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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1963, Page 1

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - September 30, 1963, Ada, Oklahoma A fellow who picked Oklahoma al.be�, Pikow ,� cd Oklahoma but who i. A so a a or was im., ,.y he pick. Tax., in a. Cougars approach moment of truth see sports Page the Ada evening news Well that s encouraging. 60th year no. 172 estate becomes newest College see Page seven 12 pages 5 cents weekday to cents sunday Alabama jails two men investigation of bombings police remain tight lipped world s finances cheer Juk Washington apr president Kennedy assured the worlds finance ministers today that the United states in determinedly bringing its International payments into balance will support any needed measures to avoid damaging its trading partners around the Globe. The president won a standing ovation from the boards of governors of the world Bank and International monetary fund at the i opening of their five Day annual meeting. Pass tax Cut he made his address an occasion also for indirectly nudging the Senate to pass his $11 billion tax Cut program which the House has approved. He said the tax Cut is a the most important action Congress can take to solve the Gold Dollar problem. Representing nearly too nations the governors and their . A with an injunction prohibiting it Atoka a of Khroma Suppo Ting deje8atlion5 were a monday corned Oklahoma City s for the most part Are interested from interfering with rav s fish City Only wants the Revenue from ranged Are und a huge Horseshoe request for a change of venue in Only in seeing Justice done in the ing Camp after the labor Day exclusive concion a table As Kennedy Calm Here a one would never think such a peaceful place As a country cemetery would be a Center of controversy. But Here s old Boggy Bend cemetery unused in half a Century which has the misfortune of being located on shores of Lake Atoka. That brings it right into the Middle of dispute involving Oklahoma City and some Atoka and Coal county news staff photo Fishel denies . S request for venue change in Lake Atoka fuss Atoka i staff a District judge Fishel delivered a blistering de Laverne Fishel defending the in Mal of prejudice in Atoka county Teg Rity of Atoka county residents. He said residents of the area. Some of the issues a Oklahoma City was served sanitation regulations on the Lake Ray chief combatant on the the Stormy Lake Atoka Contro controversy Versy. That part of the problem out of the Way attorneys began arguments on the knotty series of problems surrounding the Lake covering issues ranging from boat permits to old Indian cemeteries. In a hearing last Friday Oklahoma City has asked for a change of venue arguing that both judge Fishel and any prospective jury of Atoka county residents would be prejudiced against Oklahoma City. In his denial monday judge _ exclusive Concession granted a seizure of a great Many of rays concessionaire. He snorts at Sani a great Many Atoka residents boats Oklahoma City Lake tation claims claiming sewage indeed have sided with Oklahoma rank Erstrom Stringtown drains into the City in the fuss or have taken. A Oklahoma City also faces an Lake. A strictly Neutral attitude con injunction 1� the attempt to move the cemetery is tue is More tending the controversy is be a raves rom old Boggy Bend Complex. Oklahoma City says tween Oklahoma City and de a hearing is slated in Graves pollute the water. Ray Porter Ray mayor of Atoka before stood at the their massed Rostrum flags. The meeting was shaping up As one of the most significant in the history of the twin global lending institutions conceived at Bretton Woods n.h., in 1944. Oklahoma City attorneys announced orally they would request judge Fishel to disqualify himself and the judge denied this request too. That set the stage for the beginning of arguments. A Stringtown up court on that says closing the cemetery is the these developments marked the Issue. A Coalgate funeral Home first step toward closing the Road a s decorations operator and his Crew were a to the cemetery. This would crested and charged with molest among other things chop off a t. I Quot a a a e no ice that the a _. I United states has set a cemetery. Tile injunction Cess i rom raves fishing Camp Tovy sea Julies Aas Jsu to in motion bars Oklahoma City from moving the Lake. Oklahoma cite has been ac�?~0ns needed to erase its Secretary remains in Saigon the cemetery. I prohibited from closing this Road. I l h ? a Ujj Quot Oklahoma City maintains that it on its land because it is the Only wl11 do is being prohibited from enforcing Access to the cemetery. To a ver must be done to pro a a a i feet the Dollar As convertible cur i Rency at its present fixed rate of $35 to an ounce of Gold. Committee charges blackout of vital news Viet Nam Andrews opens a county court provide the cases Are slated to Saigon South Viet Nam apr Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara today postponed his departure for Washington for 24 accused the slate department of hours. Washington a a congressional subcommittee today state Dean Rusk to the . Embassy in Saigon Early in 1962. This Cable is still classified Al 2. He