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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 9 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 9, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Era. In a Job ? had Gasy ? by a Iddoo moxt1f1ve2c ? Fob they Combine l1chtness with durability and safety with ease or detachment. The dunl0p pneumatic tire co. Limited co. Frank is St been Adelaide nod at my Bottme Sydney. Perth Brisbane and no. I fade Are Only a Mdse and stars need la when they Bear Tina a first in 1sss. Foremost Erer since. A a shy the Dollop Pheu Hatic Tyre Ca id 59. Flak kept Stykki. Adelaide. ? mar. Shipping i or1ekt line. Tic following steamships under Boyal jail contract will leave Adelaide Largs Day m a on tic undermentioned dates Lur i i a Booth Tod London via Albany Colombo Tran shipping Lor ail Indian it Jui Alai. Nantes Marseilles and Irr Ait in ? Adb bal ? 5,. S. Saw on. . 10 os1haha Ulaj. F. Kuti Iven aug. 24 Cuzco ? s.91sia. J. Did. . I keep. Obo Tava. . Collma � 11 -1 and for lightly quire Atler. Twin screw. Saloon to London Burte �35 to in turn. �u3 to �110. Third class �15 is �17 17.and of in. 6aloosj to colom Jjo sin fryc. 2s u Keum �u5 to �110.vestern aus Iballa. Saloon �5 10/ to a. Third �4 10/ passages Ord no any Pott can prepaid Here. Return tickets first Saloon Between ports Are now available Lor return by p. And o. Steamers having room. Vanoers f. Green & co. Anil a Dir Soh an Dessos & co fun Burdi Aveau. Linden . Full particulars on application to m. C and Ettson Branch manager. Tolj c ? a. Cre Teu Street. Special Tai Iris Lor passe Gebs Ami v1si toys to. The Buls. Austral will leave Adelaide Lor the sea end of miss pier at 10.32 a. And 11.1s an. A tub 10. The last launch for flu Bli orc will leave the Austral at 1.59 ., to connect with a special train which will Kae the sea and of Largs a Jar i ju55 pin. S1- Steaki napicat1on co Spaht Tor Xor of. Under Boyar Tail oontrx.1, Iris of Patch the Fol Louii Steamer oiling at Albany. Colombo. Aden. June Tea Gibraltar and Plymouth with Liberty to Call to attn tuisl.? j leave. Oil Battal. J5ss1 j. P. Jeub Sam Amr. 17 victoria., j. 6b k. Crewe Ang. A ads Fataua 6�1 l been sept u Jtb Adla. Us tuft 4. C. Los to sept 38 Bossetto 5s4� j Cowie oct. 2 Smat Ayat. 096 w. L. Brim oct 28 Ocba a ,.v pea l. H. Crawford nov. A. A Tambia Tom r. H. Seymoor Sot. 28 Tow i Ufa tar Ludm Tran shop at port said. A a Jokai red a to Jamicic. A Britt a nerd. Acoma notation in. Tofte�tnnse5rnd saloons is a Warp a. Matt Yob Manuc to Crft of an Ibishi Tare. F a Kha Chwa Japan a. A Tononi ? /. Yu3r� fag a3fiib�ubb\graikiieba to by Bow he in rep amp of All no spa and in Cukr Kustaa gysha5txasian1jaimvh i sit if i will Vita tha eat blah Pissk rss Kra Al cup booked Tymn Csc to to Hahn Lai Blip by in. Aka tic and l. Al lbs fam a Bant spa 1atai, Cape town Loh ooh. Sol i he a Hsk Whirt Niit i in or Palace ppr to George we lib & co., mail Adelme and port Adelaide. Jul up poor Yussif ka16ha. Is Manila hoi Kosc and. Japan via in msgr Beds bake and tow5svtlle, ? Wilt to Mac a under com Uel i Kune of Stefaur. Minder. 1 Bourne Sydney. A a Tauau i hoses i lug. 23 i aug. 30 ka8dga Mab i a awed sep. M sep. 87 bum ate Amera have most Superior Saccom Itoda Tio Tor Paa Senjen in All Olacue and Are fitted with the wort Creot improvements. ? Fauja uttam As to freight and passage irom Hui Watib uce Oharn to co. Sop. ? r. Limited. A tic so. Grenfell Street. It doric port dab wih Shiha Japan. Abc a abuses and att Dalian 8j8. Co.,.limited. Special notice to passengers. A. Eastern 1ueaves Ocean Stephes wharf to Day August 94 Gibbs Bright & co., a ?