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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 1 1950, Page 5

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 1, 1950, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia cables in Brief and our special London. July 31. A Val Security officers Are investigating possible malicious damage during gunners practice aboard the destroyer finisterre. A Flashback neen rred in a 4.5 in. Cun. Injuring a rating. An investigation by the ship s officers allegedly Dis closed that the mishap avas due to a split Cartridge Case apparently filed Down to a dangerous thinness. Latin coup fails Buenos Aires. The newspaper Al Norte reported yesterday that the paraguayan government had smashed an attempted coup and arrested 100 persons including a former paraguayan president Higinio Morinigo who was overthrown in 1948. Nine escape death Rio de Janeiro. A brazilian transport plane crashed near Sao Francisco de Assis yesterday but All nine persons aboard escaped with minor injuries. Passengers included the brazilian senator Salgado Gil i prominent Leader of the brazilian labor party. Judy is besting Hollywood. Judy Gar land had gone to Sun Valley or Tuhn for an Mrtin Dpi Var tinn and s to metro Gold Wyn Mayer announced yesterday. Judy Garland had completely re covered from the Despon Dency which had made her Cut her Throat with broken Judy Garland Glass on june 16 new italian liner Trieste. The Oceania a 13,000-ton liner was launched it the san Marco shipyards Trieste yesterday. She is the second of a series of three built for the Italy Australia run. The vessel will carry 790 Pas sengers. Grand. Prix crash Geneva three spectators were killed and 33 Hurt 13 seriously when an italian Rac ing car driven by Luigi Vul Resi somersault a 20 it. Into the a broke in two and ploughed into a crowd near Geneva during the grand prix Des nations race yesterday. A Fioresi was rushed to Hospi Tal with head injuries. He crashed at almost exactly the same spot two years ago. Wreckage sighted Algiers. A search plane yesterday radioed that it had sighted the twisted wreckage of the French Airliner which has been missing Over the mid Sahara with 26 people aboard since saturday. There was no sign of survivors. The Airliner was flying from Paris to Bamako. Salted Saint Bombay. An Indian woman. 92. Spent nine Days penance immersed to the neck n a ton and a half of Salt. Dur ing that time she rejected gifts of fruit and other food showered on her by thousands of people who came to see the Saint act also went without sleep. Afterwards it was announced that coins poured into an Iron Box near her would be used to build a Village almshouse. To stay with nurse Singapore. The court of Appeal of the Singapore supreme court has decided that Bertha de Hartogh 13-year-old dutch girl May stay with her native nurse Aminah and need not go Back to her parents i Holland. Bertha lived for eight years in Java and Malaya Uncle villages after her parents had been interned by the Japa Nese in 1942. Aminah had appealed ? against a court order that Bertha be returned to her parents. . Workers claims refused the Premier had refused to Grant five claims for improve working conditions Lor govern ment emn loves the Central App. Rotary of the australian government workers association or. F. K. Nienass said yester Day. An Agwa deputation bad placed the claims before the Premier on july 4. In Accord Ance with instructions from a mass meeting of government employees held on May 7, the deputation sought double time few week end work pro rata annual leave from the beginning of service a minimum of six months sick leave increased annual leave and weekly instead of fortnightly pay periods. A mass meeting of members would be held in the Empire theatre on August 11 to con Sider the Premier s replies. Warning on use of footwear a rays no one in Australia bad apparently suffered Burns by using a Ray machines in footwear stores said the senior Medina officer of the Central Board of health or. G. H. Mcqueen yesterday. In the. Board s newsletter for july or. Mcqueen says that a safety code for operators and customers and a safety