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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 27, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Chi . Hail with tie freon govern Adelate to month n i Marseilles. Calling at Albany Seychelles Aden Suez and port ii a i Ade Ijmte to Soynov in 2s Day i has. Tub t commander. Flita a Adeide. A Mulit a who. Didier. I a. The May i cum Yurii i Lii la. Moo., my us i of its i?u2wl. A nerd . S?r., july i j a Siam ugh is a. L Nyde not. I a mon., any. I and turks 3c3 p. S. Tailin. july 80 fires Ana second Saloon a Renee to allowed to break their Joa Reey at intermediate Porta. Cabin Sesen cd on special terns. Liberal concessions made to families during the Slack passenger season. Fango from England can be amused Here in the second Saloon Thor Oakl tear Alfed the Accorti Medatian a Fletes Leizur . Bates of pass ice Tonet. Tax Cdon in first Saloon �40 u �70 to italian forts do. �5 to �45 to London in second soon Jiso to �17 to italian ports a. _ �30 to Ems return tickets from gusto is cargo received until 5 p On the monday and parcels till noon on the tuesday prior to Teao or b de Nar Tarr. F a handbook and All inf radon apply to elder self a & co., limited. Agents. Pfc o. Is. for Assli be Send Tutsi jobs is Arran Al to leave Alel mde for sea end Lings tier at 9.60 an. Eur w . I Era. Smith & co., limited 116 s at Klient Usz of total Hail ii steamers. Tom Edh nine Boval Mills gamers. Belonging to the Orient and Pacific companies will leave Adelaide Samphas at noon on the Andersen toed dates Lor Londoff via Albany Calimbo Sec zonal. Naptes of Mottz. And ply Munth of ova 662 4. Orms i of " a. F. Rotheram a 18 Omecea so " Jjones 1 aural. Is St " Jane is Coco. S,9l " 3. F. Anderson Jane 89 Sota 6.057 " e. E. Using Tun july is Orizaba w,77 to. Ruly s7 of bocce 5 306 " Darby Jan. 10 our6,081 " in. B. White ref Iau3. ?4 and for thigh by thereafter will u t Call at Colombo. Balv i Agson a May break their journey. Etui a Cal in reserved on most Liberal terms. Exc Kaion scr non tickets at Low rates. Pass ask Monet. First a soon is �63, and to. 6ecxjnd Saloon -�3o and �37. Third and Ste ease in Rindles bedding mess tens Fly to two berth Cabins �22 each adult. For berth Cabins �80 each adult open berth �1717 a. Each adult. Special facilities Are now afforded for Brinzing out i rinds and relatives by tie prepayment of Paa Aarre or Dot Here As above. Carried to any part of the United King. Of at a Low rate. Hasa Gebs to. Green & co. T and Anderson and Enod & co Fence much Avenne London . Full Putira Lars on applied too to David Anderson Branch manager. C so. Grenfell Street. A told Deutscher Lloyd. Majk 1 re near monthly line of fast Pas Mirt a 1 Steamer to Sooto Aptos Sasai a a twerp Sod Bremen railing at 1 to Slombo. Aden Boes port said and Genoa con my in r with mad and passengers from port said to i Brindisi under Hail contract with the Imperial Sennan government. Steamer win be dispatched As mow. A Senrra Gomma Naer i tons., by slim. Edben Zollers a. Yon cop3i 3.092 Fay 13 Babs Bubu 3,0 Mjune so Hoshek staffes a Wichtl j Luy is Salitry is bum inn 3, Ian. 15 a Brascon line so Samoa Steamer Tot of Sydney on arrival of each tean for Thea of Dada. Penace Money from Adelaide to Bremen from �14 to �00. Great reactions on return Pas safes available for six nine or twelve months. Every fac Ity is offered for in Mainz oat friends by a tent of pts More Money Here. Cabin Pauen sem n 7 break thar Jananey. Hem specially arranged to Rait All nations. A officers and stewards Conr errant with the cog so language. Passengers and cargo booked trough to London and Luis Gujial european and american Borta Panen Geri for Enmund an landed of Advt Bampton. In Tutor passenger