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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Apr 30 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 30, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia snippy a Orient line of Royal mail steamers. For Plymouth and London Ria Naples and to los calling at Fremantle Colombo Trand Rippier to All India posts a a sle canal commander h g staurt j i Bealey, r. , r w s Shelford. r. Y ,r.� g. 1 Pau. May 2 May 10 Torso june 13 Jane 27 Ahmed with wire Lea telegraphy. Twin Crew steamers. It Rotor ill not be allowed on Board within .0 Minuta of time of sailing. Admittance card Tainan be rom agent. For Melbourne Sydney and bhisb4nr Stramera win sail bom Adelaide outer Harbor a follow Oprah i 84� Tom i saturday i my s Orvieto a 12,180 ton a saturday j May 17 and fortnightly thereafter. Ram to Melbourne �1 3/ to �8 to i i Sydney �2 6/ to �9 to v Brisbane �3 2/_to �11. European Tours. A Dadfar bail Trarell Irig and botel accommodation _ tool Day to bps to Ceylon Xis Conan Neon with the other Vail Linca. A quoted eau and hotel by 1 Vor third Ola passengers. " special accommodation in hew 12,000-T�n steamers Tonos fares single �17. �19, �21 ". Of turn �32. �38, �39. Spadoni pro men4.db Deckk smoke rooms ladies t mask Lioom on shelter deck. Cany two berth and four berth Cabin situated in Mux decks. Large. Fri Tell vent lated a sis Saloon on main deck. Writ for illustrated circular nor lbs Par vhf Tiura. Fat. Further information Epury m. G. Anderson agent in Moose to. King win at be. Adelme. P & o vex Mahtab India Chira Aho Europe Rui Aho second saloons Holt. Tom. Lenna May Kay s Jane 5\ Jane july 3 jury 17 july is Auk. 14malwa. Molta. Morea. Marmora. Medina i moldavia., Daloja. Mongolia. A Toni poo r. L. Haddock. R.5.r j. D. Andrews . 8. Deb. Lockyer Rosr ? , Notley. Bib ,000 11 h. Gordon g Westonn a. U. Gaunt. . 11,000 10.000 11,000 10,600 12.600 10/ 12,600 �0.o00 ? and Fetui Giuy Fob Melbourne and Sydney.-4�0rea, ailing on loth May. A Steamer Are fitted Witt wire Castele j i Tony Rod it Twili Kiwi. X first and second 8aloon passage granted to Europe India. China and Werthem Australia t or special and round tie world excursions a raged Aita through passage to new York. A Tagat Arra cad from any port. Special Holiday ate Tan ticket to Colombo. For information and handbook apply to 4\ elder Smith be co., looted agent f. It 0. Branch service ". To Durban. Cape town and London. One class Only. 4 Wirrie telegraphy All ton about Kay l8 about june 25 about july 10 about july 31 4 Commonwealth 7,961 tons i Benalla. 11.1� tons t Beltane. 11.120 ton i splendid accommodation ladies Boom y \ smoking Rook a quire my and Steward carried.1 Farea London �13, .�18, �20. U South africa.-13, a and 17 in Biefus ? bound trips to London by p. K o. Branch service Steamer returning Tia a Suez canal by p. Of mail Steamer. V from �4�, 1?/. _ Ordinary return ticket Are Lauriti the Aberdeen line. Pamphlets and All particular on apol cation. A r George wills co., Arenta. � anfc.1. F 3, Quenlen Street. Adelaide Joc Taic mess Geries maritimes.? Jav. Ithe French Maxl St Bambes. Cd flfte1 Tia be Mantua junk do. Combat. Aden sub. And p0b3 of Ramb to Marseilles. \ tint Claa. 7x 10/ to u /. To Iti Tatoia cd. ?. Iia Taai table Crimea f \ of a Beu spoken on Board. A hot Erwe further particular apply x vhf daunt be co., Ltd. In trial German Mau steamers. " ?. to a Dos . Fremantle Colombo Suez of Naples. Hmm Oraibi Alf Ieva Bambera a mrdja Alcues. A Vamp Bremen. Southampton Iky Satnat. I . V . ?-.,-, a in Dutz. Limos. Cju ohcs Tom 4.0, 8.061 8.9s9 8,000 4 8.188 8.0m 8.081 i Znini offi w. Van Senda t. 6tollberg Cuma Muj Melv ? a Witt Stefan f w. Van Senden t.v8t0llbcrar in can twin screw. A Steamer Wiele i dry we of v5 m depart an hour 1 ., Foo out a Hartor. R Bredat train from Adelaide Ai it noon. " j. V reduced Cabin j? Oass Fingl ?.#�,?. Betant. 