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Ada Star Newspaper Archives Apr 11 1901, Page 8

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Ada Star (Newspaper) - April 11, 1901, Ada, Oklahoma A a a a a or ta�?.4wa my a of Mem a it a u Vij a i 1 la a a Vav. A a. Into i a in Fin hts Jdie in the we Are Wuehr Hep leers i. Ada Napi fifty Cento. A near am Isau a extended a ii in Mifty in Arery possible Hie mail Hank from Hei to Center has changed its schedule o it a i it inc Tho discontinuance of the go to Thor to Bakoy Knox Post office and leaves Here at for Center at to a. In. We Are sorry to record the Beard of Shawnee is in i a infant daughter of the cite <t7 a a ,.ju. In i Charles Brans Tetta a citizen of c10" old town. The remains were played brah Jcj Vanloe if it Putin the City cemetery wed a Fine boy arrived at the Home Lea adm afternoon. Of Bruce owner recent Jar. It pc. Amp Davenport of mount. Leo Kiuon Uii of business y6rnoi xexr8f who has been . Tapai Zifka this week. # a visiting relatives Here for several. Eel Steed says his big line of Days made a Hying Tisho shoes must go regardless of Fri it be. Unpi go saturday to see his brother Bob Nestor is on the sick list her it Ewing Davenport this week. M Ujj Jolly Joe Simpson came through m. L. Wash is the Ole agent Adaven the North bound passenger for the celebrated Albatross hour. I monday morning in route to m. A. Filler of euekq.kas.,i Charleston s. C., where be frill is speeding the week in Ada. Upend the next to Days on Busi Wilson a Fullerton handle All Ness. Kinds of feed and sed Grain. 1<m Henson of the. Firm of mrs. W. A. Alexander the i Little amp Henson visited tee urn popular Milliner is on the sick list sch is week. And on his return this week. It As accompanied by or. Leon i. K. Myers has returned from Mooney an enterprising merchant a. Visit to his family at Wynne of that City. a. Of you want the Hest hour on Earth see Mart also. Ile handles the Albatross.4 Mcmillan Judd aiders. Josie and Annie Woodman banquet Ftp Sale t. his he up it looking after his interests in Oklahoma this week. In Sam Harris of Shawnee one of Adas property owners was in Ada the first part of the week. And we Are reliably informed that the result of his trip will be More building enterprises for Ada. a. M. Benson who Drew e a very destructive Vernon texts the old bottle of a number of our Good and substantial citizens and the former Home of the Junior editor of the news in which about $100,000 in buildings and merchandise went up in smoke. The Woodard hotel formerly owned and managed by or. H. Woodard now of Ada and a member of Woodard hardware company being one of the heaviest losses in the Way of buildings. Mrs. Dollie Smith a Ell known widow of Francis i. T., met with quite a severe misfortune last Fri Day night. While on her Way to Ada the train shopped at the switch to Side track for a North bound. Mrs. Smith thinking that she was at the station alighted with liar baby in her arms and owing a to the track being elevated on a very High dump at this Point she and Lier baby received a very severe and dangerous fall. The baby escaped but the lady ship was dislocated also her Arm and Back sprained. Services at Tho methodist Church next sunday As follows 9 45 a. Rn., sunday school j. J. Scarborough superintendent p. J. Hollow Secretary. La a. Iii., preaching by pastor subject a the voice of 9 30 p. Rn., Junior league mrs. J. E. Clark superintendent. 3 30 p. Rn., senior league p. J. Hollow president mrs. Alexander chairman of devotional department flout thu it of evening with full attendance mid past several ordinate which will Tio doubt meet with the Hearty Accord of the people of the town. The ordinances passed related to making provision for the burial expenses of paupers which ordinance will relieve the town of being out that amount of expense a he has been subjected to heretofore. Also regulating the smallpox situation. By the appointment of a quarantine officer whose duty it shall be to 4uarrantine nil person having smallpox in their houses by the placing it the front a yellow hag and placing the persons affected under notice not to Leyye premises until they have acquired foil the City physician a certificate of health. The ordinance makes the v Iatrou a Misdemeanour. Also an ordinance relating to Public schools which the Board of directors Are authorized and in a trusted to Opena free school in the town of Ada,., on feb. 1st., 1902, for Tho period of three months or so much longer As is by the Council. The recorder is instructed to Issue script payable out of the school fund of 