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Adams County Free Press (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Corning, Iowa Adams county unionrepubl1can wednesday june 23 1920 the Chas w Gray editor published every wednesday n Corn bag Adams county Iowa entered at the Post office a Corning Iowa As second class matter subscription Price per tsar official county paper wednesday Jlse 23 1s20 Lar Mcadoo formerly Secretary of the Treasury under his father inlaw president Wilson is out in a letter to Jouett Shouse a Delegate at Large from Kansas to the National Dejno cratic convention in san Francisco declaring that he cannot accept the democratic nomination for the presi Dency he says this decision is irrevocable As the path of duty seems to be cear and unmistakable if the eminent a Secretary is deter mined in his decision the wow will be a great disappointment to the administration forces for ill Wilson had clearly groomed his distinguished Soninlaw for the place by putting Tim at the head of the Railroad administration during the War period it was the test acid for the labor votes Ever conceived by a political Leader in our country but 3ir Ilea Doo like or Bryan evidently foresees that the league of nations Issue combined with the general incompetence and wastefulness exhibited by the present is going to be a larger incubus than he cares to undertake to carry and he therefore seizes the Opportunity to reject the Mantle that is apparently about to descend upon his shoulders from the White House there Are people in his party who still insist that or my Adios duty to is country is Para mount to his duty to is family and that he must accept ii he nomination that is conceded was almost within his grasp then there is or Bryan not so insistent relative to dlr Itte Adios determination who May have a word to say concerning the Nomina Tion to be made in san by Anisco this month we shall see what we shall see salesmen representing clothing manufacturers Tell our local dealers that clothing will be no lower in Price next year than it is now it is said that the factories Are not running and that Liere will be no material reduction in prices and yet the learn that there is no Market for the farm ers Wool ten carloads of Wool in Enid Oma were recently offered for Sale Stith Only one bidder for the material he offered 20 cents a Pound for it the person who can compel the manufacturers to Purchase the raw material and produce clothing will undoubtedly the a Public Benefactor there is evidently something radically wrong when Thepe is absolutely no mar feet for Wool with cloth ing prices ranging from 40 to 80 a suit Emma Goldman the female Anar Cist who was deported to Russia from this country some months ago has refused to ally herself with the bolshevism government Only one or two of those deported Iwin miss Gold maa have become identified with rus Sian socialism miss Goldman says it is Rotten k certainly must he if it is too bad for Emma attorney general Palmer has ruled that government employees who have reached the retirement age 70 years must be dropped from the govern ment payrolls without retirement pen Sions deserving democrats Are won Dering Why Chis sudden stunt in the interests of Economy but the republicans know Why they Are getting the axe what they say finest Corn we saw on the trip Rome from Detroit said w w Lave by who assisted Roy billiard in driving Home a few new Dodge cars from Detroit last week was in Eastern Iowa the Corn looks Good All along the line but the Best is in the Eastern part of this state also the worst roads we found Are right Here in Adams county continued the genial insurance Man with a chuckle this Community should take some to secure some of the Early his tory of the county before it is too late said Hon a b Shaw to us the part of the week when reminiscing concerning the Early Days in Corning and Adams county there Are a few of the old settlers still Liv ing who could give some accurate accounts of the Early Days in Adams county and it ought to be made a matter of permanent record some one should sacrifice the time Neces Cary to make such a collection of while there is yet Opportunity to do so while at the masonic grand Lodge recently i took occasion to talk to peo ple from various parts of Iowa relative to the Coal situation i have been try ing for some time to get my Coal bins filled at my Home without Success without exception the people to whom i talked stated that there is no Coal in sight in the mining towns of the state and that mines Are running Only two Days a week there is no production during the summer and we shall be very Short on Coal said c a Haynes to us a few Days ago stepladders to keep the Stepladder from slip Ping on either a polished floor or on Oll doth put pieces of adhesive plaster of the feet of the ladder this holds it steady and protects the floor from scratches austrian Microscope a fluorescent Microscope invented Fey an austrian scientist for use with Ultra Violet rays enables the recognition of differences in matter not perceptible by Ordinary Light Gold deposits in Siberia land known to be enormously Rich awaiting development under 2 stable government some time la the future when the life of Siberia follows an orderly course under a stable government there will doubtless be a development of the Gold resources of the okhotsk District where so it has been said the Rivers have Golden Bottoms Gold is being mined a the okhotsk District but Only in a primitive fashion last Winter a Zolotnik of Gold or in English 137147 of use was Worth 20 rubles but it has now risen in value in the present currency of Hus Sia to about 100 even in a primitive Way