Standard for machines had been issued. A customer should not be exposed for More than five seconds at any examination the letter adds and a warning no Tice should be attached to each machine stating that examinations for any individual should not exceed three a Day or 12 a year or. Mcqueen added that a routine Check of the two types of machines in use in Adelaide had been made and All had proved satisfactory. Training College for Trade apprentices further details of the planto establish a technical train ing College for Boot Trade apprentices were discussed at a meeting yesterday 01 uie Boot Trade committee of the apprentices advisory Board. The state Secretary of the Boot trades Union or d. Banned said later that employers and employees supported the plan and it was hoped that 107 apprentices would begin training at the new school Early next year or. Banned said that the minister of education or. Rudall had still to approve the plan but he was confident that this formality would be Over come. A headmaster would then have to be found for the school. New town May have native name Strong support for the name Munno Para Many Rivers Foi the new town near Salisbury is expected from residents in the District and official quarters. The District clerk of Munno Para or. E. H. V. Riggs said last night he thought the name would be sought by Many Mem Bers of the Munno Para District Council which was one of the oldest in the state. The state nomenclature com Mittee which recommended names of new towns and streets often sought local views before deciding on a name the chair Man or. C. M. Hambidge said yesterday. Local or native names were often used and it was Custo Mary to Call on the archivist or. J. Mclellan for historical data and the museum anthropologist or. N. B. Tindale for advice on the meanings of native names. University debaters for Brisbane messes. Robin Millhouse i. Marshman j. West and g. Woodard will represent Ade Laide in the australian universities debates in Brisbane from August 15-21. Or. Millhouse who will Lead the Adelaide Side will leave by air on August 12 for Brisbane. Other members of the team will leave by the express on August Oatey causes upset in table Tennis singles by Torrin Bill Oatey brother of state football Captain Jack Oates created a Surprise when he Defeated Dave Graeb Ner in me Nrec round of the state table Tennis Champion ships at freemasons Hall last night. This is Oatey s first year in a pennants while Graebner is a regular District player for North. Dick Hodge a wily spinner lad a Long Battle before defeat ing promising Glen Sloane in the fifth set. At 18 All in the last Hodge served an Edge Ball which seemed to break Sloane s Confidence. Results men a sent Ltd. H. Rotili d. R. Howell. 2119. 2118. 2119 m. Bell d. R. Harrison. 2118, 219, 2115 d. Furan d. B. A life. 2116. 219, 2112 d. Thornton d. D. Newman 2112, 2111. 2114 j. Morrison d. A. Kaend 21 17, 15 21. 2119. 2117 d. Graebner d. O. A Darlng 218. 2119. 1521. 2111 c. Egner a. S. Aarons. 2220, 2321. 2110 u. . I. Deveney. 21 16, 21 11. 2111 r. Clements d. D. Key. 219, 2113, 219 w. Oatey d. D. Chou town 2118. 2112, 2114 j. Mehaffey d. W. Osborne. 21 w. 219, 2114k. William s d. L. Berry. 1621, 2117, 2220. 2118 b. Jordan d. K. Garnett. 1921. 2117, 1921, 219. 2114 m. Bell d. H. Holu 2321, 2116. 2117 r. Re Nardu d. H. Merritt 2115. 2119, 2118b. Goers d. R. Cof Gate. 1221. 2116. 2220. 2112 d. Pun d. J. Morrison 2123. 2115. 2113 2112 j. Rushworth d. O. Benar runs. 2117, 1821, 2118. 2116 a colegate d. U. Hooper ,19 21, 2112, 2113. 15 21, 21-8 e. Amos d. A. Kul leks 21 12. 21 ? 9 21-11 a Calonius d. H. San cock 2220. 2117. 2114 w. Oatey . Graebner. 1721. 2116, 2220, 1 17 r. Clements d. J. Rushworth 2111, 217, 2110 w. Hodge d. P. Park 213, 2117, 2111 j. He Haffey d. D. Thomson 1321. 218 1 �. 217 a. Garrett d. Q. Hod 2113. 2116. 2117 a. . 21 a 1821. 2116. 2118 p. Long hum a. W. Tver 21-17. 21-18. 21-19 r. Hodge d. A. Sloane. 1121, 2119. 2116, 1021, 2118 j. Jackson d. K. Amos. 1021, 2119, 2118. 1721, 2117 v. Krel Smalls d. K. William. 2523. 2022. 2112. 2110 w. Hodge d. D. Colegate 2112. 2118,14 21, 21 18. Men a double. It. And d. Colegate i. W. Oatey a. Howard. 