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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - November 27, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma Charlie Chaplin Is at His Best in a J1,000,000 Picture--”Shoulder Arms^He Goes Over the Top at Ihe American Today and Tomorrow tEhe gfoa Cbemng A THRILLING EXPERIENCE ON THE “BIG GAME” TRAIL INSIST THAT THKIK    iw’rAWTAfc    AX®* I 'WMS?*® AHK o wTk K S    I    KRATKA    • _    ... , .    By the A**oc»*ted Ppm* y WASHINGTON, Oct. 23.—lndica-j WASHINGTON, Oct. 23. Out of lion* are that railroad employes will the wreck of the National Indus-inaut upon the granting of their! trial Conference, President Wilson J demand# for increased wages, time today tried to build near machines and a half for overtime, the eight; to bring about industrial peace in hour day and chances in working (the country. In a message to Chair-conditions before the railroads of man Lane, he asked that the public the country are returned to private representatives in the conference control, is contained in testimony continue their work and make a re-by Timothy Shea, chief of the Fire- port to hjm. nien’s Brotherhood, before the Rail- ^ .g the bope 0f the President and, I"' ^r:nTwo^iWbTond.uonv    o.her ado,I,us,ration o.ficlaU ihatj Although Mr. Shea appeared be- the public delegates who were ap-fore the board only in be hair of ti^Jpointed by Mr. Wilson and who#pep-firemen it is generally conceded that regent j^th employers and workers to increase their wages would «e-j    formulate a program which will cess la ie a similar increase to aj*    acceptable to both capital and railroad workers and that an> ac- lion taken by the    tinmen \o Depanment of labor officials were their wase demands would    id ‘ favor furlher action on the similar adon by .he other brother- ££ '«fjU^r9entatlves. hoodg*    Samuel    Gompers,    president    of    the American'Federation of Labor, in a formal statement today, reiterated that unless the employers group in the conference agree to the declara- j n__ nnAArAiiTrn tiOD tbat the workers had tbe rl*bt, DC DDflvtnilTtn ito organize without discrimination 111 I ilUuLllll I LII I it was worse than useless for labor’s representatives to continue the de-j - I liberations. BOZEK ARUI OFFICERS By the Associated Pre**    WASHINGTON.    Oct.    23.—After CHICAGO, Oct. 23. Criminal announcing that he had received prosecution of at least a dozen arm> president Wilson's message. Chair-! officers and civilians and the insti- maQ Lane declared the National In-tution of a civil suit for the recov- dustrial Conference as originally ery of from $13,000,000 to $15,000-    constituted    adjourned    and immedi-j OO Oof which he said the government    ately called    the men    ot    the public had been defrauded in connection    group into    session as    a    new with a $40,000,000 munition con-    tore nee. tract involving the Standard Steel    ---- Car Company at Hammond. Ind..    iv* will be asked in a report to congress QgffHQfl OOldlSTS con by a sub-committee which has been conducting an investigation, according to Chairman William J. Graham in a statement made public today. The big contract was for Howitzer gun carriages at $40,000 each of wrhich only 20 were finished, according to Congressman Graham’s statement. HUSBAND’S Win CAIRES OI Well Fed in The English Prisons PROPOSALS OF COAL STRIKE SETTLEMENT BY SECRETARY OF LABOR WIL-SON AKB REJECTED. PERPETRATOR OF PLOT ADMITS THAT HE RECEIVED MONEY FROM GERMANY FOR PROPAGANDA. By th* Associated Press WASHINGTON, Oct. 23. — The United Mine Workers of America today formally rejected the proposal by Secretary of Labor Wilson for a settlement of the coal strike called for Nov. I. John L. Lewis, president of th^ Miners’ Union, announced that the proposal was indefinite and inadequate and failed to meet. the demands of the mine workers. Be added that he would so report to the next meeting of the miners. By the Associated Press STRASSBERG, WeU, Oct. 22.