pledged All needed efforts to see that this country s pay a. ,. Ments gains do not bring financial Gocker hardship overseas. He said. C0�,nut ,hrou8h next week Quot the United states therefore the Folly a a no eases were ready to support such clouded on the docket arrest reports show records of racism pair Birmingham Ala. Apr two White men were placed in City jail Early today for further investigation into the series of bombings that have rocked this racially troubled City for several years. Col. Al Lingo head of the state Highway patrol said others picked up in the intensified investigation have been released. He declined to say How Many others had been questioned. Night Warden l. A. Holcomb identified the two being held As r. E. Chambliss 59, and Charles Cagle 22, of Birmingham. Chambliss was found innocent in 1949 on a charge of flogging while masked. He has been a j Tive in anti integration efforts. Officers had to restrain Chambliss recently when he engaged in a near Brawl with a new Sman at a segregation meeting. Cagle has been affiliated with anti integration activities mostly in the area South of last summer he was arrested while going to a Kun flux flan rally in Tuscaloosa a Short time. Before the University of Alabama no wednesday night Between Sec was desegregated. State officials rotary of state Dean Rusk and identified him As a Clansman foreign minister Andrei a. And said that he was carrying a Gromyko a toe Best bet among weapon. A forthcoming talks for developing both men had been under sur it accords Between Washington a Vei Hance City county and fed and of . Oral agents. The local Law end a Usk a a Breal fast Date with Forcemeats agencies said that the Nelsh fore in Secretary lord arrests the state came As a re Niehls morning the two join Surprise. Gromyko tonight at a dinner be Lingo said that the state Wasi tha no n Watss conducting its investigation apart As a Socia affair t0 b cd from any other police Agency. quite a few of the f a a a j Lingo would give no Informa-1 cts Here for the general Assembly Tion on the men. Nor on results j session. Of the questioning. He also de rusks private appointment with dined to definitely link them with Gromyko was for dinner wednes the blast at the sixteenth Street Day at the Headquarters of the Baptist Church sept. 15 in which soviet Mission to the . I four Young negro girls were j . Sources said Rusk May Exkil led. Lore a considerable variety of i the two men arrived at the .-soviet projects ranging from sixty cases Are set for trial Cha jr., driving while intoxicated qty jail toe same one where a consular agreement to cooperate tuesday As county judge Fred state is. John Gore failure to some 2400 negro demonstrators ing in outer space. Diplomats pin Hopes on talks United nations n. A -. Diplomats believe a meet season Over what happened a the baseball 4-year-old Henry Donald Schoen of Merrill Iowa. He got in the Way of a baseball Bat the other Day and look what it did to him. Sturdy Little Henry was t knocked out and what s More he did t cry a not stitches were taken on his nose. He is mrs. Donald Schoen of Merrill in the a wire photo even when three a son of or. And area near Sioux big docket s set county court stands were held last Spring in a High this weeks talks which will in state is. Elmer t. Smith drive Ai tue tf0gpe1rs elude a Home Gromyko lunch. A ing while intoxicated state is Jesse 111 spa i shirts and Slacks. Tuesday were about All that in Jack w. Gold driving while in they c10v,ered their faces As the it a emerged from a meeting of tile toxic Ted state is. Bill Green. . Int three ministers saturday. Were led into jail York University on sept. 29, 1961. Measures As May be necessary to state is. Austin Wright driving driving while intoxicated state although the investigation into the 212-hour Parley first High a i am Wise enough to the work increase International liquidity while intoxicated state is. Buck is. Jack Tyree driving while bombings there Nave been at level East West session since the Ings of the world of publishing a a adequate Over All Supply of Thomas driving while into i j intoxicated state is. Price Mc-1 had intensified aug. 5 signing of the limited no _ mine the l Elk from the Anteri of prov Slons Are 110 lon8 Rowan said then a to know that a it Gold Dol ars and credit to sup it a cd state is. Carl Frazier Kinney permitting unlicensed Smice if l l erosion these Clear test ban treaty was de Mcnair a hid la nned to leave can Public i v re Tristino or v 1�?The subcommittee great Deal of this so called con part a rising volume of world allure to provide state is. Jesse Driver to drive state is. Austin Ere he first crests. A tip Olf scribed As cordial but in product Saigon Ler Quot a a one a a t we ii 8 paraphrasing the language said Cern about the Public right to Trade and investment. B. Walters driving while Intoxi-1 Wright operating motor vehicle Fiat they were coming came Sun Tive of any agreement of sub Saigon inter Tav a or a one men in South Viet Nam. It contained these guidelines for know is really concern about the rated state is. A. R. East during Susn Enston sate is inn Day night a a Montgomery from stance. Week n put n tour o South Viet the Fri Firis hmm j a. In afoul Ine ,.a aur,n6 suspension mate is. John Effina of next n Wol Putman operating during suspension. Intoxicated state wave Putman Nniro a ithe office of gov George c. Wal. j concern about the i. I rated state a up a Tea Noju in or inc sikh came i rom the handling american Cones fourth estates right to make a 3. Widespread support seemed driving while intoxicated state wave Putman Onera incr in a la pc re on inform indents in Viet Nam a 3 to be developing or pro a Sals to is. William c. Boyles driving x a tvs Law i of i on head Ltd rep John e. I. Quot news stones which criticize at a cloned hearing of the Soh plan a possible overhaul of the while p the governor s office said in a was delaying his departure until Moss a Calif. The president a Dinh diem Eov a fused hearing of the sub a. i state is. It. R. Hutto operating statement that tuesday to time to Wor ret report i Mcnamar last Battle area Rne himself More Here on his top Sec the White House. For him a the commit area of cer Maxwell d. The u so made the to the Amel spent three in recent weeks a report eminent could not be ast 24 ro8er proves necessary to meet Fenne the subcommittee said a the but they Only increase the difficult j Lisman assistant Secretary of dyes objectives. Two major inter. American Public has been sur ties of the . state for far Eastern affairs de National studies were being old trip arranged Deve a a menus a Viet 2 a newsmen should be advised fended the Cable but said there Sani Zed or this purpose worlds currency system if this state is. Price Mckinney ii motor vehicle during suspension droves a pics Arv to mint k Anno. I i 1 a Crucie uni aug suspension. Legal Possession of non tax paid state is. Jack Tyree operating in which 12-hour visit today is infested 3rd corps trial Viet Nam. Gen. Taylor chairman of lint chiefs of staff arrest stat is. Joe Bob Bowles. To Deveir pm its a lib have that trifling or thoughtless critic was a Sloppy drafting in it he been Mam Montes in the making scism of the diem government the \ thin a a a a a 4. The president of the world the report said a the restrictive would make it difficult to main c As intended to Bank. George d. Woods an l s. Press policy in Viet Nam. Tain cooperation Between the 6 11 East a for correspondents bounced proposals for contributed to the United states and the news in Viet Nam ack of information about Condil 3. A newsmen should not be at the request of the sub com nos in \ Jet Nam vouch created transported on military activities Mittie the state department re an in pm Adonai crisis. 0f the Type Liat Are Likely to re seeded the Cable and Hilsman helping finance Industrial Speet ions of the three other corps from and a enl la a a Sui in undesirable promised that a new directive growth in the new and under de j subcommittee said the would be sent to the embassy in eloped countries subcommittee concluded �?othe1 Cable had been prepared Row-1 Matt shot a old have an. Then Deputy assistant were two weeks a. Hilsman wrote 5�?~ the a Vount nations a a Africa m ? a so possible to sex tary of state and described him Moss that the new guidelines had aimed a Footle old at the policy 01. Of a of d g118 situation to full act an Offir enl gu.,d�1,nes making level of Kanyr one Lim intoxicated state is. Car can v dalt is tors last week in arduous in areas the Secretary will report to Kennedy on the Progress of the t Sci v Lii i War against Viet Cong guerrillas True and the effect if any on the War of the bitter controversy Between View. In. O a a 4 j j it i the subcommittee Ute buddhists and president Ngo most of jts critic so t Dinh diem s regime distrust for the Peoples right to could be sent a they directed know. A Cable the subcommittee based this de Mcnamara had to first meet to ii Dand Furd sent ism tat3�?� 3 inner men of martial Law an Cen Sijr-1 representing african bloc. State is. Marie Osborne Over the signature of secrete tiring panel a fact attest Nam on August 21. Fag with president diem sunday. Xhu tar of rvs he Fth p so Quot Govan Ament of a a three hour conference. There Criar 01 Nunna a a it nne i a to a was no indication of what was said but presumably the Buddhist controversy was a major item of discussion. Mcnamara was accompanied to the meeting Taylor . Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge and Gen. Paul d. Harkins hairier Bishops Hail Aims of Vatican Council in tip a or re / n w a a from stance. Gromyko was said to have talked about general Complete. Disarmament philosophically with a were in out giving enough details on the j in Merit in the Church bombing soviet proposal pm. An Exchange alcoholic beverage state is. Mil motor vehicle during suspension killed a a civers for the Western min or Ham e. Neal reckless driving j state is Oliver Franklin Dpi inv. Sisters to judge whether it would state is. Stephen Wayne Harper. I operating motor vehicle during at cry ,3 ate mint from the be acceptable. The observers driving while intoxicated state suspension state is Elbe e Rob governor s office said Only that a a uld guard against Surprise at is. Maxey Kent Ayres resisting Orts. Operating motor vehicle Dur a a a pus a a a ing suspension state is Vasca connection with the Bir for Rusk and Home it a v-t-.