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Adams County Free Press (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Corning, Iowa Eight pages Corning Adams county Iowa wednesday june 23 1920 vol l no 25 a Camp is said to be Best one Ever held in the state location is Ideal for work eighty men and boys enjoying out ing at our Fine swimming and Camp site ten tents occupied by real live american boys constitute Camp doming of the y 31 c a Hoys Camps now in full swing at the old Stone Quarry near this City there Are about 71 toys in the Camp com ing from Many towns in Southern Iowa they Are in charge of about a dozen Mien each Leader having a tent of the boys under his supervision Bruce Tallman of Ottumwa is the gentleman in charge of the Camp which is conducted by the Iowa y ii c a boys Between the Ages of 12 and 17 Are accepted in the Camps for the fee of s for the ten Days they Are Here this does not quite cover the expense of the Camp the balance is paid of the Treasury of the state association the lads Are Fine Young Fellows and they Are having a glorious time the authorities Tell us that this is the finest location they yet had in Iowa with the Best swimming Pool in the morning the boys arise at and take a dip in the Pool after which comes breakfast and then the foible study period after Bible study the Forenoon Are devoted to games then comes the dinner hour after which the tournament games Are on prizes Are awarded in the tournament games after sup per the campfire stunts amuse the youngsters until time to retire Dur ing the Camp meeting the boys under go tests for the Iowa Honor Square badge for this a boy must make Good in education social physical and religious work at the Camp that closed yesterday 12 boys won their first Honor Square badges and wore Cei Ved their second ones tie tents Are cared Tor toy the Hoys themselves and prizes Are awarded for the Best feet quarters also prizes Are for the various athletic stunts that Are conducted each Day the leaders Tor the various tents Are As follows teat Roy Wiley a student from Gibbs Wliilam Wright Ivan Ratcliffe John sheets Russel Burton Harold Morgan Ernest Gibbs Harry Patter son Robert Rice Lawrence Moore Wilbur Lee Richard Bailer Kenneth Morgan Gifford Youngblood Mies Fisher William Blakesley Merle Laeey Kenry Donald Archie Roben Hauser Lee Burton Bontrager Ken Neth Kennedy Paul Parcher Arthur Johnson Short Paul Max Well Cleo Cline James Shum Orville Adams Rayful Brewer William Hanks Eugene Pearson William Kin hey William Hoyt Teddy Hays Ervin Sponangle Dan Hitchcock Laurel Green Cleo Sparks Wilbur Tine Baugh Ralph Hays Lloyd Glasgow Giles Puryear Ralph fender graft an Drew Hulbert Ralph Williams Edwin Tinebaugh Towsend John Coppock Harold was awarded Phelan Shirley of Beaumont Bruce Baker Marion Shu Omaha at cents per cubic Yard Gart John Pusey Hugh Hatton Dove Philip Pryor Nate Pusey Walter Bruington Reed Peregoy Joe Tallman Guthrie Council Fisher Russ 80ab let Bridge and grading contracts made last week grading to begin immediately contractors expect to have their outfits Here tomorrow to commence work last week the Hoard of supervisors let two contracts on the Federal Road Between Corning and the Montgomery county line the grading contract was awarded Phelan Shirley of Mallon Francis Taylor James Hollar Leo Chase Merle Corning Sanford John Philip Camp Villisca Jim Shane Shane Dur Woojin it is regarded As an especially reason Able did other bidders quoted prices ranging from 67 cents to there were Tea bidders for this work four with bids in the 60s three in the 70s one 92 cents Aad one the Wicks engineering and construction co of Des Homes received the contract for All of the culverts and Bridges the Irbid on the Small Cul eighth Grade commencement Trust not forget verts was s70000 verts and Bridges the larger Cul aggregate about the total Cost of Bridges and culverts will be held in High schoo i the contractors for the grading will commence work at once they stated that they expect to ship their equip ment from a Nebraska town and he Liere it will arrive in Corning about thursday of this week work will exercises to b next saturday the following class will be graduated nest saturday afternoon june 26 from the Rural schools of Adams county a program is being prepared which will be Given in the High school building at pm u in the morning of the same Day a spelling contest will he held for the purpose of selecting a candidate from the class to represent Adams county at the de Simones state fair the graduates Are Dollie Strong Esther Barker Georgia Bennett Julia Arm Lartin Bell Bennington commenced at this time on the end of the Road next to Corning later