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Ada Sunday News Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 4

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Ada Sunday News (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Ada, Oklahoma Page 4 the Ada sunday news Ada Oklahoma sunday March to 1974 the Ada sunday news sunday edition of the Ada evening news William d. Little or. George e. Gurley. Jack Purdy advertising manager Art Jilesjr. Circulation manager Helen Tinsley Marie Crabtree circulation records Dennis Graves. City editor Marie Hickey. Classified advertising published each evening monday through Friday and sunday morning by news publishing and printing co. 112-120 North Broadway Avenue Ada. Oklahoma Telephone 332-4433 National advertising representatives Ward Griffith co., inc. Member of audit Bureau of circulations yearly subscription rates in Ada by Carrier $22.75 in Oklahoma by mail $20.91 outside Oklahoma by mail $24.00 second class postage paid at Ada Oklahoma a Gerald Tell me again How you play without William s. White a helmet average people responsible for Benefit bowl Success the glory Matheron Benefit bowl is now history. And what a proud bit of history it is. Last sunday slightly More than 4,000 Ada and area residents turned out at Norris stadium for the game. It was a remarkable testimony. It was a testimony to glory Matheron. It was a testimony to the concern of a great Many people especially Young people who dreamed up the idea of the game and got behind it and pushed and pushed and pushed. It was a testimony to the players almost too of them. Some of them had played football recently. Some of them had been a a mothballed for a rather considerable length of time. But there they were grunting and sweating and even hurting a Little some of them showing thin hair some of them showing a Little added a a Prosperity around the Middle. And just for the record the game Wasny to a cakewalk. They were playing for real and there was some hitting out there. Considering the obvious limits on practice it was an amazingly Good game. So Many people were involved and that was one of the Beautiful things about it All. There were cheerleaders and the co Ganns and the members of the has band and a halftime karate show and people Selling concessions and people Selling programs. And then there were the spectators All kinds of them grandparents and parents and a ankle biters All Over the place and teenagers and Young adults. Wonderful. All those people out there meant something. It meant they cared. It was a Good cause. But a Good cause is not always enough. The easy thing to do would have been to buy some tickets or make a contribution and that was that. But people did More. They came and in their coming their physical presence they said so much. In the newspaper business it is easy to acquire a tinge of cynicism. There Are Many worthwhile causes. People support them. But in Many cases it is a sort of conditional support. A group or even an individual helps but somebody figures there ought to be a Little extra mileage in that help. They want a picture in the paper or a Story or something like that. True the help is Welcome and needed. But there is occasionally a Little of the of what a Good boy am i As Jenkin Lloyd Jones sauce for the Goose pet involved Public recognition of a Good deed. There was none of that for the bowl game. Nobody sought recognition or a Pat on the Back. Nobody wanted what is known in journalism As a a Check passing picture. All kinds of people and groups and organizations came Forward. They came sincerely quietly and there was Only one simple motive. They wanted to help. They came together and something wonderful happened. The game produced approximately $12,000. And that a Good. The Money is needed and it will of course be used to help glory. But there is so much More. Hundreds of people proved they care. They proved they will respond. They proved what can be done when people join together. In the final analysis the legacy left by the Benefit bowl game May Well indeed be the most important thing of All. A i had slowed around a Rock in one of my Fields for about five years a said an old Farmer. A and i have broken a mowing machine Blade against it besides losing the use of the ground in which it Lay. All because acting on the notion that an iceberg is four fifths underwater i figured most of the Rock was out of sight so i thought removing it would take too much time and labor. But today when i began blowing for the Corn i thought i might break my cultivator against the same Rock. So i took a crowbar intending to poke around it and find out its size once and for All. A i was surprised to find the Rock Little More than 2 feet Long lying Loose on the ground and so Light that i could lift it into the Wagon without the first time he really faced his trouble be conquered it this the Victory that Ove cometh the world even our Faith. I John 5 4 copyright Gen. Fea if a deep South Ultra rightist is. Indeed proven guilty of kidnapping Liberal Atlanta Constitution editor Reg Murphy there should be three National awards. The first of course should go to Murphy who while admittedly scared kept his wits about him and made the fewest crawling motions that he Felt he could get away with. The second should go to the Fri which acted smartly on the Case even if it did turn out to be a Ham handed foot in the bucket Effort at come in contrast to the smooth ruthlessness of the sym ionese liberation army of Oakland. And the third should be an engraved certificate of appreciation second class from the american people which Murphy a kidnapper could hang up in his cell and contemplate hopefully for very Many years. For he blew the whistle on a conceit of the Radical left that terrorism is its exclusive