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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 16 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 16, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? shipping. P. & o. Ii e a 11 n w a t i m p a s to for loj took. Caixiao Al louisfc.11 Lviv Alban Colombo. Aden. Marseilles. Libra Muir. And my mount a Liberty to Call at Brimus. ? steamers. Pm Cominardo a. Lclive. Oriental. Ji2sj j. F. Jephson . Ujj Victorua. Fli. 1 Croke Impi i. A Ceres a � Arcadia i060. X c. Loss � it 2s Kome ? a.1. Cowic oru 12 Bialata iss98 w. I Broun oct. 20 Oceana 6ujl. In Crawford nov. 9. Britannia ,.6826i f. H. Seymour nov. 23 Paa Reneera for Brindisi trans lip at port said. Notice to passe hers. Liberal a a Ulues 10 la Uiligi. Whole Cabins a sorted. The accommodation in both first and second saloons is unsurpassed. Passage Tram Europe a can be Arran cd Here. Passengers allowed to break their journey intermediate ports. Tourists tickets India. China Japan a bound the world to get Ivord. Passage rates. Tickets issues Ai ,�.it-i Uirt i. Rates. Special return tickets to London �110 hand books. Time tables and All particulars As to passage Money die., forwarded on application. Elder. 6mitb. & co. Limited agents30sceeowc23sc Orient line. The following steamships under Boyal mail contract we leave Adelaide Largs Bay at ? ., on the undermentioned dates l a mouth and los Dos vis Albany Colombo Tran shipping Jor All Indian port Suez uiua., Naples. Marseilles Andin altar ? Ompah . F. Loren 24 ctr co ? s,i18a. J. Own Seu. 7 obo Tava. 5,sj7h. Collins a. 21 Orizaba 6,29ra. Moffatt ? act. 5 and fortnightly thereafter. Twin Crew. Saloon to London single �35 to �70. Upturn �65 to �110. Third class �15 15/. �17 17/, and �18 18. Saloon to Colombo Sinarle. �22 in a turn �33 to a. We Stern t italia. Saloon �5 10/ to �7. Third �4 10/. Passages from any port can be repaid Here. Hebden tickets first Saloon Between inter colonial pouts Are now. Available for return by p. And o. Steamers having room. Managers f. Creen & co. And Ander. 60s, Anderson & co., Fenchurch a canc London . Full particulars on application to 1l g. Anderson. Branch hunger. Disc Lotc 2s. Cren Fzli Street. Bs8 Loeb ie8 Hab time in Blui to London via Colombo 6 Pabis. Htu amm of he tons under postal contract with Utt reach government oiling at a Elbourne. Adelaide a baht Colombo Suez and Post said we of dispatched monthly a follows a fils res att risen Vemon sep. 4 sep. To sep. Pm it i act. Oct. S oct. T passes toes books to Bombay India China Bat tvs and Japan. Pabb Aoe Moet. Is to �70. In Dadino table wines. Bet Dow tic eeb m be . English so Ken on Board. For apply Dalger a Ltd. Ade Laid Oronea Ferguson co. Port Adelaide. 2waiss Kurth web Vanlloyd . Coy. _1 Kec Dlab Kkt i flab of ? pm Mem stea3iess of Booth Aptos. Astr exp and Jhb be been Callins at pm Mantle. Coumbo Aden Gael port tat id Naples adj Ofida Dundar a contract with the Imperial tar government. Steamers will be a too i ? Meta veto Labos Bat at Moon. Lleni i a a Joe. And. Dam Babb in 6,012 b. Elmi Axil. U Lablab the b.067 o v. Bard Deben sept m Tedt Toast 6,018 & Werner oct. 1 Geba _ 6,086 w. Ueta Sel Sot. U of Bike Bobbt Lote Pold 6.ss8 h. Walter hot. S5 botak j -,99e h. Blacker spec. � Pat Safe Montr trom Adelaide. �14 to �81 creat it i on return Pas specs. Available for nine or to Jve months. Every facility is offered few try to Fly by -. A Toto Over ser coma Pia