0. And Claas single �83 10/ St 15/ third a Taal from 1&a Holiday return ticket a lamed into changeable with Aumau Linea. Rotter state pint and second Balcon Reta Leketa interchangeable with All Mau Steamer. a 00 Adelaida Ai la it Geoca a Blue funnelling Ait Ufer Wol and Occas co. I Al via the Oarb. The Steamer o the Aboye line Are some of the " latest passenger and cargo boat afloat cargo Steamer trill leave fort Adelaide ? ascaniu8 i 10.000 Iona about May Jajich o�3 6,748 ton about july Al for passenger steamers literate Day. T1for freight and particulars apply to ,. Geoege wills & co., agent. A Douai i s3, Grenfel Street Adelaide Nippon Yuse Kaisha. M " Imperial japanese Mau. Line. ? Tamla. China and Japek. Tia Brisbane Townsville and thursday 13lasd. Steamer. Tong Oom. I melb. Sydney. Yawakia Mara 4.000t. Sekine 1 May 7 i May u t labs Maro 6,000 i june t Jone 11 j and every pour Wheelo thereafter. Fastest Aad most luxurious steamers in the tide. Special through booking to Oil Parta Vbk the East. America and partic Thiis from Mcilwraith. Moea Chark 4 Ca proprietary limited. Agent Adelaide. Of ,__g7uaio via san Francisco. So All american ports British Isle Sand continent. Calling at Rarotonga Cook Groop and Papeete a Tahiti. Steiner. From Sydney. From Wellington. Doe Frisco. Aorangi. May 17 june 11 july i May 23 Uno 20 july l8 june 19 july 10 ans. 7 and every 23 Days thereafter. For particulars regarding passages and freights Union steamship co., of n.z., Ltd., a.u.8.n., limited agents 8671c Register buildings Wren leu Street. Korke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. The Gid steamship co., Ltd. ?. 9 Mwenea Days saturdays returning thursdays mondays. , 9 a.m., saturdays wednesdays returning mondays thursdays Biley s coach meets steamers. Kangaroo Island Kingscote and hog bay2alling at Glenelg discontinued after Panl so Varatta. S.30 a. Saturdays wednesdays returning. Mondays. Thursday eights prepaid. Week end tickets available saturdays returning mondays 11/ return. Second Valley. Varatta 8.s0 , wednesday returning mondays. Freight pre paid. American River Salt jetty Popoola tucs Dav 5 ., returning thursday. Freight prepaid. 8tansbuby.-Juno, 9 a no thursdays re turning same Day. Saturday returning to Days. Port , 9 a.tn.,%tneadays, re tuning wednesdays. Kooring fridays re Cumine same Day. Wool Bay Popoola sunday. 10 -�., sex intr Carao till noon saturday. No cargo received after s a. M. On Day of sail Sag. Only perishable goods and Stock received ailing Day for Kangaroo Island. Tickets on Board. Sou a. Lemessy Bleb swat you abort. _ ship Tomb. The Adelaide steamship company. Limited Arfell dispatch steamers from port Adelaide pane-1 to ally u under circumstances permitting Albany and Fremantle. Tran shipping for Perth Geraldton All North West ports and Singapore. We Marjja. I 7.7s5 tons i tues. May 6 j 3 pin. Warilda. J 7,713 tons sat my 17 j spin Melbourne and Sydney. Tran shipping for a tasmanian Queensland and new zealand ports Warilda. I 7,713 tons i Thors. May 1 4 Wanilla i 7,785 tons Mon. I mar � i p-1" Warilda special express leaves Adelaide at 3 On Rhu Redoy. To Cauro received alter noon. Warilda and Wadiha new steamers twin Trews. Wireless telegraphy carrying tort and second Saloon and Steerage passengers. West coast service. Streaky Murat denial. Carawa. . Eupora i tuesday May 6 s pin. Spencer Odulf service. Fort Lincoln Kirton Point. Tumby Arno Bay Wallaroo. And Cowell. Re. Marialta every the sudsy. Pm. Ports Lincoln. Augusta germen. Pirie j Rel paring. Saturday 1 May 3 i pm ports Lincoln. North she plus. Tumby Nettl. Irno. Wallaroo Broughton. As. Investigator tint Day j May 1 i 5 Ports Turton. Minla Cowie Victoria Moonta. Wallaroo Cowell. Arno Neill a ferret. Saturday May 8 i 6 Freights prepaid to Turton Minla Cowie Victoria germen jew Neill Tumby Louth Koro Shields and a Wert coast ports. Saloon passage tickets interchangeable Wita other inter state companies subject to Candit Ofca the Adelaide steamship co. Limited Adelaide and port Adelaide. A. A s. N. Steamers Taro drum Atances permitting Ion a Albany " ? i Ingarra. 10,000 ton Fremantle i Largett new Steamer shipping for Perth r saturday. May 8. ,w. Porta i 3 And Singapore. J to Albany cargo. Melbourne 1 1 Stoney i Ingarra m.000 ton. Tor Fiji thurs. May 15. 