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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Apr 26 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 26, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia snipping. P. & o. 6 t e a 11 navigation company. For los Don. Calling a . Cancer Royal mail contract will dispatch the m living steamers calling at Albany Colombo. Aita Marseilles Gibraltar a a Plymouth with Liberty to Call at Brindiar ? steamers. Sons commander. Leave. ?austeauab01x Beeves apri Foj Acadia _ie03a.c.loron May Boktae 5h in. Norfe imy a a Lalata ,.j689t w. L. Broon in 8 obie Ktal my f. H. Seymour Jop Oceana. Woo Art few ? Dottl Launia ,.gi2i ? you m calling at Hobort in route. Rus enacts for Brindisi to ? Fri a port a to cab to passengers. Liberal reductions to families. Tiole Cabins reserved. The Icesom Madation tit total first and second saloons is ?1r_. Is race from Europe acc. Can be arouse Ber. 1 ass risers allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. _ tourist1, tickets India. Chins Japan 4c, round the world tits a end. I ? passage Bates. Tickets Fisuck Al lowest current rates. Special return tickets to London �11? by handbooks. Time tables and All p 11,1 to Cissa a Money. 4c. For added on Dev a tic 00 unto Gugg o. . Aist Balia. Itra1xs Tor Passeno ebs and Strobe Are Saran to leave Adelaide Tor the sea end it Lares Bay jetty at 10.3s and 1l46 . In thu slavs. Passengers by the former p 1ns trains at Gunville. The last launch leaves the ship at 1.50 pin. Connecting with the . Return special from lamps Bay to Adelaide. Elder Smith & co. Limited agents.116 Orient line. The following steamships tinder Royal stall contract will leave Adelaide Largs Bayat ? p.m7on the undermentioned for Pia mo0th and London via Job any. Colombo Tranth poise Tor All Indian ports. Suez canal and Gibraltar ? Ophir c3u tens b. E. Inam we oeotavae1bs7 ? junk Latar by is of Aba for a Abc Watt june 1 Sobota �s�7 e. E. Lavington i priest jt.388 a. X Prithmi. Blk jnnes9 and fortnightly thereafter. Cahier at Hobart in route from Sydney. Waldox to Loxton Ingle. �3sja �70betnm, �85 to �110. Third do 1s lit �17 17s and a Lisl salo0s to , i to 0._ return. �33 to to Western aos Isalia. Saloon. �3 ids. To to. Third. �4 is. Pas faces from Asar port can be Phenoia Nerc. Wire colonial poets axe available for return by t. And of steamers Bavins room. -., Maxa gobs of. C8een 00. And a Deb ? Jook an bbses. So. Fenchurch avenge. \ London. . ? full particulars on App Catlon to3cirins5s4et. Less Geries maritime form took to Colombo sad pae1s. I fee Imera ots of tons under postal ,.?1 a be a patched monthly As follows a Ahab Ramon Hay Kay Smoy so am Jon ii june u Jane 17 Foi Tsaijen �. Bon Larf july 10 july 18 july is ars be hic ipod depot Anc 7 aug. Lang a feet myths booked to Bombay India by Tavia. Chivia. And Jap a. Lajess mosey. �45 to �70, ind Nass Bible Jones. \ Jetton the Kojl s. Avri Uble Lor 12 Tonuu it weat ked Bates. Exgu8b spoke of Board. can be paid Here for passages Irani sums Liberal concessions to families. Upon Lari at it Arseilles magi Ian snap Scless meet the pincers for London and give them Ety Aasu Ance in t Aad planing their Luggage Jacl throne the customs and also a ? co Sipany thru to Paris and Calais. St Sims get los Sase conveyed free o Cost from rinse tat in i y a Teszner. A. Nara porn . Our Rte Street. To nil ceo. Esq Edson it co port Adelaide. Scr Tel Ceulah Loyd stroy. A gel a u0kthlt ukr of. Past it Gap a first steamers to Bat . Astr exp ass mugs ass Brek Esu a. At Fremantle. Colombo. Aden. Sued port said Naples and. A Exon. Under Makcon Tzanet with the imperil Bennan government. Jinn Man will be dispatched motto my k Bay at Mon. Tael Sidhe 6,067 d. Bardeleben april s9 3t0tb1abx cams a Semer May 27 Boa. Coos wlm Donl june u Dlab Bobo 8,098 vol for july a a Mab i,s9 Allenta aug. I gift gape s.0s7 o n Bard Dehen wept. It pc Sage Money from Adelaide a to �62. A act led options on return passages available Lor tone or twelve Mouths. Every facility is offered Tor Jtj being out Friend by payment of pass att ? Money emf Cabin Pas Sencen May break the a Conmey. Third Quai for Southampton �14. Glenn to Cully arranged to suit All notion. Ail do tiers Aad stewards conversant with the English Jaa Essaf cd Jib Andic Difeo too and through Jon Abby and principal european. Asiatic and americas ports. Passengers for England Are landed at Sodt Bampton. For to retest Paaape and All other partic Alari any to the agents ? ? b. It joke & o0. Liisu Masc Adelaide and port Adelaide. A special train. For passengers and Tisi of. Toes to the Karl Bohe will leave Adelaide fort the sea end of Lares pier at 10.50 in. On saturday april 29th ? m Lund s Une steamers la anew feb leave Natal Cape town. And