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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 10, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Btu Ping Adelaide to Lonpo it g Date. Usa it nil Oom Marvier Lavt Dawald Afara Auw to. Thuer. f.i., beak 2sssrm mob if. Fla som. . St. Oct 1 Fuli Siaa Raul. Bollard. . Wed nor. Z a Juho 808 Al. Poy Denot . Bau Deo. S act Siuw. Walo. Imler . Hon., Jan. 2, i 3 wars for Aua at heals. Can bios Oubri Isis to Kara Manel Lea to los Doii issued Bere journey m boors onto. The company Psi bin is will to compant through passengers Jim Kanell Leato Paris and London. Luggage Oon Syed bbb by Steamer Tram Marseilles to London ate Tab stewards. Mottoh now carried. �20 to �8?. Is unborn a to my. Bpm Clubb a it Tefft line wins Fasson acct re booked than mob to Liau Kitich bunion and Booth Albi Civita be Scheuss. Rss Sengen booked to , my Branch Fine from Aden. Obago booked Tea rough to Harre Genoa Antwerp Ourk Hamburg Barde tax and London. Pm Tio m ?.? Tol a p. & o. S. N. Co. Under Boyal mad Goa track will dispatch tha Topow a Nemm for Lonbon. Cal hog at Albany Colombo Aden brim did Halta Tibbal Iab and ply tits Sana s eos. Oyobu Najdat. 1 lers Acadia _ Breaw. B. Andrews by Hal aug. 17 bomb �648 a. A Danidl Doc. 31 Balla Abat 1748 b. Ashdown sept. 14 Rabba Uatha p7l b. G. Tuomy. Re b. Sept. A has Ilia. Tai Safraner oot 12 by Rabia. 81671. Orman oct. Is Carthage 6013 m de Home nov. S Victoria. 620s a. W. Adamson nov. 33 Oceana a Mart Stewart pea. 7 first and second Saloon Pawnee re allowed to Steak their journey at intermediate ports. Cables Issue jul on special terms. Liberal confessions Mads a Tom Ilia during the Slack paid Tiitu season. Ass Sam from of Gand aaa be arranged Here in the second Saloon us Arran Emente have been Jajean Ghlyn reorganised Khe overed by Figg of pay jags Mohit. To London a first Saloon 89 to jr9 to italian ports do. _ _ 66 to a to London in second Saloon _ �80 to �87 co italian parts do. _ _ 430 to �8? Baton tickets from c6bto�u6 cargo see sred in Fol e . On the Honda and Atoa Seffl noon in Kite Torso it prior to Steamer d3 nature. Or handbooks and All Nfn Natton apply no Eldeb shish. It co old coed. Arc Dos. Bolgla Obde it mob of total Hail St saves. The following Boyal Han steamships be Ion Faur to Tim Orient and Pacific companies Wilt leave Adelaide semaphore to 18 Nova on the dates for Plymouth and London via Albany Suez canal Naples and bean a. Tons commander. Date. Of Nitrai. a. G. Darty aug. 10 Osum _ ?,?3. Aug. 21 obo Tava 6i6s b. Stoddert sept 7 Oburea _ is66sil.hay.bjs3. Sept 21 Anst Ai. 15,58 oct. 5 Caco _ 3.915 a. F. Anderson Oak. Is Othir 7.00 d j. F. Rat Ven soy. 2 oui Aba _ 16.057 a. W. Rourke of. 10 Sobota j 8.067b Lavington soy. 13 and Kortni statly a hereafter. Saloon passed Ftp is to wot to break their Journy. Knt be of Abib reserved on most Liberal passage Monet. Atom �fi&,�ss.7oi Coon sch a �30 and �87. Surd _ two berth Cutas is each adult. To. Hoor Bertli Cabins �29 Caa Radart. Steerage _ open berths �17 us. Each adult. Third and Steerage rates iodide bedding Sesi by Edos. A. F ssi Orsic Retura tickets at reduced rates. Prepaid passages Oboh London. Special facilities Are no afford red for Btu Jinx out mends and relatives by the prepay meet of passage Soone Here at above rates. Hanae ers of. Teen it 00., and Anderson. Ander ,6 co., Fenchurch Atento London dec. Fou Buti