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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 6, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping of of Essa gekis a it fees steamship under mail oiste Cap 1b lbs be govern Lon is Cru Marseilles. Cat Trig at any. So Yorihei Aden. Soe. And port Elionise Subayi _., be veal Lejb Tea \. Pot Dent. .jmon., a. 1 annul n . . . Itura. Suejit 1 flip Mim Nde wines or ales at he Tal to Tonuu Ovid iad tickets Marseilles to Loans Hwd ten Ioa raq it his a Lee by be mfr m Karstic is to London. Edi Lidit Tew ads. Kilch cow carried. Swix taste Marseilles from �20 to �65. Re uan from �3i to i z. Tuie class unequalled. Wine old All Cali furniture in ended in fares. To of in tvs a 103 fss2s�t? skis she. Havro of Antwerp. A to run is. up a Houd bhotoer3. Oil T a part n and j3mfyg the iou owing steamers for Endon set of Osam Ader. Bib Disi Halta. Lib Balta and Plymouth. O. I in Monder ise steamers. Jan. Co a r. Ade i be " a r. A a fila fat Tesl-ad2st %1l""il is pay Mahatta 177 . Murray 8.n.8. May 11 Britannia 8257 j. Orman. B . Kay 25 Jia Siua j918k3 Fraser . June 8 Oriental 5045 e. Stert Jane 22 Victoria. .18268 a. W Adamson ugly 6 " fret and second Saloon prawn hrs awed to break their Comey at intermediate ports. Cab tote tved on pedal terms. Liberal too canons made to Udif during the Slack Paw Enger season a wages irom England can be arranged Here. To the Mccond Saloon the Arrau elements Bare been . U. Oom Medatian offered Bates of passage Money. To Locern in first Saloon �60 to �70 to italian ports do. �5 to �85 to London in second Saloon �30 to �37 ass to r Cuero received a Fol 5 pin. Of the monday an parcels in Loncon on Tea tuesday poor to Meade pm is Kojis ii Cess ii t a. To elder Smith & co., limited Agente. Iwo 4fcriekt line of Boyal uni steamers. Follow toe to i Mau steamers belonging to the orienting Pacific companies will leave Adelaide semaphore at noon on the a Dennen to retd Dato. For to doff. Via Albany. Colombo Soet canal Naples Gibraltar and Plymouth bust iss6s Darby april 6 8sr? " Tsi pdsss111"1-."ss2 a i is. Pm Ocba se62 " . Jane 1 mini 5,624 " Jane 16 Como 3,915 a. Jane 89 Sota Mirte. july 18 Orizaba Fern " july g a a fortnight by thereafter. Balcom Paf Roens May break their journey. Entire can reaerv.=d on most Liberal terms. Is cution Ctorn tickets at Low rates. Passage Monet. First salons is �63. And �70. Com Aloon -�3o&d�37. -3hird and Steerage including bedding Anua utensils a two Bertli Cabins �32 each adult. Fear berth Cabins �20 each adult. Open Bertins �17 17. Each and . Special facilities Are now afforded for bringing at friends and relative by the prepayment of Pas Laue Mciff y Here As above. Parcel carried to any part of the United sing. Nalipi Ithoc to cd an Decsov it of is Gas eur i tweet. A sit . Kif to f r . A Sre Ciau my thais visit Swail ave Adelaide f is a end Larga pier at 9jo an. On wed Keevy. 86 David adders of Branch manager. To non porn in tit in _ actin. Tvo a d a shr a o in it Effii i Ujj soot Hammot or sir apr a aassgs85 2sm s2? Blindm. Under Mil contract with the Imperial Oerman government. Steamers win be dispatched a follows _._., . . Tons. Commander. . And. Tot Tomti Aooie in a timer and Sig Fri a so Al Coeny my � Missit Reno ninth Mohd a nor Boben Salfen t.090 in. Eirnel Only ? a Branch line to Samoa and Steamer leaves Sydney on arrival of each Steamer for these islands. Postage Money bom Ari Tairi to Bremen from �14 to �60. Great reductions on retain ass apes available for sex nine or twelve months. Every facility is offered for a engine out friends lays to id9u? via Usi cargo booked trough to London or freight Pas age and All other particulars apply Tot reagents or Deckk too Saginc Del aids and port Adelaide. Jcj is Kaiser Wilhelm o. Moi us special Bonne Jbell of sus magnificent Steamer is fixed to leave Adelaide to Europe on april 26, ism. The Kaiser Wilhelm 11. 