Rangin May break their Mullitt Sard Del for �14. Iton spec tall in a to Anit All actions. All Ficen so St wards conv Eraut with the English lust use. Vase Ken and is so boots re Roseki to xa0aon. And principal Fiur Opeai. Asiatic Una american part. Passenger Tor i i Are landed at Kiodt Bampton for to nonfat passage and Mil other parti Colan apply to the cents. ? h. Decke of. Bustos Nitto Adelaide and port Adelaide Lund s Unes steamers Lutsi Bow of swered last a teamed Are appointed. It lean the fort Adelaida wharf Natal Cape town. And London skis Sosa a to a show 16 Wakal to. 8,018 tons to follow. ?. George wills & co. Go air Delamt. Port Adelaide and por Firla Tippon Adseh Kaishi. A Manila Host Kong and Japan via Sydney be1sbakk, and towns Rixe will leave a under ? i com i Mel name of fit saw Mander. Bourne. Sydney. Maeh i macs . 9 i . 30 Kasica Mab Haswoo sep. A f sep. 27 these steamers Lave most Superior accommodation for passengers in All class and Are sued with the most recent improvements. Full particulars As to freight and passage from . Mcka Ohabi & co. Peop. Hunted. Agents. 51, Crenfall Street. It ? boots and shoes. ? Mart and. Rvs dle St. Extensive alterations. The front of shop crowded a tax Eye gains. prices will astonish the Pozuc. Note the address Watheen past 113 and 115, Kurdle St. ? 195c boots & shoes. Ladies Glace Button boots from 8per Rair ladies Olaoye Baui opals from 6/11 per pair ladies Glace Button sobs from we per Brandon s 87. Bundle St been. Caw miscellaneous. 0nder this beading if prepaid. Is words Ana insertion. Is. To Iris insertions is. 6j. . Paid iii. i per wok abundant teed Ramins Wai ?.� jury Paradise s. 1 a suns. Veturia a. Jirs. M. E. Abill Bis re Pend uie cat do Pari. ? Pluto Lik Fra Muier. Artistic and cheapest in Australia. Visit will repay. London Rnic inc company Illkucdle-St., o a. Titi s. Cd look. & oomph s steam l be works Cash a place. Suit and Ladin i Ivy is cleaned or Tyvi in a Lew hours ? 22g-8 Ultra shirt Mado tit order and rev.uficd7 1/8 Neckband cil. Cd. Trial to limited. A Hamon St. Or. Wake fled St. S17-3j rabbi does of in it Tor one Guinea Fly Reca sniped minister. Address f.s., this Leoce. ? 2s3c Madame and professor Kennedy . A Hrc Volji adj Clairv Oracia isum Ness health adapt ability. 11. Arcade. ? 213-40 i he reds of a pm Art Comins Al parts of this any to consult a Rok Wir i Aix Juliana on Miv important Busill-9i Rutlt ?. Country clients write Lor or Niculai. Is a to nuns. And Guido. ? i it a. Jno. K. Us Quaill i , and c.-iiers.191. Liun Dlo so. Ladov , Ali Man s suits cleaned and a yrs. 210-37 Madame Lanc. Australia s greatest intuitive Raimist &c., to Linders St. Next mrs. D. By Lenor. i. ? Jim Madame vex a. A tra iii s great sri scientific Raimist late in sullied daily. 31. Want Ter. A do is Al. Jj7-.i Bapt of Fate and character from hand pm ins til Stamps stamped caressed a act a Madani Devino . Iii Cuil . Anu i. I ii. Us to a psalmist in de. Hii Minn s. J ency St. Select and Cunt identical livery by satisfied. ? stopping. ? the Adelaide steamship comply limited will dispatch steamers from in it Adelaide As under circus Isaccs Sennitt Init for Alimam ind fee Skakle. Tax shall i in a _ Fok Pekli its Bolotok All lstt�?i.-wra� 1 Obs. Aki Isaac. On Miliru Zirli rills of Ladimur. Vav Olsowka i Friday i an. 15 1 3 . C.-. Is vie Ari liar -. For and Shoket i in Foit -j57aiessl,am ports. Eau Lujo i Fri Jay i . 