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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Apr 9 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 9, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Tea Rob Fremantle Evdia. Canta Aso ebb Oak. Cute stand second saloons orly. Mongolia. Macedon . Morea Marmora. Medina Moldavia. Tons. 10,000 10,500 11,000 10,000 11,000 10,500 12,900 10,000 Lestat. J. Gaunt. . C. Bennett . A. Thompson r. L. Haddock Andrews . S. Deb. .h. Notley. Ryk b. H. Cordon., apr 10 apr. 24 mar 8 Kay a Jone. S Jose 10 july a july j7 ,.,. And fortnightly thereafter. Of Melbourne and . Miling on april la. � i All Steamer arc fitted win a wireless Tele a ply Udvare two Fife in. F1hsr. And 8eocwd salvos Pas age Granta to Europe India Chin and wet Australia it special and bound the world excursions a Zanfes also through passages to Ketr York. Ipar wanted from any port. Bipedal Holiday Benturo. Ticker to Colombo. To. �. For information Sod Eldeb. Smith co., limited Irenis 85scxao3c. To. ?. Hoof Mia Orsovai Oprah a saw to Tai con�na�3e� 1�92p �.023 12,036 m30 12.110 Al 3. i . W.s.shelf�nj3-. a Tim May is. Mafia june13 a Stairi Ted the Vii sales. Telea achy. ? a of w10 Erow a teasers " to triple Taver. Vuk to Jat thu i Obe Fri than .-80 big notes of time of say inst. Admittance Carda. Obtainable a rom agent h ? a spew Al tickets issued Atli Gablej .-ipr.tcturn. By Aberdeen line. For Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane to Rel ail Iron Adellide if now -.-. A ? ,.-.? ?".w a a. Oboya i.ll2.0s6 to a saturday. Of a Rel 19 Oprah v. of Tito tons saturday maj 3jo.r ? ajidfertwsbtl.v�thereafter.,r � v Fae to melbonrnei",�1 styf�5-�0/. .ri.l-. Syd Riey. �26/ to k ,.,. V of try --.titisbxne, of a ,-.m europeanito0bg,�= j a \.-. re. so i a accommodation to �.-.,--- . Tips tos be Yum to Jmvui mail Ines. V six Oil Mai incl Nibow Job a Tom Wotel. By " in Aviv tivys.�yv.j, Speal in Neyt la tap ton a ? ? Vij -?.�.?-.? sea Iii Vav Vic a Virv Randw fairs Jungle / 7iy Kly. A. V s.".-36, -�39.�" san Jioia pro i Ilsio . � the Twa Bertler Ertz Calipa Ino Ataii Lig by w�3ll-ventilated i ,. . Of a a a a a it Famor iuwrti�iea�ttimi�irr1t�ita . Vav " ? a a a ? Toas a to other pm by in a a ? ? -.,. �x3av&aw Ersos�Asw a to Misag elude mar times we chs rbfkotmail8tcamiblt .�i?.-- i ? a a a ? v. Vij � pm Tutki Oto � Tabard. ?5��i�.g3 " �if�j. I i a 0?alw�eb8�fe�eniamptpn x �iawi�iknli1. �5s�. Of Wii if in ?. .5& � to a come Wanderi j �. ?.%leave. A -.?is / Vav St of a Boon a. 8,133 a Watt Tein a Aian-22ra a. A Oao. Wait i Senden m�y20 y Neisen Alrui. 8.031 t. Stul Lucik 3unt�17 Cuatt Shost a Atoctorc a be Dutz. 8.o0o c.mundtau12 roos"., 8.133wittstein l. Septr jb.09� we a Schaden oct i Fuff to Rob step mini fat Ted Ith jf79rir- --te�grjpb�5iiiiry� ton. Adclajd�rat.j2nooni air a. A bet rit09� and Cly inf single. Is 10/ Burn iifi57il5/, third Cus from16. A a k mob special Holiday return tickets the coed Ruth. . Steb Stater Irit tand. a turn �iekeni4ntrcnanbeabl Vith. Aomtil steamers. �mde0kby,/�.kdelaide an Start Alsebia,., Fer. Gay. ? ?. Getse am awol Glasow. K ..- ?.� Tkv. Rev Yiao the Ope v v j � y s a the St Alicr of the above like Are some of the enuf passenger and cargo Boal float. Tr8ni� will leave port Adco ate a .? Aeneas Vaspa Ito Fofol in do and Liverpool .10,000 tons Aboul april 16." i lu.000ons i about to or pay engr steamers seed advert nun Tjoe Frau ?.