5s the largest passenger Between the and Europe. The soon Madation and table is a know a Songen Boum Early with meth too _ t7c Adelaide Orpurt. Y Rusas line of steamers. Husk. Ii London via ports As res Jetoa i 5.187 tuesday May 10 stats of a bothers so Adelaide and port Arl Jiahe us e Sam Sag a by Thea spam Helena v . Commander is appointed to sail from the wharf on a Josso a of or and an experienced doctor so ssh is ssh b T8 T"14 , taoa3b -36.-1 i astern and australian 9, Sci steamship company Jal limited under contract wifi the i Booth Anatolian government forthe net Este kinship ?oalatljoydl79ton.uto.kemffl?, commander win be Maclaren wharf it Adelaide for thursday Island Post Darwin and Hon Kong via Sydney on wednes Day april Al 189?, at o clock pm. Pasta mrs can London or the continent vul Yoko Hama and America. Splendid accommodation Tor ass Iwers. For Bright and Swage rates apply Gibbs brio to 60., Ore Feu Sfa Reet or port. C & Obbes a Fol be Hitpas if As she a ?27 my Fol 80"i""""" at 8 , returning same Day leaving about s pin. And every saturday at 8 ajn.,"re taming mondays. Leaving at 11 an. To Post Vincent every tuesday at 8 an returning same Day leaving about 6 pin. Otic ??l.,. Shipping. Rush Adelaide Kami his company. F or Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping Lor an Queensland ports. Is inn Aminaka saturday i april 91mb pin. Adelaide saturday i apr. To i 4.16 pin. West australian service. For Albany and Freak the trash lapping for Kob Tuben pobi3. A. Colac i Friday aprils noon. Saigo Ttoe ived a top m. Day Pretona to suling. Onto tit a australian steamship company. Lieut cd. Beg Tel a monthly line of direct St Kamees from Australia to China and Japan. To Widup own a a nip 1w a Albedi 3 Pate a. Steamer. Fiona it Captain. To sail 1 Catte Thun 2,200 Nea Shannon q april 6. Mem lib _ 2,000 High i Raig Hay 10. To Rifle 0 Row to Tollow to new s b Froker port. Test Ward delusion direct. The vol lady ro3inson win sail Lor the above port on Friday both is. Met -9 Harbold 8803. Tom and part. Ojha Hadvab from q Arete nested to pass entries at Onoe. Bits d Ladue must be resented and freights paid before delivery. So claims win be a know edged Niles damage has been panted out on Landing and the snip will not be responsible Tor abstraction of spirits or Osiier bonded nods except from Pado is pointed ont on the wharf in bad order. And Sabe enc try i in the presence of tie Captain. All goods impeding discharge win be landed and stored at Oon Smees risk and exp Nae. Captain j. P. Nils son will not be Rispon Bible Tor any debts contracted by the grew without Bis written Antt Iorito. Go Harrold Bros town and port. Wip Notum to. Munny from o Are requested to pass entries at once. Lbs of lad tog must be presented and freights paid Benw delivery. No Cham mile acknowledged unless damage has been pointed out m Landing and of ship my Tut be Remon Tole far attraction of spirit or other bonded Good except from Pado Gei pointed out on the Tehart in bad order i Zub Usu Hamm to in the presence the co Taiti. A goods impeding gents Gold English levers Waltham pod chronographs. Gna Tantee with each watch som. A. L. Brunkhorst late h. Sri Bra so. 106. In to to tit is to non Iraq. In. & w h. Bikes. Chemists. Xes of 0" ats Ferial prices Umi a Murray 4 Lanman Florid a water 2/6, of ?nra./for2/ bjmmetrbtbeblelavendebwateb.i//g do do. A. 3.2/6 g. N. & w. H. Birkby a Kra "b9.bbeet. 