will land and embark at Largs for freight passage and All other particulars apply to the Ace. H. Checke & co bsds Oao Adelai a posited to leave the port Adelaide Mart and comports As re uni red As Ltd love Wil Nakkia aprils. Echuca may3l. Ctm Joa to follow. Moreu Midgee Kab follow. Exc event accommodation for passengers. For freight or Papanu Reapp a to in Piuac ceo. Wills s. Co., Adelaide or port. _ of Kobe Adelaide to London Fol in via Sotz canal. A Ambos the fast full powered Steiner Wilcannia of land tone Captain w. Pectin Wol be Lla pawned As above abort the 30th Panl apply Liinar Adelaide or port Adelaide. A team to London via new Zea Fik. A land Cape born and Cal Una Ash a Rio new zealand 1 Abb cd ski Pisa like of Royal Fujah 6zeaherb. The a Nino ent steel Steamer Aorangi. I ,163 tons Wei leave a Yueltia on Hay a to be followed by Bic Tea on june 11. " i passengers booked for London Plymouth and Bio Janeiro by this route win avoid die Estrema heat of he red sea and the Suez canal ao6to Geo. Wills & co., Agente. Total mail line fim. A London via Bis Bank. Y3tw3bthqdkehbland ports. Java bbb Basw a Baez Chad. Btu Aufa. Vies. I guts Sif. 6,197 to tuesday Hay 10. Jars Psi i 5.156 tuesday Jane 7. Fares from Adelaide to London Saloon a dec �6 ukr return480 life available for 12 be a delude and port Adelaide. H 1 n a a h d Japan. The East Cox and Australia Ste&3is3ip co Pant. Unit cd. Boo Tel a monthly line of direct be Ames from Australia to Choja and Japan. powerful steamships win Bedie patched a under Steamer. Pannage i Captain. I to sail Hen Dir a i Hugh iras Hay 10. �.400 Winthrop Euis i Jane l Outhie .1 2.m0 p. T. Helms to Folio i i ook Shannon Ica Folly the steamers have Large Cooling Oham Beas is Anrig an abundance of ice fobs ii tests a. Tttus about the or Page. Saloon Rawn Nikii booked Thron a to an ports in Cusa mod Japan also to san Fra Sosoo. Uve fool London and the ooh nest of Jsu on for to debt Susana. And apply the Obbe Bright & co 09, Orente by agent. 4gwc Dibi Park be s Linx Western Australia. 8 we id jets. For alb ant. To Kicky Vass Asi fre3i&ntle. The is. Weird Puree will Cave port. Adelai be far bore ports with passengers and cargo of Situ div the Soth into at noon. For freight or passage Appie 113, la i Roy a Jaa Al o s heres Fri be deep itched ? Fujs to stairs but every Titus sat Sod Bat orday at a from Sjuls Tony eve and Friday at ii . To poet Vincent every to Kasday at 8 m., returning Tsune Liy Leta Ioir at 4 30 . 3wlo a. . Jii c o x Abd Bousa n. Al k re we s wharf port Adelaide. Every a a a wednesday at 6 pin. In Ricar of tuesday. Wefa b. Frickey port. Jiu o out . Isheim to Maloolm Izbi win sail m wednesday. Artl a at . Aasa Aai a Jos. Jobs sop. Port Waht i. Us b. Bicher pert Adeb 4e. Shipping. Fit lib and Blaik svkamshil1 oof Ajse. X let Ltd. Mitt i atch their Beau ships As under for Melbourne and Sydney i Queensland ports. . Adelaide 1 Fiat Arday i april 30 2.1s p in. 6a Tina Mizicka j Storda i my 7 i a . West austra uan service. I for Albekt and Fremantle. Tor sort hubs ports. . Albany 1 ?y i april 17 110 . Uil Labra i fiday May 6 noon. South East service. Roe Kingston Kobe Beac Hobt. And lao oos Ckuj Bay. _ wednesday Hay 4 noon. Western Bays service. Fob Root Elliston. Streaky. Rests and Fowler s Bays _ tuesday a r to 9ae. Spencer s Gulf service. Post Lincoln Hook a of Alla Eoo and Franklin Harbor. 