Cults on Asril Tattoo to i. Taw a fairer Bio 28. Grenfell great. To of Obi knt for London. A special i 3bain of Passenheim and visitors Stu Lea a and Elmek for Matt Larga pier at 9j o Man. On wednesday -222-3 h 5 ask soy Branch Miniger. A food Lloyd. Div a. I secular monthly line of fast Pae a sewer area to Sodyn Upton a twerp and be ugh. Calling v onto mob Aden Suez port said and Genoa can acting rth maa and from port Sam Toj he Tai Joder a 9 Conraot with the Imperial cd ii Loverni int. Steamer win be Lof lows steamers. porn maw. It. And. be Jig Rhamad Ang. 15 16.079 Meier sep. 12 Honesz celebs 8.092 Ivon cot Len Job 12 Habib vhf18,084 Schmolder Utkov. 9 a Branch line to Samoa and tongs Steamer saves Sydney on crr iral it each Steamer tar toes a hands. Passage Money from Addams to Bremen from �11 to a great red Ninoos on return Pat Sevres available for six nine or twelve Manga. Very acuity is offered for Bra Gunj Ooi Trie Oasby is went of Pasage Mimey Bra. Cabin passengers May break their journey. Lien specially arranged to soft and Aat tons. 2dfficasinaewhdj Oan Renuart with the Nash a Enate. Rassen Persand cargo booked tic rough to London said principal Smo Pesa Asj Atlo and american Iris Frigm the Kog Jand an landed at . Id fat re passengers win land and embark at Largs j Rorr debt. Passage and so other parhoma apply in Hie fat rec. H. Hubosky it co Adela Dei port Wawa. T verb Watt of St Bambes a bold in London via ports As required these new full powered fast steamers Are a Sav appointed to leave the port Adelaide Bart and ont ports As required As follows v _ september 3. It Job a a october. Tabb Awonga to follow. Wil Oaksia _ _ Sof How. So event accommodation for a a Secis. Cos Goode m Leo port. A team to Lon Doh via hew aka offs a land Cape Hon. And d Suez canal. Stout of i toss. I Toavs Tom Hub. Inn i ,712 stars Day amjn3t3o a Wmk tuesday. September 27 fares trom Adelaide to Londos Saloon stogie�3li 10s. Ret Joel �90 10s of arable for 12 souths. Steerage made. �20. Apply Hab bold bbothkb9l Sec Adelaide and port Adelaide. To sigh Steah ship Ooi Pant Toffi Ytje . Hubs Boya Hail to seat be tabs through America. The . Alameda will Bay Sydney on set Rcv r & for amok Ltd hos Oluic. A Sah Kas Iboo. Horn it tit Tir nire no Ametta Tud great Britain. Be magnificent seamen of the above Campoy is dispatched a follows Wallig at All new Klad id a a Sudan ports. Rew Kalard Btl Felt. From Helb oubs August 16. Wai pea via Ano Kludt from St Kkt. _ hat octo via Wellm ton. _ Aas Jmst 16. For rates of height and passage soph as3k . Fronce and provisions. T o of a and retail by Tonjia. It Allee. Hotels. Beam Granta. Nil bit a Slid slur heat preserved. Mean to Tau. Of 1. I 3, and Eta. Cut Best la be Tori. 4s varieties oases contain for 86 i. I Oasis a. V heat Cibek. Bao Ixl bams unsure Naesea Steu to Mner oos prizes aa4 Sadala. Fey the Boa or Side Over 1.000 Weil seasoned Hamlin Stolk. Tie Boki cob set and cock m 8. A and l Attu cask or to bag largest Stock in the ook Raies and Mcvay my do Maothi est try Assini iii a unequalled in Quality. ?stabow3,Pia?,ao4 an pc Buo 9eb7�b up phed k Fob Price Usta wholcb4j,k Aso a " address it attn it to t. Of is jew noisy Trosa. Flat ajar shipping. My Adelaide steamship Oomman Otto a at Heb steamships at Ondrei i wat Melbourne and Sydney in Queensland ports. 