a gang will be put on the West end of the Road this Highway is to he brought to a Grade of Sis per cent which is slightly less than that of the main Street of coming the property owners along the Highway in Adams county with Cne exception have signed the Docu ments granting the right of Way and Gibson still in it nomination Mads for attorney general in primary you must Nof forget Madam we won the War which one you a seat is Quisol Bernice Bush Bertha Sutmar Edith waiting Ali claims for damages to Casey Herman Caskey Hazel Cost property they Are All Strong for tent 2 g e Turner general Secretary of the y m c a at Clarinda tent Rev Walter a Morgan a former Corning gentleman now Pas Tor of the m e Church in Corydon tent Rev 3 p set tabs pastor the Christian Church in Corydon tent Rev Harry Brock Morton pastor of the Baptist Church in Cory Dora Cramer John Cramer Marie dil Lon Vlasto Duben Blanche Geary Violet Groff Harold Hayes Cornelius Hendrickson Gladys Hendrickson Glenn Hendrickson Ray Hewitt Lola Homan Earl James Aletha Johnston Stanley Krisinger Pearl Lacos Willie Lacox Glenn Leach Erma Lewis Ross Liston Doris Means Lee Means Adeline Sletz Bessie Milliard mar Garet Morris Hollis Neffle Ruthsein Lester Nelson Gaylord Orstad Esther Preston it free Pugh Anaibel Riggle fave Rogers Velma Ross Francis rum ser Pearle Sanburn Velda Simp son Constance septer Harold Ismith Esther i Stillinger Vlasta Stu Viec rus sell Thompson Rose Vicker Lonzo Walter Leslie Weetman Forest cos Harvey Wyatt yank heroes get medals property the Road and realize the benefits of such a Highway running past their properties the Road has been graded in Mont county and it is expected that the grading in this county will be completed this summer up Rev go Crawford Pas Tor of the Christian Church in Guthrie Center c h Taylor Guthrie Center Fred 31 Bishop Secretary of Yim c a at Council Bluffs tent g4 g Greenway of Clar Inda an overseas Man who is giving swimming lessons to the lads tent Oral Cunningham a Grad uate of Simpson College who is study ing Medicine and has had experience in the army Hospital he dopes out the quinine and attends to the aches and pains of the Camp when there Are tent 10 Sam Thompson of Des Koines a student of Tarkio College who has charge of the swimming activities of the Camp o c Mccreery of Cedar Falls is director of athletics and assistant to or Tallman in the conduct or the wests Owh to Call f8 order 01 15 minute duration it ascertain by some graft All right we have decided to dispose of our printing office Purchase a couple of airships and set our sons at work transport ing suckers around at a minute it sure beats Hustle Fig around for advertisements and jord printing almost As Good a thing As Selling Oil Stock Vawter does handsome thing sends Check to cover deficit in lec Ture course sup Whitmer last week received a draft from the Redpat Vawter lyceum Bureau for to cover the deficit incurred by our High school lec Ture course of last year in addition to paying the losses incurred sir Vawter gave the last number of the course the lecture by or Hegerman this was done because our people were disappointed in the Sale of sea there is store where the provisions Are handled each boy Farns in his Money to the Campau sorties and is Given checks Tor use and losses of Money on the parts of the tors there is any residue of funds at the end of the Camp the Oal ase will he returned to the owner Owen is a f Avonte with the he has taken the Examina for the railway mail Venice and some in the capacity of mail nearly five million to be distributed to the soldiers Washington d c june Button of 4765000 Victory medals to members of the army Navy and Marine corps who were in service be tween april 6 1911 and november in 191s will Cesin tomorrow in Addi Tion to the medal itself the War department has authorized the issuance of thirteen combat or major opera Tion clasps and a defensive sector clasp to he worn on the Rishon Wirt the medal and five Oversea service clasps for troops not entitled to oat ue4mong the major operations clasps the 3ieuseargonne offensive Lea asm Point of numbers department records showing 1208350 men Are entitled to the decoration the St Mihiel drive is second with 557750 an the Aisne Marne Battle third with first Victory medal was presented in february to presides Wil son As commander in chief of the nations military and naval forces judge Towner will speak our congressman to make address at picnic on fourth 31 Towner our Congress Seager Wheeler raises 82 bushels to the acre government commends him confers honorary degree upon Man who added enormously to wealth of country Prince Albert sask june Seager Wheeler wizard o Canada