2116,1621. 2119. 21- s. Aarons a Osborne d. A. Holman a. Hollis 21, 2118, 1621, 2116r-19 h. Sincock a. Pry d. K. Williams a. Morrin 2113, 2110, boy i Anniar so Ngtai. D. Hewitt d. D. D. Walter 2112, 2118 d. Palejs d. A. Mckenzie forfeit m. Lodge d. V. A Darlng 2112, 2321 r. Harrison d. D. Sayer 21 16, 2117% r. Nason d. D. Specht 2115, 217 d. Palejs d. R. Hewitt 2113, 2729. 21 14 e. Flyers d. R. Nason 2116, 2111 p. Mates d. K. Woods 2118.-1521, 2118 j. Head d. K. Zamett 21 7, .2113 d. Bouncy d. J. Whiteley 2118. 2115 m. Ca Lontus d. P. Mates 216. 2112 g. D. Hos d. D. Wood 2116. 2113. Men s second single or. 1 j. Rushworth d. R. Nason 2117. 1421, 2117 a. Garrett d. R. Harrison 2110, 2118-. M. Hinton d. R. R. Day 2115, 2119 e. Stopp d. R. Dunstan 1721, 2116. 2111 j. Aufderheide d. W. Talbot forfeit b. Howard d. L. Jasaon 2118, 21 is b. Jordon d. H. Donaldson 2111. 2115 e. Stopp d. J. Safder Heide 2118 2113. M. Hinton d. A. Garrett 1321, 2112, 2117 b. Jordan d. B. Howard 2114, 2116 d. Wood d. K. Woods 1821, 2118, 2111 k. Purdie d. A. Mackenzie forfeit. A. Oils d. K. Barrel 1621, 2114, 2116 h. Long Hurst d. M. Pudney 219, 1221. 2115 8. Heritage d. B. Longhurst 2022 21 13. 21 11 i. Coates d. W. H. Dohnt 2115, 1821, 2116 j. Kul leks d. B. Vibert 217. 2112. Men a second single old. 21. B. Spechts. M. Potter Medwed 21 -18, 1921, 2115 i. Lewis d. B. Specht 1621, 2118, 2119 k. Mansfield d. J. Whiteley 2116. 2224. 2112 i. Lewis d. C. H. Gurr 2123, 2119, 21 17 i. I worthy d. D. G. Walter 2119, 1221. 2116-. L. Ralliford 4. L Lewis for Feit b. Mange d. B. Degaris 2116. 2118 l. Gluford d. K. Mans Field 2111. 2113. Women s single ? 3. A mlle d. Mrs. C. Beare 1621, 215. 2113 p. O Daniel d. M. Deane 2119, 1121, 21 16 j. Oliver d. S. Sheldon 21 2116 a. Snarsk Yte d. K. Townley 2113. 219 m. Pearce d. J. Ogg 1121, 2119, 21 8 v. Marshall d. W. Parker 1631, 2110, 2118% mrs. M. Edwards d. Mrs. R. Clemens 218, 2115 m. Neagle d. Mrs. A. E. Wright 2117, 2116 mrs. J. Graebner d. A. A mlle 2114, 2114 v. Harvey d. K. Forrington 1721, 2113. 2117 a. Snarsk Yte d. M. Pearce 2117, 2119 r. Walshe d. ?. O Daniel 2114. 2110 8. Murphy d. N. Hunt 2422, 2022. 2119 p. Murdoch d. J. Millwood 216. 2112 miss f. White d. J. Oliver 2113, 2113 j. Millwood d. V. Botnen 2115. 2117 mrs. M. Cd wards d. V. Harvey 2118, 2114 j. Murdoch d. H. Barnes 2113, 2110% j. Field d. V. Marshall 21 is 2110 9. Murphy d. M. Neagle 3110, 2113. Girls jul a . H. Brooks i. M. Mcguire 2117. 2116% j. Mill Wood d. A. Brand forfeit a. Crowe t. L. A Coulee 2118. 2022, 2113 a. Snarsk Yte d. D. H. Brook 219. 2112 j. Millwood d. M. Johnston 210. 210 j. Wad Worth d. E. M. Brown 2115, 31 8. It Dawn s Drakes. V. Other a. Pearce d. K. Forrington a. Ogg 2114, 1921, 2220 v. Haney m. Deane d. M. Tau mrs. C. Bare 218, 2110 k. Town Lear a. Mar shall d. W. Parker mrs. J. Clements 2119, 2119% 8. Emsue mrs. M. Furze d. J. Murdoch a. Boyd 2115, 2111 f. Whlte-8. Murphy d. V. Othen a. Pearce 2116, to 5 j. Fled mra. J. Graebner d. V. Harvey m. Deane 2114, 21 17 v. Mar shall mrs. M. Edwards d. K. Townley j. Marshall 2116, 2112 r. Salahe a. Snarsk Yte d. 8. A mlle a. Furze 18 21, 21 8, 21 16. Dry conditions for motor Cycle trial for the first time Lor Many years the Ariel six hour motor Cycle trial was conducted in dry conditions at the week end and at record number or six riders completed the course without loss of Points. Twenty three of the 32 Star ters finished. Results Walker. C. Ariel Sidecar. 0 p s. Danger Leld a. Ariel. 0 Beck. H. Panther. 0 Nixon. T. Royal in Al eld 0 Gallary. P. Panther. 0 Trevona. R. A s. 0, equal first Printer b. Ib6a1 Dangerfield. D. Ariel1 Darwin g. Bra1 spar Row d. Jawa2 Hollamby c. I nor ton. 2 Reed. M. James. A Smith m. Jaw if 5 Wesslink c. K. Triumph. 7 Warhurst. J. Norton and Sidecar. 9 Routley e. Ariel Sidecar. 11 Shelton m. Royal in held 13 Copeland. H. James15 Lampre. A. Ass. 17 Darwin k. Bra and Sidecar. 27 Dunlop. J. Aj3. 