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Ada Sunday News Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 4

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Ada Sunday News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Ada, Oklahoma Page 4 the Ada sunday Newsad Oklahoma sunday june 23, 1974 sunday next Pyramid sunday edition of the Ada evening news William d. Little or George e. Gurley. Jack Purdy advertising manager Art Jilesjr. Circulation manager Dennis Graves. City editor Helen Tinsley. Business record Marie Crabtree. Circulation records Marie Hickey. Classified advertising published each evening. Monday through Friday and sunday morning by news publishing and printing co. 112-120 North Broadway Avenue Ada. Oklahoma Telephone 332-4433 National advertising representatives Ward Griffith co., inc. Member of audit Bureau of circulations yearly subscription rates in Ada by Carrier $22.75 in Oklahoma by mail $20.91 outside Oklahoma by mail $24.00 second class postage paid at Ada. Oklahoma poor planning can destroy Aura of Rural residence a Home in the country. It is a dream Many people enjoy. In this immediate area a surprising number of people have acted on that dream. In Many areas outside Ada clusters of Homes have developed. Some of them Are Large. Some of these clusters even represent a sort of Rural urbanization. In this area it was the development of the Rural water District which made such growth possible. Historically growth has taken place at the Edge or outskirts of cities. As More and More growth took place the City extended its boundaries taking in More area and offering a wide Range of municipal services to the people involved. The Rural water districts have permitted a leapfrog Type of development. Builders were Able to move out. Perhaps securing land at More attractive prices and still were Able to offer water service without being adjacent to an incorporated municipality. This program has produced some great benefits. Certain areas were having real water problems both in relation to Supply and to Quantity. There Are signs however that some of these developments May produce some decidedly mixed blessings. Sadly enough people who own Homes in the areas will suffer the greatest. These things Are something like Topsy they just grow. It is one thing when an individual constructs a House on a 20-acre tract. It is something else when the rest of the area is divided and lots Are sold. There have already been problems in relation to sewage. Septic tanks can provide dependable and Safe service. But if there Are too Many septic tanks the ground can become saturated. It will no longer accept discharges. The problem is compounded by some tanks being installed in places where lots Are not big enough to permit sufficient installation of laterals. It is one thing when a House is constructed on a Road. It is something else when 20 Homes Are constructed on that same Road. The Road that was once Safe and adequate for traffic can easily become unsafe and crowded. Disposal of trash and debris can become a problem. Jenkin Lloyd Jones in Ada there has been another aspect of the problem. People have been forced to move outside the City limits into other areas. They have been forced to move because Homes and lots in the Price Range which was economically feasible for them Are not available. If you look around inside the City limits there Are relatively few attractive places left to build. Those that Are left bring some pretty fancy prices. Most people would agree that growth is necessary. But. There Are All kinds of growth. There can be poor planning involved. There can be poor engineering. There can be a potential for trouble and problems in the years ahead. It will be tragic indeed if those who want to live in a Rural setting allow developments to eventually destroy the very thing they were seeking. And that is a far greater possibility than Many realize. The problem deserves serious study and one of the prime considerations is the Protection of people who have already made investments. A Survey made in the . Armed forces is very suggestive. Some selected soldiers were measured for their grip on a dynamometer. The average pressure grip per Man was 101 pounds. Later the soldiers were hypnotized and told they were weak anaemic and feeble. Following this they were told to grip the machine As strongly As possible. They averaged Only 69 pounds. Still under hypnotism they were Given the opposite suggestion and told they were powerful and Strong. The average hand grip now was 140 pounds nearly 40ro better. They nearly doubled their strength when fed positive suggestions. Consider the practical returns from Good religion when the mind and body Harvest from Noble and clean thoughts a for As he think eth in his heart so is prov. 23 7 c general features where does a country end the largest meeting on International Law Ever held got under Way a few Days ago in Caracas and if it does no to come up with some major areas of agreement we re in for trouble sure As shooting and a a shooting is the word. The conference has been called to find out where a nations sovereignty ends a three Miles offshore 12 Miles 200 Miles what has happened is that suddenly Man s technology has outrun International Law and the scramble for fisheries offshore drilling and sea Bottom mining is on us before we have come to any consensus As to who owns what. The entire Bottom of the North sea has been divided up among the abutting nations. And the Leas map looks like that of East Texas. So important Are these As yet Sketchly explored Oil resources that the British think they have 12 billion barrels in sight �?2 billion More than Are estimated for Alaska s North slope. It is not an exaggeration to say that whether the average briton stays with breakfast kippers or goes Back to Oatmeal is dependent on