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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 30 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 30, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. P. & a it eau navigation pomp Aht. For lo5pos. Older Xoai. Contract Wili Ais itch the for be wisc teamed calling at Albany. Colon f Aden Hara Tilles Gibraltar and Plymouth with Liberty to Emil at Brindisi. ? Steamer i ills commander leave. Victoria. ? St e. Crewe. Aug. Is Aub Baua Ami l Beeves sept 1 Abo Adik 60b a. & Logton kept 28 some -. 55ts j. Cowie oct. 12 Bui Fitta Tan w jul Broca oct. 28 000x1. Pm u b. Caw lord so. & my Usu h2sf.-h. Seymour not. 23 Media. 7mi t. Leigh ? dec. 7. Rii Inni uni Niimi iii ii pm i n�i7i notice to passes cubs. A Ifni. La auctions to to Misica. Whole caribs reserved. The accommodation in met first Aad second Saloon is unsurpassed. Nat Fra Tain Europe Sac. Can be arranged Hoe. In ? Al Kwedlo break their journey at Var Emmediate Potta. Tourists tickets India China Japan a bound the world tit Cej troll. To pm8acc Bates. Fic Kata Tonea at lowest Tutor. Rate. A thecial Ream tickets to London �u0 & c6i atsed books. Time tables and All particulars Ai 1b passage mane fee. Forwarded on application. Elder. Smith. & co. Limited. Agents. A308ceeowesac full bits. trains. Tor passe cers Aad visitors Are a Tao fad to leave Adelaide for the set end of lugs Bay jetty at 10.32 and 11.46 . On thu slav. A la Ria Unoji learn the ship at 1.50 ., Oon � to with the 2.25 Return special from Marfa say u Adelaide. ? ? sums Smith & co., United. Agents. ? sjs3 Orient line. The for owing steamships under Royal mail contract Whf Ctm Adelaide lugs Baj at t pm. An the undermentioned dates or ply. Worth and London re Albany. Colombo Tor ail Indian port sub canal the Ptah urae Flea and cab tartar clix tit Bola. X coed . Sop. 7 of Otava. Jws7 in Ooi Una sep. 21 a Glomba km1a. Mcwatt i oct. 6. 4dboya y7je. E. Lavington iqra. M and sort nightly they career. Saloon to us Luna Tingle Ai to �50. ?. ? retain �85 to �110. Flu club it w. �17 17/, and my 18/. Saux to Coll to snide. �22 to. ? ? Setaras to a. Western Jwj Stalia. Flo of w to third �4 is. Ajar Najea Fohs my. Port can of prepaid Here ,. Att Jim tickets first Saloon Between. . Pow Are now a affable for Tetra by pud o. Stau Aai Tai ice room _ Jurack rpt cd Kew & go. And my. A i Dobboh. &. Co., Feachen Ryfa Feane 1 -. � Toto Tymy it fun ffram1 arsts nov ? Lamca pc. G. Or Wren stunt. Palm. Vshw1isilu-tjy8inr, Oom Bdl wot and Fox fm�v��a-Tdlap-woadjboirtm.�awlo�?- oot a Oci fest 7 Korth Berma Hloyd . _ Moujab Toht Flat i2rb of a Summ Sav saw Bassut a Abb bus u1eb Exxa loebs to spa . Limtt in in a Tisl Jallut safub3. A3 of flow is in Jeanfa it St Taa a Cru Al cuban it in dispatch a v of Star Wing my she. Jiw of. A Limi a eur Sec. 8� ? ass emf . ? is la to ? at8ta js5t-�s a Baths of i Jii is. Fri it for a so msss1 Jug g ?1 part Tanan la m Dick on. La jew film sep Job it it Matzl Tnp Towt Ano London to Isar t\m2ttito� ? my storm. Loh Doh. Haw. A.k.3ect3 bit �. A Mem Bayaua. ? i Toboso Wius . .jajtea.aajbonaiwatda. Is Stem 6a, for Sals a to la litter Otto heading Rwjr prepaid. U Wawda on instr Tom 1/ three inn tons 2/6. Wat month str Btu a w. A a Una a. Just Cox jas la &3elom. So my we Hook of audrain a beg met Jutt abhi8xahox a Baboid Fob . Sue. Irra cry . Unprecedented value millinery Foales. 