�ti3�rafg�a to chs Flea St Mlet. 221 Ondr this r ii i paid is words one insertion. Is three insertions is. 6d. ? Man s Briannia Dye works Bis Gnu 7al Batt. Close exhibition puh ency so. Coals Ore Coia suits Reaal Uyco a i urdu Jav by pre tied. ? Chloka cd the steam by works Law scr i. Dyeing suits and a Ressos newest Winter colors of Jig ipod a in. ? a h1te shirts made to Osiier and rectified a ii Neche banded. Tid. Trill solicited. 0, Hamcai-St., or. A Vang end at. ? at-30 mabb1agls some incised Tor one Enaida by Vico sniped minister. Address f.s., thu Cuttee. ? 8s0c Madam i Blasc Australia s greatest intuitive psalmist a. Flinders so next mrs. P. Beecham a or. of. ? 13s-g4 Madame and professor Kennedy phrenology its and clairvoyants business Calth adaptability. 11. Arcade. ? ? 213-h hat one person Lias done another an by following the Righi tract you will discover your True destination by consulting pro Fessor Abdullah. Consultation free. I free nun St. Or. Pirie St. Adelaide. ? s19-Il Adam Ven a Cicitt rated Phreno Logist Jyh a Mist Sydney and Melbourne insulted daily is Eaa-td., 5 doors tin fells. ? u--2 adage Moba. Phreno Logist and psalmist May be consulted daily at to Xonli-u-r., Opp. Pm varsity ? 2zi2 Cubat at Fate and character from Wandw Ritina six Stamps stamped addressed in Tiri Ope. Madam Der inc. . ? Ijtain-2-h no. K Hubbaro & .�y3s Slid c3ticrs, 191, end it St. Ludim cos Uluis Nile such s suits cleaned and be. Sio-37? snipping. ? ts1 h0�asd Smith leave Rota to Siutu s a half As of rows ? circumstances narc Vittins feel Anixt / Kaye Skoogh Gladstone Fundab Sig Beckha Akob Jackay Bow Jek 1owmsvhjjs Cairms poet dog Bias . Gabo Early. . Time tuesday. August is. Cargo on. Fob Sydney direct in Wau Masoo a cargo must be delivered alongside steamers not less than one hour before advertised ? � of fail is. He Tuhn tickets Ake interchangeable truth the by camors Al be sirs. No Duatt. Par co. And Ilceachae, and co. Pm. A tar cts mini a sorts Peamon Terv. Ltd. Ii. Tag win Iasi Stre Adelaide. And North Parade. Port Adelaide. 24c mall Wrath me Aghakh & co. Flop bietau s. Uni tax will dispatch the following passenger steamers permitting Lury / coousardi1s. for . A Tod Sod aum w. To in thro Urf Tiosav Ludu note. He turn he kerb Are interchangeable with a East. Howard Smith a sons cod Huddart Par Ter is of s steamers. W. B. Cats it co., Grenfel Street Adelaide at Baku Kos it . Part Adelaide. So Houdart Parker & co. . La Venn. Win dispatch from port Adelaide Fernist Titis a i Anglian fstlsustllsl0hday, angst s8l through Bills of lading to Perth. Lectura i ekes interchangeable Witti Hectl wraith irk Fhern & co. Proprietary. United and Ebward myth it sons proprietor. Limited. To & j. Fowler United 0c to aide end Post. Adelaide. West Australia. Joint weekly seb fice. For the Monte hence of shippers and passing Gas the have a banged to Bun the following St Baates at by Dlab. ?._ % or Buu m. Cog Ommo i monday ants rom. Jwgk5t, for a . Jumbo Bixb i monday sept. 4.0jkiabo, Early. ?. ? ? Abc Daely every 1i0nday thebe after. Lowest fabe3 and feb Jota sea Turk tickets Abe Mceach Fin & of Popy ii. -. Had dab Labeeb. Co., Popy 1713. Jan team to West coast mb8 a. St Kyj. So other West.i1T coast Forth sails Friday. 