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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 24, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Btu Ping Abba genies Mab Ftika steam sep. Under Luu. Font boat Wil h e Freob Joicin Adelaide to London via Marsel Leto ulna at Albany Bey belies Aden Bue and port b-1 Adelaide to London in 28 Day. Jus. Tvs com Maude. Leave Adelaide a Nuiji is a. Doldier . F.i., sept. 2 Ogunti 4198f. Fla fat . Is it., oct. I far nor 6428 l. Boulard la. Wed., nov. S ?mwn.mol642 a. Pov Denom . Sat. Deo. 8 Aow Aupi w.861g. Didier . Jmon., Jan. 2, m 3 ban wet thai Subj at Metis. Cd Bosh Oti Blahd to curb hard dues to Loh Doh 24 hours Only. The company will accompany through passengers Mil Molca to Paris and London. Lug Gaire conveyed Foxx by Steamer from Marseillet to London. Full stewards. Milch cow carried. Ingle tickets to Marseille from �20 a �65. Be Lorn from �34 to �106. Chirs class Acconcio Dalton unequalled. Woe m be Cabin in Mitre included in fares. A Mungen Are booked through to hat Titius St Union and South Africa via Seychelles. Rusillo Lulli booked to Bombay Viseu beaches vet Branch line from Aden. Obago booked through to Havre Genoa Antwerp Dunkirk Hamburg Bordeaux and London. To to pal a v o old a bother. P. & o. S. N. Co. Colombo Aden Brindisi. Malta Gibran Tab and Plymouth or Anim comm anger. Leave bomb _ 6646ja. B. Daniel Ana. 31 1748 e. Ashdown sept. 14 fab Ramatta 4771 p. Harris sept. . 4918-0. Fraser oct. 12 by Tannia _ 6267 r. G. Murray a i oct. M Oab Thage 6013 u de borne nor. B Tjce Dubia 8268 a. W. Adamson nov. S3 Oreana. 8362 k. Stewart Deo. 7 Abadia .jmtajw.b. Andrews. . Pao. A line and second Saloon Paa Semcen allowed to break their journey at intermediate Porta Oab irs Lee Nul on Spertal terms. Liberal Sonoe Soloai oaf x families during the Slack paso ongar season. Rms Jim from England Oan be arranged Here. In the Soond Saloon the Arran Emente have been it roughly reorganised the offered a Law Sra Oil passage Money. 10 London in first Saloon 00 to 7c cd italian Porte do. _ _ 66 to �61 co London in second Saloon _ �80 to St Coltzau aporta do. _ �30 to a Bevurn tickets from _ _ Mimp compant a Jug a of Kew gala to. Us up. A total Kail most but be Nyics to Bra Ibrain through am Ebisa. A Buls. Alameda will leave Sydney in september 6 the Auckland Honolulu and Bah Iba Giboo. Paa Senters booked through the the Nepal ports of it Marioa and gnat Britain. Cha my Moent steamers of the above company re dispatched As follows calling at ail new Tealano sew zealand be Oviok. ?.ju Impi Ntim \ Tanau. Via Hobart no Jiel boughs go. Teapo via Anoland. Ten Sydney _ wa3ipo, Wellington. Angst so. For rates of freight and passage apply b2ssuic . -. Oit Eam to Sydney the Fine vhf Rife. Of Akeeba 1,800 tons of Tain blown will sail Tram fort Victor Walline at ports Adelaide and Pine Tor Sydney and Newcastle on Friday August 28, taking cargo at through rates for All Maec Natland fijian Kew zealand and other Perta. 886,7,9 Hab bold Brothers. A to jct to i % company lined. Ass iii Luiis end cargo booked at through Ras far an and fijian poets also Noumea and hew hebrides. She Stern ship com Pun a steamers in a conjunct in with the above company s Fleet transhipment at Melbourne of Sydney. Cargo aim taken by the Akeeba. Cargo received Wesst sub 1001511 p Bab Bolo Brothers Adelaide and port. 2ffl.oino -. Oor men indie and Wilcannia Usk cd Bivey Steamer of sask Wilcannia win leave Murray Bridge on Friday Mth hot., and Morgan on tuesday Soth inst for above places calling at intermediate ports. Fee further particular apply to . Ferguson co 886-7.9 Pitt Adavto. A Foo a Sobba ?. A so flex who prior cons wharf fart add time every Sassy or wednesday at 6 pin. . Testa b. Over port. 4l 8. Ceres will be dispatched Assi Al Fps. I i under he ski to a Tansbury every the Buday and eat Day at 8 an. From scans tary every monday and Friday. At 11 an. To Post Vincent every tuesday at 8 e m., or it non Day leavmgat4j?o pin. Produce provision. To o o i i i 5 Whol Baic and Brail but bib. Tags Flea Bottie bes Taranta and ships wanted of 7 . Maleate in tins of i. I 4, 6, and 8 id the Bestle Mujadd 40 varieties oases Conta Fadna 96 in oases in mean Oubey. Boom a a Hamb Gesn roamed by Muat uus Prates and medals by the ton or aide. Ofa Ruoo took. and fobs in Landl it cask or la Bat largest Stock in the colonies and a far the Bast mar Faote of Small goods i a the . Beb to shows All polio Aop Ned on the shortest Motif Toason ?? sit Tui on of Vesy. Ruth Abr Road. Mil. Of boat. Debt Podra and land in Una of 40,90. U. , to 1 la or taken also lard to Oil Betm took of hand. In Fob of Bike and f add Nee a Idlitt by been add Laid by adobes it Otto Mem r to morn Ranssi. Tiei uni i an . Post. Seat met shipping. Phe Adelaide Atka Muhip co Iieana Al limited in dispatch their steamships an under for Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping for All queensla2jd ports. 