London. Warful Kambool s.51s tons about 6u May. Varr Awonga ,011tons, about 3rd june Toa Kool. -6,078 Tana about lit july. I. War focal 4,a87 tons to follow.wh-oann1a 6.078 tons to follow. Pm Dent accommodation f or Page Neceta. ? pwt Geqrge wills & co. To Taala Adelaide pert Adelaide and Pon Perl. Nippon Tusen ka1sha. To Host Kong. Nagasaki and Yokohama. Sydney. Brisbane and ton a Tlle. Will leave As under ? Ham of steams1 a Sydney. Futami Tiabo Mosci april s6 Hay 3 Yaff Ata Marp May a May 31 these steamers have most Superior accommodation for passengers in All classes and Arentt Odwith the most recent improvements. Full particulars As to freight and Pas Ste from Hefly Balth Mcneac Bank. & co. Pbop., Ltd ted. Averts. 51. Ivc Feu Streel a Sinai -.?, Folvik sub. Oeken will be dispute had a brew x asunder to Sass baby every i us Hub Day Aad eat Day. At t.30 ? Sissy saw Jan irom . A Vinc 10.s0 Aasu. And thursday leaving Span to poet Vincent Evart the stay at 8.30 from Post Tik Ekx Terv wednesday. A Amsl can. �61c ? a. T . Secretary. Oil. 1%tkst coast ship Tho commas � t Fob St Kaka Bay and Lubie has Rachel cohe2t. For Flagstaff Landing eclipse sail saturday. April 29. Noon. Freights to All ports must be prepaid.ua.8 ? a. & e. Lemes Schieb. A Vii e ast Post s. My for Rock Elsie or and saturday april 5s. J. Orice & co Adelaide. Kin Mon. 118.6 a. E. Ijmes5urieb. Port Adelaide. A. D Obi Wakefield d.js32feat Malcolm 22�mil3 wednesday Smith 6 . A b. Flicker. Plants. Seeds. Seed. Seed seed. Oats Cape algerian. Grey wheat. White tuscan purple Straw Early Para Bluey. Hay seed in Cape Barley. Joha Darling & son. Franklin St. ? ate e. B. Cox & co. Offer Fob Sale All kinds to liable vege table. Flower and agricultural seeds 1 All kinds of peas for Sowins it a Lar cubs seed seed wheat Oats Barley j a. Seed potatoes All kinds. Catalogues Pratt. A act exd Market. East Terrace. Adoui i. J Telephone 904. ? Jos e. & w. Hackett offer for Sale and Stone Banton Pitlos. Hyacinth a foil am ajl it Temaat &c., in Boudle Street. 6.35635 ? shipping. ? the Adelaide steamship comply limited w01 dispatch steamers from port Adelaide As under circumstances Pennis tip for Kutasy sad f&k3iakti.e, ler All Kok Tii West fonts. Wollow a. I Friday i april 2s i 3 . Adelaide monday i May 1 i 3 . 5 trough kills of lading issued to Perth wharf. Calis Vasse and Bunbury. Fob Espe Kake Bay Granshi to Flinders at Albany. Tvo Lowra i Friday i april is i 3 . Adelaide monday i Mayl 3 . Fob Biel Woebke Sydney and 4eeeltslal,0 t out to without . La Kaca saturday april a. Carso Only. Capek web s Gulf service. Fob port i Kolk. Soonta Wallaroo. Tomby Bay and Franklin Abb of Ferbet tuesday i Hay i i Post Augusta. Germek. Piru with poise nerf and Carco. Investigator saturday april 23 4 . P9rt p1b1e to Newcastle direct. Leg Bemont Castle saturday april �9 Carso must be delivered alongside steamers two tears prior to advertised tune on Day of a Aikins. Passengers tickets issued by this company Are interchangeable with ate amen of tie a Ujiie Ca Between All Potta. For All information apply to 1hk Adelaide Burkam shop co. Ltd. To Nark Xet Adelaide and commercial Whatt. Port Adelaide Csc . Co., to. The favorite passenger steam lbs of above Fine will be Mittia c to dispatched for Urbany. Pkemant1ve, a kith Weabe Baba Upton. . Ports Vivat i and sing acobs Pil Barra Friday Mays. Ara ship at Fremante. Dinky. 1 i and i nil sports. T Brisbane i and an other i Kcf j p a 0 0, thursday. Myi. Cargo Roth radday at Quoten s wharf up to one boor before Aasine All tickets interchangeable after the first port with the steamers of the steamship com Pany limited. For Sana and Froeb Tapply to � w. Kac Donais. Agent . Adelaide. Or peeks wharf. Port. Drapery and clothing. You can bely on Wilson brige and company supplying Yon with sound reliable household drapery to Host moderate Cost. Our fixtures tables and counters arc loaded to overcrowding with a magnificent assortment of fresh c00b3 consigned d1eect to us from the manufacturers Mills. Everything of tie very beet Quality and the prices everyone admits arc very cheat. Our sales arc increasing every week proof positive that Wilson Brice Aux company give excellent value in Exchange for tie Coin of the beam. Otherwise it would be different. Winter s approaching. Kir Charles says so. Therefore it must a my. Pue aug yourself to withstand its i Lac Luino winds by purchasing some of Jour win tilt com1-rts from Wilson Brice & company. Blankets. Rugs. . Quilts Down quilts Turkey Cli Intz sateen or Satin see Tang Plain or thrilled flannels every land and make Flannelette crimean shirting and every other article that is absolutely necessary to make one s life Happy and comfortable during the Winter season. All at cheap prices. Tie below Short represents Only the Nunu Todt portion of our Stock it s too costly to advertise All. Please remember that Wilson. Brice company Supply a list. Al Ward patterns and answer every question Fri of Charpe by return mail. Wilson by use & company Are anxious to rna be your acquaintance. Wilson Brice & company arc also anxious to do business Wii ii you. Because they Are positive once you a Nice their Csuba ashment you will -o5ik again. A shall be no longer strangers. Our cheap prices will make us bosom friends. White blankets thick woolly weighty and a at 5,11, 6/11. 