11th inst at of a.w.8ahdfobdtoo.,City �14protace svy Ikirt port. ? shipping. ? tee Adelaide steamship company deter will dispatch steamers from port Adelaide As for Alkali Saiid . Tbansh1pp1sg for feb Tsi Kybal detox All Kel ii Wiist pokes and esl Eba vue. Of Tiro Jii Bills of lading. Wol Lowra. Friday 1 aug. Is \ 3 Calls and Bunbury. For Hubo Ckik. Sydney Andev a slake poke 11aeloo Friday 1 aug. Is i 1 Fou it it la Coln. Moo Sta Wallaroo Asu Fri Anklin Hauboe. Febvet ? tuesday aug. 15 i 3 L ohis aug Sta lit Mel a 1-Iiljl, Tumbs Bay. With passengers and saturday aug. 12 4 From Post f1k1e to Sydney flu Oil j 1-Riiay 1 August u cargo must lie delivered along Eide steamers two hours prior u advertised time on Day of a of passengers tickets issued by this company Are inter Tiar Gable with steamers of the . Co. Between All torte. For All information apply to tue Adelaide steamship co. Ltd. Currie Street Adelaide and commercial wharf ? port Adelaide. ? 62c West Australia the Adelaide steamship company. Limited. The australasian United Eteaki Katina Tion co. Ltd. Joint port Adelaide to Albany and Fremantle Tran shipping Tor Perth Geraldton. . Ports and Esperance. Sailings As Onater a Caniba ? kid a. August 1lwollowea ? r Kirday. August 18. Wabo Onga. Friday August 25. Passage tickets accommodation Tor Stock. Lowest rates of freight and passage Money. For toll particulars apply the Adelaide steamship company Ltd Virtia. And port ? b. W. Macdonald the . Coy., Ltd., Currie Street Adelaide ? and Queen s Chart. Port. ? 30sc . Co., old. The favorite passenger steamers of above line will circumstances permitting be up that Lor Axil at Olimba Ksrtsvx-h1018118 and. Singapore a Era ship at ftemntt3fi rooms a i Iwa Koonga cargo received daily at Queen s wharf of to one boor before sailing. All tickets interchangeable after the first port with the Steamer of the firt steamship com Pany limited for fares and Freiria apply to b. W. Kac Doraxa Agett. R us to Trot. Admit ? or. Queen s wharf. Part. Au7est coast shipping comma few Pany. For Streaky Scales Anna of kit meat. And Fowles liw Bays and Point sd9claib.-1 Woi Tomai sails to Day angst mat 3 All freights must be prepaid. A. & e. Leu Essl e1eb. Port Adelaide. ? g�-29 pm Jar h0be? and \ ctr sex a mss Beach Poel f Wedo Oday Ang. 9. A. It e. Limes Sueie. Port Adelaide. &7.ml j. Cerice it ool Adelaide my Kingston not Wake fold shipping com. Al Pany for Post Wakefield. 3eese Annie wait ails a kid Sec the of bras. Jlas mar to sub Day and eat Ebay. At pm tajik from monday Learine Aso an and thursday leaving Seuk. Co Post Vic est Ever tuesday at k3d Ataa. From Pax inf fiend Egarr wednesday Melos in. Sic a. Limes Sobier. Secretary.? \ hat is Short Fer Oder Oer depart East i just As is an attenuated edition or pounds shillings and Pence to is it is interesting to note the marked increase in our letter orders we conclude that we Are giving our customers every satisfaction and they Are telling their i rinds about us thus making new customers. This morning we Haye a message to our clients in the Doany Randi it is an Init Brant one so up your orders and Send them along at once As we announce the last seven Days of our last seven dats. Four boxes Only coloured velveteen in Light Brown Myrtle and Navy usual value 1/ Yard now of Rob Yard last seven Days. Tite balance of All our coloured Beaver tji Ibet and Astracan trimmings ? Worth up to 1/3 Yard now Ajo Yard. Last seven sats. 781 Yards of Black fancy figured Poppins usual value 1/6 Yard further reduced to a obese. Last