8.8. Inn Aminaka. I sat. I aug. 27 11.15 p Adelaide _ sat sept. I. 2 16 pal. West australian service. For Albany and fuel Las ilk. Tran shipping la All Northsen ports. . South australian sit. Aug. 27 i Naoa. South East service. Fob Kingston Robe. Besch Post Ani Mac Donnell Bay. . Of Bakulin _ w due d y 1 aug. 2 2 . Western Bays service. Fob Post St Kahy. a Fowlke s Bays i Lin k medi a Burgin. . Lubra _ saturday s pm 3. 10 a Ai. Spencer s Gulf service. For Post , Wallaroo. And Franklin . . Ferret tuesday a Jug 34 3 . A co no Eivid till 11 for ports Augusta. Pixie and Gemein. 6.5. ?y August 27 5 . Csigo received till 1 . Day of Sulik join turn vol Secretary. 223inac Currie . Curie Street. Tavui e. A i7? South the Hae our jags in masted a Arne Issis will leave port Augusta on or about 27th Irot arcome ovation for a tev first and Eckrod Clasa Paset Deri. Early application Necee aary. W. R Cave & to237k Adel i3e in port aug Jota. Boots and shoes. Ball season. A splendid assortment of ladies and gentlemen evening and dress shoes just to hand and rated for the be Assn. Ladies Satin shoes us colors from 5/6 pet a i. Brandon s shoe warehouse 67, bundle Street. The Tarazhi Nav. A Stan a Public companies. Adelaide and suburban Tramway company limited. Notice is hereby Given that the Ordinary general half be ably meetin3 of share holders will be he d on wednesday the 81st August instant at noon at the arbitration Recotr exc Huige Pirle treet Adelaide to receive Zeporta and balance Sheet to elect two directors in place of messes. Buium wherte and Wiki a Shierlaw who retire to terms of the article of Aho Diatian but Are to Litile for reflection and who after themselves accordingly to elect Autora in place at messes. W. 8. Dougls and h. D. Otto who retire but who offer themselves for re election to fix the Beol in nation of the dire tors and aids torn and to transact such other Rasinen v May be then drought toward. Jas s Soott Secretary. Inf Velvat booming i. Grenfell Street a oat 18. 1892. 235,7,44 t Ady Alice mining company. Lusted. Notice is hereby Given that the of Disabry half be ably meeting of Sha behold a san this too pan will be held at its registered office Gilbert a Aoe Adelaide on tuesday augat 8-Jth, 1892, at s so pm., for the purpose of receiving dire tors report and a Anoe Beer tie Ting dire Cors and auditor and the to uses. H. Toni leave Buuger. Alma Chambers Adelaide. 237 a of Galeatha Marble Flag. And flux x company limited. Notice is hereby Given that the Footh half yearly of Diaby general meet ing of toe above company win be held at the registered office of the company broken hoi Chambers King William Tenet Jimm on wednesday Slot Day of August 1892, i u. 30 a. For the purposes following Viz to receive directors report and balance Sheet and to transact any other Ordinary half yearly Buai nees of the com Pany. Dated at a i a this s2ad Day of August. 1893. W. Obi neb bs6-7 acting Secretary. T the undersigned hereby make a Puca x Tion to but Gister the Queen Bee mining company a ? no liability company under the provisions of Ite mining Oom Panlee acs 188 a l the name of the company is to he the Queen Bee mining company 2. The place of operation is at new Luxembourg near Olary in the province at South Australia. 3. The registered of Floe of the company will be situated at Bug in Iam Etzet Eulunda. T. The number of Shane in the company u 20,000 of ten sniffing each 6,260 of which Are to be issued As paid up to the amount of two shillings each. B. The number of shares subscribed for is 17.740. 3 it Sterne of the Ltd meet is Alfred James dated this 22nd Day of aug St. 1692. Witness to signature it was Jsu in or i Alfred James Foster of Lapunia solicitor do solemnly and Ein merely declare that 1. I am the manager of the end intended com Pany. 2. Una the above statement is to the Best of my belief and knowledge True in every particular and i make Tibia solemn declaration Oon eci Enron by by Lieving the Bame to be True. A. J. Poster. Taken before me at Kaunda this 22nd by of autust 1�92. Boat. Cameron a Justice of the peace Tor the province of Siuth Australia. 237 to Alexander Buchanan Esq registrar a of companies notion thai the Ragib teed office of toe que eff be mining company no liability is w King William Street. Eulunda. Dated this 220 d Day of August. 1892. Fobie 4 Foster 237 sol acors m be company. Rev Alexander Buchanan Esq a Rist Rar ilw2u Tnp lliska9 Foster & Foster 257 solicitor to the Oom Piny. To b a p f b 1 b t is s i � executed of the shorten b our Ltd so Liberal terms a the advert Oak Tje Fai Mijso Arnol shipping. The Howard Smith line. New service. Further reduction of Paw Enger fires. Fore Saloon. Return. Cabin. To Melbourne _�1 10 0 �2 10 0 �0 15 0 Sydney 800 6 0 0 Iso freights at lowest without transhipment to . For Mel Bobke and Sydney Brisbane Maryborough Bockh Upton s. S. Bod o n d of iia Okat to Edam Angast 3. 