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Ada Star Newspaper Archives Apr 11 1901, Page 6

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Ada Star (Newspaper) - April 11, 1901, Ada, Oklahoma The Ada news. S. C. Waddill. Editor. A. E. Haker publisher. Ada ind. Tar. The undergraduate body of Roanoke College Salem va., include four koreans one of them a son of the emperor and five native Porto cans. A korean recently won prize for English declamation. I the the tree planted at the naval training station in Newport an dedicated to the memory of Admiral Philip who commanded the Texas at Santiago will typify the vitality and growth of the heroes dime. His record illustrated at once the valor and humaneness that characterize the Model officer. He did not fear a fighting enemy nor fail to Succour a dying foe. The fifth of an extraordinary series of weddings has just been celebrated in Paradise Valley near Oroville. Cal. The first was that of John Weer. A Cornish widower w Ith four Good looking daughters. Some years ago he wedded mrs. Malarin a French widow with four sons. The boys and girls have now been All mated and the five couples live under the same roof. The experiments Are for the purpose of improving and perfecting bombs that Are now made for the purpose of exposing the position of an enemy at night and to reveal the character of defences to be attacked. These projectiles explode on Impact liberating a flaming compound. One compound consisting of Sulphur Saltpetre and hydrocarbon is a Blue Light mixture. The illumination lasts As Long As the Saltpetre supplies oxygen to maintain combustion. The shipbuilding nations the relative standing of the United states As shown by the latest official figures Germany a remarkable Progress. President John Henry Barrows of Oberlin College announces that John d. Rockefeller has offered Oberlin $200,000 on condition that the College raise $�00,000 dining the present year. As $150,000 of the is already pie aged. There seems to by no doubt the the Quot great Britain has lost her proud record of first in the great Iron Industry. She is losing her Lead in Coal mining. Her Cotton manufactures Are sinking to second rank. Many of the industries in which it has been her boast for Many years that she has led the world Are being threatened. There is however one article in the production of which both in Quality and Quantity this country can safely assert her superiority. Not even Germany has snatched from her first honors in to says an English publication and if we pass the Point of Quality the statement regarding shipbuilding is like the other statements undoubtedly True. Britannia rules the wave. To go Back to the year 1899. Which affords the latest ascertained figures for comparison. We find that in that year the United kingdom launched 1.245 vessels. This estimate takes no account of War vessels nor of vessels built for foreign nations or individuals. Of the former there were eight launched during the year and of the latter Twenty six men of War and 215 merchantmen. Of the merchant ships alone the total tonnage was 930,550 tons. These 1.400 vessels would carry cargoes amounting in real Burden to about twice their registered tonnage or 1,861.100 tons of freight. The easiest Way to see at a glance the position of Ragland in the shipbuilding world a to take a list of the largest vessels say those of too tons and Over an compare the number built in the f United kingdom during the year told their tonnage with those i of a a tiler ship building countries. In eluding All ships merchant War. Steel up via carry Twenty per Cern More car spii2nkling wagons. Whereas fully one half of the american ships were intended for service on the great Inland lakes the German ships were mainly meant for competing for the transatlantic Trade and for Commerce with Germany a new colonies in Africa or the Pacific. Germany is great Britain a most dangerous competitor in the matter of ship building and grows More formidable every year. She and the United states Are both threatening great Britain with cargo ships of equal or even greater size than the largest British ship though the celtic of the English White Star line holds the cargo record. Recent acidity in America. The recent activity in american shipbuilding is due to the great Prosperity of the country and to new legislation. The legislation of forty years ago was disastrous. In i860 there were on the High seas 2.386,000 tons of american shipping which dwindled in the next ten years to 1.450.000. And in 1889 was Down to 1.000,000 Only. But the country started up the ladder again about ten years ago. And has been progressing with giant strides. The returns at present in hand for 1900 show that the 207.000 tons of 1899 have been exceeded by at least 25.000 last year and it is confidently predicted that within Twenty years the United states will beat great Britain As badly in go than an Iron one and by 1890, ninety out of every too steam Vee Aele built were constructed of steel. England is the principal builder today of Iron and wooden ships. She also makes a few of what Are called composite ships ships built of Metal and shielded with Wood. The British figures for materials of ships for the year 1899 Are As follows 206 Wood nine composite eighty Iron 849 steel. The Cost of ship building has fallen greatly within the last few years. This is due to the great reduction in the Cost of producing steel and to improved machinery. It is estimated that Twenty years ago first class tramp steamers Cost $70 a ton to build. They can now be built for $50. For sailing ships the Cost is $25 a ton As compared with $35 a ton Twenty years ago. High Speed steamers Are far More expensive. A typical twin screw Steamer cannot be built for less than $200 a ton it is said. It is interesting to see where the giant Steps of modern ship building Are leading us. In the last third of a Century ships have increased five times in size and have doubled their Speed. If this goes on the Ocean greyhound of 1933 will be of 65.000 tons Burden. 