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Ada Star Newspaper Archives Apr 11 1901, Page 13

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Ada Star (Newspaper) - April 11, 1901, Ada, Oklahoma The Ada news. Published for and the Indian territory and 50 cents a year. Solicits the business of All respectable and Respo Weible advertisers. Thurs Dav january id 1902. There is a time Iii every Many a life when he thinks he was intended to Reform the world and there is a time Iii every woman a life when she thinks she was made just to Reform that same Man and there comes a time when they Dis cover that they were mistaken. The fact that Small towns have limited funds at their disposal for the improvement of streets is All the More reason they should be applied with judgment and Economy but it is a reason that does not appear to have been thought of in Many territory towns. Commemorate the Battle of Santiago Aud Bear tile inscription a Winfield Scott Schley Tom this Bill the speaker was obliged to refer to the Library committee from which or. Schirm Hopes to secure its favourable re port. _ a race against time. Free homesteads. Probable Success of Effort to secure free Homes for new Oklahoma settlers. It the Scenic route constantly Bear in mind that the news is the paper that stops when your time is up and that it will Cost you but fifty cents to renew. Fifty cents is the Price. If is never sold under that and never above. It is never chipped in with an autograph album and lumped off at sixty three cents and then charged to you for five years afterwards at a Dollar. Renew before your time expires. Was it All a dream or did a corns of surveyors really come to Pauls Valley last summer take a snap shot of the town Aud Promise that a appraising Hoard would come some Day to prepare for the distribution of fee simple titles to town lots. Possibly the rafters who Are drawing salaries for keep Itig the territory in the rear of the procession expect to Hob things in their present condition until the toot of Gabriel a born Aud then Boom this Lovely Valley for a addition to the new Jerusalem. Valley news. Owing to the constantly increasing business of the Valley news which requires All of my time As Well As that of or. Hamm who has been managing the Ada news i have sold the latter publication to or. Otis b. Weaver of Ada. The business of the news in Ada has been eminently satisfactory especially Iii the last few Mouths and nothing but the necessity mentioned could induce me to withdraw from the my. Thank ing the people of Ada for their patronage and be speaking a con twin dance Aud an increase for or. Weaver who will lie Able to devote to it the amount of time and work which the business Dean aids i remain most cordially yours a. E. Baker. The humane society has entered a vigorous protest a Aust the proceedings of a Luau who proposed to ride a horse from new York to Chicago in a race against time. To a a was to comi Tel the horse if possible to average one Hundred and Twenty five Miles a Day. This sort of thing is Oil a level with the six Day bicycles races which have created unpleasant sensations recently. There is no sense in it. Horse racing on a track is an entirely different thing. The thoroughbred Ostia y r j a s the performance As much As tin spectators if one can judge i a appearances he is a creature carefully bred by Man for this express purpose. His Lithe body Strong Muscles sensitive nerves and almost human intelligence Are All adapted to the business of speeding Over the track Aud be instinctively seeks the pleasure of exercising Bis Powers. This is natural to every creature. The athlete enjoys using his Muscles lie Mechanic delights Iii doing a Good bit of work the artist revels Washington Jan. 12.�?there is not ouly a possibility Blit indeed a very Strong probability that the settlers in the Kiowa Comanche and Wichita reservations Iii Oklahoma territory will be Relie veil of the necessity of paying for their homesteads at the contract Price of $1.50 an acre. The More the question is discussed the More evident it becomes that the Bill introduced by Delegate Flynn extending the provisions of the Homestead Law to the Indian countries will have Many supporters. Iii fact there seems to have been a general understanding that As fast As Indian reservations were purchased by the government Aud thrown open to settlement that the provisions of the free Homestead Law would be extended to them. Representative Charles Curtis of Kansas is one of the Many members of the House who is in favor of giving the settlers in the Kiowa Comanche and Wichita countries free Homes and thus relieving them of the necessity of complying with the provisions of their contract with the Federal government. Best passenger service in Texas. 