12.\5 Townsville i pm. Geraldton is 8 Buni Toko Cairns tuesdays pomber 0, fort Douglas 12 15 p Cooktown thursday is d. Norm a a Tun Burketown Fob ports Pulle and Hermein. . Bun Inyong tuesday August 30 5p The cheapest and most convenient route to broken Hill. A Oon return. Fore Abin. To Pirie �1 16 0 �0 1 6 from Smith and Cave s whirl. Fore Cawn passenger a Are supplied with food and bedding free. Full parti ours on application to w. B. Cave & co., agent Gre Tell Street Adelaide 1231u6c upon Street port Adelaide. Isil i Udd Abt. Parker & 007, fat of. Jul to dispatch for ambazes Albany Fremantle and Otic be Western australian pouts the is. Lindus saturday August 7. At noon. For freight apply 33gnai9 p pc j. Fowler. Tenders and contracts. It e n d s. The Blakiston butter and cheese fac tory company limited. Tenders for building a factory for the above con Pany will be received of to 12 o clock noon of monday August 29. Plans and specifications nay be seen at the offices of f no t. Cornelias it co., mount Birker and the implement of Nippy North Terrace Adelaide on and after tic ortday 26tb instant. Neither the lowe6t nor any tender Nemea warily accepted. We. Mcewen Secretary Tern. Mount , August 33, 1892. S3b-8 to bcildeb3.tenders Are hereby invited 1_ until noon of Friday August 96, for build ing a Villa residence at Hose Park. Plies cat my office. To tender necessarily accepted. F. W. Dancker f s a i. A. Architect Cavendish Chambers Gre fell Street Adelaide. 231,3 7 file Krebs invited until 7? september building x Institute Hall port Verhein. Plans. Specifications. F. W. Dancker Adelaide or Thomas Dunstan port germen. To tender necessarily accepted. Address George Stone port of Ermenio. 831-7 it tenders re invited to monday 2 inst., for a the erection of a Cott age Albee con. Particulars at my residence. To tender necessarily accepted. 832,6.7 Thos. A Abbott. Architect. Albertan. Fwy will be received at 1 the office of tiie under sucked until noon of tuesday. Soth inrt., for a Rechou Loisage and Loose boxes at Morphet Taille. English & 6owabd, architects. Corrie Chambers. Corrie Sheet. 230in%4i-3 Al o w m of Theberton. Tenders i l be received for about 600 Yards of cd broken met a differed on the a Renud until 5 . On Fri Day at punt s6 next. Dealers May be for a portion or the whole. at the town clerk office. G7 9z a. W Parker toot clerk. Ruji. He Debs. Port fire Industrial cooperative Sci Tiv limited in liquidation. Tenders Arr i Ovid i the whole of the above Stock Plant 40, As under Roo Erice and Patent medicines �243 3 8 drapery boots a. _ 160 4 8 crockery g ase Ware a _ _ 84 18 6 tin Iron and brn beware 19 11 3 fancy code and stationery _ _ 14 210 Stook in Trade _ 66 0 9 a Cual allowance for Short and oven. No tender necessarily accepted. Particulars May be obtained from the liquidator or. G. H. Prosser care of mews Wilkinson a co., Ade Ulde and Stock Beeta seen at the Offida of Mthm. William Upton &co., port Pirle to whom tenders Are to the sent by noon on 25th August. For the liquidator 232-7 William Upton & co. To fruit prkskrveb3, Jam Man fac a tubers and others. Tenders Van be received by the trustees of the insolvent estate of Ward Smith. & Felstead until noon on monday. 12tb september for the Pur Chase of the Plant too Kinrade Book debts Goodwill and Trade harks of the business known As the bed Gross preserving company carried on at Chapel Street. South Yarra he Bourne m under Hachi Nerv Plant and Anglian sea. �4,413 6 0 sock in Trade consisting of pre served fro its. Jun6 a Ufa stared Aeo partly manufactured jellies Peel Honey tomatoes Aud other vegetables pick a sauces a 7,167 1111 labels for above _ 1,471 6 9 Ytse Tim dates Lead and solder 314 1 0 Book debts Good As they May stand on the Mth september approximately _ 2.090 0 0 �15,366 7 8 arrangements May be male whereby the successful tenderer May rent or Purchase the extensive Freehold property on which Tine factory is erected consisting of land having a frontage of 170 it to Crape Street and extending backward in Width along me railway line about 725 it. On this la erected besides the Jam factory a substantial three Storey vinegar works or distillery. Inventories my be seen on the premise a. Tenders must be accompanied by Cash or Bank draft Tor 10 per cent it the amount sad subject to the conditions of the printed form that will be supplied. The highest or any tender not noes warily a sep de. 887,404,7 8. A. V. Baen. Uni oblation and pick of Kiye Boob Al flagstones kebabs. And building Stone can be obtained from w. H. Martin North Onley where