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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 5, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. ? print line. A pm so Sass on the 4�i43 Tor a ii Ortii of los but. C 1? inn Slot c fur All Indian ports. Soei canal. Manila. Marseilles and Gibraltar ?. Ual Kall a so Ion. J. K Butren Aphis aunt Balssi j. F. Andenoro if1? Orillo ,9i0 he. Inskipt oko Tav 6.b57 j. Unk Uler it in ok1zaca ,g-7 ? ? ? = and Fortuni Betly thereafter. Calling at Llopart in route from Sydney. Salous to lox Don Sincic. �35 to �70 recurs 3 to �110 third class �15 Lia. �17 17s., and is Lofia. Saloon to Colombo singles to �30. Bin run �33 to. Western a Otralia. Saloon. I 10b. To �7. Third �4 is. Passages from any port can be prepaid Hen. Us run tickets first Saloon Between touts Are now available lot return by and o. Steamers Lavioe room. A Juteik of. Chen & o0. And Ander son Amob Knox. Co. Punch uni Avail ice Lundon full Nuti Culan on application to m. G. An Betsos. Branch Mart Ger. Us Chilic is. Crentell Street. Special Trade for passengers and visitors to the Kals. Oprah will leave Adelaide for toe sea end of Lares re at 1l48 . On Tii gusday. Oth inst. The last launch for the Salmre will leave the Oprah at 1-s0 i.m., to connect until a special train which Iris leave the sea. End of Lares pier at go pm. ? p. & o. Team navigation company. For &.okdoht. Calling Atmas Ellks. Dader Toyal mail contract will dispatch the in Lowiec a surfs. Canine at Albany. Colombo. Adept Marseilles Gibraltar and Ray month with Ubart to Call at Brindisi. ?. Steamers. To so of Manander. J leave. Niia Sii w. D. A Worcester april is Australia 60o1 l Beera f?T.?. Arcadia Etas. A lost a May m bomb k45 i. Cowie mar is i Galata _888 w. A Broan a � Oriental Bsma. H. Seymour worn 2= i Osaka. Oom a. Stewart ? a it c. Calling at Hobart in route. Liberal reductions to str rim whole Cabins reserved. The in both stat and second saloons is a paced. Passage from Europe cd can he arranged Here to Semren allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. Tourists tickets India Thiru Japan to to Ulm the world tickets issued. Passage Baths. To darts toned at lowest Corrent � 6pecial return buckets to London. �11? i 5 Gand books. Time Ubl and a Par Colars As Wess Geries Mak times Ste Oasis a a sgvfsoli.s-? will be dispatch i monthly a to rows ?. ? ? in ,. Erdoesy. Inborn iad Taide eur Amer. Com under. Jooo.1 x pin. 1 . Pm fee car Sag s fas3enceks Bovea to Bombay. India a. Ass to Ajo. Ind noise no notable for 12 months a Saipe Huuey cup be fat Here for passage i front Fri rope Tab cafe Zoum felons to fan rides. Tooni Al Nebr seifts Ensi Iio Inte Preun 2f? in of Simdon. And Cre theme twi Afima Fol my n4, Jug to Ahro oust Niit and to a / if pm iii Ait Chag Bocra -8 Mae Street Cath Cermath Lloyd . Coy. Is ? Asa aija to Stilt the ofom i. Tasi ra3sesgkb sbeajm3sbs to ?ifes.8odtsi3tiyroii a twerp. And Colombo a Teo sum port said. Naples and swirl under mail contract with the Imperial Ceria now moment. be a Avn 1jkgs Bay at Hook. Met tons. Nam Minuit. I. And. Karis bobs b.0s7 0 % Laura 59 sect Toast _ b,oi8 c. Werner Jimiy 27 olde Hoboba 5,000 a Olfier Mew 2issbiiia. S.8b6 f. A Lett. Only 3 Oka ? u ? ? s.006 w. Iliad air. U kabl8sote t.057 to r. Bardel Ebai sept Lyl. Planse Money from Adelaide. A to is. Great duct Una on return Pasa a available for Njoe or twelve months. Every lad Lity is offered Tor ton Gibs out friends by payment of pm a Money Here. Cabin pass Ngere May break their Mourner Uttard Dass for Southampton. Semi Peaavy arranged to suit All notions. Ail Aff Cert and us mrs pm Corsant with the eng iii Lagoon in. Passenger and cargo booked Troosh to Loddon and principal ,.asaric. Aad american port. Passengers for England Are landed at Southampton. For freight passage and All other partic flirt apphrtotheagen.,i raw Ittis Adelaide and port Adelaide. Lund s line steamers seat Newana in tried it steamers Art appointed wharf Natal Cape town. And London. Warrnambool s.51s tons about 6th May 4.0u tons about Arjona /%h0koch. 6,078 tons about a july. Harrigal. T.387 Tona to follow. W1lcannia 6,078 tons to follow. Fuck if to i Lor to item Clit to passage apply to George wills & co. To Hole Adelaide. Port Adelaide and port Perla. To hippos Todsen e a i s h a. To b-mks0i g. Naoi Saei. And Yokoo Ima via 3tdjtet, bib Abate. And Townsville. Will a cart As under ? Ham of Steamer Al Sydney. Feta Maeo mom april 56 May 3 Talala Marc a. Joae May May 31 these Steamer have most Superior accommodation Lor passenger in All classes and Arentt Edwith the most recent improvements. My parti Chirs As to freight and passage