\.�-.- A. " or a to and part Tular apply to site . Old Ouidie ass Gren Ucli Street Adele ice Alt Trajan 0rient�lline a of a. Cyl j Manila. . ? \ Ramboanga Daitwon Islanda � and Quet Slaid ports v. " ? fuss. Gha3�grsha,auls Froais . Milter s Point. " Sydney. ? ? a. 0n wednesday May it " allot S ,. . , june 11. For j toll particular App to of ii. G. Anderson. Ollie King we Laiu or ret. Via san Francisco. So All american ports ? British Isle Sand continent. Void Ink at Rarotonga Cook group and "?.". Pai Eek can Tiv from from. Due storm of. Sydney. Wellington. Trisco. Tabut. Api. 19. Moana May 17 Rangi. June u april 23 May 33 i Pic 20 May 15 june 19 july 10. And every 2s Days thereafter. Kor particulars it Harding passages and freights a pay Mon steamship co., of x.z., Ltd.,. A.u.s.n., limited agents Goffic by Garter building arc Afuli str. Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Imp Rvl japanese mail Une. A Ila c1�xa. . Via Brisbane. Towns luxe. And thursday Island. 6teamer. I tons Cam. . Kun no Maru s.oo0im. Win Ekler land. 0 apr. 16 Yyi kit mra. . Yekini Imay 7.my i ? and even thereafter. Fastest and most luxurious steamers in the Trade. Special through booking to All part of life East. America andeur0p2. All particulars from. Mcilwraith. Mceacharn. & co. \ tag ass by. Limit Agente. Adelaide. Ownie. The Adelaide steamship company limited will dispatch steamers Reu Porf pc a do Pone tally Jit under Circuns Taace Pero Ritting ? Albany and Fremantle. Tran shipping for. Perth Geraldton All kotta�1 West ports and Singapore. Ward Iii i t.783 tons wed. April 9 \ noon Warilda ,7,713 tons. Sat. April 13 1 3 . Melbourne and Sydney. Tran shipping for All tasmanian Queensland Ana Kew zealand . Ubaka a Friday l april la i 5 pm cargo Wanilla. 7,735 tons Lott l april 21 \ . Warilda i 7,713 tons i thurs. 1 May 1 i i Pic Warilda and Wanilla new steamers twin screws. Wireless tale Crappy car ruins first and second Saloon Ancl Steerage passengers. West coast service. Streaky Murat. Denial Carawa. A Buparat. Tuesday 1 april 15 1 5_p.ni. gulp service. Post Lincoln Kirton poin Tumby Arno Bay Wallaroo and Cowell. As. Marialta every tuesday. � . Ports Lincoln. Adgu8ta, p1�d3. . Paring saturday. April 12 i 6 . A ports Lincoln. Louth. Tumby. �ce1ll. Arno. Wallaroo Broughton. A investigator thur Riey Al a 1 5 . Ports Turton. Minla Cowie Victoria Moonta. Wallaroo Cowell. Arno Neill a. Ferret saturday april 12 j 5 . Freights prepaid to Turton Minla Cowie Victoria term inv Arno. Neill Tumby. Louth North Shields and All West coast ports. Ordinary first class return railway tickets transferable subject to conditions. ,. Saloon passage tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies subject to conditions. The Adelaide steamship Ooi. Looted.?. Adelaide and port Adelaide. M m. M Ducr Leare. Circumstances permitting Lor sans. -1 Jin Darra ,oo�.tan� v i largest new Ste Merjil Spirig for Perth a saturday May 3. Radio of in a. 3 ., a. Isl Neabore. ? carry inst Fri be Colby i the Iii ass Pas Encis Saloon.,tlckaaetel�&? a w to coif fiskes Jet to Woddi sign so Roll ,.p of Rory agents. Steamers fort Adelaide ,. Pennis Tibig. J 7 Fremantle 1. I. " path. Cargo Only. And North West parts. It to note Pfadt Ssiss and second class Steamer tickets1 Are interchangeable after first port of Call with other inter state com Anies subject to con on application a full Roturna portion of Ordinary t first class railway. Tickets Between Adelaide Melbourne and. Brisbane available. By. Flu Pany . ? .