6. Ferret inn stay my 3 8 . Carro received till 11 am. Poet Avgusta port Fibre and Post germen 6. Kite Stagat Saturday april 30 j 6 pin. Cargo received tin 1 p Day of Billing. John Turk Bull Secretary. Slot Carrie Bamben. Carrie Etreyu Adelaide. Business notices. Feeding bottles feeding bottles feeding bottles vern Good to and two a sashes from 6d. Eacil g. N. & w. H. Birks cite Xisra �0, Sukule-s7beet. Etc v to z o it i a o a font opposite tort hotel. Feathers clothes dresses hat and All hate rials cleared or dyed on a 6hortest Fos Ilc to Tkebi fast ool orb parcels collected and delivered. Tos Falsoi a Uco Bebok ao0orosos& a. Best Broad Beeda Bias steel or German Bulver. Taif Lar Jet and i Al Riff to a Wolf at j. G. To a. Tai. Dec note Noaell Logan Lim 18u ? Iti a Kaijia. A bomb. Oollabs7oauntlets, bashes bib bomb and All necessary material for of , Hal and Bine at j. H. Frays Lagatao up. Beadle Ikea. R Oal Hallek roots in Large or mad quantities at lowest oar Reat fatal was. Howard Smith it sons Ltd. Goal office. North Pande. Port Adelaide. Bali . Ladies Silver watches from to Strong and Dora be. Ladies Gold watches from a 10s., unsure Paaape Stalne. Cents Silver English levers bom �5 Superior line specially adapted for Bosh toe. �8 to �10. Gents Gold English levees. , . Capra tee with each watch Wal a. L. Bortot Lhoest late h. Sibs Kab. 106, Borttl St bet. A to twp Octant business Sassoux Euest. Messes. P. A. Howells & co. I Hare much pleasure in Annon Noinin that they hive i his a Puk based from or. Joseph Wood -11as, Binole Street All Bis Stock of snort Gusro and books Braes band instruments a ours &c., he bins derided to confine himself solely to the i l Manofo Btu. And Organ Trade. Our or. P. A. Llowell has been for upward a of Twenty three Yean in the service of Lesara. S. Marshall & Sana. The experience trained by him in that i m kill be a efficient guarantee that All the requirements of the music True win have the new firm s strictest attention. To Efer Riko to the above announce rent i have a i to Shank my numerous friends and customers i for Tabeb patronage extending Over Twenty ate Yean and to solicit a continuance of the same favors for toe new firm. . A. Howell was in the service of messes. & i a do &280 of for tventv4hree years and is thoroughly conversant with the music Trade in All its branches. 3. Woodm4s. 32 and 84, Rondle Street Adelaide. A bad pianos cottage pianos. American organs Only. J. Wod a Man having cold to herero. P. A. Howells & co. The whole of his Stock of Mode and Alo Mizl publications Al of brats and flutes. Olari on Enand sundries will confine Bis business solely to the Sale pianos and organs old and trill keep for Sale an Eoo Moos Stock of Bath in Bis it near and upper showrooms at wholesale pit Ces for Cash and on Long june payments. Adelaide april 25,1832. Shuso drapery Ana clothing. Notice of removal. We Bee to announce that we have removed to 001 Kew and elegant premises to. 47. By Kdle Street splendidly lighted and fitted to the requirements of first class tailoring and outfitting Trade. Latest and choices Wikter woollens Kow widowed. I Kew Louethal tweeds. Etl Cial she Guestt of Waterproof clothing. Ribs Snow of football uniforms. Every Dob Belpre enter. Mcdonald & Walter tailors and outfitters caled Kiah Hall & Savage i general. Dea Pees and tailors. 105, it Idle Street same tide and three doors West of Adelaide Arcade mow showing a spa Eull variety of Kew Wester dress goods in an proes Boms a. To to. Lid j raid. 61waio \ Ruvi footballers of South Australia j or first snit ment Pfow Ope cd. Football knickers. Football Jersets. Football jackets hade to Meisst football Hose. Football gaps. Football sashes. Football ribbon. R c. Castle & comp. J 37. Rundle treet. Footballers Call sons Early. 1470ai 19 deaf East and on libera i Tome at the my bin lib c j office. I shipping. \ Fri i How Sii 1118 line hew Beby Iok. Further seduction at passenger fare. Ten Saloon. Benin. Cabin. Co Melbourne a 10 0 4110 0 no u 0 Sydney _ ? 