seven Days. 15 Only ladies1 Fawn Black and Grey cloth capes storm collars usual value 6/11, now of last seven Days. 23 ladies Brown and Black Vicuna cloth capes i High storm Collar usual value 15/6, now q / ? last seven Days. 17 Only warm Fleecy blankets i it. 6 in. Wideby6ft. Long to be cleared at of 1 Bach last seven Days. 1,714 Yards heavy Flannelette 29 in. Wide. Usual value 2/u Doz., must be sold no Doz. Last seven Days. 13doz. Boys Black Plush varsity Caps a Btu a sane fld., further reduced to of. Each last seven Days. 637 Yards unbleached Swan skin willed Back 2j in. A ride usual value 3/11 Dot to be sold at \ in Doz. Last seven Days. 5-1 pair boys Tweed or 3loleskin knickers All sizes usual value 2/11 pair further reduced 1 my paid last seven Days. 714 Yards Cardinal and Black ribbon velvet i in and 1 in. Wide to be cleared at a. Doz. Last seven Days. 77 pair ladies corsets sizes is 19. Is 16, 27, is. 29, so Only to be cleared it j pair. 1 remnants i further ? reduced Chas. Moore & co., 70, 72, 74, 76 gouger St. Marshall s closing weeks of after season Sale. 470 Yards silk for ladies undershirts Zobede Bredat a pee Yard 345 Yards silk velvets Cheeks Only so in Yard .576 Yards or striped silk Lor blouses 1/6 409 Navy Blue Satin coat linings olae red i erd. Faun and Broun stiff hats. Wei Price ?8, Lor a Fawn and Broun soit framed hats / Plain and coloured bands. La Sau Lor 2/1 1 Black and Brown Terai hats wfor2y11amor1/1l All our Well assorted Stock of children s fancy Caps. 3/11,4/11, 6/11, for 1/11 Liach boys fancy Tweed Sailor finite Pizem 1, 2 at. 6, 7. Usual Price rail so 4/1l6/11, of be cleared at 2/fl boys Bine seige Sailor suits -tas0 is Lutot 2/11 ,7,e, 3/j fancy Knickerbocker suits , 1,3/11,/11,5/11, to be absolute ? cleared at Ujj boys . Suits fancy 1hccus, be a 7/11, to he Jearel 11 boys . Suite in fancy tweeds -2jki coys three garment Rugby knits ,,u ? e Wii a. 15/bfor a in w�12/6 14/65-. The above to Eta also be Bopp ded in Roasa snits . ?. Ladies Cream silk gloves Rubow length la a in ladies 4 Button Fawn French suede gloves 3/9 a ladies 4 Button French hid gloves ladies 4-Button bin Sels gloves T Ink Tai ohm 3/6 ?. ? Aib ladies cycling gloves suede Fabb snows Alsaate /3 pa1s 4-Buttou Black taffeta silk gloves Plain or White stitched backs if Isif usual Price 1/6, now and. Paid ladies Black evening silk Teves above the Elbow usual Price 2/11, now to paid Kif a jobs tace depart this week. Double Width All silk Ghi tons Plait by colors. S/6 Yard for cd Yard this Wex. All bean Tiftik shades ? in spark bag Gauze for evening Wear Lovely evening shades l/3orgld Yard this week 1o0 pieces Beauty fal Valenciennes and Guipre lace 9 inches wide id for a Jaid 6indiesiride, 4jlojani 7 inches wide a Edjor Odvord this week. 2o dozen nurses cuffs deep shape 5 i cubes deep i/9forqdpair oddments in fancy coloured trimming braids various patterns Saai 125 dozen coloured and Black tubular braids. To dear a dozen 160 dozen Vandyke fancy Trimmins braid All colors Toole i d02es Fawn Beaver trimming a few boxes left �a-3?i Vaud a in. Black Ostrich Feather trimming Tode i children s Ian Hooi Black Cashmere ribbed Hose All sizes or jew . Falb ladies Black Cashmere embroidered Hose cd pee paid children s All Nool Black Cashmere socks ?j1d pee paid children s White lace Cash Mere embroidered socks. All sizes did. Put paid Feather stitch braids 4ld cordon braids go. Peb card Metal boxes of Best qualify Linen buttons 3. Dress fasteners