7,11. Bill. J0.0. 11 a li/6, is. 15/6. . 17/j, Lill 30/. In to. Ii i. And 25/ . Also other Dukes a under Blue Gentian Silver gun Ian Miu Iuro Scarlet super Scarl combed Silver. Super. Combed Shver and extra Sai or. Complied Morino. Rugs. Stripl a hugs thick and warm. Fio x so in. And c3 x 30 in priv. 3/11, 4 11. 5,11, 6/11/6 101 8, �n 15/ j a sch. Austrian All Wool. 0 x so in. I. I i a 1.c. Ani up � 19/-i each. Real Lincoln Rups All Wool. 60 x to in. I5/i. 17/6, u a and up to 23/ Cuch. Down quilts. Turkey i inti Lei tuition Down 0/11. 7/11, Sll u/11, 10,11, a a id and 17/9. Each. Turkey Cli Intz heal Down quits at 15/0, 22,r., ?17 8and 38, ska Saturn you i �ut.-. Real Down and ventilated 15,9, 17/9, 21 a 5anil 30/ Ach bal hatin Centre and Satin Porjit Arctic Vown ventilated 37,6, it 15,00/, and up to co each honeycomb quills at 1/11 2/11. 3/11, -4/11, 5/16 11. 7.11, Sll. 3/u, and 10.6 each grecian Al 1lts, super Quality Tell Sll 10/6. 12/6, and 15,6 each toilet and March la quilts at 4/11, 5,11, 6/6. 7/6. 9/0, io.16, l2. I l i i 17/3, 21/, i,9, and 25/ Earh ?40-in. Circular Pillow Cotton sjd., ojd., a i lord Yard. 72-in. She tiny Plain or willed Lold 1/, 1,-, a and 16 Yard so in. A Tran sheeting 1/, 1/3, 1.4s, 1,6, 1,9, and 1/11 Yard scoured or half bleached she Tinc the very brat for real hard Wear so in. Wide 1/3, , la 1/9and 1/111 Yard toilet covers size 5 x x 4. 7 at 9jd. 1/, 1/3, 1,11, 1. 1,9, 1/11. . And 2,11 a ii Hite turkish Towick at 4 do 7ld, so Yod 10w, 1/, 1/s. 1/4 1, 16, a 1/11, 2,3, 2,6, and up to 4,11 for Bath slut is striped turkish All Linen Tou Pix for gentlemen at 7jd. Old j1,3, 1/41, 1,6, 1,9, 1,11, 2/3, and 2,6 each White Sultan towels 1,. Is. 16. And 1/11 each Lam Aster window blvd Holland with rever sible fast to Lor Borders in 0 and 7 it. Lengths. 1.6. 1,1and 1/11 caul a Ben silk Gyi a fringe and Umpire to ilk i for furniture purposes Jud lord. And 1 Vord hotel proprietors and Oiler Large buyers sup plied at merchants prices by Wilson brige & co. Importers of dry soft c0005, 114, 116, and 118, .me-St., Adelaide Sec great bargains a Tyg . Business and Plant for Sale in g. Wadd Brigton Beds to thank his numerous customers in Adelaide and throw boat the Colony to the very Huberal support accorded him Durins the last ten Yebd and dares to inform them that he his accepted an engagement in Victoria and has therefore decided to give up business in Adelaide. Whilst he Hopes to dispose of the manufacturing business As a going concern it is just possible that he May have to take his machinery and Plant with him. therefore wishes to intimate that a customers desiring goods of his Onn manufacture should Send their Orues in at once to proven disappointment As he must i actively conclude All business in Adelaide during the next three months. All goods Ore marked in Plain figures and a Liberal discount will be Given on till pm Vrtol fifth of Castu g. Waddington sanitary clothing manufacturer 3. And 5. Arcade Ftp Hole Stilet wat Agar a 1-mra� a i 6c-14oe�, ? shipping. ? the Howard Smith line. Leave hosta by Smith s wharf As Loi loin permitting. Direct. \ racsi0 0s? the Ouirt Bills of Lupine issued to Perth. By Elbourne i Sydney Newcastle bris3bane Hast Obong Gladstone Bundaberg Kaskav towns he cab is. I Bov Ekic wednesday May 3. I cargo Only. A cast be delivered Al Ornde steamers not Leas Tan Cue hour Lefore advertised Tinie of failing we. Howard Smith & sons liar red. 113, King Wui Laa Strefelt Adelaide. Re Korth Varnde port Adelaide. 215o mall wealth Mceacharn go. Arnorf Sixta to. Us win Oise Audi Siefo Howins Fatsinger Steamer id Cun Tances be Mittini az3ant. \ Coo Gasdik / Early. Tran shipping for Perth Axton. And All . Posts on through Bills of lading Kel Bonura 1 botel in casts Sydney / Friday Apil 28. W. E. Caveco., Crennen Street Adelaide or j. Kaw likes & eos. Port Adelaide. 2tc Huddart Parker & go. Fhofbh7tahy. Umit Edl i la dispatch from Pott aae Isaiaa permitting ? . , May 5,al4 . Thro Nch Bills lading issued to Perth. Fbe1ght and passage Al lowest cub Bent ladies. For full particular apply to d. & j. Fowler limited 60c Adelaide Ana poet Adela ibb. Tit Mihe port Wako eld shipping 5% m. Company. Fob Post Wake so rep i told the Knic Watt sails wed. Writt mesday. 