— The conspiracy for a revolt in Alsace-Lorraine, having for its object the establishment of a republic here* is assuming greater proportions than at first anticipated. Roessler, the man alleged to be the arch conspirator, and who has been placed under arrest, has, according to the military authorities, made a confession admitting that he received 500,000 francs from Germany since last May. The funds were sent to him from Baden-Baden, it is said. Acting as intermediary between Che Berlin foreign office and the conspirators here* according to. Koess-ler’s revelations, was a relative of former Imperial Chancellor Von Bethmann-Hollweg. Literature siezed at Koessler’s home was for the “New Republic of Alsace-Lorraine” and called upon the population of the two provinces to separate from France as well as Germany. WASHINGTON, Oct. 23.—The proposal of Secretary of Labor Wilson for settlement of the coal strike will be rejected by the miners, officers of the United Mine Workers of America announced today on their way to a meeting called to formulate an answer. This was taken to mean that the joint conference with the operators this afternoon would end abruptly unless Secretary Wilson was prepared to submit an entirely new proposition. John L. Lewis, president of the United Mine Workers, reiterated that his union would consider no offer of settlement that failed to grant the demand for a five day week. Members of the Miners committee said their meeting this morning would merely ratify the informal    .    . agreement reached last night to re- Frank Stevens wafc acquitted of a ject the offer. Leaders said they charge of unlawful possession bf would attend the conference at 2 i jnf0Xfcating liquor-by a jury in o’clock as they had been requested!    Yesterday    The offense to do so bv Secretary Wilson, but count} court jesterda.. The offense that if no new offer of settlement; is alleged to have been committed was made they would starj immedi- in Ada some time last spring. The ately for their homes abd make vfsr(jjct Qf not guilty was returned — J.. f am IL /n n t lr a /lollop f IM* \ GV _ ready for the,, strike called fot^Nov. MARSHALL JOFFRE IO VISIT TO WAR ZORE Claude Weaver Wonby\I581 Sags Election Board IO LIVE STOCK GAME A U.S. Consul Is Said Kidnaped bg Mex. Bandits lily tile A*oei*t*d Fre*»    ,    By    the    A**oc»*ted    Frrw BERLIN, (By Mail.)—The prison- paris, (By Mail.)—Marshall Jof-By thc Adiated Vrk* ers of war. returned from England, | ^ hag returne<| from a visit to the OKLAHOMA VlTY, Oct 23. By the Associated Pres*    I    By    the Associated Pres* TOPEKA. Kan., Oct. 22.—An ab- WASHINGTON, Oct. 23.—William normal condition in the live stock q. Jenkins, American consular agent industry in Kansas is being created at Puebla, Mexico, was kidnaped by are well fed and    Occupied    territory    of    Germany    where    Claude Weaver ion tbs democratic!    according"to Joe tfercerJ T^wmas'ked^ bandits last Friday at ( M. Scluiiidt ftom ie    waa    reCeived    with th*- gieatest nomjnation for ^congressman from gtale live stoCk commissioner, by Puebla and is being held for $150,- camp at Meschede. when tbe    enthusiasm    by    the Belgian. British, the f,tth Oklahoma district in the ^ beavy shipments of cattle to OOO ransom, the state department concentrate and then are sen ____•    American    and    French    sold    lei    s.    Thej    prjmary last Sa urday, polling a market and simultaneous shipments    advised. by five of the jurors, one of the panel failing to concur. Charlie Hill of Francis received a sentence of $50.00 and thirty days. He was charged with the unlawful possession of choc and had a jury trial. The verdict in his case was not unanimous, one juror voting not guilty. Court is still busy with alleged and real offenders and “the bootlegs gers convention” will probably las| through the week.    r DEMOCRATS; PLEDGE \ .    -w«..    -—----- .primary They are naturally overjojedto Germanf. rendered to him the honor niajority 158:    votes    over    Roy market and simultaneous shipments has been advised I to grazing lands in Western Kansas! The American embassy on inquiry he home their    "bi<*    Uas    be*n    E. Stafford, his Wrest competitor.    ^^r    ^omh_cXlahoma.    haglifted by 'the Mexican* —*  -!lantlc, with    I    A    "lf    %A nnlv for th,‘ foimer emperors when the accordin|, to returns made PubllcjTexag and ,he Panhandle country, foreign office that the government a tmk    pleasant    jno    urJ s '    * *?nar ^arsba* and Madame Joffre attend-    today by the stat i election board.    