7o a u ?""2. By T in Large or Small quantities at lowest current rates. We. Howard Smith it sons. Ltd goal office. North Parade. Port Adelaide. Stu m to Bomio regalia. Bomb. bashes. Era of an necessary Nate rules for Gib met Ana Bine at to. To .-.h,. J h Iso. Bundle Street. It 1010 b i a Dye work v opposite York hotel. Feathers of the dresses hats an . Materials gleaned of dyed on the Shote by posbd3m Bottoe fast ool Obs Ite oels Denver to. " so6ualkwaiizm Wjk cob Deon. Too Odeon Jim. Best Broad seeds brass steel or German Stiver. The largest and most varied Stookins Adelaide at j. B. Jiayi 16. Bundle Street Issaco shipping. Mph Howard Smith line sew 3ervior. Fura Eri Tel a to nip ? a of a few feb eights Atiba estates. to Brisbane Ottil on Henna Siw is Gas is a Sass ssh . Cad3ns monday. April 11, Pom Kootlas pm. 025e52.w2 thursday is. Egg go Nam Riu and anon Sta. Abodo do or. La tuesday aprils Midnight. To vote pest and Roro convenient route to Saloon a for Cabin. 1-? g"8 from Smith and of ave wharf. Curson a onto co agents. Gwenlen Street. Adelaide 860 ?. General merchandise. Edmond is celebrated pkg Brand. Ssa.bssik"2r?s Hickory. Walnut . Flooring. Eero Hie Cysul water White 160". To be. Up . Oak Staves for Champion s vinegar bulk and ease. a 6hicateof soda. Fat Sheft Mig and roofing. Is is ass ssi main a Andoe Uings. Teas Low to medium Congo us new season To is i my a Cumi George wills & co.,Cavendish Chambers Hose a 110601 "13 8 1011 11110114011 jlrissttzl&2�2s�z2 3 a aggie. Union fire and Fanoe Inonu Tynce co of . Bis is ooh ii us Ono a. To. To to to Canso passed a it Errn boots and Okiw guv ii. The human foot is fun of Grace Uzi. To Youcob Sundong. _ V walking last great Wanken Nast for boots his House cant be sep atsed for folks or for . Foren Riison French and naive style a kind a Wear. Nor with his House compare. N v he fits the foot be fits the Eye in Harmony together and still we hear the constant cry for Bumon wet their pain. Or corns that udly shoot nothing of an the Praise can gain. Like Bis Stu Fitti Well fitting the Kimn Annb. And Shoai a Efel Slobe of Waukena haste own Trade. In Adelaide have gained repute Asbe Atthage Erwe remade. Foll or autumn and Winter goods Wai Appeal in a Tew Days. A Kent orders promptly attended to. 1 note the address Waken past 118. Bubble so been. Eawal44m Xsb-u2wmuuiwii. A a Maritn Nett Kava pasto v his mull Ijabo. Titt k cobra dons. Shoe warehouse will be closed tuesday & wednesday Hext. The 12th and 13th . Conveyances and livery notices. A a r ass m a. Graves and co. In Ajla Vross Sussi ?ro13s8io. Up Urval at Laijas Bay. Semaphore and fort Adelaide c of twi Lia Taam to Law a a. Jose Portage we. ProsnolTo6 ammo Solub is sons. Bhulo bussing friends. V she 2i at person knowing the whereabouts of a. William John Cunningham who came from North of Iceland to Colao Victoria some years ago worm greatly oblige by sending Tom Ilion to or. Corkhum Glen Osmond. A. 9ltw Frieb baby 29th, Flower feta oae a note p Friend missed 7 o clock car. Please address this of be. 98 Al Eil a Mary enquires aus Thauan papers please copy. &7 drapery an clothing. J James Marshall & co. Titti to Ali Mijat 1248casesalbeadyopened. each mail and other steamers. Hafk it int Kif tm7t at Tim est Fali Lul no. Just opened a splendid assortment of men s Tweed overcoats. 