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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 6 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 6, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. & o. ? teak xav1catiok Coj Ipak for l0sboh. H at a Ftt-Tjg-1 under Boyal mail contract win dispatch the Fol Fawn steamers Callins at Albany Colombo. Aden Marseilles Gibraltar. And Kyr Touth with Liberty to Call at Brindle a ? Tite Amera too commander tears. India wll � a Worcester dec 7 Vic Robin ten e. Ewe acc. A Australia 8901 i. Beeves Jan. Abts Aifa Eon a. C. Loggia in. U voice ? 6545 j. Cowie feb. 1 Himalaya 6893 w. L. Broun feb. It Oceana 60� l. H. Crawford Imar. �. Bmtask1a i cams 1 k. H. Seymour Imp 15 Ubu Knuth by by Mem Tran ship at port said. Kut1ce to passe Tiebs. Re sberal reductions to families. Whole Cabins reserved. The accommodation in Toth fint and second saloons is unsurpassed. A after from Europe a. Can be arranged Here Fyk sengers allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. ? tourists tickets India Chin. Japan a. Bound the Worf ticket lamed. A ? ?. Passage Bates. Ticket issued at lowest current rates t special return tickets to London �110 and �g5. Hand books Tate to Blet and All particulars Asfe Rau aage Noney to la Wardea on application. Elder Smith & co., limited agents. ?. ? ,. Mbeecof&s3gc_ o. B.8. Ikb1a.-Spectal to Batch ? Lor pa88engks3 fad visitors arc arranged to leave Adelaide Tor Hie sea cud of Large Lav jetty at 1- 3� and 11.48 a. A thuksdat.? the last launch leaves the snip at 1.50 ., of Meutine with tue �2 Return special from Lares bar Adelaide. ? Lideh Smith & co. Limited agents. Of Kkt lj1sk. The following steamships under Boyal jul contract will Leare Adelaide Lars s on the undermentioned dates for Pia mouth and London via Albany. Colombo for of Indian port Suez canal kapu3jurtenies. And Gibraltar Oak a ? sol dec Austral. ? 5sj5 dec s3 i zoo ? 3918 b. L. Cans. 4an.ll ? onto a ? Sjoo Lindsay Hay Jan. 2s Obb Aba. Aseff a. Of Watt be. S Sobota. ? 8b7 e. E. Uvira ton feb. 22 Ophie. ? Moe a Cal Elsb mca.9 Ord a. ? s85t j. Uni Dater met Olmoz. ? ? 1387 h. W. Lorett april s and fortnightly thereafter. Twin screw. Saloon to London single �35 to �70. Bentnra. 5.to �310. Third out �15 16/. �17 17/. And �18 18/. Saloon to Colombo single �22 to �30. ? -. Be turn �33 to �45we8isbn Australia. Saloon. �4 107 to third to 10/. Assam from any port can be prepaid Here. Bet ohs tick Etc first Saloon Between inter colonial poets Are now available return by p. It o. Steamers Baring room. Kanageb8-f. Gubek co. Lotf Ander . Awn Kosok. Co enc Honi Unbe Lon Doti ? i ? foil a Rosuara on application Toj 1l q. And Eban Branch manager. Imlej lira by j a cry ram Iane mess Acebes Pri times. For London via Colombo and Paris. Steamers of Ojo foams under Wetal contract with to Prens Trainr Al Bast Colombo. Suez and Post said will he Dia patched got by As a Doc. R aaa Nuan z ran a Dea Jaboc Wujec. � Ria Achl Las. Asian. It Jap. S7 two Darien Chnuer Frt. Il1/e�l is teb. . Ltd Ludu Macb. Passes lbs booked to Bombay. India a fms Kef top to�70, irn of no Ftp Nick Btu available Lor w .13 it guff Pokett on Board. ? a he acc mrtty-2f Cau lie. Fun Bere for Europe Liberal concessions to bunnies ? upon Arr Tal to. Hitj1 to Angl my interpreters j. A. Imaa Laai tl4aa � Asan inti Al in full Salt a Rouw Safe Yac. Akk Sayenga Ignace Conw Ved tree on Cost y4a0tfltj . Roup egg -. Export Abs Bers 21, Curie Streer a 1 co. Port Adelaide. wal33s , Colombo Aden. Faraj port said. A plea and Genoa. ? we3kab i sch Freeter a new i1o6j5ib. Al Erie dec 3 to Berher ? Jan. So to Echt Ute a saw. Brand Nirri feb. 17. Babb Boesa. I tort a. Bic fatty mar. 17 , to fatter apr. � Passuth Awby from Adelaide. A to �b1 Onat bed Suriou on. . Ueberal to nor him to fam film. Para fee from Parepa att Arrand Here. Third class to London my Paa sincera Ana a Stegu boo if Throat to London and principal european Arf Hod. American we far Tref it Passaf and All Ether Par visit Obs own Adelaide 1 Trio. On . St Katsuso Luh Dune steamers 9taaa-a�-Invbomciea test Adelaide Larf hat a Cape London was Finai u ms7 tons about january 8 %1c0a.c1011001.00 Dii a i. To tour n43allina ,. 4vh0tma, to look . A wam8o0l . Akhmcm.t3 _ 4. 