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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Apr 19 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 19, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? snipping. ? Orient line i the Tol Louic steamships under Boyal Man contract will leave Adelaide Laisa Bayat i p in. On the undermentioned dates Lor 1 la uou1s and Londo Vii Albiny Colombo tra Nippin tar All Indian pore Suez Cam. Kapers. Marseilles and Gibraltar ? auth Al 5jj Mutli. Lokre april so Ophir _ c.3i0 u. K Insop May 4 Rotava 5,857 j link Beer mar 18 ou1zaba 6.2s7 a. Macwatt june 1 Theoya jb.s37 in. E. Lyttington 1 june is i Aid fortnightly thereafter. Callins at Hobart in route from Sydney. 6auxj to London single �33 to �70. Be turn �63 to �110. Third Dan. �15 15s., �17 17a and �15 iss. Tumos of cou3u3o single �22 to �30. By turn. �23 to �15. 1 Western Australia. Saloon. �3 10s. To �7. Third �4 10s. Passages irom any port can be prepaid Here. Return tickets flirt Saloon Bat Raj ports Are amiable for return by p. And o. Steamers Laving room. So Sagers Been & co. And a Dee ? 60s, and Ehson & co. Fender cd Agnue London . Full particulars on application to m. G. Aide son. Branch manager. 116aai7c ? 2s, Greneth Greet. A special train for passengers and l visitors to the . Austral will re Adelaide for i lie end of i arts pier at 11.48 . On thursday 20th inst the last launch for the Shore will leave the Austral at so ., to connect with a special train which will leave the end of lanes pier at 25 pm ? 103-10. P. & o. 6tea11 navigation company. For lok Dok. Caxj4hg fat Watt set is under Royal mail contract will dispatch the Tol Iowa Ink Stern in calling at Albany Colombo Aden or iii. Gibraltar. Sra Plymouth with. Liberty to Call at Brindisi. ? s teamed. A commander. Learn Aub Zealta _ of soil Beeves april 27 / Akca Hia 0603 a. A logf4n jut ii Hows c54mj. Co in n � big Galata ,.wv. L. Broan Jum 8 Erie less H. Seymour Juno 22oceana. Swise. Stewart july 6 t big Miotla. O6. S. Hogns ? Junly 0 Oil Haj at Hobirt in route. ? Liberal reactions to fim Ilif. Whole pm is reserved. The m both first and second saloons is unsurpassed. Passage from Europe. A can be arranged Here. Passengers allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. Tourists tickets India Bina Japan a. Bound a a Jiga by tickets issued at lowest current rates. Special return tickets to London �110 s �65. Hani books time tables and All particulars As to Pastake Money to forwarded . Juel Smith. & oo., a ddts agents. ? ? 308ceeow-g383e message Bies maritime for lo2sdon via Colombo and Paris. Steamers of 6,500 tons under postal contract Ith Ibe French a Lhrig to at Bast. Colombo Suez and pout said. Will be of patched monthly As follow ? ? ? Sydney. Lmwnt.1 and Taide i Watt c �r2ss? i a Arrond Behbi Roy Denot april it april z0 april 52 adat Runao. Verron Hay 15 Hay Ibi May 20 vm.dlac5olat of Parfai june it june 16 june 17 pc Koehen Bollard Only to Only Henly 15 passengers booked to Bombay India by pa&sac1e 11okey. �25 to �70, including hot tickets available for 12 months.1 at up doomed Rais. ? Bogush spoken of boast. Pay rift Money can be paid Here for Panacea from Europe. Liberal concessions to families. Poo arrival at fars Eilts English meter Prescia Mert the passengers for London and Dve them in land intr and passing their through the customs and also a cob Topany Hii Ein to Paris and a ? Ujj a and Eugeni Luggage conveyed free of Cost Trompa Reilles to London by Steamer. For farther apply to ? a tji pry corp . Unite do dire port Chambers is Currie Street ceo. Feb son & co. Port Adelaide.korrmermakl16y0 . Coy. Of Recd lab monthly like of r v fast passenger set Horas to fils Southampton Antwerp. And bbb is Bremen fit a a Fremantle 1 co Torand Aden Suez port said. Naples and Gex Oij under i with the Imperial Gei Xoa Bove Mininc steamers ill be dispatched Josf Irble to Prarat at Korf. A nth r ant Tom be m c,qe7 o t. Bardeleben april 20 Etu Bakx _ s.m8 e. Werner May 27 olde Bobo .006 a Tolger Jame 24 a dub i a Menam july Sigera. S,008 w. Voma an u Kablis Bute 6.057 c r. Bardeleben Siept 10 passage Money from Adelaide. �14 to �6i great reductions on return passages available for Bine to twelve months. Every facility 5s offered for bringing out friends by payment of pact Noney Here. Cabin passengers May break their to Umeju turd Cuvaj. For Southampton i. Lleno specially Ana a Soto Euit All nations. Ail omers be Raits a verdant with the in Gisli to London and Pri Kipal euro can Asiatic and american ports. Passengers for Fng Liroi Are under to . For Freer it past Sce and All other particular apply to the agents h. Cecee & co. Adelaide and port Jit Laide. Lund s line steamers Sluka and smeared at Steamer reappointed Adelaide wharf Natal Cape town. And London. Warrnambool. 