new Naples out be . Lanvill Riverton. P7wis3s general merchandise. Lobi Meb bomb Tuo. Have on Sale on die spot or to arrive Stone Monnes a bottled by o Brien the " Dagger Brand Edmond a celebrated " pig Brand. Whisky scotch a Auandee s dab Brand in bulk. Shelving Clear Pine Spruce deals Ash a snood Hickory Walnut . Flooring. Kerosene Crystal water White to. Tom tin. Been dark and Echt Grade. Plaster Windsor Jilb Diamond Brand. Oak Staves for wine casks. Champion s vinegar bulk and Case. Tobacco and cigarettes of judge Brand. A tears Choice Havana Faustio soda 70 per cent. Sod Ash. Snip Athol soda. Felt Shattung and roofing. Dynamite fuse detonators. I unseen of Baw and boded. But a Windsor Asbestos Cement Tor plastering Walls Ando Erlinga. Teas Law to Kedian Congo us new season s. Preserved meats All description a of Queensland heat Export company Brand indents executed. Polo iob1meb.bome.&0o Way Morith a tweet. A balk and to Abbi Woof joke steel standards Bones Oom sacks steel droppers strychnine beanbags wire Sara Ian Guo Ialine potato Agi steel wire Kerome tour Agi Iron win Oik stave Ore bags galvanized tit flooring sewing twine barbed wire deals galvanized Iron wire netting shelving Flat Iron pig Iron american Doci Black Sheet Iron hoop Iron plaster Sheet Lead eng Hooke Sheet Sono Hematite paint Oatmeal axes canst Isoda the. Of Dement Whiting indents of All classes of Hanna Onree executed a lowest terms in an parts of the world. George it lab it co., Cavendish Chambers Voualo Ora leu eur tit. Plants seeds. A old Teea Tomato. 11buby Gold and other new Tripoli Bush Veo. Marrow. M Imp a sob Buu Amber Cace Johntra Braes Maize Cobbett a Corn and All summer fodder plants. Bow summer Plowey seeds. E. & w. Hackett 3T been Isle a. Mar Eby Mev. A 78. Bundle Streker Adelaide. Bs2a2 drapery and clothing. James marshall&co., Universal providers. Last weeks or Winter Sale. To american chairs from 1b us 85 austrian b Atwood a Tariro from 59 b drawing room suites �9 10a g dining room suite., 0 pieces �14 the Ohio Ronnii re sideboards from 57a 01 single Bedstead from 12s 6i ,5 fall cite do., Frt no from 23s s do. Do., half tester from 35s wire wove mattresses toll size Ign 10 wardrobes from 97s 61chests of drawers from 24 01 g Duchess pairs from 87d 64 ? inlaid Walnut whatnot from 153 g fender from 3s cd5 fir Lrons from 3 61 e fire brasses from 69 6i. Ladies cloth and Tweed jackets 2? Udie pc ladles Flannelette dressing gowns 4s lid j 5 ladies 1 Black Cashmere jerseys 2a us a lapses 18. Mackintosh cloaks 2s us _ f Ladin a fur lined cloaks 15s 9d g 3 ladles Blic Kroub panties trimmed 09 us 2 ladies Black silk mantles 12 9d x g ladies new a cloth tapes of lid a ladies fur Boas 1b us 2s lid g to i do a far Moffis 4s lid 8 us pc Chi Wren e jackets 4s us 6a us 89114 leg Chat Lien e Ulsten is us 2s lid 3s us 4s us ladies shirts and Garibaldi just opened Ladie corsets is us. 2s us. Is lid 4s us ladies la. Knickers is is 6d, is us 2s lid. Tadite la. Chemises is us 2s us 3s us 4a p � ladies . Night dresses u us 2s us 8s us is 4s us go cd Daren s Wool hats and Caps 6d pc 5 Boje velvet cans fid � t ladies Herm under egts Legg ladies Elk under Vesta is Ude ladies cloth skirts. Is us Aid 2s us ladies silk skirts 12s so and 159 of children s Wool Pelissey with hats 2s us. 6 pieces Check 30 in. Wide 4jd per c Yard s s6 Only left coloured Border Linen Teao Kotfas e 2s6dand2sudeaoh s 6 pieces Brown Stripe turkish roller towelling a 7jd.bjd.9jd Yard s 150 Desen Oneld s coloured bordered handler g chiefs fall Cue be 8d dozen 6 pieces a Linen duper is 9d for u3d Yard so to dozen striped turkish towels 7s 6d dozen g �00 Linen Trajo Oths is in. Oare drowns thread. Fring a. Is of and is 94, to Cleur at is id each. S boy Blue Serge Sai or suits 3i us mails Price Nelld go boys dark Tweed kicker suits Oto 6, Sale is Price 2b us j ,bsudfor4sud. 6 dts. Carved Wood brackets wit Bevelled glasses 3e 6d for is 6d most be sold 8 was figures representing Cna Eaoben in or " Patio de As Given in London. �20 for so o 6 Only Japan Ned toilet sets 218 for 10s 6d g. A left Kodak cameras Matt be bold �6 rec for �3 10a cd 6 Bronse hanging Lernpas 22a6d for 14e6d i of 2 Dov vase table lamps. Ass for 2ta go i dozen tall pillar tie lamps 27e 61 for 12s 35 splendid Stock of Dolton jags to dear 6a 61 g for4sfid, feat for3ed � 6 Docen Only left White handle table knives sis Torlos 6 Only Tea and Coffee sets in China 42 pieces 10b for �3 s4-in. Silk Plash All colors 2s us 16-in. Bilk Plash All Colora is per yard24-in. For store Plash do., 4? lid per Yard Liberty bilks All shades is per Yard i Pongee Sake do. 2sd and 2s Ltd pay re As Cream Pongee silk is us per Yard g Black Surah u6d per Yard 5 Buck Herve Mueax mud per Yard is co cred shot Suka u lid 2? 