30 Ophul. R. Bra and Side Carso Sparkes. P. Bra. 51. Trade team Bra r. Ophel. B. Grinter. K. Darwin. Club team Tapley s Hill Lampre k. Darwin. G. Darwin. Best Maiden j. Dunlop. Best Novice l. Danger Field. T. Nixon tie. Best Solo l. Dangerfield h. Beck. T. Nixon f. Gallary. R. Trevena tie. Best Sidecar c. Walker. Best Solo up to 200 m. Reed. Best Solo 201-250 p. Gallary. Best Solo 251 350 h. Beck. T. Nixon tie. Best Solo. 351 . Unlimited r. Tre Vena l. Dan Sterfield tie. Best Side car up to 500 . C. Walker. Best Sidecar 500 . Unlimited r. Ophel. Be prepared for coughs colds Woods great Peppermint Core a to new Rose Garden at botanic Park botanic Garden employees planting out roses in a new Row Garden near the Kiosk at the botanic Garden. This is one of a number of alterations and improvements in Progress. Arden e ploys out in near the botanic Arden. His Nuber of and distortion would follow �10 woo. Melbourne. July 31. Unskilled rates would be raised to 85 . Of skilled if the Union s claim for a �10 Basic wage succeeded the full arbitration court was told today by or. Desmond Walter of Nam lecturer in economics at the University of a. It would be surprising if unions of skilled workers for Long accepted such a distortion of wages. Or. Oxnam was still being Cross examined when the hear ing adjourned until tomorrow. He was called by or. S. C. Q. Wright certain employers and is the last witness in the Case which began in May last year. A Golden age without Effort the Golden age won t come to Australia unless the people get behind it and rash it Forward the minister or Supply or. Beanie said in 31enelg town Hall yesterday. He was addressing the annual at Home of the Glenelg women s Branch of the ocl. Or. Beale said that the re Irth of Good old fashioned patriotism and the feeling that Australia was bigger than yourself was urgently desired. Governments could give leadership but it was up to the people to make Australia bet Ter than Ever. Or. Beale said that Australia Nad to increase her population the government s intention was to get As Many migrants As possible. We Are seeking better relationships Between employer ant employee he added. Not All faults Are with labor commenting on the korean War or. Beale said we will have to line up with the demo cratic nations the meeting received the resignation of lady Hudd who has been president for 22 years. She will be succeeded by mrs. B. Pattinson. Pacifists not communists the peace pledge Union a Branch was not in any Way connected with the communists the Federal pacifist coun cil of Australia informed Urey Council last night i applying for permission to distribute pamphlets dealing with military conscription in the Council s trea. The letter was received. The Council also received a re port from the acting commissioner of police that a Constable had reported seeing a Man and a woman throwing pamphlets authorised by the pacifist coun cil Over fences of houses with Sut the permission of the coun cil. No secrets in British Ert dire Sydney july 30. The governments of Tom British Commonwealth of nations had no secrets from each other the British Secretary of state Tor Commonwealth relations or. Pat Rick Gordon Walker said on his arrival in Sydney today. The various governments were always in consultation he said. Or. Gordon Walker who in tends to spend about a month in Australia arrived by flying boat from no. He spent two weeks in no after four Days in Canada. He will spend four Days in Ceylon on the Way Back to England. When he reaches Home South Africa will have been the Only British Dominion he has not visited at some time or other. He plans to go there later. Or. Gordon Walker said that be not believe in a Central foreign policy making organisation for the British common wealth. Close Liaison the British and australian governments Liaison resulted in the despatch of 60 telegrams a Day from Britain on routine matters. Or. Gordon Walker hoped that his visit would be the fore runner of similar visits by other British parliamentary leaders and also result in an Exchange of ministers. Referring to Korea he said that talks were now Koine on concerning me composition of the Commonwealth forces for that area. On Formosa he said that the British government would accept the majority View of in in the event of the chinese communists clashing with the in forces protect ing Formosa. Britain was very