361 Una about 6th 4,011 tons about Sid june Toa Kool. 6,078 tons about 1st july. Starr cml ,s&7tom. To follow. �. Wal Campia 6.078 tons to follow m of a Patti or ism ii ii i v. On Torpa a a of Porto � George wills & co. Rale Adelaide. Fort Adelaide and port pm. Elder line of sailers. Robt Adelaide to London. The favorite Clipper Torrens 1,196 by Angel commander dispatched from port about the uth april. For Kates of freight and passage Money apply to elder Smith. & co., limited 87naio ? Adelaide and port Adelaide. Tit i p p o x Yusis Elisul to Host Kong Kag Sakl and Yoko mama. Via Sydney. Brisbane and townsv1llh. ? will leave As under ? name of Steamer. A Sydney. Fui Aih Maku i Mosea april �6 May 3fawata Mart Hay Fiji Lay 81 these steamers have most Superior a commode. Tion passengers in All lag a and refitted with the most recent particulars As to freight and piss acc from mall wealth urea Ciuro & co., prop. Umsted. Agents 51. Grenfell Street. �s7naig e. A a.. Company United. Toft by Darwin China and Japan. Next depart be will be the . Aib.l1e, leaving St key 29th april. Cargo received Aid foe added per . Pil Barua boning from port Adelaide 20th april to Sydney. Cor transhipment to a. Airlie free of Addi Unai freight. Paa senners booked through to above ports. Apply for panic liars. Gibbs. Bright k co agents. 10i.1j� c9, Grenfell Aseet and Ion Adelaide. ? plants Sevcu. ? , seed. Oats. Cape algerian Grey o heat White tuscan purple Straw Early Para Bluey. Hay seed. So Cape Barley. John Darling & son. Franklin to. ? 63c a p to Xcvi a a if an extra Karly Duarl mar. Row . Awarded Firu Sasscer titrate. Boyal horticultural society England is. Or pint also Queen of cd ens. Daisy. Oke of Aii bake. And others. New seed. Seed potatoes All kinds. Catalogue Gratis. E. B. Cox & co. ? East end Market East Terrace. 19-110 b. & w. Ila sett offer Fob Sale pc Anemone. F . Hyacinth. Daffodil f i i ii i i 1 11 1 i i i la. So n. Amsl sibs i ms3xst� f ? shipping. ? Compaq limited will dispatch Steamer from port Adelaide As under Afsar Trp a fat permitting of a albak1 and Fremantle to Akhibi re avg for All aorti1-West posts. Or Ollowa i Friday i april 3 i 3pjn. Adelaide monday i May 1 i 3 Into Utah Bilu of lading issued to Peru Yib Mil Calls Asfe and Bunbury. Fob up bake Bat Tran shipping to ii seers at Albany. It Ollowa i Friday i april 23 i 3 Adelaide i monday Mayl i 3 Fob Hel Bosse Tea ship piss Fob Side and theek slake posts. A Delaine monday april 24 3pjn. Spec be s Cipf Seby ice. Fob i Ort old cols. 11oonta. Wallaroo. Of Akeli haebo11, and Louth Bay. Sekeet tuesday i april is 3p.m port Augusta Beruein. Pirie with vac eng and Carco. Hcteetiga7ob saturday april s2lp.m. Post Pixie to by Dey and Newcastle i-1bect. A3sdasia 1 thursday april 20 Carco must be delivered alongside Steamer two i Era prior to advertised time on Day of sail Ioc. Passenger tickets Geraed by this company Are enter changeable with steamers of the . Co. It neck All ports. For All information apply to the Adelaide steamship co Ltd Corrie Streec. Adelaide and commercial wharf port Adelaide. 62c hum co., to. She favorite Passek Gek steam tvs of shove sob will 4i a Rwy of in ii try to Wii to i pts of Huff Tor Albany. Perth wharf. I Rakuz Geraldton t . Forts two fu1day, april 21. And Singapore j ? than ship at Fremantle s Sydnet. ? it Moorea Judt v Pill Arra Fulan ports. F thursday. Brisbane. I Aura 20, at 4p.m. And 41 other i Queens whore up to one occur before Nadine. A All tickets interchangeable after the first port with the a camets of the Adelaide steamship com Pitny. Limited. ? for fare and . B w. Macd Naub. Agent la Corric a treat Adelaide. Or Qdeen wharf port. Jav i o team to Kingston and Beach Ilsk �3 porn. The regular trader . Of Heles k1colu?m Caff inc saturday. April 22. A astr Saloon 2ss. A Terrace 15c for Frei tit and Pas acc apply joust use like it son. 107-12 town and port. A .4 Fht he. Cees win be sch. J. Asunder to kcaksb17ky Arery a tub Day and saturday at &30 Nib by an from leaving 10.30 Al and tu17ksdav, leaving 3 to 1cet Vincent every tuesday u t-30 from port v1ne2.t Verv week today. Staving loan. 36ic a. Lemes Subiek. Secret . Jiva. 1vkst coast shipping com a Pany. Hub Fowler a. Woll omai we sail Moat i tuesday april is denial j freight to All. Bays and i ports must be pre Point sin0laibpaid. Apply a. &b.tjcmesscrier, 109.h ? port Adelaide. Jusna. Fihe poet Wakefield shipping Jug a x company. At foggy for poet Wakefield the Annie Watt Saila wednesday. 