6d, 3e lid per 7? Yard g coloured a Edgiline Silks 18 us 2s us 4i us a per said m coloured watered Bengs Lins silk is 6j per Yard 3 coloured statue All colors Lead per Yard m coloured ores Grain Sok 2i 6d, every Shade Seanette Mantle Plush. Sud per Yard coloured brocaded velvets to Clear at halt Sale prices tinsel brocades a 20 Only millinery Bonnete Osvai prices 23a to in 80s, a to Clear 9b us sub 10 Only millinery bonnets usual i ice 15s to so 17s6d, feg 30 Straw hats original prices 21s and 17s 6d, Gau to dear at 7s lid to so Granny bonnets usual Price a us and 3s a ,toolearatls6d c 26 dozen speckled hating to Clear at is each 20 Ostrich hats must be cleared at la us each. Children s school boots from 2s so per pair g ladies leather Eualo Eide boots 4s 01 per 6 pair 9 ladies Glace lace shoes from Fis us to 17s 6d g ladies slippers from la per pair the Bast 5 assortment in the City 6, men e Blu her boots All sizes from 3b us per g pair0 men s Stoat lace shoe from 5s so per Pur h men s Balmoral boots fancy tops All sizes g from 10a of m children Glare Patent Morocco and Fanoy shoes in immense variety. Special line of indies Plain a where How finished feet Merino toe and Heel Worth is 66%Sale Price is per pair do. Do. In a Well finished useful Boss Worth is to 6d, Sale ?4d per Par g ladies Bibb do run ere Hose six and twos wide ribs marked Price 2 i by Eale Price is 81� per in b special Clearing line of ladles ribbed Oun m Mere h be finished feet. Uerino toes and 55? heels Mart d Price is 2d, Eale Price 8d per pair so g Shadren 6 ribbed of Mere Hose finished feet go rizes3,4. S. 6. Ease , 4jd, 61l 7jd, 9j, res Nojd per pair e 5 children s Harome Cashmere socks Simb-6, 6. 7 go marked Pricco by Lod us to dear at 6d per pair ?3 children s Black and Navy Cashmere soaks seizes % 3,4, 5,6, 7, 3j, 3s 9deaohw Meir a heavy Union adits is 8d each w Meri s Cardigan jackets u6i-Aoh is men s b Rong Cotton shirts. Is each w Mer e ribbed lung Wool he Hoje 4j4 a Pir men s do. Do6d pair gents fancy ii k scarfs 3d and fld each men s Strong Flannelette Shirls is each Baldwin s beet quritf4-ply Berlin wools Sale Price 3s 6d per Huik for any Ocolor tinsel Tarn very effective for fancy work thick Quality Large balls Ltd per Ball ladies Leatherette work trays marked Price sudadd2b6d,6aleprieels g Larj Iee leather handbags new goods recently imported to be cleared at Spelld Sale Proea g 4sud,6sud,6sud,7slld, tol6s6deaoh x andal Oslan and Shetland Wool 6s a per lb., ? any Ocolor g doable Berlin Wool 6s us per la. Q Briggs Transfer papers in All the newest de sewing machine Needles to Euit a the leading g makes is per dozen special Hoe of solid headed bus fios in fib. Cardboard boxes 3jd per boo mar halts Excel Dor Sony mending 1 of. G balls Black Navy White tans White and co natural 4jd per tall pears air twisted embroidery Saks be n Colon fast opened Leper dozen skeins netting Needles and Mehte in great variety Waterproof skirt protector just opened up 16-Inch French Horn 9jd and 1 per dozen Needle oases 7jd, Lund is 3d, is us to 4s us each 250 Jet fringed ornaments to Clear 4w each 150 Yards Biown Astrachan edging to Cle 7jd to Yard g 200 Yards Broi Naad Navy Astri Ohan trimming to dear is Yard g 250 Black leather edging to dear 6d Yard i 100 Yards Cream Black and Beaver trim -2 Ming to dear is 6d Yard s 260 hair mses Abd bombs. To Clear is m pair p to ladies leather parses to dear re Ediab a 60 dozen lib. Bars Beau Fol toilet soap to x cleared bar a 100 boxes Superior notepaper and envelopes s to Clear is Bax p 500 packets ext a a Katity notepaper to Oleir p is packet 10, 0 court Shipe , to Clew 2jd i picket. James Marshall co. Adelaide avd Londos. 293 xia9 drapery and clothing. A to the countess of Martin bros., Burlington House. Spring novelties. Now sending out dress patterns now sending out dress patterns now sending out dress patterns now sending out dress patterns no sending out dress patterns now sending out dress patterns no sending out dress patterns no sending out dress patterns now sending out dre3s patterns now sending out dress patterns no sending outdre3spatterns now sending out dress patterns no sending out dress patterns no sending out dress patterns no sending out dress patterns no sending out dress patterns now sending out dre3s patterns now sending out dre3s patterns no sending out dress patterns now sending out dress patterns no sending out dress patterns now sending out dress patterns now sending out dress patterns Martin bros., Burlington House. 2370 r c. Castle & compy. Abe offering to the Public scotch and English tweeds out id the leading fashion and made up by first class workmen at the following bedded of bikes. Trousers 2gb. For 18s. Cd. Sao suit. 90b. For 66b. Evening dress suits �6 10?. Footballers win please notice that oar last shipment of football clotting has arrived Oon Sisung of jerseys Hose gaps sues. And Bibbons. In All the Lonb Dolors. R. Castle & compy. Tailors and shr beakers 87. Bundle Street. A t. Fit of the Corner half yearly clearance Sale. Revised list. Bargains in All departments. Jaq pieces striped dress Tweed. Liq per dozen. Farot a bes Tweed 2/11. 