from Bdl wraith Mucea Chasn k co., pbop., limited. ? Vacenta 51. Trenten tweet. A teds general merchandise. Ai Sale and to a Kive of hoop Iron pkg Iron screws Sheet one Kaus suss Sut Chaine Calr aafred Iron Cement Semper do Lehr Louie fencing win barbed wire wire setting sted droppers Iron eng. Posts superphosphate Thomas do. Cave guano sewing twines Woolpack Oreaga Brand at cossacks Castor Oil linseed Oil Hematite paint Brilliant Shum Cameline Canary seed rolled Oats George wills a co drapery and clothing. Shierlaw s boys & youths suits. Splendid variety of latest goods to choose irom. Gentle meets Straw and Felt hats in latest shapes. / 16 and is Hindley St. U10strateb catalogue sent Post ? free. ? Locue of b a p e b a. Phi Kriso we executed on the Sybor fast notice and on Serai teems at the Adt Emsee Job bar dig of Job. Sis ? shipping ? the Adelaide steamship Compaq limited port Adelaide a under for Albany and Fremantle for All Kouth West posts. Adelaide i monday i april 10 i s . Marlon Friday i april it i 3 . Ulm Oucht till of lading issued to Perth wharf Fok be Peitra be Bay Tran shipping to Flinders at Albany. Adelaide i monday i april 10 i 3 pin. 1ia&loo Friday april is i 3 . For Shelbo Eltse and Sydney Taka ship pics Fob Queens land ports. Woo qua Friday april u 8 pin. Spencetta s Gulf Seky ice. For 1x1kt 1jncolk. 1ioo.vta, Wall aeon and aka Kun Harbor. Fee bet tuesday i april i i Cepja. Rottet a Costa. Gettas. Hue with to it Leif and Carco. Digesti Gator saturday april 8 i us. Carco most be delivered Alo Pride steamers two Ixam prior to advert cd time on Day of Aluinc. A sneers tickets snied by this company Are inter tin a ble with steamers of tin . Co. Between All Torla for a information apply to the Adelaide steamship co Ltd. Corrie Tex Adelaide and commercial whirl. ? port Adelaide. ? 6sc . Co., old. The Sitorius i As Ekoes steam uses of above Tun will Circuns ounces Lien Miae u distal bed eth wharf i r Thuu Geraldton v . Forts a Alt and Tran ship at pm ninth i std Mhz. I Mem \ paroo go Jug wednesday. April i and All other i Ataee Ausit parts j cargo Reen Rad daily at -2oeatri wharf up to one Ion before Sauini a tickets alter the fisc port with the is Unera of the . Steamship com Pany Lim Ibad. Tor fares and to b w. B�acik-ha1vb. Agent a Cirrio treat. A Edauta. Or quee1ts wharf. Poet. Drapery and clothing. J. T. Fitch importer Draper tailor and Boot warehouseman we wish to Call attention to our first autumn show Sam goods attractive and fashionable lines in new French millinery. New mantles and jackets. New debts goods. New Deess trimmings. All latest styles and colourings. New shapes in untrimmed hats. New gloves and hosiery. New Art muslims and Cre tonnes. New flannels and blankets. Grand values in All new goods. New melange suiting. New Serges and coat Ings. New suiting tweeds. New coatings and Over coatings. Our tailoring is noted for style fit and workmanship. New american boots and shoes. New English boots and shoes. New Continental boots and shoes. New colonial boots and shoes. One of the largest stocks of boots and shoes in Tea Colony to select from. Patterns Post free Post orders receive prompt attention. The Corner to Sale a pilates by St great bargains at wrap Pinto a Robes. Business and Plant for Sale g. Wade Langton begs to thank i in melons customers a Adelaide and Farou Choat the Colony of the very Liberal support accorded him during the last ten yaks. And desire co inform them that he has accepted an �kgag�uex1 in Victoria and Hai a Crelore deeded to give up business in Adelaide. Whilst he Hopes to dispose of the business As a to iii concern it is just possible that be May have to take his machinery and Plint with him. He therefore wishes to intimate that ail customers desiring goods of Bis own manufacture should Send their orders in at once to prevent Disappio attest u be must pay Tivel conclude a business in Adelaide daring the next three months. A goods Are merited in Plain Al Grozos mud a ueberal discount will be Sives on Allanr cases a Orcas. G. Waddington. Sahi taby Glothine banufactube8, 3, and 5. Arcade Bhole Street shipping. The Howard shite line. Leave Edwaed sol Ltd a wharf Ai Ubow . I time. ?1 j Satt nilus. April 22. , \ Carco and Slock. Aue lion or Stock shippers is called to the unrivalled accommodation Oil Usu e Eamer for Bocc. V7au.ajs.oo t toss direct ? / Friday. April 7. Sydney 1 Newcastle i Brisbane i Ace. 5ockeampton i in Joni. Mackay i can bums j j from poet pik1e. A. Time to Sydney direct. Saturday. April 6th. Ieler Var i pm old Mac one boor Zielor Ane Reed Tim of a Fiat pm. Remit slim & sons Sonu Etmer la mite. Is f Jar t. Illiam Street. Aoril Nhim. And