19th inst., to a 1084 a. Pc e. Limes Strieb port Adelaide. Snipping. The s0wab.s suite line. Leave Bovard Euith s Tobt As follows rb3s�?.?i?Ile monday. April 2idieect \ cars Only. Throng my of Jardins issued to Perth. Melbourne Sydney casting Bisbane Gabo i Friday april a. Bundaberg Carco and Saasen secs. Rockhampton Mackay towns has ca1&ns / seduced passage Bates. Seduced passage sates. ? Titis splendid Steamer is fitted with exec tic Light throughout. Commodious Cabins and Leutu pro Menade. Smoke Kooms. Music rooms a Carco Nuth def Icrea Joneve steamers not less to ten Cna hour before advertised time Ojea Oduj. We. In rigid Sunn & smis1 proprietary Tom ten. 113. Kins Willain Street Adelaide. ? and Boruni Arazie. Port Adelaide. S3 Mcilwraith Mceacharn. & go. A Ops easy. Boten ? win dispatch the Foda Winc fas Kneer steamers Cut nuances permit inc Foj Mantle 1 direct / Friday. April �1, 4 for Perth Autton. And a . Posts on through Bills of lading a Elbourne 1 both Eli. C Stiie Sydney / Early. V. E. Cave it co., Cren Reu treet and Awaldt or j. Raw pcs t son. I Ort Adelaide. Is Hubda fit Parker & go. . Um1ted. ,. Klu dispatch from port _ permit Insi 6unbuby i a Fremantle f Steamer Early. Through Bills lading issued to Puth. ? Fuci gift and pascace at lowest current a Abs. For Lull to d. &. J. Fowler 60c Ana port Adelaide. Drapery Hafl clothing Poale s annual Stomm she this Day and daily. In All departments. . To give oar assistants the Benefit of a weekly half Lio Liday we close to Day at one o clock. Me Early to Day. 14, 1c 18. Blow of Stedeli 132. 132a, gouge St. T Llic at Moore s Winter . every where. ? ? ? Cut feb. A Keomek so co., 70. To. It 46, Gorgee Street purpose holding a Gigantic Winter commencing to Morrow a when we shall offer some unquestionable seasonable bargains. _ fresh lines always by inst added As we could nut possibly enumerate every item in our advertisement. Iet Ery Shade a Art Muslin ? in Doding Pink Bily gun cd Law red and Blue. Usual Valus a dozen. Wi2tteb pair Price a 02 3,000 Yards fact Floral Flannelette Blo sings in various colors and designs. Usua1 value sad Yard ?. Winter pair Price 3d i 3 2,011 Yards coloured velveteen in these shades Ruby Bronn. Myrtle Moss Green and Kavy. Usual Price Lud per and Pointer pair Price cdT1 431 Yards fancy flaked double Width dress tweeds in Greys. Browns. Navys Aud Ureon. Usual Price 3/1 1 the Drc a Winter Paia Price 2/6 dra 5 2,705 French coating Sehk double Wilb. In Bronuia. Moss Green Navy us clerics and rubs. Usual value la a per Yard Winter pair Price 8/11 Fuad Roa 6 71 dozen ladies Broad ribbed Black Cashmere Hose fail sued Tecl usual value lord per pair. ? Winter pair Price m.7 119 Boim stationer a each containing �1 sheets writing paper. 24 eni slopes rent older and blotting. Usual value cd Box Winter pair Price 3d 8 705 Yards tartan Check silk belting so in. Wide tic usual Pri. Lord. Rud Winter Price id. Yid. 9 23 Sosea meets cite Rios White shirts All e pcs from i in. To 16 in. Usual value. Winter pair Price 2/6 each. ? i s6 dozen boys Flannelette shirts ail sizes. Usual value 1/3 Cadi in Winter pair Price in 49 Only ladies Black mat Alesse mantles handsomely trimmed furs and jets usual a Winter pair Price 30/ �7 Only ladies fancy flax Elette wrappers up to Date styles trin med Ullh Lack 1 1 j usual value xo/5 each a Winter pair Price 5/11 ? a 1w ladies fancy Flannelette blouses nicely finished usual value 1/11 and ill each 10 Winter pair pigs 1/ each ? ? 97 pairs ladies Glace kid Button shoes nicest shapes nut inc sewn soles usual 14. Winter pair Price 3/h i r us pairs ladies Black Patent covet shoes Luther feels and Stout so is Urail i 1& Price 2/11. ? ? 0. Wistee Fais Peics iii ? full size double bed blankets j ten and sixpence pee pair. I ladies we want Yon to Eludy our Price Lut Exerv Day is Foxe think fresh Nill be added Daur. Any article we advertise we Traer Tec to se1l while the advertisement list. Moore Swinter chs. Mooke so co., 70. 72. 74, 76. Gouger Street. Ion. Good drapery lowest prices visit Marshall s. I7nappr0acsed for value. Examine this Price list. Child wifi s still Keul. Pretty cd am Pic ilk hats Aux claw it boys it a. We pay Parr Cular in u Lii Antic i l e ill limit re Trade. A e ii Sec of tried a Lovely j . A Ulaj if by style for the Siulc folks. Kindly Call and pc them. A Rice Ham ?-.11 10 21, each. A decided novt it of the season for cd dip boating in. A Thi Tam o shia Tiai Peak calf. Tips a a wry i ratty and Man and certainly an adv Jau pc in Gnu a Callior. In Allt Solors and tile Plail i if. It. Up Stuj a Prit i 1 i. A2 i. T a t n. J 1c ii i j Liall s Hillary who pm. Hip inti Uhmer fax Ltd Straw hats Are All wry in Conlin sjijjtf1-.-. It Fly Blat Lilick and White aa Hla Kwi a Chi win Drolus off Ivi in silk a raw also in ii Ivy blurs Aid or cons. The leading laps Are the 1 Sibih -1,--nnr-\. To Uzwy. Lyndon. , a i a Nie latin in. Credo said. I adv Ursula Nii. And Belle of . Ladies dress Caps. We have opus d a pretty it of Cream la pc i Rutt Chi. V1 1 . In it. Ami Berohn int Lui is. There Are Nix Many so lease rail Early for Liei. I rites -1 11. J 1, i 11, 5, in 1. 11, t. 11, s. Ii Cadi. Straw Maslok hats. Tik noted 1ioi Fob sailors. of so i. Has is a Lioun hold Fay Isle in Sou a Ai Baralia. This �i9ln our i nip. Aii uni for .vlt, and Quali Litofe at 6d i Ach and a tvs by Lull ii to 0 11 like Sec Lii a. In the Kuflik term Vilie Lii Aiko is ill leading rfiaji.