26th inst at 5 . A. & b. Lemes Subiel port Adelaide. 115 Jet ctea1i to Kingston and Beach to Post. The regular trader . R Niiva Belen Nikoll. ? Salina saturday april 23l passage Saloon 236. Steerage. Us. For freight and passage apply Jorjan Gael inc it son. 1134 town and port. Drapery and cloth aug. 20 and 22, h1hdley-Street. Fashionable a wellies for the present season. By Utah Steamer this axes. Keooud shipment of ladies Wattul Ruof Kevi Astri and oo1voovj coax a with .Lee ios leading fashion s no a and colors. Laoiks1 Cave Bette ka1n cloaks Luok and Navy cycling costumes in cloth and Tweed ladies Coats and pal tots in Black Fawn. Ladies flu Kun cd jackets braided Jackels in Black Fawn of. skirts All lined Black serve 15a 25/ Kavy 25/, 29/6 coloured and 5iixed Serges 16/j, socialites in silk skirts in moire velour Satin a. Evening costumes specially selected for our hell Trade a en1xg i blouses in Chiffon silk of Kra cloaks from 2�,-5 Cadi 1jox even inc cloaks. Taris style Long bkoci1e silk cloaks in Var ious colourings up to 12 guineas silk department. For this season we have Ini sorted a Large and fashionable Slock of Silks for evening costumes blouses skirts a. Many novelties to hand this week. Satin and silk brocades boo cities mores Moutes on do Les Broche mks in White Ivory. Roam and newest evening tints front 2/11 Yard. Embroidered Chi Fioris and gauges. For bodices Slect a. i Etie a in Black White and Lea Lins co of. A very Choice Sci Tion. Up to 25/ a Yard Picoe nets and ibises for evening blouses applique ornaments. Millinery novelties. Received he mail this Wek a very Large Tii Lection. Of Felt hats in Black Ami colors newest Shaviv. From h i to a i each Ladics Sailor hats in the plaits assorted colors. Net be us Ger vein Kos. Xiv Shim sect to hand in Black White Magpie and Jackdaw. Umbrellas. The Dainty for Sun or Shower indies silk a aurelus 7.9 a 45/ Girn school umbrellas 4. 9 to 0/. Blankets direct from i in Mill. I Best value in All --,.v,. Eiderdown quilts. A Lar a Stock Howin. J. Miller Anderson co., Hindley Street. Use the leading drapers. Leading styles. Sadi it makes. Leading values. Leading qualities at Marshall s. U2h-esh&bl� the Best and cheapest House to Rcv All Yob beqvibeuent6. Articles you no doubt Abe looking for. Millinery showroom. Cd Lilac is i a iry Roarn 1 inure Hals. 2,11, to i. U. S 11 i child cirs it priv cosm fir Annie Boom is 211.s3/11. 4 11 Kari girls pm Tam Khan tar aids. All Solors in i. 2.11. La rach Cir Elf a. Rich Lyals All colors. 3 11, 4,11, 5 11, ii Rac ii Girk trimmed a a 11ns, 2 11, 3,11. 4 1, f. 11, ii a a girls Putty trimmed White Felt flops Tell. 10 0. I 0 Carli Trimn cd Bond it. hats All i . 2 11. ?111. 4 11. ? ii. T. 11 -?., clo fittin Kilt hats. Rili Jon Fa-., 2 11, 11 4 ii.11, � 11 Rai ii Suik Rieur Laiu Lumio is Mariliall s Cial line m a i tie popular Tualii a. 1 a. I 11. -2 2 11 Ca h pm rior a Tusk i in Trimm i silk Ribb ii i Gem �3 s. To inroad Wii i ribbon Andis i.e., ?2 11, 3 ii 4, l. 5 1 oath for w of the Ululati Alco Jill incr a Alison mantles and costume department. Ladies i Sua Ikhil Wau proof cloaks 2 Fri ii i a i Ach ladies1 ii Lith Cavic slip try Waterproof cloaks 12 9. Is i. 21. 2i-, ladies fashion ask fur Sci Klutts Black Brown and but s 11, 4 11, full Sll ladies stylish a fun. Neck lets Utu clasp t ii i0/ Mia 15/n, 21ladies i Al Biar. Skunk Martin and Fok less. 25 2 i. Ltd42/ ladies Ila a Navy and freon cloth coat anal skirt Cerf units k. 21., 2r of ladies Sui air i loth Ai and skirt costume lined silk. 33to a to u ladies strife Lolli cars. In Lilack Ulm and Tirohn. � ii. I Fly 12, t. L5/i ladies Suim rior Wotli Cap in nil bin Green and a Ron s35itno ladies stylish Winter blouses in flannel a Lotic and Ilan Nelt the 2 .11, 3.11, 4 11, 0.11 ladies Lic Dutiful Mai a and coloured silk blouses is n. I5.a. 21. children s and maids Winter Waterproof cloaks. 6 11. So. Lost 13.0 children s and maids Winter co times. From Sll to 25/ Cadi children s and maids fashionable coat and skirt costumes 15 9, 21.so dress department. Latent pay Bias sovki.t1es. Fasini Innabi Fabros. aka Chak in desion. A tix Shis i Axt Absi Irdle cheap. All Wool Blank and ook co Aidlic Serges Raj i Al be. Al Only 5/11 i in Drc Nar Coaling Serges exc up onal value Veitia Mavy Ali Voa. Csievil serb in i by. Is. A and Width Dirac it 1 Yard Ivy and Llla a Esi Amene sign. Warr mod i ill. And Wodtli Wonde Foi Al 1 j it Vard Fa.,lmi.- Tew. In my color. All vor.1. Do Wii Lili. Vlra Utility. Surpri ply cheap Al 1.0 to int heat let Mixon to Cal firsts and ski Nyji Pivus up a undid Wear 1it Yard Xci Aulon n ,4u boiler class Ali Rita to o and i 11 iwo Yard from us i to i krtji5. Tie a arc Dan . And Vir rec tic a Awn Law groundwork hip with Rork Fini i. And All Wool. 2 11 it Yard Covert civil inns. Onia Ranuld shrunk and i upon Usu Kij Coful drapir.?. And Eoo Uin Oery in sex Tion if , 3 s it Yard Black m i , All Wool double Width on a lord Vord Bla is Mituru a crores. Super for Quality All Wool double Width. 