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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 27 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 27, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia tie Best burkes Cess hos. Whiskey is wifi shipping. Fux Astle. India. Cessa and Jtj Rob. First and second saloons Only. Steamer. 1 tone " commander. I leave Huju Edonia Malwa. Sooltan. Korea Marmora. Moldavia. Iron Rosa. Mongolia. 10.500 icon 11. 100 10.500 10.000 12.500 10,000 cd. Bennett. B.5.b. A. Thompson _ r. I Haddock. In 4. P. Andrei .r.n.r. 6.deb.lorkvcr.r.x.r. E. H. G on . aus. Is sept. 11 up. 25 oct. 9 oct. A nor. Not.20 dec 4 " and thereafter. Fob Melbow re and , soil arc on 80th August. All steamers re fitted with wire Tele graph and Are twin Cere. First and second Saloon pos Tases granted the Europe. Indi. China and Western Australia the. Special re round the world excursion arranged also Thuc Nib of assizes to Kew Torfe. Pas aces arranged. From and sort. ? special Colldar a Tim tickets to information and handbook Harolr to Eldeb. Smith it co. Limited. Acen Tsi _s56ox303c_ to o. . Macedonia spec Luc. Trains for Pas car till leave Ade ? Laid for the outfit Harbor at 3.52 and in on thursday. 28th instant. A i l i. A g no t i o e. P. 0. Branch service. Ballarat passengers by the above liner Are notified that they must be on Board at the outer Harbor by 12 Rook to Day wednesday. A passengers twist produce vaccination certificates on Board. ,. Trains leave the City at 9.85 and 10.55 . George wills it co., limited agents Adelaide p. � 0. Branch service to Durban. Capetown. And London. One class . . Ballarat Wilcannia Commonwealth. Geelong about ans. 27 about sept. 23 about oct 12 Boot Sot. 9. 11.120 tons 6.000 Toni 6.611. Tour 7.954 tons _ n a passengers Host be vaccinated. Splendid my . Lasiw Book smoking room lie v. I surgeons and stewardesses carried. Fareslondon.-�18 be20. South 15. And 17 guineas. Sound trips to London Buji p to Branch service Steamer. Returning via Suez canal. By p. It 0. Mau. Steamer from49 return tickets Are interchangeable with the Aberdeen line l pair lets and All particulars on George wills 4 co. Limited. Agents. I s02naif. 83. Street. Adelaide. Orient line. Of Royal mail steamers for Plymouth and London via Naples and Toulon Cahng at Fremantle Colombo Tran shipping to All Indian ports and Suez canal ports. . Orsovai orontes Obieto Oprah. Tops. 12.038 9.028 i2,l8fll i Otway. 12jwt commander. Of 3. F. Healey. . H. 0 Staunton Tel ept 19, w dem. Baynham Brookesmith Rin-.b-. .b.n.r. 1 . Sept 5, �ct-17 oct. A All fitted with wireless telegraphy. " twin screw steamers. T. Visitors 111 not be allowed on Board within St minutes of time of sailing. For Melbourne Sydney and brisk use. Steamers will ail ram Adelaide outlet Sailor. As follow. 12.130 tent j saturday 1 sept Oprah 8,130 tons i Saturn a sepi.-,20 i and fortnightly thereafter. J., 11am-to melbourne1 to to5 my ? 7 Fiedner. �3 0/ to0 10/. I Brisbane. A 2/ to a. R ,. European Tours. travelling and hotel or. ,7 Olid at trips Tovje Beylon inv Pon Metton Wita the other us Unes. �mpj4 third class i special accommodation in l2,000-ton " _ steamers. Vor Doir a ref single. My. �19, Al 1 return. �32. Go. So spacious pro. Menade decks smoke rooms to. Ladies music room on shelter decs a tank two berth and four berth Cabina situated on main deck. ? " Warok. Well ventilated Dinino Saloon on main write fer Olu curated orc near giving to fours toll pm i nun ? j Rutar farther information apply _. M. O. Anderson. Agent a Weitone 8klng William Street Adelaide. Mess Geries maritime. Steamers. V polynesian dumber. Sydney Koon. Aug. -30 sep. 27 melb., 1 . Sept. Sep. So Adel 1 . Sirpis oct-3, Adelaide to London via Colombo Pasia pass Sec Numey include table wines. English spoken on Board further particulars apply swale Dalgety k co. Ltd. N d a dark anal German mail steamers to London Rand continent. " re feb Mantle Colombo Suez. Naples Genoa Algiers Southampton ant Werp . Tons commander. Leaves. Joke inv. /. Goeben Scharnhorst Boon to a Nigen Luise s. Bieten. Friedrich Der. Grosse 8,021 3,800 s.388 8,174 10.7sb 3,021 10,771 Senden a. Aill Boon for. Rehm a. Witt Tyda. A Meiners a. Van Senden b. Pesch. Sept. 1 oct 7 nov. 4 Dee 2 dec. So Tun. 27 feb a a twin screw. All steamers fitted with Mirele laundry on hour 1 ., from outer Harbor. Special train from Adelaide at 12 noon. Seduced Cabin fares1st class single71 10/ r return107 5/ und ass single Misuo return00 third class from15. Holiday return ticket issued interchangeable with All mail lines. " inter state first and second Saloon return a Lekeu interchangeable with All mail steamers. B. Mueckl it co. Adelaide and port agents. 