1902, countersigned by the mayor in payment of super intendant teachers and for Neces a Matt by the to thai of with mrs i Wail robbed of my pc fwd Asago i White Riding of Jota a train Inear Oklahoma City. Tie was in the smoker where there were eve Leral negroes. He fell asleep and awoke Only to find that he had Ibsen robbed. Everybody in Tim Lear yearned to be asleep when he awoke did. A Keener who lived in the North pert of town died yesterday afternoon of smallpox this is the second death from this. Dreaded disease which has occurred in our City recently. May the time soon come when this awful pest shall have been exterminated. A rated a two Gray horses about,9 years old branded of on left thigh. Strayed from Auer about december. Liberal Reward will be paid for recovery of. Huddleston \ allen/1. 41 a j Al 4 strayed or Brindle cow and calf cow de born de branded jts on hip Bald face. $5 Reward for . J. Spangler Ada i. 42t2 dissolution notice. J a Knight the firm of Holley a Mcl Bali a dissolved january i 190i by Mutual Content. F. Z. Holley will continue she business at the i a a same stand As at present ass in sary expense in conducting the inf m i abilities of the said Braim in the country j Leader. Miss Una Long subject. Left sunday morning for that. A choosing a hard Josh. Pat Duffy Andi Piv fvorhees.,� to enter were in the City wednesday., . A Igo to e. L. Steed for Canton and Clipper plows it it also the Avery a the Best in the we ild. I judge n8.b. Haney,-.qf to Een Tille. Texas few Days in the City Thijs wec0 j the Tom Jones died end was buried at Al gee they. The Ada National Bank have ornamented therit front by rect ing a Good and substantial awning. Just try on is a cd of 4lat Albatross flour at my in Walsh. Every 6ack.grflptejdv or. Mccall in Aiter. A few months sojourn in Ada left a a us Duy for Green Volp exas. Done to fail to be Fht a new Slough ton Wagon before buying. A. L. Nettles has a Carlo a. ? mrs. John p. Mckinley cashier la a w. M. Freeman co., is visiting relatives Iii w Olf City. Texas this week. Jackson amp Clark la Aue recently opened up a clean he he it of drugs and general merchandise at Xuy Rolla it q t babe Clifton of Center was in Tho City tuesday and left for Wetumka wednesday we it Ere he will reside in the of quirk. Or. Vaughter is a1 Globe i. T., this week. He a to size up that part of the country in Aad if suited lie will to it Robway fit a Tyr the pfc a cd Opi Daud a and family of Cen of a attended Tho ban Inch monday night. Jap one cd Center s most enterprising Mer chants. I. A pm a. A Wilson is fill in Rte a have converted the St and Wolfn Voity oct tipped by them into a St Lais feed store and have if a Urbus of feed stuff for Sale at the prices. The peace i Abl i people of Ada Welcome the exit of the noisy Sweeney who has been them by Ilia beastly yells echoed through his tin Truro pet. place where he will improve by property and prepare his new horns. I f ii. John Taylor a prominent citizen of Oil trough ark., is in the City and is thinking of going into business ,we Welcome you or Taylor and wish you the Best of Success. John Hanston and Bride from near Jesse i. �?zwere in the City the first part of Hie week purchasing the ii household supplies. . A a copped a his prize last % a a a. Kavork on to Alss Gaic Temple on the Corner of twelfth and in of Pseud Avenue is. Progressing rapidly and it Wall Only. Be a Short time until this Corner will be decorated Ith one of the most handsomest Tony edifices a Tho City. The addition to the Arkansas store Complete. A a his will give dive occupants More room for goods. we May expect to Sec a Large and new line of dry goods opened up in Tho old a . It l. Hover our mercy of but now of Lireka. Kus., is tin Ada visiting and attending to business affairs of i her late husband. Mrs. Hover and family Are Lof cd by All who know Hor amb she will always be a Welcome visitor Iii Ada. Token Largo an Indian who killed a Chickasaw Indian three weeks ago a at Hod Springs. Dias escaped to the seminoles nation and killed an Indian Wolmut to litre. Two United states marshals have bees close after him capturing i horse and Saddle but have fair cd so far to get Tho Man. Jawed a bad Indian and the officers dread Bim. It a a a John Ferguson a prominent Young Inan of Ada it Tod at his Hong to let old town tuesday even it Gurt 4obelock of typhoid Ever altar an illness of Almo it four wet pm he will be butted at Cit a a meter this aft Riklin at Xiv fi-14. p. In., preaching. Everybody is cordially invited to attend these services. School provided always that of Holley amp expenses