i orb Parade. Fort Adelaide. G3e hic wraith Mceacharn a . Ii mite pas�enker6teainst� Arco Bunca permit tint , 1bothw Castu Fate Matte /. Fhi Dav april 7. Trana hipper for fete air ton. And All . Pouts on through Bills of a dding sep iskssffiaxby9n�y aprils Walju. V. B. Tret and Laid or j. Raw Kos . Port Adelaide. A Huddart Parker & go. Jato Tojo. Ftp dispatch from port Adelaide id Cums aces permit Siut Aulani 1 Anglian Wattle i Satt today. April 8, it no our through Bills Tad inc issued to Perth. He eight and passage at ctr Sheet of tikk r or loll particulars apply to d. & j. Fowler 60c ? Adelaide Ana port Adelate. A team Tot Nestos and Beach. Hir Lusk o Post. The regular trader . I a lips Toelek Colu sat bus fling saturday. April 8. Wasuge Saloon. Sia. Ste a 15a. For freight and passage apply John Taruko it son 95 ? town and port. ,-3,. Tribe Post Wakefield shipping Ysasi m. Ooi Ipak. You. Post Ware aos Gap a linux the anx1k.watt sails wed bib Neslav. With inst at 5 . A. & e. Limes Subiel port Adelaide. ? m-5 poet sub Kingston. 1 ctn i Beach pox / wednesday. April s. Apply j. Bice & co., Adelaide and Kingston. 9 ,s,5 a. & e. Lemes Sueie port Adelaide. Row Fri cd a k3 vill the dispatched of Fisk. Lax under to Stansbur e to to am this Day and Atu Day. At sl30 sell isl in Ham monday. Iea Vinz 10.30 an and thu slav leaving 3 to Post Vic est err tuesday at s.30 a us from Post Vincent every Gudak Leavia Gloan. ? Susie a. Jieme Soubier. Secretary _-v., Otteau to Wentworth. Benot of. O make and \1ixage Settle. 4juk�& i int a no be fait and favorite steam Bunch Viola id leave Morgan Tor Wentworth on san rear Kricht for fatal of Assam and cargo apply ? h. Thiemar. Guner viols Morgan. I xj0k kor Manville secondjaaixi1 Valley and Kangaroo Island. A tsp free selector will sail this Day. Is set april 5. A. & k. Limes Susiee port Adelaide. Drapery and eiething1. Phenomenal Cloud burst. Like unto the Rush of Many mighty Waters was the Rush of the crowd to our opening flood Sale. Their clamor was for whole pieces or stuff. Nothing else yes our loss your gain. Owing to the tremendous effects of saturday nights thunderstorm Wilson 8r1ce. & 00 had their Reserve Stock rooms flooded. The spouts were choked and a Reat Bedy of flood Waters overflowed deluding the shops and damaging hundreds of pounds Worth. The whole of the stuff is to be immediately sold and to effect immediate clearance. Extra preparations Are in Progress to successfully compete with the expected demands of the our loss by this grievous Visi tation is enormous greater by far than we first anticipated and As we open fresh cases we Are aghast at the damage done our splendid Reserve Stock by the busted waterspout. Our loss your Gal. Thousands of Yards of slightly damaged stuff for the poor the need and the Rich this and following Days. Great we the event of the season first grand show of autumn a a Winter novelties a by fluent exhibition of fashions of the period. The talk of town. Fashion s eloquent Bema ads for up to Date drapery have been ally met Foy our importations for the a said season. To Elfert has been spared to place before our patrons the very Creme of Europe s Best productions in everything pertaining to 1$ress and fashion. All styles Are carefully selected and exclusive. He selection of autumn and Winter trimmed Millix Eky is of the nost up to Date character. We respectfully invite a oar inspection Aad confide Nlle assert that no Otue in Australia can plies before their patrons such a Gran 4 Dispir. To Ai a hat built by a Esse. Jaa Mandl t Cila to be absolutely in Yoni criticism we have on tick an exact Coity of the Lodel made he ii do r Loys. Of Paris. Lor the Jareen of Holland at her Coronation. Several other leading styles Are the lady Vej nepali Marr uie Lille Duchess the Sirdar the be Luicile the Duchess and the High Wattman we hate imported a social use of Larae comfortable fitting sonnets Tor Mertra Lodics at moderate prices. The new shapes in Cut summed Felt a\9 velvet hats Arete Chaunt Warwick Theresa Kedleston. Celia and Hyde Park All of the my pro oui Chancie. We have a very Cue assortment in tr1umeo Felt hats for biding cycling lir Ivins. Etc our assortment a Complete. We have been very careful to import a grand selection of these popular hits. In All Colon and qualities and nicely i Rumen in becoming styles. We can Supply to 1/11, 2/il. 3/u, 4/11, 5/11. 0/11. 7/11. 6/ll, 9/11. 10/6, 11/8. 1/9. 13/9, is i 17/ii. Law 19, c. 21/ each a hat that for value cannot Al fact lie approached. The new s a pcs arc the i Jimond , Dudley. Donal or Roo blonds. Chou club 2�alvern, Jersey. Thurin a. And memo Muir. We have also imported a Nice Range of trimmed Felt gems both with Flat and Tyre brims. Then an very smart in appearance and for Rood hard Wear have no equal have been much worn in eos land last Ecalon. Prices 3/11. 