-. Litre Aro Lii Law Liflie bom Amir and Faliti Iouin Hie Java let. To e Iliae Quality i tial their Fajr Ikier War. Ii represent i d. Oiler hunks in Jumo and tap Kii jew arc the Bier so Villa . And Taj Ilow wiil tie do Idi ii Novelty i Uil a Pruy for Lxi Ely ii Sailor Hal i Vii ral. 1 1, a 1,. 1/11, 2,6, ill. 3.6, 11. Jul 3 ii. ? 11 Eadi. The. New Are no lady. Kindly your addict and it will 6e push do Vul free. I Ess epee test i Gatze Zilp meets. Attractive Matis gals. James pc co. Are pleased to Aii la arrival of some t Koepli Onaley Lar a Shil minis of season s dres = Vlora and a la is dint from if luvs been Purina set under Rausi favourable Cin Ira slants and Are by offered Ai Sulci prices As in reality make tie Selee lion of to Raj at Ittis -u?t5mers As or ukr Alicr �eas3a s or Bali prits Woja and coloured All Wool h coat ii a sits re Verr special. � 11 a e rvs the iian Ipi a in Navy and Black double Wajih. Via ins Sere. A real Good line for i outs and i in 1/9 per Yard tie chieftain a Ven useful i Osilier Misc , and most Sui Uble for Sehovi near. 1/9 per Yard the Cvjume. Eavy. Double Width All woul of Watins serse fast twi or and excellent the Allerotti i i is uni varied for Coats and , which will a rain lie Universal Wear not Siguine is More Duinink and useful All Wool and Dou Lili did ii 2/11 per Yard to e cycling snip in ail Nool. Double Width a most useful of almost everlasting will not Sierink or a to Willii rain stud water s/6 per Yard. Tevet less will a in Preat demand this season for Creswe skins and Blous. We live a very Large and varied a Plain and Fanci. Black a 31/i, a to i3, t 5, 2,11, up to s,3 a Vard. Colors at 1.0, 1/11, i.3, 2/11, 3/2, up to 4/11 per j Ard. Silks. A Silks Irr evening a Var Jarden parties tic Ilustre tie Lull room &.-., he. Hanu or by los in i no Menning of Soovik to i i have been pronounce As la Pood for s.a., but we Liao n Ore Fiji i in Llie co via in Olllie ladies of this ii i in the Tinea Jwj of keep and Jar Iris Ilic la i a Roii Llinat Are to v had for Vuu it a Wear. Our Prii is ran o for Ali lie to. Ura us. 5. 11, 10,-s, 13 i. 21/. --7, i 30/ 1-it void. 3 or your indies to live a fall Kkt of simple in Lieari ill tints sural a Ien m.rvt-. And Jap silk iii. 2 3, , i 11, St., 4.11. Oil per Yard. Lii la a or. I to Ream satin5now a Toj ill ?1 i. I 11, 3 ii l in. -1 ii. Oil per . Lii of and Cream Lii Vic to joins. 7 11, i 10 to 2 a. A i v . ,i a in 1j1. 2. I 11, 3/c, 1. 4 i it.11. ?. Ii it Vad. Lizul beat ii Aikins 1. �11, 10 0, ii 0, 10per Yard. A. Have Fortunato n be Carrsr a a a Siik Bro tads at a Viry Rickii til. Pm Jio Eood. And the Black miv., i and l 11 it . Black Llu Hesse &3. A Beautiful pm a. One Dre a jul Pau in 7 11,11, and 10. Lie will no Cut. A full r Aii self Siul. H i Ulvik i ii is Silks extra h. For jains Rit the i and i lit drop i. -2 Yard emits in silk Alvr Shade i. Yuditis All the Blue and Vietts 4 11, in per yar.1. Blair u in he iii. In or. For Mil a Liu Rev a for dry 5 ail rain in nuking. J in. I n. -2. I. In. -4 ii. I in. N. 7.u, ii. J a. . In. 17p 0 . , Sefl Yar is of Blaesi silk vol. A. Is in. Will. Low hot ice i Hiap and have naked hem f.,11 per my mantles Ako ? s�t13ic la irs on Hui a wat envoy floats n. 41each Hidirs i cloaks. 1 21. Is i-ii.- Sii rain of fur ne.-l.lt-, Blat. Leonii. And Iurii. 11. ? i. S in , Sam tur . With clasp. S 11. It l. 12 0. 1. 21/ ladies l or. Skunk Jearlin. Fox Auk. . Llln.-i-. Xavy n in foal and Kirt ,. 13 cd. a Ali n and skirt of slums. In i Siik r. C orders promptly executed. S1astle and costume de1t. Continued. Ladin Siy Luh clot i a a. In Lilack Avra. And Wii. A ii. I i 12. I. Is.1. 2-, ladies such tier Folb Capi. In red Fawn Cercen and own. I c 3 ,4i ladies so i inter mouses in Cannuci cloth and fian i clue 2 11, 3.11, 4,11, 6/11 udi i in Libra and coloured Silt blouses. �. 15 ?. I ?. 2chil.ii a and maids sly Ufali Winter Waterproof cloak.11. B 11. I0v, 15,3 Chilynn t and maids fashionable Winter cos Tumes. ii of i Caoli children and my id coat and skirt ?, a i -1. 25/ ? and baby old Cin i Peak l next. Ladies warm flannel and Kia Nelette pct Coats i ii. A 11, s 11, 4 11, 611 ladies stylish cloth. Felt and Moreen petticoats i. 11. I 11, Loyd. 12,9 ladies la priv Olon and Clack Sut skirts iiae.1 flank of. 1214/3, 21/, in natural viol combinations styles ?/11. S 11. I 12, 3, 15,u ladies natural Wool vests and bodices latest Shapo i 3/11. I Ilc i children s Kylish Brewer Jik in red Navy and . 1l ii. I la. 2,11 children s let Aeiful silk and Cashmere Brewer taps. 1,11. -1 11, i ii Chiin ii s Croni. And Colond Winter Pelissey. Grill lined fur. Tar. . � 11. 10 ?. 12, a 13� children s and infants i Kumets pm and coloured. 2,11, 3 11, i ii. 6 11 . Combinations. Sriinme.1 embroidery frilled 3/11. 4/11, 6/11. �,11 i effect kitties Corts for the Winter just in Peke i ii. S 11. 