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Ada Evening News, The (Newspaper) - November 26, 1962, Ada, Oklahoma Christmas rounds if it's raining. Reason h, postponed hi. trip for rain he wai afraid his reindeer might catch cold and thu, cut action for th. ;BIG day 'Ada Prepares For Tilt With Miami See Sports Page Ex-German Leader Has Only. Memories See Page Three 59TH YEAR NO. 220 JFK Opens Inspection Of Bases President Makes First Stop At Post In Georgia HINESVILLE, Ga. President Kennedy inspect- ed troops and tanks of the 1st'Armored Division'in-a quick visit today, to Ft. of.four stops at key posts in the recent military buildup stirred by Soviet missiles in Cuba.. Kennedy arrived at a.m. by helicopter from Hunter Air Force Savannah, Ga., where the presidential plane landed min utes earlier. His visit to the South carries him to four Army, Air Force and Navy bases in Georgia and Flori- da. Division Moves In Elements of-the 1st Division were moved to Ft. Stewart last month when it 'appeared that the United States might be heading for an armed clash over the pres ence of missiles in Cuba. Kennedy'received-a 21-gun sa lute on his arrival at Ft. Stewart a sprawling base covering acres- and used for training in tank and aircraft artillery. A White House spokesman said Kennedy's 2.500-mile trip was for a-personal call on fliers, soldiers and other U.S. military have been shifted into forward de- fense areas. Colonel Meets Him Kennedy was met itt Hunter by the-commanding officer, W. Kline; Col. A. W. Tyson, Ft. Stewart commander, and U.S. Ben D. Vinson, D-Ga., chair- man of the House, Armed Services Committee. The presidential party then got into five helicopters for the 20-. minute trip to Stewart. Many military visited were scheduled for. return to their home bases during the ADA, OKLAHOMA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26; 1962 8 Pages 5 CENTS WEEKDAY, 10 CENTS SUNDAY U.S.In Reapportion Case 24Solons Present Petition (AP) The state Supreme Court .was told today it will butt headon into a federal-court if it decides to -hear-argu- ments by :state-'''-senators that the reapportionment amendment failed. Attorneys for ijov. J, Howard Edmondson, the' -Election Board and ;members .of'the' Educators Ponder Future Of University of Mississippi DALLAS, Tex; power- ful organization of Southern, edu- cators begins closed-door hearings today that will "decide the'-'aca- demic future of eight state col- leges-'and universities in Missis-; sippi. At issue is the charge of politi- cal interferehce with the admin- istration.of .the University of Mis- when' James' H. tfiiU .W. W1C fly VQ. portionment Commission .declared was enrolled'in the-then there are -grave questions 'of jur- iri-rtonhp'r isdiction'.involved. Jack" Hewett.-of the -Election SIGN OF THE it coming and. Sun- it obvioui. Mambari of Ada Junior Chamber of Commerce were hard.at work.throughout the day in- stalling Chriitmai decorations in downtown Ada. Plant call, for .the decorationi .to b'e officially'''lighted" at the annual downtown Chrlitmai party, let for 7 p.m. Tueidayy weather permitting. (NEWS Staff Photo .'by George County Accidents Injure 10 A rash of auto accidents over the.weekend in Pbntoto'c; County hospitals.; Four were seriously in- jured. Three accidents came Saturday 13, -was a passenger. He was --Eater-'Satnrday-night TJCUH.U accident. BroadwajH'eft-son-Walker, 23, A_ thntr nOintl UaatJ j.iu.df coming days, the White -House njghfand two more followed'Sun- said, day evening. one-car crash Saturday night Dismantling Due? Dismantling wue. A one-car crasn oauuuajr This indicated that the huge mil- at a bridge three miles'East of itarv buildup is about to be dis- stonewall, sent a Midwest City _ _ .i.iiL.. CniriAf ____J.