1 this hat. Umb med 111. This wat tb1mmed, 211. Me dressmaking. On a on cheap sat of its kind in oos Hansia. Inc Elainr Bortt Hare been made Tost to a lat to Draa Nakar. Us Araina Pas bin Taxay Edraoss re Gosson Iamb Ebesta Taupe is 1uijuhebs, 4 dbbs3uakees. In Aitasi Ham. Atm Aphter is set us potion Bazaar Rundle Street. A of Hon Oua bancs said of by Laeh Molinero. Am a fancy goods Tonroy att Bra artoes Seniow to Wim i to Jvan Rutm it inert Toa Imad by is Bandie not next to Sfa Aan. K. I to my Malm by 207-87 Mem t ? ? ? shipping. ? the Adelaide steamship comp Al limited will dispatch steamers from port Adelaide As under circumstances permitting ? far alkak1 and fbkmakt17e. Tax shipping of a Pektus tie Balaton All ports and Espe Kake. On Ali Rouffa Bills of lading. Hayluo ? saturday i sept. 2 i 3 Calls to Sec and bulb if. For an Sydney Tea null Pimp Fob a Veksland posts. Tto Luelta. Saturday j sept. S \ 10 . it a entice. For pout Lancols Moonta. Valla of Tubby Bay. And Bank us 11aubor. Ferbet ? tuesday i sept. 5 i . Lots p1bie, Kutt Mel Vuu aug com. Lib a Daeneen and Orgo. saturday sept. 2 4 Cargo most be delivered i Iri steamers two Bora prior to advertised time on Day of. Bailing. Passengers tickers issued by this company Are interchangeable with steamers of the . Co. Between a ports. Dior All information apply to the Adelaide steamship co., Ltd. Curry Street. Adelaide and commercial wharf port Adelaide. Be West Australia. The Adelaide eteameh1p company. ? a Mitku. The Acet Galasiak United steam navigation co. Ltd. _ joint bib tick. From port Adelaide la Albany and Fremantle Tunnah Trpinc for Perth Ger Autan. . Porta and a Peralme. Fia Quinzi As Emder Manloo a. Vatu Bidav sept. 2. Boumbas ? Friday september & Wollo Vba Friday sept. Is. Wab Ohga. ? Friday scup Zzz Paas Aee tickets interchangeable. A Eccl tent accommodation for Flo Etc. Lowest rate of freight and passage Money. The Adelaide Seea usurp compact lid. Adelaide and port b. W. 1ucdonald, the . Coy Ltd Currie Street h.u5sj and Queen a wharf port. ? ? ? 303c . Go., old. The favorite passenger St Eaues of abort line Wilt Caremn Atances to Mittino be Bapat Rhyd Tot ? bulimia vow. L?s3ljwi f or Bidet. September & to it Tiff at a at in to h a. Al film Iwa Koonga Bess. Limdat.8eptnber8.Otto Kodad Dally it Queen s wharf no to Ona Reuf before a tickets interchangeable after the first port Witttel ate Mera of the Adelaide steamship com any. Droit a. Upor for Tad Irei Tiu apply to l�.3h.tlacbox��&. . . I. Or. Queens Chahy. Port. Top Poi. Y use s. Kasiba. Id mama Hoyc Kolig and Japan vul Sydney. Brisbane and Townsville. Will leave a onto com Mel same of Steamer. Nunder. J Sydney. Yawata Mab Moks \ ainu. Is i log 30 Kabuga Mac Haswel sep. 20 f sep. 27 these steamers have most Superior accommodation for passengers in All clue. And Are fitted with the most recent improvements. Pull particulars As to freight and passage from much wealth Moreao Hayif & oppflop.,.limited. Vacenta. Is. Fire full treet. A Nail a Asp Maloui. Wednesday 30th. Florence Maud september 2. B. Fric eeb port. General merchandise. On 6alehoop Iron Pic Iran screws Sheet Zinc Man Staves strychnine Galvani red Iron rement Semper Fulda. 1a Ontic and fencing wire wire netting steel droppers superphosphate Thomas do. Cave Gnann swing twines Ivo Olacks George to. Arrive lore big in Abacus co Rosita Castor Oil unseen Oil Hematite paint Brillian Shine Knam Eline Canary seed rolled oath wills t co. ? shipping. ? tee Howard smite line. Leave Howard Smith s wharf As follows circumstances permitting . \ Melbourne Sydney hew Castuli bbi6bamk Gladstone Botto Abubo Rockham Tolt Jackay Bowen towns xxx. Cairms Foht Douglas. &s.gabo. Monday september 11. Passengers and cargo. ? , to Ebay september 6. Cargo Only. Cargo must be delivered alongside steamers no less than one hour before advertised time of sail return tickets Are interchangeable with the steamers of messes. Huddart Par eeb & cot and Mil wraith. Mceacharn and co. Vhf. For i sum Shiv Pant two. Ltd. Is. Kook pm Lawu. ? and kor Marade. Port Adelaide. A . 