4/11, 5/11. La 7/u. Siu 10, j each. A trimmed with ribbon. A teim1ied Felt hats for girls and Young ladies Are veil represented in All co com end qualities. Trimmed suitably with Ltd Hon. Velvet quills wings in they Are very becoming. Ladies please see these for your Dau sclera prices 2/11, 3/1l a. 5/11, 6/11. 7/11. 8/11. 10/0, Isis li/6, 16/ccach. Flop Felt stats for girls trimmed with Kibbon in Black White Cream Fawn. Brawn Moss. Myrtle. Navy Rusht Grey and slate. These Are a splendid line a 4 \ and to it each. Also in lot Quai Tiea in to 11 vol trended 2/11 and 3/11 each. Mil Ekery this sings. The Kov Lucs in fancy Quill mounts Are extremely pretty. Kew Ostrich tips to be much Srorn k. Stuff wings. Fancy coloured Feather 1iodsts. Kew flow Iku Osprey. Be Etta steel Jet Brilli Ait and Peael ornaments. We have opened a Beautiful collection of the above and request your inspection. The showroom just now is a eight h Ortii Bee Isle. The new illustrated catalogues Are now ready. Kindly Send your address and one will be posted to you free. Cold Roll sftiili.i$ery. Pretty Cream picture hats bonnets. We pay particular attention to this Krasch of the my liner Trade. We have opened a Lovely Assort ment. Awfully pretty styles for the Little folks. Kindly Call and Sec them. Prices from 2/11 to ill cac l a decided Kover of the season for cycling boating �u., Are tie near Tasio Shantee axe Peak. Caps. These Are very prot to an4 Quait and certainly an Adi Auta a in Windy weather. In a colors and the new plaid effects. At popular prices 1/1 l 2/s, 2/11, so. 3/11. -1/11, 5/11, la each at Manchau a Alil Lancry Spiot room. The item a skimmed fancy Straw hats Are All very be Comins shapes chiefly Black Black and White and Black with Al twined Cotor effect in silk Straw Al in a Ireby Toracs and Mots greens. The leading slopes Are the cd Fidiam. Bertney. Trela Ney by Nikon Ilay Flower. I Loie Mattce. Brides rapid lady item a Rob Chic and Belle of Law York. Ladies Duess Caps. We Hare opened a very i Retty lot of Cream lace i rets Caps Virv new. Rat and becoming shapes. There Are not Many 4case Call Early ice these. Prices fills in 4/u, 5/u, Orti 7/11, Sotl each. Straw 8ajl0b hats. The noted noise for sailors. Alar Small i Tor Sailor lists is a household saying in South Australia. This Weison our importations for assortment of styles. Shapes and qualities far exceed a previous shipments. From Loose at cd each and in every Quality to c -1, the Range is Complete and value fid t come in and Sec them. In tie new rustic Straw tile new Narker. Is the leading shape. Others arc the Daw Iusi Doncaster Ana Al Routh the Irr Eulalic tire brim in Tine pedal Straw it a Ivorite. To Cine Quality pedal. Thetis for later Wear is Nel represented. Other shape in jumbo and tap Straw Are the Biver Salibe Kow and Taplin whilst the d tided Novelty is the Dijon a pretty French style with Crown Lon info from Back to front. Savior hat prices.-3d. 1/, is 1/6, fill. 2/6. Sill. 3/0 3/11, 4/11, 1/li. Cell each we Coler a Superior Jinbo Gem at 9d each you will find in our outfitting Slio room a of Lovely a titles. what Erik a s stylish blouses pretty opt a cloaks a Kosork costumes Cal Okes s costumes tailo&-1haoe jackets Chi tokens jackets a per based from the leading manufacturers of London Paris. And Berlin up to Date fashionable Cabuenos the grandest largest and Host Recherche display Ever of cried to the Public of South Australia. It a of a or Fife Stanhope. The i is Stati \ the Douglas the sir dab doable breasted these jackets of uie very latest. And Are illustrated in our Winter fashion catalogue which can be had on application. They Are All tailor made jackets o tie very Mcwest Cut style and design to be Badin Fawn Grey Black and Navy cloth lined silk and unlined. Flaata it Tatj t a the , the Richmond we a sw0 Asu to xxx in the by Wood. The special tithe coat and skirt costumes Are the very Keweete productions bpm tailor made coat lined silk Satin a and unlined colors. Fawn Brown Navy Black and Green Clollis Plain and it aided. It a test pm toe Fisuer the the Dudley brocade. Ptrt41? i the Newmarket cloak Juwa is the Ascot pal Tot. Waff1fwfe?5l lfs1g e the paddock of id Bav Xuwu � 0, the conduit Sloet. The Primrose. The above capes cloaks and waterproofs Are of the very latest style and design. Very stylish very becoming Winter Jrsn nent. Also opera cloaks in the Victor Snowdrop and Carnation i hairs. Chad Rcv and maids smart Coats and Kirt costumes. Children