3/11 Doans -2q Mezgeb heavy willed Wincey. Jed per Yard. Double Width dress tweeds god per Yard. Special Plain Hohe Spon in Grey Aid Brovont so Deforg a Cozen. Sonoh fancy Flake Bakanen Tweed l/3 sip. Zigzag Tweed 1& 6d for 1/11 42 it. Wave Tweed i a 48-ln. Co lobed Cash heres for Tor 71? 1/ -6 Bone of Myrtle and Brown velveteen. Nojd for Gid Hui fashionable capes Magnet sent variety. At a a fallowing re Daemons. 57e6d,2956d,8156d.a1l a jul Bra 6d. But s9b mall i Jim lit 6e to 665, All 211 ladies cloth russian cloaks. Lined. S7e? i Qaq ladies Ulster Clearing prices. 4/11 8/11 12/6 15/6 Boche Mackintosh cloaks 16b6dfor 5 y 11 ladies Cash Hebe gloves 6 d 1/ 1/3 Pai Aix ladies Tan kid gloves. Button. Special ill a striped Flannelette 1/11 2/6 3/6 p?d0"? Bolles towelling. Cd i 7id per dozen White blankets 2/11 3/11 5/6 White blankets for doable bed 14s a for 11/9 heavy All Wool flannel 101? 1 1/3 co lobed quilts 1/11 2/11 3/11 Eizoh hemp carpets o3d a did Flo a. Twill White sheeting 18sw tar a men s Tweed suits used 19b 9d a Send for for for 11/9 16/9 27/6 in s Tweed trousers 61 fid 8s us for for 4/11 6/11 Mek a Tweed Ovrebo oath sizes 5, 6, 7. And 14ssd a sold for for 11/9 id vests co lobed holes. 2/11 3/11 Boot department. Ladles Strong leather and Levant Laos shoes 8a us ladies eld . Boots 6s us 6s lid 7s 64, is lid ladies Strong leather Balmoral High Alt. 4a 61, se6d, 6b lid infants strap shoes Dies 1 to 8,6 d Infanta Patent Balmoral sizes 2 to 6. U 9d per pair ladies Felt sole slippers less Ohn Drenle leather Balmoral High be 7 top 2? fld 10 to 13,8s 3d, and maids 1 and 2, 4s 3d men s and youths Plain hta Ohen. U lid 6s 3d, 6t us men s leather Oxford shoes River Tad is us for 4s us men s watertight boots heavy nails 8 9d, 12 by 18s de men s Oak Balmoral. Ise 6d for Isa 94. Men s Patent be Reiggs 4e 9d, 6 6d men s Levant leggings 3s us per pair the Corner Rundle and Pulteney streets. Lolo summer Days Are coming. Hotly sprints Hoyle s Cambric Hoyle s drilled web Boyle s zephyrs Hoyle s sateen. Aee guaranteed fast colors. Please look at the piece and if Hoyle s same is stamped on you will get perfect goods that will Wash and Wear. Ask Youe Dap a Fob Hoyle 3 make. I Thomas hotly & son s. Manchester. Established Over 100 years. 224-3114 drapery and clothing. J 1 Hunt Corry & co. I our Taree Toful stocktaking Sale u now drawing to a Date and we Are glad to mate that nearly All our seasonable Good Are told except a met Milo Iet jackets and burs Merit of Sennatt and built Tetch toe Are determined to Clear at det Perasie prices to mate room far our Bevo season s Good to arrive about Toth of August. Revised Price list. Ladies and Grey cloth jackets Loi of to 21s so for a lid ladles stockinette do., 0s 9d, 8a 9d. 12s 9d. 15s by ladies Tweed Ulster to dear is lid 4s lid flt lid 9d about 100 far Collar ettes is lid Worth double far lined cloaks 17s 9d, 2le to. 26s de trimmed hats this season s goods. Is is lid 2s lid. 4sbd,,be9d Hen e ,6s us 9s 9d, 12s cd 16s 93,21s 9d ask for these goods Hen e suite 9s 6d. 12e 9d, 16s fld. 19s so 25s adj Ken trousers and rests 4s lid 6s so cd 9d, i2a of 166 9d about 200 Doreo working Hen e shirts at is is fld. Is lid. 2s us each Len n table damask bad 7jd, pad is is 01, is us Yard striped Flannelette is us 2s lid 8s lid 4s us is Manaen slate silenus is us 2a us 3s 93,4s 9d, a 91 dozen Brown Holland 2s lid 8s lid 4s lid 63 lid 8s by dozen Bird s Eye Drees to fed is 9d dozen ask Tot the ? line new Helton dress goods 2s us 49 us 0. Us Doxen Black Cashmere Giand value 7j4, 9jd, la is edit us 2f us Yard 100 Ards ?Laok Lustre is 9d dozen so Yards bilk velvet Worth of to & so Yard far is 3d Yard Ken s Light bid gloves is pair ladies4-Tratton dense old Glove pair ladles Black Cashmere gloves kid tipped of Piir women s and girl s Cotton Hose is Dona pairs women s Cashmere Hose 6jd, 9, is is 6d children s Cashmere Hose Epli oed Knees and Ankles Udo outs is9d, 2b us 3a us 49 us 6s us pair ombre Flash is. Is us 2s us so 9d, 4s by 6s 9j, 0s 9d Condren s braided dresses is 9d each infants German aprons 9d, is is 3d, is 6d Holland of oud aprons is sew Bismarck lamps 2s 9d each Gem table lamps 9de&ch sugar basins and Batter dishes is 4jd pair new bread knives 64 each cheap ribbons id id. 2 a 4jd, 6jd Yard White embroidery is 3d, is 9d, is 9d, 3s 9d, 4s 9d Button hols Edge Chiffon 2j4, 4 d Yard. Ask for this Lioe. 200 Yards Black 6 Cord machine Cotton 91 dozen 200 prose coloured skirt braid us per pies of 3 dozen Yards 100 grow Blok Satin ring