Many of the deposits Are not be ing worked and the method by which some of the Gold is exported to Japan is equally primitive a japanese vessel with a fishing Concession comes from Japan loaded with articles for Trade and these Are exchanged for furs and Gold the fishing vessel then returns to Japan carrying the Gold and furs it has received for its Mer Chandise with mining carried on systematically a Gold producing Region that covers hundreds of Square Miles would be yielding the precious Metal hut such operations Are of course out of the question until stable govern ment is established waging War on elephants South african Farmers have condemned them Fop their destruction of irrigation canals one of the Many after War shortages that the world will have to suffer but which will not prove the hardship that other lacks have impressed upon tha people is that of african elephants it is All because the mighty pachyderms As the circus Bills say have appropriated the irrigation canals in Southern Africa for their own parti Cular Bath tubs and when they plunge Lato the Cooling water to enjoy their dips they Are not particular about the manner in which they tread about the dams and Banks As a result much damage has been done and the agriculturists have been waging a relent less War on the ponderous and destructive animals Many housewives who have male members of the family of the splashing variety can appreciate the feelings of a South african Farmer when he views the clutter left by the elephants recent reports say that no More elephants remain in Zululand that Southern Rhodesia herds have been wiped out and that few Are left in the Eastern Transvaal the Afri can elephants unlike those from in Dia Are far from docile and Are not easily domesticated dont blame environment laying the blame on environment of fers an excuse but not a reason for failure environment May Handicap your Start and hinder your Progress but its not the final arbiter of your destiny some of lifes greatest fail ures have been the Fortun coddled youths who have been pampered by having everything they wanted in striking contrast Many of history conspicuous favourites have risen from obscurity and poverty after All its not what a Man starts with but what prompts him to Start and keeps him Eoin that counts when the mental attitude is right no Power on Earth can curb it circumstances May Hin Der the body from achieving its goal but the spirit is still triumphant even in Bonds what binds material ruled things Only offers Challenge to spirit ruled lives As Long As truth crushed to Earth shall Rise again furnishes incentive to conviction urged souls men headed right will doughboy diplomacy although the americans were sup posed to be taking no sides in the Dis Pute the croats and serbians of flume chose to make the arrival of a battalion of Yankee infantry there the occasion of a grand Celebration evidently in answer to this demonstration italian propagandists lib Raly plastered the City during the night with banners bearing the words 0 Italio o Morte either Italy or 3eath everywhere the americans event for the next few Days they were confronted with the slogan then one night some doughboy got Busy with a paint Brush the nest morning the italian officers were deep in chagrined to find that nearly All he banners in the Central Section had been improved during the night and Aow read 0 italia o Morte o sector find delights three skeletons nearly Complete evidently Anglo Saxon chieftains two with swords by their sides have been dug up at Mitchard Surrey England in a Field known As dead mans close belonging to Raven Bury Manor seven Graves have been found since the lord of the Manor started digging for gravel just before Christmas and the site is believed to be an Anglo Saxon cemetery a Bronze buckle an Earth Ware pot and other remains have been disinterred some of the Bones have been sent to the Cambridge anthropological museum and some of the relics to the London museum is grass the Ballerina kicking what about says the dancing Art has gone to brass of Well this hawaiian craze will save its courier journal she defeats adding machines in test mechanical mathematics a received a Jolt the Speed ease of operation and absolute certainty of Correct answer from the adding machine was Macle to look like a truck horse and All by this Little 13yearold Kansas City to school girl her name is Esther Kaplan in recent com petition there she set an International record As a lightning calculator when she solved Sis prob lems in addition in 47 and the machine with an expert demonstrator took one minute an2 42 seconds on the same problems pour types of adding machines were used against the girl priests not always celibate from the very beginning of the Catholic Church it was the custom for those entering the Priesthood to renounce marriage it was not Obliga tory and the Rule requiring men who were already married at the time of ordination to separate from their was not made until the end of the fourth Century when Pope a Ricus forbade the clergy to marry and or dered the separation from their wives of priests already married this accounts for the fact that St Peter the first head of the Catholic Church was a married Man Milch goats in America six thousand goats Are listed in the american Milch Goat registry three Breeds Are recognized the togged burgs were originally imported from the Valley of that name in Switzerland Tiey Are distinguished by exact Brown and White markings especially about the head Saranen goats Hail from the Saranen Valley Switzerland and Are pure White the Anglo nubian goats Are a Cross Between the common eng Lish Goat and the Kubins of Africa they Are a