or Hooks on tape i e4ch stockinette dress pre servers 3a Pek paid bodice steels covered. Black or White id pee Sei of tweeds and Serges Rattler than take these into Stock ice Are prepared to Clear them out at further reduced prices. Oct i2/6 gents trousers to measure Ray we can exile 6lttlv railed Kote paper j1d packet 100 envelopes to court or smut carved Wood brackets we Mirror Backony jul each carved Wood brackets larger with Mirror bad. Only i la each 25 pieces Floral Tennis cloths 1/h pettd0zes 60 pieces Stripe Tennis cloth sait Meior a tone to 4$ is pieces Pink twill flan Nelette sol 6/6 a 30 pieces fine4nake flan Nelette a 6tripes 4/11 pee d0zes this smart close fining Felt Tki Theo with band Only each. Trimmed As above 2/11 each. Colors Swavy town 1-Hac and Black. 7 dozen stylish Black Vivet shapes 5/11 Lor 1/11 is dozen Good Elacy Sailor hats 1/11 for 6d each 11 dozen Blac Osprey Moonab to Clear at id each 36 dozen Hack Ostrich tips Job for -6dach we Hare just opened some Mew White gems and a foil Raee of steel ornaments scarce lines we offer a line of French unmounted hoses All shades very Choice for 9d per Spray ail householders should secure paid Decof the Floral plants m Are Selling at 6d each Lor those decoration Tutjer Are in Pera. Dress department. Tjan some. Exclusive effective Robes Only a few of these High Claes Bobes left which i we intend to sell regardless of their Cost. The Fol lowing Ore Only a be w of the Many great bargains in Bobes 1 Heliotrope and Gold. Rich silk. And Wool French Robe Exon see design. 39/6 for Sqq a 1 onto Sok and Wool Crepon Kobe in bed and Green specially cheap a for 2q/q 1 Navy and sack mercerized silk and Wool French Robe Eidos five and artistic 75/ for Jaq 1 very handsome Brown and Black Suk and Wool bobs usual Price 7w for qq1q i Only smoke Blue braided. Cloth babe 76iibt59/? i Brown cloth French Robe very richly braided of farg9j6 so Yards fancy. Tweeds All Wool great bargain usual Price 4/3, reduced to a a per Yard prams Marshall s to Day ladies Are requested to specially notice the extraordinary value we Are offering in High class prams in order to reduce our Stock before on final Stock taking on Friday August 12. By before august12 on stylish prams. Note. These per Anu Are bed on Best g or scroll Springs with handsome heed tarnished bodies Irell upholstered in Creyonne Bedford Cord tapes try damask and Plush with rubber tires and foot brakes on the Best Quality the lower prices truth Linned fit eel wheels Nickel loan tins and Are Light Strong durable and very pretty. Otto pc prices. 6 splendid be Rains trimmed in Bedford Cord fitted canopy and storm curtains body of varnished Beed Best tinned steel wheels 47/6, reduced to s5/ Stew prams. 4 on Uin Mied in Good Floral Cre tonnes fitted copy Ith fringed Border and storm curtains Good tinned steel wheels and wheel Brake varnished heed body s9/3 for 46/. 2 Only similar to above in better Quality 67/6 for 55/. A few Only very Superior Kerams truth Bibber tired wheels perfectly finished handsome Fiat Tan bodies. 85/ 92/ �7 7/ for for for 0/ 15/ �5 10/ 1 each Only very sumptuous and in every Partick. Lar and detail distinctly Bush class Hebaus �915/3. �1212/0 Lor for �8 0/t �100/0 for a Veek an Opportunity to Purchase your per ambulatory at the above quoted reduced prices at Marshall s drapery Ana clothing. Martin bros., Burlington House Clearing out season s goods in every department at enormous reductions Martin bros., Burlington House. ? 