4�?important gateways in rail penetrate the Fertile Sutea of Missouri Arkansas Kansas Oklah Fla Indian territory Texas and the Southwest Tennessee Mississippi Alabama and the Southeast it reaches the Rich farming lands of Kansas and Oklahoma the Mineral fit ids of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas the cd to it a Fields of the South and Southwest the Oil Fields of Kansas Ami the Indian territory and hundreds of other Industrial places of interest and profit to the Horne Secker and investor. And last but not least it will carry you to the fumes health retorts of the Ozark. Eureka Springs and Monte be time of trains at Frisco Railroad time table. No trouble to answer questions. In working out a Conception. The Hunting dog is us eager for inbuilt As the sportsman. It is All part of the same plan. Absolute laziness is foreign to the Laws of the universe. A Man or a beast Sandow Routs the robbers. A Good Story is told of How san Downs strength stood him in Good Stead among the bullies who lately have infested the Bois de Boulogne. In Paris. Their method of action is to have one of the gang follow the proposed victim. At a Given signal no. Sos no. 510 Ada. East bound. West bound. 9 03 a. In. 7 03 p. In. R. P. Turner. Ocil pass a and Tio St agent. Dallas. Texas the universe. A. A us close in in perfect condition dentine Iii Hie it. Work for which lie is titled. It he does not it is a Sigil either tint he is not in the Rigli work or that something in wrong with him but six div bicycle races Aud Long distance horse races Are an entirely different matter. They ave trials of endurance and while the Power of endurance is a Good thing there Are plenty of occasions on which it can be developed without cruelty to animals or Man. When a dam Breaks my if is necessary for somebody to ride Day and night to warn people of a flood there is no thought of the Strain but it is Likely to fall on one not particularly q i filled for it there is no useful purpose to he served by such artificial trial of Atren Gill. Mrs. Bowels major general. Governor Candler of Georgia Haft made mrs. Legare Hill Bowles a on him Rob him sometimes seriously injuring him. An additional 300 police now ride about the Bois on bicycles and keep a Sharp Lookout. But despite this extra vigilance the outrages continue. One Dav Sandow. Walking in a rather Remote Avenue of the Bois suddenly realized that he was boing followed. He grasp d he situation and apparently took no notice. As he had expected. A a signal called two or three Fellows from the shrubbery. As they first approached Sandow stooped Down As if to tie his Boot lace grasped the robber by the ankle and used him As a sort of cat of nine tails lashing his astonished confederates first one an i then no. 509. 6 05 a. In. No. 507.755 p. In. Ten per cent hated by purchasing round trip ticket. I. Mcnair agent Send your friends in the old states one of our illustrated pamphlets to be had by addressing room no. 726 Century building St. Louis a the top of the Feather Ami Fine on the a fruit farming along the Frisco Quot the Ozark i pm Iff Quot. A there in something to see along the Frieda a Oil. And where Tond it the most comprehensive Railroad literature for the Horne seeker Tro or a r investor eve dualist1 a a a leu. V novel souvenir. A Chicago woman who recently returned from a lengthy tour in Many foreign lands has an album which she would not sell for its weight in Gold. In Tho course it of h r travels she visited All sorts of Odd places and in each had a snapshot taken of herself with characteristic surroundings. She was not moved by vanity in securing the pictures but simply wished to secure them for the purpose of entertaining her indigestion dyspepsia bilious Ness and the Hundred and one similar ills caused by impure blood or inactive liver quickly yield to Hie purifying and cleansing properties contained in Otyis affife Sarsaparilla a that country is an Ideal country in which the least injury to the meanest citizen is an injury to All a said representative Chaa. R. Schirm of Maryland in explanation of what is known As his the other before they had a Chance t even to think of escaping staving in friends. In this she has succeeded the rib of one. Smashing the Arm of immensely. There Are of another and leaving the whole sans thou in an Arab tent in a turkish maimed and strewn upon the harem on top of mount Blanc at ground. Then Sandal leisurely i the third Cataract of the Nile in a went on and remarked to the next curve of the Amazon near Tho Al now a a a i policeman he met a you u find spouting Peters of Iceland and in major general. I hts is because the. Morej., a norwegian f jord seated in a remedy being deeply