spotted variety and vary in color Early United states coins the office of the director of the mint says that the earliest coins were authorized by act of Congress of april 21792 this act authorized the Manu facture of the ten Dollar Gold Eagle half Eagle Quarter Eagle and the Sil ver Dollar half Dollar Quarter Dollar dime and half dime it would be impossible to state which were minted first As they were All coined about the same time one Millionth of an Inch steel gauges accurate to the incredible fineness of a Millionth part of an Inch Are now being made in quantities at the United states Bureau of stand Ards so extraordinarily precise is the method of manufacture simple As it is that in one instance 31 finished gauges out of a lot of 53 were absolutely accurate to 000001 inches and the balance All within 000002 inches of precision says popular mechanics Magazine the gauges Are steel disks Home of the Ptarmigan in the Canadian Rocky mountains there is a Valley where the Ptarmigan lives and Breeds this Region has Long been named Ptarmigan Valley and its guardian Peak Ptarmigan Mountain in the wild area thus named after a Bird will be found one of the Many Beauty spots of Canada his Job to adjust railroaders it m Baronof Tennessee has his Job mapped out for him for three years at least he has Boon made chairman of the railway la Bor Board by president Wilson or Many years a of the Tennessee court of Appeal Csc trucks we Are in position at the present time to make immediate delivery of the Model 16 1ton truck equipped with Oak cab and combination hog and Grain body come in and look them Over whether on the mar Ket or not Brick barn Corning Iowa first door West of our old location let us place your order for one of the new Hicks born 3ir and mrs Roy lil fee welcomed a Little daughter into their Home last thursday the 17th of june or 3ic fee is the express Man in Corning ills j a Glass Mother of 3irs my fee is Here from Shenandoah caring for the Little one to Margaret Olive left last saturday for Kirksville to she is visiting her sister mrs Otto Well Baker and expects to take some treatment while in Kinsville at the sanitarium miss Margaret has been employed Ifor a Long time at the Turner store airs Allen Taylor is taking her place in the store mrs s j Wentzel of Clear fiem was found dead in a chair at hex Home last saturday her daughter mrs Fred Rood had just arrived in California when news was telegraphed her of her mothers death picnic music sport wrestling in Corning july 5th cleaning and pressing every Day Smay we work on your garments before the big Day Pant orium genuine polish some people Are Rusty their harsh ungainly manners Cut out whatever is Good in their own character some people Are Gilt a very Brilliant exterior they present but the first Brush and hard using rubs off the gilding and reveals of Bare Metal beneath a third class is polished the polish indeed is on the multifarious crosses of human life the More it is rubbed the brighter it grows 90000000 Broom handles it is said that Broom handles Are used annually a the United states Palestine rainfall Palestine has a remarkable advantage in putting through engineering projects to store the rainfall which occurs five months of the year be cause the Mediterranean is at a higher level than the main water basins of the country the River Jordan and the lakes and therefore Little of the total rainfall runs off directly to the sea Copilot a Small fish the Copilot is a Small fish so called in Bermuda because it is believed always to accompany the cow fish it is one of the Demoiselles and is also called Mojarra Demoiselles Are distinguished by having Only two spines in the anal Fin paper backing for pictures to paste new paper backings on framed pictures the paper Cut to the proper size should first be floated in a pan of water until it is entirely wet the paste should be applied to the Frame and the paper from which the actual drops of water have been wiped should be pressed into place upon the Frame As the Pgper dries it will shrink making it a smoothly stretched backing to clean dark paint to make shabby dark paint look Lite new mis equal parts of linseed Oil and vinegar together then rub evenly Over the Woodwork with a soft rag and polish with a soft duster if linseed is not obtainable Ordinary salad Oil is very Good but it should not be used for White paint but one Way is better a Bluff Hearty old Bachelor Friend of the family trying to get on terms with the son of the House asked him have you practice any fancy meth ods of skating Sonny no said Sonny i can skate Only two ways As yet a and which Are they standing up and sitting Down said Sonny de Lux Cream the Queen them All absolutely the Best you can find anywhere guaranteed pure of the purest watch our weekly advertisement and Bill of fare on this Page it will stand the test our different kinds and flavors of Frozen dainties that will Appeal to you try it for that contemplated party or social All of your guests will go away with a smile and compliment you in a chorus special for this week Vanilla Cream very wholesome Strawberry fruit Cream extra superfine chocolate double strength flavor a Winner Palmer House Brick and new York ice Cream eat de luxe ice Cream it is the Best made by the City ice ice Cream company at All times at the Kandy Kitchen use it freely As it is the cheapest luxury you can buy these Days of High prices we will have an extra special delivery car and in Case you Are accidentally missed from our delivery car then Call up before 5 Oclock and we will Rush right up to your ice Box yours for service and honesty City ice ice Cream co

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