-./-?. to Ward Smith. Company limited. ,. A -.-?. Miha Jing agents. ?-.-s a �a.m." buildings. A. Kins. Williamitreetiaddaide ? ?./.? and North-Paradeport-Adelaide."-. ? tale Obj Moi Aoa aide 4173port.8l, mall line a Reg Cir " pass eng Obser Tice. V�u3any. A i i. A a Robla a Fremantle. I twin screw 7,391 Toni for Perth i wireless telegraphy Bunbury saturday apr i a and a North West i ? -.�fc&so/.�, ? ? Par Tsofi. I a ? ,�wharf.,� -.?- Ipp j.,. .-.-,. ,.-. What ,. Spec Tai. Esp refis trans for so. Karoo la leaves. A�euaide5 Foi port Adela Devon thursday a apr lilo iat 3 Vic Ryl -./-. Alili heavy baggage meat be alow Igwe. At Rob a Vertu j off. A to la a a. St ? ? a a Iwonia new twin screw Ste j or pad accommodate a for Al Rev awl Swami 1 Saloon a Ltd at Ord Clais ? Passen Girs a is i v Ruthn Hazaivcom�stiar cot2. 5ti? 6 berth cab inc s tof/ Nof i a i note Saloon after a to to Tab tar Tate 0 it i Litjens Ascer to ble orgy application. Pbr0mi40��ccjv- " it 4iis Iping a ?�navl.u. Vat. A a i 1of ? own in screw. Demantle. It jew Dola a pril 0,-. \ v � \ i re v in Ohi Vvs 1 i. A i Al nrvhhr8 1 a thursday apr i ? ? . J a. . To ind class pea Engen a "� " � new a Lanb sports so from sydxey..s Victoria Pru 9 Wim Mera. April 23 Uli Maroa. May 3." s 1 frcmtimiixb01irneuli Maroa a rills. Saloon passenger tickets. Interchangeable. With other Ikhter state companies Toi Zohdi return portion of Ordima first Claas railway.-. Tickets ii available by in tar a state steamers. " i., ? ? ?2llzc� a. To x Fowler to jarred agents. Melbourne st0ud�ship 00. Regular passing Era sky ice is. ? alb by Ai is Kapun a i 4 w.98.� a is. Bunbury ?-,.". A. J Ivan Audi. a a ii a a a trans hippies Fot Perth and vp0rt�. Fitted with wireless.1� Aiple i Celsor re Fri �j�vi ?. V fe1 a Dia bbb a .melbourneonly, ftu�a5april�k/t ? ? a a 5 if i so Bey to r._.v.vl-t�4.,4 Carm unit Kew Castle a " if Vril i first Saloon. 3rd class. I a .-?-?-,.-. A � Blague Vifa return. Bingo. Fremantle. I. Di�5a0f810 a318 .0 Melbourne i. 2 0 8 10 0 Ilko Sydney. 9. 6 .20 Saloon ? tickets v. Other j inter state. Companies,., subject to which Moy be ascertained on application. � splendid Stock accommodation Amelbourne Steps ship cd Ltd port Geo. Wills & co., passenger agent. No. 3�. Greu-6treet, adeside a i vj.edwin a cr0plct. Broken ill. -8c Yoke Peninsula. 1� the Gul steamship co., Ltd ?Edithburghwarrawee 9 iu., wednes Days saturdays returning thursdays Mondara. " Ardrossankoori?. Gaiva.m.,.-sat�rday�l wednesdays returning mondays thursdays Niley s coach meets 6teamers. Island Kingscote and hog Bay Calline at Glen Eli both., Way weather per Mitt . Aso a.m., saturdays wednesdays returning?.?mondays. Thun a rights end tickets available saturdays returning mondays 11/ return. Second Valley. Varatta. 8.30 wednesdays returning mondays. Freight pre paid. ? ".? american River Salt jetty Popoola tues Jav. 5.ut, returning thursday. Freight prepaid. �. ?. ?.? Stansburyjuso. 9 a.m., thursdays re turning sin Day., saturdays returning Mou dts.