3p.ro. Tasman waa of Pil Barra. Monday. Land and Queensland j Jane 2. Ports. /. V twin screw. Fitted with wireless. Carry first second and third Osar 1 engery Saloon tickets interchangeable with oth to in Ternate companies subject to Condl Tiogo. Fml return Porthan of Ordinary fus class Ballway ticket 6 available by Steamer. Register bldgs., Grenter St. And port Adelaide. 103c australian steamships f line. ? circumstance permitting Albany 1 passenger Only. F Ingarra 00,000 to Fremantle f saturday May 8l Tran shipping for weat � 8 pm australian. Port. Fitted Wita wireless telegraphy. Oarr yme 1st, 2nd, 3rd Das passenger. and second Classi Steamer ticket Are interchangeable after a port � with other inter state companies subject to condition ascertainable on application. Full return portion of Ordinary first claw railway tickets Between Adelaide Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane available by Thi com Pany Steamer. ". Homard Smith company limited if nyy Iny agents p. Buildings. Is King Wiiiam Street Adelaide i and North Parade port Adelaide. In he 1ios.-4deli�e, 878, 4173 port by to Mcilwraith Mceacharn line r regular passenger service Albany "1 Karoo la Fremantle i twin screw 7,891 ton Strart shinning for Perth l wiretap Telegraph Bunbury Geraldton a saturday May 24. And a North West i. At.2.80 pro., ports. J Roneen wharf. " to. Komura Joey Tor \ May 2 jew oaths ? j cargo Only by nist I twin screw 7,391 ton a "51 a Queens-1 thursday. May 8. V Jsn and Kew Zea i 4 , find ports i to 4 vat. Heavy baggage Mist be alongside at least one hour before advertised time of say Karoo la new twin ere Merv is St non based accommodation for first and second Saloon and third Oass passenger. Privat 8ustet de luxe. Fun. Third Oats consist " to 2, 4. And 6 berth ticket Are interchangeable after for to port of a Whf a Sec state com 1nie�" condition Certai Nable on application. Full return portions of Ordinary first Daw railway ticket Between Adelaide. Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane Are available by inter stats steamers. Fri Luruth Mceacharn pc 00. Proprietary limited. Seo Tuan Kotrc. Corner King William Street and Street Adelaide j. Bawling a son port Adelaide 177c j. R. Bowering it son. Broken Hill Huddart Parker line to alb any and Fremantle � the i. . Or Acadia " v Canadian Royal mail liner wireless bolts Crappy. ,. 7.000 ton. Sahs from Queen wharf. Friday May 2, noon carrying fint second and third class Passen As riverine 5,000 tons 1 wireless telegraphy sails from Queen s wharf saturday May 10th, 2 pro., carrying first second and third class passengers. Melbourne and Sydney. Say Zealandia tuesday a l8, 8 pan. 8.8. Riverine. Thursday May 22nd, 4 pin. New zealand ports. For stovey.-s3. Uli Maroa. May 8 Vic Toria. My 7 Wilmera May 2l from Uli Maroa May ? Saloon passenger tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies subject to Condi Tion. Fun return portion of Ordinary first class railway tickets available by inter state Steane. C. 241se up. It j. Fowler looted Cento. Melbourne steamship co. H regular pass Roger service. It " As Dimboola Albany. 1 i Fremantle a Copper cos what Granshi Lor Perth and n Porta. Fitted with Wirrie. Ample apace Tor refrigerator cargo k Melbourne 1 a Jap Phi Ai Sydney. J ?. At 3pm. Copper co s wharf. Newcastle first Saloon. Sri class. Single return. Single Fremantle �5 10 0 �818 8 �8 is 0 Melbourne. 2 2 0 310 0 110 Sydney. 8 is 9 c 8 0 2 2 0 saloon1 tickets interchangeable with other interstate companies subject to conditions which May be on application.4 splendid Stock accommodation. Melbourne steamship xxx li1., port. Geo. Wills it co., passenger agent no. A Grenfel Street Adelaide. Edwin h. Droplet. Broken hol so australian Oriental line g. A Yuil lat co. Ltd. Manila. China and Japan via Zamboanga. Darwin. Thursday Island and Queensland ports. . Changsha. Sailing from Dalgety s wharf Miner s Point 8ydney, on wednesday May i. Also. 8.8. Taiyuan. June 11. For full particulars apply to m. G. William Street.855iuc port , every wednes Day