01 torn to Fonow. A agafcsttjtfj8ftw. Dunkirk Loh Doh Antwerp. The Fastad of Tell Powk sed hew speak be. South a soft Lia . tons. Map talk Barnes 23rd december far Abon ports in ample tuna tar Mabob Wool sales. Fire Reighl apply to George wills co. Tata tug ? Adelaide and fort Adelaide. Virpi Roei Kasiba. V. Mania Hon song and Jap a. Vis so set bib Snake and Tow Linvill ? 1. Will Lent a under ? Oon. F Dkl Kame of Steamer Mandan. I Tome. Vodney. Kasica Mab. Hashed f dec. 4s. Futai Maru. Ithrom Jan. Is Ufa. 1 these atom rift have Inokai us nor Miuji. Tion for Pia sengers in All res Firu. And Are fitted with the most recent Imp Oreme is. Foil particulars As to freight and passage from Hal wraith. Mceach Akk. & co. Pop. Limited. ? agents 51. Crenfall Street. 179uaic of Estebal averages a Bxs of Genoa . I cosh gees Are notified that average Bonos must be signed and a Deposit of Twenty per cent paid before delivery of goods. & & v. 1icbbav. Limited 339-41 ? Adelaide and port Addaide. A w t e l l s1800 a tical almanac Cir in Type enlarged Lig Lils of Federated Australia and tast Cania Issue before Christmas. Advertisements at earius Pleisch prox. 14 a in a 3sh-10 ? Hants seeds. ? seeds and plants. We Hez 10 notify that web a opened our new Pax his and of Flor for Sale a fresh Stock of flu vegetable and Al seed6 and plan in Ako seed pox tue. Mavube8. And Mabsen and fall implements. 3bu 3b. Oo3c Job co., i Orr East Terrace and bundle Treel to riot . ? at Dot hewct7ct7ubeb. London Habiger a tort pro inc bean. The fruit b smooth us Faux spiked. U to 20 in. Lone a Bea Tuul fresh Enen and of the nut Nanda ome bum. 1/ Keu e. & a Hackett 6iessuik, Max Tsas a Endle Sll. Adelaide. Dbapebs1 bin tin executed on the shortest notice and Liberal tens at the -ebtisek11 Job ? Nui Tuia office. Itjfs2 no. Shipping. The Abenilde steamship company of Foteh will dispatch a Tamera Fermi fort Adelaide u to Alkass Slid the Hake far Reeth to Eliji i Xois aia in throw ice Bikih ladle. Mae Loo ? Friday i dec. 8 3 A Kofi Loii Kos and a for Quet-2.siraai Post ii. Wollo Vba ? j Friday i dec. 15 s F0k l out it scold Moota wallauu0, to Jbv Bay and flip Klik ? i tuesday. Acc i3 Robts a Tiu la cite Cluj put Tab. _. ? ii past Neelix and Carco. In Gail Gator i saturday 1 dec 9 Pau. Point flu let 14� so Nev. ? i thursday i acc 7 i Tom Tojo a Iurii Pmj Ici Ivd ii in Jav to Jiri a to Bours prior to advertised time on Day of satins. Raise Cert ticket issued by this company an with Cuma it the . Co. Between an forts. For an information apply tote Adelaide steamship co. Ltd., curate Street. Adelaide and commercial wharf port Adelaide. West Australia the Adelaide steamship company. Jul led he Ace Balasian United Steak Sadioa ton co. Ltd. 1 joint service. From port Adelaide to Albany and Fremantle. Tran shipping for i Erth be Norton. . Ports and Esperance. A Tii Ysa under Aca Bloo ? Friday. December 8. Paitoon. ? fh1uay. It crib a 15. Pil Babba ? Friday Decca bar 22. Vollon a Friday. December �. Passage tickets interchange ally excellent accommodation for Stock. Lowest rates of freight and passage Money. ? for full a articular Apner tue Adelaide steamship o0mpast, Ltd. Adelaide and port b. W. Macdonald. The . Coy Ltd Conie Caret. Adelaide and Queen s wharf i Urc au.8.n. Oil old. Hoe will pc i inc be up be i Albat Jotha Lawtie. I � . Taboo use. A Uii a of boat december 15. It Gnu Law a Trau Lup at Fremantle. J5a i Pil Barra i Mouay. December u. Tut a other i . J ? Etc tired daily at Deen Swart of to cathar before sail no ? ? ? ? a ticket incur changeable alter the tint port Ruth the steamers of the Adelaide steamship cob Pasa. Limited. For few and Frrtz to pal to 8 . Ascent. U. Ualat acct data ? . Meek by s a Uain. I not ? -. A 4j�. Rodth East ports. For a Esq Aaan. O con Beac Hobt. 2u_# def Koeb a wednesday december . Celt co., Adieu . Kingston. Sm9-40 a. A e. Lemes Shieb. Port Adelaide. A t out Wakefield ship Flag of fair poet Wake e3u& . Annie Watt ails Widnes of Day Mil hat. At 6 ?.m. A. It e. Lemessurier port Laid. 339-10 conveyance and i very ifotice3. Telephone Adelaide. Iso port a Deuire. 