-. ? ? ? port Vincentjuno, 9 a.m., tuesdays re turning wednes Daji. To Oringa fridays re Rumins some Day. So Carpo received Ter 8 . On Day of. Sail icy. Only peril a Ole Gooda and Stock received aiming Dar for kans Roo Island. To Keu on Board. L a v Lemessurier. Secretary port. Est 00.\St shipping Coy Ltdpas Senger service for Elliston Venus. Scales. Streaky. Smoky., Murat. Desiati 1 of Var s Bays. Point , Ano Carawa l.\xding.s. Woo Kata sails wednesday 9th Insi. 8 ? . Cimex Shautt a permitting. My Fri Irti. Except Elliston pre paid. Pc e. Lime Gurler. Agents. 94-39 fort germen port piri�1 Efelder sails Friday. Germen prepaid. P9.j01a. ? & a times surfer port. 1nept Surprise sails thurs Doyi it. the color in Paton s super Fingerg. "-1\ stability of color is Only one of the advantages of Paton ? Alloa knitting . V. There is a so a wonder filly wide Range of color and Iii tester finish. Quality and durability Faion a knitting wools surpass allo theri. Samples ? free Paton son & co. A Sia-Ltd.,23�, Flinders Lane Melbourne. J use Paten s super fingering. Write us for particulars of Good knitting by in 75i90ia2/e & Rundie is and Stephens kindly see Yli pc fior Ops Tweed suits � i a c�1sw? Dopa Merix ii. A left in St� L3��? t1 11 Sheet my special value Fps Tara Psi ,3�.v?. J�3�ew.goods." 8w.vit ,vi/,-.3, tvs ,1 Finitte golfers and Norfolk fell in iml�4%h a Tir rat Fri intr a i. Lee coloured knitted Tong Coats and Pale Tott. ?-21/. 25/. 29/6. 39/6 i. Ladies Lovely c " " in Coats 21/,. _. Tweed lob i Winter Valet .-2j./. 25? ?. ? i a i ladies Fleecy and a an Fec a Long pal Tot. 2129/6,. 39/6. 49/6, -.-y.--�r,ladies Nelvy cloth and r Serge t late pal tots21. 29/6. 39/6. 49 ? " ?. ? a " / Lizadie Superior col order Bisket clot blouses. Li. h ? ? ? ?.?a ? ,.- ladies Cren Cashmere Tufi Cordory blouses " u. Flu i a. I ladies if avy cloata.lo/8. 21/ 25/. " Tel. .,--p.t. Ladies White washable lid Nibber awake29/6. 39/6r r r / ? j j a by a to. Ladies new sew no cloth Oto a skirt cc-imew297i3b6. 4 6r a. Ladies. Jand Black " to for maw Irr a ladies " stylish Black velvet and Toi a ladies i Beaire opera and Basja amt Coats ,&/6�.49fi 63/. 7s/ we Al Deir Coats Ano skirts.105/" aa1 ? ladies Black and Navy cloth and Serge costume � Skjrts�lvali ? o71lilov9-? Al a ladies. Stylish striped and fancy Tweed coat. ? i8/lt� lo�9� ladies Lovely Creme Serge costume ibfans�l2,t�. "?15/9 of ?,. ? ? --thisa.di�abtmi&rr�%?.� i to a so Jackinette a Lenoy vbioomeiwi/11. ? Bina a a 1 A is. � a ,./ Ladics Gri 8ic Llau left corwarnfeliwit.wwsflk/9 id of a Isi ? ladies heavy. of a Toni a la a a � a. jl"yajddouble bed blankets. 16/6, 18/6, 21/ r3sim,Up�if t 1wc�v cot Nilta Java Down Ll� Ev h, h6/11, ikeachv.v, ".? Asih Blev suv3�varr pwn qut i ls/6aa8/6 21/eaeh, a a a stole .5�&Jav a do to to loe112/6," 34/618/6. 2lff 25/.n la line Root blk to food of ee6. Riv a australian �efl�im5wd.?l/.�l/3, .6,\=Lli fire Tail-roti baby Flat nil Best french9. Has we Swan F�ii-�ii.sjd.ipid.l/.- a a Hafl Wal yes ii in j a double we Dow Floral. ,�ingied-nets, 3 la. A ii so Eatie a a ? �1 a Uble Wii May a a it or .�ytirv67tj, li2.,ll ���.�ia���.a-. Ladies i Haw ?.flannetsigbtarese�,anus. Ira win a & ladies. Heavy Creme Flannelette. We Lobland. �mi2/ll�-salvl�it� la to Creme jsi�tted1wool.ljn�wisu,. 