19 Yard a la coatings curse. Extra Quality 2/0 Yard Flannelette and Tennis cloth department. In the a��3ve eat tent we Are to bowing the largest and Hesi Seh cd Stock in the Colony. In strip Tennis Clollis we arc i Hoviin a special lint in All Ckik. Soit Ahie for by ousts wraps i resume wins. Us. Cat old or Yard scr w.-let for a twas pm. A. A. A sme fianna int for Ladie Skirls old or Vard sri a hint it Cross in. Ride. 2/11 dozen Sriri cd Iann Emilies. So in. Wide 3/11 dozen Siri irs Fjoann Kun. 2s-in. Wide 4/c dozen Uipi flannel to a 2s-in. A Ide. 5/6 dozen a sift make suitable tar ladies and children s Stripe Kunu Clcil 32-in. Wide. C la dozen just i lie Inai fir Lovs and men s pm Hamas Stripe i hair Lytle. 33-in. Wide s/6 dozen a Strong. Ijes by useful make suitable fur rough eur pin i run Nelces. From 2s to 3s in. Wide. 2/11. 3.11. 4/11, 3/11, 6/11, 7/6, s.6, 9/-i, for 12 in pm flannel Etc. 2/11. 3/u, 4/11, 5/u, 6/h, 7/11, ii Doican Marshall s for value. Underclothing and baby i Linen department. Ladies warm flannel and Flannelette petticoats 1/11. 2/11. 3/11, 4/11, 0/11 ladies stylish cloth Felt and Moreen petticoats 0,11, Sll 10,9, 12,-9 ladies Lively c of Lorna and bark s5ilk skirts. Lined i 12,-, 15 a 21/. � j ladies natural Wool , Stiles,6 11, Sll. I. 9. 12.9. 157. Ladies natural Wool vests and Bodin a latest Rhu ies. I 11. T 11. children s stylish Lei or Caps in red Tiaw and Ernie 1,1 i 1 11. 2 11 cd Ildron s Lac Aeiful silk and Caslon arc Unwor Caps 1,11. 2 ii 3 ii Chin no Crenic and coloured Winter Pelissey trimmed fur a. 11, 8 a 10 9, 12. A 15. 9 Silks. A Silks for div Niit , Irjean panics the hand Niu . In the Lilli in if i i lrr.1 f,-.r ,si., hic Iio i n 111. Gtd Lii of l 1c Indk a if Loci a Luil Hij . And we do Zeop and puri.,- set Kirc the is mrs thai Are to lie had for inc Wear. Or Nico ran. For i a ln.5t Uro Caduta . In 6, 15 21. To c. Per.ir for Youns Ijdi. We lae a full .nl of Herm an Imp silk my 2 3, 2 1, 2,i a s a. 11. I 11, i ii Yard a Lizio. A Ory. Cream satins , 1 u,2 it 2,11. I. I ii. 4 11. A p.-Jayd. White and to wins 7 11, s 11, 10 to. 12 1 ?. P.-Vard a a .siiii.s, i 11. -1 2,11. 3 6, 3,11, 4 4,11 11. I ii p. i iii Lio a i 7 1, s 11. 10 a 1 13 i lie. Van we have own of it Iuie in Sei Urivi a in if silk to a very right Pri the patterns Are s a and the Blaik Riv j i sad 3. Ii Yard. Haberdashery and Small wares. The or womb la arc iii Tinc Yan All color 1.1 Lull a us a Tell 15e Niak san Mon dip a the. . And Andjlurati Wool in i Kimo Pai Ket cat iii Trio Noav and in Ity a Munini in a Giuili in.ijuc in in and i a a Riitvim,. Nex skin uni. Cli i a i it. Of Fine li.-. 1, . Ned �-.lee. Slur i Disis a la heal 1um� s a Al liar. A tul f in Cloan a cd ids. Pluit i A kdjn.-. Ujj Ards Elk a no skin Kyjin a. 11,1 Yardold-.-Yi to . In Quality. 1.1 Vij ii if a Hall Intel rip a in lit Lar a li.j\es, 4 Jii i for sad. Travelling Ware department. Finest Stock in town. . Fresh goods in steel steel trunks. Sii i. 2. A 21, ases i a ivs .1,11. 7/u. 1o.s. 12/6. 13/6. F1ttei ..Vi Oiada tit Kos 17/0, 19/ i 27/0 35/, -v./. 75/, 30. Mail to tanks. Cabin trunks. Si7j 24. 20, a. 30, b. 5fi, i Hies 11?. 13 c 15/ft. 17 i. 10/fi. 21. San did As Nizien of Gladstone and Brief it Asre soiled bags. Hat a orcs of Over do scrip so inv. By i 7jd. I 1/3, j/0, 1/u, 2/6, 2/11, o ii 4,11 Boot department. La lies. It m n to adv you that we it i Ackad to Day Thi Follst shipment of of Wimett slippers. To Lite slippers 1 j qual1ficati0xs, warji11i, fit. Comfort Orulla Bilty. And appearance. Till. Goods Auk composed of Felt 33 11, bracket a lamps j Marshall s. Furniture at fenders and Are Irons. We have opened for this season a really magnificent assortment of fenders and fiheie0ns toilet sets of five pieces at go set. 2edste 2lss s1cct from Maisiaa c s01 0. S of nearly eight thousand brass Ca.set3 Utji Tsivin poles 6 it. Long Nib pair ends. Set of bags and i air a Racku Complete one shilling and eleven Pence. Marshall s furniture. The Many steeling Allyl Lions and inducements offered to buyers of Codd sound household in our War Eliou is Are too suit crop to detail. I at Al Tours a Are Intro Tiutin novel tick. And invariably Are the inn Lions of any departure. Improvement or concessions in Malleus Fern Irurhe. V. A of Parnin Oue operations ten Scrace the Supply of Cvar bios Siulc requirement for the Best appointed modern nothing b�-,-l1�in All grades trill be found omitte.1 from our Sample booms. Ii is us Ossile a without visiting our showrooms to fully Realise the Ini include and variety of our Stock. J j Habe Hail s for Al Knitl be. . , wire mattresses by duing. Toilet vake Feu us. Huei Kons. L Ioctl bes p1cti be Fra Jiing Statuev. I Vakshall s have ibis Vucek a veiny special line of int gites a 3 it. To in. Stained Walnut i drawers carved Tanc is a cupboard doors overlain pcs Cornice. This Veky special line for one week Only 65s. Marshall s. Drapery and clothing. Martin bros., Bor Lingam House goods on View Fob autumn Wear. Ladies costumes. Coats an. Milrt.