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Ada Sunday News Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Ada Sunday News (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Ada, Oklahoma 1918 the year Swine flu struck Ada by Pat Upton for two months during 1918, a Nightmare of death More fearsome than the Kaiser a army a Over there haunted adans Over Bere. Hie enemy did no to Wear spiked Coa scuttle helmets or come marching with a thundering unmistakable sound. It came silently and dealt indiscriminate blows which touched sometimes fatally practically every area household. Hie killer was tagged then As Spanish influenza. Now in anticipation of another great epidemic it terrifies under the name Swine flu. A touch of irony exists in the latest modern medical prophecy which warns of another outbreak of the dreaded disease this fall. National health officials Are presently assuring the Swine flu vaccines will be available beginning oct. I. It was precisely at that time 58 years ago the 1918 killer swept the United states like a medical Forest fire. Mrs. Art Mccarty now living at the Aldridge building served As a nurse in the Ada area from 1910 until just a a few years ago and she remembers the holocaust which virtually single hand edly closed the town for two months. Mrs. Mccarty came to Center at the age of eight in 1896 and moved to Ada in 1908, a when there was nothing she took to nursing in 1910, partly for the Money 82 a Day working for or. Faust a a in a seen doctors take you to the Kitchen table to remove an appendix a she said. She remembers when the first Soldier a a boy who died of the mysterious assailant was brought Home and buried in Rosedale cemetery. A officials told All of us what the disease was a she recalled. A we were plenty scared. Later officials even let the families have funerals had to avoid a there was nothing for us to do but wait. You just stayed ready a she said. Then it began to hit not Only Ada but the rest of the United states As Well. Major cities released unbelievable death tolls. On oct. 1,1918,202 died in Boston of the disease which employed pneumonia As an accomplice. In Philadelphia 289 died within a 24-hour period. Hospital help nurses or volunteers. Entire families fell ill at one time members died within hours of each other. On oct. 7, a a influenza struck several East Central Normal school University students. They complained of excessively High fever sore Throat various aches and pains. The student army training corps like All military posts the country was plans for Swine flu vaccination program 2a that was just the where the end was no one knew. The details Are blurred in her mind but mrs. Mccarty remembers vividly the overworked doctors getting perhaps four hours of sleep a night if they were Lucky. One doctor she recounted a could no to have gotten More than three nights sleep in one there Wasny to near enough emergency still at Warwas under quarantine. The Hospital located above Gwen a drug began filling to capacity and another emergency Hospital was set up in the two Story Ford building formerly the Allen boarding House East of the Katy tracks. Later a a a detention Camp was arranged for the few convalescing patients. A anybody and anything was needed and used a mrs. Mccarty continued. A some people go they were so scared. Moist of the women who stayed away had children and they would lock themselves and their families in their houses and the men would try to make a living the Best they Adas time to mourn began. Three people died. By oct. 9, City Law ordered people off the streets. A special police Force patrolled the downtown sector fining violators who strolled the City walks. Children were allowed in town for Only a Short while on family errands provided they had a written pass from die patrols. Schools and theatres were closed. Even the Ada ministerial Alliance voted to suspend Church services until a break came. East Central also had to cancel a football game with Tishomingo. Judge Orel Busby ordered court postponed indefinitely. East main was closed to All traffic. Public coughing and sneezing without a handkerchief was unlawful and violators were threatened with stiff fines and jail sentences. No spitting on the sidewalks was permitted and if one persisted in coughing or sneezing in a Public place he was promptly evicted. About the Only a a precautions against contamination was the Gauze face masks worn by people when in Public. Gargling was recommended but actually had Little effect. The influenza yielded to no known medication. However a poultice made of onions Rye meal and vinegar which was placed on the Chest of the victim As hot As he could stand was the most often used a a on oct. 14, seven More died in Ada. The Hospital count had risen to too and was still climbing. On oct. 18,15 More were admitted and an hour later More than 40 reported ill. The Day before the nation was stunned with Chicago a infamous account of a Black thursday a when nearly 400 see a the year Page 19a of Tennis official decide transsexual Renee Richards is qualified for neither the men s division nor the women s division they la have to form the Quot other s tuesday