57. H. Graves co., Bovay and general camera customs Sauk and forwarding actins to All parts of the australian colonies. Cods received for storage. Furniture carefully removed.? firms supplied by Day week. Month tear ii Hows vehicles and Drivers. Special Ann Uoo riven to the collection of Passana cars la Teaffe for shipment otherwise. Tavitia made Ammie intents with the steamship companies our men Board All steam re on arrival at Largi Bay port Adelaide for the collection and delivery of parcels and lure be to any part of tic Colony. Bead office 39, Currie Street. ? and Divett Streeet. Post Adelaide. ? Issue ? shipping. ? the hot Oaid suits line. Leave Howard Smith s wharf As follow circumstances permitting a baht. J Moldav Kauai a 1 Pasee Cen. Carso and new Cassub bkx6bank Gladstone co run in go tuesday. December 19. Mackay Bockh ca1elks foktso0gi.As j Caiso must be delivered Alon steamers noblest than one hour before advertised time of sail ing. Be Tiern tickets Abe with the steamers of messes. Huddart. Par Keb it co. And Milu Balth. Mee Acham. Coal buckering at Adelaide. Melbourne port Pirie undertaken at any time. Fth. Kov Wim Smith f ctis1 Puu in we. Ltd 113. Diag Wilum Tret Atte Laudt anal uni Parade. Fan a Elmoe. Me Vicil Balth Mceacharn Ca . La oxen. Trill Dis Natcha the follow inf passenger Steamer drum stances permitting iocxb0tjbhs i . By Joni \ wed Keseday. Alec 13. Albany 1 Cool Caddie Kkt Juanele / Makkay. December u. Lar Fps to Whart. Gab. Luton. And All . Tai Tom my Udouj Bills i Lidit. Note. Brt urn tickets an enter changeable with a Crux. Upward Smith a sons and Buddan. Par ler � co s Steen a. W. B. Cave pc co., ice Ofell Street Adelaide it j. Riwu. m fact Adah Tida. Tic ten kits will be received by the undersigned up till noon wednesday dry Ember 13, for the so holy of but Fucus to is is to Lala. Queen Cito Abies. Poll1ry, Kish. A to be sols at port Adelaide during the year 1900. Kurmus of tender nov be obtain re from Ilell a raft Mcearl Iani a co. Projain tiry limited. 51, rent cell erect. Adelaide. ? 340-1 Hli Dart Parker & go. Potoski tatty. United iii Dif Patti i mud fort aide Ruuti cipro tort Norri set i Nemesis. Cebal Tum j thou us Bills of lading to Perth. Return tickets Smtth Llyl wraith urea chem it co. Proprietary. Limited sad Howard sir ill. T sons a run itary. Limited. In j. Rowley a Lattko a Nta. ? c West att Thalia. Joint weekly Sebrick. For the of Shipp Eba and pa6bengeb8 Cha mow sacred have arranged to Box tha Follo Qiu steamers at be Dlab Ihrk Beals Cool Garbik 1 Alo Day. Dec in a. Aka Tallaj. 1 monday. Deo. 18. Fea talc sub f Alo Dat dec. 45. Pc Wjk. Gabo j monday Jaguar re. And regularly Teeby monday lowest Fabes and fbe1cbts. Bettys Tice Eis Pii. Millu Kaltha a co. Propy., Ltd. Mud debt. Fabke. It co. A boat. Ltd. We. H0wakd a tilt it sons Popy. Ltd. ? ? ? ? Ibsch ji.4 steam Tei West coast. Ararsa o Bacyle sails thursday 7th in Saver ? of Eluston vent s. And Lasa it Leaky Bays Euston. Piss enters on. A. A. Sax Ford t comray tarty s3u-Tui ? Prinice a Whart. Port. rules. Clues Stu be dispatched sahs x As under to Stas Buby Ever a thursday and saturday at s.30 rom Stak Sbert every Mon Day leaving 10.30 a., and thursday Leav ing 3 To port Vincent Exerv tues Day at s.30 a., from Post Vincent every wednesday. Latiuk 10 a. 3cic a. Lemes Subiel Secretary. Bargain Boom. Bargain Boom. Bargain Boom. The following Are not a collection of Low prices and values but a simple statement of what we offer you in our establishment. Youcan thoroughly depend upon the value of the goods we Stock while with our mini mum profits no one in the Trade can give you better values. Bargain Bre Kersto Day. It 1 Twitt i i Tiv i 68-Lnci White twill sheeting 1 pieces Good value Jold. Per Taidt so a. To Tiger a-t2ach White twill sheeting. La pieces Good Quality Aid. Per Yard sir a ?ga.-.twst Tsa Iacoli Cotton shirt tags. In pieces selected patterns dozen Gav in a. A. To 5_3a-Lacli White so Coos. Pieces free from All dressing full Doran 5-38-Incli White Ca Leoce. 6i pieces a sice Sott make ? i dozen a. A a War ?7-56-Lnoh Linen table Dun Sec 9 pieces assorted designs . Per Yard s -39-Inch Galatea Stripe. 90 pieces sateen finishes old. Per Yard a 1ft-ffl to it & -40-Inch Black figured Lustra. 10 l eyes stoic a patterns Fuh dress 3lo-301acji dark ground prints. 31 pieces sensational Price j i i dress not tag Ana la a Abca French Cambric. 157 Riecss stylish goods o a foil dress 12-33-Inch White dress Unsung. Is pieces eat spots o / 1 1 foil dress 3et.a., i3-29inch Cotton Crep Oanca. 7 pieces la Cream Only. / 1 a foil dress a the a. A tsp x.