The natural    results of these move- WOuld take all possible steps to af- Extreme cruel|> caused bv drunk- by one blot the Independents>. ‘Par'ed a performance at the Maycnce    j. w Harrold., republican nom!-    .    .    pointed out, is th <Je-!fect the liberation of Jenkins. The none arni earthling coupled with taoists and Communists are alieady    ,        men    lb,    ii    is    pu u    ^    t    lect me enness and gartbling couplet! wiin    taoists and threats to kill Is the allegation in    at work trying    to win the    prisoners the divorce pennon Tiled bv Mrs.|to their side and have even placed Rosa Myers against her husband, [agents where they can most easily J C Myers, iniiistrict court yester-    get in touch    with    the    men    and dav. Plaintiff is represented bv    preach thejr unrest    and    chaos    and    jj^'been    a    |0ng    established custom I King * Crawford.    disorder.    in    Germany    that    whenever the    eni- Plaintiff states that she married j The forces behind the move have pefor atteilded lhe opeia Uiat no ap-; OKLAHOMA CITY, Oct., 23.— Resolutions pledging support to Claude Weaver, democratic nominee for representative from the Fifth district, were passed by the Young . Women’s Democratic club at a luncheon at nofm yesterday and by I dispatch received by the state_________ _    __________ cheaper feed zones is something out department quotes the Mexico City j the Democratiq City Central com-HaMern Star    of ordinary,” said Mr. Mercer, ‘‘con-i newspaper Excelsior, as reporting    *    ” defendant a. Mnnett. Okla.. on 5ulv|put    , Brea, number of Communiatie^ unl,rroyal,yj    Meetin* ' tonight of the    Eastern sider, g ^ volume of ■I    that the ISO,. Th#, of this . mamase and    spartans, women into the game.    Kave th(. signal    The Armans await-    St i.. AU members urged to    be pres ( menu »eeau^    e    owned by    Je    .    SSK    -----/ I pleasure be-!    en,—Edith M. Lee. beey.    I fwdln' ?attle. oattle men    are com- 24, three children mave been born, now on the theory that the prisoners af-1 ^ ^|argfiai’s good pleasure and 5 years, respect-iter years without their wives and fore manifesting ively. That defendant abandoned (sweethearts will succumb    Joffre    did    not    applaud    until    the!    Stammering    is    often    a aged 13. IO their approval. result of pelted to either sell their stock or ively. That oeienuam    ,    twrnnt-anp    v*,,.    Joffre    did    not    applaud unui me, Mauiiuvnug is    «  ---- -    -    .    nhenner    fped    Within plaintiff in AfiBUfU. 1917. and was; easily. Herr Schmid, reports to h‘«j.Mcond ac, and ,he artlsFg rendition: runny a child from being left- move Ithem to.cheap r feed. absent from    Jiome    seven    months, own    obvious satisfaction that the|o^    first    act    was    given    amidst handed, during which time plaintiff never women    are having little success• L^pi^e    silence. heard from defendant, and that dur- and the prisoners in huge majority j    train    returning    to    Paris ing that    had    so    support    j    announce    their    intention    of    standing    joffre    Bumnioned the newspaper cor- herself and clijldren. That since that1 by the empire. time defendant has been    so cruel’; There is howCve-, a nr.*Ai ele- and abusive    Bs lo    make    life with.ment    among the prisoners ttieniselv- him intolerant.    'cs    that    promises    possible    — “That he !**» cursed and abused j that element which was the la8118hal Ruined gravely while the ex plaintiff and sin one occasion drew;drawn into the army, and went to pert explained to him why the dollar a chair on    her,    cursed    her and, the    front unwillingly and deter-    wag    worth    nine    franC8    and    the threatened to kill her; that he has mined    to desert at the first moment.    