is primary Poy the Ada 73rd year no. 103 44 pages 4 sections sunday edition of the Ada evening news Ada Oklahoma sunday August 22,1976 Allied soldiers Isi. Fell tree near Doz in Korea Seoul South Korea apr the United states staged a demonstration of military Power in and around Korea on saturday at the same time As Allied forces felled a tree that was the Center of the dispute in which North koreans killed two american officers. President Ford personally approved a the plan to go in there and Cut the tree Down a White House press Secretary Hon Nessen said saturday at Vail colo., where Ford is vacationing. With Ford is National Security Agency director Brent a. Scow Croft who is keeping the president abreast of the situation. At Travis air Force base in California Flag draped caskets carrying the bodies of the two slain american officers arrived amid a Brief solemn ceremony. As the plane returning their bodies touched Down a 26-Man Honor guard saluted. The bodies were taken to the . Army mortuary in Oakland Calif. Col. Erroll Loving Travis information officer said maj. Arthur Bonitos 33, of Newburgh n.y., would be flown to West Point n y. For burial and 1st it. Mark t. Barrett 25, to his Hometown of Columbia . Bonitos was promoted posthumously from Captain to major. In the operation an Armada of warplanes and troops was poised near the demilitarized zone during cutting of the 40-foot Poplar at the Neutral truce Village of Panmunjom. A . Navy task Force steamed toward Korea. Twenty six helicopter gunships of the kind used in the Vietnam War backed by an unspecified number of f4 phantom and fill Jet fighters and three b52 bombers from Guam circled overhead while a a Quick reaction Force of 300 . And South korean soldiers protected the tree cutting Allied military sources said. North korean soldiers at the scene limited their response to shooting photographs but their government accused the United states of a grave military provocation. A Pyongyang broadcast charged that 300 troops including americans a in full combat trim a entered the demilitarized zone Doz separating North and South Korea and not Only Cut Down the tree but also destroyed North korean guard posts and smashed barriers. Another 400 Allied troops took combat positions 400 Yards away backed up by five truckloads of soldiers and a helicopter All a creating a terrible War atmosphere a the broadcast said. The Allied sources declining to be identified denied that the combat Force had entered the Doz but did not say How close it approached. North Korea s Central news Agency charged that one . Helicopter intruded into North korean air space along the Doz on saturday a committing espionage and a hostile a broadcast of the report monitored in Tokyo did not specify what the a hostile act was. But it said it was a linked with the provocations that the United states a is conducting without setup in the joint Security what s inside the old Highway department division Iii Headquarters building in Ada will be turned Over to Pontotoc county. A Page 2a the Quot summer slump Quot has hit the blood Bank at Valley View Hospital. A Page 2a a recent ordinance amendment Means landlords can no longer do electrical wiring work on their rent property. A Poge 2a plans for a vaccination program to combat Swine flu Are proceeding on state and local Levels. A Page 2a Elizabeth Eaker presents quite a contrast to the traditional concept of today s free Wheeling Road travelling woman who has liberated herself to the status of a Quot lady a Page 12a East Central professors develop new concept in nursing Home management. A Page 6a gov. Davis Boren will be the featured speaker for an afternoon of activities for senior citizens next month. A Page 6a residents in three separate parts of Pontotoc county Are proceeding with plans for Rural water 7a 14-year-old Adon injured in Accident fourteen year old Roger Keith Hill 136 n. Crownpoint is in critical condition in the intensive care unit at children a memorial Hospital in Oklahoma City with injuries sustained Friday night in an Auto motorcycle Accident near 2900 e. Arlington. According to Ada police department officials Hill northbound on a motorcycle was attempting to Cross a line of eastbound traffic near the area where Arlington Broadens from a two Lane Road to a four Lane Highway. Although details of the Accident Are still under investigation by local police officials believe Hill crossed Arlington Boulevard and collided with an eastbound pick up truck driven by Robert d. Mcfarling 38, Ada. Both Hill and the motorcycle were knocked about 22 feet by the Impact. Hill was immediately taken to Valley View Hospital with head neck and Back injuries and was later transferred to the Oklahoma Hospital. Mcfarling was uninjured. Peggy Overton Dies in Virginia Iona a a Peggy Overton who with her husband major Fred Overton formed a popular husband wife team assigned As directors of the Ada salvation army died Friday in Charlottesville a. Mrs. Overton 46, was bom in Freeborn by. She and her husband were commissioned lieutenants and assigned first to Birmingham ala., in 1952. Later the couple served at Columbus ga., then in Florence ala., and Sherman