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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - September 11, 1946, Ada, Oklahoma Senator .ay. stock market brook remind, that dollar .HH ho. a significant yoliro—dollar never lo»t it. significance to os, especiolly Hr. on. do. on th. "doll., down, dollar . week ti route. A . erst. Net Autos! Paid Circulation 8462 Mfffiber: Audit Bureau of Circulation 43rd Year—No. 125 THE ADA EVENING NEWS FINAL EDITION College Turning To Classwork Schedules Vets Account for About Half of Students. Freshman Class Dominates Enrollment; Public Schools Emphasise Attendance Enrollment at East Central Stele college continued wednesday at a slackened pace, with classwork schedules taking over and with classes meeting to form their organize-ions and the first general assembly of the new school year Showers Accompany Quick Change From Heat to Coolness September now has an entry in the rainfall column here 07 of an mob. Showers that pattered on Ada roofs for a time during the mid-c,e of the night accounted for Hic recording. Industrious lightning and rambling of thunder to the south earlier in the night had built up ropes that the county might receive a real rain, but the cloud moved elsewhere. Some places in this area have reported brief but heavy rain- ^ College authorities said that I the student body now numbers i about 1.050, of whom approximately 550 are veterans of World I War IL They expect some more incoming students to enroll this week and perhaps a few belated arrivals next Monday. Freshmen Numerous The freshmen class equals or surpasses the three upper classes combined in enrollment. The last few years have seen small freshman chasses to feed students to the higher levels and these still reflect that condition. Ada public schools report a few late comers enrolling. Supt. Hex Morrison said Wednesday morning, with the emphasis in the schools shifted now entirely to class work and with an excellent start in all of the schools. Cromer on Job Attendance also is coming in five cents the copy scattered about',aU ’    ‘    fva^cSme" CAN T KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN: Aircraft designer and build ?£‘h* converted B-23 in Los Tre temperatures took a welcome plunge. Tuesday afternoon combined high humidity with a temperature cf 94 degrees to make atmospheric conditions uncomfortable here. A cooling breeze in late afternoon and then the showers and accompanying air movements curing the night brought about a 32-degree drop to a 62 degree minim; urn.  - -A    .iVUItU.A    III    ll    Hill    III    I £n£el_c*s. just before he surprised the public and fmk" Aft TXT attendance supervisor, is*"very I critical ^njufies^Huehe Plan<? timS€iu Sti11 bearinK evidence o much on the job and already tion of theseal ^fgan^i?a n^ the tnP to challenge revoca three letters havo ♦------  I    Outlaw.”—(NEA Telephoto) °n controversial picture, “f™ Gen. Eisenhower's Mother Dies Today Heart Seizure Fatal; Service* Set for Friday much on the job and already truce letters have gone to parents whose children have not started to school. The letters remind parents of the law on attendance and of the school authority to file charges xyherc necessary to see that children of school age are in the schools. ABILENE. Kas., Sept. ll (.-P)- Eight Deaths Over 24 Hoars Oklahoma Traffic Record By The Associated Press i . A record number of eight . deaths recorded in a 24-hour penod ended Tuesday night hiked Oklahoma’s highway fatality for. the year t0 358. An Ada resident who operates LJpl e*gbt deaths exceeded by funeral homes in Idabel Antlers    greatest    number    of    fatal- Hugo and Atoka has won a com- recoiid5d in any previous 24- Ada Man Wins His Till with OPA On His Funeral Home Communists Reject (Hang Proposal; Troops Advancing By JOHN RODERICK NANKING, Sept. ll— (PP) Raiders Find Millions In Nazi Hoards British-American Operation Uncover* Large Amounts Of Precious Stone, Metals Ic FRANKFURT, Sept. ll LF)_ Surprise raids throughout the Bntlsh pupation zones of Germany have uncover-d millions of dollars worth of de^bv* ,f'onos and metals hid- lDl^'n„n!atm0n^- go.Id- sUv" and Platinum found in the raids were teeLe.d ,n h,d,nK pla‘<“s bv 'he Ktoiio P,^nmpn.t ,;'K°ncv "Reichs-LJi..1" Edelmetalle” (reich an ,..,,,,' , Pilous metals) in [an attempt to keep them from falling into allied hands A spokesman for the Un,ted said ft ^..intelligence division fe vihle^> ti, C.