�?Trvofi-.orx-. If did not geared just As Well that Gromyko did not press another soviet probing to Sale for a no aggression pact speeding in the sealed weapon Quot Ana Wuria of trans Between the nato and Warsaw nighttime c. It a a feared to Jefferson Birmingham military blocs. The Western allies to to state is Vascal Hurley illegal 1 it 1 i eat average Possession of no tax paid liquor continued on Page two continued on Page two operating a motor vehicle while state is John Wayn illegal transportation of open bottle of liquor state is. Johnny Loman. Reckless driving state is. Jesse b. Walters driving while intoxicated state is. King and Albritton contaminating Waters i a Marie Osborne Public president Kennedy assured the Hon boxed state is. Alvin drunkenness. Frederick driving while in state is. Don Lee Manes reek Washington a the big j weekend that Kennedy would a less driving state is. King and question of whether to permit the prove the wheat transaction. Sen. Albritton contaminating Waters Sale of wheat to the soviet Union Jacob k. Javits r-n., said it lies in the decision Basket for i was up to Kennedy to decide the while Rubin Sciore they $15 5 billion monetary fund a Ach Ward driving while intoxicated taken radically changed Condo a Sta. It was announced will Slat it Vascal Hurley driving add one new executive director License. State is. Continued on Page two l. Toxic Ted wheat Deal awaits Kennedy s Okay state is. John Cutis Vatican cite i posed redefinition he called the episcopal Assem continued on Page two Dollar looks just the same As it did ten years ago copy. Gen. Be do sement prelates to speak that Council. 4. Jpe station of his Bishops Clear v de rolled through the a i think ibus bed Basilica and out to a the i the roman i Subh a aft last Thich ran oct. La to c a thou in churn b won general in concerning the Church Thor is being too lure stand Dot no. 8 last of this session win a a Council a of invitation of ex-1 today from the first was accepted speakers As academic an7nouxs, dec phase of the vat can ecumenical s,1� foundation on which a a a Oral. There was criticism that a it a american lean ecumenical build. He original draft would not help summed up to us spirit. _ two cardinals and six Kisi a a Quot As revised during the re the cause of Christian Unity. Al1 a he Bishops Are coming Back a a a l 000 a cry Nam St be took the floor in St Peter s Bast Cess and undoubtedly will be re during the recess a Council 10 this session with a int More e e c Siveret i aset Colu Fattel 1 a Quot Thor. It will be the main Osman said today. 372 pro enthusiasm. They know now what t0.00b.word address in latin. Sued working sessions Pope p10 the Council s session a Quot sed corrections and Amend 1nded a a what 11 is they Are Ake Pope John. Pope Paul pau1 i reopened he Bounri ending Dee. 4. I ments to the first half of the trying to do Beld the door open for a reunite the Best prod that appearances sunday after a nine month recess the schema can Sirwet the Tov Chepla mailed to toe Vati in opening the Council Pope christians. To the protes Are deceiving is the fact that the with a Strong Appeal for Church to All the councils work drone so a / a aies around the world. Paul said its Aims were redefine Tant Anghan and orthodox of Reform. A few to a a Eeling f Vas Biden among Tion and Reform of the Catholic i servers seated near him he said the Council press office sum die Church to look at its Struc Sion a would that the of so restoring Christian Unity a we Lay no do not cop it i mailing today three hour met. N j8100 oui Ove greater and closer Contact with today j wish to make of our Faith an occasion for continued on Page two High temperature in Ada sunday was 73 Low sunday night 44 Reading at 7 . Monday 47. Five Day forecast for Oklahoma for the five Day period. Tuesday through saturday temperatures will average from 5 degrees above Normal in the Panhandle to 5 degrees below Normal in the Southeast. Normal High 77 Northwest to 82 Southeast. Normal lows 47 Northwest to 60 Southeast. President Kennedy returning to question on the basis of american his White House desk today. J self interest. Some High officials expect him a from what i see now i be to say yes. Lieve that the president would de the russians have made no cide to do javits said in a formal request to this country j television interview taped for new but soviet negotiators have been j York stations talking in Ottawa of deals for j javits said it should be a single american Grain. One report men shot Deal and not open the door toned three million tons at $250 to general Trade with the soviet million. Administration officials sounded out Congress last week on feelings about a Grain Deal with the soviets. It is understood that there was some outspoken opposition. However it is reported that the has been estimated officials considered the Burden of i per cent. Union. . Officials Are somewhat mystified As to Why the soviets need to buy so much wheat when last year they imported very Little. The ii crop failure this year at to to 25 congressional sentiment to be in favor of it. One senator predicted Over the Canada recently sold some $500 million Worth of wheat to the soviet Union

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