275ae�to Blue funnel line. 1x e Liverpool and Glasgow. Via the Cape. of the above line Are some of the shies and fattest passenger and cargo boats afloat. Steamers taking cargo leave port Adelaide Aeneas. I 10,000 ton 1bou�ficpt 16 a Caius. 10,000 tons about oct. 29 for passenger steamers see special advertisement later note Days v for freight and particulars apply to George wills co. Limited agents. Soon air 83. Are Feu treet. Adelaide. Via Salm Francisco. Of All american ports bb1tqh Isles,1. And continent. Cadin at Karato Noa Cook group and ? Papeete Tahiti. L from from r due Steamer. Sydney. Wellington. Frisco a Lochra Tatullo. Oana sept. 6 oct. Nor. 1 sect is oct. � oct. 10 Ort. 30 nov. 7 i nov. 27 land every 28 Days thereafter. For particulars regarding passage and freight in a a turf strip co., of no. Ltd., a.u.aw., limited . Wie Register building Grenfell Street. 0w�st coast shipping co. Stu Jap such from port Adelaide As under or Tom stances permitting _. Ports Lincoln Kirton Point and town ifttib8. Tumby. Arno. Wallaroo. Hughes fut a to tue Tieru Ana Western forts Mutt produce certificates of vaccination. -. Melbourne Sydney. Newcastle Josee. Wed. Sept 27 4 . / cargo Only West. Toast service via edit Burgh. Weedy sailings to All . Murat. Denial. Fowler s Bays. Point Sinclair and Carawa. . Paring. Wednesday 6ept s 9 am. Elliston. Venus 8ceales, Streaky Bays. Ferret saturday aug. 30 9 . Steamers await arrival of 8.48 . Express from Adelaide no cargo received on sailing Days. Spencer Gulf service. Port Lncoln town Jett Tumby Neill Arno Wallaroo and Cowell. A. Rupaka Evory tuesday 4 , Ling Post Steamer in the traded lost rates. Best accommodation ports Lincoln Kirton Point and Augusta it 8. Mom Alta i saturday i aug. 80 i 4.d.m. Ports Lincoln town jetty and Kirton po.�, Tumby. Arno. Wallaroo hug lifts ? Cowell Neill Louth i ,8.8. Investigator thursday aug. 28 4 . Ports Victoria Walhoo Broughton Pirie Minla Cowie . Quorn. i aug. 30 i 4 a to. Freight prepaid to Turton Minla Cowie Vic Toria germen. Arno nedl Gumbir Louth a Orth Shields and All Wert coast ports except Ellis Saloon pasare tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies subject to conditions. The Demide the ship co., limited i Adelaide and port Adelaide. Atthe Adelaide steamship company a. Limited. Yorkers Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. For Edithb Roh biweekly a icings. Ferret saturday next at 9 a to. Paring wednesday september 3, 0 . And every saturday and wed Lovily thereafter. Returning from edit Burgh every monday and thursday at noon.fares-4/ 8ingle 6/ retire. Lowest rate of freight \kam5aro0 Island. Commencing 4th october. Express service twice a week by Large and fast up to Date passt Iper and cargo steamers. Reduced rat of freight and passage Money. Full particulars will be advertised later., 239c a. A. S. N. Steamers Leaf circa Postai Are Hants 1 Tran shipping for Perth. I Geraldton . Ports steamers Leer d ran stances permitting for Ingarra 10,000 tons. 3at., sept. 50, 8 . Geraldton . Ingarra 10,000 of i i tons s v a set. Ort. 388 . ". 1 Wilt \. I tuesday. Set v2. " my " Ingarra 10,000 a f ? ? tons v Del .thuns., sept. 4, j _. 3 . R a Melbourne v Pill Akk \. Sydney \ no Iro ii for Fiji Tasmania Zea. J land and Queensland Porte. I " .