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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Ada, Oklahoma French separatists embrace violence to push their Case in Canada Montreal a the Quebec liberation front appeared on the French Canadian scene in 1963 As a youth movement but an older tougher Breed emerged in a few years. Seven years ago Youthful advocates of Independence for French Canada planted bombs on such a colonial symbols As a statue of James Wolfe the British general who captured Quebec in 1759, and red mail boxes with Royal Coats of arms lining the streets of prosperous West mount an English speaking enclave in Montreal. Because Fly a the fronts French initials was closely identified with a wave of separatist sentiment then rising in Quebec politicians thought it could be defused with a better Deal for the provinces 5.5 million French canadians. They premised equal status for the French language More Federal government jobs for French speaking canadians and were even discussing associate state status for Quebec. But in 1964, the front took a harder tack and began to show its revolutionary colors. Two gunshot operators were killed in Montreal by three terrorists after firearms death threats were issued in Advance of a visit by Queen Elizabeth to Quebec City resulting in one of the most awesome Security screens Ever seen in Canada. In contrast to the Young enthusiasts of the Fly a a first years one of the gunshot raiders was 38. More men in their 30s became Active in the organization in 1966, when it launched a new wave of bombings directed mainly against struck Industrial plants. One was 32-year-old Pierre Vallieres. Who was sentenced to life in prison for the bomb death of a 64-year-old woman in 1966. After a Long fight he won another trial. Out on bail he was among the first arrested last Friday after prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau invoked the War measures act because of the Fly kidnapping of British Trade commissioner James Cross and Quebec Trade minister Pierre Laporte. Terrorists threatened to kill Trudeau if he came to Montreal in 1968 for the City a St. Jean baptists Day Parade. Trudeau defied the threats and stayed in the reviewing stand after other politicians fled during a riotous Battle Between police and agitators. Other such Battles also were under Way. In education revolutionaries sided with a school Board in suburban St. Leonard that Cut off funds for English schools. Agitators battled with italian immigrants who wanted to Send their children to English schools. Mcgill University lecturer Stanley Gray also arrested Friday led a 1968 Street March on the University with the aim of making it French speaking. During a wave of bombings in 1969, the Montreal and Canadian Stock exchanges were hit and 27 persons were injured. Bombs were found in a Large department store and outside City Hall. On sept. 29, Montreal mayor Jean Drapeaux a Home was dynamited. The Fly has opted against elections but did not interfere during last Springs Campaign for the Quebec legislative Assembly giving Rene Levesque a separatist parti quebecois a Chance to show its strength. Levesque a party won 24 per cent of the vote but Only seven of the Legislatures 108 seats. The Fly said this demonstrated it was pointless to depend on the ballot Box for Reform. Of you ride a plane it s hijacked. Highways Are hazardous. Let s Start a stay at Home and enjoy it movement. The Ada evening news 8 pages 67th year no. 188 Ada Oklahoma monday october 19, 1970 to cents weekday 15 cents sunday arrests May Start in Kent affair Ravena Ohio a Portage county sheriffs deputies Are expected to Start today picking up the 25 persons named in secret indictments returned Friday by a special state grand jury investigating four Days of violence last May at Kent state University. Authorities declined to identify those indicted or to specify the charges until the subjects have been arrested. A sheriffs department spokesman said papers were still being processed Early this morning and no arrests were expected before late this morning or Early afternoon. Special state attorney Robert l. Balyeat would say Only that no Ohio National guardsmen were among those indicted. The 25 reportedly Are mostly students with a reported one or two faculty members also on the indictment list. Attorney William Kunstler who defended the Chicago seven is expected to direct the defense of those indicted Here. Craig Morgan Usu student body president said he has contacted Kunstler in Bermuda where Kunstler has been vacationing and that the attorney had agreed to coordinate the defense program. The student government said saturday it would Man its office around the clock one reason being to help those arrested in obtaining Legal assistance. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a big Canadian manhunt seeks separatists who killed Kidnap victim Montreal apr police saturday night was not men or accused of terrorist crimes. Police released the text Sun said Early today they believe toned in the warrant. An Fly communique which led Day night of a letter from Cross they have found the hideout both suspects were described police to Laportes body in a reporting that he was a alive where terrorist kidnappers held As French speaking canadians. Montreal suburb saturday night and in Good but he labor minister Pierre Laporte there was no explanation Why before murdering him saturday they were charged with both the police began a thorough kidnappings since communiques investigation of the abandoned from the Quebec liberation Frame Bungalow in the Little front have indicated that sep