4 ii. I 11 pair ladies. Elebie Alid cime l a. Corsets. Is Lon in. I la plaids corsets also Meik Riah common . J 11. 3 ii children s and infants French tie bands White Krey and red a i 1/3, i of 1/11 e Tennis cloth to c above Deti Arment we Are showing the Lar soft Ami lust selected Stock in the Colony. In strip Tennis Collis we Are slimming a special line in a Ion suitable fur Ulous s. Wraps dressing . &e., cat old Ier Yard for Dre sinc Tiunis. 4tc. In. A Strojie Hanne Peltcs. For ladies skirts at 3d per Yard Stripe r 2s-in. Wide 2 11 dozen Stripe 1 30-in. Wide 3 11 dozen str ii Flannelette. 2sn. Vide. 4, ii dozen Stripe Flannelette 2s wide. 5 i ican a Beautiful Sou make suitable for ladies and dial sri of Flannelette 32-in. Wide. 0/11 Doxen just the Kiaie for lays and men s pyjamas is Ripe Flannelette s in. . 8 i dozen a. On. Heavy useful make suitable for rough Pink flannel Ellis from 2s to 33 in. Ride. A/11. I 11, 4 11. S ii. My. 7/6. A . For 12 Yaruta Cream a Lanner ties 2/11, 3/11. 4/11, 5/11, 6/11, 7 ii. 8 it. ? per dozen Stripe Perth skirt incs. 36-in. Wide h1.-m 5kirtinc All Wool plaid. In the Vari Oik plans try k for Tennis cloth up a . Best Valce in the City. Ciket revs he Silky out specialize. In children s ii -.,. We arc offer Imp Verr Perial values Alt Iouli All Claes if Woollen hosiery have advanced in Price in sympathy to the and Vance in the of inc raw material. To. I.010 i a or and line in Phiys Cashmere Knicker Tiloso , heavy and All Wool s7 1 3 7 s 0 prices 1.6 1 s 1/10 2/ 5/2 2/4 2/6 per pair. To. . A. -3o will heavy ribbed tops Tho Rouz Civ reliable and to Rotor for Eckhoot Wear. Sirvrt 4 5 i 7 s 1 prices 1 in 2 1 23 25 2 7 2,3 per pair. To. 5 5. s wide fancy ribbed All Wool my s 2 t 4 3 e 1 s 11 16 1 8 1 10 2/ 2.2 2 4 pair. To. 315, children s do. Do. Special value. 10d 1/ 1,2 1.4 l s us 3/10 pair. Is trim incs. I tie i tie season Plain and finer j Hrim every Tolor. Tiery pattern Verv Price i Ali. Trian Nizik counter a Roar de w5 i Knors. n a old braid.-, appliques All colors urls. A inn. Arid b-.-Jxnia. fur la. Xor ii the drawn braid enable you of make y.,.ir Umerji Al wit Lif. In walk ail coloured Biol . Lila i Yilk. And Blick and who e silk from 1 3vii Doz i. The Larj i ill i irs a very pretty Jird de Rint. 1 11 dozen. The. A i uras snid a Vilna. S a to Liiv y.-\-. Lia Arulaid with lock Ona t a. ? tie of ively fraid a Lussiar braid made to itrm, t in. Wide in colors and Black go Tonew 1-losn.ne Trimmins a soft red mohair , j in. Wi.\ Moor dream. Biack Navy Brey. ?.-.u. Myrtl. 4\i Yard. I very la tale Feii or trip mini. For Venin j , ill Cluj Cream Wiite. And Wick 1,11 Seiy boots a3td shoes. I of Lvii or Ruly fashion me Evv inc si1oks ski my it 11,-Klret to in pc Jai Silaus s Ock of ii inc Soof. A Maui la l it in Hoo from. L c kit kinds All the Best Mufic in in stowed on us by the a Giuili Australia for Limiel Cla i kvkn1nc Hli to has wan Jared us ill Liuji ins lars.-l.-. To e ill. Rezioro kaid court.-m Tion. The Ixion a. S 11. An i in so. Anjnst the f.rt opened Are Iaone Frodo. A .\.\a. F.-isiiii7 of lil Totzk cold .-1l i i x. Ali e. I n or Jii Over in up. Vill per pair without the is rain 11 i . Then Are s in. Beautiful like shoes Winons . Glav kid. Embroil .1tri via ask i ads. Lilai a Ulyce kid. Oil with a cel. Aali. R. Jwj i Kiwi exquisite shoos an of Al he Buinz. Andrede. I Rai Rully Hyld Twili Prien Ruji iii a with a . I i i u Hiie kid. White Satin. M in. Ki-., tiie a Darin Tori is. Mainly Qunnine. l ? no a urn Supply on with Patent Rel util. Frni i. To is the deity ult Asso Tui it Ever Sih in n. Send Kot -1\k of ti1k Xiv Statel Fahien b h is. Posted Finiki. Furni Ture Maeshall s. O special Slioma of Dimxce Toom suites upholstered in Choice assortment of Saddle Ihu coverings Only �19 its. Fall cottage suite leather doing Boom suites say frames Well upholstered Rood Desiria Only �3full co tug suits Erdst Esajos. Marshall s make stick Pality of bedsteads and Oan offer some exceptionally cheap lines. Bento Caius full size Walnut co or most useful and Wear resisting pattern Only 4s 4�d each in valid s chairs for adult and children variety of makes and prices pts Albl lat oks. A Bonnie lot charmingly fitted at popular Price 111 2� Dittus of Rocc Euld ii cuts cuai11s at is lid Eich t sex tub cd the approach la season it have a cavity necked cod cry offer Indue foe the Lal a div a special constructed Leo six table adaptable for Iron iii White skirts cent Thiris. It Cove ont Aad Eilly adjustable for Orfi diary kit Ien purposes to Crilly Cleat a i to Sulpi Letoi upholstered Aba Wing room so tikk in silk tapestry a d silk i Josh Borders be Beer Wren full suites at d3s iss hottest try Worth cheap toilet Ware. Five piece toilet sets at 5a do. Many thousand Liiur cd to Schect from. V4/ jlfcc3es-tht v ski Stretc Beus Falarsh i f make their own in their own a ories. And Alix their nn3i a a. of Sterlingjr Quality and reliable construction. Inflect our mite secs or if a Caird our Mic Hiuer at work. Our prices re right. Our cleos Cahoot be surpassed. Chests of drawers War Deones toilet tables. Bedbo0j1 suites. Towel bails. Com11odes, pedestals and All requisites for did Tooru use a every acceptable Desisti and Choice of Timber m Abs Hall s. Drapery and clothing. 