- ViAP. mantled, 'now that the Soviet Un ion 'has removed its long-range missUes from Cuba and is cx- missueS irom yuua was. u. nected to pull out-more than 30 jet Midwest City. He was, taken to mftnth Vincniful' aftfiT the Midwest City peutcu w bombers within the month. me ivuuweat tivoj.ui.ai Accompanying the President are he struck" the bridge' abutment _I._..L n.nc TJir TTornlH the nation's top headed by Gen. Maxwell D. Tay- lor, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Also going along is Adm. Robert li Dennison, commander of the Atlantic Fleet and the man who conducted the arms-blockade of Cuba. First stop was Hunter Air Force Base. near Savannah, Ga. The President was to be joined by Mai Gen: Ralph E. Haines Jr., commander of the .1st Armored before boarding a heli- copter for a brief hop to Ft. Stew- Ga. Armor Lines Up Here, the Army lined .up troops and tanks of the crack armored division for the President to re- view and inspect. The 1st Armored normally is based at Ft. Hood, Tex., but ele- ments moved to Ft. Stewart last month when it appeared the Unit- ed States might be heading for an armed clash .over the.presence of deep-striking missiles in Fidel Castro's Cuba. Two secret briefings were- set up for Kennedy at Homestead-Air Force (Base, 30 miles south of Fla., one in a building where reconnaissance pilots make their post-mission reports. Kenne- dy had an opportunity to talk; there with some of the pilots who have flown surveillance over'Cu- ban territory. The President's schedule includ- ed four secret briefings in all. Newsmen were barred from all of them. Besides the two at Homestead, one classified briefing was slated at Ft. Stewart and another at the Boca Chica Naval Air Station; ;Key West, Fla. Kennedy was scheduled to reach .Boca the southernmost tip of late afternoon. The extent of the Cuban crisis military buildup had been ob- behind a secrecy screen. Sunday a bit more of the pic- (Continuid on Pagt Two) Sign on a Pentagon desk: "This Job Is So Secret I Don't Know What I'm -Doing." Gen. Fea. Corp.) man to an Oklahoma County hos- pital. Injured was. L. B. Wright, 49, ibout Harold investigating 'officers puzzled. A car driven by Peter Walker, 41, was struck by another-vehicle in front of the American'- Legion Hall. Walker's vehicle -was- driving north. 'He careened to 'the right and struck the 'left side of a car parked.'in front of the American Legion HaU belonging to 'Miss Judy Carol Ward, 18.- Highway' Patrol Trooper H.. T. Gay, who investigated the acci- the driver of'the car Recounts Begin in Two Unsettled Races By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Vote' recounts to settle still un decided Nov. 6 elections contests are under way in South Dakota and Massachusetts today but: a count of' still unopened- absentee and shut-in ballots that will decide a governor's race in Rhode Island has been delayed. Democrat George. McGovern held a 326-vote lead over Sen. Joe Bottum, Republican incumbent, in the South Dakota race for senator with canvasses complete in all but two counties. A recount begins there ;.today to enable the state canvassing board to winner.-McGovern .is a former congressrrian-'and Pres- ident Kennedy's Food for, Peace director., In Massachusetts; the.recount to settle a' contest for governor has moved into Cambridge, Princeton and Lakeville: A final statewide total is-not. expected-for another two weeks'. 'Democrat Endicott Peabody de- feated incumbent Republican Gov; John A.' yolpe by an vbtes'in 'the original 'count. Re- counts completed so-far have rer vised some figures but; the chang- es balance each other) and-the re; r 'on which struck Walker's vehicle vehicle'collided''.-with a the scene-of the. truck'driven ,byLeon B.'-Sedder, and.released View for minor cuts, and bruises; A -earlier Saturday, eve- ning injured four of them seriously..Mrs. Betty Magar, her 10-year-old son, Jackie Ray, each received multiple chest injuries in a collision three miles west of Ada at the intersection'of State Highway 13 and "19. Mrs.' Magar's, -.husband, Ray, and''. another 7, were held ,ley View. Hospital for observation. Coalgate 'couple, travelling with eight of their children, were making !an emergency'run to Ada with a four-year-old daughter Sunday .-when they crashed near Stonewall. Brenda, had earh'er'. fallen' from 'a haystack breaking 'her arm. Her father, William K.- Route '2, crashed1 into the 'rear of a car driven by' Freda June Akin, 16, Stonewall.