0 0 00 1100 freights att West rates. I without transhipment to brie Oane. Far Melbourne and Sydney Brisbane a Borough Rook Bampton a ass re _ 5.6. A i Sisto s 3. Sub two 3. I Cairns a port Douglas Cooktown thursday is. Hob Akton bulk known j a for Tobx Likht. U. By Kiyong i wednesday april �7 j 3 . So cheapest and Man convenient Cicroe to broken Hill. Saloon. Return. Fore Cabia. To Fine -�100 �1 16 0 �0 12 c a by qty and Cave s wharf. Fore Caton passenger Mie applied with food Uri bedding free. Lya part Anlys on Papua Meta i v. B. Oave&oo., agent. Greffen Etkes. Adelaide Sam Lleon Street. Port Adelaide. Drapery and clothing. Chas. Birrs & co., wholesale flannel j importers. 1a Fuhrt Yards of sew season s ii Usu . J Pink Edge sax out flannels vol j Pink Edge Saxony funnels a o Pink Edge a xxv flannels 1/3 p g Pink Edge sax out flannels 1/6 a Pukk Edge Saxony flannels 1,3 5 Pink Edyk Saxony in noels 2/ g g i Fine Saxony Welsh flannels 1/3 i Sofike Banoky Welsh flannels i a pub a Saxony Welsh flannels 1/9 Fig i a i Fine Saxony Welsh flannels 2/ s � i Fie Saxony Welsh flannels. A a i r Fike Saxony Welsh flannels 2/5,/ real Welsh Colleton coloured total Crimea Welsh Saxony and Cev lox flannels in Ottnat a Ahier. Chas. Barks & c3. Mime drapery and clothing. J. T. Fitch importer Draper Clothier and Boot warehouseman. Great show of autumn and Winter goods in All departments incl Turig Kew dress tweeds Knock or tweeds the new vul Storla Screes Kew shades in Cashmere corded Bay velveteen Cord de boy pushes Tjadie a forty and look gapes Seal jackets in All shapes ladies Bain soaks a Lva Bce assortment of ladies Ulster Kew shapes. New patterns in Art hns Una Navy and bed spot wills travelling and Bosh bags Heap. Tapestry and bios ii carpets floor Clollis and Uncle Dis Waits and coloured Blanket Astrachan trimmings a. J Black an Grey Ladlee Felt and Beaver bats fancy Black Straw hate gun in Fri Hui of for to Vlf no Elt wings Aigret Tes and shaded a Cut Diane Felt hats in an toe new dupes men s overcoats. Henis Serge and Tweed salts Boye Apfl month of Fitell bojv1 Tweed and Berlin Salni hew shapes in Bald and Bof it Hata fancy and crimean Suita Winter hosiery j travelling bags i act i portmanteau. J tailoring department. Hew Winter coating hew Winter vetting hew Winter Tromp togs sew Winter Soi tanks hew Winter Ovan Haunga. Boot department Tad Taa Gem Noea. Fig lid 6s lid. A 6d la Tea kid Oxford shoes 6s6d, 7s 6d,, 10s by Ladlee Levit boots, 111.9 a ,ua9d ladles lasting pm. Boots a lids. Fiti i Jim 8s lid a i a Dot leather is. Boots 4s by. Is fld. 6s Al i. A Sam l ladles 1 Leatter Almoral. 4s lid c6d,6ud, 7s a 1 Hen leather abnormal a ,6alid. 8s lid loa9d, l Issod men a leather Laos boots Spragge. Stud a us ss9d,? old if in bin Chen nailed. So. Is a 6? Sam Henis trog by acne Puin is old of 3d. A lid 9a so Hen a Hie . Boors is lid us. Is lid. 12od Hen s Oxford shoes lie lid 8s a. Us a. 10s so Hen s a special. 8 lid old reefs atone leather lies boots Etzel to 9, is ass us 3a 6d, fid sizes 10 to is. 2s so. S3 of. ,cs6d Cho dred s Levant Balmoral a Lith leg ring 6 to 9, a sold be9d,6s6d Tizes loto i3.hd.6a9d.7? children s bronc leather e.u., sizes 6 to 9, is 4d, by 3s us be 10 to 13, stud. Be 9d, 4s lid imams Patent strap shoes from so per pair. Country orders Vrell receive special and prompt attention. Patterns and Price list Post free on application. J. T. Fitch 0 " the Corner j Rundle and Pulteney j streets. Lealo i drapery and clothing. James Marshall & co. Rest show of autumn and i Tikten goods Wihib sat. I 1450 Cabb Alberdt of exed. I constantly being added to by each Kail and Otuel St Eaues. I j Coati Statios of Wikter sea33x. I dress department. I our Bux of Winter dress goods is of e of the Marpert Best assorted and choir get of any Bead Ishmonl in Stutin Australia. Public Notuck. We desire to Call the attention of the Adelaide Public to our Large and Wahied Stock of White and coloured blah kits now on Tien. Eire size siae size 8-4 i to 11-f Jyz i and i 2? a teas cd As a me9d iss Desea Job fid 16s 6d Soe of fid is go Isem Setd 4ij web a Sik si9 6d 36e 9d theod 2ss6d Al ism 3utd Sitti of we must also Call special Attu Tiomi to our Stock of soon s macintoshes waterproofs and overcoats. Bovee and truths ote boots Vita or wit boat ours. Price. 