property. Even As Murphy was being spirited away i was Reading in the Washington Star news a strange interview with William Kunstler the Radical lawyer. Kunstler had been called to san Francisco from St. Paul Mil where he had been defending Dennis Banks the aim Leader charged with hostage taking at wounded knee. He was summoned at the request of Randolph Hearst who reasoned that if any negotiator could be considered Simpatico by the kidnappers of miss Patricia Hearst it would be Kunstler. When Kunstler arrived on the scene he stated a a in be expressed no opinion on the act itself whether it is Good bad or he did add however that a a Kidnap geared to food for the poor could be the a beginning of an As the interviewer put it the Radical left eyes the Hearst Case As a an action within the scope of politics a kidnapping As a kind of tool to pry Loose social so there you have it. The Noble crime. Or politics by gun and snatch. It is doubtful if or. Kunstler would allow similar gentle indulgences for the a american revolution r y army which according to editor Murphy his captor claimed amounted to 233 members and six colonels. There is some question whether these figures Are solid. It is possible in fact that the american revolutionary army As the first to achieve sexual Equality and that it really consisted of the kidnapper and his wife. But if the Radical left cannot take a stand on whether the abduction of Patricia Hearst was a Good bad or indifferent you can count on its outrage against the Georgia caper. There la be none of this nonsense about a action within the scope of redneck kidnappings will be denounced As crimes period. However the trouble is that if you half excuse a Rad lib extortion on the grounds that its the Only Way to get the attention of the establishment what do you do about the Guy who claims that the liberals really Are the establishment and that he a trying to get their attention too some people actually feel that the liberals run the country. And some done to like it. Rhey la do it every time in fixing his guests a Prink further ver Antiseptic ally uses the Silver ice tongs qut to March to 1944 the Rev. G. R. Naylor Ada was selected to serve is president of the Board of trustees of the Oklahoma Confederate Home at Ardmore rhe Board reported five veterans and 20 widows living in the Home. Two veterans at the Home were members of the Union armies. More than 300 delegates were in Ada for the state salvation army youth Council. Sessions were held at Ada High school. A notable Delegate was commissioner w. C Arnold who was in charge of All the salvation army work in 15 Southern states including Oklahoma. And if kidnapping is an action in the scope of politics Why Isnit it open to anyone who feels strongly about anything so we have the vision not of a Lovely America in which Only radicals have a right to commit criminal acts but of a very terrible America in which overheated reactionaries and racists will get into their Eye holed bedsheets and go charging around Lynching anyone who displeases them. We be been there before. Or. Kunstler has developed a technique in defending revolutionaries which has some tactical Merit. It has been described As a Antic his courtroom shenanigans Are designed to so Chivey the judge that it is hoped the latter in a burst of anger will commit a reversible error. The left Wing thinks that or. Kunstler a technique is the South is not a stranger to flamboyant barristers. And if any one of them tries to Spring or. Murphy a alleged kidnapper by turning the courtroom into a carnival and by muzzling the judge the reaction of the left Wing will be fascinating. You see what a sauce for the Goose will eventually be sauce for the Gander. If we re going to have a Lawless America for the Benefit of the left eventually Well have one for the right too. So far the radicals have had it mostly their i in Way and they be denounced the leaders for a Law and order As fascist bigots. But if the Lunatic right Ever rises the revolutionary left could wind up kissing the we re eventually going to have to decide whether we want a Jungle american not a Halfway Jungle but an All the Way Jungle. And an All the Way Jungle is a place where none is Safe where assault is everywhere and where the eaters Are eaten. C general features Max Lerner British Twilight whatever emerges from the British election muddle a a minority government a coalition or new elections at some Point soon a the fact is inescapable that the people have been alienated from the political process. They did no to vote for labor or for the tories or even for the liberals. They voted a a against the major parties and leaders to an extent unparalleled in British history. This is True elsewhere too. It was True in the 1972 elections in the United states. Despite the overwhelming vote sweep of or. Nixon a there was a plague on both your houses mood. It was True in the recent israeli elections with a minority government emerging soon. It has been True of scandinavian elections and austrian and italian. The remarkable thing is that it has afflicted the British too who have always taken politics so seriously As an exhilarating game if not a form of Happy warfare. From the Pitts to Gladstone and Disraeli to Churchill the British tradition of leadership and parliamentary debate has been the great tradition. It has been diluted and has Jim Fiebig the times. To own a Telephone is to be a slave of the world. Sunday dinner the bedtime Story making Beautiful music with your mate a All Domestic activities crumble and cease the moment that Little electronic Box comes alive to devour your privacy. Some strange quirk in the human mind makes it virtually impossible to let a Telephone ring itself out. We must answer. We must. Aware of this frailty that compels us to