-: Trooper Gay said his wife, Mrs. (Continued on Page Two) Would-Be Revolution Two Wiled. Mrs. GUATEMALA- Gua- temalan crushed a Sunday morning the; government said' pro-Commu- nist -air -force rebels; strafed the .presidential palace -and an, army barracks with and rocket-' two' ..comman- deered President. Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes charged that the abortive coup was "one ;pf the many" di- rected 'at his republic by Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro.; civilians', were, reported Philip Snare, of N.Y., wife of the political attache the 'American1 Embassy, .was among'some 30 persons injured; A bullet struck-her in the arm as she Stood by I Most.of .'the other, injured, .to: eluding ;a number -of children, were struck' from' th'e rebel, planes attacking, .the bar- racks. Antiaircraft batteries: .downed' one .plane. The.pilot was presumed killed. Ydigpra's, army office and :the bed: rooms .'of .his1 grandsons received' hits. .The" president and .his. grandsons, other rooms when' the shooting started Board 'said -if. the Supreme "Court accepts'jurisdiction it could cause "an irreconcilable...difference be- tween- this 'court ..and the federal court" since ,.a-.-similar: lawsuit is la be. argued in federal, .court Tuesday. .Time Sought Norman'.ReynoIds .Jr., attorney for.Edmondson, asked for. addi- tional .time to prepare arguments and briefs .on-the question: of whether the'Suprcme Court should even listen to: the ments, and was joined-by; attor- neys for other, .reapportionment forces. The. court took re- cess to mull this over, by-itself.'.. 'After, the .conference! .the'.cburt About 2V4 hours later all shoot- ing ceased and 'the- government reported. the situation was'well un- der 'control; Several. rebel air force officers :were army -troop's. Other rebels, iricluding'tour col- onels the government said led the surprise; uprising, fled 'or took asy- lum in foreign embassies. 'Ydigoras told 'the.'nati'on'.in. a broadcast'-- "this -revolt' is the. -many- directed at us by'Senor Castro." .'.He that- Arnulfo; Parada Tovar; former'' 'director of.; the Guatemalan 'University' '-Students Association; had received from Cuba to finance 'the uprising. Ydigoras 'has.- 'blamed'- Castro sympathizers or. Communists "f or other 'riots; .revolts and "plots'-that -Jiaye Jplagued .-th'is Central lie' 'since "he became, in Anti-government, 'activity in- creased after' Ydigbras announced last January-- ill-fated '-Bay of- .Pigs 'invasion Xiofv.1 1961 the- Sunr. day' night -'-but Ydigor'as'i'said" in.'a_ nece'ssaryii.'p suspend'-constitutionT Civilians '.-resumed normal: Santa Delays Visit In Ada Due To Rains Santa Glaus' early visit to Ada has been postponed until .tomor- row night. Our North Pole Cor- respondent tells us shield..wipers.are broken, and he can't-.drive his sleigh in ..the rain. Weather Santa wil-arrive in Ada tomorrow p. intersec- tion of Broadway Main streets; His'.arrival will lighting, of downtown Christmas decorations. Santa his sleigh in. the downtown.''area, due to'the.lack of snow. The Ada Fire has consented to furnish; dne'-.of .its trucks as a sub- visit has been. '.arranged 'Chamber of anc the Downtown will' Children arid candy alb additional, .appearances scheduled-for-the'-'area' including :a. Stratford 'the to'Stonewall 'the he.-.will-be, at'.Allen--the iln. his -pre-visit falsa 'mentioned that he several, 'letters Jrom :and-was.ex- all-white''institution in .The'most likely-decision, to be announced Wednesday morning: a period 'of strict probation. but not' irobable: withdrawal- of accredi- ion 'by 'the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Even before the association's 67th, annual meeting got under way today, its Commission on Col- leges began sifting.- the evidence. However; 'Justice Jackson of. 'is no qiiestion..butiwhat .this 'court.has jurisdiction-, if it .wants to assume it.. .that "the first court that, speaks, the ..other, court will bow Jackson question of whether the constitutional portionment' petition passed' or failed "is 'a de- termination of, and we Declare -Failure'. 2i the'-Su- preme Court'to declare the'.peti- tion failed son's; 'proclamation' that-it was adopted.... State.