Tex. In 1957, they were assigned to big Spring Tex., returning to Cumberland in 1959 and then going to Shawnee in 1962. After three years in Shawnee the couple moved to Ada and contributed much in the Way of music to the salvation army As Well As the College High school and Community. The overtones left Ada in 1970 for an assignment in Tulsa. Currently maj. Overton is commanding officer at the salvation army in Charlottesville. See Complete obituary information on Page 2. News does anybody really care editors note this material is not a news Story and makes no pretence in that direction. It is an out and out political commentary. As the byline indicates it is authored by Steve Knickmeyer Veteran political observer which Means he once had a course in government. Caveat have been fairly warned. By Steve Knickmeyer tuesday is primary Day and a plethora of candidates will learn the answer to the burning question does anybody care it seems to be a season for apathy. Maybe folks Are just tired of politicians. But eavesdrop on a conversation in the local Coffee shop and you re More liable to hear the name of Craig Mcbroom than that of anyone running for office. You be got to feel sorry for those Guys running in a vacuum. Part of the problem is the Lack of races. There Are Only two of local interest third District congressional seat and District 13 state Senate seat. Lets take the Senate race first since its getting even less attention if that a possible than the congressional race. We have six would be senators All democrats. Alphabetically for a More serious look at candidates and other vital election information please turn to Page 3a for the voter guide. Wmk some 2,000 sterile male screw worm flies swarm lazily from a Box water is placed in each Box to keep the flies docile until they Are opened by us a Pilot Walter Jensen on the runway of the Ada dropped Over a screw worm infested area. Municipal Airport thursday. A Container of Cotton soaked with sugar photo by Don Cook sterile flies air dropped screw worm bombarded by Dennis King As new cases of screw worm infestation struck in two additional Southeastern Oklahoma counties this week agriculture officials continued their Aerial Battle to Stop the spread of the parasites. The second of three Airdrop of sterile screw worm flies Over infested areas of Coal Pontotoc Johnston and Hughes counties was made thursday. The drops were made by an aircraft and Crew from the . Agriculture department Laboratory in Mission Tex. Bui Beasley us a compliance officer who is overseeing the eradication efforts said 13 confirmed cases of screw worm infestation have occurred in the four counties nine of them in Coal county. A a they re really popping up a Over now a he said. These parasites which Are the larvae of screw worm flies annually cause millions of dollars damage to livestock in the southwestern u a. And Mexico. The flies eggs Hatch in the open wounds of warm blooded animals and the larvae feed on the flesh of the animal. Beasley said he has information that there were several unreported cases of screw worm infestation in Coal and Atoka counties before the first Case was reported in Coal county on aug. 2. A when they get a foothold like that before they re Ever reported its More difficult to Knock them out a he said. The first step in fighting infestations must be to notify agriculture officials so organized eradication programs can be started Beasley said. Thus far the cases reported have All occurred in cattle horses and Swine. But the agriculture official said infest see a a aerials Page 10a Oklahoma voters to determine Fate of state question tuesday state voters will decide tuesday whether to pass legislation which would permit residents of school districts counties or groups of counties to set up emergency medical service districts to provide ambulance services. Passage of state question 522, a proposed amendment to the state Constitution would enable communities to hold local elections to determine if they wish to establish such districts and fund them through local and Valorme taxes. Or. . Ramsay Ada physician who serves As co chairman of the a yes 522�?� committee inc., pointed out in a recent interview that the question does not involve any statewide taxation. He stated the amendment would simply give local residents the right to establish emergency medical service districts and tax themselves up to three mils to support the service. Co authored by state sen. Jim Hamilton Poteau and state rep. Joe Johnson Heavener the Bill provides for special elections which May be called in a school District county or larger area for the purpose of voting on whether to establish an ambulance District and whether to assess and Valorme taxes in that District not to exceed three mils to provide funds for operation of the District. Citizens May also vote to Levy a one time and Valorme tax of up to three mils to provide for issuance of Bonds for Purchase of capital equipment items including vehicles. The District would be operated by a locally selected Trust authority which would be required to establish standards of emergency service for the District. The method by which emergency services would be provided would also be determined on a local level. The a yes 522�?