s and maids fashionable Jauts. Very Wilty sinter blouses and skirts. Evening Siik la Louse. Children s and a Laid autumn and Winter and cloaks end pal tots. Paics St it kit Fig under the skilled Nanak Emma of to Cost Daas to dates. Assisted by a thorough Eta i of practical workers. We can Cuaron Tec a Pettett fit combined with first Cias style and at moderate Clarkes. Patterns and sent to ladies on application. Marshall s dress department. Winter novelties i Omsk Black and Navy Palmer coating Serges double Width fast color and Price deserving attention 1/ per Yard the Ilc rett cloth is scially manuf cured in All Colon for the fashionable k9 coat and skirt cos Tome unrivalled for sort drapery and dose netling bodices at Only 2/11 per Yard fancy Flake Drea Tweed an extraordinary line Only 4/-s per dress length Amazon cloths a charming fabric Nabich dress makers find positively unique for Graceful draping and adaptability for lilting All log Iris. It will Lay full claim to ladies attention. In Black and All colors. 2/11 Yard Black Joplins. Pore Wool French Poppins in Black Only special value. 2/3. 2/11, 3,6, 4/11 pc Rya re. In colors 2/11 and 3, u j Ard dress novelties. Cycling and co inc cloths thoroughly shrunk and extra double Width la tandem and four in hand tweeds stylish and useful. These tween a Tonia Iain Ilie immediate attention of ladies desirous m being to Dale in style they cod these i Poda in Acme of fashion for Caus and skirts. Price 4/11 per Yard the Brighton an extra heavy Serge of Wear resist ing qualities and fast Brilliant color double Width wire i a 1/4 a 1/9. 1/11, 2/3. 2/6, i/11, to 11 Yard tie Romney a very Superior coating Serge in Black and All colors pure Wool 1/11 per Yard 1s�9 merges. Costumes for this season will be conspicuous by the almost unil Crysal use of Serge principally in Black and nary for which we quote As follows splendid value double Width 1/ per Yard a heavier line double Nitich 1/3. 1/6 per Yard Eirc a tve5rhr, All Rool. Double Width ill per Yard ail Wool. Extra heavy double Width 2/3, 2/jj, 3/3, velvet weeks. Our Etc Casior velveteen Are in enu Alicd i r Rich silk finish and Dentith of pile. In Black at 3/. 1/3. 1j0, 1/1l 2/3, pc 2/11, is 4/11 j per Yard in cd Urs. At 1, g. 1/11, 2/3, 31, 3/g, 4/6 Var Yard Louis a in ail the latest shades every Yard of no Rich is ibo Lully guaranteed and full com a nation be granted for any select in Wear. I he Lonis velveteen must Al Vaud be a popular Lavo rile. Patter a p to cd free on application. A. A to a ats a wbk ?g-.-b-. See chec sz3c2ssi. Oor importations for the Trason arc a rant of the clinic est productions for the season new Wiiks. Jew velvets new Pius hcs sew faille. Tvr brocades Xci blog a bilks in. Please in Pecus end for Simples. All orders promptly att sided to. Our fashion catalogue is now ready. Send your address and one will be posted to you free. otdt3es. . Novelties by each Kail . Fax Joni Ture s. Special Shou of in a a time suites upholstered in choke assortment of Saddle sea of coverings Only �1% is. Skis cottage Sui a Leithor doing Boom Eucks heart live pcs , Good design Only a 15s. Fell cottage suite. Marshall s make speciality of Bedstead and can offer some exceptionally cheap lines. Bentwood Clairs full size Nal Nui co or most useful Aud Wear a emiling pattern on a 4s 4jd each invalid s chairs for Adalu a a children variety of gives Aad prices per ambulatory a Bourne lot Cuan nicely filled at popular prices hundreds of Wood seated Kitchen Cua iks at is lid eau fenders and Kie Eirons for the approaching season we live heavily steeled and con Oscr induce for the Laud a a. A site civilly cons re cd ironing table adaptable for ironing White skirts go Riis Kwh Iris it and a ii Lilc for oru Narv Rittchen purposes to finally Clear a Laigie sell tilt c us o to Rcd i Ulvi ing Lioom Blitz a in silk Tup Stry and silk Rusiti Borders we Cher a. N 7 film. Cites at rf3s is. Hoa Fuy Orui �15 each toilet value. Five piece toil i that Hajj. Many Lii Jsam Utieri to Striect front taht a b or c�s73ez s put a Phi in a i by of Warehall s make Ali in own in Mur own for Torick. Ani Ai i i hair Najie As a roof of a Icilin Quality and Xenia but constr Click. Is Pictour Ilal Tritat or if in Ritj our Xiii winery Al Vork. \ jul a rail Visio a & �ii&.\jrs2.jl.