wire Isid per Gross 200 Grots Black and coloured dress Bottons very cheap hawkers and storekeepers your sumo new is assured by calling on us and buying oar goods at wholesale Cash prices. Hunt Corry & co., importers and Cash drapers. Rundle a fret Adelaide and a Dob. 177waio Hall & Savage general drapers fashionable tailors and outfit hers 105, bundle Street Adelaide same Side us 8 doors West of Arcade. At Lobins our speciality. Tie Best proof of tree Atif lotion we give is found in the fact Attiat we Are always Busy in this department so wait Waddingto n s knitted clothing of a kinds for Wear and Natl Ltd cannot be equalled. Nothing but Best goods manufactured. Cardigan jackets for both indies and gentlemen. All kinds of underwear for ladies and gentle men in All Colon and textures. Hose and books of an kinds. G. Waddington no. 1. Arcade. 165ai256 brain est notices. Wet a h x Kyj known. The american Novelty shop 63, King William Street Hub scantling novelties always abet Vine. American Patent pipe and Cigar lighter Andrii boxes Exna lights s. Keyles Wawota. Goa Raveed Correct 10s. 6d. Sportsman Stop watch 6?., Guan teed for two years new wire Pozder Tor is. So. Box of Oao hods to sweeten the breath 6d. Tee Totams 6d each three Large die fld. Bound homered flaying Oards is. Board Esastio for Shang his. 6d. Balleys lanterns change to red Green and White is. Pantograph or drawing stick for enlarging photos pictures fee no knowledge of drawing required. Is. By. Novelty cockatoo aus is. Ear paste 9d. Per Zebra Home razor strop guaranteed to make your razor Sil no again Novelty watch Chain and Pendant which at the will of wearer can instantly be change into a penholder and Lack std is. Cd. Automatic Ink pencils 6d. Ejohn Oroo Odiles 2a. Snakes 8a Hice is., crawl along by clockwork flying snakes is. Serpents eggs containing Young snakes 3d. Each amerious Bat trap oust out the talk of Adelaide mesh Vioal engines Jelacio lanterns photographic Complete outfit 103. 6d. Packet of conjuring Zrioka. Contain ing of Carie of 40 bricks 100 riddles age Teri log card trick. Butterfly trick Boj of fish trick scissors trick the Hagio hears All for so. The packet powerful to Eleanope four a pits brass and Cue 9a. Cd. American pocket Corkscrew folds no is. 6d. Amei Ioan go oat Tor Cata equal to a Diamond is. American Cement mends everything is. Per bottle american clothes Button any Man can put them on without sewing of. Per dozen Book of the latest conjuring tricks 2a. 6dl Kazoo Plass any tans is mouth organs from cd. Bicycle clips for trousers la. Per Pur three and four bladed knives. 2a. Mubi oif boxes from 2s. Fid. Eagle Fountain pen three ext takes of Ink one dozen nibs is. By. Any article posted 2d. Extra. U2iwaa?woxl2bo now on View a Large shipment of James Dyton & sons1 and other celebrated makers Sterling Silver and Best electro plate afternoon Tea sets luncheon cbpet3. Butter plates Claret jogs. Biscuits jams am a most exquisite assortment of afternoon Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst i the h. A tedter106, bundle Street. 16wic be Banda by manure ooh ant of Al South a Ostalia looted. The above company to now prepared to Supply their Patent blood manure and crushed Bones As per circular at �4 per ton prompt net Cash. Apply to Phi Mobe it co. Or a w. Sandford & co. 165da0 p. A. Howells and co., 63, bundle Street oppo Atte messes. O. Birj co. Pianoforte 1 organs on the time payment by them. Pianoforte from 30/ per month. Violins Street. Fan Patten Lars see Prus Eutus. Of Kialoo final Mallee boots Coke. In Large or email quantities at lowest oar rent rates. We. Howard Smith & sons Ltd Coal office North Parade port Adelaide. I inc Lound oases bows and strings Complete Outh fit from 255. Mandolins the latest English craze from sub. Other harps piccolos flutes Piraux Organ ettes banjos in liars Zephyr Hornet mute 4c. Tea. In great variety just h. Fray 140 j bundle Street. Losiano wanted to buy. Vnti thu Kia Bif i in paid writ. To \ a a. A. A. A. A. any pan Ftp Fob store and pianos wasted at Onoe boosts Boc Watt right oat for Caw. As 1 now tarnish House on time Jurmain i am pie pared to five re Lealous y High prices for All the . I would Parsons Rev state that Lam not baying for the a attn room As ii of Muller done get whew fac and then Send for me and be the of Cloghe possible Price. The old spot Geo. Odds shop Pulteney Treef. Six Doon ram Pirie Street. Private Addom a per Street Oil Al Indef Street. L the a telegrams promptly attended to. boiler wanted Soro baud Abou 6 & rooter pore 2ios i Microscope wanted a to Tud Eui sibs Jena i net is in Good condition this office. Z239-8 is. Young bars All kids left off cloth ing. Letters attended t0.16, Froomin Street opposite general Post office. 