1/.6� ll�s2i/ Lla " We mesh i Winter Laev punter to Day a. Clatt Jbv of a Tus Troici Marl Mai nime brownhei� i a by Jim cum Fri in bar a a a c of of let pwt Tel or " ? Lite was Fife iad Ipa no 3lctk,. A a Rcd ,rv50. Iti. Wide .fu�.iane�in�i of Subio Noble Shawn a a per Yard feh. To Smirt Tuvae if dry coat and skirt Coe tints dar4 fat in Tweed Willm�ke Grinj Rovah Stilb Stu will Vcrr lasting ,.\ja cloths Moi eve Gnu Coats in .,daihtyrtints�44 yrm.--,,ll Ana 6�per Yard a Vio Tiser Siv,. It cd a i a & vi1 a bouwfrldujstri�sscotcb�lv�ncey� fori ,6tjier-Iyardi. Iw.? Vav or a millinery showroom hic by i Fri if no lines.1 of v hats Small styles. Inin to purple Trey. Sax�1 and Brown shades hi 11, v5hj y ? us a Fine velour Felt Haft train and two tones la i. Tell Lovey hats Plain and two tone. a aet6�15?6,v19/6tfrs bar�i5, Beach fur a a snjart"styleg.? " 12/6�i&6.c2l a a i a Beal Sable and Musquash sell. Toques 4 Iorge assortment. Sll. A Vlf of a.19wto i976 i a a " a Of smart is tre coi Sta Jein Chip ?St�w2�l.3m .y4/i?�fim. ? just opened Lovely Beaver i Velv to Long Vel vat7jwcetl and Aoth smart Small Hatsis ready to Wear. Llv 5vo/uup.to 21�t\v Jav Siart Beady to Wear hats in. Straw Idip to Al Felt ycl6ur, arid Chi or Ipi 9p�is/u��jsn ,g�ntssh�rta2�pvti%cery de Parr Eitt behave a be in Milf a of Udrenjer a a in s?s3/11 Yuz to tiny. Ij9\ 5� ij�l�6,v5/� 7, �lv-�- .3 v.avi.jj�t a v ? kit the a Rapiey fun do cd Llano it to two Pearl buttons Wiick 2,.6.114 Moro the tlfc.vjersiy. Butted Mulder. Grey�iov, Navy Yov ass a2, Sll 3/ 11 � .6 5,664/ii- A \ � Al Why re to is ramen Tea in gents Crocket i Jones v health Brandt Bouta. In Glace , prices 1s/0,21�22 6. To. 27/6. " Ujj ?. ? /.? ,�� Cekic Rosole Boot ��c4ther lined bread the sir Rice . Pair a l i a ladies a inbox Cju lace boots j3dcekcr solos in Tan and1 wok. Leather lined Price 15/c a pair. Gents Jet Felish football boots in Tari and Black. Leather Spirig is price12/9 la lad is and a Cut Warni Felt slippers for the comin a Winter i secs 2,,. 11, 6, his to we. I Point lace a ooh a Tro cloth pc Cie ils. Ifft5/6 each Irr by v i i a i �5s�i�i\ a c�l�red.iturb�hbtugte.r3ni�n cd pc 01ita i Down .-,.-/.? ?. a i a .,v1r� i fish " bed.rfet�dyfrin�ed damask clothe. iu2fjh2/11 6. ech a a ?.?"?. -.riv5, Whit turks ski towelfi.loid/., cd Mcrea holler Towt ii afro id udi per Rdv i i 3mruv Allm Unen �orfar.�Tidijtpcrjyara ii Jass a bit Iboa Bertotti Lidies coloured by Lissie at i�cr�"r4a " � ? sip Ai Haem a to a at a a a new ,?. I Usiri erste aug a a i a a 1tckrtm s crca�3�.bs a .2 8, Bair fee a Lwi be Fata. It a Iper,2w of a " ""?f.?"""-"? " " a children s strip Jed is Mere Sce so a St open Tea. ? Biz 22. 1b-ftjrf6,.v-". A �1/ a air ii a i. F at can a re we j a blast Tuii wridv7�3ias.,.4id 5m amt Lam a a twi y,.\ i cbudte�6 Turi bobbed a Timen to teen Oriarte ho5e.8ii-. ,7 8, 9. -101 i �l74i a cd to. Per Pear v � a boys turnover prot adv thai car tar � Host Lynnd Hose i Greeni and Brown Rixey Halh Grey and a Biff arid 3rey, tops 11 Sinei Iro a via a i fro tool a i a Viire a lea�dr�whlarid�l5r Wra sanitary hair Folh D�rsvt��v a tar Floise ,. Bead nttklets9�a.v Bodio Seu Corito ined clean Iii Dotas few �ctal.vt�low. 4d.-". Creen 3d. Each. Australie souvenir hat vpins.v,f. Men a sin Jle breasted overcoats pee a la i 29/15 35/38742/. 45/5f/. 