up recommended by the or. Mcknight a services Board pm rectors and allowed by the town Council. Thin ordinance further specifies lat cd orc any pupi of a in allowed to enter the Public school it shall be necessary for each one of them to have been successfully vaccinated within the years or otherwise of vaccinated Hgt physician who shall them retained As prescription c f. Z. Holley. All account ii to pc finn must be paid at cd f. Z. A Lixi 42tf. G. N. Mtg Kriol Huver a Henley sold. Tim dry goods business of hover a Henley was sold i yesterday. _ Momine to the firm olt lit de a. A vaccination certificate flitch Harruna. The death of or. Blank certificate a haul bfl., turnover the Junior member of this a i hed by the City which shall be Well known Linn which occurred recordo4 by the Supey intendant. Some time ago. Necessitated or it a child. A new in school Henley to dispose of Tho business. A a he firm of Reed a Harrison Are too Well known to. Need mention and lit goes without saying that they will inject new life into the business and make it a Success. They Are known throughout,.the whole territory having been in Busine it Hore when Ada was Only a fat Troffice. The news regrets very much the necessity of the old firm having to cease but feels sure that hic business will continue with much Success. A a streets opened. On last tuesday morning Iem. Arn Licki by order of the Council opened Rennie Avenue and sixteenth Street. A a he crossing of these in the South part of town has up to the present been blockaded with wire rails and an immense peach Orchard. This action has been needed for some time and will prove a great Satis faction to the Public As Well As the town cow which goeth out each morning to lie Down in Green pastures. Hurrah for Archer and it Tetje. A la Ltd. The Suprin Pendant. After a rep we if the vaccination fails to Takoff. return the subject to. The Jbv is Ian for re vaccination. In v a school Board meeting is culled to meet this evening to determine whether it is advisable of. Desirable to commence a Public school cd. 1st., issuing scrip in payments the expense incidental to Tho conducting of a school which scrip would be paid out of the 1902 school fund. It is hoped that the Hoard of directors May be enabled to find that solution of the a free school problem a which will make it possible and practicable to give the children of our town the benefits of a Public school this school year. However whatever action they May determine upon the town May feel sure that it interests and school interests will be in in. Served. Judiciously and intelligent a. Fly Keri Jussell. It Frank Parker and miss Mph Russell were United in marriage at a the parsonage1 last sunday Hov. Shelton officiating. They Jindu ave., Ara both very prominent and highly respected i Young people and Tler nows joins a Hest of Ada Arning ajor a Coart of Ade in the . Southern District v. L. Terry plaintiff. A a. Plack,1 defend air the Down Apt Black is warned j to appear this court in thirty Days 1 and Unior the complaint of the plaintiff War Terry. fitness thy hand and official Seal Solu this tit to Day of Jan. 1002. \ t. J. Chambless v mayor. Crawford a Mckown attorneys for 1 a me Nice attorney for non Orcsi fondant 4214 Craw i plus Miff. In Lei us of if you want a Good shave go to j. J. Blares u r next Barber shop. On 12th Stites hot and cold Baths. Agency Lotf new process steam laundry South Mcalester. Re Bushel the result Behof Fai in Shwa of ail the Mulli in that Section. The Farmers of . Holding their whist a a $t.00<pwi a a a Tood the m4wi#xtends tit the bereaved Fatti Lyten Tad eyes a meet Heartfelt sympathy a Fri car in. and Happy life. Them a Long i awarded Gold medal. cd celebrated Albatross Allouf was awarded a Gold modal at the pan american exposition Buffalo a y. For Sale by m. L. Wash. In a ill. Burned to the ground., about 4 of clock yesterday afternoon the yell of fire Tiro was j heard throughout the City when it was discovered that the residence of or. W e. Mooney on. Tho Corner of pith Street and Ren was in flames. Or. Moons was at his daily place of business and his wife was out calling. Consequently a no one reached the scone in time to be of any advantage in saving the contents of the House. The loss is about $1000/ being insured for Only $300. In the american be trial insurance Coly by Weaver Jones do. W. D. Akes physician. Office Corner drug Stere. Calls nod Day or its i i 0mt>f�rget tie is did a we k in tomorrow night Tbs new Stoughton Ngoi a pc. Nettls a is a a Beauty. Him before Tov in

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