1= i . Fo1j i ukr a Noolex. Moo Sta. Wallaroo and r Kan klan i1akbok. Feri Urr ? i a i . H i 3 . Rottis at to like ilex and 1 Irie. With pay Sequera and cargo. saturday i . 13 4 . From Post f1k1e to Sydney c lunch Kutty ? a div Tay . I cargo Hiuet be delivered alongside steamers two hours prior to advertised time on Day of sailing. Passengers tickets issued by this company Are interchangeable with steamers of the . Co. Between All putts. For All information apply to the Adelaide steamship co. Ltd. Carrie Street Adelaide and commercial wharf ? port Adelaide. ? 62c West acts Balsa. The Adelaide steamship company. ? limited. The australasian United Stemac Natica 11ox co. Ltd. Joint service. From port Adelaide to Albany and frer Mantle Tran shipping for Perth Geraldton. . Ports and Ester acc. Sailings As under Wollo Wka Friday. August in. A Koonga ? Friday. August 25. Mautino ? full Day to ten Leer 1. Buli1iba ? Friday s. Passage tickets accommodation or Stock. Lowest rates of fought and passage Money. For full Nar Tinlan apply Nie Ade Laius by Kamsui company. Ltd. Adelaide and port b. W. Macdonald the . Coy Liti Cupric Street Adelaide ? cd on Eton s a fluff. Port. ? 303e . Co., old. The favorite passe Zgeb steamers of above line will permitting be dispatched for a sat. Us Saiga set i tran6hip at Freni Antle. Albou Xibi 1 Het. I a i , j Bibat. August. 25. My a Othor -. I Oneeil Blued forts. J cargo received daily at Queen s wharf of to one Hoar before to iwo a tickets interchangeable after the tint port with the steamers of the it in steamship com Pany limited. For fares and freichels apply to e w. Macdonalo. Ann. Is Catle Bethiar adff1nu-, ? or. Queen s we Lable. Fort. Xii cd oath East posts. By. A for yes Kingston \ Elsie a Beac poet / wednesday a Nernst 16. J. Grice & co Adelaide and Zinemon. Us s a. & e. Umbs Shaieb. Port Adelaide. At Wakefield shipping cd Al pm Xvi Pant. For port Wakefield a of Vaskie Watt fails wednesday. 16th inst. Aida str at s a. It e. . Port Adelaide. ? 2g-s Vij. Meesa 8ebe3 to by Amat stud Sims. X asian Der to to bkg T Issua t a a sat boat. Atv3�? a from Stak Buby every monday leatiaria30a.ixu.aitd xudb8bat. Taitine3pjn. To pox los West Grerr tuesday8.30flora t1kcem Evart week Ebay. Luvin Ioa la ? a. Lemmess Dieb. Secretary. Babilt. Myrtle Holme from London. All claims against this Vesil must be rendered at this office prior to noon. Thursday the 17th inst., or Thev will in . 227-s Civiok e wills & of. Port. That is Short for country order department j just As an attenuated edition of pounds shillings and Pence to it is interesting to note the marked increase in letter orders. We conclude that we Are giving customers every satisfaction and they Are telling \ their friends about thus making new customers. This morning we have a message to clients in the country and it is an important one so your orders and Send them along at Onee As we announce the last Day of last Dat. 5 dozen Only men s coloured Cotton shirts \ usual value 1/3, now re each last Day. The balance of Oil coloured heaver Tibet and a Astracan trimmings ? Worth to 1/3 Yard now at Yard last Day. 781 Yards of Jallack fancy figured Poppins usual value i a Yard further reduced to i a a dress. Last Bay. 15 Only ladies9 Fawn ulu Elz awl Crecy cloth capes lorm collars Usu a value 0/11, Dow of i last Day. 2s Imduk s Urowitz and Siluch Vicuna cloth capes 11 re storm Collar usual value 15/8, now a last Day. ? i 17 Only warm Fleecy blankets \ 4 it. 0 in Nide by c in ions to be cleared at of ii each