1prof2uktarv. will Jap Patch the co Loving Sasenger Steuben Stamitti is a bant / Kauai Okubo. Raiment la \ monday september fax Atelth Wauby Ges Alston and .w. Ports in through Bills of lading note. Ream tickets Are Mere danceable with we Mam toward Smith it sons and find Dart. Par scr t co b Ste Mere. W. B. Cats co., Grenfel Street Adelaide i j. Bald tags to sos. Port Adelaide. Me Huddart Parker. & go. . Ump Tel will jury try bom port Ift Kiwi of trip Llort Stia Hatt i i Mih to \ Anglian item aisle j mos Dat september 2s. Than shipping for Geraldton. The Bough Bills of lading to Perth. Return tickets interchangeable with my wraith Meacham & co. Proprietary. , and Howard Smith it 6ona proprietary. Limited. S. It j. To web Aux ted. A gets 6qc Adelaide and port Adelaide. West Ait Strati joint weekly i Xvi Fig for the convenience of shippers a passengers 0k undersigned have arranged to Bun the following steamers at org Titian Inte Beals Hobday sept. A. Sjuk Abo i monday. Sept 1l sis. Pooloa bikes. F Sonbay. Sept. 18. An clout j Hobday sep Uii and read ably Etest monday thereafter. Lowest Fabes and feb eights. Re tube tickets interchangeable. Miciu Balth Mceacharn. & co. Popi Ltd. Wil Howard Sittu & sobs Peony. La Huddart. Parker it co. Popy Ltd. ? 185c a join East posts. For a dog an Friss Stos ? a Aoh poke Yale is wednesday August 30th. Casasa Waw j. Grice it xxx. Adelaide and a Fanton n8,l a. It e. A Jess Dieb Orcade Asda. To Tobx wakec1eld shipping Odd . Fob poet wakefh3j-.jbg. Idun act Aasc w we Seajay oth Wazlaw Inal at 6pjn.-a.ftb. Lemessurier. Portada Laate. ? Al sep ask. Al Amidar la Juty thl tryday Aad Stabb a. At Saaw Laww a Troia stan8b0kyvcrym�nbay, Leavia 10.80 a. And Jtj Jasmat. . To Post i Homet Varr ties Bat at b.30 a As. From a Wax Yihwa Bax rare we Nesbat in stud. In ? a. . I so %jki9jt coast Emp Piho com of a w , in Btag Mmott and Fott leks Bay Law away Point sin Laib. And Flagstaff Landing. Eclipse now receiving Carro at Bucuren wharf will Aall thursday. An Goat Sist. A. And flames Strieb. Port Adelaide. 2124 every my will soon be considering where to Purchase her new season s hat or Bonnet your wants can be supplied with Chic goods at nominal prices. If you care to look Nice pay us an Early visit. We quote these few lines a an Index to the other values they an offering new season s oods. 1,737 Yttria All Wool emoting Serge in Myrtle Only bought Job in Londono of f full dress Neto season s goods. 43 pieces Bright Black figured lust rms 0 in. Wide it full dbe5s new season s goods. Fawn Grey and Brown All Wool French Poppins the Correct shades a 4 full dress new season s goods. .217 fair ladies7 by Oceline corsets with shoulder straps sizes 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30usual value. G7g pair or Jujj paid new season s goods. _ Fuu Range new patterns to White dress muslims 29 in. Wide at gel a Bess new season s goods. 394 piece Floral Art Cambric a usual value 4j4, off 4 dozen Yards new season s goods. R ladies White Sailor straws jumbo Plait we Are offering u4i each new season s goods. Large size White Fried Fitow cases with pretty embroidered centres \j\4 pair we have ? a very Nice selection of All that is stylish and effective in dress materials print muslims Silks and ribbons and laces. Country orders have our prompt and careful attention and dispatched same Day As received. Chas. Moore & 00., 70, 7z 74, 76. Gouger St. Marshall s Early Spring show. ? Spring show of novelties. Special show to Day. Start of the Spring season. messes. Jas. Marshall & compy. Are making their first show of Spring novelties to Day Nice fresh new goods will now be shown. Dress Depcik test. The new All Wool voiles. Silk and Wool Epin Gles. Silk and Wool striped and Wool Spriggel taffeta. Silk and Wool striped Llamas. All Wool drape de felines. Silk and Wool drape de felines. A Wool. Covert coatings. The new silk and Wool striped