Grant our precious time to All who can string our seven numbers together in proper sequence several manufacturers Are now producing an insidious new device for Home use. It answers our phone while we re away in our own voice with any prerecorded statement we care to set Down. A a you la never miss another message a the advertisement promises. A a you la wonder How you Ever got along without it a i must have one. Not to prevent my Ever missing another Call but so that i May deliver a message to callers that has been building within me for years. Something like this a a hello. In a delighted i Wasny there to answer your Call. I have received Only five phone Calls in my lifetime that i considered important enough to invade my privacy. I keep a phone Only because if the sixth should Ever come i want to be ready for it. If your Call does not qualify As the sixth important Call in my life please do not leave your name and number after you hear the signal. Goodby a and Good Luck. We americans out Here in a real people land May think we re approaching the Black at the Back of the Cave but last week the Nixon administration Only had eyes for the Light at the end of the Tunnel. Agriculture Secretary Earl a everything is wonderful Butz said he expects food prices to Rise no More than 12% this year despite the fact that there was an 8% jump in january and february alone. Budget director Roy Ashe said the nation is now going through the worst of this years economic problems and that things will improve in the april june Quarter. Even or. Nixon attempted to scatter some Sunshine around pledging no recession in 1974 and no Gas rationing. Unfortunately or. Nixon a definition of a a a recession is not universally shared and the absence of Federal Gas rationing is Small Consolation if you can to buy any Gas still optimistic predictions from people in High places Are Good for the Stock Market and what a Good for the Stock Market is Good for people who own stocks. As for the rest of us a the americans out Here in a real people land a Well we can Only clutch our Grain of Salt and Hope for the Best. Copyright Gen. Fea dribbled away until it ends with a deep alienation of the people from the parties most of them protesting against the available choices deeply sceptical of whether any of the leaders and party elites have the wit and strength to Cope with the crushing burdens of office. It Wasny to always thus even in my own memories. I first visited London in december 1944, at the end of Britain a darkest War Days As War correspondent. My first dinner was with a Small group of friends who included Aneurin Bevan the Sto Miest of the modern labor party leaders a with the wickedest wit the most cutting Tongue the most slashing political style and the grandest eloquence of any British political Leader of our time except for Churchill. Bevan a done to confuse him with Ernie Bevin a very different Kettle of political fish a was welshman politician socialist ideologue dreamer and scrappy fighter All rolled together. He never got to be prime minister and died brokenhearted for reasons that Are never quite Clear in the two Loving detail filled volumes of biography that his disciple Michael Foote devoted to him. I think it was because he wanted to hold on to his dream even More than he wanted to become prime minister and the dream made him fight constantly inside his own party As Well As with the tories. In fact he was More bitter against Hugh Gaitskill than against Churchill or Harold Macmillan. After the War until the Early sixties i used to be an almost annual observer at the labor party conferences with Bevan Attlee Laski Morison Dalton Gaitskill and Wilson As the chief actors. Once a in 1963 a i shifted the Field and went to the historic tory party conference when prime minister Harold Macmillan announced his retirement and there was an indecent hassle for the an american i had a curious mixture of feelings about these British political shows. There was always intense feeling heated debates a certain elegance of phrase whole Barre Fuls of eloquence interminable discussions of issues that have happily slipped from my mind and plenty of knives stuck Between the shoulders of party Brothers in the Baleful corridors of those draft old watering place hotels where the meetings were held. But there was also something unreal and Tacky about All of them As if these political theatrics were taking place on a stage Bare of Power because the real world action had moved elsewhere. C los Angeles time economic nonsense for five months Dilly Dally and dither had characterized the no action of Congress on the Energy crisis. Now in sending to the president a Bill that is a classic of rabble rousing and pseudo action Congress for ill measure adds a dash of Good old election year demagogy Well knowing that a veto rightly awaited at the White House. Any Way you slice it it is strictly Salami and pretty poor Salami at that. It is All a pity in More ways than one. In the first place this measure will reduce and certainly never increase the one thing of which the country stands in such need. This is accelerated exploration for new Oil sources Here in the Continental . You just done to get needed Wildcat Ting by a rolling backs the Price of crude. As for the major companies the assigned Vil i Al of this a the of Villiam Jennings Bryan populism not g Ove is Laid upon them. For god knows they Are already ? uh01r armpits in Money even As things stand. But the independents the Wildcat ters will be driven to Shel by an action similar in principle to the celebrated Mukase of King Canute that the sea was now ordered to Roll itself Back with no further nonsense. To it if Wasa villains Congress was after it had Only to adopt president Nixon a Tough proposal for Windfall taxes to see that