pohnd    about thirty-six    and    then without provocation on part of plain- These    men are the malcontents and    g^id; tiff accused iRpr of being unfaithful^trouble makers but Herr Schmidt| ,.jt }g p(K»ui}ar> During the war. MICKIE SAYS respondents w’ho had accompanied him on his tour and one of them. a financial reporter, broached the subject of the exchange. The Mar- to him, and lias cursed her both iii says that even they are not very ^f-, between the Allies, blood was at public and pllvate. and that said fective in breeding trouble and dis-|par.» acts have increased until she can order among the great mass.    I    .    .. no longer livf with this defendant! H is easy comparatively to take \f M* OMX utts < ok oatNtcato atwttmn' noo oaoocmxrooH ex'** NOMA, -1UOM WW tcoxum' V OOOMOMTC MO ORO^A] MMM* 11*10 OO MttOOO MIWA hTf    UKC OOtAO Of qua tVJfi$U\HOf OO a few months this result of the attempt to lower the cost of living by forcing a cutting off of production will prove to be just the reverse of what was intended. It is bound to result in a shortage of beef for slaughter in the future, mittee at a meeting held last night. John H. Wright and Ross N. Lil lard, defeated candidates for th .    democratic    nomination, made aho- robbed it of 60,000 pesos and tk®n<goalies at the icommittee meeting J v •       m*    tit.    *    Vi    nm    Th    ^      •    — took Jenkins away with them. The( d supp0rt to the nornin bandits are reported to have f°la!james s. Ross. also defeated, ple< Mrs. Jenkins that they were rebels hig gUppor| yesterday. Comimt-and would hold her husband for I tees were appointed to see that dfc- 300,000 pesos ransom. They said that Jenkins would not be harmed if there was no attempt to pursue the abductors. An American business associate of Jenkins and shortage of supply invariably j has confirmed the newspaper story means increase in prices.” Mr. Mercer says cattle are being shipped to market faster than a normal supply requires, but this tendency is being met with some success through the new plan, now in its initial stages, of a distribution of these shipments through the new- Ada Playhouses no longer    * * WUU intr* uriruuaut ] ll »»    J .    au,ci;    iw    I    nAWRVOIl    ll    A It.ni VG    WTV/Ti in peace and safety.1’ Plaimiff a1-; care of the regular transports of;"0'*-11' " " wrmKMNr MIK FILS leges further that when she and I prisoners, large as they are, says    STKUi .G mu* - deefndant    wquld Fork and earn; Schmidt,    but    far greater trouble! some money, defendant would spenc the money in drinking and gambling. During the present year plaintiff and defendant made a share crop with Lum Hqward near Allen, that they have sokl the crop and some hogs. and that after paying some debts they wive divided the proceeds. Plaintiff prays for divorce and danger comes from the foot- By the Associated Pres* loose individual escaped from a ..VI„    „    DES    MOINES,    la.,    Oct.    23.—Gov- camp who drifts over the line. Asjernor    Harding of Iowa will he appears in Germany, begging!exerclRe    f7ef    Powe1^ are food and clothing, he is in at least! ®*ry    lbat    ®    *5 50 I>«r cent of all cases a swindler who is exploiting the situation. Iowa, if the threatened strike of miners takes place and continues until the public begins to suffer Rev. Clyde Calhoun Morris, pastor I lor fuel. Governor Harding said to- ___of    the First Baptlet Church of this1 day: and such    other relief as she maylelty, has been    invited    to deliver    ani “If the strike takes place, and be entitled    ti-    I    address before    the student body    of I the public is without coal, I will the Oklahoma    Baptist    University    at exercise the necessary power to Shawnee tomorrow morning at ten have coal (mined.*' o’clock. Following the Baptist I    ___ KABOB GROUP WITHDRAWS; FEDERATION MEETING WANTED $16,000,000 drive after wb!.cb .^bt! YOUNGSTOWN POLICE SHOOT of "work it    AND SER20URLY WOUND    TWO r    attempt t0 secure    tk, Annci*t*d Ptm* l^£*£LESSS IZi uZ uoT I    YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, Oct.    23, TW subject will he “Calling oat the Two m** W€re ghot by poU6e ln m tis subject will he Calling out the    ^    ^    wl|0n    tb<) Bt tbu ft **n ria tart Pre** PEORIA, IM., Oct 23.—Following the withdrawal of the labor group from hte Industrial Conference at S*uibTrO0r.    h«ratthl"    called,-    and to atlmulate the yoana I °Lnt mnrntn^ aiGhorlted the eendlna of    people    to prepare themrelve. forl otfic«r.    .tt««p*ed to complete dedication to the church foreigners, euepecteo_oi Munijm and missionary work is the object \ lo homes of mill workers In the stee of the    lecture before the student, district    early    today.    The    wounded body at Shawnee tomorrow morning.; men, both of    whom    are    suspected by pollee to be among those who morning authorised the sending a message to President Gompers of the American Federation of Labor and to members of the executive council urging the Immediate Issuance of a call for a convention of the American Federation of Labor la Washington. American. Charlie Chaplin comes to town Iv organized co-operation * between again tonight in his second million the livestock men and the railroad j dollar picture, “Shoulder Arms.” administration. For the past week!Nothing we could say about Charlie Mr. Mercer has been in Kansas | chaplin would do any good, as it City aiding in getting the plan under way. It has aided, he said, in preventing congestion, with the exception of possibly the last two Mondays when the receipts were “heavier than they should have been.” There is no shortage of •cattle cars, Mr. Mercer says. Is well known that he never makes failures. Plantations of cork oak are cult!- fired tho workers* homes, were said voted in southwestern Europe. to he In a critical condition. WEATHER FORECAST Cloudy and probably rain tonight and Friday. Colder tonight In west portion and colder Friday. BRIA KUN HAS ESCAPED FROM INTERMENT CAMP By tho Associated Press BERLIN, Oct. 23.—Bela Run, former dictator in Hungary during the communist regime, has escaped from the interment camp at Vienna and has gone to Italy where he is engaged in promoting a revolutionary movement according to a Geneva dispatch to the Taeehlatt. NEW YORK TEAMSTERS RETURN TO WORK TODAY NEW YORK, Oct. 23.—Itembers of the International Unton of teamsters, chauffeurs and helpers whose strike ten days ago resulted in a complete tieup in express service here, returned to work today. fW1 Liberty. At the Liberty tonight you will see a Paramount picture that you will long remember. It is Dorothy Dalton in "Other Men’s Wives.” There is a deep laid Plot by social pirates and the picthre shows the ingenuity of a shrewd woman. Don’t fail to see it. JANITORS’ UNION DEMANDS | BIG INCREASE IN WAGES Bf th* CHICAGO, Oct. 23.—The Chieiigo real estate board had, before it today a demand from the Chicago Mal Janitors* Union for a 70 per cent wage increase and an eight hour day and the abolishment of basement living quarters. The janitors* union has a membership of 7,238. A strike is threatened unless its demands arb met. ocratic voters are registered before the election. Mayor J. C. W^toii started contributions to Weaners campaign fund with a checW for $25.    i Telegrams were read fro nj several members of the Oklahoma delegation in congress offering tlpeir assistance in ttye oampain. It vfiis said that Senator Robert L. Owen probably will come to Oklahoma lo speak in behalf of Weaver’s candidacy and that C. B. Ames, assistant to the attorney general, may conie to follow Senator Hiram Johnson of California, who is thought likely to speak for the republicans. E. J. Giddings, chairman of the committee, hrho Is under federal indictment fqr alleged conspiracy to interfere with the operation of the telegraph system, attacked John A. rain, United States district attorney, and asserted that the indictments against himself must have >een made by a packed grand and that lien must have been told to get the indictment. Judge W. H. Woods, Weaver’s campaign manager, took charge of headquarter! yesterday and began arrangement# for an intensive drive to cover every city, village and town in the district before the election. November 8. Woods declares efforts will be ma<|e particular to get women to vote in the election. Committees to conduct the campaign will he named Friday. Tom Killian yesterday was appointed chairman of the publicity committee. Don’t let that room stay vacant i when a News Want Ad will rent it The song of the hous^ mr'e is not unlike that of a weak voiced canary. ;

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