1.100 feet Long 120 feet beam. 75 feet depth and travel at forty five Miles an hour. An the first color voter. Thomas Peterson of Perth Amboy n. J., enjoys the distinction of being the first coloured voter in the United states. He recently celebrated the thirty first anniversary of his first vote. Or. Peterson was born in Metuchen n. J., on May i 1824. When Thomas was four years old his parents moved to Perth Amboy and that place has Ever since been his Home. March 31, 1870, the residents of Perth ship building As it is already doing Ambos voted on a proposed revision in the matter of steel and Iron. On the coast of the United states has lately been Laid the keel of two ships which when completed will beat All record for size. They Are intended for the Pacific Trade. They will be Regis College wll claim the gift before Janu j Ary i. During the two years of the presidency of or. Barrows the endowment has been increased by $700,000. Not counting the 8500,000 expected from the mentioned. In Elf. Ting Henry p. Davison to the preside Acy of the Liberty National Bank in new York last week the stockholders of that institution placed in control of their property a Man who is today the youngest Bank president in the Metropolis. Or. Davison at the age of thirty three ranks not Only As president of a National Bank in the financial Center of the continent but also As the Secretary of the new York Clearing House the organization of the Hanking interests. Russia has decided that it want the american bicycle having tired of the More Clumsy English and German article. Such Are the comforting reports received by the managers of the american bicycle company which does much of the exporting of american machines. Russia finds More popular use for the machine at a moderate Price than it has found heretofore and the Many american made machines that travellers about Europe have seen have convinced them of the superiority of our machines Over those of european make. So there is an unusual demand this year a fact which pleases the american maker who finds the demand Here falling off As compared with that which existed when All America was bicycle mad. Of the City charter on which occasion Peterson deposited his first ballot. In commemoration of the first vote cast by a negro the citizens of that place collected $89 and presented or. Peterson a Gold medal appropriately inscribed. Ian prov meat on Tho old St Row exported the modern sprinkling Wagon is very different from the old timer. The chief improvement is in the Spray head which enables the Driver to control the flow of water much better than the old style. Thus whether it is a dirt or a Macadam Road or a Stone paved or Asphalt Street there can be supplied from the modern Street sprinkler just the amount of water required to Lay the dust in it. Without waste. The Spray head on each Side has its own valve Rod running to the Drivers seat with a step there for the foot. The Driver can operate both Heads at once or he can run Only one head he can shut off or open either at pleasure. With this sort of Wagon the expert Driver leaves behind him dry crosswalks with perfectly defined limits and when he comes to a Carriage or a Street car. Upon which to does no to want to throw water he shuts off the flow on that Side and keeps the other going. Sprinkling wagons Are made in various sizes ranging from 150 Gallons to 1.000 Gallons capacity. There Are Twenty sprinkling wagons sold in this country nowadays where there was one sold Only a few years ago. This great increase in their use is due in Large measure to sanitary reasons to the great Extension of Good roads and to the common desire for Comfort. Sprinkling wagons Are used nowadays commonly in Many smaller towns and villages where they were never thought of some years ago. And american sprinkling wagons Are now found All Over the world wherever sprinkling wagons Are used. They Are exported to Australia. Cuba Porto Rico. South America. South Africa and Europe. The modern sprinkling Wagon that the traveler chances to see in Paris or Berlin or Hamburg came very Likely from the same factory As the one he saw Here before he left Home going through his own Home Street. He came to be hanged. I m of Hon hide. Boer it a a l.itr.1 to Miry a Chun to carry oat i threat. Abel Erasmus the Boer Leader who horse hide is used in More ways than j recently surrendered to the British in a a threatened men live Long a sometimes when. For instance they Chance to be criminals whose counsel Are anxious to make a record. Almost ten years ago a Man in the state of Washington was convicted of murder in the first degree and sentenced to be hanged. Thai sentence has been thrice reaffirmed but the Man has not been hanged yet. The state supreme court and the United states supreme court have had the Case before them in the form of exceptions and objections during there ten years and the condemned Many a attorney declares that he has still a a Many cards to such attempts to Quot cheat the Gallows Quot have the evil effect of arousing against a convict a sentiment which is not easily to be distinguished from vindictiveness. And Wood sail and Parison stands thus steam the Cora shins. Tonnage. .655 1.363,012 .154. 