-, 4 twin screw. Fitted with wireless. A carrying first. Second and third Czas Pas Senger. Saloon tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies v subject to conditions. Full return portion of Ordinary first class return Rall tickets betwee i Melbourne and Adelaide Are available per Steamer. " / begin Star bldgs., Crenfell-St., and port Adelaide australian steamships Rowan Smith coy.,. Limited. Managing agents steamers will leave port Adelaide circumstances permitting n Man sup jew a if � other. . Porte. J a. Sydney pc i Newcastle ? i free Ujj. T Tran shipping Tor Queensland Ponts. J i and second class Steamer to Ceceta Are interchangeable after first port of Call with other inter state companies subject to conditions Aiice trainable on application. Foil return portion of Ordinary first class ratty a tickets Between Adelaide and Melbourne available by this company s Steamer. Howard Smith. Company. Limited. Managing agesta. "�.h.p. Buildings 10, King Willlam Street. Add Latuf _ and n Orth Parade port Adelaide. Telephone , 6168, 6139 port 5l. \. -�4c Mcilwraith Mceacharn Une. Fast passenger service. V from Queen s wharf., pos Albany and Freeman for Perth and All . Porte. Karoo la Katoomba Karoo la f Katoomba to screw to. Screw to. Screw to. Screw tues., sept. 9 sat. Sept7 tues., oct 7. Star out. 2s . T�0 . T . 8.80 Fob Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping for tasmanian and Queensland ports. \ \ Karoo i to. Screw mon., sep. 22 j 4 . Katoomba \ to. Screw thurs. Oct 9 4 . Karoo la. I to. Screw mon., Ort. 20 4 , Katoomba 1 to. Screw thor., nor. 8 4 . Special trains for port Adelaide on salyut a Days. F All heavy baggage Mutt be alongside at least one hour before advertised time of sailing. Unexcelled accommodation Tor 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class passengers. Private suites and special staterooms. Terms moderate on application. First and second class tickets Are interchange. Me after stat port of Call with other inter stat companies. Conditions ascertainable on application i _ notice to passengers. Passengers for All Porte must produce vaccination certificates when taking out tickets. Mcilwraith Mceacharn. & company proprietary House 117-119, King William Street j. Rawlings it son port Adelaide and j. B. Bowering & Sun. Broken bul 77e Huddart Parker line. To Albany Fremantle. T.88. Zealandia 7.000 tons. Thursday August"2s, 4 . Omits shiny. Tju. Zealandia. 7.000 tons. Saturday septet. V bet l8, s . To Melbourne Tea zeil indu. 7 000, tons saturday september 6, 4 pin. Bailing from Queen s wharf. Kaying 1st. 2nd, and 3rd cuss Paa Sengen. Wireless telegraphy. Refrigerator cargo Carriel cargo booked through to Perta. Kew zealand ports from 6ydney.-&6. Victoria August 27 As. Riverine. September loth tvs. Ulima Roa. September 13th. From Melbourne a Uli Maroa. Septem Ber 8. Saloon Paio Enger tickets interchangeable Witt other inter state companies subject to conditions. Full return portion of Ordinary first class rail. Way tickets available by interstate steamers. To d. & j. Fowler. Limited. Agents. Melbourne steamship co. Regular passenger service. For of a Vitta 1 Dimboola Bunbury � Geraldton. J 6 v a Tran shipping for Perth and . Ports. Fitted with wireless. Ample space for a Friger Ator cargo. . Kaunda sept 9, at s . . Dimboola mon1/.y, sept 13, at s pin. Intending passengers to Eastern and Wester Porte must produce certificates of vaccination. First Saloon. 3rd class. Siegle. Return. Single. Fremantle. �5 10 6 a l8 la 8100 110 Sydney.318� 680 so i Saloon tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies subject to condition which May be ascertained on application. Splendid Stock accommodation. Melbourne steamship co. Ltd. Port. Oro wills & co., limited. Passenger agents no. 35. Err fell Street Adelaide Edwin h. Crop. It broke bul if x shipping. White Star line pfc. Eramio 18.500 tons. Captain j. S7.tvey, bib this magnificent triple screw Steamer fit largest to visit Australia will be dispatched from the outer Harbor for London and Liverpool a Albany and Cape town on or about the 4th october 1813 the accommodation is of one class Only and is unsurpassed. All Cabins Are amidships and Are fitted with the latest conveniences. H gymnasium is provided on the Bridge deck and swimming Baths on the upper deck. Electric Light throughout the ship. I cargo booked at through rates to Continental ports. New y re. Boston and All York line centres at current rates. For rates of passage Money and pre get apply Dalgety & co limited agents. 