last Day. I 1 7 14 Yards heavy Cream Flannelette 29 in. Witt usual value la Doz., must be sold a i my Doz. Last Day. 13 Doz. Joys Lilach i Una varsity Caps usual value 6i, further reduced to a. Each last Day. 637 Yards Unble Callied Swan skin to Villod back., 29 in. Wide usual value 3/11 Doz to be sold at � Doz. Last Day. 54 pair Hoys to Hectl or Jolo Lescin picnic cers All sizes usual value 2/11 pair further reduced to pai3 last Day. 714 Yards Cardinal and Black ribbon velvet i in. And 1 in. Wide to be cleared at a. Doz. Last Day. 77 pair ankh is corsets \ � is c7, i a 30 Only to be cleared at / Paie. \ remnant a j further reduced. Chas. Moore 8c co., 70. 72, 74, 76, gouger St. ? snipping. ? the Howard Smith line. Leave now Abd Smith s wharf As follow pc Zwitting ate Alfy. J teem Antte. Ai Elbourn Sydney new Castek Brisbane Gladstone Erkd Fleeba Lockha Upton Hacay to Wen town Vuis ca1ems Post Douglas. . Costa Amble Monda August 21. From Adaren wharf ? a Gabo. Thursday August 17, 4 ? Aaseng is and cargo. . Time. Tuesday August 25. Cargo . Cargo must be delivered alongside Etea ners cot less than one hour before advertised time of sail Peturs tickets Abe with the steamers of messes. Huddart pay . & co. And Clcil Weait Mceacharn. And co. . t. Sons pop Barrary. Ltd. 11?. King miam Greer. Ari Ciauri and North Caradoc port Adelaide. 24c . Pkopkeetak1t, us Zedi will dispatch the following passenger steamers circumstances permitting Albany i Cool Fiardo feb Cantave \ monday August 2l Trabb Ipanis to est to a1jjtok, and til . Posts on throw Job i fat of 1 nning note. Return tick Are interchangeable with messes. Howard Smith & sons and Huddart Par w. B. Cave & co Grenfell Street Adelaide or j. Baku Kos & . Port . 8c Huddart Parker & go. . Us Telix dispatch from port Adelaide i a \ Burrum beet Rhema Nyle j Hobday August 28. To Bougie Bills of lading to Pebb. Begum tickets inner changeable with Hal wraith a Mceacharn & co. Proprietary limited and Howard Smith & sons proprietary. Limited. O. & j. Fowler limited Coc Arf Post West att Stalia. Joint weekly service. For the convenience of shippers and passengers he code rained have a baked to the following steamers at Beglar Date ovals . Cool Galihe. I b.s.bvbbois3bkict, r s Sra tors i ii tag 1 Sambo \ Poksay aureus Tel monday anime ass. Mondat. Sept. A. Early. And read ably every monday thereafter. Lowest Fabes and freights. Dec Etuin tickets Abe Able Leahh. Mech chaw. & co. Of boat. Ltd. Budd Abt. Pakker & co., pbopy., Ltd. Vital Howard Smith it sons pbopy., Ltd. 165c general merchandise. A balk and to Babiye of hoop Iron pig Iran 6crevrs Sheet zins mails Staves galvanized Iron Cement Semper Dulce to Otic Fead Gwire barbed wire wire netting steel droppers Iron Fng. Posts enter phosphate Hio Masda Cave guano jew Imp twines Hoo pacts on Aga beanbags Oom sacks Castor Oil unseen of Hematite paint Bridiga Tahini Canary seed boiled Oats George wills & co Marshall s closing weeks of Winter Sale this week we will offer the balance of Black do is mateeial3 at Verv special and exceptional prices. Need less to say these Abe the Host economical Between-season8 dresses. 