� committee inc. States existing ambulance services would not be put out of business by establishment of such districts. Ramsay pointed out that while some areas have adequate ambulance service passage of the state question would make it possible for those with inadequate emergency medical systems to raise the level of service in their areas. He added the funds provided through local elections would cover All Levels of see a a residents Page Iba Harold Hall Ada attorney. He ran for this seat two years ago against Wes Watkins and Drew 8,000 votes. Previously he ran for a against Gordon Melson and carried two counties Pontotoc and Hughes but not by enough to win the election. So he a proved he can get votes. Of course he a lost two out of two which in t the greatest possible Selling Point. Halls hoping for a six voter turnout with four voting for him so he can avoid a Runoff. And his current Campaign proves he a willing to learn from experience he a utilizing Many of the tricks Watkins used two years ago. Cal Hoover another Ada attorney. Hoover also ran for office once losing to Lonnie Abbott four years ago. That Wasny to the most serious Campaign in the world since Hoover was attending Law school at the time and Only campaigned on weekends. Still he got a couple of thousand votes. Abbott by the Way is unopposed this time and says its the Only Way to travel hoovers been an assistant District attorney and special District judge in Ada. His Campaign theme is a a in a Here to listen Quot and for two months he a been wandering around the District trying to get people to talk to him so he can listen. Kenneth Kinslow Okemah bean bag chair manufacturer. An Enigma he Hasni to even announced his candidacy in the Ada news. But he claims to have closed Down his bean bag Plant in order to Campaign so he must be serious about it. He might combat James Mcdaniel for the Rural vote but he Hasni to campaigned enough for anyone around Ada which is where the votes Are to know whether he was born on a farm or in a shopping Center. Kinslow is being conceded the bean bag vote. James Mcdaniel Fitzhugh rancher. As unknown As Kinslow when the Campaign began he a been working hard and figures to draw a Good bit of the Rural vote. This is his first political venture which is illustrated by his making a Point of being an associate member of the local Democrat women a club. That May not be much but when its All you be got you talk about it. One of the Best things about Mcdaniel is his Road signs they re Green avoiding the red White and Blue Bicentennial cliche. Hon Ricord Ada to Man. He a not a lawyer. That seems to be the basis indeed the totality of his Campaign. Ricord figures what was Good enough for George Miller is Good enough for him and he May be right. His name is Well known and like Hamp Baker in the congressional race he should pick up some votes simply because people have heard of him. Not surprisingly Ricord is a Good speaker but that probably wont matter much because very few people attend the speaking and politicians Learned Long ago to put still pictures in front of those to cameras. Greg Saunders the third Ada attorney. Currently assistant to Daroy Powell. Very grateful that Seminole county in t included in District 13. Smooth and articulate Saunders is hoping to overcome his virtual anonymity by hard campaigning. His political strategy is a bit archaic. His red Road signs Are fading badly which May or May not be an Omen. The congressional race seems to be dominated by three candidates Adas own Wes Watkins Carl Albert or Charley Ward whichever and Hamp Baker of drive with care Fame. Watkins gave up his state Senate seat to run for Congress a hard working efficient campaigner he probably has the Best organization of any of the hopefuls. He a been running for this office since birth so he figures to have a lot of supporters. Charley Ward has Carl Albert. That could be enough. A lot of folks figure the Little giant deserves one last favor. But Ward is a lackadaisical campaigner and it May be More difficult for Albert to Crown his successor than he imagined. Hamp Baker has name recognition. He a currently on the corporation commission but most people remember him for his Road signs telling them to drive with care. That got Baker elected to one office it might work again. There Are other candidates of course. Gary Payne whose candidacy was Hurt the most by wards belated and reluctant entry into the race will be Strong in Atoka county but that a Only one of 25 counties in the District. There Are even two republicans and an Independent running and ill award a Kewpie doll to anyone who can name them. The most enjoyable Democrat has to be Marvin Andrews who emerges from Sardis every two years to run for Congress. He easily has the Best vocabulary of any candidate blithely throwing around words like lepidopteran and Strat Cracy. At a recent speaking Andrews said a i know i done to have the Chance of a snowball in hades to win and i done to that s refreshing. Trouble is very few voters seem to care either

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