°n.^ctuial but < on-iv able that the board might LoeYe n des,*ned to finance a I movement*.German nationalist Raid 367 Places About $2,500,000 worth of precious .tones and metals the "it'? less *han a fourth of cd the number of places raid-cd. the' spokesman said. A total of 367 different places were raided in the two /ones and the *2.500.000 dollar., y"eld 2hf,1».fr°m "lf f,rst 79 Places lo tabulate results. CIO Seamen to Strike Unless Higher Pay Sought by AFL Is Applied to "WHole Industry" Teamster Official Calls Walkout A 'Rotten Mess’ Strike of Truck Drivers Dubbed Worst Rank And File Revolt in History of Teamsters* Union JERSEY CITY. N J., Sept ll ♦------ </P)—John Coni in. international caused critical shortages rn some Wage Board Given AFL Demand For Ruling Reversal WSB Into Meeting to Decide lf It Will Give in Of Stond by Aug. 23 Ruling Bv MAX HALL WASHINGTON, Sept ll.— R Pres cient Joseph Curran of the su 7    .V® pwes cann from the typically German detailed records of the ‘ reich agency for precious metals” which were found last June in Bor- Asked why the raids were confined to the British and Tu*' 7," “    ^ vjcpi. ii.—— I American zones, he said “the The Communists today rejected only records we found pertained Chiang Kai-Shek s latest truce to dispersals in thoseLoTones proposal as unsatisfactory, doom- Dubbed “Operation Sparkler” mg any immediate hopes of a Tho joint operation throughout political settlement of Chinas the American and British zones vice-president of the Internation- Brea*. a^ Brotherhood of Teamsters    Cashal’s statement was made (Ar L), said today 30 to 40    per-    as an    order came from Interna- cent of the 15.000 truckmen    who    Conal    Teamster headquarters for have quit work in northern    New    S(,me    10.000 sympathizing truck    r    , Jersey would return to work to- drivers in 23 locals not affected    CIO National    ~ m?.nT -    by ‘ ""Tact negotiations to abid“    said tortav that    hn un on wd? ™ Conlin announced that the re-    by    their contracts    or in effect    to    on strike    unlr-.-'i)7 c L turn-to-work decision, reached    K<>    back to work.    roueht bl    AFT    Ll    . hifta" pay with delegates of three local un-    .William    ODwyer di-    is applied‘to    the    wtole’mdSJ3 ion. was in compliance with an    ir,'tcd the police    department      try ”    -    .... .e lr.ras- order from the office of    reinforced with *000 new re-    Curran made the statement to strike si tuVt mn to L ac!l ^ rePorter as the CIO-dominated city's st eets sTfl” for ♦    ^    I ™mmittee for    maritime unity which h it,! k j f , or tl ucks    began a strategy session at which ,    b‘*'° bonafide contracts    the NMU chief    caid the currant ThC,,"P^e'S .    k1-™"    me    j'trike The    I ...OOO members of Local    No.    I topic.” KO* and 3,000 in Locals 282 and j    Simultaneously, the wage stab- top-rank mg executive of the    -VFL    bvVhVVVV • ',M \‘ not affected db’ati°n hoard received from th** International Brotherhood of than «♦ « development other A* L a demand for reversal of its Teamsters today stamped th' ,n‘f i- L ' ‘m*n> P Indian‘ Angust 23 ruling which touched walkout of 25,000 fell ow-union- IciaUof    .    •    “offi-    off tb<L^anien,s work stoppage ists in New York anti New i.m * ' ,    ^ have not auth- j    WSB    Decision    Soon soy as “the worst rank and fib* irf’Tnv mhtr0^!^? °f any ,tiucks >    inJUutr\    member    of    th** ----- revolt    in the Teamsters* history”! This onlv sol r I uru,,r    ‘    t>r    beja    rd    ^ad    ‘hopes’ what to do.”    ,    i° us> Uc don 1 know what not at all certain. The 12-dav-old stnkf. nf a vt I n-n    Withdrawal of both the AFL truck drivers has shut off New niSiPThST I    Iast    |and    ri.°    members    from    the    WSB York’s 7 1/2 millions for vit .1 nif! i Local 80i was com-»was advocated bv the AFL sea-m ii lions for Vitalpletely out of the hands of its men’s strike committee rn tele-and I officers ”    » rv*\ <9 ♦ /I    .    ...   t Jt'-rk rn rf-Ilk .    -    ...    f -*iA c W alii cli order from the office of international president Daniel J. Tobin to “abide by contracts.” He added that union members would return to work at all firms which have signed contracts with the union. NEW YORK,'Sept. IL ijfh A mounting civil strife. Hugo and Atoka*haiT won^a*com- Ii?Ies recor!d!d ir} any previous 24-    ^rsh,al11'    U- S* env°y* AVC.3.. t. IX i.tt;— iplete victory over the OPA in a ho^r.Pe™>d, the state highway ^nniumcated the generalissimos Ida Stover Eisenhower, 84, court decision involving funeral IPa    sai(?'. "T*16 Previous record I I?os u.^dlsclosed terms for a na Gen. Dwight D. Eisen- homes over the entire nation I established on March 30 i^?"wlde,.armistice and a two ic otuvci L.sriuiuwt*:, o**, >-wuii uecision involving funer mother of Gen. Dwight D. Eisen-!homes over the entire nation I. u ---------- ow bower, died early today at her L. P. Coffey has been makin* X£fIlsevenJ>ersons met death on home.    his    home    in    Ada for the msI 0^,ah.om? h‘«hways- Mrs Eisenhower died suddenly ; year.    ,p    I    Last    of    the    eight victims re- Eix .t 3:15 E m. after complaining The OPA had sought *39 (ll5 P0    ~    rs- Pear' Isla Con- .....against    his home M?    Hlvor,    Mo.,    who - xxx. diiii vuiupiduiiiig j-xic or YA naa sought S39 015    ac    7 L,    a»x«i uon- cf a pa n in her stomach. Her damages against his home in Ida-    ♦    * Flat. River, Mo., who housekeeper and companion. Mrs. bel and claimed that price con- I    L y a car as she cross es B Robinson, said she woke tro1 provisions covered casked rfLi .gbway near Davenport, zvcrcMc. cxxu iwiiijftuuufl, .viib. :    “nu    vidimeci    mat price mn- . xC TL- Y *7 v-“l ..a B Robinson, said she woke    ! tr°i provisions covered casked    r5Li    b!gbway    neai up at about 3 a m., asked for a    and funeral services.    Okla.,    with her    son.    The    Congas? of water, and then told Mrs.: Judge Eugene Rice of the pact-    we^e. members of a party of Robinson to ‘ go back to bed. Tm ern Oklahoma district federal    making a leisurely trip from «Ji right”    court Tuesday denied the apDh- lc.nt 7o.rmer Missouri home to Death was attributed to a heart cation for damages and also re Gaiiforma where they planned •enure.    I fused to enjoin Coffey from the ‘° llve u.TI'cy had stopped at an Mrs Eisenhower, who had not    P^es he charges for caskets    overnight campsite when    the    acheer. ill. had taken two automo-    , The question had been raised I rf*u    occurred. bile rides vesterdav.    . by Coffey’s attornev    I-.    Other    _    highway accident vie* Stewart, 47, tar, a son, arrived at 8s a.m. and    Iiecl as. professions "and so”are I^ took charge of arrangements for    not subject to OPA price control the funeral and burial.    ! regulations. Judge Rice's decision I if T He said General Eisenhower, uPbe^d this contention.    •    fe    21,    Fred- fcov in Washington, was expected 11 also that the services    'ii.:1    ^ ,Va\erne Glassock. 21, in A oil enc tomorrow afternoon.    are n°t subject to the regulation    ’    ! Anton Carter.    49, manly will fly rn an    s? tbat OPA contention of over-    on    a°i Erma Mae    Chatt- * ■    over    ‘man,    20    also    of    Clinton,    all of an acci-gasoline trans-near Cor —* aaaawvAVV UUU Cl V VV U and a half hour conference with Gen. Chou En-Lai, No. 2 Chinese communist. Then Communist Spokesman Wang Ping-Nan reported: “We continue to demand unconditional cease fire. We will not accept any other conditions. The situation remains serious.” The communist reaction ap-Pfared to doom into the discard the Stuart committee of five, which never has met. U. S. Ambassador Stuart, its chairman, had hoped it would lay the groundwork for creation of an all-party state council. Communists refused to sit on this committee until the generalissimo promised to invoke an armistice as soon as it reached an agreement. Red Air Activity Gains *u 4    7    x-»x*vxaii    tunes and their two sectors in Berlin was