Princess wharf. Agent Tainsh bros., phones 371 and 621, canal sails , port Victoria and sails thursday freight . Fricker port. Barque Jean mum Mussel & co., have received instructions from messes. Elder Smith & co., Ltd on behalf of the London Sal via association to offer by auction at the Mart St Vincent Street port Adelaide on wednes Day 30th april at 2.30 ., on account of whom it May concern the barque Jean Bart registered tonnage 1.9s1, carries 3,000 tons As she now yes stranded at warding Island about 9 Miles by sea from port Victoria with All sails stores boats anchors chains a also at the same time and place on account of whom it May concern the whole of the cargo on Board the stranded barque consisting of about 396 toss no. S Cleveland pig Iron and a fico tons Coke. For further particulars apply to Kalin Russel & co., Ltd port Adelaide. To a papers printing executed on the slow it notice waa ass Liberal terms at the advertiser Job tc58� of mar jas. Marshall & 00. The shopping Centre where the people congregate Rundle St. And Stephens place autumn and Winter garments at popular prices. \ ladies gloves. Ladies Short knitted Wool cd jeep in ask Grey Brown Green White and Black 1/3 per pair. Ladies Long knitted Wool Glan m Grey Broown Green and White vul per Pate _ ladies Choice Quality kid gloves domes i with Cord Points in Brown Beaver Uchie. And Black 3/11 per pair ladies 6-Button length Nappa leather Alor Sac style with strap at wrist m Brown Ana Tan 4/11 per pair ladies Long mosque Taire kid gloves with open nig at wrist to the Elbow 8/11 per pair dress department. All Wool French venetian cloth in a full Range of the fashionable shades double Width 2/6 pee i All Wool Cheviot Tweed shrunk and in siotame exceptional Wear double Width 3/6 per Yard a Wool Sand Serge will make into smart dresses or Coots and starts is in. Wide i per Yard All Wool Donegal Tweed Lovely for Winter frock double Width i per Yard j \. / a Wool Sedan cloth a grand Range of shades. These Are m great demand for Dainty costumes double Width 8/11 and 4/6 per Yard Cheviot Serge in Saxe Grey Browns Navy Royal prune and Fawn b2 in. Wide 3/6 per Yard Cheviot Serge for evening Coats 60 in. Wide in a splendid Range of pretty shades for eve ing Wear 8/11 per Yard Linen department. Coloured mousse line de Boie Eui nun tin1ft Titi the new shades for evening Wear lofd., 1/3, 1/6, 1a1 per Yard Dainty handkerchiefs for evening use in lace Edge. 6d., 10d., x1, 1/3, 1/6 each new Novelty silk handkerchiefs in sell colors 7jd. Each White silk initial handkerchiefs 1/ each Kew pattern silk handkerchiefs specially imported for Tom Ming the Collara and cuffs of ladies costumes 1/6, 1/9, 1/11, s 3, 2/8, 3/6, 4/11 each. Also much used for millinery trim rminf5s. ? ladies coloured Border Lis Roe handkerchief 7jd, each .1 ladies Boot department. Just Glace kid Derby or Oxford walking shoes Patent Caps Stout soles made by Bostock stamped i ladies Glace kid Gol shed Button and Loee boots welted or machine sewn Patent Caps cuban heels a & j. Clarke. 18/9 to 36/. Ladies australian Patent kid Derby shoes Short vamps High raised toes cuban heels welted soles 189 ladies american Satin evening shoes Short vamps High raised toes Wurtemberg heels 17/9 ladies i English Parade shoes High Tongue and buckle Good style and fit Coban or shaped heels 13/9 to 16/9 a gents Patent Colt whole Gol shed Derby bal welted. Soles Bostock on the Empire last 87/6 a a gents australian Glace or Box calf derbrbals., welted soles Good value from 12/9 to 18/9. F " i i Silks. second shipment of evening satine has or i Rived. x we Are now showing 43 shades in join. Satins. 21 shades in tie new nasturtium colouring \ these shades Are absolutely the newest land Are in big demand in. London and Paris,-40-in. Wide 5,11 per Yard. See our windows. A Beautiful lot of High class Satin crepe j Bobea these Are reversible and May be made up either is a heavy Visick crepe or a Isar no in tool Goth Black sans in the 40-in. Cd dlr. In several makes a Fol 5/n, 6/11. 