\ cur gdqd3 cannot be surpassed. Cusses of drawers. Wat Luros a toilet tables. Bli drool suites. rails commodes Tel Cital. Anijah ice bedroom use in every acceptable design and a Cice of Timber Mars Falls. A drapery a clothing. So and 92. Bix let Street having now received their new shipments for the autumn & Winter season from London and the Continental markets Are now showing the latest fashions and novelties in All departments. Dress materials. Black and coloured Bis Al e Robe lengths very Choice. Black and coloured faced cloths. C0stoir Serges. Black and Navy French Popli metres repps and Epin Gles. Specialities in single costume lengths. in stripes and fancy designs. New furs new furs fur neck lets in russian Sable French Sable Stone Marten minx Blue Fox White Fox Marmot Musquash and Seal in various lengths. Muffs in All varieties of fur. Feather trimmings White and coloured. Fur trimmings in the leading kinds. Umbrellas. A Large new Stock now unpacked direct from the manufacturers. Special value Stush handles. Silk department. The new season s importations Are now to hand. Black brocade Silks for skirts and costumes. Latest novelties in fancy Silks for blouses. Black and coloured mores fancy designs. Embroidered chiffons and gauges a very Choice lot Jost received. Showroom. Choicest French and London millinery ladies trimmed Felt hats girls and maids trimmed Felt hats untr1mmed ii ats in Felt and Straw. Mantles jackets and capes. An unusually Large selection including Many Hiigli class novelties handsome mantles for elderly ladies. Ladies coat my shit costumes. All the latest shapes Are being shown in the fashionable cloths. Tweeds and Serges. Additional shipments to hand ibis week. Note. These Coats and skirts Are ta1lok-Cut. And Are equal in every w in to tailor made. Maids Coats and skirts cos to mks and fashionable smart Coats All sizes ladies evening costumes with bodice length very novel Black silk and Matta Lasse cos Tumes Black Satin and fancy silk skirts. Opera capes & cloaks a magnificent selection and on View to Day. I ? autumn and Winter novelties. J. Miller Anderson co., 20 and 22, Hindley Street. A drapery and clothing. Martin Bros., Burdix Tox House arc sow show Illk Large shipments new q ods is All departments Fob the autumn and Jointer season. Tii Miess department Tofu wins a Toci of several thousands o a Nijs Worth of All the popular Rei Liidi favored Liy St Faion in both i Laok and coloured St Iris and Patt Kuns can kovy Kowal Aniio from lowest prices we to the richest Ian ties. Martin Bros. Are Showich Tull following materials for Coats and so tests Plain coating Serges raid Vox clothe Salin Floth Tilaia faced cloths a cover suit oct rain pop Cine to n Les rain thac Teles Depp the Kew Cal pm ire Auitine Boyaj sept Coal i admiralty uracs. And an int a work of new Winter fancy dress fabrics. Lull doable Width at All prices from 6i-l, Sid. V. 1/3. 1/5. 1/11. To 511 Yard. A1k-, a Larse Aad fashionable Stock of Kew Farcy Buck fabrics and materials at All 1 juices. Patterns of application. Brax Les. It Kels a lure Elii prients of uie most Modem car menu to Guit every taste. Sll Abt Pio Ade capes. Fashionable Box cloth capes Leaver cloth capes an Imit is Vai Ilkiv of capes in the new Plain clothing i Lack and All die fashionable popu Lar Colon particularly in fawns. Castor Browns suede Browns. And the sew Greenland poppy color Many trimmed fur and lined silk. Prices from 5/11 a 5 guineas. Uund Kunii of hew Jachts and Coats have aka Cue us Fok the Winter possessing All the popular features of the present fashion. Stylish Sac Bick jackets Kirly braided jacket. Jacket trimmed fur Kewi Market Coats the Chesler Seld Coats in a i the Correct cloths and fashionable colors. Prices from 61x1 to 5 guineas. Hax psome . Site Chauy imported for matronly and elderly ladies elegant mantles in Plush and velvet mantled Trio Siwl iii id and Lur 1ucu allx Julty do noun at d other of a tips ladies coat and skirt Cost Silks. Tailor Cut in the Rno a Correct 6hspes, a Plain cloth Covert cloths and sen i. Ilarij Somedy braided tailor made coat and skirt consumes perfect Cut and finish very stylish. Is Coats lined Alcor in costume skirt-., in Xavy and j31ack cloth Tea breakfast Aud dressing gowns and jackets the non pyre Upolu Flann Eliae i-res3inc gowns Verv Etc Lish. From 0/11 Tach lidirs1 Vicli Cuca shirt blouses. French printed Flancul Isio Usek the new too Dine suit blouses. Very prey Dai a in Flanne Letu shirt Donees. Smart theatre bodices. O tra cloaks in Engaline silk trimmed or. Dainty evening opera wraps. Fur garments of All kinds. Ladies macintoshes in capes cloaks Orco Atn. The Kew Mackintosh coals for ladies very at with i Flanery. Choice shipments Cumper Rinc English and of exch models in Allej Niky. Rats sonnets and toques St list trimmed Felt and Straw hats a a the feb Honable theal lady aix5y, the tee Lawsey the lady Minto Tueresa lady Wae Vick Etc. ? Large Vel it picture bats toe fashion Able French Felt Saribok bats it to Corr act. In consequence of the continued demand existing for ladies Sailor Straw Hals Hare produced for this Winter some Tery stylish shapes particularly the dawl1sh, Saville Liow and . Three can be bad in Black Brown and the new Ureon tones. A Ali it Large Stock of ladies Bibbo and Quill trim hats for travelling . And a Ohe Kade weak. These popular lists arc in Arreater favor than Ever and some exceedingly stylish shapes have been brought out this ladies and children s oltvt1t1ng. A. A Istre assortment of ladies Winter under doth inc in Neil Lesins of striped Flannelette. Each in rent full size properly Cut and finished. Muu dresses. Striped and i Uin Flannelette turn Down collars and frills 3/11. 