-. . Xavy Kark Orcy. And in can Fali a n Clotus double orca stud d costs. Trice Only of / Black a Xavy Seg iii costumes Blouse and skill lived Tsurou Eliout. Trice Only ? 1 / Fashio Camo tailor rut coat and skirt costumes in the no Kos Liapes. In Liin . Covert cloths and Serfis Al Laud onily braided coat Ami skirt , Lor a inter it Rewt Cut Aud Finch pc stylish. Prio a ranging up to mantles and capes. Ladies ulu Iti i is. Fashionable Lia a a. Ii to 11, 7,11, Sll 1v0, Vai hand up an extensive variety of caim55 in Black and popular i Olirs including k Auli Ful by a Clollis and i Kvit clo i a Annels Many trimmed fur and Lii a with bilk prices Rii gics up to i ctiinrj.? to Ucli. Baku Semi and Siax Les in Plush velvet Anil other m Iti rials Many richly trimmed with braids and Tui a. Jackets. Lathes Black Tallu-il.\l Coats the most a Liioi Bulc and ii wit Lal iries. Pc ii. 10. To. Li., 13. 3jin and up to j Puim As each. Hundreds of jackets .s Coats hive reaclie.1 us for the wit Ali in Asci in All the popular features of the i resin fashion. Hichiyo trimmed and Uratio a Jaek cts. Be Jar l a cars stylish Sac Luck Jick cts. The clk.i-nii.-ld i its. J a elects Ricail t Rimini of i h fur blouses a. Blouses in Plain cloths and to eed ettes. 4/11, i/11, 7. Ii and Sll each Xci Cord do Koi velvet shirt blouses in popu Lar shades 0.11 each shirt blog in Flannelette Aud materials of Rich Tweed like effects , 3,11, 1/11. And up wards each. Ladies coloured flannel blouses ill and i 11 each. Warm pyre Cau dressing gowns excellent de signs from a a e in smart theatre bodices. Dilillo even log of Eila wraps. Handsome Opeifa i axles and cloaks. Tea dressing and breakfast gowns Ana jackets. Fur neck lets 2/11. 4c, cd Sll 10, a to Fausio table Coqui Reathek Boas Black and my est slide of Fawn. Al b garments of Al kinds. Ladies waterproofs. Neat coloured Ched designs inti detachable Cape 7/11 each fashionable Tweed effects with detachable Cape 15 0 each Plain colors with detachable Cape 17/9 each tie Sac hark Zarina Mackintosh with the fashionable Bishop sleeves Plain colors is. To. Ii i 2.ti, 35/, 37,0 Cai a. A ver Large and varied assortment of better Cooj Ranc Irir to 3 Cali Cui Loukx s Vatko Koobs in a colors my bics tie i is Liapes cycling Waterproof Jackl its als Waterproof skirt and coat Cost Lues for a cling. Millinery. Udies Felt hats1. For cyclic travel Ling and put Meade Wear Verj Wishion ahle color 3.1l, 1, i 5/c, 0/6, 7. 1, up to ladles smart stylish Sailor ii ats. In popular Straw. In Rimm dad 1l., 1/u, 2,c race and upm.ls trip Winil a 1/3, a 1/11, 2/u, ii 3 s each and upwards Smartt Felt �a1i.ok hats Best a Kenell Flop hats All colors .3, i 11. 33 11. And 4 i each. Verv Rhiw ship Nien to. Land of ladies fancy hath in Straw Vel be and Felt the very in Nesi liar and colors fancy Feather Mol its wings Jilin and curved Iju ills of preys a. A splendid As Kurtmen o brilliants. Jet Gold and steel buckles and other millinery on ii meals from 4d to 4/11 Cah trimmings. A varied assortment of Dakss and cos time plaids in the Lau St fashionable styles handsome Black Shuc Ami Moi alb Ulm Ali Deau cold braids for us tube Lai braids in Blak a a colors Verj Cli ii a applique ornaments in colors and maa. --x.iu�ii4 design is huh air Gimps a All prices silk m l i ill 1k1mm1ng, for evening h Eab fib Timmings if All Des Rizw ions i eat kit Ord sivas siwan t1ummixgs, for Iran Niin tera Injnlc. Clocks. A c. Beavril dress trimmings All colors ladies collars ties a. Jut opened a shipment of the approved Slupik in Viiar f a indies w in pique collars. .-Lii, cd or. And offs Nei Ltd Trion u.-j�-nlir.-ad and cuffs ladies Ilich Iru Llars from to each habit fronts lace and Chiffon neck Fini Mies. Incl los. Lee Iti. Lack . Tkocs. Silk Henley 1li s. bows civic Olond wimi.s0k ties. Evening goods a handsome einlimid.il Lis. and Chir Foss Tor evening and Taij. Custal Mes wid. Is o Glit . Skol nets Scilk Chianti Fly in a Lisse i lol Nix is aa.