town of St. Hubert eight Miles Arate Fly factions carried South of Montreal after army demolition experts made sure it contained no Booby traps. A we believe it is where Laporte was held a said det. Sgt. Albert Lisacek. Laportes body was found about half a away. Thousands of police them out. By Early today police had rounded up 319 persons in a manhunt launched after the Federal government invoked the War measures act Friday and mile outlawed the Fly. More than 180 were picked up in Montreal the rest in Quebec City Sher said he was a a executed because warned a the Only danger for the government refused to com my life is if the police find out ply. Where i am and want to inter j Vene. The Fly will not give up while refusing to free the 23 an j j Wpm a j men demanded by the kidnappers the government offered to promised Vethe of a sips Ste it a 1 Quot a 3 ftt6 conduct for themselves to Cuba ers p�?~1s or Algeria if Cross and Laporte 1 j were returned Safe. After la the acid an Fly com porters body was found tru Munique were found in a Church Deaus government announced sunday. That the offer of Safe conduct to Trudeau went on television crosses kidnappers still stood. J sunday night for the second time in 18 hours and vowed that his government will foil any attempts a to destroy our a we must expect that these vicious men May attempt again to shake our will in the Days ahead a the prime minister said. A i speak for All of you when i say that any such attempt shall another indication that More violence was expected came from the Canadian medical associations president or. D. L. Kippen. He said a 10-Day strike by the 4,200 members of the federation of Quebec medical specialists was ended sunday because of a possible emergency medical requirements in Quebec and a continued escalation of the National the medical associations executive Secretary b. E. Frea to said the organization had information that Montreal students might clash with troops mobilized Friday under the War measures act. Trudeau aroused considerable opposition among members of parliament by invoking the act but the murder of Laporte swung Many opposition members to Trudeau a Side. The House of commons debated the Issue for More than 13 hours saturday then recessed abruptly Early sunday when word of Laportes death arrived. Sources in Ottawa said Trudeau a Liberal party with 152 seats and the credit Ste party with 13, gave the prime minister a solid majority of Strong supporters in the 264-seat House. Laportes body Lay in state at the Montreal courthouse sunday night As the Bells tolled at notre Dame Church where the tuner a1 will be tuesday afternoon. A tile authorities will never find the place where i am held am a Brooke Hull and five other que combing Quebec province with Hon warrants for a taxi Driver and a schoolteacher wanted for the kidnapping of Laporte and Brit f when 25 Yonng ish Trade commissioner James to up a. U6" ? tug Cross. Prime minister Pierre Elliott Bec towns. Rose was involved in a 1968 controversy at Perce on the gang seeks revenge for dead member new York a Mem holocaust a a giant c-5 Galaxy Burns at Marietta a. Firemen Here fight the Blaze that consumed this Model of the world s largest air plane. One person died in the fire and explosion. A wire photo people occupied a building. Abner Biard Perce mayor said. The youths bothered tourists and Trudeau predicted More terror-1 Vohen he and others protested is violence from the Quebec was threatened by six or Sev liberation front or Fly. But in organizations among them he said a these vicious men the Fly will be found a and will be dealt Laporte 49, was abducted As with in the Calm and Dispas he played football with his Chil Sion ate atmosphere. On ocl 10. Five Days ear Quebec police issued an All Lier James Richard Cross also Points bulletin late sunday say 49, the British Trade commis ing Marc Carbonneau 37, the sooner in Montreal was taken cab Driver and Paul Rose 27, from his Home. Were charged with participation the Fly made seven Ransom in both abductions. The slaying demands among them release of Laporte whose body was and Safe conduct to Cuba or found in the trunk of an Auto Algeria for 23 persons convicted peace quiet reign for Rock festival sunday hot fighting Breaks out in Cambodia Stillwater okla. A phenom penh Cambodia drive South along the Highway apr cambodian troops ran to link up with other govern into stiff resistance sunday in ment units that Are supposed to a a an operation to reopen 20 Miles push North from Takeo which is Oklahoma s first Rock Musia 0f important Highway South of 50 Miles from phenom penh festival to escape the Wrath of phenom penh. Both Highway 2 and Highway officialdom played to a sellout a military spokesman said 3, a parallel route to the South crowd of 4,000 or More sunday government troops ambushed a have been Cut since May by ene hers of the Young lords have reported Only North vietnamese unit saturday seized the body of a member a in1�, Ai killed seven of them. They claim was murdered in a the 19 bands hired for the but on sunday he said 15 gov City prison and barricaded Rock fest started up around Croni ent or. Were founded themselves in an East Harlem 13 ., an hour later than sched in a a Asb 25 Miles South of the Church demanding his death belled because of difficulties with capital 0j Highway 2. Avenged. City officials ruled the death a suicide. The puerto rican militant group proclaimed an end to their a no weapons policy sunday and brandished rifles on the Steps of the first Spanish methodist Church. The casket of Julio Roldan three battalions Are trying to have the sound system. The 