4/u, 6/11, 0/6, and up to 12/0 , striped and Plain Flannelette 3/11. 4/h. La. V6. And 0/11 pair ladies night dresses 5/u, Sil co. 7/11,10/. And up to 35/ ladlei1 c1ieuises, 1/6, 2/s, sell. 4/e.uptolo/ii ladies Long i la combinations 4/6, 5/11, cil i a up to 12/8 pair Dainty urgent in silk underwear ladies l Deus kits in cloth Felt and la Trio Vith braided frills in Nuj Green Crown 2arone, Fame. And Black from 3/11. 4/6, Sil 6/11. Up lo20/ each ladies wa1lu cloth in an colors 3/11 tie same skirt with frills bleach. A great variety of new silk undershirts now open. Ladies Jesse y cycling kn1ckeks, Tarone. Save and Blue jackets French flannel in Crone. Usu Mirope. Blue and Pink prox icc9 Wool 1 resting jackets assorted colors. Trimmed with Cord very Choice quilted silk dressing jackets in Green Cardinal and Pale Illus / la lira Woollen sell pets of hons Trear during cold weather assorted colors coks17ts Tor this season. 2/li. 2/11, s/6, 3/11,4/6, up to Elf Ier pair including All celebrated makes specialize cli., i a . Graceful Cun est and Many others equally popular a ,l varied assortment of childben6 cats and Flo nets in the very newest styles and tapes for autumn and Winter. Trimmed and in Tri jinxed Felt lambs boo. Silk and velvet Hals t.n.1 i Zimels Cui Luken s jackets dresses. Pelissey tunics a Kerr Crucini Overall trimmed with shot for 9/6, 13/0. �5/. Uptos/8 Neu Cream overalls trimmed Lambswool 12.jc, Lei and lt/6 new Overall in electric Crown Green and a Strone cloth Kiwi tailor collars trimmed Tor 7/1l 8/11, 9/11, Lio. U/6. 16.c. A a 22/ these in scots will be found for style Quality of material and Geo Cral excellence. Laces ribbons a. Verv rih i Lack Kindos in All Colon. Kew fancy Kibbons in Roche Sunpo and i Elvet. Black Ocilio Bibbons. Sew faille Sibbons in every popular a ludic fa1x nets. Hundred of new fashionable designs lace collars. Lace sets new f1cuus, new huch1nos tills sea tvs novelties for ladies neck Weir lace cravats lace Jabot Short Feather and fur Lions new 1 or Nick leu inc. L1min collars a id cuffs in All the new Acca on s Liapes the fashionable applique designs for Tran a in Ulichus bodices or costumes including True lovers huot and Many Floral patterns very Dainty Lack a fancy net laces in White Cream and a Ulter Thriles Kew orig Nul lace White Cream and Batter Bhadra handsome rfcs is in Point d Ai Neon laces a Lar a assortment of the new net laces frill coloured ruched edgings ladies handkerchiefs. Pure Irish Linen Hcm-6liu. Hed handkerchiefs new embroidered hinder Thijs. Aniual Llan kerchiefs maltese lace and Fiew japanese silk hand Kew to Leclar raids in All colors in it fk1ncei uea1ds Triniy mind braids of Ever kind. Gloves bios Fey the. Ladies 4-buf.oa suede cloves perfect Cut and finished in drab. Tan. Crown Black Ore. A 4-Hutton Tot l Aris kid , ver smart in Rich Bra cd of Broun and drab Dent r latest Toli actions in kid and suede gloves for evening and Day Wear prices from 1/0 it pair staut , with Silver Gilt or fancy special to ural silk umbrellas will natural is Cis mounted Silver or pit new Holet and Ubo Cue Elk tout Cas Plikat Mai its of casu5ieee Hose pure uni Are Iye smartly Trubro dered Cashmere Hose new de shopping by Post packages or raise bus i forwarded Fost free to intending customer. The letter order department has been further enlarged Jud the a Palcza of postal Ami county orders is cup edited by special Asaif Tuita j who the every care to All a titter . Martin Bros., Burlington House look into ouf prices for surprises. Special pointers for t333s Wineg to the coliseum capes and jackets. Fascia Tiki in their Beauty. Alluring in their prices. 