8.8. Inna Hincka _ i silk. I an. 13 i s.l6p.m 841. i sat. Att 20 2.15 West australian be Oviok. Hot Albany and Fem Anub Tran shipping to All Northern poets 85. Bull Are we Dokell Bay. . Emu _ _ tuesday aug. Igi 1p m. Western Bays service. Fob port Elliston. Streaky. Venus. And a wife b Bays. . Llera Friday August 12 6 freight to venue Bay most be paid by shipper. Spencer s Gulf service. Fob . Mokhta Wallaroo. Not Franklin Harbor is. Ferret tuesday i aug. 161 3 pm. Calling also at la prob a Cove this trip. Kano no cried Mil 11 am. I Fob wms to Nita. Pub in. And Obs . A investigator saturday August 131 6 Ouiroz new ital a 1 pm. Day of sell we. John Tornbull eur off. 2?3iuo Oolite Chambers on urls Stegt. Aim a. It cd debt. Parker ofltd., my. O will dispatch forsde3g? Albany. Behan the and other a a Western australian ports. Asunder 8 s. Kem Ebi wednesday August 17, at Noin Flinders saturday amen Sec 27, Anson. . Nemesis going through to Geraldton. For freight or postage apply 238,6,8.80 p. & j. Fowler. Jii t7ob be pintle West eth aus a j tit Ella. Is la Beatrice Dot loading open to take few tons explosives. Siiss Early. Apply lion Riu Bryard t 2 -9c part and town. Juja. 17 o b Abb o s s a Fate Etwina laflmgl1 Prince wharf port wednesday at s pm. In prof of tuesday. Me & nuo Keb fort. General merchandise. Obj Mer bomb it co. Have of balk on the i spot or to arrive Stone Cui Noesi b. Bottled by o Brien the " Dagger Brand Edmonds celebrated Fig hmm. Whisky scotch Balantine club Brand in bulk. Shelving dear Pine Spruce deals alb. Eastwood Hickory Walnut . Flooring. Kerosene Crystal water White . Turpentine. Betin dark and Ekht grades. Plaster Windsor usos Diamond Brand. Oak Staves Lor wine casks. Champion s vinegar balk and Cut. Tobacco and cigarettes old judge Brand. Span Choice Havanna la nor de caustic soda so per cant. Sods Ash. Of Fichte of soda. Felt Shektung and boating. Dynamite Ane detonators. I linseed of saw and boiled. King Windsor Asbestos Cement Tor plastering walk and ceilings. Teas Low to medium Congo us new season s. Rescind Yeats All descriptions of Queensland heat Export company s Brand. Indents executed. Ilsc ,, out Tiee a m Bati and 10 Abbink Wool sekt sted standards Bias tons corrodes steel droppers Stry Abnee in ban wires Nuen Odaline potato bags steel wire kerosene Nan bags Iron win Oak Staves Ore age galvanized wire flooring sewing twine Farb adware deals galvanized Iron win setting shelving Flatiron Fig Iron american door Blok Sheet Iron hoop Iron Piaster Sheet Lead English Coke no Oata Sheet Zinc Hematite paint Oatmeal axes Oan Hosoda Jse a Cement Whiting indents of ail classes of Kacaba tires executed at unrest terms in All parts of the world. George wills it go., Cavendish Chambers Bonafe Grenfell Flotree. Business wot Acea. A c Muller be stood offers Bis am Stock of a general Stork for Sale and a Jer to intending buyers to apply at once before he offers his Stock to the Public at Keelung Aff prices. A. C. Mailer. Brentwood. 