100 Yards Black Fouli Serge for 4/6 the Deess Leilet 300 Yards fancy figured corded mohair i Qaq the dress length Black coating Serge Dye and doable Width i dress my Wool Black striped re Pons 8/11 dress Lekuta fancy figured digit it double Kittli 7 the 150 Yards Black Cheviot i Serge �-6/n old a very handsome ii Roche Kepp in great variety and very effective Pat terns be danced 1-Rice-2/6 be Blaed a few stylish and exclusive silk and Wool Bobes at special reduced prices 21/, 25/6, 29/6, 39/6, 42/, 49/6 Fawn and Brown stiff H.T. u6uj Pax T 6/6 for a i 1 Fawn and Brown soft framed H.T. Plain and coloured bands 4/11, Tyll. Or it 11 Black and Brown Terai bats. Uto2/li, a Well assorted Stock of children s fancy Caps 301, 4/11. 6/u. For i each boys fancy Tweed Sailor spliff i Dora �. 2. A 4. A usual Price 4/1l boys Blue Serge Sailor suits sii�80to5-/ufor 2/11 eaes6.7.8, Bill fancy Knickerbocker suits sizes a i 2,3, 4, Sll a ii to be also lancely cleared at 2/6 boys . Suits fancy i a Reaule 6izes � c 7, a usual prices 1 n Caus 6/u, pm 7/u, to be cleared 3/11 boys . Suits in fancy tweeds in ? w Lor 2/1 1 boys three garment Rugby sni#6 sizes a 9. 10. U 17/6orl2/6 a Tor 14y6 the above sizes can also be supplied in trousers suits at same prices. Youths fancy Tweed Trou Sers suits sizes 1, a l�/6 Tor ladies 4 Button Fawn French suede Glove is 3/9 ladies 4 Button French ii ill 4 1l-Aatatkc zen Knish. Black Tannia taxi Over a. Go Paia ladies 4-Button Brussels Clio ves Ink thue and Tam 3/6 paid ladies cycling gloves Tiedel Alma. In Laos and Blates of Palitt 4-Bntton Black taffeta silk Pioves Plain or White stitched backs j?,T1 m usual Price 1/6. Now no. Paid ladies Black evening Sisk gloves above the Elbow usual Price 3/u, now a a paid the last Chance for the double Width i if Fons lots of colors 3/6 for f Tab the last Chance for the Black silk spotted fall nets wte4iay1b the last Chance for the Beautiful tinsel jets for evening Wear ail Coors a for 61d. Yard the last Chance for the heavy hand made ital Torchon lace wide so for 5id Yaeo the last Chance for the is pieces Guipre lace 9m.whie.forjlu.yabi, for the 7 z pieces Guipre laces & ? ride Sil for i valid for the 93 pieces Guipre to in. A Ide sad. For old. Saiid oddments in fancy coloured trimming braids various patterns cd l/00T 125 dozen coloured and Black tubular braids. To dear j / dozen 160 dozen Vandyke fancy Trion Inibig braid All colors to Jeo Fawn Beaver trimming a few boxes left Iowa 3iri you 4 in. Slack Ostrich Feather trimming Toile i Vaud children s a Wooi Black Cashmere ribbed Hose alleges for j1v fil4 Taie ladies Black Cashmere embroidered Hose cd pee paid children s All Wool Black Cashmere socks i id i be Paie children s White Lake Cash Mere embroidered socks a sizes old. Pee paid Feather stitch braids 4?-n cordon braids go. Peb card Metal boxes of Best Quality Linen Botto is 3f dress fasteners or Hooks on tape 1jd e4ca stockinette dress pre servers 3d pee Palitt bodice steels covered. Black or White life Kanii ruled note paper j1d packet led envelopes null off pfc carved Wood brackets with Mirror cad Only Jaq Deach carved Wood brackets larger with Mirror backs Only � a each 25 pieces Floral Tennis cloths i/iipeed0zen 69 pieces Stripe Tennis cloth sa5tame Lor Mae 4pr2g 28 pieces Pink twill flan Nelette 3oin-Widinvt 6/6 a. I9 pieces one Nike flan Nelette to 4/11 pee 1kjzes to Kos smart Lylse it Tang Felt trimmed with b&8 Only if each. Trimmed As above 2/11 each. Colors Kay urow. Watrac and Black. 