supervised by a British-American staff set up in a temporary headquarters at Weisba-den in the American zone and was dubed “operation sparkler.” It was the largest joint operation by the British and Americans since dissolution of the wartime supreme headquarters of Gen. Eisenhower. Beginning early yesterday morning and ending last midnight, raiders composed of army and military government personnel and German police visited selected firms and banks to seize the stocks of precious stones and metals which had not been declared as required by allied authorities. Officials of the public safety and property control sections of the military government guided army constabulary units and selected German police in the swoop. Reichsstelle Fuer Edelmetalle -    im vii.u j pieieiv o shipments of food and fuel and I officers” grams to Green and CIO Presi-j <b*nt Philip Murray, in the event I the board i ejects the AFL wage ; demands. During these developments, j there still was no official word I from the White House that President Truman intended to intervene in the paralyzing maritime strike. j The six-man group met behind closed doors to debate the deci-! sion of its lifetime. As the mem-ber s filed into the conference room, Walter Mason. AFL alter-1 nate member, substituting for *    ,    I Robert Watt, reiterated that he LONDON. Sept ll—(AP)—A nrnr.„ co    ,,    ,    ’'voul? immediately make a mo- j x • i    process server in black    tlon    for reversal. No other    mem* and striped trousers climbed through a ground floor    ber    w ouId comment. window of Duchess of Bedford    House todav and served an I ti"*,"*'0? To. "* d*«reut eviction notice on 1.000 squatters    barricaded within the build-    I    Whether to a'ccedelo    union mg. a luxury apartment block in Londons fashionable west o?L7‘LrneL prps^-e end.    i i!    higher-than-pattern    pay * Stanley Henderson, secretary nd in- Britain Starts Legal Move To Gel Squatters from Building Communist-Led Squatters Barricade Selves in Bedford House, Others Swarming Into Vacant Buildings Elsewhere In London ----------- ---------- ai-j 7 . 7 .    ™    “Liuany iauew tn tern ooh. Banal will be in the ! ?s s    Price controls had I tahr ta-.* 1fl n Abilene cemetery. An army chap- been Put into effect on funeral "thJC Barton, 16, Pocasset. wTho lair. from Fort Riley will conduct    ho™e supplies and services    Was J] ed    ln    an aut? collision services at    the graveside.    I . TJ1.6! 9^ enforcement attornev    ne5t lnco    highway 81. Besides;    General Eisenhower    I f, ^ ?^9ma City announced that    # Theodore    William Tackett, 40. Eisenhow’er, Mrs. Els-    Lhe d^lslon of Judge Rice wmuld    .farmer.?f .near.    Konawa, who died cnrvivoH Kw tv,™ ! ^ submitted in tho    I^ a collision involving two light and Milton E J-thw | ^ su bm it ted tothrre^Ilof- j" V° C%"    erin«    A rthnr R    flee    at    Dallas    with    *»       7    trucks. ------- .        ,    V.V.    tm    crc    tn    Ti    iegionai    OI- Oiher sons. Arthur B. Eisenhower,    Dallas    with    a request that vice-president of the Commerce Case be aPPealed. Trust Company of Kansas City; Edgar N. Eisenhower of Tacoma, Wash.n and Earl D. Eisenhower cf Charleroi. Pa. Earl Eisenhower will fly here With the Army Chief of Staff, j Mrs. Eisenhower, who was named The Kansas Mother of 1945. was born May I, 1862, at Mount Sidney, Va. She came to I Kansas in *830 to join a brother ! at Topeka. While living there, she I attended the old Lane University I at Lecompton, Kas., and it was I there that she met her future •    ___ husband. David Eisenhower. Mr. II,    Sept I shot down by Yugoslav" fighters A. Gromyko Was fxL,td (o7'ig 19 ieft for the United States ‘    ^Peeled    to today aboard the air transDort Gromyko Trying To Bolster Charges Russian Wants to Bock Ukrainian Charges Greek Government Threat ta Peace Plane With Bodies Of Fliers on Way Leaves Rome with Remains Of Airmen Shot Down By Yugoslav Fighters ROME, Sept. ll, CP)—f i v e Hag-draped coffins bearing the LAKE SUCCESS N Y cont r*ITJains of the American airmen -nri    V    I    ----- —Soviet Delegate AmfSJi ?