213-tl reihe Bra hard manure company of Al sooth Australia a vexed. The above company is now prepared to Supply their Patent blood manure and crushed boxes As per circular at �4 pet ton prompt net if apply to Pridmo a co. Or a w. Said food & co. 18sd0 to a fid known. The Auer Oak Novelty shop is Erikg Wilyah so meet. Adelaide. Tarjer month organs 6d, is is 64, and As very Superior. So 6d clockwork woe lifelike Lse Aoh cockatoo cans. U each Hod Al boxes. Is 2s de 3a 6d, and is Pmarie poise 4s Wile proof Pax de knives new kind 3s 6d, 46 And be Patent safety Azoir 3s 6d and lob Baa or paste pots an Edge on a. two9d finest Pebble spec Tades 4sd per pair Why by 12s and us else where. Ahab Evanter games Sace game 6d to 2s to soap 9d tiddlywinks is go dominoes and Boond cornered flaying cards la per a Good Valet Antom Stio pens three extra Ink takes 12 nibs is cd letter locks. Is 6 1 six Penny savings binks All the rage6d fret aws so per dozen 2s 9d per Gross 6ptendid Fretwork out fits from 2b 6d to 9s 6d Drill and Bita 9d american air 3ifle, kills psrrovr3 cats a 7s 6d Greit value bound Eustis for Rha Ghais 6d Kazoo plays any tone. Is Magio pocket lamp 6s Complete boxes of conjuring tricks toll instructions from is american folding pocket scissors is 6d and 2s. Every line of Best cutlery kept. French goods. American Cement mends everything. Is Hsio Tinner mends tin Iron Copper of. Is per bottle. All articles posted. 2d extra. 15flwaokwcls8o violin a cases bows and Etz mrs Oom Piete out fit from 355. Mad oui use latest jag i i craze bom sos. Zither harps Pico Oloe Bates Phasis Organ ettes rata Joe. Guitars Zephyr Cornet motes a to., in create variety just b fray u0 Bonndie Street 18a of a Tau Mallec Sozos. Loss i Large or Small Quao Trueg at Bowen current Ratel. We. Howard Saith it 8088. Ito Coal office. It crts Parade. Port Adelaide. Chat Organ Broncie or lessons pipe on com filet two Lla Naal inst Menli Ith pedals 17 stops. Cd Cage of organists . Fart j. B. Fray organist and Chou master St. Peters Ojenek Orean Bondio. 15% Bandie Street. Fc3 Parton Lars see prospects. Is Aioo p. A. Howells and co., 53, bundle so been of Porte Mew a. O. Birb Foo. Pianoforte 1 organs of the the payment system. Piano Pottss from 30/ or month. Violins trom 30/4ccokdeons bom 10/6 All the latest novelties in Mobil received every month. Tuning a repairs of the Chor Teet notice. Brass string bands completely bed out. Prices a a catalogues on application. L2aai? now on View a Large so Brest of James Dixon & Soss act other Cele Kratish makers Sterling and Best leg Tao plate aft Kronos Tea set 3, is chaos cbcet3. Etter plates Clauet Jogi biscuits. Jams. A Mok req curve assortment of Art Yunoos Teaspoons. A. 1,. Brunkhorst h. Amnah pm. Fiu Kole Street. Wic b. owl e r Pac Fisi Ovid. To Fien full St feet. To so pm e. Tie whole i the valuable Stock Jim a watch and clock Fiur a. to o u Ctet work Mao Cines Earl and . Tools Piti Ern and fancy goods Wata makers latae ft-., at con Suen Bly below Cost pricks. Clbab4sce Sale Fob Oak Hohtu Okly. 195iw233 shipping. Ryphe Howard Bateh use. New vote. Forter Bedu Odon of passe Geff Fearel. In Laloo. Be torn. Abb. Co hex Unroe cello 0 a 10 0 0 v by Doey .100 i 1 a eights at lowest Bates. Wit front Tvan shipment to Brisbane for and St debt bib Bank hat Borough boo Hampton is. To Nowarra Hao Kat Tae Day. August 1. 12.15 now stills a to Geraldton is. Barr Abool oath no tuesday August 1, 12.16 port Douglas . Souk town vhf Bedat iffy. Normanton Bork Towk j Fob ports Pribik. Abb Skib and Augusta. 6.8. Koko Owbra wednesday Ang. 101 11 . Be cheapest and most oops entente route w boo exam Hill. Salons. Begum. Of Orenta. To parts101 1 u 0 Mil 1 to Cachuela. 