19s fid. Sis ass 27s 6d up m2 6twdorerooat? 278fldl s86a 888 a Berlin oven ,6s a. Men a Erl Inove re Oats i chapm3j s6d. ,6a.8 s,6a 2 s of men Tweed Berto we. Verc o ats. S7sifis. A is. Without and Cape,?,3bs and. Med a Buck and Bloe Parramatta Waterproof Over Coats with capes. 488,605. 655. 635, 65j Mert Mack Aue Parramatta Inverness capes. 6s. But 68s. 63b of i i. Lien s Blue Serge suite 21p. 265, is 6dup Giro Mats Wert trousers and vests 8s 6d, 10s 6a. Used Asaa-.,. Bots and tooth clothing department. to a Nice suits. Toed through in All born i Fettas Sui be uses Ink sub ass a i 5 Bose ii or and mock braced velvet salts Price Irona 25e to 36b Bouck Berlin Knic to suits Price 12565 to Berlin and can Melton it baby Beaver he and Serge with capes or without prices 4s lid to seas Sasayama 1 hat department. A Jess my to ver in a Gohh a White pm us pair a Psi Chat serfs Blue cloth p. O. 1 Ink a Caps. Mini is Sass Sass b8 comprehensive Range of choicest goods. Shirt department me ? an Wod Crimea Smartt sane Bud 6s lid,7sbd,. Ouro unmake fails Strong Cotton and Ozone utter shirts 10w ls3d,lae&, men a coloured Merino under Mirts is us 2s 6d, stud sell each men a coloured Merino pants is lid 2s lid 39 lids lid pair Merino , did a is k?kj2ssrsfcv"jrt. Lid pair Ujj natural Wool half Hose. Is at is in 2j 3d pair men knit Wool a a those s 6d, is lids 8i pair is motors info Oil Guernsey and Hoset matco. La Jet department Anjin Uff b Jhent. Pwn Jamsek old sad Loja i ,to3sliayardwhite damask is is 3d, ,ls9d, to Saud 10/j Brown and White damask in the newest designs and patterns ��.?,? Agu Brown Hollands 8s 6d, 4s 6d, is by. To us m dozen a lot of sorted Tea cloths. Sideboard and xray cloths to be cleared at exceptionally Low Proee ladies Linen Harts Tiefa. 6s fld. It 6i. 7s fid to so Udosen ladies hemmed Uto hed Lindke chiefs 4s us 63 6ddon gents 8/4 handkerchiefs 8s us 4s fid a said dozen. _ Manchester department. S32tsi=xxt� . dip blankets Eitra Large. Us fld Leech. Ibs a. 2 s up a fun assortment of eiderdown and russian ,10s 60,148 fid Bedl Usedom Fine an Wool Saxon Gianneto Nojd is is 2d, is 4d heavy an Wool flannels lold., is2d. Is4dup Hea Whit Union flannel 9jd.lojd, is up Loid is.ls2d,ls4dup and Wool crimean Ehi rungs is 3d. Is 4d, is fid is 8d up ?-ssssti.viw. " Minim Boot department. On a Nunt of the Enos was attending this depart nent Ninoe in Wtiz Forf the a go Soks is a. Or tat re a of cons and Nave Dow made Ana Gemenis to have regi shipment from an o. Best makers in the of world. Ladies and gentlemen a Fol do Well its a i Saess of All. Our latest Arriva Bare from St real of Tendon. Boy stand girls school Boot. Ugh lagged from 2s fld pair Menjol who a. From lid j2 Aig lag a of to men s Petasho boots. Irom Fis fid men s Bioh a. From is us. Fee to. _ Tom gloves. ? .jgnpsbromy.oreen. I be i Joku pm Al los Stubl a. 1 1 ladies taffeta silk gloves in Black tans and dark a Larkk children. Kwh and silk gloves just Ped Woollen department. We have Dow opened a full and varied assortment of the newest and most fashionable styles in ail to to of in so toe it ills tto Tefr 1 men s Black and Bine Serge sets. 60s. 635, 70s, 8s the new in the newest col men