806c up Utah bazaa3. Rundle Street. A genuine clearance Sale of baby , Miu Imery. And All fancy goods at restly reduced prices previous to Frem Isea. Please note that doric alterations Boa Ness will be carried on at 75, kindle Street next to messes. & and w. Hackett seeds men. 207-97 Wilson br1ce, & co., 114, 116, is bundle so Adelaide. One of the cheapest shops in town. But tabs and distributors of every Tiung necessary in the softwoods line for the Comfort and convenience of models use. Wilson Brice & co. Arc drapers and soft goods dealers Onla Ahe Inin from inter Crins Irith any other trader s Babi less. I of everytu1m you Raj narc in tie Day goods by so i is. Let nut Jos Beitl & co. Relic Crisli your wardrobe. Tit t s and tics Titi Fauty for you will obtain the 1skst re stats from us. Coxt1xuat1o or Winter Sau. Darin its pro surfs we offer you what you want and wi1exof want it Wusi Wiefek clothing no Iulg Tuk cold Winter Heather. From now to adjust -20tli Ive Liall nuke a special of foot in reduce our remaining Stook to As Small a Compass As jews Siulc and to induce vote. Fair Reader to help us we shall offer you the following goods at still Furt Tieb of dlct1oss from Buin Aby Sale a files. La a lax. Troit -3ojkcxi? sat yes. 6uo\vtx-m bargains which we Are dear mined be sold a live left 23 Laimos Choice mantles made of Blade silk velvet trim a fur and Jec Fine Trilk in shod Vlf this. Trimmed real fur or silk lira id and lico.1 pure silk reduced Row to Okito l Kice. 1u.6, 25a. 35/. And i each. These Iio Odi Ware origin Jill sold at irom 33/ to 30/ a few ladies cycling skirts in Fin. 7. Ii Inui Aduf to i the Baciow a it a will enable us to say a last Frostl Liv Elliis line. Tiie Lurace of our Winter Lillock of roid Ali a by Isi t-rit4 hats in Balji is and colors Good Bye Price id., 3d., and of. Each the original prices from 1/11 to 4,11 the in lace of our Wister War homies consists off of , rut. Quilts flannels Natin Clotts All at a reduced prices. A lit of Odd lengths of pretty Clousing Velve teens in l Baccki Biri ies and ombre effects 1,-c mover Kex yet Wilson. Bricks 21-Indi Jai silk it All colors. 1 4j Yard m pieces Aii a to Navy Serge original Price 1,11 tie Lei Quinin of our Plain love Etc clot la our coils and Sikiru. -2s the Yard. Fob Yotty Bess a Teri is Wilson Brice & go. Ladies there arc none . And you like by inc your , Nick Tjw is. Mil vote us Crkal Theu Rome u. Us ukness Taksel Titus 4jj i. D., vjd., Aii and 1 pair ? ladies Plain and fancy Coal Kulton 1. 3, 1/6, smoked Ivearl Cost Litton. Sellins in hundred1 a i la 2 11. 3 i Ini and of dozen the Monitor Box of i hairpins Liia the Boi Price Ltd. Ladllis1 Jet. , and paste buckles. 3d. Hi., ii., us. Loid., a. And l n Cath. Large assortment ladies belts in elastic feel vein. Jet. Gilt in Iii esl i la 1 ii -1 ?. Ii. 3 Lieh out by til ? . , tic i Tost nov Ltd for l i Trumm lids True Lover s knots in Cut jut. Silk Raij. Jet my Chiffon. Silk braid and Chison. Ali sizes t d., utd., lttd., 3, 1 -3 m and 1,11also coloured Pas yemeni err True Lover s knots Ali. Loid., and 1 Eji a. Everything new to to Date ax1, leap at Wilson Brice s. 217c As the season is now draw in a to a dose Wilson Brice. & company want to give you a first class Huit cheap. So patterns of Cood Ali by to needs to select irom. Suit made to order for �1 19/fl. Fit style Nad finish Tiara bleed or Money returned Wil Soji Basic. & company tailors sc2isle-Stkeet, Adelaide. 