828wic Adelaide and port Adelaide. Nippon Yusen-ka1sha. Imperial japanese mail line. Manila China and Japan via Brisbane thursday Island Steamer i Ion. I com melb. Sydney Inaba Maru. 16,0001 ton Unac j aug. 27 i sep. 8 iii Kab Mara j6.00o� m. Yagi f sep. 24 f pet 1 / and every four weeks thereafter. Fastest and most luxurious steamers in the special thro Luh booking to All parts of the East America and Europe. All particulars from Mcilwraith Mceacharn & co., proprietary limited. Agents Adelaide. 27uaie australian0r1entalxine . Yuill & co., China and Japan via Zamboanga thursday Island and Queensland ports. " . Chaff Sha \ sailing from Dalgety s wharf Miller s Point Sydney on october 4th. Also is. Tzuyuan november 1st. For full particulars apply to . G. Anderson King William Street / 85siue Gem navigation1 co., Ltd. For Wai Kerie. Loxton. And Renmark. Tai Steamer Ruby will leave Murray Bridge every wed�vesd4y. At 10 80 . And trom Morgan every thursday at 7 pin., for above places taking posse cers and cargo for Renmark Wentworth. And j Mildura the fallen will leave Morgan every ties Day at 7 ., and the Gem every Satur Day atr7 pin. For above places taking Fassen Cera and. Careo. Further particulars from v Gem navigation co. Ltd. ? Maine Grenfel Street Arnold s line of. River steamers Ltd. " Tor Renmark and intermediate pts does. Steamer Tyro leaves Murray Bridge wednesday Morgan Friday 29th August cargo Only. S ? � the Dato of departure of last boat for River Darling will be udder Tisco. R goods consigned Arnold Murray Bridge or Vorgan ill receive every attention and care. For Lurther particulars r j 238-9 \ James Bell it co., agent. Edit Burgh. 8.8. Waradee sails saturdays and wednesdays returning mondays and thursday. Waits Arriva s 48 ,express Traza from Ade Laide. Excursion faces 8/s return. A Saue Yurke pen inst my Tonga boo . ? the Gulf steamship co.,1 Ltd Edith Dukuh to Errahle. Al .rwednea, Day saturdays returning thursdays mondays . 9 am saturday Refu nine mondays. Varatta. Tuesday 26th, 9 . Returning wednesday 27th. Hiley s coach Meeta steamers r Kangaroo Island Kingscote and bog Bai. Ganibi Tfjgunelgatiisconhnuejfe-a., 8.3 Tami saturdays r returning t mid syn is sum. Thursday. 28thi returning \ Friday a stat freight prepaid weekend3 tickets available saturdays returning mondays 11/ eur second. Port , 9 ., tuesdays re turning wednesdays. Kooring fridays re turning same Day. S t t ? Wool Bax via edit Luburgh .-wa8bawee, saturday August so. Cargo Only. T " steamers wait arrival of 8.5 Traza from Adelaide for Kyj. Porte and 8.48 am. Express for Golf port., no cargo received Otter 8 . On Day of sail ing. Only perishable goods and Stock received sailing Day for Kangaroo Island. Tickets on a. Lemessurier. Secretary port a dross 4n-Wflutngton sails Twa Day. -a.e. Lemessurier. Port port every wednes Dar. Princess Bros. Canal 871 and624. Alt . Fricker. Port vacuum House depots Unley. Hyde Park South-Ter., and port. Head Omce-1. Curie St Telephone. Central 4310 6 lines. Port 617. To Amie Graves Hill company limited head office-39, Gume Street i Adelaide. Government contractors Mattway and general carriers Gas Toms and for warding agents to All parts of contractors coach and letting stable proprietors motor cars motor drags and vehicle of every description supplied at lowest rates. Pic Nic parties specially catered for. Firms supplied by the week or year with horses vehicles and Drivers furniture carefully removed. Goods recen red. For storage. Special attention Given to the collection of Pas sengers Luggage Tor shipment or otherwise. Our men Board Al steamers arriving for the cot Lection and delivery of passengers Luggage to any part of the tote. L \ they also Book orders Tor motor cars and 11 kinds of vehicles for trips through the Hills Lor pleasure parties 4c. Ambulance motor or horse available night and Dav. / for motor oars. Drags Light vehicles sad ambulances ring up phones 5020 and 5021. For heavy cartage Luggage and snipping ring up phones 6010. 5011, and 5012. For port Adelaide cartage ring up phone 77 and 160. N is Louo Mcculloch Combe Green & co John Hains & co., proprietor Globe parcels express. A carriers. Customs shipping and forwarding agent. Heavy lifts and machinery a specially. Libe ral charges and Quick dispatch. Furniture and other Glottis packed and removed to any address. Horses. Bought sold or exchanged. Firms supplied with teams by hour Day or week. Agencies throughout Anstr Altria and the United kingdom. Head office Austral Chambers Currie at Ade Laide. Telephones Adelaide 317, 708, and 894 pert Adelaide. So and 824. 