- Treasurer, .William A. Burkhart, .of-'the.Ap-, portiohment'' Commission, :earh'er asked ;the ifederal. court txKuphold Edmondson's decision .the -pefition was-approved by voters .and. "to rule: the. commission's, or- der to 'reapportionVthe legislature before >The question of tition passed--, or-if ailed hingesvon voted'on cial 6 or was.part the general-election. Sid Oklahoma City at- the. Supreme Court that under no, circumstance can 'it .prohibit the federal court from bringing about .'White Moss of Oklahoma 'City "-'in-a lawsuit which last summer-.brought a fed- .eral court' order ;.for... the ture' reapportio'n onla-'popula-- tion basis. Six more senators joined today in-asking-tbat-.the- petition 'be. fell- the court.-They; were. Ryas and ed. by the court.- They; were. Kyan .Mrs.. Sieber .-spotted a-deer, and 'Merchants: Kerr, cracked down'on rifle. Roy TTawnrtb Muskoffee: tn fence.- Wit kerson Wil- liams, complex coh'troversy..oy: 'er-.-legislative-membiership'-bouric- edi'about in '.legisla- tors'' .themsely.esl: waited' "impa- tiently is a. feeling'on'the parl ofHsome -'senators .that' they .can get- the-reapportionment 'balt-in-ia. on Representatives, of all Mississip- pi state colleges and universities; including three Negro' institutions, appeared before the commission to tell their "sides the story.. Althpu'gh'the riots .that attracted' worldwide attention .all took place on the Ole-Miss.-campus at.Ox- all witii' an estimated, ..enrollment. of. will be involved "in-'.the associa- tion's, final ruling. .Among before the -commission were Chancellor John. D. Williams' .of the -Univer- sity of Mississippi, -E. R. ex- ecutive secretary of the 'State Board of Trustees for Institutions of Higher Learning, and four other board members. No details of their talks leaked OUt. .Delegates to the annual meeting; representing about'400 institutions hi: 11 southern states, declined to predict for .publication what action will be taken. however, -definitely -are going: to do .something. .We--can't ignore what has-been {happening in-Mis- sissippi." 'They also emphasized that1.in- tegration-itself-was not the-issue. The Commission, on made two" specific' charges -of political That .the. Board of. Trustees surrendered its constitutional' au- thority-when it appointed -Gov. Ross Barnett university, registrar handle (the Meredith ad- mission: 2.. That the 'governor prevented the. board; 'irom'. carrying. out its promise to a.federal district court in New -Orleans 'that it would ad- mit Meredith.'. Years By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Fires. i Miscellaneous- Total 48 150 703 At least'SOS persons.were killed in traffic accidents during the na- tion's four-day 'Thanksgiving weekend.. It was the highest, toll, for' the holiday -years. fire -deaths--, and 150 fatalities'1 in. other.; types; of '-acci: brought the total.pf-those' all. the 102-hour .period-'to the highest number.during five years of 'The: holiday'' period surveyed was that-'from 6 Thanksgiving.. 'to 'midnight .'-Accident fo'r' .the Thanksgiving '.'period recorded only '.since- -1958; Before the'fall near the middle of'tlie'.week, .had been generally a.-one-day But-'it veloped for millions of Americans into an.occasion forjonger, larger 'faniily... gatheiings, "involving in- creasing highway travelx Even with the. high, death toll of this !'year's- extended1- holiday, however. Thanksgiving .has not j. ill u gained the reputation of' a major ,-reppening of the 17-hation confcrencp'snid Icffler. The-four-day traffic fatality rcc- should give, priority .to ending im- "T J toll.. was ...recorded, .during Christmas. ".1956, when' 706 .died crashes; The record over-all accident.death toll. for any. holiday.. during.'the-.four-day-Independence 196.1. four-day Thanksgiving' tolls- heretofore .wef e. 457 .traffic, deaths in 1961, .650 .deaths' all types of accident's in The' 102-hour holiday period was marred by.' -many 'multiple-: fatal- accidents' oh. i'the highways and! the crash of --an, -airliner- in. Mary- aboard., v The National-Safety Council did- not pre-holiday estimate of deaths, saying '..highway; is not., as heavy as'1 during Bother (Continutd on Page Two) from 1959. clear weapon. -tests. and for --'A moment may be. at hand'.to initiate the beginning -of' the: .end ol. the 1 of- weapons the President said.; Kennedy- noted, that -the United. States has completed a recent se- ries: of atmospheric tests. There is -hope, i-he'.. said, that the, Soviet Union'iWill conclude its test. Aeries -this suggests that 'for a. real start -.toward .'