has had conferred upon him the honorary degree of doctor of Law by Queens University Kinston on Bureau a number of theatrical entertainments that somewhat conflicted with the Sale of lecture course Eckels or Yawner did not want any feeling to exist in the matter and he magnanimously stood the extra expense rather than permit the parties who guaranteed the lecture course to lose any Money the lecture course for the current year will be put on by the cooperative club it consists of four num Bers As follows the Colleen a com Pany of four Young ladies who sing the songs of Ireland and who Are also instrumentalists playing the violin Cornet Harp and piano David Earl to the far West goes the Hono of having its own preside at the opening of the National convention at san fran Cisco june 28 j b Kremer of Butte Mont vice chairman of the democratic National committee will Call the convention to order some official figures Given Koore and Kendall leading Candi dates for governorship in official count proms ures Given out at the state Capitol it appears that no nomination Vas made at the primary election for he office of attorney general for which we had a candidate in the per on of Hon e j Gibson judge Ivans the leading candidate Lacsa 92 votes of receiving enough to Nom Nate him and the selection will there Ore go to the state convention along Rith the offices of governor Lieuten it governor state auditor and Possi by Railroad commissioner for United slates senator rom cation Cummins polled 115768 votes and Brookhart 98563 Cummins Ead is 19205 the vote for governor was As Fol own Moore 60345 Kendall 59119 deems 47407 Havner 46315 3t0re leads Kendall by 122 b and hav Ner by 14030 he lacks 14270 of hav ing the 35 per Ceat necessary to nominate for lieutenant governor the Omerial Lount Moore 64532 Wilson 45967 Ham Mill 45sso Arney 36369 Moore lacks 2929 of having he Aee Essary 35 Ter cent the attorney generalship was much loser Evans falling less than a thous and rotes Short of the nomination the vote was Evans 64802 Hadley 63496 Gib son 59117 Evans vote was 792 Short of the required per cent Haynes fell about 2000 votes Short of winning the auditor ship Nomina Tion the figures Haynes 63348 Cleland 45430 Myers 40451 Gose 37634 Haynes lacks 1995 votes of reaching 3o per cent Wetmore first in shoot amateurs and professionals Partick Bedford Hon clothe largest delegation is 25 boys i morning an of the j a j Man will deliver an address to the people or this comm Nuy at the old fashioned picnic Celebration m Corn ing on july 5th own to the fact that the 4th comes on sunday this the Celebration in coming is to be Neid on the 5th the picnic will be held at Edgewood Lake on the toe farm of f 01 Widner adjoining the Cut limits the Ball games Are to be played on the fair grounds we Are particularly fortunate Vear in having judge Towner with and the people of this county will he released to hear his address the citizens of Carl Are pruning a Celebration for saturday july 3d we presume they will make their announcements later in our paper committee of 48 Calls meeting in Chi this government official Here special agent looking up delinquents or income taxes r e Good of Des Moines a special representative of the internal Revenue department of the government arrived in Corning last thursday and is carefully going Over the books in the auditors office he is looking up the income tax reports the gentleman is not giving but any information for publication but we understand that there Are plenty of people within the confines of Adams county who will receive sum uses to appear and show Why they have not furnished reports to Uncle Sam in this connection we May state that during the last two and a half Vears the internal Revenue depart ment has collected Over 000 this enormous sum lacks Only of Heing As much As the Riley Impersonator Laurant the magician and a drama entitled the Climax in which there is plenty of comedy and music the course is regarded As an especially Good one earthquake in California Inglewood suffered severe losses by reason of Shock los Angeles june Survey Early today of the damage done by an earthquake which occurred Early last night indicated that in Inglewood ten Miles Southwest of Here Twenty one business buildings were practically town deprived of Light Gas and scores of dwellings were seriously damaged the death of mrs William Shippy of los Angeles at Venice a Beach re sort was attributed to the Earth quake she jumped from an Auto Mobile following the tremor and fell dead from heart disease Nyrhe front Walls of the Inglewood hotel a theater an undertaking establishment a real estate office three stores two meat Marker varsity there