65fc65/., a a a adj. � i a is a a. S a men s Kaine Oats the latest prussian of uak and r Iaslt�-3�ecves-is0/�55/,/��4iil Tell. " is Fiaoo. Mcfie s ibt5sia� 43owne,4 a Marr two fir Cut r 2�/ Aien a a in Bio terms cloths i and Flannelette for freeing gowns,.dressirisr. Jackets. Momin t wrappers i .7&c. A we Ore a spec Lidid ,.,All designs. This Cason imported by us direct from Hora old a � 9id103o\i,l/,6 or Jarf pyrenees cloth for children s Wear Insky-blbe.-, .citam,Isaxe�blnis bail Grid Pirik Only 3 priya Rdv \.-?.-.?. ? ?-., t. While and Cream Tor codies Hnz i wlm run s in rear. Nice Wann make for the cold weather. ll.n u,5ni6/Li 11,6." 6 10/6. 11/6. .13/6, la Perry in stripes Flynn Cletto / for. Shirts pyjama. Suits Csc. All new emart stripes. Will Wash and fear veil 11." n ns/6 c. 10/6. 11/6. 1�/0. 15/ per dozen. Hall furniture the finest selection in the state at the present moment is being displayed in our Stephens place Furni Ture warehouse. The chief characteristic of Tina display being the number of designs shown quite new to. South Australia which we have to St had manufactured in our Hackney factory the prices being quoted rendering Pur Chase Jost now a particularly Good investment. As illustrated Hal stands 3 it. Wide new design. Bevelled Mirror in Back exactly As illustrated in solid Blackwood. Price5 5/. In solid Oak price5 19/6. Specially attractive designs Are now Bein shown in wooden bed Stead and cob. Made end Trev in. Ont own factories Fequie Santray the finest value in the state. Child s cot _ Caa Shewn. ? size. 4 it. . X 2 it. Drop Side v with Strong wire Mottress. Attache. In solid Blackwood 79/6. V in solid Oak 89/6. Jas. Marshall & go. Drapery and clothing. Please note the special june at foot of this advertisement. Something new each daybtrfc0 the store noted if 1 for uniform to values. Nef goods most . " Swar Navnit Mac. . _ to Awty printed k Cre tonnes axminsterv1 �arpets. It er1x in quilts from 21/ top a to Ilov. �. Dotibee bed single bed got and feral. Birk spec Psi be Dedow a i quilt. I w a i i it. 3_�fcsixi-4jt�nt��acolor maa 21/ r English Scot in and Al Braban a take. Single Baize 12/6 to ,45/ pair. Donje to exp size 18/ to 63/ Paar r Fitze special blankets a full double bed aze Quality Jbv us Border,121/ or exceptional value r new run go lace curtains just opened s a i Nottingham curtain r 11 to 55/ pair., new s was net curtains 30/ to. �6 15/ pair latest n our Ellis Art printed Farak Abad curtains genuine Indian proud cons washable a � r 21/ pair. New printed Art Cre tonnes in menace variety of quite new designs i and cd Lorings t to i 13/6yard _ new curtain poll no n, 11 new Art bordering 4�d. To 611 Yard to elegant Axminster carpets new Silver Grey carpets new biscuit carpets new Blue go pets s new Crimson carpets new Brown carpets. New carpet Squar efe spell vally size 9 x 10 6, 45/ size 10 6 x 12, 59/6 j size 10 6 x 13 6, 75/, size 12 x 13 6, 95/ 2 Gross mohair door slips in Crimson and Olive 11 each. 11 Job Purchase 250 pairs Ivory lace curtain special Valle 10 6 pair. New season s linoleum Large assortment in printed and inlaid patterns now on View in our linoleum department All classes of upholstering done on the premises by expert workmen. Estimates Given. T,000 Yards Cambric embroidery .6, 11 dozen Yards for 11. This line w3ibe supplied at this Prie for to Day Colv. Country customers will be supplied if order be sent by rat Pott alter delivery of drapery and clothing. J. T. Fitch the Corner popular ready to Wear lines just what you will