110 0 210 0 100 Mai Bmith and oars wharf. It re Oablun passengers Are Snopl led with Rood and full Paru clan in App Catton w w. B.cavbftooafen., area Fen Steeve Arelaus 22siuac Upson flt Roet. Port Adelaide. Bedroom slippers _ .10 House boots _ _ _. In " leather elastic sides _ a c leather brachen.? o " Strong hungarian lace _ _ ill Strong leather Bate Hooks and Caps. To maids Abas lands Levant Bale ugh leg fill hats elves lands leather bars Fah leg .46 maids i isl arid 2 leather stockyards. Such Dren 10 to 18 Levant Bate _ _. 11 10 to in Levart Elasho sides 4 n 10 to 18 leather Bau ugh leg .88 10 to is leather stockyards .3 11 " _ _ 811 6 too Levant Eta Soo fides or Bale. 11l " 6to Sleat Iier Ala. Extra High in " 6to 9 leather stockyards _ _ 2 a to 6hall shoes Good value .16 1 Itoe framed a noels -18 Fufa to Sto Sumii 4 fancy soap shoes _. 0 v infants l to eld carte Mee .11 . Country orders win Teo Efre prompt att a too Shea remitting Stamps should be a Olied if possible. Floe list pot free . So Techt address Waken Phat 118 asdii6, by Hulk St Bex. 14swabw235h?-Ssg Ball season. A of ladies and evening and dress shoes Jusi Tohaid and suited for uie season. Lattes Satis shoes. All colors from 5/6 up Bra Don b shoe warehouse 67, blk Elk Street. a 414. 182exaw Public Oom Pames. Tube bin Coal mints Sest Dicave. A meeting of persons interested in the above Syndicate will be held at the arbitration Rood Pirie it ret exc Binge on wednesday a guat 10,1692, at s 30 . Business to receive directors report and piss a Resolution to wind up the Syndicate. 215.51.3 c. A King. Secretary. Peel Riv for proprietary Gold mixing company to liability. Notice is hereby Given that an shares in the above company non which the seventeenth Callol one Penny or scare due february 10, 182, Renu uns unpaid Are forfeited and will be fitted to pc bloc auction at the office of the company. Commercial a Barbers Gilt ert Placa Ade Laide on hid at Angust 12, 1892, at 11 o Olock in the Forenoon unless in Vito by redeemed. Payment of the Call will be received up to 2 pm. Of August 11. A. H. Scarfe Legal ust niger. Adelaide july 26. 158. Tilt ii Peel River Propri Earv Gold hiking company to Lia Bilik. Notice is hereby Given tint the directors of the above company have made a Call the nineteenth of orb pm ski per share on All Sha is numbered from 1 Tom ,4s3 incl sire due and by weat the company commercial Chamb re Gilbert place Ade lame on wednesday August 10,1892 shareholders in remitting Call Mast add Poi Tnge and Exchange to their fee que and Forward scrip or numbers of shares upon which they Are paying. A. H. Scarfe Legal hangar. A Fla de. J by �6,1832. In 2. Mue Brilliant extended Gold j. Mixing company to liability. Notice is hereby Given that a sixth 7call of tube Pesce per Shore on ail contributing shares numbered 25,001 to 76,000 inclusive is due and payable to the manager at the registered office of the company nos. 18 and 19, Ware Chambers King jul Ian Street Adelaide on or before wednesday the tenth Day of August 1802. All shares upon which the Call remains unpaid on that dts will be liable to forfeiture. All country cheques must have Exchange added. Gbo. 3eascv. Manger. Adelaide Joy 26,1592. 80910.23 Tiue my Cidison in is i dated g9l. X Uinins company. No liabii.it7. Notice is hereby Shen the t the time for applications for Sii Puijs in the Olive company has been extended to the St Isett Ehser . Shareholders in the Connelly and Robin son oompanie6 Are a wrested to apply Kiihr mately for the shares to Whit ther Are entitled in tie above company and also to Lovitte for tis Sfer into their own is Meany scrip Overtin Citco held by than in the Watnea of others the snap resister of the Connelly and Roi Insan Cin poits having been re opened Tor la purpose. Tin bacs of Awa Ance Mua or. Eagle Chambers Pirie Street Adelaide a East 9, ifc92. 