-. Chii Fox. Even. Tir Ever Width Chiffon fi5iij.. Chiff a pleadings Chiffon it Hikcs full nets Hundri is of ilk runs. Ladies handkerchiefs &.c. Colo cd order cd . C for tin 6 for i l he stitched Linen finish Foro ladies Cord Border Linen lvn c.orj/9 special Vam e sell i. Micu of Jotun Doin Isis ir Marun Uros. Acid a die Rilv fir inti iii. �7,u, a Kyo la i ii to l. 15. Arij the. I or dozen. Swiss pm Boidi Iti i handler Chikry. d. -.,-4�d,.a 7m1. Id. 1/, a i i. I each Hall initial had leu Collet. A ind 7jd Tai la. Haberdashery Cju. To Ihu la i vol tit i in ladies i lots and buckles. V Large ass i tnnent if of Xydis a enamelled electroplated Metal and but. Jet Jiuu Kles to Clou a belts in. Mack velvet Black and e c1 Lded, a ii ail jcuvil.-. Nicias i the ?.iliue1t ..3licll hair of ii Cju a in at a in Maul in Bros arc fully a wicked Vilh Lut vt-.- u in Vesy Chi do to Matji in Doltl Susmak lib would d Aell 10 buy of Cir j Jia tix Wiltos. D1c1 pm Lei skis in h i iii a Iio Ziaee to. I 4d Wir Ziz a pai.-. A Qujlit a raced Vij i Virji ii Rci Ritj uni l d Ricl real Ivial Elmav i Louicus to in Lack and White 1Lad s Sli Ould tend to Martin Brus. For your Llali Roa it. The Durothy in the Ftp Chi or .5. This is a.- int no a a a Din i a. A i a. I i the arcs. I rilii.le a priors one ii Lex in Sliv Siai it. . H me l air iriu.-, thu inns 11 hairpin. N ass Irlar Doz a in -ui.-a Dieury a fru. Into , l.o. Mjrii to Well knit buil. If India tap.-, in pies. w it N handles rce so. -it.,- .7 my alll a. ? Al .v.i.r.-, to uranus Ejiu i us. Tell ii cd m t jul. To ? j id motto i a round Metal Box ? tit j i i in ? j -z4 Mijoi Udit Jinta cutljjtt5, i a a . 4 b a. Martin bros., Burlington House. In j drapery and clothing. Graven and Armstrong s. A special Sale of dress materials we have just purchased a Large lot of dress materials in All 270 pieces at Job prices comprising the latest goods in Plain and fancy materials and the Sale of these goods commences to Day 75 vitrus of Melton cloth All colors 2.11 ler Oieu Elvorth 1.11 a pieces of Homespun 3,11 the dress Worth 5 11 5 Pitt is of knit Ker site. 2 11 the dress Worth 111 it pieces fancy twer.1. S 11 Hie dross very cheap 10 pi.f Yatin cloth to 11 the dross Worth 11 in piece 42 in., a Wool Eer arc 6d Vard Worth 1 Yard All shades i , 42 in. Coating Serge Bronze Only 6 d Yard 15 i inc of Liott a Serpes a shades 1/, 1/3, 1 0. 1.9 Yard 23 Pirec a in in. All Wool poplin. 1i. 9 the docs North 17 6 Lilek and ail colors 11 1 Piens of Black and Navy Spires All Wool a in. Ill Wool Black and Navy Serpe sad Ard Worth Yard 11 in. Black and Navy heavy coating so ref la id Yard Worth 1/4j Yard better Coatine so rfcs Virv heavy 1/1, 1/3, a =, i la Yard Mark alpacas Plain and figured 511, 7,0, 0/11, 11 i dress a Ocial lot of Black figured materials at 0/u and 11, i Uress a saw Ial line of a Cave cloth scree in Trey Fawn. And Lirou is. Sui tame for coat and skirt. Prices. 1i 3. I Aud 1/11 Al ond Erfil value in Buek and coloured velveteen Black.-Lvctecns, 7jd, sad 1/, 1/3, 1/6, 1/9, and 1.11 Yard colonel Vclav teens lord 1 3, 1/0 All the shades Flannelette. Our Flannelette Are the Woodee of the City. 29 in. Heavy Pink twill Flannelette s/6 33 in. Heavy Pink twill Flannelette 2/11 Worth 4.-.i it Juil. Sil 4/3,. 5/j dozen White flannel Les s3 in. 2/1 dozen 33 in., 3 ii dn in. 4 5,0, c/9 dozen striped 1 Ian Clettes 29 in., heavy twill 1/11, 2 11 dozen striped Flanne Peltcs 33 in., heavy twill 3/11, 4, s dozen 72 in. Coloured table Ciot Hinr 1/41 Arf special value in blankets for double Beds 9/11, ii 10. To i. 15. s a Crinan blankets. For Doug la Beds. 4/11 Larse file White honeycomb quilts for double ids 4 1 ii. C 9 splendid value in by and White twill shr it. In. Table l., Kollars apron Linen tick shining and Cali Coes. Hoa twill a Crons 2/0. Sll 3/11 dozen we Are Selling ladies macintoshes in Black l.rou. And Navy at 12 a 15/9, 19,6 each maid mackintosh., 9 11 rach we Are Selling hundreds of capes at cd 7a -.ill. 10 i 12 u. 1415 9. 17/fl. And l i.-, the it value Ever offered in Adelaide. Splendid value in ladies and children s hats. L styles and newest shades. Maim Al iii As.-. of Tram cd and in Irimie a Straw hats. A line of ladies velvet blouses 5 11 Ach Worth hk1 dozen heavy Winter i ousts at s/6 each Job Good value in indies corsets and Flannelette i Den Lothin. ?2t� dozen but t Ollar Eltes and ivies a. Manufacturer s lot of samples very cheap. Ladies Wool wraps inc Liest value in Adelaide. ? iii Horn s or Lis and Pinafore a Choice lot. We Slou inc a splendid lot of indies and Cli Ildren t kid Falaric gloves at popular prices. I Adios All Wool cassimere Hose Plain and ribbed at 7jd. Mid i1, 1 0 in Quality Good value in children s Hose. 150 pairs All Wool Tweed trousers slightly damaged 9s 6d for 4s lid 125 pairs men s to users and vests All Wool 15s 9d for 7s lid 25 men s All Wool Serge suits 45s for 19s 6d 50 Hen s fancy Tweed suits 35s to 55s for 19s 6d the balance of our boys and youths clothing to be cleared regardless of Cost. Country orders will receive prompt attention. Patterns and lists sent to any part of the Colony. 