National exploitation of what Only yesterday was regarded As the a High the United states holds that True National sovereignty extends Only three Miles out from Headland to Headland by Elm june 23, 1944 Dewey Powell Airport paving inspector and w. O. Karpenko. District Airport Engineer both from fort Worth were in Ada looking Over the construction of the Ada Airport. It was estimated that the Airport would be completed in 60 Days. A youth caravan began a week of services at the methodist Church in Roff. Director of the caravan was miss Lucille Burris Tulsa. The Rev. H. L. Hunnicutt was pastor of the Church. With a 12-mile limit for fishing. In the year 1800 three Miles was the maximum Range of a naval gun. But this Headland to head land business needs a lot of defining. If we considered key West one and the South tip of padre Island another we could gobble up most of the Gulf of Mexico. In the meantime a number of South american countries have declared 200-mile limits. You d think that Chile and Peru would t much care since the Andes dip straight Down to the deep sea Bottom and there is practically no shallow offshore water. But the Humboldt current provides some of the richest fishing in the world and this has Given Rise to the a tuna wars Quot Between chilean and peruvian gunboats on one hand and mostly american tuna boats on the other. The russians and the japanese stand with the americans in favouring narrow bands of sovereignty. We re having plenty of trouble with both As their fishing fleets keep fudging across the 12-mile line off new England and Alaska. You d think Uncle Sam would do pretty Well with a 200-mile limit. Between the canadians and ourselves we d Nail Down the Best fisheries in the Western Atlantic. According to the economist of London there is supposed to be from 20 to 40 billion barrels of Oil in the Gulf of Mexico and maybe another 10 to 20 billion off our East coast most of which lies within 200 Miles of the american Shore. But Only the advanced countries have the capability of exploring for Oil at great Depths and if the 200-mile limit became Standard every underdeveloped nation with 011 to Seaward would be Able to claim these riches on their own terms. Many with no Oil might find other Bonanza As deep mining by Gigantic vacuum cleaners becomes practical. Thus it is in the interest of the advanced nations to keep As much High seas As possible. If every sea bordering nation could extend its limits 200 Miles about 30 per cent of the world s oceans would become National property. The first hurdle to be met at Caracas is How to apportion votes. It would seem ridiculous to give niger and Nepal with no seacoast the same vote As Canada for example. The United states is plugging for a two thirds vote in any Case but it can be easily swamped. Moreover the conference can be churned by disputes Between underdeveloped countries that face the sea and those that Don t. The first would undoubtedly favor wide territorial limits while the landlocked states Are hoping to turn into a Law a vague . Assembly Resolution of 1970 that declared that the International sea bed a is the common heritage of All there Are plenty of reasons Why the Caracas conference should be a bust As All previous conferences on the subject have proved to be. But now we have a sense of urgency. We have in Short discovered a new world beneath the Ocean and claiming it is not a simple matter of rowing in from the caravel and planting a Flag. This is the puzzling hour of the floating flags. C general features they la do it every time people who plead that they be got to have Theip photos Early Quot an 18th Century marshal of France due Claude de Villas made the often quoted statement a god save me from my friends i can protect myself from my but the american president and idealist Woodrow Wilson whose vision of a league of nations foreshadowed the United nations saw things in a different Light a Friendship is the Only Cement that will Ever hold the world Andrew Tully distributed by la. Tim synodical Rodino s big predicament off his track record rep. Peter w. Rodino jr., in. J., can be trusted to do everything possible to ensure Public Confidence in the impeachment proceedings of the House judiciary committee. But Rodino is on the spot. Certain democratic members of the committee who specialize in Florid utterances on the immorality of the Nixon administration have made a Small career of leaking secret evidence damaging to the president examined at executive sessions of the committee. The practice has become so blatant that vice president Ford finally stated the obvious that he suspected ulterior motives by democrats who want to impeach Nixon. For addressed himself particularly to statements by some committee members that evidence in the committee s Possession showed that Secretary of state Henry Kissinger a a initiated wiretaps on some of his staff members when he was National Security adviser to Nixon. Both Ford and White House Counselor Dean Burch charged the committee was a a irresponsible and a out of they had a Point. When a congressional commit tee meets in executive session it puts a a a secret Label on its proceedings. Comm i 11 e e members and staffers Are on their Honor not to leak a word of those proceedings Jim Fiebig the president when or. Nixon announced at a banquet that egyptian president Anwar Sadat will visit the United states this year he said a we will do the Best to demonstrate that the american people have in their hearts nothing but the greatest affection for the egyptian now that kind of talk really confuses me. Until now i have been following my governments Lead and rooting for the israelis and against the egyptians. I have even gone so far As to listen to and laugh at jokes by jewish friends that malign the egyptian mentality. I thought it was the patriotic thing to do. Now