22-acre site leased land in Northern Stillwater was filled by the beginning of the music and hundreds were still i streaming toward the site on foot from parking areas a mile away apr the . Government received the original parking Sites has not decided whether to show my troops who have made the area a major infiltration route to the Kiri rom plateau in the elephant mountains to the West. The operation to reopen Highway 2 was launched some time ago but was not announced until today. Some sources said it illustrates a change in the cambodian commands thinking. The emphasis now is going to be on Small local operations to retake territory close to phenom penh the sources said instead of big scale operations like the drive North of phenom penh that has been stalled for weeks at Taing Kauk 47 Miles North of the capital. In Saigon the . Command reported there were no significant ground engagements involving american forces in the past 24 hours. A communique said Field reports indicated no american troops were killed in ground fighting sunday. But the communique said a helicopter with three american crewmen was missing presumably As the result of enemy fire. A spokesman would give no denounced that american troop strength in Vietnam last week dropped to 378,900 men the lowest in nearly four years. Another round of troop cutbacks already has begun to reduce strength by another 40,000 to an authorized ceiling of 344,000 by the end of the year. In Laos pro government Fox tails saying a search and res is captured a key position Cue Mission was under Way and Southwest of the Plain of jars to disclose the location would sunday improving their defend jeopardize the search. Sive posture for the coming dry the . Command also an-1 season the government said. Rogers Gromyko discuss the Mideast United nations . Night but Rogers has already i Mideast foes Back to the Indi weapons charge was not product Gromyko a soviet involvement 34, who police said was found were hed quickly and traffic the . General Assembly Evi cell in the p a i i a fam Ami Jonnn not to it to int. A1 n Lego violations. In hanged in his a a tombs prison in Friday was placed in front of the altar after an angry and solemn funeral procession that swelled to a crowd of 1,500. A was diverted away to the new Dence of egyptian soviet Viola m Ann Anan areas Tifis of the Suez canal Cage Stillwater police chief How fire . Officials said today. Minister Mahmoud Riad denied commissioner conducts tour of county jail Jim Cook commissioner charities and corrections was in Ada this morning to inspect the county jail in connection with a proposed five Mill Levy to build a new jail. County commissioners have passed a Resolution to put the jail Levy on the ballot in the general election nov. 3. The jail located on top of the courthouse building has been a source of trouble for Many years. On several occasions stopped up toilet facilities in the jail have resulted in flooding of third floor courthouse offices. And prisoners with an urge to escape have Seldom found the Job difficult. The five Mill Levy if approved by voters would be used to build a ground level jail adjoining the sheriffs office. State representative Lonnie Abbott also joined in the inspection this morning. Denial of rect negotiations. The a1 1� the . View Egypt which asked for the . Debate on san Ria fintian Forgan is trying with so Viet backing lems a mrs Meir said. A fall la a Yulian of re i to relieve the onus of the Viola Riad and his government havea a. A am. It o j a in a i cd a a 4a.tion charges and swing world to do is recreate the situation Ard Hoyt said he knew of no a the . Decision they said new soviet antiaircraft missiles 0dnj0n against the rests at the festival and agreed will be heavily influenced by had been moved into the truce j. With the estimate of 4,000 at How the debate shapes up when zone and said Aerial photo Tendance. The general Assembly takes up which the United states con Kiado speaking on Abl s is in wimp Avih prep of the Viola arguing sunday morning about the Middle East situation next tends prove otherwise a mean sues and answers took the Rogers says he has spent showing evidence of the Viola fur a of fun a �r��j�11 line that Washington made the hours going Over the . Photos by is to the soviet represent charges As a pretext to break a a reportedly taken by u2 recon Tive. A making speeches at one another never solved any prob United according to the cease fire Pierre Laporte one dead two injured in Wake of of shooting Oklahoma City a a burst of pistol fire in an Oklahoma City Home sunday left a teen age girl dead her brother and sister critically wounded and their Stepfather in City jail. Police arrested Calvin Morris Patrick 43, in a restaurant parking lot later after his wife told officers Patrick had done the shooting. Officers said he had a .22-caliber pistol when arrested. Patrick however said the shots were fired by his wife a 18-year-old son Thomas Berryhill jr., who was listed in critical condition with Chest Arm Sion with Gromyko Friday night agreement and talks can begin was said to have decided ing could be gained then by have been moved often for their and Back wounds Security and photos therefore Jan Berryhill 16, was dead on show what look like new ones arrival at a Hospital. Such work As the sandbagging Donna Berryhill 9, also was of missile Sites also could look in critical condition with a head like new construction he said. Wound. Rogers after a four hour ses-1 no formal charges were filed sunday. Officers said mrs. Patrick told them she and her husband were ticket takers estimated they Jill die Asi us Lauon next lenos prove had taken in $6 too or More monday right after the .