4s 9d, s us to fid to cd 10a 6a, 13a of 15e of. Lie re ibs 6d, to 6d, 256,27 a 61, Slid til 2ta cd 355, &j, 408, its 45e a sprawl line of middy Ore Coata. Sud Wax a in Oilskin Tweed and Paramatta with or Vic bout capes prices 15a 6d, Msj of. 21s, be 28b cd 33a, use tits 65?, 676 so 3?, 70p.548 in ked and other Over boats Price iss 6d, la 6d, 2lt, is Tisa de 32a de 3se, 3id a 13d, 43a, 6s a pedal line of Good nervy Tweed Ore Rosits at 33s co. Liken department. 1 a dozen striped Brown turkish towels is Lviv taper dozen White Tioney comb towels to mss us to cd 4s eded 6s, seed Lus dozen while Lutish towels Saud 43 6d, a 04, 03,63 lid 7e of and of to ass per dozen of a Brown damask breakfast coins with ted ova a tipped Borders Binis a 1j yams Long la Ltd each by. Dozen Superior Linen damask Berriet teb 2ilr raze 5s lid per dozen special value Check Glass cloth 1b lid 3a 6d, so lid. 48 6d, 5a 6d, is and up to 15s dozen it Ite table Ste Fuiek la is 3d, la is 9d, 2. 2s 3d, 2e fld. A and up to 6 in per Yard nmn Laue damask. 6id, St uld is. 1 3d. Is 6a. Id 11d,2s 3d. So cd 2a old Oul of to a caper Jard High class is Lishev coops. Jest opened a a noise Munro wot of Mem Sti toned fringed Dnn thread and silk Embon dered tray cloths. Tea loom sideboard cloths do less St nietes cat very reasonable prices. Large ship tests of . Of i Doten children 6aictore la 1 go dozen children s coloured Border Mihr. Al vhf chiefs hemmed. Lead Peck been Fra dozen ladies or children s Lua handler of chief Fooy Borders hem Tuohey 2t us " to dozen hem stitched fancy bolder hinder of Chi Wejs 8s lid per Down or m each ��1 dozen of a Lawn papa i a iffy l Villi deep Vlf printed hem 2i 3d per Hall dozen ladled Wiite oem Stltt died 2d 61 is Liaf dozen gents men White Irish Laws Lindke Niuvela 3s lid per dozen ladies and gentlemen s Pate Bish Luien hem it etched handkerchiefs Lio lid. 139 6d, us 6d, 153 cd. 17s cd. Ios awl of to see per dozen Allex Cellenti value. Visit James Marsha in & lines . Kearly tie whole the above have been imported direct Ali Roob our London House and will be offered at prices that should give satisfaction to All our numerous customers. For Wester boots try habs Naixa a. In it gift t it bloc pc. Co select from a rear Nice line of ladies High leg que kid Lioe boots puff avs us of a heavier line 13a cd Button Boot in Morocco. Shoe. Kid. Chi kid a a really Choice lot from med the latest shoe Boe Toufe. Vii Patent a map 16s6d thebe Goodman very owlish. Gents Patent oboe. A u Gend Esnare toe French Call lace Boota leather lined ii these should be been. " Ancho r Root came shape for 18s Deac i Serge Caps 6d each Tweed Caps u each Broad brim lao stiff Felts,4l in fast Lonam hats. Brown and gown. 68 cd children s bbl cloth v. It o. And Juno War Caps from is Sailor Feu hats in All it Lille Kew shapes in Boyf glazed Straw hats Elsroad Straw hate. Is gentlemen s umbrellas is Is a. Is Edge 6d, 6t of no to i guineas the whole comp rain a mom Range of re Olaf goods. Hosiery department. W6phcial.