suiting. The new checked tweeds for coat and skirts. Silk and Wool French and Wool crepe Repp. The new striped Covert coatings. Millie ii. The showroom now open. millinery. Select creations. Exclusive designs. Favorite parisian and Park Parade models copies from 3u&dy Peggy Primrose and lady Crewe. Mrs. Brown Potter s creation in the three musketeers the original Belle of new York design. At once the most Brilliant and stylish a ? exhibition. Novelties in Flowers feathers of ? prey. Fancy mounts. The latest gems and sailors untrimmed Straw hats children s millinery 4c. M ribbon fancy Edge Glace ribbons. Fringe Edge Glace ribbons. Two tone fringe Edge draw up ribbons. Wide French Faiu Sibbons. The choicest of fancy millinery ribbons. Pretty narrow draw of ribbons. Lev loves. 4-Fastener Brussels kid gloves in the new shades Fawn drabs and beavers. Stitched on Back with Black or self. 4-Potton Tan kid gloves with new Pebble stitching in Pale Pink or self. The new net gloves with Snede fabric Palms in silk or Cotton. 4-Button White Lamb kid gloves stitched of Back with Heliotrope Pale Green or Black. The latest shades in suede fabric gloves or Cotton suedes. My. Swiss muslims White and Ecru. Plain White Swiss mousse line. White organdy Muslin. travers muslims in White and Ecru. All Over open work muslims made in Switzerland. Swiss embroidered Muslin Robes. Black and White Swiss muslims. Shrunk grass Hollands in dark shades for dresses. Cotton shirting. French flannels. Vyella shirting for ladies summer blouses. Silky dress linings. The Beautiful Al Lacfi dept. A veritable Bowler of Charm ing novelties. Pretty bows for latife. Pretty lace scarfs for ladies. Pretty Chiffon Scaris Jor ladies. Pretty Sok scarfs for ladies. Rean Lif us fronts for indies costumes. Beautiful Collar ettes. And collars for ladies. ? Beautiful Fiscus in Chiffon or lace. Beautiful Pla Strons Jabot and lace bows. Marshall s laces. The most Beautiful and varied assortment of laces Ever seen in Adelaide in anticipation of an enormous lace season. Lovers of Good lace will be delighted with the charming designs in real Duches lace real Honi ton Tiee real Point revise lace real silk maltese lace Seal Irish lace a. Hew Piri sols and suss ibes Novelty sunshades new shapes no two Alika. Pretty ribbon and Chiffon trimmed Sun shades. Lace and Chiffon lined sunshades. Black and White parasols in various de signs. Choice shot silk parasols. White and Black Satin sunshades trim med ribbon. Black fancy parasols. Sew fou imm. French ussalis fancy washing Silks striped washing Silks Check washing Silks Poi de Loies All shades Plain Tus sores japanese Silks Chu Sions Silks Silks for draping satins sarahs lick Veilleaux dress Silks Blouse Silks trimming Silks crapes. Prints Cambric a sluts. Inc striped silk lawns suitable for blouses skirts cd a great nov Ltd. French Cambric English Cambric Check zephyrs. Washing prints. Fancy prints French Muslin. Check make teen Floral lawns Plain Zephyr Silver silk Uro Cade sateen spot muslims silk zephyrs Pink zephyrs Blue zephyrs Mysore zephyrs. Costumes mantles capes. dra Wing room during room bedroom Library office. bedsteads. Charming and artistic upholster ies. Marshall s. Bravery and clothing. 