1/u, 8/11, and 10/ per Yard. White Story and Cream 40-in. Satins a ans selection from thu to 12/6 per Yard , tin Plain Colon and reversible Plain satins 10/6, 12/6, 15/. 17/6, and 21/ per Yard s to 4 Yards is the usual length for a cover All coat 2 Yards for a three Quarter Langta. � Knew Ionea � ii we Are now snowing a new Range of Drashe and hand mirrors in electro plate of Nickel Silver prices Froni 6/11 to 8/11 each new lines in ladies hand bags Yon Are " sure to get suited at Marshall a once from 1/1x to 49/6 each. S r new lines in1 ladies beaded hand bag from 6/8 to 11/6, each new lines in ladies brits from Sid. To 4/11 each. ? t new lines of evening dress Tom mugs. From 6id. To 46/ or Yard new lines in dress buttons from 8gd. To 4/nj per dozen new lines m Oriental trimmings from 1/ or Jard. K gents shirt and Mercery department. Just opened a Beautiful Range of crimean sturts with Neckband and wristbands in the latest colourings Price bf31. 6/11. And 8m gents tunic shirts soft Centre Pleat and i offs in coloured stripes on a White ground also Black and White Price 2/11 and .3/11 Jost landed from America a second shipment of Silver fleece lined under rests and under pants Price 2/6, 2/11, and 3/tl, % 100 dozen Grey herringbone working shirt Collar and pocket lined backs Price 2/11 each r i., � i children s jerseys from 1/8. Boys clothing department. T \ we re now by owing a Fuh Range of new sea Sod s Gooda m All descriptions of boys and youths clothing which we Are pleased to Sfax i boys Al Wool Jersey knickers in Grey. Brown Cream and nary sizes 0 to ii Only 2/11 Ano j 8/3 pair. V Cavendish suits in Reugh tweeds of an Shade is one of the newest and most fashionable suit this season. We have them in great Vonel from 19/6, 21/, 22/6, up to 43/6 it boys Sailor Burts in a Wool indigo Serge Excelsior make sizes 3 to i Only 8/6 Sai we Are making a special clearance of boy Rugby suits coat Vest and knickers i Good fashionable colors Well made and spin did fitting garments sizes 10 to 2, Only 14/i do hot fail to inspect our huge and up of Dat Stock of boys and youths Bain and Over Coats., carpet and furnishing departments. Axminster Price Stoi the same. Although there has been a very considerable Rise in the manufacturers Price of carpets con sequent no on the High prices obtaining for Wool of All classes. Marshalls have decided that the once of carpets at their warehouse will not to raised until after the Winter season. Therefore. Our advice is that carpets Are Good buying at present prices. We Are now showing a very comprehensive Range of All classes of designs styles and colourings in Axminster carpets and we confidently invite inspection / Axminster carpets at 8/11, 5/11, and 6/11 Yard Beautiful Axminster doormats 30 in. X 12 in., fringed ends colors in Fawn Green Brown re Seda Cream red and Blue grounds Only 2/6" each heavy Quality Sartre Suie Hearth rugs a splendid Range of colourings a the latest designs Only 10/6 each japanese jute bugs in Beautiful Oriental de signs sue 4 it x 2 it 8/11 each at the Haberdashery counter. Stamped Art needlework. J we Are showing a very extensive Range of traced goods for working in silk or Moun Mellick Cotton in Linen. Ninon and Satin Jean. These goods can be had either he stitched or with worked scalloped edges and inv a variety of new designs we Are also showing copies Carvers ac., in the hew punch work designs. Tray cloths in Satin Jean 1/, 1/6, and 1/11 copies with. Either frills or Scallop 1/3 each t Duchess sets 1/11, 2/6, and 3/6 Carvers 1/9, 2/3, 2/6 a Small team Moths 1/2, 1/6, 2/3, 2/9 i Pillow Shams 1/3 if a pure Linen copies 1/11 \. I crash Crochet and knitting bags. 1� each. Coloured crash Book cover 1/6 " White stamped pure Linen articles with Batter scalloped. Border Inu runners 1/11 tray s/9 Tea cloths Ipi Tab Dobing suit to measure ,.70/, 75/, and 84/, in smart rough tweeds and Fine worsted of the latest designs i a � Sac Sut to measure 90/, 957, 100/, of hand loom Donegal Tweed and finest qualities a scotch and a tweeds chiefly single suit lengths i. I Fine and Bong h Serges Sao bait to measure 63/ to 100/ Good shades and fast dyes. Evening