98 207.345 227.898 69,933 24,351 33.542 colonies United kingdom. United states. Germany. France .55 Norway .30 Italy. 24 in addition the British turned out forty one ships of a combined tonnage of 11.573. And Sweden Holland. Belgium and Denmark each built Over 10.000 tons of shipping. Of the years combined total of ships the United kingdom must be credited with considerably Over half. Few persons know that the United states government derives an income from some of the largest bathing establishments in America if not in the world. The hot Springs of Arkansas which have been a resort for invalids for Many years Are owned by Uncle Sam and he extracts a payment of $30 a tub for the use of the medi aimed water. As there Are 534 tubs. The Spring brings him an income from that America position. It is with some Pride that we note that in the number of ships built the United states stands second on the list but this feeling of Pride is humbled somewhat by the fact that although Germany built Only ninety eight ships their combined tonnage was 20,000 tons greater than that of the 154 launched in our shipyards. The cause i vessels for this disparity Between numbers and i arises from the fact that tonnage tired at 20.000 tons and will displace 33,-000 tons of water As against 23.000 tons displaced by the deutschland. They will be 630 feet Long have five decks and accommodations for 1,000 passenger besides enormous cargoes of freight. A comparison of the material of which ships Are built is interesting. In 1820. For instance the world Hail 20.000 tons of steam vessels and 5,814,000 tons of sailing ships All of which were built of Wood. In 1860 the carrying Power of steam had risen to 6.840,000 and of sail 14.890,000. But All but two were still of Wood. It was not until 1859 that the use of Iron just began in ship building. In that year was built la France an Iron plated frigate for the French Navy and in the next year the Cartier of 6.170 tons was built in England. During the civil War the Erie son Monitor and other Iron Clad War vessels were built in the United states. The Monitor was the first Iron Clad successfully put to the Hazard of a fierce engagement. Iron ship the Guion line of transatlantic ships then began building Iron ships and by 1879 nearly half the steam vessels built were boing constructed of that Metal. In 1s79 came the first steel eighteen thousand tons of steel vessels were built in that year. Soon it was shown that a Ste vessel in the making of razor Strops. Some parts of the hide Are used for shoe uppers. The leather produced for the purpose being called in or d ova n. From Cordova in Spain where it was first made. Horse hide is used also for the manufacture of mittens and gloves and in bookbinding and there is made of it an excellent imitation of Buckskin. Horse hide is used in making whip ashes and some parts of it used for making shoestrings it is used largely for Carriage leather in covering seats and so on. There Are Between 150.000 and 200.000 annually used in the United states. The Soltau armoured Kitchen. The private Kitchen of the Sultan of Turkey is a veritable fortress consisting of a Small chamber situated to the right of the great Entrance and is guarded by barred windows and an Armor plated door. The Cook officiates under the Ever watchful Eye of the j Kelar Dohi Bachi. One of the most weighty functionaries in Yildiz Palace at constantinople for the health its very life even of the ruler is at his j mercy. When cooked each dish is fast ened with red Wax bearing the official j Seal of the Kelar Dohi. And remains her j medically closed until the seals Are j broken in the Sultan s presence. Copper in the philippine. Copper deposits in the province of Lepanto mar mount data. P. I., have i been worked by the Igor rotes since before the Spanish discovery of the archipelago. These barbarians who j Are heathens living in squalor have developed industriously to a surprisingly High Point and the skill they exhibit in the extraction and working of metals is extraordinary. They turn out Copper kettles no less than three and a half feet in diameter and they also make numerous kinds of implements and ornaments out of the same Metal. South Africa is a Man of great distinction among his countrymen. A Good Story is told of the old Boer and Lor Wol Cley. Then sir Garnet Wol Seley. In connection with the part Erasmus took in noise Ley a Campaign Iii 1879 against Seku Kuni the Chi f of the Lapedis on the Borders of Swaziland. After the capture of Seku Kuni he was immediately brought before sir Garnet Are j Wolseley who asked him How he a miserable Kaffir living in a Cave dared to defy the great Queen of England. The chief replied that he had been instigated to do so by Bel Erasmus. Sir Garnet in describing the seen at a Public dinner Given to him at Pretoria