20 and 22, Hindley Street. Spring shipments further Rakcie arrivals this week. Dress department. Silk and Wool French dress goods in great variety. The new bordered Cashmere Robes. Embroidered Cashmere Robes. Applique melange Robes. Kilk and Wool repps and Poppins. Newest coat and skirt materials. An immense and Choice Stock of Grena dines and silk and Wool voiles. Very Choice French Cambric. A grand selection of patterns. French printed Cotton fold Haros having All the appearance of silk goods. The new Cotton Delaine Small and medium design -. A wide Range of costume Art linens. A Large Stock of Cotton goods special la adapted for children s Wear. Printed piques White piques. White and coloured ducks. Lace department. The latest novelties in trimming Are now showing in the follow ing Guipre Oriental d Alexyon Valenciennes and Torchon. Lace ficus and collars. The Dainty embroidered sets Chiffon and lace bows. Novelties in ladies scarfs and silk bows. Newest Hilchings and neck Fril Lings. Showroom. Elegant mantles in silk Gui pure. A coloured cloth capes Fawn Grey a. Coats and skirts in cloths to teds melange and Serge Plain and braided. Costume skirts in Black and co lored Lucres. Paris and London millinery very select. Sailor hats in the leading new shapes. Sickroom. Printed Fol hard and japanese Silks. Beautiful designs. The new bordered printed silk Robes. Blouse Silks in great variety. The new Chile trimming Silks. Embroidered and Buocik Black silk grenadines very Choice. An extensive selection in Blackland White and White and Black Blouse Silks sunshades to Mutch. Curtain department. Swiss Tamboure French lace and Nottingham curtains a very Large new Stock just opened. J. Miller Anderson co., 20 and 22, Hindley St. 240c Shierlaw stocktaking Sale. Boys &100ths clothing. Our new and Well selected Stock at enormous deduct ions. Trousers suits 12/6, Lod 17/6, 19ft Serge Sailo -/6, 516, Tys 7/6 beef jackets 5/6. 6/9. 8/6 Serge i Nickees. I /0. 2/6. 3/3, 3/9. All us 1hh�s8e Stock be Doceu to . Send for our castrated Frice Lisl Post free. Large Stock of hats & Caps 1h latest shapes at Sale prices 16 and 18, 1iindley-St. Lac else socks and hosiery widdle Jagt Sar ii. G. Ward Inchon is to thank Bis numerous customers for very Liberal patronage and wishes to state that he has made arrangements f or the Continua Tion of Bis business under new Alana Lemeut and Hopes to Merit a Liberal support. A discount of 20 per cent allowed off All Cash purchases a Oil August 31. On september 4th m open our summer goods when we shall have a Good display of All kinds of goods in silk and woo Merino Aad Wool and a Wool summer weight. Cycling suits of All kinds a speciality for Road or Racine a goods naked in Plain figures. G. Waddington manufactures of All. Kinds of knitted clothing no. A 3, and 5, Arcade ? Adelaide. ? \5i.1u a Szat . As the season id now drawing to a close Wilson. Bice. & company rant to give you a first class suit cheap. Dopa Tumson Good Quality tweeds to select from. Suit made to order for i a 19/6. Fit style and finish guaranteed or Money returned. Wilson Bice. & Cosmany tailors san Aux so rest. Adelaide. So so drapery anal cart mag. Spring goods Wilson brige and company Bressmer silk mergers a 114, 116, 118, Rdndle-St., Adelaide respectfully announce to the ladies of South Australia that they have just received and opened for inspection their first shipments or Early Spring and summer novelties comprising the Ket Vest makes and styles in Woollen and Cotton dress goods. P1ele finish sittings Lor Coats and skirts Blouse and trimming Silks Foitl Abd Silks French Organdi my slips re Hess muslims Tuoehy allover sir slips French Oam Brics silk be Ladin est to. in endless Qirici -. Milling in novel ties Orna in cats. Buckles curl quills. French Floo ers and feathers. A lir newest and most Correct Slupas a trimmed and untrimmed Sailor Flats cd Milu Xebe Bibbons. Oriental Guipre and Toke Fox Iao a. Onia toys Chiffon in chivas Cuippo via Lings. Novelties in fancy sunshades. All the Mcwest summer Shade Al in one fat award make of kid Clove ladies tailoring. To avoid disappointments As Erper fenced last season through the overcrowd ins of orders we have in addition to our Well known and Mosi act is soul ladies tailoring room engaged an efficient Cutter from Sydney i soc reputation As a ladies tailor