suits to measure. Dress suit to measure,1 �6 6/ to �7 7/ dinner stat �55/"to �6 6/a splendid selection of the finest a Oscity Blade coatings i x r coat and skirt to measure from �5 5/ to �7 j 7/, in Fine twill coating and smart Tweed had costume cloths latest shades and designs _ r gents hat department. T just opened special it of gents Bough. Fur Felt hats Jie latest shape with Donnie Edge,1 in the fuming shades Grey Fri dark Gre or and do Grey this special wat 12/6 each a Fine assortment of Bough i a Felt hats with double a Kingle brims in Feye Brown greens " Fawn slate Tea., at 10/6 and 11/6 each j i Only a few of Plush velour hats Woodrow e make in Grey Green Black and Brown at 25/ each ? � gents. Umbrellas. % i a Fine assortment of gents umbrellas now show ingrate a til 5/11, Liufu �/6, loft "12/�, 14/6, 17/6, to 35/ each we Stock the latest Indian Snape umbrella at 15/6 each f Manchester department be Beaver Cuti and. Pam covers Sll 4aj, it my in Masv Well Aad. Always Loose Nice " ". I morn crt�k�.9bitt�n&4a/ Yard for ,.� pyjamas a. I Crimea shirting 10h., 1/, 1ft 1/1, 1/hj/jyard for shirts and pm Jamss Viyella 2/6 Yard All Zolott. Mad Polam Al Sai. Al 8a1mo/b1doan. Horrock ses 86-in. White Calico 6/6, 6/11, a a Al 10/6 Doan \ Swanette. 36 in. Wide 10/8 Dosen. For ladies Aad children s night Waar i " White and unbleached Swansom "7/6, 8/6, 10/6, j.12-/6, 15/ Disend i j White Waterproof sheetu/27d,2/n. To pm 4/11, ? 6/6, 6/. .7/6 Yard 1,. White Pink Edge flannel 1/8, 1/6, Lull yard1, baby flannel 1/6, 1/9.� i a 2/s. 2/6 Yard i 1,000 he stitched frilled Pillow cases 1043. Each white1 twill sheeting m in., sad. And old. 70 in., lojd., if 1/3, 1/6 80 ia., if. 1/8, 376, flannel Ste sheeting 72 in., 1/ilf 80 to mfg 1 Yard v. \ s men s Beady to Kab Teab Titzer. \ s overcoats. Overcoats. Pro Date Lor the wet weather and visit Marshalla for a thoroughly waste Prool overcoat Guaran teed 37/c 46/ i Mien s idol be brer arted Ove Yoo to special value Rio a 85/. 38/6, 43/. 45. 60/, 55/. 6s/t 70/, 75/. To Iori \. Men s so Wale breasted overcoats special value 25/, 29/8, 85/, 88/6, 42/. 45/, 50/55/76�/ v men s raincoats the latest fashion Raglan sleeves and prussian Collara,.50/. 65/, 63i70/, 75/, v 84/, 90/. 95/, 305/ i to r men s of Kin Coats the noted fish brand16/8, 1876, 19ik 21/, 23/6, 25/, 27/6 men s Tweed trousers All sizes. 2a1 3a1, 4/11 5a1. A t/6. S/6.10/6, 12/6 14/6, 16/6 men s pyjama suits thousands to select from prices 6/11, 6a1. 7/6. 8/6, 10/6, 12/6, 14/6, 16/6, 18/6,21/, 23/6, 25/, 29/6 men s dressing i gowns � a Large selection 25/9, 29/6, 35/. 38/6, 42/, 45/. 50, 55/, 63/to 106/. Fly of cloth and matting feet 12 x 12, Ordo Tea a one piece no join 25/8 each " ,. 1s.6 x -12, oilcloth a one piece no join 26/8 each f 15 x 12, oilcloth in one piece so join 29/7 each or any she to order at Sai per Yard. 2 x 0/ oilcloth in two pieces 13/6 and 17/6 each to 2 x 15, Oad Oths in two pieces 15/4 Aad 23/4 each i 6 x 12, oilcloth in two pieces 20/s and 26/3 Eadi 5 x 12, oilcloth in two pieces. 22/6 raid 29/2 each any Rose Cut to order at 2/3 or 2/n per Yard. Remnants at special paces. Kitchen furniture. Made or our pm v factories. To look Well. A to Wear stut. To qty every Sathya Chw. Dress Elk. St Tomb Oft amt of Tofias 4f Blu but to eur Reney lots fur five 4f tis 3 it. 6 in. Wide 42/. 4 it. Wide 47/6. 4 it. 6 in. Wide 55/. 5. It. Wide 62/6. Strong Kitchen tables Witt Lota. Stock Sixes priced As Faors. 4 it. X 2 it. 12/6 4ft6in.x2ft.6iiu, 14/8 5 it x 3 it 17/b 6ft.xsft.6in 2w. Breakfast Rhom tables top Munn misfit. Legs tamed Sod polished Waist Monr. Stock Sie priced As follows 4 it. X2 it. 13/9 4ft.6ni.x2ft.6in my 5 it x 8 it. W8 6 it. X Siv $.-l. -s7/8. Kitchen safes beet jul Katy perforated Zinc perfectly Fly proof. Single safes. 14, with drawer 16/9. Double sates. 26/3. Witt juju 28/�. Double panel safes. 