274uaie plants and seeds. Asparagus roots extra Strong 7/8 per Hundred. Hunter River Lucern Aster bairam Zinnia seeds Tomato ouch Makr French Beans. E. & w. Hackett 78. Bundle Street. Adelaide. 54-52x809 Kew seeds of vegetables and Flowers for Spring sowing have just arrived. Also our farm seeds for present sowing Are of Fine germinating Quality. We have a Fine Stock of Spray mixtures manufactured by the leading makers of the world. Spray pumps. Endayen and Vaporean. E. B. Cox. Seeds men or. Corner bundle St. And East Ter. 45cx49e drapers printing executed on the shortest notice and of Liberal terms at the adverb Heb Job print jew Omas ? show Day. V jas. Marshall & co., the shopping Centre x where the people congregate. Rindle Street and Stephens place our windows the next Bays will be dressed wit Spring goods. The following ships have arrived Joer All depart ends i goods. Pera -. ,28 packages. Mongolia. 4 packages. Port Augusta i. S. 41 68 packages. / Buteshire. 84 packages. " i ?. -8 packages. Palermo % ,. 47 packages. Orsovav., " 5 packages. Malwa. I. �. 8 packages. ,. \. ? 94 packages. Wilcannia.i./,. 81 Paek Agea. Port Caroline -.91 packages., orontes.t., 10 packages. Wiltshire re. 572 packages. Vessel close at hand. -10s packages. Total 939 packages also bargain lots As usual. Mantle and costume department Plain and striped Zephyr Princess costumes. 8/11, 10/�, 12/9 ladies Plain Ard mixed Tweed Princess costumes. �2/9. 15/9. 21/ ladies Lovely Creme embroidered voile Robe costumes. 13/. 78/. 84/ --1 ladies stylish coloured Delaine Princess costumes 29/6, s9/6, 49/6 ladies stylish Navy Serge Princess costumes. 12/9, 16/9, 21/, 29/8 ladies stylish sponge cloth coat and skirt costumes 29,6, 39/6 49/8 i ladies smart White Linen coat and skirt costumes 21/, 25/, 29/6, St. Ladies Fawn and l ouse Gabadine Craven Otto cloaks 21/, 29/6, s9/0. Ladies stylish Navy cloth Serge costumes skirts. 4/11, 8/11 8/h, 10/9 ? ladies stylish Blanket cloth and two toned pal tots 49/6, 63/, 75/. I. Ladies underclothing department bargains ladies heavy Creme Flannelette night dresses 1/11, 2/11 3/11. Ladies heavy natural Merino night dresses 6/11, 8/11, 12/9. \. Ladies Lovely Black and coloured Satin petticoats 12/9, 15,9, 21/, 29/6 j ladies Lovely White embroidered Muslin petticoats 6/11, 8/11, 10/9, 12/91 f ladies Fine White lace trimmed and embroidered in a dresses. 8/11.1079, ladies Lovely White Jap silk embroidered 25/. 29/6., 89/6 ladies love lace and embroidered trimmed camisoles 1/11, 2/11, 3/11,-.�/u the celebrated Rohnl Worcester and Bonton. Corsets from 12/9 w 75/ pair the celebrated High class Gossard corsets lace in front 35/ to 75/ y la next department. Coloured turkish. 1/4sale Price 1/ each i Check Glass towelling 4/llj Sale once 3/6 per dozen coloured turkish roller towelling. 5/0 Sale Price 1/6 per dozen White table damask 1/3, Sale Price Loid. Per Yard trimming \ j Gib is to. 47411cly Rine soap 1/ and 1/9 the bar � \ Patent leather belts 4j 1/3, i of 1/h, s/8 the Don coloured dress fringes. 1/, 1/3, and 1/6, for 6jd." per Yard Black in. Wide 8d. For 41 last Days of Sale. S of 86-in.v Black Chiffon taffeta extra soft finish 4/6 for 2/h Yard ? last Days of Sale. The balance of our 46-in. Shot dress Silks 7/11 and 8/11, to go at 4/h Yard a " last Days of Sale. The famous Herd Satin All colors 40-Io. Wide 6/11 to 7/11 for 4/u Yard boys and youths clothing department. Juvenile overcoats in tweeds , size 00 to 4, at 7/6, 8/8, id/6.12/8 16/6, 17/6. ,19/8, and ""21/. Every one reduced for clearance. Boys overcoat in tweeds anti Rainn roofs lined italian cloth size 6 to 2j, reduced to 7/6, 8/11. 12/6. 15/6, j7/6. 19/6, 21/. To 65/ each i i to boo department. It. Safarr proof trap and motor bugs reduced 9/�1, 12/6, 15/6 17/8,19/8. 21/, 28/6, 28/6 each/v0nlyamen left. A j " l \. / 800 shawl travelling Rue from 6/6, a a 10/6, 18/6, 15?6. 17/6, 49/6. 