Waisto Way setting a value i tout service other thai by some recognition of the kind you have added enormously to the wealth of Canada and every settler is a gainer by your researches what you have done can never tie undone it was Felt that on no one could the la d degree he More fittingly conferred and the degree is the highest Honor in the Power of the University to Grant Imp Wheeler has won five International championships with his wheat and Many lesser honors and holds the worlds record of wheat production with eight two bushels to the acre though his improved varieties of wheat have made millions of Dol Lars for Canadian Farmers he has remained in moderate circumstances his farm near Rosthern sask on the High Amateur at the Gnu clubs registered shoot a Bedford with 137 out of a possible 150 de Stahl of Diagonal and s Wain Wright of Lenox broke 136 and s of Sharpsburg broke 134 the High pros were a Killam St Louis 143 l d Russell Des Moines 139 and d w Flannigan Des Moines 136 Canada National of Only 160 acres railway consists Prehn Defeated by Ketonen monday night at Ottumwa Waino Ketonen Defeated Paul Prehn in a wrestling match lasting an hour and 31 minutes Prehn is said to have been injured by a fall during the Clear Lake Creston advertiser sold Paul s Junun has sold the Creston advertiser to Dewitt Sowers formerly local editor of the paper and ales Roseberry Foreman of the office ill Junkin has not stated what he will do he and his Broiher will recently purchased a daily newspaper in fort Madison and it is said they have been figuring on another metro Politan Sheet they have papers in Chariton Albia and Fairfield on ill and mrs Aker of the Bacon hotel accompanied by their children left last Friday for vacation trip they Are visiting mrs Whitakers parents at Charles match which dazed him he had the Hest of the argument to the time of the injury Prehn is to wrestle Parcaut in Corning on the evening of july before returning Nome Zuev expect to be gone several Days during the absence of or and mrs Whitaker e c Anderson is loosing after the their interests in the hotel grocery o Wing total collections of the department slightly a wired by a Luvel i who two garages a Pool room a drug store and other downtown buildings collapsed the Steeple or the Epis Church toppled into the Street and the buildings occupied by the Citi Zens savings Bank and the firs a tonal Bank of Inglewood Ware prac several were and Loloi from the time it was established sep temper 1 1862 Cago july 10th the 4sers Are to have a National him and the Cam the second Camp be syncs Tat Man tells us he tas tired tar this second Camp ing Are the names of the idols first win Wilbur Corydon j june Aio v convention in Chicago on july 10th they were not pleased with the a tonal Republican convention and Evi in expect nothing from the demo cratic National convention As they dont intend to wait to see what the last named party will do in san fran Cisco Over in Lincoln net Oil the 48ers yesterday named delegates to their National meeting and endorsed Hiram Johnson Boh Lafollette and w j Bryan As suitable Timber forthe presidency Wool Sale s a fizzle Oklahoma Farmers with ten car loads of Wool refuse 20 cents Enid okla june grow ers of Oklahoma Are now Endeavor ing to dispose of their clips after the failure of a Wool Sale to have been held Here late in May Only one buyer representing a commission firm at Wichita kans appeared at the Sale and his bid of 20 cents a Pound was refused and the Sale cached off More than 150 growers were present with ten carloads of Wool flying machine Here a Young Man from red Oak has been introducing some of our people to the Novelty of flying he brought his machine Here last week and has been charging and 25 per flight cricks and broken Glass but no Seri Ous injuries were reported tacklers like Alabama c o Fackler writes us concerning his paper which reaches him irregularly we have the same complaint from Many readers in these Days of poor mail service on the trams Ine government is having much troit ble n this respect in the letter or Facker Allt we like it Fine Down her and Are now Husy picking cakes we hampers today of one acre our com is ready to use and we had roasting ears recently shall have All the i want to sat in two w Rometer stands at 9s today awfully warm until the Breeze from the Gulf comes up before trying to celebrate the fourth of july bring your Radiator to us for repairs we fix them right Corning Auto Radiator repair shop continues until next saturday evening june 26th our table of bargain White footwear at a pair for your Choice is the shoe sensation of the season

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