217c a Plain talk to eminently practical people this morning. Does it interest you ? a Story telling you of an Opportunity to save in buying your Home supplies. A homely statement about homely things about bl4hejbt8, 8heet bugs towels quilts and the Hundred and one must haves of this life. We announce the last weeks of our Winter Sale. Profits Are no longer Fez posted. A season s Good business enables us to Oner the balance of of Winter Stock at Friges Seldom known in legitimate Trade. These prices to Vonly mean a Complete of All profit but there Are Many instances where a part of the Cost shall be Given away. Bargains in every department. Dress materials ladies jackets ladies gapes ladies waterproofs ladies silk skirts and All showroom lines to be absolutely cleared. Fisit our Sirale to Day. You will face Able to carry Awaya try Large parcel for a very Little Money. The coliseum. Let and 18, re Idle Street. A7c drapery and clothing. Shierlaw s stocktaking Sale. Wit youths clothing. 00r Mew and we Seuc Ted 8t0ck at em0rh0u8beoocti0ii8. Trousers suits 12/6, 1s/s. 17/b, 19/ beige 6ailoe, 4/0, s/8, 8/6, 7/8 Reefer jackets. 5/6, 6/9, 8/6 Serge ks1ckebs. I jew to. A 3/. All Ock Jinhu swe Stock be diced to . Bead for oar illustrated Price list tee. Large Stock of hats & Caps in latest shapes at Sale prices. 16 and 18, hi5fdle�-St. Lock inc Foale s Spe Cux Kemp at this Moling to dear All the remnants accumulated daring the week. Greit bargains. Coupons Civen with every 6cl spent in be sinus to. Come Early we close at 1 to Day 14. 16. 14 bbow3st-stree� 132, 132a, gouge to. Pic dressmaking. Oar dres Mamidi a the cheapest of its kind in South Australia. Unclean of efforts Hare been made to Fie Enre a Kirbt class dressmaker and we Are in a position to say our Hiss it Gusson is the Best in the Trade. O3ec Ajeff w Ujj Ejli a ?s?�., i a pubs , & App Acif i frit b a of 154-2u dealer s1 pbikt1ngexecut�on the shortest notice and on Liberal terms at the Auleb Heb Job Zbik hug Ottyce. Drapery and clothing. Socks and hosiery w1ddisot#sae?iie. Ode men s sock As 1/6 cannot lie equalled la Adelaide sorta Promod. Per pair very cheap. Our boys Hose arc Good nine and capital mat Otje cd cuss Hose sweaters fee an both Ood and cheap c. Wad Diocton begin to thank Hii Omner ant Cus tuners for Ery Liberal Latro aage and Irinea of state that he Baa made Rrapo Sementor Faa Continua Uon of his a Tunesi under Mew Llu Accad and Hopes to Merit a. Liberal Toppart. A want of 20 Peb cent allowed Osall Cash Pandu aes fora . All Good marked in Plain Fopma. G. Waddington Manofar Tweett of All kinds of a Sixie Clio thing to. 1, 3, and 5, Arcade Adelaide. Thu ? boots and shoes. ? Mart 113 and 115, a Kdle St. Extensive alterations. S at. 3es. The Frokt of shop crowded with . Our prices will a Tokish the pub a note the address Waljee Neast 113 Aad 115, a Vodle St. 195c boots & shoes. Ladies Glace Cotton boots from8/u per pair ladies Glace Balmoral from Tolx per pair ladies Clack Button shoes irom 5/11 per pair Brandon s �7. Bcxdlk3tbeet. Ten ? plants seems. ? b. & it. Hackett. Lucern seed Broad Leaf Mustard Man cold finest Vabie Les just to Hamd. Also. . He amass and wheat orb sinc. 73, bundle so been Adelaide. Tomatoes. Cox s exc Kustos. Phi St and Labut fax oar Are two of the beat tomatoes cultivated As proved by Juneia last season. Seed 1/ per packet Canadian wonder Beans or be mod a new Luce seed seed potatoes Skoal Trees Arnoree so. ?

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