35/9. With drawer 39/6. Household Steps 4 it 6,11, 5 it 8/6, 6 of 9/u. 7 it 3/a, 8 it. All prices quoted above have been especially reduced for the time being High Grade Hock Linea. Those in need Are advised to Purchase orders dispatched immediately on receipt of Post card or letter. Cata Neues rested free to any address7 on request secure packing a big feature of oar country order dispatch department James Marshall & co Bro inure and can Ofeish Baise fwd specs drapery and clot him. Please note the special Une at toot of this a17vebtisement.something new each Day. Pm Fuff s. The store notedf0r\ uniform Good values. I r j. � ready to Wear � style eight. I goal St eight. " 1 t Price eight. We Are again showing a Veri Large assortment of hrs. Am other English tailored Coats Fri a variety of shapes \ a Cladma the Raglan sleeves. 1xb. Travelling and walking boats 3�/6, 45/, 50/, s2/b, 57/8, ,63/, to he. % " a s3. Travelling am walking Coats jj5/, 30fc �5/, 80f 55/, �.to1 it l i -4kb ase Ai so ? Gaeb ape a Oil Coats Ingall the new shades wxhr��skal�la2astep col Lars and Raglan sleeves 62, Tyr 72/6, we 106/. Sybi rubber boats with Raglan sleeves 45/, 2/6, 68/. Waterproof Lotze capes 42/. Waterproof motor Btu be sl1th,/ coat and trousers 47/6. Ctr Jle capes is a 13/ " in s hats All the latest novelties in velours Plush and Wool the soft poes at 12/b Are very specie Ivalu stocked in All Mew shades. Ask to see teds s gaps. All the new shapes Aind colors in tweeds and Shower proofs Vii 2/6, 3/6, 4/8, to 6/6. Motor rain proof reversible Caps i goggles attached 10/3. Men s umbrellas. In addition to our Well As sorted Stock we have purchased a Large Bange of English tra Vellers Abe excellent value and worthy of inspection 6/u, 7/6, 10/6, k/6, us to 35/. Men s boots. We Are now showing a Good assortment of men s footwear in All the latest shapes,7 Patent Glace and Box calf a. Very comfortable Boot with Vamp at 14/6j or in flip 500 pair ladies ? " Woven combinations 3/6 for 2/6. Tes me Var be Earp Pinal at shia Parka i the to Day Only. Country customers Ivich be step aged if orders be sent by first Post Oner dds rear j but Sass j drapery Ano clothing. Open late Friday bight. A t. Fitch the Corner men s hats. Men s soft Felt hats in All the newest colors and shapes 4/u, 5/1l a 9/6, 10/6, 11/6, 12/6, 14/6. Men s Chamois rough Felt hats the very latest in Grey Green Navy drab Brown slate and Black 10/6, 12/6 men s soft Felt Hais wide straight brims 5/6, 7/6, 11/6 men s Black hard Felt hats 5/11, 7/6, a a 10/6, 11/6, 12/6, men s Straw Boater hats 2/h, 3/n, 4/11, 6/6, 7/6, 8/8. Boys Felt hats 4/�l men s Tweed Caps 1/n, 3/8, 2/tl 3/5, 4/b. Boys suns Tweed Tomic suits sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 7/s, 10/6, 13 6, 16/6. N Navy Serge Tunis Omta sizes 1, 2, 3, a 16/6. Tweed Rawson sets Mes 5 to 8, 12/s, ,13/9, 16/6, 18/6 sizes 9 Ana 10, 13/9,15/6 17/9, 19/9. Navy Serge Rawson suits sizes 5 to 8,1 15/9, 22/6 size 9 and 10, 17/6, 25/. Tweed Coventry � suits a test style with1 event in coat and strap at. Back sizes 8. In 9, 10, 19/9 sizes 11 and 12, 21/6. Tweed Maffra suits sizes 8 to\12, 22/8. No. T3193-"hector/Tweed sizes l 2, 3, 4,7/6, 10/6. I Navy Serge Sailor suits sizes 3 to 7, 11/6 sizes 8 to 12, 12/6. Greer melange Sailor suits n/6, 13/6. Tweed Norfolk suits sizes 5 to 10, 10/6, 12/6, 15/6, 17/6, 19/6, 22/6 sizes 11 and 12,43/9, 16/9, 17/6/ 21"/, 25/.Tweed Imperial suits sizes 10, 11, 12,vl3, 13/6, 15/6, 17/6, 21/, 25/6, 30/ sizes 14 and 1,-17/9, 19/6, 22/6, 25/, 27/6, 32/6. Navy Serge Imperial suits Mes 10, 11, 12, 13, 22/6, 25/6, 30/ sizes 14 and 1 24/6, 27/6, 32/6., ,. Grey melange Imperial suite sizes 10, 11, 12,13, 25/ sizes 14 and i 27/6. Navy Serge Norfolk suits sizes 5 to 10, t 16/9, 22/6 sizes u and 12, 18/6, 25/, youths Tweed trouser suits sizes 13 to 2, 22/v27/6 30a " youths Navy Serge trouser suits sizes la to 2i a 32/&v ? boys overcoats Small boys fancy Tweed overcoats sizes 0, a 2, 3, 4, 8/9, 10/9, 13/8. Boys Tweed overcoats sizes 5 to 9, 13/6, 16/6 sizes 5 co �2, 13/6,. / ? boys double breasted overcoats ans 5 to 8, 15/9.v Bova Shower proof overcoats sizes 8, 9, 10, 18/6 sizes 11 and 12, 19/6. A puts Tweed overcoats sizes ,13 to 2j, 19/6, 27/6/ r youths Black Oilskin Coats 11/6. Big show new season dress tweeds. New Tweed suiting. New Donegal tweeds new Flake tweeds new Stripe. Tweeds. / i 40-in. Heavy dress Tweed in Grey and Navy n Plain and tripe 1/ Yard. 40-in. Heavy Stripe dress Tweed in Fawn Grey Brown and Navy 1/6 Yard. 40-in. Donegal Tweed Light ground with. Small red flame 1/8 Yard. 40-in. Tweeds in pretty Grey stripes Spe Cial value Only 1/11 Yard v 40-in. Dark dress tweeds in dark Helio Blue and slate. 