20 and 22, Hindley Street. On my shipments of novelties in All departments Are on View including tie latest fashion s from london1 alias and Coxton Lystal sex Oklis. Dress department. This season the demand is Cli Fly Lor Good 1 Laid suitable for Coats and sk1hts. Our Stock of 1 Irsic is exec tonally Large in All Llie Tadia colors Best value. Kavy Aud Black sekgecoat1x, dupe Rich makes 1/9, 2/, 2/3, 2/9, 3/g, 3/11, 4/9. Flench Kobe lengths silk and Wool in la Nibi nations 45/ to i Funch Casl Umeki All ulv shades Plain laced dots 2/0, 2/11, 3/11 High class Cash Linail a in Robe Levi Solis 42/ to 4 j/0 Black 1ujess goods in poplin ettes Cupps i Incles and fancy Moli airs High class Black jiatek1als, in single a be lengths Virv Choice from 42/ to 90/ Black muscovite Cas Merks 5/9 to 8/c Black Wool Poplius 2/11, 3/11, to cd. Black Vrtol Hypps. 3/11 to 5/6 sicilian7 Lustres Winter weight 4/3 to 5, sew Sesars Flim Lettes. Frenkil printed velours Lold and 1/ for kith printed reversible. 7id and wrapper flan Tel a Titis. New desimms 8d to 1/ White Flannelette cd to lid a Xiv Axi ii k no. Pyjama Flannelette in stripes a. Id to � a Fkan cd i a texted flax Kos for blouses and Wisp Sicre 1/7 to 1/9 pyrenees Wool cloaking in while and to youre. Showroom a grand of the latest productions in mantles velvet silk and cloth. Paris cloaks very handsome a. Cloaks Aiida Letts Black. , Aud coloured jackets tie lick Gove it Coats ijaimics1 Mackintosh cloaks Tiu Market sleeved wat i pm Lois. Vicy latest fashion Coats a i skirts in Black and coloured cloths t Woods a. Cloth capes Fawn Navy and Black at All prices children s inters Coats and Cost mks girls Navy Reefer Coats in four girls coat and skirt Cost Mes Al to in and Winter millinery novel is in 1l.vts, toques and bonnets Felt and Straw t ats fashionable inde skirts in striped Silks Black Aud coloured cloth mavens and Lustres morning wrappers and dress in Jaki to Ell Xix to Tea gowns special or signs Al to my and w1nteu in Duclo th1ng cd. Iaeger a sanitary Wool underclothing. Blanked blankets. Dii Eil from the Mills. Very Forett value in All . Eiderdown to its in cot sizes also single and double bed. New season s carpets. Our Stock includes the very newest designs in Axil Insle Aud Jsrusf. A Tiv Stek and 1misphor quarks Kidderminster sgt ares in bed room and Diqiu Rosiu l at Toms. Cd a talks in Taik try Plush and Art at All Price from 3.9 up to 1x1/ a pair. Madras muslims for bed draperies. Floor Lohsand linoleum. Several Lar a Loiland. Boys and youths Austral suits. In Serge Tweed Aud coatings Lii equal to Tuoi Suade boys Jii i youths Eton suits iliac au.1 Xavy buys in youths Oak Coats and vat i Huoi Hoys ree Klir .iacke1s men s overcoats and water i Roc iks the Neil paddock water 1mjo0ks. Nolo. Our Waiveri proofs Are i Jaran teed ill san Bej iii. Received by this weeks mail Fectea Sll k. \ Spica ship meia newest cloths Vicuna. And tweeds in Tingle a Nottis. For the Lashio Able coat and Kut costumes. Esti Uiato Given for making up to order. J. Miller Anderson go., so Ana 22, Ilijin 0ley-Stkeet. Drapery and clothing. Martin Bros., Burlington House. New goods on View foe autumn Wear. Ladies costumes. Coats and skirts. Black. Xavy. Dirk Grey. Amire ii. Plain cloths double breasted or coals. Price Only 21/ bl4ck of Xavy is Llue costumes Blouse and skin ii Ivd Tsirou Ghoul. Trice Only War is i Diuble tailor rut coat and skirt costumes in Ollil a civil. Ali Ash in Plain Collu Covert cloths and also Luud surely Braidel coat and skin costume tur Winter ii Crucci Cut and Lini a very Styli ii. Trice ranting up to mantles and capes. Saulka c ou�ue1 Cal is. Fashionable Plato Moliis. In a Rovn Navy Fawn and Green 5/11, i 11, i/11. Nil 10, to 13 a each Aud upwards. A extensive vak1ktv of Cam s in Black and i pour colors inv Udini a Beautiful Box. Flute Ami Leaver Folh Garni enu Many trimmed fur and lined ii Tilk ices ranging up to 3 Dands Ojik and elegant mantles in Plush. Velvet Ami other materials Many richly trimmed with bids Aud Turs. Jackets. Ladies lil kick ta1lok-made Coats the in i Tashio Nalic a Les and newest fabrics Sll in i.,ii. 1. A 17,0, l pc 21and up to pc i Ike Cai a. Lil no Ukos of jackets and boats of car in for tic w1xteb, i assessing All tie i Lea Turret of tie preset Athion. I a Tiv iii ill and braided jackets. Newmarket cuts Styll Sii Sac Back Jacksta. The pics Tursell curls. Jackets Ricilly trimmed with fur. Blouses a blouses in Plain cloths and Nve evettes. 