-? cd oath men s in met woot and Vetura state an 4 Surta. To be sold at Engli Annh Taren Markyl Price. Gloves. Oar French kid gloves be Oceana 4 buttons is lift in an shades of Brown Tan Myrtle and Claret a pm Trona in tans slate Browns and Myrtle Green be lid per pair ladies undressed kid coot in 8-Button length Host Astaire shape v us and to lid per pair Ahot butt undo. Uund ladies English milanese silk gloves with Gauntlet in Taim and Black exuma Quality. Is lid pair ladles taffeta silk Jorea in Black tans and Darl of children jus opened. Woollen department. We have now opened a in and varied assortment of the newest and most san Mable styles in at Rlynn Ornit fit Iriri to i Ali it yet in Chi Lon owing comprise a woe oar leading Hue men s Cheviot Sao salts nude to order 699 in s Black and Bute Serge sait gos 635, 70s. Its the sew gun Tamara serf res in Hie newest Solors men s Kew Tweed trousers los to Kotner pair. T3" for further details see Jug Tor. James Marshall & go. Csc sme drapery and clothing. I countess of a Martin Bros. Martin Bros. Martin Bros. Martin Bros. Burlington House. Burlington House. Burlington House. Burlington House. Special show of special show of special show of special show of wite Robess i Kike dbes3 Deess Winter Deess materials. Materials. Materials. Materials. Jinai Bials. Rabi of design pc. Variety of desk. A Kiett of design in. Nameiy of design fee. Bet okd Conception. Beyond Conception. Be Yoke can seption. Beyond Conception. Bact if l Stock of Beautiful Stock of beat till Stock of Beac Tipul Stock of a Osseey. 11osieet. Hosiery. Hosiery. Hopi get. Hosiery. It Oseby. Hosiery. Gloves umbrellas a. Gloves cab Hellas w. Martin Bros. Us Chab. Bibs & co. Showrooms. Superb displays. Gilb reit Ulster. Girls bed Ulster. Large assortments in All Bizet. Aim Cream and red ask Baybak Tel Steps. Ladies Kew cloth jackets ladies new cloth jackets Terf Large assortments to select bom in the new Serges diagonals a 7 and Black Cheviot ast Chan a. Ladies Kew capes. Ladies new capes toy fashionable and by Ash Long capes in Kew tweeds Cheviot beige diagonals a ladies new Ulster. Ladies new Ulster. Sopot a Ormena in rare stylish tweeds ladies new cloaks. Ladies new cloaks. 3be largest assortment in Tii City. Toy hand some Black Cicala in be newest cloths. Weigee Cheviot Fco. Ladies Fob lined cloaks. Ladies fur lined cloaks. Specially imported from the Best farriers. Large assortment to select from. Ladies new furs. Ladies new furs. For this season we Bare made Large importations. Several numbers Are already Baring a very rapid Sale. Ladies imported costumes. Ladies imported costumes. Etc Lish Ladylike Dmn in new Tweede. Very Choise ladies waterproofs. Ladies opera clocks. Ladies Winter skirts. Ladies silk umbrellas. Ladies new mantles. Superb displays. Butts s showrooms. An now Nhy assorted uru the a Boinest new Winter goods 1 and As each season is made than obtains in any other establishment in the City ladies can rely on seeing the freshest newest. Cle Kex and Best Obi . Birks & co. Hoc prize tweeds prize tweeds 1 Roux a Job Trayah manuf Otoe a frn to at the late Antmann show of the a. It h. Society. Extracts from judges report ".fftf? Gme can Siuy through woo on Mpa tevet i Are Oeter ii of great Emmat Dilim. Thute goods commend Thema Etva highly to oar judgment wee Maderise text Hiya 4? Namu manufactured Coalinga made far Wlsh tar and set her Wear of eat Matt on actg Ami Good. Dts. The sea and thous Binos me them the fut St Juze the above statement made by disinterested experts " a Reepe Cuollo sum sued to All patriotic Colo Algte and to the Public generally. Of Nomen desirous of purchasing these Superior goods can inspect a fax Masot Talent at amongst Nuben the following Irell loom tailors and Draper 6 establishment 1 Jesus. Jobs mad i cot bundle Street. C Ball & Savady bundle soul Gus. Bibb it co., bundle Street. J. H. And bbses & co., Hindley Street. Jas Ewt it co., Bindley Street. Byte Taw & co., Bindler Abeel i Jon mobs & co Doha in Akim lab Koo bundle Street. D. D. Mob sat & Bosn King Colum Street. T. O. Blows King William Street. D. My act Tobb &00 Ore Fen Street. B. O. Of sex it co., bundle Atiee. . He Luis Hindley met in Uriah eras & co., Zawier place. Laott. Brook it Catt port Adelaide. J Jon a Caw Bondie tweet. 