�?Ts nothing and prove to xxx a proc 25th anniversary Observance. I Israel says it will not come to. I., i i g i 8, a Secretary of state William p. The proposed Arab israeli peace commitment not to ship new Naissance planes a and the emirate off Iriart in Lin of us re Sers expects to take up the negotiations unless there is a weapons to Israel of i i i c i Middle East Berlin and other missile Rollback. Rogers wants israeli Premier Golda Meir an. Gylfe o questions with soviet foreign enough a a rectification of the a1-arrived sunday night for the Cenit at in Trafficrequire-1 minis a Andrei a. Gromyko to legend violations to bring the . Session and said Riadi so a a a a a a if a sanitation ments. Tive. Tonight a dinner meeting at Dence is conclusive that they the americans hotel suite is have moved missiles their last scheduled private get Riad said missiles installed together during their attendee aug. 8 cease fire Ance at the . Fall session. Before a it it it it it it it it it it the pistol. She said her husband wanted to take it with him when he left the House and she did not want him to take it. Mrs. Patrick told officers Young Berryhill came to the bedroom door during the argument Between her and her husband. Syria takes new tougher stand against guerrillas Beirut syrians new Lebanon a military ruler Syria from Jordan Are being have resulted from the syrian tons with Iraq which is ruled Syria. The guerrillas said 60 Danian army officers unhappy i lived of his government Post to is disarmed at the Border and invasion of Jordan during the by a rival Wing of the baath tanks shelled four villages be with the pact maintain the cracking Down on the Palestin shipped off to detention areas in civil War there last month. As party. Tween Ramatha and Irbid 50 Ian guerrillas the previous Northern Syria the sources sad opposed the intervention although local baathist Lead Miles from the jordanian Capi marxist regime sponsored Arab said. They reported Assad has and refused to give it air cover ers rushed to Damascus from Tai of Amman and that they re diplomatic sources reported to put Syria under military con As i result strafing jordanian throughout Syria trying to work plied with mortars machine Day. Tool paralysing the baath so planes did heavy damage to the out a Compromise Between Mili guns and rockets. The diplomats said Gen. Hah Calist party government. Syrian invaders. Assad report tary and civilian wings of the guerrillas at am Rawa said had accepted the resignation of Fez Al Assad of the air Force. Assad forced or. Noureddin edly uncovered a plot by Jadid party the syrian capital was re the troops Cut the Road from i n f o r in a t i o n minister to agreement gives them the right to re assert government control in these villages. In Cairo egyptian president Anwar Sadat announced that he syrians defense minister has Atassi to resign As president to oust him and moved first. Ported Calm. Army tanks and Ramatha to Irbid in violation of closed Down the Damascus and Premier of Syria on Satur Assad is 40, a staunch Arab armoured vehicles have re-1 the peace agreement signed last Headquarters of the Saika Ger Day and today maj. Gen. Salah National stand has worked for roamed on their bases. I tuesday by King Hussein and Rillas and asked the Central Jadid marxist Leader of the closer cooperation among the meanwhile jordanian tanks guerrilla Leader committee of the Palestine re baath party was reported to Arab countries in the fight distance movement to suspend have fled the country possibly against Israel. He has the Back its membership. To Northern Lebanon. I ing of the egyptians and has Saika guerrillas returning to i Assad a coup is believed to i tried to bring about better rela Yasir Arafat. And palestinian guerrillas in the pact permits the guerrillas Northern Jordan battled sunday to move men and supplies along for control of villages on the the country a roads As Long As guerrillas Supply route from i they obey traffic Laws. But Jor hammed Hassanein Heikal editor of the country a sem official newspaper Al Abram and close confidant and spokesman for the late president Gamal Abdel Nasser. Heikal in a letter of resignation dated oct. 3, asked to be re devote More time to his newspaper and indicated he planned to write a life of Nasser. He declared his loyalty to Sadat and pledged to continue to work for Nasser a policies. In Tripoli prime minister Muammar Mohammed Sadafi of Libya told a cheering throng that All but 27 of the country a once prosperous italian Community have departed in accordance with his expulsion order in july. He said the 27 were being detained for unspecified reasons. State school children get sea Holiday Oklahoma City a Oklahoma a school children will get a Brief vacation this week when an estimated 20,000 teachers head for Oklahoma City to attend the annual convention of the Oklahoma education association. The convention opens wednesday night and runs through Friday. All three gubernatorial candidates Are slated to address the convention. The meeting opens with a general session at 7 30 Wednesday in the City a civic Center music Hall. Between general sessions teachers will split into Small groups for workshop sessions in their areas of specially such As guidance and counselling mathematics and Industrial arts. The president of the National education association Donald Wilson of even Hill Ohio will address the final general session which opens at 9 30 a. In. Friday. Wilson a topic is to be a the profession forming an Alli dance with

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