-40-Uch chocked dress tweeds 11 pieces assorted colourings 4/ poo Dren bar Grabt is men a melange suits i is Only in Grey and Fawn to suit to ?a=t,?3-a3jat 3l3 boys Tweed Knicker salts. Cities too lined throughout 1 i suit natto-aiba1 ivs Reet wide fainted Back floor cloth. 7 pieces assorted rat terms a Yard Baxcg-axn1 18 White honeycomb gnats. -1 Only Good value of 1 Tach tar a a saw le-ladies1 Glace kid Batten Sass. Patent taps. Nicest shapes Stout soles 3/ f1 barbra the 2o-i-Adutf Patent court shoes � country orders have oar prompt and careful attention. 1 Chas. Moore & co., 70. 72, 74, 76gouger-3treet � i Marshall s fairy Dell and Bazaar open to the Public. Marshall s Xmas presents novelties. Co3kexe .ajst33. Sets father Christmas Mab shall s fairy fill. Don t forget to bring the children to have a talk with father Christmas at ? to to a t?.fsrft a . It Send to Marsh All s Fob one of the father Christmas to parcels. 10. 1, cont inc i toy Tei Al no. 1 parcel 1 Todress doll i musical Horn Only 1 boy s Varaia hed by a / 1 Strone Tenn Ball a 1 Bosoi Biorka 1 coloured picture Book the Loi 1 skipping Hope in Mascord. Jat Marshall s a 2, cont Kirc 1 tin Tea set a _ _ 1 Box of trains no e a Archt. Liusho Nir Idns Seddon 1 coloured picture Book fur not of 1 set Dolta furniture Inch Park the lot. 1 month Organ i is skim. J at Marshall s no. 3. 1 China Xea set 1 1 Strong bit ? a 3 Par Cox. 1 Lompo Tsau 1 8et doll s furniture Only dressed Dou 1 race game Fify Shusi Callom. I to of urdu w 1 Strong bound Etory the lot Book j so 0 at marshal s i packet Xirum cards also Pae Bibat 16, 21/, up to �5 each. Lio. 4, containing 1 Tuquet China 1 Tib Box of taints 1 Vox of Slot Les Only Noah Park 1 bid body doll 4 f la he croquet set Looi drum and Suka i wire a Kipping Kope the lot 1 Cabinet of stationery 1 inlaid work Box. A 1ut___ i._11 _ 1 packet Choice Xmas. A jars Linail s cards j cheap Silks f3b has 1,3g9 a Ards. Of washing Blouse suit. In Dierks stripes and Floral i signs. All Olirs including Blick to buds. Good value at 111 and -j,8 per Yard. Our Price to slam. Jud. Per Vard. Uki be of per Fob Xmas Eastok. Extraordinary values lit Kilun Eby Ficini unable b ems., ., 1/ each be Lutri Mcd shapes 1/, la. 1/11 each 32u Justin and lace Hals for Cirle Cream Only Sll each. 740 imitation leghorn with fancy Educ . Each Sou Yueli Shade hats . Each kill Lee lion Flop 1/ each Laroun droops Lur inc seance . Each.vlishlv-Tnmmcd leghorn for the Giris Sll to. 11, 7/11 each 1j0 boxes Xmas Flowers . Each at uab.s1iall-& boots and shoes. Special use of about 30 pairs of children Sall Patent double i print Grunt silos sizes rum 7 to 12 7ty for 4/9 per pair. The elastic being Somchat out of condition. For the pre eau season s Wear we Are offering 1,000 pairs of lakies1 lace souls sewn All Over and liar Tialin . A capital wearing shoe Worth 6 6, tors la Jar pair. Bol but special. The Eatna Quality of shoe Aiso in one strap at 5,11 per pair children s Tan ? Russia Calfskin Tuo liar Bors ten. A very Slu Eias 6, 7. S ill 6.3 per pair but 11, 12, 13. L 7 nor ruin child Rte to Tan Lustia Cne bar i3ift, sewn sires c. 7. A a 10, 6, pair sits 11. A Curmine shoe for children for very ust Weir Vfirvfljonsl-0 k 41p Sou i .u1 . One strap Ever it i Virv Low ii one iii Heel Fazos c. 7, s. A i 7/-i1 i in sues 11, 12, is 1, pc ii per i a by to she Vou Takt Cas be a depart meet. Jot Aulbra table Rio. I7-iu-ii. 47 ?. S uni a. 4 0 the Are All wit i lop so a. A i t it inv in sure can be had. Ais.,. By Lii. Same vat Iri. North i5riti-h. 1 1 Host 5- i a Inch. 1 per 1 for Vair Bonsai 1 y Yard . 3-Piy. 2,0 Yard hand skw1ms.voillsti. Cirii the fico a list of at Elmi tils riven with Ich Mojo iii. 12 Oil Aunrik ted Shull a i a i -. 1 i King Ljusi. Wilh to limb of Crew. 1 a h seam Fel a. 1 Ordinary Presser. Tvr dins res continued . 1 word in prob sir to. S. 1 braider 1 filler 1 adjustable Binder 1 quilting gauge. 1 term Driver 1 Oil can 1 Emery Etone 1 instruction look 70f Csc be. Cloves. Ladies 4-Buitnn Eitra Annisu to fac a silk Glove. In b Jek up Irons with self a who c Stice hed his. Creatis with self barks and Nhis with Telf not Riak Bai is. 1s pair i a ssi Cany. A lieu taffeta silk gloves a iii snack ii thai a. I of pair Maui Taleia ilk g1o. Nit Houi buttons in i rest we into. Tins Blace 1 and Piir la its a til orrs very Cool in tans and White. 