need. Girls All Wool knitted Gol Coats m Grey Navy Brown Creme 24 in 6, 27 in 10/6, 30 in., 11/6 child s knitted Jersey suits in a Wool assorted Colore 11, 6 newest models m ladies knitted Norfolk and Golf Coats 11/6, 32/6, 15/6, 25/, 30/, and upwards \ special value a ladies pal tots m Plain Navy cloths 15/9, 20/, 25/, 30/ new Tweed Coats 16/9, 22/6, 27/6, 30/ v two tone Tweed Coats 22/6, 27/6, Boa 40/, 45/ smart Navy Robbs in Large snort Mente a a Choice designs 17/6, 22/6, 25/6, 30/, 37/6 tailor made Navy Serge Coats and skirts 35/, 59/6, 65"/, 75/, 80/, 84/ newest High Waist Navy Coats and skirts the freshest Model 35/, Black Fox fur dollars 32/6, 37/6 Black Fox or muffs 33/6, 37/6 Rich Black for Collais from 11 upwards i. Plush sets a Tref and stole 13/6, 15/6,20/ upwards a of i Fiat 6pehedn�w"sleeprn was is a Cream or str Ped fjan Nellte 11,6t girls White Flannelette pet a Coats a 2/ � a 1111 he of Winter tender i Wear to suit All m Natura or Cream combination spences 11 Veste Ort nights at unbeaten Salties v a just opened the new Knutte coat and a knitted Kirt a Navy or Grey 45/. � new Winter dress6�0ds. " we Are carry map a Foll Range of Pat ten and colourings material for the autumn and Winter season and invite inspection of these new . Lines. I i. T v j l these smart goods have been carefully selected with a new to Dura bitty tand also smartness and a visit to our dress department Mil Well repay All who wish to Purchase their Winter outfit at the minimum of Cost. F Mic a corded . J. I s i 2j m in Cream Cardinal Marony Golden brawn bark Brown Violet Green Saxe and Navy Only 11 Yard. " v " "22 a. Corded velveteen in Silver Grey mole Cardinal Marone Ruby Given Brownr Cream and Navy Only ?6 Jard just opened Woollen. Ripple cloth in 52-54 in Cream Pink and Marone a Beautiful material for Chil Dren s Coats ladies dressing jackets and wrappers Only 11 Yard. Velveteen. 22 in Bright silk inish Vel vet levs m White Cream Grey car d no Marone Myrtle Ohve Light Brown mid Brown Seal Brown and Navy Only 3 Yard 22 in Bright silk finish Tel Veidens in White Cream Rose Grey Cardinal Marone Sase Ohve Myrtle nil Green Violet Light Navy Dudik Navy Turquoise Light Brown and dark Brown Only 11 Yard 22 in Bright silk finish velveteen m Grey mole Cream Fawn. Card Al Marone rubs axe Emerald Light Brown dark Brown Myrtle Olive and Navy Only 6 Yard Black silk finish velveteen 1/, 6 11, 6, 11, 6, 11, 11, 11 Yard splendid value 50 in Buck sea Lettes for walking and motor coat 13/6 and 20/ Yard. 40 m i Ancy whip cords in Grey Ruby Brown and Navy the latest 6 Yard x 40 in. Whip cords in Grey and blues 3 Yard 40 in whip Ord self colors m Grey Sand Saxe and nav3/6 Yard. 40 in whip Ord. Self colors in Sahara Brown and Turquoise Only 11 Yard 42 in whip cords self colors in Vio let Brown Saxe and Navy 11 Yard. 40 m shot sponge cloths m Brown Light Blue and Grev Light Blue and Navy very smart 11 Yard 40 in Iio packs m Giey. Mole Brown Saxe and naj 11 Vard. J. T. Fitch Rundle St. Busy Busy always Busy the world s Standard Model corsets to Beauty s contour England s master production � designed and built by a world famous Cor scicere and � worn with pleasure and satisfaction a the centres of fashion All round the Globe. V Beauty s contour. Corsets l Are constructed on the most approved pres years of thought. A to ence and experiments