25j.5.8 shares. For sat a a tev shares in the Keiss Ashli Lackwell Patent Ratt. Moist co have been Laii Down by uie a a Tbs govern wet in b in y on Hie i an or Mey. App y cc.s.,"u is paper. 421 missing friends. Tip user Ihor a ii a to Tjai Jeu & Sou is Oliu lors Uin Rte Liuzi Streec. Ade Lase. J if Iti. Shoum Mech the be of John or Souert clerks Uius Fig of Cir new Tsitir a of Jour Wiiiam would be Gud to hear Tutu them. Address or. W. Clr Mee Western Ali iii rooms Williim Street Melbourne. It Amati of. Koch. Hui in them to Vuu uie re is x 6, g . 2 2 drapery and clothing. J. Miller Anderson and co s Winter Sale. Special bargains in evening dress materials. Silk department. Eib faille Francais corded silk sin Golden brawn Myrtle Heliotrope. Old old slates and Oliver aug now of j Yard 27 and 9 Inch pure Sill Pongee in Olive Myrtle Boyal Blue Cornflower Blue Marigold old Gold Bronze sky. Grey Heliotrope and Baa de no 3s 3d anal ii now 0/3 ass much figured us Kanfi Greys fawns electric fru Bose eau de Kut 0d for in 1 Yard 22-Inoh printed Pongee 3, 2s 6d for i in Yard s5 in Chintz Pei ted Fos gees lighter oils sol Dror 2 guard 20-Inch ony and wite and Fanti and White spot Pongee 4s 9a Lor 2/1 1 fwd double Width chiffons in evening colors 3s of to be cleared at o/3 7 21 in. Black Becote Silks. To Suku m Sot 3/11 a novelties for evening Wear. Pa6eementebie trimmings quite new goods in Gold Silver. Gold and Silver mixed Brown and old and be Taic and Gold 6s 9d for 4/9 do., in Gold Silver and Good mixed other Colon. It so for 0/0 Yard do., in Silver god. Heliotrope and Gols Brown and gom Silver and god Aud Eliot and steel 3ssd or a a Yard also narrow Trimm no at jd., / d., nd., and 1/2-5 111 Tosca Feinweb. In Gold. Silver steel. Gomand Iqrar and Black and Gold 3j inches wide 4b 3d reduced to 3/1 1 Al do. Do., Gold and surer Only 6 inches wide 7s u for 5/11 so do., Silver Gold and Silver Gray an Silver 10 indies wide 1386 d for 1 to 3wrd fave Jott opened a Orch Assort Lien of these fringed Waist ornaments Jet Gold Silver steel. Gom and Pear and steel and Pearl from 4/j 32/6 ech Gold Miuta a bbad3, i Inch and 1 Inch wide jux and Turquoise net laces sad for 5/9 sad Pearl skimmings to Ftp Tor"4 j 6 cd Tor 3/11 3atd 1 Only handsome Deabi. Bodice set. 28j 6d for 19/6 deep ornaments very pretty styles to Pearl steel Givand Uoo Etone. Sod Silver Admoon be 3/9 6/6 Witozen. White Beai a and Pearl kerb Black beaded heis and net laces laces and lace edged skirt feb lungs 7eablba, Basque and skirt laces from 7 to 4 inches wide and All the latest novelties in Eimm tags for evening Wear. Opera cloaks. An excellent Selchon in three Quarter and Long shapes at a took i if a dose. 1 Only Pinki to be chewed at 7a to be cleared at a or o 8 h d 1 Only Fawn with Hood �3 5 for a / cloth cloaks embroidered yokes. Ib6fcr.�6 6 s s White and butt amp Long a tooth White for Nej tas to be cleared at 47/ 3 fix bal dress gabkocbe3, fax ral few knee a urge variety at dealing 3/11, 4/11, 5/9, 8/9, 10/9 a ban jul select in of fans from 7 it 32,6 to evening gloves and Nosteby i Oie latest styles. J. Miller Anderson and co., to aks is. Hindley Street. 