1.0 pair ii ii a gift a. In Cream White mad 11.11, and 2/6 pair a iii us a leu ton Kirk love. In tans i owns Wack. -2 11. 3, ill up in a Marjri Assort Niebyl inf gloves in dressed in Drc kid from the Best Mikers. In the.-Weii apes sly Bui Tsile for Christmas pre sents a a. A up flt Tariela English silk cloves. 4 buttons in Black tans fawns White. Cream. And the new preen shades. Ladies 4-Crmtoa us ii does in fawns Ana tans it itched on Livack self. 2,11 Luis Laditi suede la a go fives. In uns la is Cream White Black. --i2 Imlack stitched backs. 1,6 Pir girls u Liln Lile a Liiv. Ribbed tops sizes 1, 2, ?. 4 o. G. Sid. Pair. Unc Leoh and 10ttinc department. 100 a is a Nin Jaji inese Flat line just in Vii 10 a. I. Is. Pc. I lip a Yard Obi urls in one piece two Pieacci. Sill x 12. 31, is 15 x 12. 40/ each floor Claih so Iurco. Cut to lit any rooms. 12 x 9, in 6 12 x i. I 13.0 i 12, 15.9 each 12 x 1i. 17,0 gk1cset Mattiec made in any Len Sims to order at 2,3, 8/c a. Iier Yard of t it. 0 in., 0 feet Nice 4 i �-5, per Yard linoleum 9 feet and let wide l7i per Square meet Iise Oil Dotis /7, 1/9, 1,11 per Yard. Beautiful presents Orlandies make sese1ele presents. A resent to. 1. A Relt Flanen lace sets Collar Paoti no i Emty Yoke Lane sets. Yoke and cuffs to match. . ? ?. Present to. 3. Tie a ratty Jett Ogbomo 8wn. Lor l=.lies, newest j?Lu-4. 1 tort Dutiful to Curi. In . G�p5-Ehl- and Pun Prim t so. Lieu Tirol All silk a and kerchief this. Then so in iii and checks very to turf and Xiv re pretty 1/6 Cadi Prem in to. &. Then a 2nd pretty silk bows for Julies. As a in front lots of colors and i -.s, 1/ Eai a present to. I. Nie fasl Iiona e Sailor collars for ladies in while Muslin and lace Hund in rods to choose trom. At 1 3, each 1/6 each 1 11 each. Tali 3/11 each. Present no. 7. A Al maltese lace handkerchiefs for the neck tic., at 1/0, 2/11, 2/11. A. 6/1l 1 ii no each a Csont a & k i lurking line in ladies col i Imus ii Irro uni a. At i 11, � i. 2/11. 3/11, 4,11 each 5.c each 0/6 each present to. 1. Kanej bus for ladies with limited collars and silk ends All colors ill i re Cal to. 10. A pretty and useful tie for i Diu in tie Windsor ehatk.-, with frilled ends at 1 1/s, 1,u, 2.0, 2.11 each l a int no. 11. Uisok Chan buy lace scarfs for Aid ladles at 2 11 and 3 6 each in sent to. 12. A lilies Beautiful lace Scarf i and 2 aids lome very in at pro jct. A Haw some Channing designs at 1 3, a. 1,11, 2.11. 3.11, 4,0, us. 7/11 Cadi present to. 13. For Jelv ladies a Beautiful Ltd Iland no All silk Lai. Scarf at 21/, 25 2545/ Cash arc kit to. 14. Steal Ila Tese i Jet Collar ettes un-1 set ii a useful and charming present at 10/6, i2.g, 1.6, 21/, 23/, 30/, and 33/ set. Collar and cuffs present Xuy. 13. Ital maltese lace scarfs a very Choice assortment at 10 to 12/11. 15t-, 21/, 25. 27/6, 33/, 3u.-c, 47t. 05. 75/, s4, each present Xuy. Ali. Whip Antoinette Fis Ehud very Dainty. In Ljuslin an a lace at 2/11, 3,u, 3/11, 1,11. 5.11 Cadi undebcl0th1ng department. Dailies vow Wii Ito Titti ordered pe.tlk.-u4u 4/11 6,11. Sll to j ladies fancy i an inc and keep bar petticoats ill. 2 11, 3 11, 4.11 la units fun Micro colion Tsie. Pink Blue and i flt ., ., . I ii Cist Iretis s Siv iii White Muslin hats Boc Tont a crowns. 1,11. 2.11, 3 11 claim run s White i Misc is u Flats buttoned crowns i ii ii 4.11, c. 11 ladies Jelv we Ltd. ?, embroidered Xmas in. 21. 3,11. 4,11 ladies Anjou its Large White Ljuslin aprons. It 1 11, 2,11 Laii is Check a Lolland cooking aprons. A. 1., 1.0, 1 11 pics lieu Laiful silk petticoats richly trimmed 1. 2, 3. 4 Cru Innis Ladis Kacl and silk and Satin Palti a -. 12 i. 1j v. 21/, 2 ,0 . S very pretty a Ore. Sui Tawe for pre. Tin 116, i 11. 2 11. N/11. Hanc Kester department. Isis l to Lek Kozij Willai l texts. Fri j Floral so -.rrig, Cus Ilious 2,11, 3,v, 3/11 in a Wool Lii Ture Blouse fabrics. Ill 2 0. 2 11 Are injun in5c Olhs. For Ladin s and children s Wear s 11. 7 i in g cards -y.,m Cicali . A drip fitful Summers Pirir i. 20, 2 11 Yard a Arran ird thru a Fri , 1 3. 