having been absorbed in be ask to bang about the Spinedi results embodied in these Channing models., Beauty s. Contour ,1 ? j corsets. Are modelled and made to fit with a. Glove like exactness and the perfect figure the indifferent figure Benefit alike when Beauty s contour corsets Ace worn. The Graceful lines of the former Are preserved and added too whilst the Vordra Ary figure is gently yet surely moulded into the desired lines without any undue pre sure or discomfort every pair of Beauty s contour corsets Are scientifically boned with Rustle Zai roid which noted for its great residency and a guaranteed not Toiro Nihoul. For by Walth v "".,/ " " a for Beauty. V l for Grace , for style � r to t for Comfort m " \. For , ,. For value re to. R Beauty s contour " re i corsets 1 4 i. I stand first. I every figure i catered for in beaut a contour to list As the Golf owing in Bers show. Full descriptions Are Given in the Beauty k con tour Portt liosizesv2d to/30 1,1 Paw Outi length of Back 17 a Type 530beauty a r contour / Ideal Model f6r Between average tit via 11j finches Side s 23, v to 30 a. ,. --7 .-�., -v1 �. 10/9 pair. Type 510 Cor Etc which vol be found immense a born during my Bertoty it give3 great a try adjustable and elaborate models might be found none could be obtained to g pc greater satisfaction made in Grey Coutil rack 15j inches Ruuk. 10j inohes.sizes�21to i llipair\ Type.218beauty contour built to tit figures from slim to average build Madr in Grey or White Alexandra cloth Back 16 in Busk 11$ j a. Ekes 20 to 30. \. V. ,.i.j. R. Paw. Type 20beau.ty �. Contour to be worn by tall ladies of mature figure made a White Coutil heavy la boned length of Back 16 in., bulk la a a sizes 29 to 30. \. \. A. "10/9, pair Type ,133beautyjs contour intended for Mattory figure special make give great Comfort and support to the wearer Raade in Strong wit Coutil Stout i booed length of Back 13 in., Buk 11j in. Sizes 24 to 30, �9r pair sizes 31 to 33. ,. I 4a ./.-v., .14/9 Paw Type 440beauty s. Contour a very smart and fashionable Model most comfortable to weary made in Fine White Coutil fitted with. Duplex rustles supports length of Back 17 in Busk 10 he Sites ,21 to 30 14/9 a Type 205,-."Beauty, contour a beautifully designed Model built to fit ,1h Graceful modern figure made of Superior soft clinging White Pontil t length of Jback-19 a Busk 10� in., total length of Cut away front 15 in of cases 20 to 30 a i. . 14/9 Paic. R Beauty s contour corsets v will satisfy you the same a they. Are satisfying tens of thousands1 of wearer throughout the world there Are no better fitting corsets made. X f 4. A. T _ we Stock Many other makes of corbets besides " Beauty contour sack. Well known and favo tej makes Las i a persephone Warners. D., d. I a., Canadian 4.q, a S Corset buying from us is made easy and. Pleasant by � reason of Yourgreai stocks and the variety of different makes one has Here to choose fro Tara the Low paces we charge also adds to the attractiveness of our selection. I see pour corsets " Wei / re 3 specially tfx that to j y Host excellent t Cir or 05 corsets. A. I. The a crib is cd wide a �. V ."�atob3tebeauty con tub Geil pc or oat m Tim Ostafik buy corsets at Corset Headquarters. . Cd Laxer Burke s it of guaranteed Genus no Hiskey Soia

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