° down by Yugoslav fighters -Sd    Sc-'"    af''l885er    Wer* mar‘    ,A- Gromyko was «pectod to    fonl 19 if" a°r.lhe    United State x.ea    hep...    -3, looD.    make a    final effort in thk it •* 5    today aboard the    air transDor .ne couple first made their    Nations    security council^    command’s four engined    ‘Cres- bome at Hope. Kas., south of    bolster    Ukrainian^    La)dayut?    cent Caravan” here, tnen for a short time lived .the present Greek govern!.!?* -The Plane took off k°m Ciam-a* Den.Mon, Tex., where Dwight    a threat to peace    in th2    \S    pino airfield at 2:15 a. rn. CST, D eisenhower was born. They , kans.    e    Bal"    and is due in Washington    at 9 05 !r3.;;Drcn(! \n 1892-and    As    the    delegates prenared to SST to™orrow- It will refuel'in hT sinc;e‘    ^et at I P. rn (CST^ fhev had E?™’ Ne^- ^oundland, and at ^  ------ boLcs liVed ln two.SS-    ‘Xer^yGra^ —J    pass on    to the next item on the Mr ana Mrs. Eisenhower were agenda. the parents of seven sons. One* There appeared little lik^Ti mea rn m.ancy and another, Roy hood. however, that action would J. —'enhower. a Junction City be taken on this DroDosal until A ^ l942,sbortly af- after Gromyko had been heard d?ft    father.    J    again. The Soviet delegate al- In her later years. Mrs. Eisen- ready has made tJn rower rad lived with a compan- statements on the Greek q^ieS jun maintaining a keen interest tion.    ques" in “her boys.”    |_Th^ npxt item on the council’s 4    __    j    agenda was an equally controves- sial Question—Russia's demands Better results for amount in-    russia    s demands vested. Ada News Want Ad* v t d niembers of the United nam Aas. |Nations report on the number of —------ : troops they have ’ .other than those Westover Field, Mass. Maj. Gen. Lawrence C. Jaynes, acting commander of American forces in the Mediterranean theater, headed a delegation of American, British and French representatives who rendered last honors at the field. WEATHER ..    muse    vvmen w< 7 formerly enemies of the allies OKLAHOMA — Generally fair anight ar a Thursday; not so cool ‘°rt^west and extreme west to-“*■ and Thy; sd ay md also • sciuuu wee to, rn centi ai portion Thursday, i 175 pupils. ARDMORE, Okla, Sept. ll (Jp) '—Carter Seminary, a federal school for Indian girls here, has been forced to refuse numerous applications for enrollment this year because of crowded conditions. The .seminary, now in the J ?^ond week of the fall term, has Wild Hoss CHICAGO, Sept. ll.—bP)—1The driver stood up in his horse-drawn wagon, waving his whip and screaming:    “Whoa    boss' Stop Joe! Whoa Smokey! Whoa Daisy! Whoa Pete Stop, you wild horse.” The wagon careened on two . wheels between automobiles and rn countries pedestrians as the horse gallop-which were ed along Elston avenue toward Milwauke avenue. At Milwaukee the horse turned west, and the wagon went south. As Joseph Kenia, the driver, surveyed the wreckage, a policemen asked “Why didn’t you stop him?” I just rented the horse and I forgot to ask its name.” .     *----—    »vA.uaan:xic    r    urr DUtfimeiaiie Coincidentally there were un- I was organized in 1935 to control inf,    ^le acquisition, sale and ex change of all German stocks of metals and stones.  * —- Reckless Driving Charges Filed Reckless driving charges were filed against Norman L. Worcester Wednesday morning by County Attorney Tom D. McKeown after a complaint was signed by Kenneth E. Will, highway patrolman. Worcester was arrested a half-mile north of the city limits of Ada early Wednesday morning. It was alleged that the defendant was driving in a reckless, imprudent and unsafe manner. The case was filed in the Franklin Bourland justice of peace court. Raid Results In Jailing of One Man Claude Davidson was arrested late Saturday by members of the sheriff’s force and placed in county jail. The officers alleged that they fund 24*2 pints of tax-paid whiskey in the possession of Davidson. Members of the sheriffs force were accompanied on the raid by a member of the city police and a constable. No charges had been filed against Davidson early Wednesday afternoon. -------^    v w* 11 unconfirmed reports of sizable air activity at the communists’ hitherto-deserted Yenan airfield, and of a frustrated government plot to seize Harbin, Manchuria, by simultaneous revolt from within and attack from without. Ta Rang Pao (Strength Daily) dispatches reported 62 unmarked an craft had landed at Yenan September 4 and that 38 others had taken off from Yenan that day for undisclosed destinations. The communists have no known air force. Observers here doubted the report. Government Forces Advance Front-line dispatches showed government troops advancing steadily through scattered North China communist zopes — and within 40 miles of the communist | regional capital, Kalgan. (In Tientsin, government dispatches said national troops were within three miles of Tsining, communications center in Sui-yuan province and one of the main lines in the communist chain between Yenan and Manchuria. (The dispatches said two ex-ecutive headquarters planes from ! Peiping had landed at Tsining ! airfield with supplies for a truce team inside the city. (Peiping dispatches vesterdav reported that Lt. R. W. Clark, Englewood, Colo., member of the truce team, was injured slightly as government forces attacked Tsinmg.) otdiuev Henderson, secretar Second Hearing On Waler Rate Tonight  .............. boost, or 2. To stand by its August 23 ruling that AFL sailors must bo content with the smaller rais* won by CIO seamen. unused dwellings, Si,Vd ' heTad , W . VV'll!ard Wirt/, 34-year-old been summoned to appear in I z°a ehanman, said the decision Public Again Invited To Attend, Take Part court next Tuesday. . 4# It is between us and the niin-!?try jf works.” he added. “I don t fully understand it I am now gomg to get legal advice” It looks as if may come today or tomorrow If the board were to reverse its previous ruling AFL leaders would order their men back to work. un-    there    Here    no    strong    bidi- . I cations that the panel is ready to j ii kivas as ii we were sup- ....... A proposed ordinance dealing Iposrd to S«'t out by next Tues-I Ja‘,Q?*s at the pan with revision of water rates injday-*#    forsake it position Ada will he discussed in an open I "oor* of the apartment later' ~ „ui uc tuscussea rn an open «wis ui me apartment later /aaa a    ^ rowing tonight (Wednesday) at 'V'Y unbarred and a co.,.rmmi,» * OlflallAllla lillOR 4.30 o clock, according to Mayor -spokesman said “the state of I “"■■HWlllfl VII jail Frank Spencer.    siege    is    now    at    an    end”    I    a    a Gels Amputee (ar rp;-_    . “LT—TMM m . touna monday atle Read Toe News Classified Ads., absence from home. Kidnaper of Girt Hasn’t Made Bond TERRE HAUTE, Ind., Sept. ll. (A*)—Mrs. Mildred Louise Ev-eiett, 22, was held in jail in default of $5,000 bond following her arraignment in city court yesterday on vagrancy charges in connection with the kidnaping of three year old Madeline (Toby) Tobias of Kansas City, Mo. Mrs. Everett, who did not enter a plea to the vagrancy charges, has signed papers waiving extradition, Chief mf Detectives Robert Vance said, but he said the papers would be useless unless the state of Missouri sought to return her to face charges. The FBI said a federal kidnaping charge had been filed against her in Kansas City. Madeline was found Monday after four days’ Squatters Post Sentries The squatters had posted senti ies behind barred doors to resist eviction efforts of the labor government.    _ Court action to evict squatters [signed to an Oklahoman0under fwhereVSSm aT atn Blrmingham. the Veterans Administration pro- OKLAHOMA City, Sept. II i/P) jhe fjrst automobile con- Frank Spencer. The public hearing on this question Monday night created plenty of ’interest and put some light on the subject. The council is inviting the public to attend and take part in the discussion as additional information will be welcomed.    \iiH7^y.'Tv7u;T.u,'l,'ry    \ w provide cars for ampu The Monday night meeting nartv ^    •Dlstric^ Communist tees has bom delivered to Walter brought to light the necessity for squatters caserio tK*    ube    I    Oklahoma City greater revenue for the city at The seven storv n I, r i 2/2/year'olJ naval veteran a time when the city’s dollar.' like    Bedford' ho use in^    who suffered tile loss    of a leg everyone’s dollar, buys less, ac-    tion of genteel RrrKmoi    sec-s    on Saipan obtained the    car from cording to the council.    