1 a drapery and clothing. Hunt Corry it co. Are new making their first show of Kew Wistee Dtta Eby mix Keey and cloth djo. On Stock to now Replete in and departments sad for value and assortment we Only cart comparison j we need not Tell on Many Dipenta and the Public generally that we always boy in the Best and cheapest markets in the world and sell Only for Cash and our Stock and prices Are All that Inlet spent Purchase j want. To Afore Cadi House Hunt sorry & com pay Are the people. Our Price list. I sew Stripe rare tweeds Winter Wear is 8d Dot Ouck snicker Home mrs. 3s us 4s lid. Is us Doz. Hew Helton cloths ,4slld,6a9d,bs9dd3z. 64 Diagonal Wilress Serges is us 2s lid. So lid raid 04 French Corduroy fires. Is lid. Be ild Yard so in. Ail Wool French series is ii. Is lid Yard to in. All Wool French Cashmere. Is 6d, la lid vat Liew Blaik Bradford and French Cashmere. Sid. Is. Used Lead sell dyad silk pile flush any color. Is id Yard Sok velvets any color is lid Yard Dew Blade velveteen is is 6d, is 6d, is 114 Yard Grey Silesia 2s Ltd is 9a, 3s 9a, desperate value Crewdson a Calico bal idol Crew Leo e to. A bin. 8e Ham Borrotto a 82-n Al Wiit Calioo 3s 3d Doz. Brown ,a?d,b?9d,to?d fish Doz. Wide heavy flannel 6jd, 9jd. La tic 36-in. Lancaster window bands Foj Zyara 2 aids wide few Roth new patterns. Is ij4 Yard 2 Yards wide painted Back floor cloth used said Lien s Tweed Euita 12s so 17s by ass a sat so Hen s heavy overcoats los so ss9d,l9s?l.2ss9d Hen s Brown Beaver moles very special a lid Pait heirs cold Merino Soi 4jd, 6m, bad. Is chqdi9io Beaver brimmed ats a 9d Fatih bogs p o. Cape 6j, 9j4. Is. Is a. Is Len. It lid Curren a and maids Lodi Jacketta Streenan trimming 4s lid 7s 9d, Ida so us so ladies cloth jackets a Ruth silk seven i2s9d sphamhtor1" ladies for lived cloaks 21s 9d, 27s so 32s so ladies circular far Edge cloak Las so 19s 9i ladies the Kew spa Oas mete trimmed hat 9s fid new Tammed Hals 6e9d.10a9d,15a9d.21a9d two cases shapely it Smith s lock stitched under doth intr just opened assortment and value Al ladies Ooi sets is u4, stud 3s us is us new umbrellas is 11d.2s lid. 3s old so 7s 9d hew Jersey Cashmere gloves 4jd, cd 9 a is is 6d Vlf lad is by. La lid stud Dent s a debated kid cloves lid a lid 4s lid women s Cashmere Hose a is. Is of is lid 2s 1m girls ?o?,6d,,te.u3d children s Wool hats. 90. Is is go is lid 2s lid to Cfadden Swool Pelissey new Roods to be said ,7s9d,,l2e9d Abt Chan trimming 4d, 6jd,. To Yard chd dred a Hoa bats be 3d, a Start ss9d. 3s 9d child iii Al White Camel s hair a lubed Trimmell overalls 9s 9d, 12s 3d. is Ltd Ulluss la Doz Kew Chi Foo Yooy Sok Edge of Colon end Yard is l d Doz do. Blact"9jd on okie bated knitting turn la miss 6d per in. Get sve Fingerg sad Berun fingering 4b cd in. Fancy Glass Joes fid China candles is 6id butter dish and sigm Basin la 3d pair Bismarck lamps to hid each Bismarck lamp go aedes is fid Dot patterns sent Post tree anywhere. Altha Wienand or Send us their Cash orders will be served with Best value and Dis Patch. A luge Kumber of Zinc lined and other cases from Steach. Hunt Corry & co., importers and Cash a apes Adelaide and lok Dok. Tate p Anderson Jasd co., ? and s3, by Colet Street. And. Basing Hall Street in Okoon. First show at autumn and Winter important posts. We Are now showing a very extensive and select Stock in All departments. Including a the Kov Elmes of the los Dor in _ Tamres Mali Kurt. Costumes. 