1,11 Yard Art muslims. La ral Dew .., . Yard. Marshall s furniture of in is t. Seasonable1 4nd useful Xmas presents in endless variety. New and inexpensive goods american chairs 1/11 Bentwood chairs 5/ 5/6 toilet pairs 20/ toilet Ware. 5 9. Duchess chests 30 dining room suites �8 i5 suites 4312 x3_ Side Sards �3 3/ dining tables �3 3/ i-.a.vxia a Borax St tits Jay enamelled easels drass mounted. Exi Shellek cask Mrston rest iiT,.r Frame tables. Sto Bijj. Anu music stools Tattas 1? i ?his1jr\b1ai tables. 7/9 Bamboo and 4-f1.ai ta1h.ks. We Kip. Sett Tykp Vij Fois japanese p1ctuk1s in silk. To Racotta Statcy Tiv its Lre a Simak ble and Yoju Reoe Stals. Al Airek ass messes. Jas. Marshall t co. Desire to draw the attention of la Weir riint.1. ? � u Slock of 1-Umitore and that they Arnn. Shibi Iino and s a l i � fenoT01�i be sets. T enable on co Toni Ein to Parry use Lve Ful Roifus to Dave i Oroa a of ? s and can now offer our Stock at us flotations. A a y used oar a rung knife Tow to Catt of . S Sao a Boobis. Exhibition of Modem anti que. And la to Dai for hottest Villa and mansion at top alar Prius. � e Stephens place warehouse. Drapery and clothing � uset Tri Cliris Mas presents hew tear gifts. Please write Lor Martin Beds catalogue of a Xiv goods and toys. Lames 6b1rt blouses a Virv Large dip room Juat to band in anti Cipa i Holiday requirements. Mot suitable As Christmas gifts. Rioca e/11. Sic 3/11. V up to 15/ each ladies in Xin and Laws of hons trin Mied Lyilla Muslin Kiu Broider narc use jul pre Mats. Priors 1,3. 1/0. 1.1l s/3, up to s6 each Ladi is Kailua hats a Jorge shipments of the latest Jtj Lee now arriving for the Christmas Trade prices ., 1 1/3, 1/6, 1.11. S/0, 2/11. Oils log Horn Flop 11 ats another hip ment to Lan-1, prices 1,11, 2/6, 2,11. 3,0. And upwards. s its hats All the latest becoming Beloi an admirable form of present prices 3/o, ii. 41. 6/6, and upwards. Useful Christmas presents. Ladies Umb Bullas the be wet Lund Ca. Choice goods Speed ally imported for Christmas presents prices 4/11, 5, Ilc los la 10/fi, and in wards. A splendid variety of ladies sit shades. Sty Lish Roodt. Correct colourings most elegant handles Mike a Cepure. Cli Ristus prients air Ira Sll 5/11. 11, Sll 10,8, and Upton ladies kid to looks Olstin Broe Specia Lite Brand guaranteed to. Wear Well perfectly Cut and Maue rum the first Choice of skins. Large. Deliveries of in no s celebrated kid and suede gloves gloves for a Krisunas presents prices 2/11. 3/11. I la and 5 per. Pair gloves ene itally boxed in fancy boxes with Quarter dozen half dozen pairs in the Box. Cliris Mas presents. All gloves guaranteed. Christmas c1fis of of Desiery. A varied Stock of ladies and children s hosiery in Cashmere. Lisle thread and silk beautifully embroidered Cashmere Stockes Plain Black Casio acre Hosier Ilo Clys Best brands prices Lili 1.0. A it and 2.0 no pair Dushl Tiv far Obj Xmas presents boxed in fancy boxes Cost units i Glicr Quarter darn Hail Doten pairs a each Box. Tasu Ekwe Jiff the Rue of fancy goods awl toys. Haberdashery Foit useful cult Latua o1f1s. Martin Bros have imported a Lars Frieri of boxed . And for inexpensive useful presents draw attention to the following t dozen Liu runs in Metal Box 4jd. Per Box. Leatherette cabinets containing Assort ment of pins hairpins. Safe to Pink at 4ij. Per Cabinet. Metal boxes of Best pins with Plush Pincushion . . Per lion. Leatherette cabinets containing 1 dozen flexible a incur lers. Price . Per Cabinet. And time pictorial Zelal a Birts Best Plain curved and crinkled Uzi pins go. Pet Cabinet Lian Soroe pictorial Cabinet contain inc Quarter Pound of tie Best pins. 4rd per Ca Binet. Leatherette Cabinet Coni Inin an assortment of Plain. Curved and crinkled liar pins. Price . Ner Cabinet. baskets. Containing Iso toilet pins in Black lieu mixed colors 4jd. Per Bis let Fashin name . For useful presents in web pique. Jet la Wiite loaded. Saun plastic. Leather in. Prices from . To 5. 6 each cabinets and cases contain intr eve and of use Ful a cede in Nie i from 7jtl to 3/6 per Cabinet. Toilet requisites for presents. Ladies hair brushes from 1/ to 10/? Epieh toilet and Bath sponges from 4. Up to 15/ Ali kinds of delicate Tow so a perfumer -. &e., if., from All Tacu St la Rowe Minim and at fax v station Virv. In Ali Ilic new and quaint deigns of the Soam prices from fid. Per Box up to till per Box. Laces ties a. Laces fall Nis Ruthl a. If filing. . Roars Jabot Colla relies Audi a lace goods. Siik f. Lace . A Aluc , Kirimea. Landl re i i is. In Tanev in Are. Be limn cellars and Obi Lii. Windsor . dec kit. In All i Hobo i gods Ari n i rus Art now Thieu in an omit Sivo Block Cir All popular As Chri Ainis gifts. Sew la be dep1ktmeit Sph Ciupy Oit of i in the Bam Sii to of tiie big Luigj. diuilu1ic of feats and Al Auk its. So n. It Xvi a s . Pc a while for r2 a to of Famy Coda . Lau wins Doli. A in in ii sleeping i o s. Ii j i i j iof Sii. I is of lot Oai in -n-.