7 dozen. Stush Black a flex shapes 5/11 for 1each is dozen Good Black Sailor H.T. 1/11 for 6d each 11 dozen Black Osprey mounts to Clear at id each 36 dozen Black Ostrich tips i a for 6d each we Hare just opened some hew White gems and a full Ranee of steel ornaments scarce lines we offer a line of French unmounted roses All shades very Choice for 9d per Spray a householders should secure Apical Decof the Floral plants we Are Selling at go each for House decoration they Are Superb. Remnant week we of Silks Mimm Blade and coloured at Clearing prices. my a Beis opted Aad Ean foe seen upon enquiry. Marshall s to Day ladies ate requested to Echaur notice the extra uivary value we Are offering a High Glass prams in order to reduce Stock before oar final Stock taking on Friday August 12. Boy before August 12 on stylish prams. Note. These prams Are fixed on Best g or scroll Springs with handsome bed varnished bodies Well a Pool tired in Creyonne Bedford Cord tapes try damask and push with Jer tires and fool brakes on the Best Quality the lower prices with pinned steel wheels Nickel mountings and Are Light Strong durable and try pretty. Ojj3s, 3e-�cxc3s s. 6 splendid prams Tri ruched in Bedford Cork fitted canopy and Stone curtains body of varnished Beed Best Lin cd steel wheels 47/v, reduced to 25/ 1stew prams. 1 Only trimmed i Good Floral Cre tonnes fitted canopy. With fringed Border and storm curtains. Good tinned steel wheels and wheel Brake vanish cd iced body 59/4 for4s/. 2 Oaly similar to above in better Quality c7/6 for 55� a few very Blob i be ams with rubber tired wheels perfectly finished Haa Diome Rattan bodies. 85/ 92/ 137 7/ for for for 60/ 75/ �5 10/ 1 each Only very sumptuous and in every partial. Lar and detail distinctly High class Peb ams �9 15/0 �12 12 0 for for �8 0/9 �100/0 for a Veek an Opportunity to Purchase your per ambulatory at the above quoted reduced prices at Marshall s drapery and clothing. Iii Ivington Bouse display a their windows this i types of what is Correct a ladies ? Sailor H.T. for Early Spring Wear also the first shipments of new French Cambric Fob dresses. Shirt blouses. Patte eks sex on application to Martin bros., Burlith Tonhouse. Wilson brige & 00., 114, 11c, 118, end la so Adelaide me of the cheapest shops is town. Buvek5 4jad distributors of Erer thins necessary in the softwoods line for i pc Comfort and convenience of modern urn Wilson brige & go. Are dealers mail soft goods Dica Lebs Only abstaining from Intorf Cruft with any Otylior s by Smiss. Ioe Vou require in the Day Grotius business let w1lsox, a blot. Replenish a wardrobe. Tkv is 4xi to str Ritj Quality for you will obtain Trio list bks its from. Contil Atio of Winti Jit Sale. Durins its Progress offer Jim Wilt you want and wue2 Vou want it warm Winter clothing Leisg the cold Winter weather. Krutan now to August Jot i we Dull make a special of foot to Kedl be oar Roma inns Stock to As Smail a com piss As possible awl to i Ducc Vou fair read to to Licup we Small Oiler you Tho Fallo Viii a Gas at still Tiik be it it loss from Obi Navy Sale 1 juices. So St -5t33s. Showroom r Abc uns which we arc data ruined Liall ice sold i ave left 35 ladies Choice 4i.tmx.es, made of Blackt ilk velvet i ipod and Jet Fine Siik Cluphf. A named or Sii braid and lined pure silk Rcd Wil now to Zebo Price la i 23,. 35/, 12/ each. Those goods were originally Ai old m irom 3a/ to to Eracli a vow ladies cycling skirts in Fawn Xavy Slack. Or Brown Roady for you to on 7,11 instead o 15, s the hollow Prio Sivill enable to Saj a last Pool Liyo to to iii Lim. Tim Tai inc of nor. Winter so Sroi a Ull s Ali ii l Ali mar H.T. in Irlada and colors. 