219 c a org the Tew articles for Winter Wear now Bema Inin g unsold Charles Birks & co s How Boob the Foh owing Are particularly worthy o notice having been again reduced in Price for absolute clearance Viz. Ladies jackets ass to 49s 63, for j Ujj in ladies Clotees. A t to l a ladies mantles. In Phr a ladies cloaks. /hai.f-Pbiob. Giels 1 jackets. \ at girls clbij4bs.j half Patoe. at o h a sortie no oath above goods is now very income note 1b fact the Stock is almost exhausted. Every remaining article however perfectly Sood Oon Ditzon and Flor Wing alone is Worth pm original Price Bat our Rule must be adhered to. Aad the goods Musi be sol this season. Oar remnant Sale win be continued for a few Days Odly. Dent a Taro secure some of these a Seal mate rms which Are being rapidly cleared at nominal prices. Charles Birks & co. " Balf year a Sale now drawing to a 217-23 Waddingto n s knitted clothing of All kinds Tor Wear and Quality cannot be equalled. Nothing but Bris goods manufactured Cardigan jackets for both ladies and gentlemen. All kids of Onde Breut for ladies Anil Gem Lessen in All colors and textures. Hose and socks of All Kindi g. Waddington no . 105iiw2i6 Hall & Sav Agib it Zekal drapers fashionable tailors and outfitters. A , add Laid same Side and 3 doors West of Arcade. Tailoring Oitt speciality. We Best proof Rattre satisfy lotion a fire is found in the fact it we Are Al Vajs buy in this department fila to drapery and clothing. J. Miller Anderson and cos Winter Sale. Stocktaking bargains. Carpet department. 60c Yards Besl a orbit 5-Frune Brussels carpet ing with Borders new g ois slightly water stained. In three patterns Romul prioe6?6d, to be cleared a 2/11 3 / 6 Yard 1 piece to a Yard wide Best Brussels Stair carpeting water stained usual Price 10a, to be cleared at la Yard 400 Yards Bert 6-irame Brussels without Bot Den. Putnal Price Fie 6d, to be cleared at a a j j tapestry carpets about 1,000 Yard to be denied at Bijj and Oll 3nl 3 Large Wolseley admin Bleb Hall Squab be 7 it x 4 it. 6 in. 755, Rednold to 45/ 3 Only handmade Axminster bugs original Price 70b, to be cleared at of in Wool hats id All the Dew shades All greatly seduced Shyba heart bugs -46e, reduced to 37/ j 37 8 6d. ? 25/6 linoleum and flooboloth3, remnants nearly All new goods to useful lengths muted Down to Clearing prices linoleum Wash stand hats slightly Dina edit a Deawn 2/ 6, 3/6, and 4/6 remnants japanese matting suitable for raw rooms and bed eiris at Clearing a bikes English Cane lounges and chairs at very pedal reductions 2 Only beet English White Willow Arm chairs 758, Lor 57/ j lace curtain department 10 pairs sew mohair curtains Beautiful goods 42reduced to of a 8 farm Madras Oriental Solo rings 30s. Is Doo Etoi i / is pairs do., 88i 66% reduced to on a 0 Nan do., tem Stu shades 26? go reduced to 17/6 m old Gold Canvas curtains with Handi Tnp Plush Stripe Dado 28s fid. Reduced to 24/6 3 fatal Only Madras cab Taos 35?, reduced 40 21/ 2 pairs Only do., 25s 64, reduced to Oil 1 All silk Orange 455, a diced to 32/6 a steady. A we Are Clearing oat and of these at very special Abouo Iionka Fallon original Price 67sd for 37.j 4. Co. For Ajja 6, " �6 7e6d for a i 1. " �1 10s for Foj Job. 2, v �1310s Tor a j a a. J. Miller Anderson and co., 90 and 22, he Idlet Street. 