my president stands up in front of Allah and everyone and says a a. The american people have in their hearts nothing but the greatest affection for the egyptian i have searched my heart a the right and left ventricles the atrium the Aorta even the pulmonary artery a and discovered nary a cell filled with affection for Egypt. In fact what i actually found was evidence of massive indifference and the slightest suggestion of dislike for the egyptians. My heart is blameless. It is the helpless victim of a foreign policy that is As fickle As it is confusing. It it has been your world not mine for the past few Days. While you suffered the steady bombardment of troubled reports in newspapers and on radio and to i have been Cut off and holed up in a quiet Motel room not 50 strides from the Pacific. No news was Good news. This morning like the mornings before. I walked the Beach in Bare feet and performed several industrious deeds talked to an old lady digging clams prodded a washed up jellyfish with a piece of Driftwood added four seashells to my daughters collection and passed the time of Day with a retired Indiana postman casting for Perch. I asked no one How things were going out in the world and everyone returned the favor. But you were never completely forgotten. In fact Ever the Optimist i had Hopes some kind of Miracle would transpire during my mental absence. A reoccurring daydream a when finally i do go into town and buy a newspaper maybe everything will be All right watergate will be Over with a the president exonerated both parties vowing to work for a Bright new world. A magic cure for inflation will have been discovered by a Little known economist at a Small Eastern College. The arabs and israelis will have awakened to discover they have a whole world in common. Well it was a rather Long involved Miracle. Then i bought the newspaper a and scanned the headlines. No news was Good news. C general feature to anyone. For years of course this prohibition has been honoured mostly in the breach. No talkative members of Congress Ever has been haled before his Peers for contempt. In fact both parties have used executive committee sessions to disclose information for political profit. But the judiciary committee s proceedings Are different. Its members Are dealing with the awesome question of whether the House should find probable cause to impeach a president. If they lose the Public s Confidence forget it. The Plain citizen will not buy any merchandise that has the smell of a partisan Hatchet Job. Thus the spot on which Peter Rodino must be squirming. As he says he cannot control the actions of individual committee members All of whom have Access to All the material assembled by the committees staff. He says he expects the committee would be judged on the totality of its work a not on one i Hope he a right. The coun try has suffered enough does no to need a scandal within the judiciary committee that could make the impeachment process a sick farce. But Rodino had better watch it. He a burdened with some wild men on the committee democratic reps. John Conyers of Michigan Joseph Eilberg of Pennsylvania Jerome Waldie of California and Robert f. Drinan of Massachusetts. Rodino will lose control of the committee if he loses control of these wild men because their activities could give the committee the taint of having prejudged Richard Nixon. Aside from the ethics involved. What some committee members seem to have forgotten is that the judiciary committee serves As an investigative Arm of the a grand jury which is the whole House. Whether the Fine print says so or not the committee is bound to secrecy in its executive session examinations of the evidence. Yet the leaks have ranged from members recollections of what they have heard or read to three instances in which copies of documents were Given to reporters. Rodino has denounced the leaks. That s not quite Good enough sir. What you should do is denounce by name the committee members who did the leaking. They should be publicly reprimanded and subjected to party discipline. Whereas the Rule that says a member of Congress is immune from arraignment for contempt of Congress Dean Burch has called the leaks a the old Joe Mccarthy tactics of 20 years he a right and he might have added that those doing the leaking take a holier than thou attitude toward mccarthyism in Public. At any rate it might further the Commonweal if burches criticism reminded Rodino that Joe Mccarthy was censured by the Senate. C Mcnaught synd. William f. Buckley or. Boston arrangement Boston is in the news having discovered not a solution to the obscenity problem but an accommodation to it. It is the hallowed if we can borrow the word for this purpose red Light District. Perhaps not exactly that. Boston has not gone so far As to say that it will License bordello. But practically everything else. There Are to be a rated movie House striptease bars a a adult bookstores which is to say bookstores bookstores that specialize in Post pubescent fare and Massage Parlours and so on. There Are counterparts All Over the world notoriously in Frankfurt. In Amsterdam and in Copenhagen. It appears to e the obvious solution if one accents the concept that that which used to happen Only under the table should move to an entire area in the City. It makes sense both for the City which wishes to contain that part of itself that specializes in appealing to prurient instincts and for the customer who in search of that kind of thing need waste Little time getting there. Presumably Boston will provide express subway service to sin Stop a gesture of municipal Courtesy that becomes that old civilized City. There Are of course complications. There is the Book shop at the other end of town which will want to make available to its customers at least a Good sampling of the seasons pornography. In