236,7,9 common pigeons wanted highest Price . Motley Jan., Union Street off bundle Street. Adelaide. Zlxi-8 anted to Purchase mull and Lam Iron Gate apply Gato is of Flat 287ma3 wanted to but a be Pond Elsb ticket to broken Hill. Apply stating Price. To Osmond Norwood . 237 wanted express Waggon Hoover preferred one and harness or separate. State Rawest Price. Box 64, 6 . Anted secondhand bhowcabe3, with sliding Doon. Apply Bie Shiok saddlery warehouse Leigh Street. 2879 of anted he Seand Light tip-dr4t state f f Price. Apply f.w.," advertiser office port. Bs7 wanted a Good Strong secondhand buggy that will carry about 18 pm. Apply j. H. He Ken. 0.p.0. Ta7 anted to bus. Moo Ahaad furniture Man or Large . He Mao dealer. 0 Hanson Street mar a or it Spring cart 2 oils 6 hooded Obote x Pony a plug Oart 4 of Labox baggies 1 baggy1 fus Froass wag Gonette 10 Spring drays Vari Ouel Speagh Chook Arta Stroud be heavy Pony expresses s troupes Light s tip drays 8 Aldan pm aeons 1 Egush Waggon 10 express baggies 100 sets single and doable various Barnes heavy and Light horses 1 sew and second land and ponies trials saddles and bridles terms 1 Oneal 1. Bid at Ofa thoth St beat Bisa Best White Edgae lid. In 1 la. Of their famed is 6d. Ceylon Tea and 4 10. Beet White Ngar toe lot for 2s.lmport company 131, or Lojdl Stet so iwo own. The pick of two real Good Yoang cows j with second calf �6.j Hardwicke Hitcham. 23? cheap and Send Post free to any add Feas in the Colony on receipt of one Guinea one of my renowned key bbb a tombs guaranteed for u months. A repairs receive my personal attention f. Of Bernal 248, bundle flt Reeb it. 16riwa25te of bust 1 de webs Noel it Nuhad strongly a made Cedar new a Bare in a. James Oxx amen a Tibet. North Adelaide. Duncan & Affias e Bdil Debs Franklin a tweet Adelaide have on Sale new. Secondhand. Abbot baggies Pony Phaeton lock under Waggon ettes Waggon ettes of aloof baggies spider baggies tillage Phaeton Pony Oart Pond Phaeton hooded bogey exp Rte dec a. Bucko ads of. 89695 Hept tosses also Lew 2ix gallon Iron tanks for Sale . Toms & co. Icephena Piave. 2m-58 Taftt show tic Kab Fob baie my cheap. Jwj Brandon a 67, Boodie St net observe Tot gun Olefae red Boot to front of the Verandah. 8480 cob Sylb fix pairs Strong canaries last up year s enids. Apply Jones bros., Blaas Rittha Tyneham. 237-9 to Elwood. your orders for my Mallee or mixed Wood to the new depot in Hanson Street where it is All Kepe under covet. James cock be 400., Haason stent Wood and goal depot Bolfio or 09, King Wlliam Tenet. To Var Sale a sets placing poncho big. Gis m machines forges mowers Poneys Toa a pressed . Watkin Carrie Street 233.7.40 Tok e Sale a 12 he. Engine a so 16 . A Cornish boiler with font Galloway takes and fittings Complete to Good working order fit for milling or mining App k. Anders & sons feeling. 337-40 Towb Sale right by get two Pooy cite two up tip Days two ponies 4o.e. Of. Dodd Way Moath a feet. 236fi t7wb Sale fast Pont three years old also pm x 1 nil and shades hotel Wil Jam . To Tih b Sale Goat in full milk apply g. J. A Roberts . New Theberton. 238-8 Ottob Sale two exp waggons two Light f Coal Box baggies 1 soon Ulhand Waggon edit and one Pony cart. Act a bothers cacti holders. C., Maine Ore Fen sir out Adalaide Towb Sale cheap new Ana Soo Dhand traps up Phaeton Waggon ettes and buggies of every & Wither Iok War month Eveet. U9wai2s? it us one each double to ? Breed Wooler. To i us. And �4 6sg. Farr Cir of j. Leaver King William Street. Z 837-9 t age new Fonneland dog Fob Balc Ali thoroughbred Only �3 splendid Chance. Owner leaving Colony. Apply organist. Wydom. 236-8 t ape hangings Over 100 Pas wms so choose Jet Tram w. In nets piano warehouse. Pirie at. Louato pianos organs new and Leoon Druid. Alt it violins Flo Tea too Ordons . Wait apart 80, Hladky to Tinct. Intro Manta tuned and Rupured. A09w32 Jont Blackwood vanished do Marx never or been used �16 Worth �30 no use for it. Apply next Boose to Bones & Watt s stare and Street Hindmarsh West. 237-9 Lanos one Jolius Feu in spa valid instr sent almost new �45 also one Uwi a. Watkins. Argyll Street project. Tib-7 t Ianos the largess Best and most Complete it Stock in atut Tust w. Kohns. Pirie Street in Nalo Trong horse Soong stanch also Spring drat and harness very cheap or Exchange for trolly or Van old Bath Woodyard Farad. Nor Wood. 237 9 eve bal engines and boil is from 1j to Al horsepower new and secondhand Gas engines aerated water . A. Smith & 00, engineers wakened Street. 2uu?is7_ to , drays Pond carts and i eth Isles of All descriptions at Low prices at , Curie atones. 237 Fungy Huldana Salem Ian. Sir Ofa Ariea Duka. So Osso add and 600 Tanes very Jow Price ctr onto null i Saran tech delivered free fixed if re Emrel. James o Conneu treet North Adelaide. 169aiac

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