s Kew Tweed trouser 16s to 30 per Pir. Further details see b a Gosur. James Marshall co 2630t??90 i drapery an clothing. A Mij Liler Anderson and co. London. First show a we Jofra Al importations. We Are now showing a very extensive and Selea Stock in All departments. Including All the novelties of the Lon Doh season in m _ my autos Muon est costumes. Teao owns opera cloaks fuss ssh Sass ass Sho Oom. Teig a costumes. Oor buyer has been most successful in set Ecung a Maisa met t a ppm i ass Miu Iners. The tie in be i a 0 ladies and co drafts untrimmed hats in great _ wine ish Esaw. Ist�?-.?-?. Morning Jand Tea gowns a Large selection at an prices from ibs 6d ?w i Jez Zzz i a am Tes. Com nations. ?As"6""" Lew ass newest in Bough Cheviot so Ness ass ssh so a i i Firth mini win Luli Seiti . In Mand co. To. So ass is hjbdlst4cisxsx, Adelaide. So vr.-. of Jokki a in Oinui in a a a. 8b?. Milliner to a cloth Tea. Oor Stock in now Replete in All departments and to and assortment we Only court comparison. We need not Tell Der Many cheats and the Nubuo Generady that we always buy in the Best and cheapest go word i is sis is on Stock and paces mean that ? sehm ony com pay Are a people. Our Price Listi Kew Stripe Drew tweeds Winter Wear. Fri Odoi. ?Home?,Teu 6suadoz. New Melton cloths 3e lid 4s ,69d, 8a 9d Dor. 6 Diagonal dress Serges. Is lid. 2s lid. Stud Yard 6 French Corduroy Drees is lid 9�lld Yard stsss3sasss Mew of an French Cashmere. Suk pal e Plush any color be lid Yard silk velvets any color. Is us Yard Kew Black velveteen. Is is fid 2s 6d. Stud Yard Grey Silesia is Ltd Essae 3sd de Pewe value cart Oeon Cauco. 3s us Dot Crewdson Eno. 2.sj-int,ss7jddoz Horrocks s 82iitai White Cauco 38 3d Doz. Brown Holland 2tsd,ss9d. 4b 9d 6s fid Doz. Is Yard Haat?Aca?lea4id d Yard i assesses Sells Sheavy oter Lna of wll a it Eft Ais m 5811 11 81 Chi Wren e Beaver brimmed hats is 3d each boys p. Of. Cape. 6td. Sid. Is a said 1b lid 2a us Condren e and maids Olott jackets As Macban trimming 4s ,?s9d, 10s 9d. 12s 9d ladies doth jackets wit silk Beven 12s by be cloth jackets. Aston cabs Bever. Viand value. My by. 17s 94.2ta, 26s 9d Ladu Plush jackets us by. 21s. Ass 9d. Sis 9d ladies fur lined Loake 2159dt278 9dv32s of ladies circular fur Edge cloaks 16s 9d, 19a by \s3��2z2�3�& a Kew trimmed hats. Sod. 103 9d, 15s 9d, 21b 9d t"3 cases shapely it Smith s lock stitched under do thiner just opened assortment and value Al ladies Corset is us stud 3s us 4s us Kew was us 8s 1id.68 is 7s 9d Jersey Cashmere gloves. 4jd, Sjo. Cd. U. Is fid Kew Aua it gloves is2d. ,,2s us ?�3 m rasps so hos s he alld Uzgiris Cashmere Hwe 6d, 9a, is is3d 2asmft� so sol Sfat to be sold egg Charens White Oam Eft hair Hubei trimmed ask Meta re Sass Ujj. Fig butter dish . Is 3dpair Bismarck lamps. A sued each bin Nat. Lamp Glais is fid Doz. Patterns sent Post free anywhere. A hawkers and storekeepers who will pay us a visitor Send As their Cash orders will be served with Best value and Dis ??o4ined Hirvi 1 in ppm to Adelaide a London. Walo h All & Savage general drapers and Tai jobs 106. Bundles beet same Side and three doors West of Adelaide Arcade. Or to a Usu paces. From Kow is the Winter of our Detorious built 1 . Coatd3ob. Soft Vicuna sedges. Choice suit lengths is Cheviot and Kew designs in to bongs silk Waist coatings. Light and heavy Over . To Bright Kice. b o. Sew goods. Do us the favor of placing your orders Early. A Good staff of pact goal tailors always at woes. R. C. Castle & compf., 37, bundle Gibbet. U7uai l2o drapery and clothing. 