1/11 Yard. 40-in. Donegal � tweeds in Green and Brown a grand wearing line 2/2 Yard. 40-in. Heavy Tweed suiting in flakes and stripes in Green Brown Fawn and Grey Only 2/9 Yard. 40-in. Donegal Tweed in Fawn Only 2/11 Yard. 40-in. Heavy Tweed suiting in Grey Check and mid. Grey Stripe 2/11 Yard. 40-in. Heavy Tweed suiting Fawn and Grey 3/6 Yard. 42-in. Donegal tweeds in Grey and Green Only 3/9 Yard very smart. I 42-in. Tweed suiting in Light Grey i dark Grey Fawn Brown Green and Turquoise 3/11 Yard. 40-in. Hop sacks in mole Grey Brown mid. Blue and Navy 2/11 Yard. 40-in. Tweed suiting in mid. Grey with Black stripes 2/11 and 3/6 Yard. 40-in. Light ground sponge cloth fast colors in Light Grey dark Grey helio., and Blue 2,11 for 1/11 Yard. 40 in. Shot sponge cloth in Brown Navy Light Bine the Novelty of the season a a. 1 2ll-w00l Serges. J Serges. 40-42-m. Shyy Serges,-1/9, 2/b, 2/11, 3/6 Yard. 44-in. Navy Serges 4/8 Yard. 46-in. Navy Serge 5/l1 Yard. 40-42-in. Black Serge 2/6 and 3/5 Yard. 40-in. Cheviot Serge in Brown Green Marone Ruby Light Navy and Navy 2/11 Yard. 42-in. Cheviot Serges in Pale Blue Rose Turque ase end Pink 3/6 Yard. Three special lines in dress goods. 404n. Whip Ord in Saxe dark Blue mid. Blue Grey and Sahara Brown 1/u for 1/6 Yard. 40-in. A Wool Serge warranted fast color in Navy Black and Cream 2/6 for 1/9 Yard. 40in. Dark Grey tweeds i of. For 1/6 Yard j. T. Fitch Myhl j pin Martini my ptts Busy l Busy always Busy an extraordinary Job Purchase of i a Honiton and if m-., r f a drawn read. I 1 � Ais Fly ?.iiineneA i j i t. � v " a i Clearing to Day Asp a huge Turyi Ifill " l at i Low erices.1" to m Ever been offered Iov Sala anywhere in a Atiana a tech remix Rafaly Low prices \ j " " y �. Of s " we an big in Yenof fancy linens at any time All Foroogh to ear Wra s / i a t � receiving big Obi Finetta but never i have be toadies a on tone 7fn, to., / Bonaros and drawn trek Krten v goodss3this particular Job ? r the whole of the display apace in the v fancy Al Neh dragon Wal be taken t3o showing of of much of this fancy Linen As Wie can bring Forward at a time. Here Yon jul see As handsome a collection of Honiton lace and it Rudorf thread goods As Yon could possibly wish to see f " 6 in. Honiton lace do Leys round and Are Kauai j2 in. Honiton lace Doyle a round and spare j l8 in. Honiton lace do Leys round and equate of 11 20 in. Honiton lace centres round and Squanto r i 24 in Honiton lace centres Toone and sign axe i i. Yet 32 m. Honiton lace tray cloths round and aquai1 36 in. Honiton lace tray clothe round and Equine. 45 in. Honiton lace tray cloths round and squat 54 in. Honiton lace tray cloths round and Jinar 14 x 64 Honiton lace table covers. Honiton lace Duchesse set Nign Knoedl Lasorta Asner i sideboard cloths m Honiton Horton dinner Waggon Booths and a. Eur Lumous eol Leecal of Large he stitched drawn thread work goods. Doy Eye 0 a 9 in 12 by 14 in.,. L8 iii v _ Teu a 24 m. Centres., " a a 32 in 36 in. Tray doom. Y u t i h / 1 45 in., 54 in. Supper cloth. 5- to ukr " go dinner Wagon cloths 18sx 34 it or i " v a a sideboard cloths. " � of a Duchesse runners v � _7.-, Duchesse Seta. A 1 Al piano covers and Doyle a in great variety. It Travia be a matter of impossibility to describe toe Many exquisite designs contained in Thig extraordinary collection of fancy linens they must be seen to be \ every \ / item ? in this collection a is marked at a bargain Price c r. Come m and secure a few pieces before they All go for they axe us Rod to go quickly although there Are thousands of items a few Days Houides a �s9 of them at the prices at Winch they Are marked. / 3 Fly pop the big St re �zzz2sm%

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