21/, 25/6, 29/6, up to 78/6 each for this week by. I ,. Gents shirt and Mercery department. Our entire Stock of gentlemen s Collara consisting of Over 1.000 dozen Sale Price 7/6 the dozen a lot of children a jerseys Sale Price 2/� to . Men s ready of we a Dep rement. Men pyjama suits a Large selection. 4.11, 6/11, 6,11. 7/8. S/6, 10/6, 12/6, 14/6, 16/6, 18/6, 21/ mar s Tweed and Serge suits , 21/, 25/. 2b/0. 85/. 88/6, 42 � 45/, 50/, 55/, 63/, 70/ men s Tweed trousers special value. 2/11, 8/11, 4/11. Us 6/11, 7/6, 8/6, 10/8, 12,6, �4/6, 15/6, men s double breasted overcoats special value 29/6, 35/. 88/6, 42/. 45/, 60/, 65/, 63/, 70/, 76/, fit a _ to " a oot Lepai tent. V Bostock ladies Glace kid walking shoes Patent and self Caps Stout sewn Solea Price 12/9 a pair ladies Tan Willow calf Derby oct wilted Joles natural shape toes Price 18,9 a pair ladies English a Patent and Glace kid evening shoes soles cuban and shaped. Beela special Price 14/9 it j. Agents Bostock and Crockett 8 Jones English Boot in Glace kid and Box calf Price 18/9 a special offer for last Days of Sale. I 66/ Sac putt to measure smart serviceable and Wei assorted Stock of suiting to select from usual prices 63/ to 76/? v 70/ Sac suit to measure Fine and rough Navy Serges All Wool pure indigo usual Price 75/ trousers presses at reduced prices 9/6, 11/6, and 12/6 each. ,. V a save Money ordering ._ Manchester department., Blanket australian made single size 8/6, 10/6, 13/6, 16/6, 18/6, 21/. Double size 14/6, 18/6, 20/. 22/6, 25/6, 27/6 pair. \ cot blankets 1/11, each cots Down quilts hem stitch frilled brocaded 7/6 for 4/11 each Beautiful Down quilts 5/ for 21/, 45/ for 25/, .49/6 for 30/, 60/ for 35/, 69? for 45/. 79/6 Tor 50/, 90/ Tor"60/, 100/ for 70, each _ 1 Only each silk eiderdown quilts. �12 12/ for8 19/6. �11 11/ for8 8/ australian made flannel 1/ for 9jd., .1/3 for l�jd., 1/6 for 1/. 1/� for j./8 Yard doctor flannel 1/11 for 1/6, 2/3 for 1/11 ". White Swan skin8/11 for 5/11 " Ironmongery department. Enamel pie dishes 7d. Tor 3�i, sd., for id., 9d for 4ad., Lod. Lor 6cl, 1/ for 6d-, 1/8 for 7jd., 1/6 for 9d., 1/9 for 10jd.washing up trays 22,in., 1/3 for 9id. Each Strain fat sided saucepans. 4. Pinte 1/9 for. 1/5 " tin kettles Cone shape pint, 1/10 for 1/6 Ash pans Correct grates 1/9 for 1/3 closing Day of Sall special bargains a offed Kyrsa a ode a Tor furniture Wamba Ocab. Tito doors. Full hanging Spack and Largs drawer at Bottom. ? it. In. Wide. In seasoned pad ought finish of stained Walnut. Cul de of Sale aah Arr s. ? 59/6. \ u the benefits of Irrett a Appa Kest to All on a careful examination of our designs 00� Striction. And unbeaten value. drawer chests soundly constructed and Well Joni Send Large size special cd of sea sex sue Price. 22/6. A Chest Wim a thaw attached. Special Sale prks6. 35/9. Sams Chest. With bistros. And jewel drawers attached. 39/9. Is every instance a Walnut color can be supplied. A Lorav fish James Marshall & Coy . Ssi its air to rps for fat apr a feb . Drapery and clothing. Please Rote the special a the at foot of that v advertisement. Something each Day it Mitleff the i it a for uniform Good values. / i i opening display of w goods in the " dress and silk de apartments. All the latest productions of English and Continental manufacturers May be inspected in our silk and dress divisions. T / the assortment is most pm plete. And the Range of shades end v. " less. V " and batlne8 ? Grey Saxe Blue biscuit tap Pink Pale Blue Brown Navy Green White and x Black double Width 1/11, 2/22/0, and 2/11 Yard British and japanese crepes. ? . ?. White Cream tink Tao Coral Pale Blue. Saxe Heliotrope biscuit Grey Reseda. Brown. Navy and Buck 10d., 1/3, i of 1 7a. " \ \ i. Cotton voiles. ". The designs in these Are exceptionally Dainty in Small foulard patterns and soft shadings and almost any color can be had i of 1/9, and 1/11 Yard. Piques in Plain and line stripes. Full Range of shades lord. I/,i/3, 1/5, 1/11 spot Swiss Muslin. In Small pin spots and fancy Tje signa1/3, 1/6, vul 2/0, 2/11 Yard. All Wool French Small patterns and spots � 1/d, 1/11, 2/3, 2/6 Yard. Silk suede a weave of silk beautifully soft and having wonderful wearing properties in Tan Pink Lime Green Brown. . is one of the newest productions for the coming Spring