yard All Wool pc Lelaine cat Grandb Ouon Laann. Lid a Ryam be ,2 6d,mud,3alldi a dim in. A a la Paryad Tasha Icmat 7sa.bsd.ls4d 2iu. Finoy of Weed Alixi cd. Owl a a Art Patasus ild 2 lid a Azea by Elul tins in Hull Puen a Par dozen stupid via undue a a 3s lid. Jas lid per Dozea Ulvy Orcy Zerill snoring. Eio. Fojtl by re spotted a Erk Sisilli Flea 7 d por said a kudu Sild is 1u i i a cd Seoul Poi come sunshade alter of toe Hudun ,lo.?ator7ud,la?o a touted frilled Sone hades Saud. 4s lid 6a lid 8 lid news lilt Howe tolled and Plain 2511a,3i6d,3r lid special be a Tebaldi Buju. La de la lid a lid Ladic Effiew walking jackets lid 6s us to us Lofald the Eton jacket. 12a 9d special Lina in Cap at lid As us us so upward Balao Soape trimmed Jet Nawm Abarea 26alar Tea justly 13a9? in a Aei suib 3m a you turf i it suit inti 6d, 17s cd. 19a 9d, 32, a soya Iaea Saim us a 1� 6a. Us 176d Bojta Tzoumas a Veste a by 9s us Weed Knicker Sutti 0.1,2, 3,4.6. Cotta Saud seed 4alld sell 7s us Ven a whits Straw Haw Pond a 3d boys Blok Ana Waite saw hate 9 1 hewed Tsuck and wove fic raw Bata la fld la did 886. 11.61 Boot department. Ladie lie Nat Osterd stupa. 00. A cd. 8a us ladies Levant Ujj. Soon it of a a 9s do Diew 0a1,7e .9a9d Udint Beatter Baboon in ,4bud,sa6d,6a ,7s doa and Pir. Bins a ii mid and in i Buon for i. 6d and 2 the meant silk Sinnine and of Ojania Soltane Tor Tia summer now writ us j. T. Me it co. Is Hirdler Etbert. Suwa Izo drapery and clothing. Charles Birks & co. Beg to announce the arrival of a Choice shipment of very upshot foulard Pongee and Elienne pure Silks in the latest Floral patterns of coloured got uni 8 of the choicest shades. Time exquisite goods were imported for the Best Melbourne Trade and Hay jut been pc Binl by As in thu City at m Price a Talca enables w to offer them to out Ca Tomen m ? a a Tritsc Christmas like. 1807 Yards or foulard Pongee and Deli Kistne Silks Worth 4a. 6d. To Fie. 6d. Per Yard. The whole to be cleared to i i 1 a 2/6 Rejeb Raeo note. A not fan to ate these goods at once. They an a Sta Rolef excellence & value. Charles Birks & co. C3sc James Marshall and co. Have just opened a spa Oil huh Afao tubes Bzook of both washing scats suitable for the holidays. Ugh we Dull offer at less than wholesale pm ices. Boys Waal a setter snicker Soita. 1/6, 1/11, 2/11, 3/9 boy1 White Drill Sailer Meeker soil. Trimmed. 2/11, 3/9, 4/6 275 3/11 sch. 500 55 we 6ador in Loksa ban Aow i Ebony Soal Price pm lid to Sill 4/11. Jas. Marshall & co., , Euh Dob Strobr. Mac r. C. Castle & compy. A a now Noe irad or rat sumant of Spring and summer goods. Ithamas ties. Hosiery. Hew shape is in Haxo bin Monk of White balt Tab. In All Praia hews. Bir a a toottu1 Fiedor made oud thing. Tailor the b do 111 a Nabea. Diw Reata Teok Saith so Simca in to Vaa oae. And Han Kaunas Mil Eton Sofia oat to Nann Aba an Lembow is biding Hau Aoa lion Ian. won Man Alana kept on the premise. Akemp Enenora Cattat soon Andy in Atteo it comp Tailon lb2w? s7, re. Tyrant Amor Anent of teas fund hib Roia and Beer Ting underdog fall. Made it Floe Calico and Hua Nook richly trimmed. Haring Bongo sets i def kid Glove. 2 lid 3a lid. 4s us pair 14 Inch Tan i Fet and b aka following prices 2s lid a lid 4slid,, diaper Pinafore. Is Ladd. 2bd,3s?d, 4a ads by Laniea hew 3 Black lace Leanues 17s by 36s 6d, is a Lydie shirt Blonet. To us so lid 4s lid 6a i unmounted tit win la 6d Boscn Mew Fop sua9d, l m9d co Sammer la lad. Alld Fale Ket. 6jd. 9jd. La ladies trimmed bats it 9s. 7c 94 9i 84, i sgd 168 9d Perl dress Bat tone 2jd. 3d, 4id, mid. La dozen Ohri Atmas cards in Ninae assortment so for la 1 Torso is for6d Booklet. Id. Sid. Or is so. Is lid sad Short meow Pelni Leffand japanese Swie Lemur 6d b. 8f. Is 3d. La 61 each 5 quire notepaper 6 d packet str Caole and court rebated envelope add Sid. Leper 100 Bumarch Luna new Good. 2b m each tumblers a 6d Dosoo Wiite Aud Gold a Grams Large la dozen. Vor the Martin Brothers. T Jbf Attias parcels of toys Fob Ohio Bobbt. Eich parcel Outin a most wonderful a a Rome no. Parcel to. 2 has Gli-t3 a we 6�. Lid co bins a article As f of own 1 Tablet pure fal tin Glycerine soap. 1 some clasp pan 1 useful steel Batyra Hook with 0.