1 Chas 00. N Umes. T a Mph to a Cox Utko a a Jirjis 1 Eja. Bowab Chas. Birks & co. No making. Jag Vincent Diep Liy a their window of costumes and gowns. Tar Murat Liv Cottun Sailor made costumes. Imported English costumes. I 1 i Eatho she luxurious and bid display of costumes gowns now being me by Chas. 81888 a co. A taxes a i in the City. Kew Malinger ? How on View. Ftp 01 ? in it in ref v a Ftp 1of Brothers Burlington House. A Telephone Leo. 188 Raj a Ladiet Aadi read the paragraph in " Adverta come of Kiu vre has Gam. For the teem ill a excellency it them fabric at Burlington House. Very great Succes has Bern met with in Navy Diagonal Serges. We have been the recipients of applications from All parts of the Colony Lor Pauers Fram our Dreas department. A Box of patterns will be delivered by our Carrier to any Bouse in Adelaide the he pig to Coo Meliah Theemel Timof Home shopping " 1" x ft1? " a at a Toru Tion by Martin Brothers. Extra commo Dation is Given during the next fortnight in our largely increasing dress department. Kew telegraphed goods now arriving in time of it itt Jug Abl i k. Shiono Moet Caw a Tor by Telegraph and hive arrived in time for easter issues Are invited during the next week to Strod through the establishment at by Bunton House a Tox a Laos. A non House Deebs is about a be made. To m t tit Brothers. It tit Imit no tit . On House. ,97c Charles Moore & co.,i 14, Rundle treet. How showing latest novelties. _ dresses Serges millinery jackets apes mantles Ulster t Apps gloves. Rae refit Volm the aty As term a by All who visit Charles Moore a con it Rundle Street. Drapery and clothing. J x Fitch Boot warehouseman. Great show Tiiman anti i Foj Jului Ili Elf it in 1 jul Ali in All = aliments. W3smki sos to 16 &d2ss�srcord de boy velveteen c3cidde? of hew by ass. 1 " g33siasa he Ned Oaneta floor Soutsi wet cored i Astrachan i Ings Black and Gret. Of a i Motif i it it pub boys youths and men s Soffi i Lars some and Tweed Omni Gas mrs psf bib Fessl Boot department. Fri Assisi Sam fail shia that St Saair me leather bal Morato lid Sketl a lid 7864. Fly 9d Sian is i ?7ijltin.3bllite3t6blld.se9d men s lsetfcu"&tl4brisusm ?s.?a? a 6d"dwslffi Fil a Al 8s lid 6s 9d, 6s6a ueslotots.4slld.s9a,7s 4 child run 6 St neg leather 8.5., ii 6to ?2sbejassud7s&e6lotol3,s9d.bs9a,4sli? infants 1 extent strap shoes from 9d per pay. opt attention. Patterns and Price Lis Post tree on application. J up v the oort to Abiusi wavisx.?, bundle and Pulteney a streets. 1000 Inyim a Lowe Teg to am Onoe that we have now removed to of to off Aiti Row idiot t nmitql7c being be doors Wei d our timer a Bijj cd Walii Jirik. -.?. Tailors and outfitters. A t Dosia honss.47 re Netje sum Oscai Dohi House 47, . S to Nam pm a Rrex tweeds prize tweeds 0t South australian Auu Nauru Faaui wow r exhibited at the late autumn show of the a. It h. So Aeq. Extract from judge report a off gone emf uhf King Wisian i it. Tag a to a Stodley Tosef plants seed Bee d a v 888 it heat. Cape Oati tand Tablet Towert John Dabundo it 80h. Grain s to a i port Adel n " " of of web gab Dan. Been hot and . Reepe us Edw tas a. Is. Early Bose potatoes. . Hackett. Seeds men. Kubske Otmen to bundle Street. Adelatde. Hafl tji o b Sale. A White tuscan seed wheat from hew Zea Jano and bomb East Al of Steik Weibl. A Fri. 76iua168 fed Street

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