4 11, 0,11, 7.11. And s. 11 Cadi no ? dul i \. Let sure blouses in porn. Urh a11 Cash Sill it Ulolo is. In tinant Letts and materials of Ridi Tweed Lik cd Levels i a 3,11, 1/u, and up wards Tach. Ladies coloured flannel blouses 6/11, and my Cali. Ham 1 Renean dressing Corris excellent de from a i 1 each smart theatre Holices. A Ivity even s. Of Kha wraps. Vitilla mantles and cloaks. Tea. Uke sin in Hieak fast gowns Ana jackets. H r , 2/ii, -.o. A us ii io/6, to 4 in Elk is each. I Abizi Nauli to Al e peat Iier Boas Buck. Mid newest lady of fave. L l it a Jivers of All Kinas. Ladies waterproofs. Vat coloured Cheek Ile ii is with det cd Abl Cape. 7 11 Yaeli Fps Inal of Neej effects detach table Cape i i Vaai Pipit colors Willi setae Ial e Cane 17/3 each the Sac Luck ? Zarina Mackintosh with fashionable Tib hop sleeves Plain colors 19/0, 22ail pc 35.37, to each a very lame acid Varia a assortment of better Pikla. Mini i i to i guineas each c Watek proofs in All colors and i is i a shapes sew f ycl.ixw ate proof jackets also 1vaterprouf skirt and coat costumes for cycling millinery. Ladies Felt Latr. L of cycling Jing. And pit Zenade Wear every Vasilion Abl 3 11, 4,0, a to 6,6, 7/-5, up to 15, u Vach la Silks it stvl1si Sailor hats in popular i an Sun Rimi hed 9i. I1/fl, 1/11. 2.c jilt upward trim Nied 1/3, 1/6, 1/11, 2/i, ? 2 11, a Tierell am upwards. i ult Hall. hats Jet fre Xci Felt Al Jim hats All colors 2/3. 11. 3/11. And i i Cath vey a i a c.iiicns Juro Liand of ladies is trimmed fancy hats in Straw Vel Vei. . Ilir Verv Newet shapes a Al co lord fancy i a iii k mints , Plain and eur of u to Laprey a a of Lyril Ziaul. Cd. Cold h cel Kurklin i her millinery Omi u.eiii-, irom 4sj o 4,11 each trimmings. A varied a 5.-Nmriil of in a Ness a cos 71 me ill aids in lie intent fashionable styles Iila a silk and mohair a sulds a iii Abl Chatt cold 13 k a ids or cos braids in Black and colors very Wum Cli Iee Al i a Lei e ornaments in colors and Lilek. A ii is e de bus hk11 in i , a All Iwick silk Ai Tull e humming Jor evening a flit Tim mixes All Fleseri prions Feather and swans Wax Trimpi incs for Trini iii him Inan Les. Lojis. At. It in Ite Azeil Tew Triin mings All colors 8jd ladies collars ties a. Jul Oju died a hip Niru of the most approved in Collar for la Ilici Wear Pic i Al a. Cut Lins a lljn., and cuffs inn Rii in and Dravi-Ih.-Fjd collars and cuffs indies Ili Lik a Lara from a each ii Ait of boxes lace i Hii to on neck finishes. Ficus. i . Lack Jabot. Plas to Lens. this. New Zowd Windsor ties. Evening goods. A me and chiffons. Or Eye mix ija1j, a Natl lies Wirt. A a uni of. Sequin nets Scilk no s. Lisse Floux Ciuc to. In. Full Al a. Ivory , a cry Width Cilly fit full inc. C1iikfox pleating a Chi id n i i iii a fall i is. Hundreds of Yeav design s. Ladies handkerchiefs a. New cd Ord n. Or hein5.icli 0 for j 6 for Stit lied Linen finish handkerchiefs cfor2/ ladies Cord Border Linen Lawn handkerchiefs c � l/9 special Vam i ird i . Manu for Lanir. Bros., washed r. It a f be. 7,-fi, so u to 10/s, ii 1i. 15. And la Jet in. Swiss handkerchiefs d. -iit.j. 4 7 .1. And. 1,to 2.0 Cadi Tiani i of ii i in i initial ii Andker chiefs. 4 d and 7jd Aeh. Haberdashery a. Jut u Iua the la Al in ladies belts an 1 iii Ilia Lane a Orin i ent of of iodised enamelled Elco t Opiat etl Mcl and Black Jet buckles to choose f r. In. toils in Haek velvet Black and cowl Lii Dej blai1. Foj jewel a a Maul inc the , liar Sud. Hair riot s sic Cohilis Tec at rests Jiu jas Mem in Dros. Or. Fully locked with a Lief in in a in All i s bran.4n. I Lvi i in every Shade to Mitch to t Rikl so auks Vij old i Well in buy i hair 11 Al Al Tashery Ai malt tin Bros. Dicks pipe servers in of i ii laity Siock Neue t 2. 4ai1 il7jyi or. A ii Hii or ? Iuli l.-k or. Silk bar anted Jonii ii Rej i. Ily ii i reel. Rel win Ielne bodice sets in Black and. La Lii a Huiai ii to Merlin Bros for your i a Liard try. To ii Box Short while or mixed j a. Liia i. I Verv Maul Box holding ?j.ilistie. Lii Law. Tii ? a fun Siblo rulers. One dozen i in of lid ,. Nun a list hair Price. 41 i . Vhf i i Ain in 100 Blair As in as5.jred si7s. In i ill a. Re Infix. R Irinec pins Price. Lid Box. 1-.-. Wil i a we Bumble India tape. 1pie-.- s. Widilia. M Lund. Irice 2. A v Ali no , in. Hule j id or Kiuraneej Lull 1-ml Billi Price j Bill. The awl Mono is a round Jim Al Boi a a iii 7 -i.joi cd i Quality Linen buttons in i a Price 4 d Box. Martin Bros., Burlington House. Your ship has gome in it anchors at the coliseum ? o in bidding for your business we do to on the merits of our merch undue and a reasonableness of our prices. We to carry die Best the world produces in each particular Ine but we do not lose sight of the fact that not every nun or head of a family can afford a any the Best therefore we have carefully catered for the wants of the Masato. And we can Issue our patrons that the medium and cheaper grades to be found Here Are the Best obtain Ible for the prices we name. ? o it fays to Trade at the coliseum. More Good news about blankets. 