5-7aiuc Shierlaw s shipments boys & youths West tear. Clothing. Splendid Stock of durable and perfect fitting clothing to choose from at lowest possible prices. Trouser suits 13/6 Serge Sailor suits 4/6 Reefer jackets 5/9 gents and boys hats and gaps in endless variety. Illustrated catalogue sent Post free. 16 and 18, ulndle1-St. A world of needful things that make you say How Sindone pointers to show How thai business wind is blowing at the coliseum our news today tells of Ait extensive Purchase of All Wool French coating 6ekgee, in every dude. �ioul4nch.ufui��la� 1/3, Tobey Shlat Pei and 35 pieces 42-Inch Aix Wool of Bench Poliks the favorite to ten. Every Bhaji to be sold 4q/the Breis �5 pieces talk. All Wool faced costume cloths Elnyr Iuda pm Bia Jed s6pirot�t. cloths to be sold 1 t /4 the Nat s7 pieces 6-in. Costume Clovis in ill the Neworth Dei q it the dim chances Fob careful by tees. So pieces to do. Heart dbl Eacueo 6heetinc, 23 pieces is in. Bordered apron cloth to be sold told or twi. 1,200 twas heavy Beau and Pink twill flakkelere8, x.so0 Yud-3e-ik. Heart beam do1iettes, a soul a sane Fedl Toto you Jewr 25 Don Laboe size Honeyc Riib towels. To Benld . Hoo iii Iki Pinc in i Tomilu the . V the air grows crisper a3sd Blanket needs flow greater. Not bar a bib so Pught. Coits Stiro of �75 pairs of Large size. Well Woven and durable White Blaskey a Worth 13/6. To be sold to Peb paid. 128 Paia extra Large size White by Anees att Pun mod Stemn. To be Ellued 12/6 ii Blanket Panuera hate been Duca it not Kud Toile lie i Aew ribbons at half their value. 760 piece. Coloured Satin Bebe ribbons prexy Shade to be add que tools do 800 pieces drawn 8 Atin bibboh6, Eroy Shade to be Nihil Lor 18 a no ? to Peom . All silk beatings Quiwa Pinki sky and Cresa Wasl la . Pery Aid ladies macintoshes 10 Anlo sleeve of Absents urn a resold from 1_ n Only. Ami Cape in haves Bronov to be you at Fig a ? that overcoat of yours is it warm enough ? does it feel thick and snug and comfortable even in an icy blast of wind ? if it does to you want a one. You must be weatherproof at All hazards. Our prices bring this within the reach of ail. 43 Sieks Tweed Cape overcoats to be mid 22/6 61 Hen s waterproofs All size. A line that be have purchased at a . Marcub Tomura can have the Benefit. We shall Clear them at prices Baa gig bom 21/ 59/ 73 boys Navy Serge Sailor suits All sizes to be told at enit 300 boys Tweed knickers lined throughout ainess to 10, to be sold at pair whirlwind of wreck Are values Here s where we handle nothing with Rio Tab. Here it in that an incessant f Usi Lado of bargains Boom on Boom f Aiu As Sweet a Moraio on Ilia Eta of thousands to whom it is a task to pay regular prices for life s necessities. Come Early in the Day. The coliseum 16 and 18, Rundle Street drapery and clothing. Donaldson 1ndrews add company never had a better Stock in household requirements All direct from manufacturers and the Best value Ever offered to those furnishing or replenishing please ask to see the following. Art drapery. In Cre tonnes. Serges curtains and table covers. Household linens. Sheeting Cali Coes. Flannelette. Plain and fancy All Wool flannels shirting. And a babe assortment of real lace d Oyles thay cl0th& and table Cen tees. 22, Rundle Street. 107uai53 general merchandise. Of a Sale and to at Tevik a Owji Usu i Proa scr etre Sheet Zinc fails slave. Strychnine galvanised Iron Cement Semper Dolce. Lopaic fencing wire cubed wire wire netting such droppers Iron . Post. Superphosphate Thomas a care Guana be Vine twines Wall packs we act Onni i com Watt Castor us unseen o0 Hematite paint Brilli Anthine Eoa Meline Canao seed railed of. Ceo Bce wills & of. Wanted to Esb Basart. Dndr this beading Lif prepaid is words one insertion. It. Three insertions 2s. Cd. To an Ltd Harden. Laid out and fumes lips if with matured plants and Trees seeds. It. B. Ulusc. Blasul. 8sus7 ? boots and shoes. Brandon s shoe warehouse 57. Bundle Street Newlin Serstock Kow opened. Splendid assortments specially ladies evening shoes is All colons. Steel Gold and Jet beaded and a Large of event Zhuk. All goods ire offering id be som at tit same red Cums that Hare been of tat . See the Lovely goods is labs oases in the shop and come and buy at Kow by the cheapest shoe Wake Abse in Adelaide Brandon s so. 57, conf file a i Issi i executed on the shortest Fouec -1 ? few Ira real terms to the jaws Nauf pm must ores. ? to a my 1 the co Hois australasian boat Bec obd lowered to 2 or. 6 min. By Murav Aunger on Multi aex fast men ride fast tykes. T dds.�gl5&it12ll�se.inilted and at Melbourne Sydney Perth and Christchurch Beira Busty with Comfort is guaranteed u All by diets who tide a a and at Melbourne Sydney Perth and Chris Laburch 0u.

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