-halting the arms: spiral.- '.with 'the 'Cuban s ueaa But Moves Down The Road This- is of a woman who chased dead.deer., It -all began Saturday .afternoon1 when Mrs. 'Dick'' .Pauls was hunting on the-, Ned Biffle southeast; of'AUen. Mrs. ..Sieber -spotted a, deer, and. .Vto ljump :-a, landing According Valley- woman, she. and, her.-.huST ba'nd'w.e're headed 'toward :tbe'spot to -pick up' their .'deer; tfwb ,or three' men in ;a -car; the deer into of. their auto- mobile and sped'away. Game ranger Virgil Williams said the Siebers. finally .ran down the just Lula. It was. about-a Tlie-three occupants.of-the car denied according'to .the: Siebers. ,.But, 'the hunters, said blood 'was "streaming' the 'trunk-bf''the-car, 'so: they .Idrced men'! the they caHedior Williams. ranger, charged: Robert Chester Dal- (With, "possession of a ..non-tag .The cprnplaint 'Attorney Pat The Pauls Valley: woman'got car and gave cbase down SH-48. but at: 139'pounds. PARIS long shadow; of Charles- de i Gaulle 'stretched. even farther across the, French political, landscape "today in the; i glow of the president's resounding' victory'in Rational parlia_mentaryj elections. In run-off contests .Sunday De' s Gaulle's own party ..and, others; j pledged to his support ..captured ai clear majority in the National first .French history that could claim such a IHARLES DECAUUUI Official results, round'-returns-'Npv." .Siih- :day's -runoffs, gave DeiGaulle's: "Union '233 of Assembly..: Some'isdjsuc-.. cessful-'candidates ties fwere'Vp.ledged a.cbmbin'ed sup- 188 natibinwide w, ..the a-rnajority .of the'assembly obedi-' "ent-.to.him.. .ii.Withvreturns-.from six; oyersea's districts'istinunr'eporte'd'-the'other: party.' standings I.. Z. (1958-Tesultin. ln- ants ,Re- RadicalrSociah'stsvand -allies' 67; '21 tp'c'ts voting' Sunday, went to the polls. 'The percentage- of 30.7, was one of century... to.callfpri ''Georges jpompidoiivi to' forin new government which; i. assembly's-" fiveryear: '.The >lectionsrwerei' precipitated by; the wnifideiice iff i'Ppmpidpu; J a yofe; for' direct of referring 'the' constitutional' change "fifstCto: the i.The .vote .ism, to continue on-.bufld- oppose thejAm'erican aim of ah integrated European nuclear "ppHcies given 7the; country '.ani'.unusual'i'degree'aof for l''l farm. its1: emergence-. as-: .the largest; single, -party.! in .'French the'UNB. is V .The .party: a .'solid, .to carry 'on ,af Kennedy Hopes Talks Can End Armament Race Ken- disarmament negotiations will end spiral .of weapons -in a statement to crisis ideht said ;'that crucial- -develop- ments con- 'ot the before :the. Geneva con- ference: .v "It is- he said, "that a renewed and immediate effort, must' be made ;to -halt -the con- stantly increasing: tempo 'of. the. arms race if there is to be assur- ance of a lessening of the danger-' of war. .is, -therefore, '.my continued hope that 'serious negotiations will proceed -at1. once, on those initial of, disarmament which. put. -into -effect without delay, materially -improve interna- tional. security and enhance the prospects' for further, disarmament .nlhe, only 'he specifical- ly "mientioned .'in'., this' connection, 'however, -was' a nuclear test ban. Resumption -of -.the conference today was-. expected to show whether; 'the. .-Cuban, crisis 'and the India-China'' '.border war has weight non- aligned.''. members.- of the confer- ence -''.'toward-.-'the West's position of insistence: 'on-, disarmament in- spection.' OKLAHOMA Partly cloudy Tuesday: thundenhowen .extreme east tonight; a little wanner central and .east tonight and tonight 42 north- west to ,59 KWtlwMi; high lues- Ada Sun- IoV Sunday night, -reading at .7 a. m. Monday, Rainfall during the Z4 boon ending at 7 a. m. Monday WM JilncluV- ;

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