part because that Book shoo desires to give its clients anything Thev might desire in part because there is very brisk Trade in the sex books. Indeed a recent figure reveals that in middling size Book stores books that can reasonably be called a sex oriented do a critical 50 per cent of the business. Since they Are Only ten per cent of the titles one can see How important they Are As an economic matter. What will the booksellers outside sin Stop in Boston now do will they not come us with the identical arguments to insist on their right to continue to pander to the taste of their customers9 i would not want to be at the other end of a lawsuit arguing the Point. And what about the movie House Sav 50 City blocks from sin Stop. Will it not make a Case for relieving the lame and the Blind the senior citizens and the unescorted children of the risk and tedium of travelling All the Way to sin Stop to see an a rated movie what will be the municipal mechanics by which the Corner movie House will actually be prevented from showing that which is permitted to be shown elsewhere will zoning Laws prevail Over direct appeals to the first amendment the Success of the old red Light District rested really on pre constitutionalism dispositions effected by the Fiat of the ruler unavailable for Appeal on generic grounds. The conventional idea was to outlaw vice but to agree to ignore it within certain Bounds in the City. So that those who sought to practice it outside those Bounds were not Only violating the Law but were inviting penalties. In the United states we Are Given to pragmatic solutions and it is generally agreed that for instance in certain areas in Harlem peaceful bookmakers Are not going to be disturbed by the police though Thev would be if they started to practice their wares openly on Madison Avenue. The current civil libertarian mood in America argues against such pragmatic solutions. Even As the secularists argued that to recite a common prayer in new York City s Public schools whose formulation was satisfactory to priests ministers and rabbis was a violation of the first amendment someone in Boston is sure to insist that pornography being a general right it is a violation of the Constitution to insist the people take the subway to sin Stop in order to exercise that right. A year ago the supreme court wrote a decision that appeared to inconvenience once again the obscenity peckers. As a matter of fact the decision appears not to have done anything of the sort though at one theater in the South. Carnal knowledge a dismal picture about the travails of satyr basis was suspended frightening the Avant Garde in new York and Hollywood half to death. The Best Way to Deal with Odd Ball supreme court decisions one disapproves of is to ignore them and Hope nobody will notice. This is what they Aie now trying. The Boston Experiment should be indulged. The anti obscenity people should keep quiet about it and their counterparts should accept a Little self restraint and see How it works. These things Are better left unpublicized so i shall not cite the Boston solution again. C Washington Star John p. Roche radio Waves i have been Here for several Days in my capacity As a member of the . Board for International broadcasting which is charged by Law with oversight of radio Liberty and radio free Europe. These two stations headquartered for operational purposes in Munich have assembled Over the years quite remarkable staffs for the purpose of providing a surrogate free press in five Eastern european nations re and the soviet Union re. Only in Rumania and Hungary Are they not subject to heavy jamming indeed it has been estimated that Moscow uses enough electricity to Light a City of one million for a year in the Effort to Block radio Liberty. Unfortunately the High negative value the communists assign to the stations is not reflected by a positive response in the United states. Here the difficulty is that when the news surfaced in 1971 that the Central intelligence Agency covertly started the enterprises and funded them conformist liberals consigned them to the junk pile As a cold War in one sense this is True like the Berlin Wall which has not to my knowledge been dismantle they do have a cold War function. The question is who says the cold War is Over if you happened to have your feet blown off a few Hundred Kilometres from Here in an East German Border minefield you would not a i suspect a share the detente euphoria. However unlike the East German mines and automated machine guns in the Border zone neither radio free Europe nor radio Liberty has a malignant cold War function. They simply seek to provide accurate information to Peoples living in what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called the a muffled a few years ago one of the re polish staff was monitoring a local radio station in Gdansk and was startled to hear that Savage rioting Between police and workers was in full Progress. A few a polish service moved into immediate action and brought the news to the polish people who had not been informed by their own Media. Examples of this sort abound. Last evening for example i met the russian emigre who had just finished Reading the whole of the a gulag archipelago Over radio Liberty and this station has a Library of a is amidst a the underground publications unmatched in the Western world the Kab probably has a sizeable collection though for other purposes. Listening to Solzhenitsyn a work particularly with Jammer provided background Static May not be As easy As watching a upstairs a downstairs a but every night Young men go out into the Countryside around Moscow which is saturated with Hammer get re on their Short wave sets and turn on a tape recorder. This a tape is then passed around from hand to hand. C King features

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