Rii Ould ensure our giving tie ladies of Adelaide every possible satisfaction. He has had Karat experience and the Honor of Mak. In garments for the vice regal party of Sydney. Ladies favouring us with tailoring orders will Faavi satisfaction guaranty de. Wilson brige & go. Sec Martin bros., by Arliagton Moose Are Bis Puying newsprint goods to Day Compro Autha latest novelties in French and English millinery. Tub a test sty1vbs in ladies str whats in fancy and Sailor shapes. French dress fabrics French Cambric newest fancy Cotton dress materials. Coats and skirts Fob Sabino Wear. Shirt blouses sunshades gloves. Novelties in neck Wear Patt bks of the materials posted upon application. Martin bros., Burlington House. Declaration of War. A Rigast ? we have declared Ejbl against High prices. Its a Good Field for Bargai i just now if the Hunter has the required ammo Stion. We have it and yesterday with a go Bdl straight shot we knocked Over another lot. Here Are some of them. % 2m yes. Me Width Lilack Al lured j Lustres. Really go value at i/6 Yard. A weareeoingt0beuthem3o.dvat a sets a we hardly think you Ever saw a cheaper line of a this they cannot be much cheaper unless the a fell out of the whole dress goods Market and to has t happened nor is it Likely to happen. ? a 1,500 Yards it ave m White stripes ii a 11,520 yes. 31-ia. newest French designs old met 43nilli 5,900 yes. 31 in. Fancy Neyca Brics 11 up to Date styles its also a Large collection of them newest styles in French Cambric eff Misuns and Therne materials All of which have been bought Bymes is at exceptionally Low pics � ,. A you will sit before the counter and look nine piece to piece up and Down the Long Row materials spread out before your willing a but you won t choose easily unless ind Jet i clasping your hands you can exclaim give i All for a moment one has this Exa Gge swish. ? .-�.-,. A our country customers will find Mph departments lines Well Worth secur1ng Wpm during your visit to the City make of Liff Purchase sat m the coliseum lsandl8,. We fio Nosk Carriage Liis heading if prepaid is words ont ? insertion 1/ three insertions. 2/6. ? any uial ii Antome Chesmir poor Aad Pon Dray to Nutu cheap tog Elier or sept Raif. Alver s Caiaff store butt Al. ? Sio Ala Uuk a a of Tummy of ii ring i Raj a Lux presses Al�bol6, wag Kontus Boa of Estes. Pom carts Page null of Batons Kaml i Ogies Harned saddles. Bridles Llo Sej and ponies Villi trials &ap3 of every description Bonant sold or exchanged Vorees and traps to let or trap let without horses. Don t foist to inspect. Cheapest place in Adelaide. W. Of Kwad & co. Is Waymouth Sec and 17, Currie to. Establish a in 1,1. ? -3ihj. Alight Spring Dray Good order horse Aud harness trial will be Paralic apply Skivell a Sables Crote St. ? babga1s. Lii Giu Spring Dray nearly new. Hone and harass �15 lot trial. To Currie by. Next to icily hotel. ? so i. , horse ,�12 tip top Bakers Caru �15 and is Spring Driy i u Ood Dray to 150 horses and traps 5/ Splet criterion stables. ? Hobt cover a Vantee. Am Jot hooded. Jail , �10 Vitae Plu cud ic16 Good cd Liurni 1 15 Saegr Oncu. �15 spider tl5 i i rift or�5 Box Dray �5 w Jfe ims. Tro pics Vii Clos All descriptions. 103, Currie St. ? sm-5 / Lattle. The Bradbury Universal cattle Kyj drench the Best surest Medicine for cattle. Harris Scarfe & co. ? 123aiw 31 for the Cream Pony Black Points will Riv trial. Also greyhound Doc brother of &sscng.t. H. W. Buttock Crown inn Currie is ? t7\0e Bale new and secondhand traps phae a tons Waggon ettes. A kinds at traps made to order. Cox & with Crick. Was mouth it. 321iwac Foli Sale. A Kroner exp rest jul a Otto or Der cheap. Todd Butac Bmith in lit so. Full male apr iii a Art. J. Burden i Blinston Blai Kamilli or. hotel. Ill-3 Folt Sale. Liand Hesnut i on. Very Sty High Morer and last All tarness and Riddle. A. In. Togers Foyil Park House Hackney. ? -2-l-3 Fuu Sale hooded Larni also Icv Nurss Bug grand Dray All suitable or ponies. Drew s shewing Forre. Flinders so. ? 