-c handle. A Lorl c Skippy writing Sec. Cod Lai t to Encl. Penholder or or. Ii 1-. Loch ast sur and paper Niu. 1 Rocfort Book wit Metal Law and Pencil. 1 Booklet by old by Tom Eady beautifully Ilustr we. 1 ate Alabone Manes Icson rent 1 panel of an Gucci a a Iuanow transp Rency. 1 Fjoy tinsel 1 Felt heed can. Bumped and feel Date for work id 1 us a usher re care. L f nay Colotel my ical top. 1 mouth Organ 1 child. To. Sets a Bio Ter with of enfold . A a envelopes a child col Orff Borden a Anoker Niet and l Emu palmed rapier Mao he dinner mat. The whole of Tobii panel Only 6 Ltd. Complete. I Adjei no. I was obits Price 10 6d. Con tussle Gifta following 6 inn card1 blon4ia to., i fam ornament. 1 1 Thomi album 1 child a Conklen sent Wiki too a o Ceryne soap. 1 Pai of Ladr Scis on 1 child s toy of Andl Odu rubber san 1 Ltd e Seal leather pure. 1 packet in prior anti Niue note paper 1 Wonov with a Ikani 1 Box Concan Oins Seacat Serrand sell action pocket Pencil c a it cat 6 pencils. 1 Kew Oferl Zaniol toy. The Govlier drummer boy 1 Baa Riedl Booklet. I n Smith. Contr and Honky. Wilt l y a Vibik and new Brm cig a Tatry. The whole of Tia parcel Only ing. It. Complete parcel no. 3 of Beauty fat. Thau oif1& Tioel to Contu intr an Alaor treat of a present. Or cd Wood Plue Back. Carved Wood bracket. I fancy ,lbnlid4iraascaddlm ick. 1 with Ben while ring. 1 eel of Spring taws to Kaaua. Pairot Beau i noun Nail child Milne bin in. 1 very Tintcy Leaf Cigar Aahl Ajr in natural Coloon. 2 Ivetter Napier Cracoe Afat a stud. I Strong Lowies a . 1 Ball of beat Nucerino soap Itta a Momeyer toy ??h 1 p Stadth it gus8 we Bat oaf ook int "4 1 d jul Bandy d or food a per suits 1 a i and pen in cams. I trumpet. 1 Lea Bentte blotto x pad. 1 Fec left Carfo eed and stamped or Wockie. 1 pack atol 25 Xmas Aid new tear cards. 1 beat leather pan. 1 scrap album. Toe whole of Tea Pascal for 15a. Sec useful x Mas presents. Special discount. La aria Toalii farther Ano Ane i w clevis of de Mand at enl satan id in Lerene to Siose which to Emmajo in Masai h s. Bailey & co. Have Nasf Sbat Fey Dan a beware ago dint the bust interest alike of tbsp their took of gloves. . Bags pc Bibb. Sub shades. Vex babes Giles oils blk Solo Maaia and of Are articles notable Waipa Skofor Niety and goo Owate. Tao Eri Moa Tumy shh Date Rcv Send a bonded to Law Adrasto in sad toe genes it disc. H. J a & co. Film mrm All Good arid Fey Tutts and Promise Cdr Raij Best stat Otid to an orders. H. J. Bailey & co., 62, Rundle Street Adelaide. Useful presents Abe the most acceptable. 3404 boys washing suits. Boys washing suits. A Large wholesale Stock a Large wholesale Stock Charles Birks & co s. Soto i we Hae imported an immense Quantity of bots 1 was Jho 6ci"8 Tor be present Hawoo e Trade and we Hare determine to considerably reduce tace sock b by Ciu. Eff Oki daring Hie christens boys washing baits at u lid. 34 de 9s us. Is in in to is us. And & Iid or bait and Onward. Wholesale Stock at whole Sale prices. Susie Money. /.-. 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In l Adi som Jive yer Awe i Corr tier 1jlh Rentotar ohs Letioa. Do match ram what Ever nude Anding lat Tong Ngn Lailey after an Pofe Ody Nat heat and need Alenty. Ebb twp a far 10s. Cd. Add As utters Box v fool a slide. Romanov rans Traua. Sug7. \ Rob ouch who nay be a anoint front the effects or a Dilal ?or io3w?a cosy longer Day be Wang a proper a Madura Tor their Toi djs Iriona a ?. A Fau Wias oomph into cold . Weak in it. Lan Ana a a Beau Nerro a and Indk. In nine. End. Pact and too Uon paid in Sanaa de and Bank. hot a Soaib ?i3f non Kiili to Panr Enns Csc Emma Traa off firm tit. Consolatti Unfres. " Ullh ? and Fyreno am. Lovist to Emu stat. Off Pute stent. Laried a Waade Quaty. 3v event Tony adds. Herbal Naoo Ciona oks remied. Or to Moldwai -t6 a Tadami Victor any be non Aniyad data isl Stanley Hooks aon crr rtt ats wast film Turner anew Botoner Synop. 841-3 Adieu As. Inn Nutto " wot Uaia to physio and never f 2u.-h b. Noward go a a aide. Sumbi Stoekig Annawau Ataw. 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