5r�.d-l be l id. 3j., 0j. Scicli the orig i Jil rices from 1.11 in 4/11 the 1a1.an i it ? in w1steii , i ii Ink of Ulinka is a. Tju hts. Flin Neli ri5nn--Lcll, Allt a Sulci i pal iii. A of Ciji Otiis of ii Ritty pc Lac Reens in checks � Rii Antl ombre Chi Els. J a Yard a Bokil a jeep beates yet. Uil Bice s 21-Itich ja1 silk in All colors ii Yard 11 All Navi Sere original Brixiu 1,11 .var.i. Now for 1/3 the remaining onion of Plain Lorelle Clottu for Coats and traits. 2,c tie Jirard. Fob. To Tab bi1ess materials Wilson brige & go. Lai ii , Aro Coxs Xici i. An do you ijk1- 111 y1mj my r Lahl Iti Ash sky. Sulli. Sacks and not Hlls Cutaia ii Incus Diess Riciki uvei., , ,i., 7jd to i Ami 1, pair ladies Plain and i Mey Ceil buttons. 1/3 1/g, 1,-il l tar t Vii a Jetton it Lii tier in Ilcus is. I la 2.11, ? i. And 0,0 dozen Tim Monsur too of Lulaj Nivins 1h0 in tile Box. I. L i. Ladies . Sti Anil 1 astr. Riku 3d. Jid. A i li1 i in oath a garlic As Ulli 1.aii1es helps in i air 1- -11 in the . Tili Itah the latest Novelty for i Kess , Triu . R s kno in Al. Siik i rail Hiilton. Sik i raid and , All Tizes. To. Y-.j., loi.j., 1,3 it is an 1.11 ? Al i coloured in a tilt Rie True Lover s knots. A l .u., and a i iii. Tit a Viii a. Xf.1t, to to Bate to Emieal at Wilsom Brice s. Lilia Utah Bazaar. Rundle Street. A genuine Cleab Asce Sale of baby Vukek under clock pc millinery. And All a Xiv Tiodos at greatly reduced prices prov Lona to rebuilding premises. Pm care note that during alterations business will be carried on at 73, Kumher Street next to messes. E. And in. Blackett 207-97 socks and hosiery c. Wadd Secton a to an numerous customers Lor try lib Oral Patron a. Andishe3 to Cin lie Hab Luale Arrad Txie Coati aaa boxed Toia Rita Liberal Mii icel. A Lii count of 20 pm ctn. Cli Clivi 1 Urcla Aea until on september 4th we open oar summer goads when we shall 1-ave a tron Lisul y of All kinds of goods silk and Wool Plerino Aad Wool and All Wool cd Cliff s of All kind a speciality for Road or rain. All goods marked in Plain g. Wadd Sneton Jiaxu Fautch Teit of All iinds of Kmil Icluiiiinii. To. 1, a mid a Arcade Adelaide. 1s3.2m drapery and clothing. 20 and 22, Hindley Street. first Spring shipments now to hand. Choice French and English millinery. Ladies Sailor H.T. newest. Coats and skirts Spring textures. French Spring dress materials. Coat and skirt mate rials in great variety. French Cambric & zephyrs. French Cambric & zephyrs. French Cambric & zephyrs. Beautiful Blouse materials. J. Miller Anderson co., set Elisa Street. 227c Fitch s Wiit Sale. Right goods right prices. Special of coloured Blouse i fancy Silks. Lil for 1/ 2/6 for 1/6 3/11 for 1/11 4/6 for 2/6 special Purchase of coloured embossed cd vols. 2/11 for 1/6 4/6 for 2/6 col Rcd quilted satins. 4/6 for 2/6 bargains in Flannelette. �0-Iich willed Flannelette in Xiv a. Kejr Blae Aal Cardinal Oil i dozen 32-in?h extra heavy twill Flannelette striped. 3/11. 4/1 1,511 p 0211/1, 2/6, 3/11 26-Inch special line in urd Idal Pale Blue and Rose Pink Flannelette extra heavy /3d. And 7six Yard of fancy Blouse finn elite o/1 1 3/1 1 Doz a Bever Bililc eed and Black Flanne Leue 4/11 per 45-Inch fancy Flannelette Choice patterns q1d, 1/, 1/3 card Cream Flannelette a a 2/h, 3/1 j loan 22-Inch extra heavy Cream Flannelette i if i qj2 dozen it i 1 jackets capes. Balances of lines to Clear. 