219 sky Cor re & co. Our successful stocktaking Sale is now Duncing to a close and we Are glad to state that Jearly All our seasonable goods Are sold except a Levi tines m ladies jackets and Ulster Merit overcoats taxi. Suits which tee Are dete tuned to dear at desperate prices to make room for mix sew season s goods to arrive about 20th . Revised Price list. Ladies Fawn and Grey cloth jackets 10i 9d to 21b m. For 4a lid ladies Stocki setto do., eed 89 9d.1259d.j89m ladies Tweed Ulster a to dear u us 4s lid 6j lid 88td,109 9d about 100 Varcolla Cittee u us Worth doable fur used cloak 17e by. by 26e so i rimmed bats this Eean e goods. Is is us. A lid. Hen overcoats. 6s us to9d,l2gd,l&e9d,? ask for these goods men s suite is 6d, 12e fld ibs 9d, 19a 9d, 25a so men Troue Ett and vests mud,be9d. ?9d, 123 9d, is a Abo Tsoo dozen world nor Hen s starts at is is 3d, in us. A sold each urn table damask fir 7jd, fld is is 6d, is lid Yard striped Flannelette is lid 5s us 6a us 4s used is edit non ask for this line hew Helton dress goods 2s us 4s lid. 6, us Dozea Black Cashmere grand value 7jd, old is is to 1 lid. 2s lid Yard 100 cards Only. Black Lustre 2s 9d Down Suo Yards bilk velvet watch up to of 3d Yard for is 3d Yard Hen s Light hid gloves is Nab ladles 4-Button Dent s kid glows impair a Milos Black Cashmere gloves us upped. 6 d Piir women s and girl s Cotton Hose is Dona pain women s Cashmere Hose. 6jd, id is is 6d of Wihren a Cashmere Home up Lloyd knee and ankle i a corks is 9d,s 114,38 us. 4s lid stud pair umbrellas is is Udud 3s 9d, 4s 9d, 63 9d, 6s 9d Oha Dref s braided Dee a. A Ftp each Votante ,2jd 4j-l6jd German aprons 9a, la. Is 3d, is 6d Holland cooking aprons is new Bismarck lamps 3s 9d each Gem table lamps Deco a sugar basins and better dishes is 4jd pair new bread knives cd cheap Eibl Jois. Id in. 21d. 4jd, eld Yard White embroidery is 3d, is 9d, 2a 9d, 3s so is 9d dozen Button Bole Edge Chiffon i 4ji Yard. Ask for this line. 300 Yards Black 0 Cord machine Cotton 91 dozen Joo Sioea ocl ored Sfart braid 4jj y t a see of 3 dozen aids 100 Kress Black Satio ring wire if so per Gross 260 Gross Black and coloured Drees buttons very cheap Hawke a and Stoi of per a our to Modem i assured by Calliss on a n id baying oar Goudi Al Obj Levile Cadi prices. Hunt Corey & co., importers ask Cash i Urtis. Re striker Al i Lalyk and l9xdox. Drapery and clothing. James Marshall go Universal providers. Last weeks of Winter Sale. 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Ladles Strong leather and Levant lice shoes scud of Frad pm. Boots St lids us 7a 64,81 us Madtes is Toner icat Taer bal Morata in i leg. U of. i Altos a i Taw Patent Balmoral subs to 5, u by per Pai Udipi Chi Gldnn Leatter a morale l ?iknleir.7?, 9s a 10 to is Tiad my maid 1 and % 46 so a soft Tad Cathi Wain inn How. Of lid h so at he Leahn Ostjord Bonesi vetted fit us Lor us Mert wat weigh boo heavy nails. Sid. I 6d. Hea Guf a Brocak . Menis Patent legging a is do a Levant leggings stud per pair the Corner bundle a 5? Pulteney streets. R. C. Castle & compy. Are offering to Tab polio scotch and English tweeds cot in of leading nation and nude of by first Caas Woneo a t the following by duped prices. To users is. Lor ibs. 60. Sao suit . For a. Evening Strebb Suhs �8 10 footballers win plea Ecot Ioe that oar last shipment Al Bot Aix clot Liing has arrived Oon Ristis of Jersey Hoa Caps sashes and Eit Bona in All the club Totora. R. C. Castle & compy. 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