-a. Kuer. I. Kruick toy books. Picture . Lii adic � us. To Quai is of i Mure of us Ridard by the fruit Authorn. 0?.d. volume bind Jor cat Locue. Csell for school a Rizzs for Paar skulls for i libraries a. Moc Sianii Al , Kacines. Macic lint is armoured to pins toy washings of water cans music Buxin. Musial instruments. All the Well Nown Ati Nival volumes boys an-1 Ciris annuals Kerbox. A. I fans. Purs so Lioi frames. Onvel Vicki . Ali Nirna us. A a fill Oric i brai. Crink i 1 upor. Ii Ristus cards a t .ls. A Andars. Etc in. An Nimen a Varit by if useful and Irir a Ponsico pre scr s. I la a Rusc Lull be Bazaar. Novelties and attractions Antoum a in due course. Please a Ritj to Burin Srajn Linuse Cicta Octie of Farry Sooja and toys. ? the gentlemen s dept. Folly f Ocie to h cow skin just is. Boa. Sara half Fei Flats. A is. Rnficru-.-. Win shirts braces. Travel bag tug us Irollo. P.,r. J Nuntius. Vliss. In. A. Larre Stock of tweeds for Holiday suits. Effic enl Cutler by whom we can Guari Aice x perfect fit. Martin Bros Christmas Bazaar crowded Wito novelties. Great att actions. Burlington House Bazaar. 335c general merchandise. N Sale and to akk1vk hoop Irun Al in cirus wire a a bags pig Iron barbed Vire Urania a Wren s i hire netting cossacks Sheet Zinc steel droppers Castor Oil nails Iron neg. Posts Lin Rcd Oil octaves superphosphate Hemje paint Sto Clinine Thomas . Brilliant shiite galvanized Iron Cave guano P�.Nnfl Cement Sesing Twina Canary seed Sumner Doldi Wool Pada boiled oars drapery and clothing. Wilson a disc and slut company be asses � Siu Bebless it 114, 116, 118, Rundle St Aoe Uidl the pros rugs of our press department till continues and a most Beautiful selection of every Novelty of Merit is always to be Founti Here. Fobe1cn and British stuffs and fancy dresses from the cheapest to the most expensive High cuss goods. All hew styles. At popular prices. Cuaar we mention a few of the different goods Aell double Width kims cloths in a variety of pretty shades All Wool Price 1/, 1/5, and 1/6 the Yard All Wool French Serges in pretty Pale Green the Fidel. Usual value 1,11 Yard for 1/ Yard double Width French voile with silk Stripe in Greys fauns to labs greens &c., a thin Cool material Lor summer Wear Price 1/u and 1/11 Yard Cream dress material in silk and Wool double Vidt. Some pretty patterns to choose a Ron Price 2/3, 2/11, and 3/0 the Ord fancy dress materials in silk and woo mixtures that make up into smart looking costumes while the Price is kept very Low. All double Width Price Lull and 2/6 the Yard Wilson. Br1cl & company have gamed a Betl Tatios Tor ladies Dakss mateb1als and Silks. To one does this Thade get tar. Double Width All ool Poppins in a variety of Winmer shades fawns Greys creeks Black Navy a Price 1/6, ill 2/s, 2/6, and 211 tie Yard and a materials that Hare Riple and Pirle Foniah a the newest idea for ladles dresses they neither spot shrink nor Cockle. We Hare these pretty materials in Stock Price for double widths la 3/6, and 3/11 the Yard new shades in Covert coatings Lor ladies Wear inches wide Price 2/0, 5/u, and 3/11 per mid in Vaneiten proofed Covert coatings in fawns crabs Blue Black and mixtures Price 33/6 the coat and the new Princess doth in Fawn drab Green Black Navy and Oyster Blue very eco and Correct for ladies tailor made Gar ments alpacas in Grey steel Fawn Navy and Brown 1/11, i la and 3/6 Yard if you a a Buver of dress goods �x0 Cassot visit Ouk Stobb with us. Black dress goods. All Wool Kuns veiling double Width 1/3, 1/c, 1.9, 1/11, and 2/3 Yard Black fancy Poppins All Wool Price 1/6, 1/8, 1/11, 2/0 per Yard Plain Black alpacas Price a 1/9, 1/11, a e/11. To 4/11 the Yard Black fancy 6ilk Greponne. Double Width. So. 3/0, 3/11, and 4/11 Yard Black French voile double Width Price 1/11, 2/3, 2/6, and 2,11 the Yard Black figured Lustres at e/11, 7/11, 8/11, 10/, 12/6, up to 30/ the dress length Buck silk Canvas double Width Price s/6 per Yard blink bilk grenadines double Width Price 2/11, 2/g, 3. 