841-3 houses infested Villi Worms. Bradbm7a won no Eloino infallible. Double work Balf feed Era id condition. Harris Scarfe. Air sell or of Al Hance for larger Iron Goy Mare,4 years suitable in Ger. Trial a lakes. Ironie St. West. ? asted to sell. Bay Mare Blanch and quiet and liar Ness trial riven l7 10/. Gabion. Recistor office. ? 243,7 boys single Vicau d Burrwood or Collu at 5t--at i Arcain new Mishow its. A Nea Abbot. �-21 Spring drays. �5 up cards Pony carts �10 111 Vaniess 30/ sit. Gawitt Lime co. A too Trch it. ? 241-s loachj3uildll\j dose assorted Stock or Veniolea. and secondhand for Sals cd save for Cash. Renoir i sep i t speciality. Claekebeo3., Fra fromn a beet. Adelaide cli9nwi3s5 John Reid & co., Uvey stasis . . A. 42, Waymouth so Ade Uidl lace show of vehicles. Che latent Nock in Adelaide to Coo Atrom. 200 Gebicka every description from Taoda our Jaffa to Stone drays. 100 Aoa of harness saddles bodies to. Also 100 horses and ponies with trials. Vajdai jilt to order and old ones taken in Exchange. In Wor Tukpah doubt is a by Sciss. ? if mss Shew and Boos Dhah. T a Lull Badt Fob the boats 18 Duncan of Rabii . Alda ii a wean Pumeda Chat Annibert Cardie Lulu Tiarle and a add pc Baa in know just what a Motton Tate. -m&5%2& business partnerahip8? i under this Cading if or nud word .psil9 insertion 1/ three insertions s8 is less Alan with moderate rap Tai. A blab partners ship or Fais i in by 1. Mi9htnm a rotini cd need. Cfl.,1 this office. ? ? a soil l Lusi big sacrifice. Good paying Nuli ill Jasha Fri business owner costs north5b�tw gation Given. Young & co., Opp. Townsan by my has Suritt r ? to iii ? Lulu n ? ii arty Sec Good opening a Asci. shop a rooms Putte Adasue Smi doors rent 15/. Apply. Tight -s9sa dle to. Cart. ? it a i Lood Payine Cash drapery business u-rise3$sm it Small Stock and new. For Partick Tanael a ply first instance to genuine this calf Isis Lionti tilt tit Stutt is ? i m iii new Niaj Noii Tanga week Elowine 3s per Illel Jasaa Arthhr Earuy Enla ised just at valuation mini a Piaf a Graf sub. A took. Chop. Rooms aas8 11/, Good lease Cash Tak Biga Ota Speca ats is about �1� ski i Bitch Kolf g. Co of Rube my nist Saal is Noa u bodies so Odd Small in same bands Good Plant chaining wuss Elba until by smear Cash Lariasa from a week has splendid rntrtior., while a Marg by commands a Large Trade owner fat Rae Law pm Biach Bionto and old to tin Sasi Matrai position taking o.s00 i Jear 1 1 1l la a3-3 Tohn and Coumar by time in sum is so. A Ruo Jtb Natl -.$im?m Hants seeds. 8 tomatoes Satori to an two Eka is tomatoes Cui thirsted a Prond by it beam a fag season s. Louem seed Beed potau a jams by tree Jaures. The. I Issa Baal 3el b. Ooh Obi Sti anal Lawai but Bod Market Kask Mee &m3bm . Maj Mil 4t e&arc3c3e3s 4t3 Aba Nav Saa ski Africa Alemanni am Stuvel ice Sakai aaness Batu a Borna aia Tarrosa Batta Clr ?.rtmmssism Buddha comte a boo hard Opont to semm Wendland. Iberia sitaua la Praase Aada Amatte a Sooren Dantoin oar Mibaum beak mshh9 Baa War station inst tit Anatols. T Fie of anera., is. Mj3smmfl? j apy wishes to l�w�111r-Ijmssaaaaal a Cuoto a a ? ? Kab baby ? ? ? by Rehka Innon Rex ? ?99fi�3ass9ssst Roethke Combine Uch Tress with durability and safety with ease of detachment. The of mop pneumatic Tyre co. United Rran rain Street Adelaide and at Melbourne Sydney Perth Brisbane and Christchurch no. I Bewak of kit Attoh. I Dii Timex a i Are Only genuine and guaranteed. Be or i the Dunlop pne Phatic Tybe a 10, Trade i ? m. Frankus str err. Adelaide. Marie

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