63 pain single bed Bla keets. To be add at a 14 4 pair 7s pair Laege fleece blankets to be sold at n 144 pair 84 pain full size Well made , Tobe sold at 4 a a n pain Snow White Fluffy blah fees. Extra urge too to be Eland at 4 o for tas the Mercury goes Down your appreciation of these warn blankets will Rise in proportion. 29 Piccus 64-Df. Cd bleached twill Sheet pkg naval Taloe Loid. To ted and at old per Yard 13 pieces full Kidd unbleached table damask to be cleared at o1d per Yard of 60 pieces 26-1n. A eat twin. Flannelette a. In Pinla Blaes and Creanna nasal glue 5jd per Ard to be sold at \1\\ dozen is piece 2s-Ih. Heart Beau Dou ettes. To be sold at o u 4 dorm 17 pieces s6-ik. Be at twill chea1i Dom ties. Noral value mud too at c u 4 you know what you Are going to get and you get what you pay for when you Deal with us. We Are bound to please you Isi ladies water proof cloaks in Blacks and Kavya to be sold at 4 q to Cash 73 ladies Sebec water proof cloaks in Blacks Maya and Broino to to toldmt23/6wb a Large Purchase of s75 ladies cloth jacket a every True. My Plain i trimmed for other a real picture Ordi Iury prices ranged up to 8s/ each. B c intend Rienzi tag them at prices Rabiner Taug Jolo 42/6 Edl ?12s children walking cloaks a Choice abhor tent porn aged at a Bif Dis count. We intend Clearing to pfc Ole line at Fotoes Rancour from to 16/6 a1iwoboullleuielllont y ? la 61 ladies j jacket and eur tit costumes to be clean at of / each we want to say to Day and every Day this week Good Bye to hundreds of overcoats. Ulster an Vinter Suita we want to say to you that Yoi will get More for Yoi a Money than you Ever pot before and that if you wiil anticipate your win tee wants in clothing you will make the beat investment of your lives in our clothing department to Day. Iss men s water proof Coats of Sreiy do Kripton All Kano etude. Rancic in pee up to 69/ Eracli. We intend Denu the whole Par base at � per it us of marked prices. Every Anent is nursed in Plain Fig circa at their usual value. Our will is a Cen nine redaction. 17 Liek s Chesterfield Over croats velvet collars to be sold at o9/q 135 men Steed. Melange Ami serve suits to. Be cleared at makers Coal ranging Iron 23/g to 37/6 co boys Tweed k5ickeus, lined Annm Bont sizes 3 to it to be add at Jujj per pair we fall offer at oar Small wares counter a lace Par base of i brushes and Cufis a leading line to be cleared at Oine Nuh and comb 600 Rolls of crinkled papers a shades to be add a Perm 125 boxes Kirk s Good Quality milled soaps to be clean at did per cake Best Quality Ball me Dino to be bold at q1d per ban bundles of assorted tapes to be clean at g cup a banal. A purchases that Are either sent or taken oat of oar warehouse Caret guarantee with them that if the customer is dissatisfied in any Way we either Exchange the goods or refund the Money. We cheerfully defer to the customer preference the coliseum 16 and 18, Rundle Street. Drapery and clothing. Donaldson Amiens and company have just opened a Large ship1i ent of linoleum and floor cloths in the very Kev Vest designs. Also. Linoleum bordered squares in carpet a Tiebens All sizes. Rundle Street i07oius5 miscellaneous wants. Under Iliia i Cading if prepaid. Is words one insertion is three Ina nations. I cd. Wanted hardens Laid out. And furnished with matured plants and Huixi seeds to. Ii. Trotter. Mae ill. Til 137 wants to so Hamza. Under tis heading i in did. Is words one insertion. Is. Tirecia croons. 2e. Of. Will Exchange comfortable suburban House land within trek to Kelcsof cite. , Nui Lii 32. Norrie treet. I Draper and clothing. Shierlaw s shipments boys & youths wll Ottjes. Clothing. Splendid Stock of durable and perfect fitting clothing to choose from at lowest possible prices. Trouser suits 13/6 ssrg3 Sailor suits 4/6 Reefer jackets 6/0 gents and boys hats and gaps in endless variety. Luis Tea Teo catalogue Behr past wbk 16 and 18, ui.\dlei-St. Kissing friends. Under this beading if or comm. 18 Worda. Ant insertion is. Three insert ass. 3k. M. ? iss dais Mckee ale. Letter Tot Vou at of. ? 1 040 produce for Sale and wanted under us ii Adine u prep i a. 18 words. Cos insertion. Is. Oliree to sections. 2. Fin prompt win re a and and Bay wheat mixed or Ataeian Oata casii.-. Mutton. Par tide chaff milk a him. Be icba1k, and i Kubeil Choice selection of prime seed a Baskot land Wii eats Al iii Tolan laity fan tune s Early. Urple Stair a. Fiarley Cape and own Dick. Oats. Cape. Any Mee Timo. And hew be easel Manx Tes Bonc duet Thomas a busts Bone phosphate. A. Cu3ttebbcck 9bo&. ? a a Jadeyn Oitto. To a ft1ltwltgtatt 2coas Bec obd lowebe�to2hr. 6min by Lubbat Angie on multiplex j llfhhfii233ft fast men ride East Trees. And at Melbourne Sydney Perth and Christchurch no. Eau Abitt Vite co Robt ? first in 18s8. Forc mom 3ever Stone. A ?ki8s4e?f?? and at Melbourne a Jdnes. Rath and is Zuj

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