75 ladies stylish cloth cafes Al j each 63 ladies Black cloth capes trimmed for 4 a Ift each is ladies Fawn and blown cloth capes Folly trimmed for handsome try Feitli 29/6 Oach ?23 ladies Black cloth jackets 4 of Cash ? is ladies Black cloth jackets i or Ach 1 Large Range of Verf st1ush capes in fawns Slacks and Browns richly trimmed prices Tram 9q in 84/ Prfu should you be looking for aged ont of style jackets a sons will disappoint you. We simply won t allow a garment to remain Here Over one season. Ladies1 jacket and bist costumes the first thing youll notice will be the Jaunty Snappy inn Tofari. Stylish air about them the next thing will be the exquisite town and detail of their manufacture. And then the Prici ? or i onljblue6eege jacket and cd Al each 2 Only Kat cloth of stores a i each g Only Plain cloth costumes q c i each Viii / 12 Only very Erv Tish costumes each garment specially i far Jhb coliseum Rankine in Price from go to 95/aub ladies 2tjedables. 125 Doren ladies is he stitched ,4 a Dona ? -. 110 dozen ladies 5-s he stitched had kerchiefs o Podocea. To Dort ladies 5 hem stitched had kerchiefs. Of Isaik. So dozen ladies 5 Flain Linen finish Hakdee chess q 7g Dozea 10 drape ladies All Wool Cash meet Hose. Winter tee Wirht. Moal Poleg a \ 1mm Muju ? Tor Wojdat ii. Is dozen ladies acl Wool Cashmere Hobs Winter Wei Riita hand Price Ift. Logo at of pair is Doniec ladies All Wool Cas Albee Hobb Winter we Gecta Maal Price a to to sold i o i pair. Eib Boits their reign has begun again. They flatter everywhere another Large Purchase of co lobed Bebe ribbons to be Sou at 4qu- or 28 a �00 piece of Black velvet Kib bomb i Inch Side 4iq for 18 Yard 17c piece of Black velvet Bibbons 1 Inch vide a Tot 18 Jsmrd 00 pieces co lobed velvet Kib bomb j Inch vide 4 19 lor_18 Jaris. 1� does Belt buckles and Ca asps u be cup tical Outing fan a to ? 12 dozen Black Cashmere gloves to be add at q1d per pair so dozen ladies Tan Ltd gloves to be sold at 4 144 per Pate is dozen ladies Black kid gloves to be sold at j per pair. Deess materials. Spie Ndu Wear via and it Doest takes Doop Iredle amed Risima to make them years. 1,800 Yards 42-in. All Wool coat the sences Beattie iia in All Ahado to to Voldal Yard ? i l,�0 tards 46 in. Plain Heather tweeds. Of dream 40 pieces 4l-n. All Wool French pop thu All Thadea 4 g in drs 29 piece to iii. All Wool French coat tag 8ebges, 44 in the dress is piece 4wn. All Wool faced cloths Oli a 1 ? a is pieces 48-in. Head costume cloths in nays Anona Blacks a Peck a. Clearing line q a the dress Al arse Bange of the Kew at etries in Black dress Topi in ranging Roa Little accessories to happiness strewn All Almont tables with Little Price surprises. A Large Purchase of fancy japanese Vaes on agents and other Fasot lines to be cleared at cd each it to Airt Rurka mukti Wypy Rumy . To a Thor Laws to u sold at j each 3 cases of Cau pub tablets to be sold three tablets lot go _ ? 20 Gross Kirk Good Quality soaps three cakes Tor 4 i is Gross Kirk s Best goal it milled soaps Aid per Cako a table of special Una in ladies1 and Chi Lobetos hosts by fake ohs Al at j / per pair. 2saze Yoth purchases to Daft the coliseum 16 and 18, Rundle Street. ? drapery and clothing. To Day s leading lines to be had at Cronin s. 55 dozen heavy Rock Straw Black Gem hats Worth 1b lid for is cd 36 dozen jumbo Straw Black Sailor hats Worth 2s 96% for is cd Beautiful patterns double Width Cue Taes Clie tones 9id Yard newest Blouse and wrapper Serges. Rid 8,d, and 9�d Yard special line heavy Cotton working shirts Worth 2e 6d, or Flod 255 pairs ladies i Lirah Iaco soft Glace boots Worth sgd. For 4s 3d 304 Paua ladies Glace Button shoe Patent toe Cap Worth a 3d, for 4� go Feriv pairs gets kid boots 156 m for & lid Tan Canvas shoes. Ladies and gent big Stock 3s 6d and 3s lid All to go at 2s 2id pair. Also special Job Une of 300 dozen Glass sugar and butter dishes. Is for 7m each Henry Oronin and co., 76, 78, 80, Soa Halifax Street also at tale Batoh ah3 Murray bridal f Laet Mimz 1 ? bots and shots. ? shoe warehouse 57, bundle Street ? t i new Winter Stock Kow of eked. ?. Splendid assortment. . Ladies evening shoes in All colons. Sled Gold and Jet beaded and a Laeone a6s0etmbnt of Etbert Thurl All Goode we nor Erin Wibbe Agid at tit same reactions that we ban Besa adopter Tot scr Cral weeks past. ? ?. A Job a see the Lovely goods in Glass Cash in the shop. And come and buy at Kow by Faeth. Cheapest shoe Wash mail ipad Clardk Brandon s in a us k Ahrabl 9 out at Erera in Cacosta win Rutha syllable to sad easily handled. Tit Tyro that will satisfy millions. Writ for descriptive a if of the new Tyre. Nistl Albs Foremost Ever Olnee the hew Tyre. Tea Dunlop company tag to in form All Bir Patron int the improved Patten can now be obtained from All Arrau. Tie finout Tyro Ever Ridden Sal and a whew. The Dunlop Pineo Natif Tyre co. Limited a. Frak Klik Street. Adelaide and at Melbourne Sydney Perth and chs Barardi

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