11, and 4/6 the Yard some it dress lengths tic Dutiful Quality French grenadines silk Poppins Click Como Damas. Black Brocatello and other High Clas uric a dress goods pliers 30/. 35/, 42/, 45/. So ,6. 63/, 75, and is the dress length one 01 the ii est assortments in the City. Per flips you hive bought dresses from us before no doubt you will come again. But to those ladies who never come to Sec us please oblige us Wilh Jour presence. In inc Niber you May in without Luying Lut you can t buy if i Lux Bice pc Compass value i_\m1 Burn s big fitly in ti1k1r Cotton Del Bata olb Dkl .\t. Our Stock of j. Is it Cuni Mous and our prices will fit Viollt i l 1ui sickly. Limit and Lurk to text find Ood washing prints 2 11, -,11. ill to e Yards 1 ruled Cambric Light dark grounds 3jd-, 4-rl cld., tjd., he. Yard French linux Chi slide an lyrics the Best Quality mosey will buy lid. Yard Livack ground Prius 5u., 6., and ted. Yard Ukovic s Prittis warranted Guod washers 4,11 dozen Yards fancy i Loral my slice. Pretty goods Price 6,4., ? . Hid., 1.1.3, i a Yard White fancy Pinafore us slim Price 2,11, 3,11, 4,11, 5.11, co. And 7,11 the dozen Yards Sliu dress musicus qji., tjd., bjd., lod., a 1,c Jard new c Lina crepe Chine Blue White grounds with to trips very new and pretty Ali. Wail v.u1, 31 i Rielei Price 11 . Yard Ilitn-uni3ht i a la fur iii is Wear in White a a ail.iu Colore Price Lulu. And 1/ Jard Haun iat a drills for tie same purpose Price Tua. And Sid. Yard. Black ground Musi ins with pretty Sowers Price Sid. Jsmrd fucked Nain Sooks Bishop s Lawch Swiss spot musing &c., we Are always on the spot ready and anxious to bus Jess you a ten in town. Come and see us. Of Loo Brice and company opposite the arcane in Huit dle Street. J drapery and clothing. Bargain Sale to Day at the coliseum. Ladies shot silk sunshades sets Troxal li3e, our Little Price 1/6 Aoa new White Cambric embroideries and insertions pretty and effective patterns. Canal Price Iron Laio Sij our Price to-da1 new Torchon and fancy Cotton laces of to . Wide. Well Worth up to 3jd per Yard. Our Price to Day 1 To by new shipments ladies summer blouses Coix Abs and cuffs stylish make. Usual Pike 4/11, our Price to Dav ill ladies morning wrappers splendidly made smart patterns. These garments Ore Tanuta cared specially for us from the beat French Cambric Well Worth 9/j. Our Price to Day /1 each. Ladies Black Lustre dress skirts Good Quality Well made usual Price 15/6, our Price to Day 8,11 figured japanese Silks Par silk All the act shades it in wide a wonderful bargain Iaal value our Price today new striped Silks Best Quality All shades Well Worth 2/1, our Price to Day Rpp i coliseum16 & 18. Rundle St. J drapery Matt clot Jung. Our prices Laud a j com Petite. Great ribbon stocks and great ribbon values Are i Here the Best values in the City when ribbons Nett Al you mind the thought should at Onoe albeit the coliseum for this is the ribbon head quarters of the metro Polis. .1 -5 All silk ribbons j every Shade Tor Etc Wear half Iea. Our Price to Day j i All silk ribbons coloured Satin ribbons. Vary Ben Quanty. v3 our Ariceto Day ribbons in so Eben so tips end if Soiref so Nice for hade a Wear. Usual value Sid our Price today i Sash ribbons Voinche wide. Usual value lord. Our Ariceto Day silk beatings so inches wide. Cml value lord our Price today nil 7abd. 2sew fancy silk ribbons Sci Adibi watered Lubbo a Clace ribbons mat Many Rich and Liand Tome e4jlea, Unal value ran i a to 2/0. Our Ariceto Day silk and Satin drawn ri3b0ns, u in All Shade. Thucie ate exceptional Vata Eahat Aoe eat baby tvs at i Yard. Attractive prices in is All departments a coliseum j Good to abcs give Good bksui.t8. Zha Best Tyre an Sui to flux thet Seiko Quick in action. Reusable Cap. Able of withstanding Pentt of hard rid icon Hooch roads. The Dimion pneumatic tvs i. If Australasia limited a flak Klinc St. Adelatde and at a Ribourne Ordner. . And Chris Church. to roadster tyres guaranteed Fob is months. I lowly applies to Road Star re 1 Liliu film a Swiss i 1 Burins this Trade Mark. Wal Kone gexc1ke worn Lott jux ? j the Dunlop Peum to i to to . Of Australasia t a urged. 60, feb Anklin Subket . I

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