nobody a whether majors or independents a gets away with too much in the end. It is one thing however to Tell a free Enterprise that somewhere Down the line has got to Shell out to Uncle Sam and quite another thing to Tell him not to even Start trying to make any Money in the first place. In Short this Bill is economic nonsense but the manner of its adoption in the Senate and particularly later in the House has deeper implications that Are much More troubling. An irreplaceable institution called Congress has already had a year of Short bouts of do nothing broken by overlong vacations on any and every possible excuse. We had enough trouble already considering the beleaguered state of the presidency under Richard Nixon. Now we have a Congress which already had an even lower popular rating than the White House which nakedly appeals to the sheer anger and frustration of the people in gasoline lines As its sole real reason for a measure that May give the people a certain emotional release but will never give them an extra gallon of gasoline. It is like kicking a Flat tire. Listen to the ultimate argument made for this Bill in what is supposed to be a great legislative body a the House a by an ordinarily perfectly responsible Man. He is rep. Harley staggers of West Virginia and Here is his historic peroration a you can to explain it to your people if you vote a this is a debate a rep. John Anderson of Illinois May never enter the pantheon of the political gods but in leading the opposition he has got to be Given credit for telling it exactly like it is. He tells the House right in its Teeth that it is a suffering from the syndrome of just done to stand there but do something a even if it is alas poor Congress once one knew it Well. Copyright United features John p. Roche tired of politics what i called the a danish syndrome certainly prevailed in great Britain last thursday. This danish syndrome is characterized by a Basic revulsion against politics which in practice leads to the disruption of Strong party Rule and the fragmentation of legislative bodies. At the moment no party holds a majority in the Legislatures of Norway Sweden Denmark France Germany Holland Belgium and Italy. Now Britain will join the ranks of nations governed by More or less unstable coalitions. Before an american gets too cocky about this one should recall that if we had a system of proportional representation As most Continental democracies do a a coalition government would have taken Power in 1969. Indeed the single member District system with Victory going to whoever gets a plurality disguised the extent to which the British electorate rejected both labor and conservative options. Final figures Are not available at this writing but As i listened to the . Shortwave election coverage i noted time and again the substantial Liberal turnout. It was too evenly spread around the country to make a big Dent in seats won but i would guess that about half of the members elected on labor and tory tickets received less than a majority of the vote. If Britain had proportional representation which the liberals for obvious reasons have been demanding for a generation liberals would occupy nearly a Quarter of the seats. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the election was the revival of labor fortunes. It is not that the British think Harold Wilson a greater statesman than prime minister Edward Heath but that Heath was seen As pulling a cheap ploy by calling a snap election. His efforts to make the election a Choice Between the government and the striking miners allegedly led by communists backfired. True the communists Are Active in the National Union of miners but As i suggested recently the Public looks on miners with special sympathy a sympathy that was reinforced shortly before the election by the report of a special investigating committee. This body named by Heath indicated that the tories had fiddled the figures on miners wages that in fact miners were underpaid. Then on the monday before election came the devastating news that Britain in the last month ran up an unprecedented imbalance of Trade a that is an overseas deficit which sandbags the whole Economy. Heath could try to blame this on the strikers but he faced the old political problem if you Are prime minister or president of the United state you can to pass the Buck. You Are in the situation of the Radical who angers a crowd which attacks him and is then arrested for incitement to violence. So great Britain now joins the ranks of Western democracies with weak governments. Even though i expected this to happen i am not Happy about it. But what most analysts and the polls which flubbed again fail to take into consideration is the extent to which the citizenry generally is sick and tired of politics. The last Quarter of a Century has been hectic a new generation has Arisen in the land which has not known sacrifice and does t much like the idea. You can talk to them in abstract terms about the need to pull in your Belt work harder and the rest of the stirring Call to arms and they Yawn. A More of that Damn politics a they say and sleep on monday to revive from the weekend. Exactly the same process is going on in the United states. Some Misabel it As a alienation a but it is not that positive a phenomenon. It is just a matter of wanting to be left alone a sort of Porcupine Complex. President Nixon slow popularity has other sources but any president who blows a trumpet will find himself in trouble. Moreover look at the Harris Survey on the Public a opinion of Congress Only 21 per cent think the legislature is doing Well while 69 take a dim View. By comparison president Nixon came out with a 30 per cent positive score copyright King features

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