on his return from the Campaign said that he wished there and then to let Abel Erasmus know that if Ever he found that Erasmus had been inciting any chief to Levy War against England. And he was Able to Lay hands on him. Abel Erasmus would hang As High As Hainan. A few Days after the dinner sir Henry Brackenbury sir garnets military Secretary was sitting in his office when a tall bearded Boer entered and asked permission to speak with him. A i am Abel Erasmus a he said a and i have very important business to do nere. A he explained that Ile had come to see sir Garnet Wolseley. For he had heard that sir Garnet had said that if he could Lay hold of him would hang a Lim. And so he had come to he hanged. Us Garnet a in the next room and or Henry Brackenbury thought that it would he advisable to consult aim on the subject. Sir Garnet however happened to be too Busy at the moment to i see anybody and sir Henry after re Flection persuaded his angry visitor to take his leave and allow the hanging to stand Over for the time. Imagination works cures. La source of $16,020 a year the Bot Springs Whf a Are said to n Meir West , issuing from the is and the base of hot Springs a. And which Are now Boscu new. Have been converged in lances from several differ Ato one outlet by develop on the reservation undid taken Ion of the various us Quot mrs. $ Boga Experiment prove Success Fol Cue of he Miteru. The value of a Lively magma Tiki As a curative agent in disease is now Well understood by doctors and is frequently used As an Aid in effecting a cure. Pure water for instance is used by certain physicians in the City Hospital at Cincinnati where there is a Young woman who believes she can not sleep without receiving a hypodermic injection of morphine. She gets the injection regularly but water is substituted for the morphine. The deception works like a Charm and the patient is recovering. Now and then a Case presents an amusing phase. One woman possessed of the idea that her heart was growing to her Side refused to improve under the treatment accorded her and the doctors knowing her condition was due to hysteria planned to Gat rid her. Medicine was prescribed a up of the most nauseating the patient was ordered to hourly. After the first he woman said she was Well enough to go Home and 4he doctors congratulated themselves that the expelling decoction had proved so successful. To their Surprise when the woman left the Hospital she asked that a bottle of the Medicine be Given her. As it had furnished Mote re if than anything she had taken. Although the doctors say that it is women who respond most readily to this form of treatment there is now and then a Man who permits himself to be deceived to his own advantage. An elderly Man for instance suffered greatly from imaginary paralysis. Therefore the Ordinary treatments whether by drugs or the electric current had no effect upor him. The doctors consulted and one Day by prearranged plan the patient was informed by a person supposed to be uninterested in his Case that magnetism not electricity was what he needed and since then he has shown marked improvement under the constant application of a wooden Magnet painted to resemble the genuine article. 4 Paulb a re Aukee is g port unit of introducing the custom of hired pallbearers. There Are May residents of the City who have served As such in european countries. They have been organized and drilled and Are ready for service. Their uniform is Black with knee breeches better Blouse Coats with wide White ruffles at the neck and wrist and a military hat. Relieved with a Little White. It is said that the e Are the first uniformed pallbearers in this country. They Are incorporated and the undertakers Are willing to employ them if people w ill accept them. Mil ii w a i at Milwaukee. To have the of world a Mottl to run nil. The most costly state funeral which has Ever taken place was perhaps that of Alexander the great. A round million was spent or laying Alexander to his rest. The body was placed in a coffin of Gold filled with costly aromatics. And a diadem was placed on the head. The funeral car was embellished with ornaments of pure Gold and its weight was so Groat that it took 84 mules More than a year to convey it from Babylon Syria. Kine Kiln re i doubt. An amusing incident occurred during the easter holidays at Boulogne. The editor of a London weekly a gentleman who bears a striking resemblance to King Edward was enjoying his Cigar in one of the principal cafes in the town when he suddenly became aware that his presence was causing unwonted interest and no Little commotion. Presently an old gentleman Rose up and shouted a Vive a rot de Dangleterre a a sentiment which was heartily joined in by most of the people in the cafe. The conductor of the orchestra not to be behind hand immediately struck up. Quot god save the but this was too much for the journalist who made a Bolt for the door and made Good his escape. This re no a re Bly Alik. Ray and Roy Burges Are two remarkable twin Brothers lately living in Auburn this state. They Are seventeen years old five feet nine inches in height weigh 144 pounds each and Are so much alike that Roy has im-1 migrated to keens n. A. To acquire an identity. Even the Bertillo measurements failed to the except by a few t can new Yoi world. In

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