grateful for australian assistance in Malaya he said. The Federal minister for external affairs or. Spender met him at Rose Bay on his arrival from no. Union to draw up new log with delegates present from All states except Western Australia the Federal conference of the furnishing trades society began at the trades Hall yesterday. The state Secretary or. M. Grealy said after yesterday s session that the main business of the conference would be to formulate a new log of claims to be served on the employers before the award expired in december. Mews in Brief boys 4, break 7 windows after hearing a report from inspector a. V. Har brow last night that two four year old boys bad broken seven windows at the Marion Council depot Marion Road the Council decided to Send a Bill to the parents for repairs. Rifle Range sought Unley Council last night referred to its City Engineer for report a request from the lists miniature Rifle club for permission to establish a 22 calibre Rifle Range in the old quarries at mount Barker Road Glen Osmond. House ransacked Cyril George Hill electrical Mechanic of Hick Street North Adelaide reported to police yesterday that his Home had been ransacked during his absence Between 7 pan., and 10 pin. On saturday. Clothing from drawers were strewn Over the floors and a Money Box con Taining 12/ was stolen. To miss Adelaide the Orient liner Ormonde due at port Adelaide from Lon Don today will not carry australian passengers to England on her next two voyages and will bypass Adelaide on the next three homeward runs. She has been chartered by the dutch government to repatriate dutch residents from Indonesia. Philippines airmail charges for airmail letters to the Philippines will be reduced from 1/6 to 1/ from today the postmaster general or. An Thony says in a statement re leased i Adelaide yesterday. There is a weekly service. Claims for court men employed on maintenance work at the Birkenhead works of Wallaroo it. Lyell fertilizers Ltd., decided at a lunch hour meeting yesterday to refer to the Commonwealth arbitration court their claims for a �1 a week disability allow Ance 20 minutes washing time and safety boots. Cats ordered in Federal expenditure Canberra. July 31. Because the common wealth not know Ilia extraordinary e Peu Ditmore it might have 1 race lie had Given orders for a cutting Down of All pos sible Federal departmental expenditure the acting prime minister or. Fadden said to Day. A 10 . Saving in estimates is expected to be carried through All departments except those concerned with de Fence. Or. Fadden is expected to stress the possibility of higher defence expenditure when a deputation from local authorities seeks More Fede ral Aid for Road maintenance and repair of flood damage next wednesday. It is expected that the deputation will be told that the re quest by the states for a larger slice of the �20m. Yielded Annu ally by petrol tax will have to be considered in the Light of the general financial situation. Atomic War Aid Federal Aid to finance civil defences against atomic bomb attack is. Expected to be sought by the states at the next pre Miers conference. The Federal government civil defence organisation is advising the states on the Best methods of or Ovidina Protection against atomic attack and on providing first Aid for air raid victims. When the premiers meet to wards the end of August so estates Are expected to raise the question of responsibility for payment should the building of costly deep atomic bomb proof shelters become necessary. Death of Legal identity Melbourne. July 31. Or. George Henry Wise one of Australia s oldest Legal men and a member of Early Federal Parlier Nants Nyrl a Yte Taral minister Aiea at Sale today aged 97. After 75 years at the bar or. Wise retired from his Legal practice Early last year because of failing hearing. He was Australia s oldest practising solicitor. During 20 years in the Council he was six times mayor of Sale. In918, or. Wise was taken into the Hughes ministry As assistant defence minister and two years later he became Post master general. John Martins two tones m Ibsen you May have been one of Ujj Job i i in or ? the