detested a the w 1 Botu a and Deer Sleigh in Upland and no end third Georgia regiment of the na-1 1 a t iou a i gun re in Camp at Washington in that state took so much pain to make Iii it visit of inspection controllable and made such pretty speeches that the governor really had to to something extraordinary. Quart Dottle. It cures permanently by acting naturally on All organs of the body. Asa blood Cleanser flesh builder and health restorer it has no equal. Put us is quart bottles and sold at is each. A a the Michigan drug company Detroit Mica. Take for lie Ola. Re than alive have a look at a negro Stock company. William Jerome the song writer is kiting for the lease of the a of Nill to to exes to to Quot Tablet appreciating that theater on Broadway now every Bill which speaker hinder p Quot of he we. Tarnish there a permanent company Sou could Lefer to the committee \ # 1 composed entirely of negroes on naval affairs and which was1 the in any Way favourable to Admiral Schley would be permitted to a die in committee a or. Schirm has introduced a Bill providing for the erection in conspicuous places Iii the Capitol of six Bronze tablets four by four feet. These tablets Are to commemorate the naval victories of the United states Over foreign foes and each is to Bear the name of Bot one officer and that the name of the officer in command. The last Tablet is to Best coloured actors and actresses obtainable will be engaged and Jerome expects the Enterprise to prove a big Money maker catering wholly to coloured people. Just a Little animals.9 Henri Labouchere said recently a i regard the whole human race m Little animal fussing about the Rind of one of the millions of millions of worlds and so their Artt it Ial die Tinc Tiona have no is m ice to Gold Teeth display out of Date. It is no longer considered Good form to make a display of cold Teeth. A the custom had grown to such an extent a said a prominent Eastern dentist the other Day a a that Young men and women actually had Small holes drilled in Teeth that were perfected sound in order that Gold filings might be inserted. Even sets of false Teeth for older people were thus decorated. Gold Caps wore in great demand and were often put on when there was no Orcas it Sun ply la cause Peop e to ought t Evlo a. Cd web. I remember a chorus girl who came Over with an Engli ii company several years ago who my a Diamond inserted in one of a rent Teeth. Her smile was literally dazzling. All that is Chan us though. The tendency ficus be to preserve As much As Poil it die natural Whiten s of the Trot and sometimes enc in is placed v a a Gold filling a of others. Is links past with present. An interesting link Between pest and present exists in Oliver Hopkinton the oldest living graduate of the University of Pennsylvania ulv will celebrate his 89th a Irti Nlay anniversary next week lie is the on of the Joseph Hopkinton who in 1798 wrote the Wold of the Nat Iotia song a Hail it was writ ten at a time when p e War a a gaily expected with Fra rec and no soil Ever obtained a More in Media ti1 popularity. It was or Nally Sung at one of the local the mrs by a popular player for his Benefit and so great was los Succorso v had to be repeated every nigh a ring the season. It was also Sun / and whistled on the Street i Jujj a a degree of in n before of did no to forget America. Glasgow University conferred 120 honorary degrees of doctor of Laws on the occasion of 450 anniversary. Among the american recipients were professor William g. Fart two Harvard. Professor Thomas d. Seymour of Yale and professor a Haupt of John Hopkins. Bismarck a Book. Am riling of a Berle Corre Pond Fol d a i for a re it Lions n reminiscences con i Quot to a great As Ever. Up in the pre of. He says the h Ive tide a coat net profit of it. Mi9 in r Marks on the Book. Khedive owns the finest harness. The you a Quot Egypt Park Khedive is Aid to to tile most costly set of uru s in world. It is made of leather with chased Gold bus thu ism be. K. Since. The tune w finn of a i first known having been duration of v the compost Lent and a Lent March for Tho Iii aug Lucues and collars ornamented with tin ame costly Metal. The Vad to laths Are a1 o embroidered with go and the t is Aid to have Erat $ in och. It i for four horses ant is used on Dot a occasions. Imperial simplicity. The habits of the household of the Herman emperor Are very simple. They Rise Early the Empress breakfasting alone with the emperor. Mitre is no Lim a but the Royal family and in consequence tile whole court Dine fit i of clock. At 5 of clock Tea e served and a phun supper is Enen two or Throe hours later and la emperor and Empress Are rarely u Tor than to o clock

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