vacant ul rn tfLt, > ? °n' WaslH Oklahoma City dealer less -We. as councilmen, fool that ^    TTLNTr V?r makm? appi- we were benefitted by view, ex- ‘he British housing shortage ! hero He had I.,offlce pressed as to how the rates could    Similar siege condition, were    bde ' before contam    fhTNT best be revised, one councilman developing at th» *>*; ....    _    i i _______ L    nx.iCctng    ykie    vA said The meeting also made plain that changing the water rates is about the only method possible    ______________ to increase the city’s revenue, and The Due boss of Bedford house maVe was that the city this year will not j P^vaJ‘‘*F own5d bl,t leased byland plans - -- - squatters seized in widely separated areas of Greater London “It s Revolution” receive one dollar ‘from ad va- Ithe government, was the head friinmaas ?° U'V' On*the*ioi lorem taxes for operation ex- quarters. A scatter,ng of ..-f I I rhli n/a    I!lU lorem taxes for operation penses. Some 30 persons attended the meeting Monday and each person was given an opportunity to express his view s on the proposed changes. 4U    --    —    ruinate    than other amputees in getting eariv delivery. The former navy machinist's discharged July IT. to take on-the-job Schoolmasters To Heel Tonight Pontotoc county Schoolmasters hold their first fall meeting tonight (Wednesday) at 7 o’clock at the Aldridge hotel dining room. J. W. Huff is outgoing president. New’ officers are to be elected. committees named and there W'ill be discussion of the legislative program of the O.E.A. There will also be some planning for the Pontotoc county teachers meeting that is to be held probably in early October. Greater returns tor amount infested. Ada News Want Ads. I FLOUR GOES UP Raised One fo Two Cents On Five Pound Package WASHINGTON. Sept. ll (jp)_ The cost of flour to housew ives    , wo was raised one to two cents on a rd is    r ^0,!}on \rrp P°st- five-pound package today by »n eight It Fountain Court, OPA. Th,, agency said the in ins on Bucl,h,.hPa int b,,lld-crease is temporary.    I    where Ko ,    ,    Palace    road There was no indication what!last night in"’ i” " SW“r'Td, *n effect the increase would have swoop over L I con?man*>-l‘ke on the retail prices of bread.. I P- " ,n "‘•"/••nee. OPA said the flour price in- f SHAWNEE, Okla Sent ll crease amounts to LM) cents a    Opening dav enrollment hundred pounds and this would i Shaw nee s public school result rn a new price of $4.72 per ported at 4.09 >. rxat th I) , * IOO pounds of bakery flour. than the schools’ attendance last ENID. Okla., Sept. ll (/Pt -The! 'nkl-ihomo n , * Enid Ministerial Alliance has legi ♦-1 Bnpt,st I nivemfy completed plans for on outdo^r Lmld havc    'L    T7'1 Pioneer union church service t..' Tho I,, LL mn, by 400 r---- .    I    ^    held next Sunday evening as    n    'Is    h,storv- rptui ns tor amount in* a feature of tho    injc    <    »l,    p ‘Sled. Aria MOIX-, nr.J    ‘    okoa    it, ,r! Ji k    6    Lher-i    Greater    returns    for    amount    in- okee Strip celebration.    i    vested. Ada .Ne-as Want Aux ouartor* a    T    i    "    ft-s    •*    warehouseman He tors    a    attei    mg    of    specta-    did not require special eauiDment gap single child emerged to walk a '--- dog. A gaunt man in tweeds commented: ‘.‘Its revolution, nothing else Seizing property, defying law and order I never thought I veil sce m England.” When two government employes reached the house seeking to remove furniture, they were 11 efused admission bv a sentry [Who shouted ‘Nobody gets in or lout. One government man said i he was threatened with an iron j oar, Two husky women were post- TH' PESSIMIST Hr Boh niMka, j«. Tv at re Lem Wheeler says th’ relatives n* havin’ so mu h trouble straightenin’ up th* estate o is late rich uncle that the v almost wish he hadn t o’ died. — OO— Too many times folks git credit fer bein’ extremely religious an' pious when it's only a sluggish liver. ;

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