and have opened this season an Imajene variety of single Robe lengths. These comprise All silk Kobe lengths in Black and colors. Silk and Wool Robe lengths. All Wool Robe lengths. Bordered sponge cloth Robe lengths. Jacquard and Plain sponge cloth to match for Coats and skirts. Beautiful embroidered Robes. One Only of Dressm Aklog orders should be placed no it Chi 55 % single suit lengths Sac suit to measure 85/to 115/ for js3 10/. To Cwm. Thi3 line will be rapped at tins Price or to Day Only. Country customers will s supplied if order be sent by first Post alter delivery of Papetti drapery and clothing. Foy & Gibson s department stores first special show of Spring goods just opened. Smart goods at reasonable prices. To Daj Rand following Days we will make a big fast show of Spring Good comprising millinery and Flowers. Coats and skirts and costumes blouses and underclothing. Silks and dress goods. Ribbons and laces. Exquisite embroider the hosiery and gloves. Millinery department -. B showing some particularly smart and bewitching models in trimmed hats. Many Are imported others axe copies of the Moat successful styles worn atthe race meeting and Garden party held in England and on the continent we received last week a Large and very smart lot of Melbourne trimmed Mil Linery which we will also display this of these goods Are extremely reasonable. Smart ready to Wear Tagel Hau smartly trimmed with two shades of ribbon and buttons in quite a number of shades 14/tf.s smart White Felt with Tagel overs in Moutard Lime Ozier sky Rose add Bobuk 12/6.our models Are such a variety of styles that it us impossible to1 describe them. They Are beautifully designed Flowers feathers Osprey ribbon Tulles crepe being the principal trimmings. The children s millinery has not been neglected. _ l in this department we Are also showing some very pretty styles in silk net lace and fancy hat and bonnets. Our costume department is showings Marc and Chic styles in one piece Robes and Coats and skirts in Russore effect sponge cloths corduroys voiles sicilians Light weight tweeds Whipp ords and crepes and. Handsomely embroidered Robes in White Russore and Oriental designs. A Gire a few smart / ,1 smart Cream v Eine Serge coat and skirt Coliee effect trimmed buttons and Susaan braid lace Guipre Collar coat lined silk 52/0. Tan Ingaline Oie piece dress fastened in front Sunshine Collar trimmed transparent buttons 25/. Handsome White embroidery costume wide insertion narrow Jace a and pin tucks 29/6. Striped sponge cloth Robes Russore ground with Navy Saxe Helio or Brown narrow stripes Low neck trim med Guipre edging fancy net Vest trimmed dutch Galon 19/6.? smart crepe Robe dimmed French knots buttons and insertion front with Black silk Bow. M Blue. Champagne Grey Sod Whiten 19/8. I Flowers department is showing pretty effects in French an English sprays and trails. Stand up ? effect being most prominent. R we Are specially Strong in Flowers Mak ing the biggest show of these goods in Adelaide. Special bargain lines. 4 manufacturers Stock of English Flowers has been purchased at half the usual Price. We pass them on to you at a great bargain at 6d. Each larger sprays at 9d., 1/6, and 1/21 each. Ribbons and laces. V we Are showing All thai is in Fancer and Plain ribbons and laces of All descriptions. ? embroidery most Beautiful Floun cing and Semi Floun cing As Well As in insertions and edgings Are shown Here. One should give this department � visit As never before have such handsome. Embroideries Ever been shown in Adelaide and they Are selling4. Special bargain in 42-Inch White flounce ing at 1/11, 2/11, and 3/fi Yang blouses at a underclothing department Are showing smart styles in blouses of silk lace. Voile crepe a a Spe Cial Jap. Silk Blouse Magyar style trimmed buttons High Lave Collar 7/11 with Low neck and Collar 8/11 smart Cream Luce blouses trimmed buttons High lace Collar 11/9 Cream Delaine blouses coloured Low crepe collars but tons 11/9 Guipre lace blouses. Saxony made goods in Paris and White 22/ 1 27/�, 32/0, and 37/6. V also i pretty effects in Long Clotin and mad Apolin combs., nights,1 camisoles Princess undershirts trimmed lace insertion and embroidery smart coloured Satin