disappointed ones Al jul a i i go a bar of a when these fashion favor b8fls5 4mt i 5,\ %3 ? ills were hard to get. But is Job we j a \ a ? because johnnies have just be \ \ a v received their quota of 1 j9 Vuk Ift new seasons two tones in / St the colors you want. Get. / a baby a. Shoe Sal a first Ploor / of. Stepper a step in Jwj to a court in Blue White. Wry Ulo. A to a also in Tan Hov White a a do 71/r pair ? Stanford in Blue White Sling. Up a Jbv Back court medium Heel. Frac fit Tom Foj Row Tings aaa a for 71/ pair. By iwo if Auburn 5-Hole tie shoe medium Hli. A. F Heel punched Vamp Blue White of St. \ z a r fractional fitting aaa a 71/ or. A i ? Don t miss seeing Australia s greatest golfers in Fly life Law action in the a it. Ampule in hrs �1,000 professional w4/%golf tournament to be played at Glenelg Golf links. By of 17th, 18th and 19th August. Adm. 5/ Day. Sm0r / Shifma Farn Linro Emporium a him Klimt we 4 jmj 9hh mull him dam my now present a. 3 room plan r1bTnge$jwk for Yotis approvals los a final Myrv i Liemth is ? if he try. See this attractive 3-piece lounge k�j9emmi Vafi we Sal bks Phi a my c it est my Hal huhs my Bimm bbb a i their careful packing ond paid. Bps a Igya by i Elk prompt irs ills 1 fluff Mim a ? ass w ref Nosb Kex 1 my if to Beautiful Dulux finish a Carmen 4-Jnece pm i Uiol Kitchen suite Maple suites ? a Impf Jav �46/-/-certainly a most attractive double bedroom suite at a � T hmm a a very keen Price. This four piece suite comprises my a Hindley and Bank streets this Modem Kitchen suite is Mode from selected Lody s ond Man s fitted Robes 8-drawer dress easy terms available i Tiller Ona comprises 5 to. Cabinet with bread bin ing table and double bed. Buy yours today u Telephone c6184 drawers 4 it. 6 x 2 it. 6 table with inlaid lab Bambi. Lino top and a solid set comfy chairs. Mem pm pm my Adelaide for the 1950 Royal show commences thursday sep. Tembey the. Nine Days and nights of entertain ment i entries close As trader leg. August 16th culture a August 28th by class s 151. 152. 154 Ora and 155. Fish a Royal Agrim a cultural and Bulf Afke horticultural he society. A Harold j. Wjk finals. Pm by Secretary ?j/7bm 7 Flurie St., a to Adelaide. No avoid Sadoc Kymm starting from scratch take up subscribing shares in the co operative building society 90 King William Street at 1/ per week each and Start on the Road to Home ownership. Build up a fund of 10 . Of the value of a Homeland we Advance the rest. Enquiries invited. Advt now 7 Days delivery venetian blinds of dutch or american mate rial from the famous flex Lum manufacturers. Phone for quotation. Is Anzac Highway Keswick. Tel. Of 1986. Flying saucers Are real flying saucers Don t come from Russia or Mars but they do exist without revealing military secrets that s what Henry j. Taylor internationally known journalist and radio commentator says in August Reader s digest some ? Are guided others Are not they have no Stream of Light or smoke no sound. But they re All part of a great and growing Experiment. Read this Advance report of new weapons still secret that will prove wonderful news for the demo cratic nations of the world. This stimulating article is Only one of 31 in August Reader s digest the world s greatest Reading value at one shilling and. Sixpence. At All newsagents and Bookstall. ? Advt if your ears ring with head noises. Try this m you have roaring buzzing. Noises in your ears Are getting hard of hearing and fear catarrhal deafness go to your chemist and get 1 02. Of Pannent double strength and add to it i pint of hot water and a Little sugar. Take a dessert spoonful four times a Day. This will bring Quick Relief from the ? distressing head noises. Clogged nostrils will open breathing become easy. It is prepare costs Little and is pleasant to take. Anyone who has cat artial trouble. Of the ears is hard of hearing or has head noises should give this prescription a trial. ? Advt ? of flab Milf wimm Standard Rolls from 3d.-5/ immediately available to c of hire or Titan for Init for be Sarah reset sports Areli i Etc. M Vidhi Tiki Minim mice flt Iii shut. Letl lilt ? ? 1 7111

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