20 it Ulack jackets assorted styles Sll to 1sjc. -�-5/ll 15 ladies Green cloth jackets 15/g to 19a All ior8/ll Al ladies Black jackets assorted 15/6 to 22/g. All for8/ll Odd menu in jackets to Clear Only j./1 1 eacl1 10 ladies Green cloth three Quarter capes braided and flounced 22/0 for i of a a ladies three Quarter Green cloth capes i or collars 2vfar12/ j Dot department. Good boots. Cheap boots. Stylish boots ladies Strong leather ral morals. Hieb leg 4/ti Man s Stroni Idun Arin nailed Luchers jv11 children Ali Lyle Balmoral solid leather sizes 7 to in Ali sizes ii to l 3/1 ladies Satin calf Oxford shoes Scallop ramp 3/11 Lien s Strong leather Oxford shoes. Toe Caps. 4/11 ludic Glace kid Luord shoes Patent toe Caps 5/5 ladies White or Cream Satin evening shoes 4/0 infants Patent strap shoes beaded 2 to a 1/8 ladies Trong Lealier lace doors Spriggel 3/11 Alec s Strong watertight ulu Chera nailed Orsari sed 5/6 ladies glues kid two strap Gem shoes Loeb apr Bill infants Levant Balmoral size 3 to 0. 1/11 men s Satin calf Balmoral Levant be sewn is men s leather Lep in from 4/ per pair ladies Glace kid Oxford shoes toe Caps 6/6 for cd Pate sent Post free. Fast orders receive special attention and Patch. The Corner Zundlo & Pulteney its. Lex la g z a t it i As 3b zs1. A the reason is now drawing to a close Wilson Kice. & Pant want to live you a first class suit cheap. To Paturas of Good Al Liiv tweeds to Schect Frorup. Is it made to order for �1 19/6. It style and Finizii in rant i or Money returned. Wilson a inc. & c4�3ipaxy, ta1uoes. Jct undly St Ket. Assunde. S17c this modest 00lum1 la a quiet made Sigma Way names Nonast Mont 7 saving 3.ic63 for All and that s the swedes to kind of if sic for the economic in tier. . 35 pieces fancy White dress muslims Tobe Cje Irig Law Ini 1 19 Only ladies Flannelette dres la sing gowns de pric gym 18 dozen ladies heavy Woolette skirts Levi Nsoto Yaj 13 pieces 40 in. Plain Grey dress material for Spring Wear Tail a i ii � 15 pieces 42 in. Plain Grey dress materials for Spring Wear a Jim 10 pieces 46 in. All Wool electric dress Serges for Spring Wear Clearing Briix a Debs 9 pieces 46 in. All Wool Cardinal dress Serges for Spring Wear Clearine Price of motes 9 pieces 46 in. All Wool Brown dress 5 Serges for Spring Wear. Ommie 13 pieces 46 in. 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Lars aprily to . Itimus scr. Earl of Neomoi Lloyl. Flinders so. Adelaide. ? Rilo Storck no co store in be tiled Ala Al Triet for Sale stuck about �800 Loar ant Tal apply Cuti Cura this Olson. 22ks1 anted a bal store a Ith wine Zenob preferred. State particulars pm tort Adelaide. ? a St a voted. Milk bound Norw or re a ? preferred. An ily of oms Soe. Anttell Good Uilk about 38 of. Gods Ith or without coins. Fard cant and air six 10 Ouin Ractor Dies office game a Ilomaki r. Jan buoy to suss in Isi nor Thorn Tom for Sale no n r liar Casy ingoing. Apply Spring this hrs ?. ? a Tii 15akehs, Stor keel eks a splendid business adv Esta Bitsue in Knutel in duality. Situated on main business Sontz of Airt til Ivy sively to be soul a ill build Stoki ool set right a skit. Imlej. -rl3r. And Vizie shop with Moss a apr torts Wal built Ila Knouse and oven Lor Aat train Stora Diaff Muse Oder bios raft. Frontal x 163 it. In 4lepa Cnoc reblock. Stock May be Binben at a Dayieb. To be old a going concern. 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M0ltzf1vex to Are Only genuine and Szurant Cdv do alien they beat this first in Isis. Foremost Ever since. \7 s7 the Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co., a 58. Franklin Street. Adelaide. Hark

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