under skirts accordion pleated frills 10/9 to 25/. In corsets we Are right up to Date in the latest models. We import direct from manufacturers and therefore Are Able to give you the Best value pos sible. They Are All made from human models comfortable fitting Low busts and very deep Over nips finished with Strong suspenders. % having Over. Fifty different number in Stock we Are therefore Able to fit any figure comfortably. Our prices Are moderate and can suit All pockets. Coloured dress department. A big assortment of the sponge cloths and rating 40 in. Wide Plain colors and Stripe effects in Saxe Grey sky Rose Fawn Blue Tan Brown Champagne Napoleon no &a.,-l/9, 2/z, 2/6 per Yard. A Choice Range of French Robe lengths Jupt arrived in Plai colors and Floral designs in exquisite shades 25/, 27/6, 32/6, 37/6, 42/, 45/ the Robe. Cotton dress department. We have just received a Choice assortment of the a Rev washing crepes these we can do in a splendid Range of Pat terns both Stripe and Floral effects Al so Plain colors at 7&l, 9gd., Iowa v to 1/11 Yard. Just renewed a Cho be Range of printed Satin finish foulard these Are in extremely Dainty designs and up to Date colourings at 7jtl, 10�? iffy ups a Cash prices.,at All marked Ajr Ivy � Ftp a a no Ryty in a do bal a of a the enamelled Neh a butt enamelled buckle ,yei7 pretty Sand Dainty Price \61a, each a Xor a a ?.-. By in mothers with boys. A Lvi in i i in win no. Doubt be interested vib ants .yv1-"",-- Rov �,.obt&e3 Pri Isi 6ibpboysv-smart jew " medium weights for present and later Wear. Coats and Kiir Skera line Thi Oglw Fri Vout Well and full made a tangents neat Cut Collara ,.� a at via it materiala1, splendid value at this Price which is a speaalpii�i12s/�iw/9yjifor 8/11. Sizes.3 to 10. ,. So i group 2 both Norfolk Tweed suits various weights in tones Grey 3inyw ctr a Ell shape to garment full Cut Neaf finish lined Thronshontpltsoionfat if Back Good Strong materials exceptionally cheap at the a Fli i to vol group 3.a Fine selection of boys Tweed Norfolk was i Witiuk i we la to pm eaten Good toning Grey Brown a smart fancy ,7 " 4 to. Adits Fuu Cut Best fitting carefully finished garment special value special Price Worth 16/9, for 12/qibuy floor coverings at a eds through Sui. A the big Storti the Han ome assemblage of. Floor cloths Whf ohs we axe. Hearing a the production of manufacturers whose goods Are famed throughout Ober we to for their Aring a Zaliti then Beautiful colourings and smart�arti�jacdewgnfvv1 out Stock of carpets linoleum and floor cloths contains it Ras and Inga suitable for every room in the home.,Yon require fact tha see our Exro cloths linoleum a and c5atbpet8 Festl be v the big Stoke for trimmed millinery or i m no. 1 top of group an exceedingly stylish hat in Gold Shafio Wreh be Faosat Able Flat brim which is lined with Black net. The smart Large upstanding handsome Bow at the Back is of pretty Black figured net a feature of Obj season s trimming. A Model of style and dainties a Price 49/6, no. 2 Bottom of group tests an elegant Conception in White crepe de crepe trimmed in the latest style with Large Graceful upstanding Lancer Ostrich plumes and finished with a handsome Black Ostrich Ruche brim is lined with Black As shown one of the inst stylish shapes of the moment. The Nutter mail used in the building of this Channing Model Are of the Best Price 105/. T we can Supply copies of this hat at lower prices according to Quality of Pinon used. � i i no. 3 right Side of group one of the style straight brimmed Saflor shapes " made of Black tulle transparent Tam Crown and finished with Large fashion Abs upstanding Bow of tulle at Back. A charming Model of refined and distinguished appearance once 29/6. No. 4 left Side of group a delightful Model in net with pretty Floral Ruche i the bulgarian tones finished with one of the query Feather mounts which gives a decidedly unique and striking appearance Price 35/,i our magnificent collection of trimmed millinery is a Moat compre Hensl one fax adj which you can select trimmed hat from 9/11 upwards. A Stree our Beautiful Elf in jittery display in our a role St Elk windows the in st0r Joan Stranz

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