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Dress department. We confidently invite the inspection of ladies to our dress Stock now showing the very latest style a dress tweeds 6ergetand i Ami cloth. The remark is constantly being made by Enst omere in our Meta Bias ment what Lovely goods and How very reasonable in Price Why it is the cheapest place in Cheviot Tweed double Width ii cd to to 9d Yard Diagonal Serges double Width is lid to a 6d Yard All Wool French Serge. Old very pedal Homespun and la clubs d to is lid Yard dressmaking. Perfection of taste style a d fit. Charges to debate. 10so boots and shoes. 500 pairs child run St calf Patent ankle strap shoes and 1-Button Cleopat Bab at is. 11?. Per pair. A great sacrifice. Brandon a 57, Uuk dle Street. 38c w a u x Hast. Boots and sobs. West sow so Wiki our autumn and Winter goods which Are a Marvel of cheap Bess which for durability and to hapness Quot the beaten. Okie trial Wio convince Hote _. Prices -.-? " " it a. Hen s leather Balmoral go cached. Be if by fronts ii nailed or Plain braches _ 4 hungarian Bosh Boot 6u Eiton flew watertight _.9 Satin calf alas my neat _ v Sii " St go a Roi lord Douce Oles m " carpet supper All sizes _2 v sides seam to toe _ ill " Levant elastic Side vamps 6 11 " Levant lacs shoes _ _ 411 " Levant Balmoral jul leather almonds Good vane 411 " a unequalled _ _ 811 Felt slippers tar bound _ _ 11 Fht Eshoo suppers 1 c " Boom boots _ 311 leather elastic sides .6 youth Strong leather Blucher. 6 " Strong hungarian lace in " stun Guatier bib books Aad Caps ii a i Ria lands Levant ads High leg 6u maids Elz land2leattier?als,ugh leg a Ualdo a land 8 leather Stook Jaris 1 811chttdren ils 4 11 " 10 to 13 Levant elastic sides 4 9 " Totol leather Myhl Gilce ? 3 2 11 Sll " 6to9levantehsticbiaesar?Aib _. S ii 6to leather Bali ear turn _ 211 " 6to 9 Liauw stockyards s to 6 half shoes Good value. " 4to 6 Levant by zip shoes _ _ 2 6 Tzoc gained Dixon is _. 1 9 infants1 to 6 Panay strap shoes. I infants l to fancy Beals Aab Liju slant up. Floor no Jeneine cry Tal water White 13t. Pm pentane. Belo dark and Lisa Tondes. Plastera\lnd4or bib Diamond Bond. Oik Staves for wine casks. Foam Phonvi vinegar bulk and Case. Tobacco and cigarettes old judge Hrand. Covais Choice Savanna la hot de Oan Stic soda Toper cent. Soda Ash. Silicate of soda fit she Tjung and body tag. San shiite Rise Detonator linseed Oil Bay Aad Bosky. Angis a Sasor Asbestos Cement for fact Dag Wahs of i1 Ortolf Titi a ear flow to Heding Bongons new season s. Preserved meat a Desorb prions of Queen to a heat port Somji airy a Brand Bible ,,. Produce provisions. Y o o m d. Whol Salb Abd bewail Boic bib. Lammes hotels Best Aannie and ships wanted on Dally. Heat Peewee Bvrd. Heats i tins of 1, a 4,a, the hmm 40 varieties cases contain log 98 ibo i Cajes bib. Heat Cher. A ooh and half i Litwinka Ifil. Obtained nmn rods prizes and medals by the ton or Aida. Over Well seasoned hams in Stock. 33erced Corn beef and Fork in 8. A and 1 cwt. Of or in bag largest Stock in the ool onks and by far the Best of bad goods All to in Dhir it i"1 in in la Aji pm of.3atererb to shows pah la and sold brio festivals Enapp de on the shortest notification made daily packed carefully to ensure fun trass Goa edition on Defi Rev Daber by Road Call or boat Dpi Pika and land in tins of 40,90, u,7,s,and i la or in key also lard in bladders. Vea7efoox Oil Norm Ami Boot on hand. Ask Fob prob Listi wholesale and Al a blk plot sex add Laid a batches is us. By Blu but. Eastek 4kp fobs. Flats seeds. 1u w by Kab Foo b 111pv Boex Abb of both Flower Abdek farm and sax bal Beer Eltien supplied with needs of Best Emht Ai. We of elfin a a Lennig Toft. Mha 177

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