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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Ada, Oklahoma British Pound devaluation causes Federal Reserve Board to take action Washington a the Federal Reserve boards discount rate moved up a notch today in what officials described As an Effort to protect the Dollar in the Wake of the British Pound devaluation. The Rise from 4 to 4% per cent is identical to one put into effect on dec. 5, 1965, but that was for a different reason to Stem inflation. It triggered a year of tight Money. This time however the move is designed to prevent a heavy flow of dollars overseas in search of higher interest rates. Its expected to have Little immediate effect on consumer interest rates in this country. When it devalued the Pound on saturday from $2.80 to $2.40, Britain also raised its discount rate from 6% to 8 per cent. The . Discount rate is the interest commercial Banks must pay the Federal Reserve for Money they borrow from the system. Other rates Are pegged upward from it. In this Case however the Board is bringing its rate More in line with interest rates elsewhere in the world Economy rather Tran tracking new ground. Interest rates generally Are at their highest level in almost half a Century. But some officials said the higher discount could tend in the Long run toward an increase in rates Consumers pay for Loans. In this connection it could have an anti inflationary effect but officials emphasized that would be Only a Side effect. The Federal Reserve acted at an emergency saturday night meeting and its decision was announced sunday. There was no immediate reaction from the White House. A statement by Treasury Secretary Henry h. Fowler said nothing about the discount rate and mentioned worldwide cooperation to help the British. He expressed Confidence the United kingdom would achieve its objective of improved Competition in world markets. But chairman Wright Batman. A Texas of the House banking committee a frequent critic of Federal Reserve Board policy said of the discount rate Rise a i done to like it. The people Are fed up with crushing interest Patman said the Board used the devaluation of the Pound As an excuse to raise the rate. The boards action is effective today at to of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks. Banks at Philadelphia and St. Louis Are expected to follow suit soon. Officials said the action is a in tended As a demonstration that the United states is going to do what it can to maintain die Dollar in International a this serves notice that the nation is not willing to let dollars flow out of Here Willy Dilly a one source said in describing the move As a a modest precautionary a Rise in the discount rate from 4 to a per cent on dec. 6, 1965, coupled with other tight Money policies sent interest rates last year to a 40-year High. The discount rate was returned to 4 per cent last april after interest rates and inflationary pressure had subsided. Since then however some interest rates have risen even higher than they did last year there was no indication in sundays announcement whether the increase would trigger another round of tight Money. This would depend on other actions the Board might take in ensuing weeks. Banks have borrowed Little Money from the Federal Reserve this year mainly because of the easy credit policy. 64th year no. 216 the sooner cynic reckons women can keep a secret just As Well As men can. It s just that if takes More of them to do it. The Ada evening news 16 pages Ada Oklahoma monday november 20, 1967 5 cents weekday to cents sunday t _ beavers begin to Cut Wood i glad to serve at Wintersmith Park again the beavers Are off the reservation again the tribes Are up = and depredations Are being committed nightly at Wintersmith e Park. Park supt. C. M. Loyd said the Little woodcutters apparently moved out of the area when the City Lake in the Park was j drained last year. I however within a month after the Lake refilled the beavers g were Back. E Durham. N. C. Apr several Days ago a notice was mailed to r. G. Vaughan advising him to report for jury duty at the Durham courthouse on nov. 26. This week. Sheriff Dennis Mangum received a card from mrs. Vaughan bearing this message a my husband is in Vietnam but i am sure he would love to serve As a juror if you can get him Relief forces reach trapped . Troops the Wintersmith Park beavers have gone a Long Way toward Felling this Ash at the North end of the City Lake. Supt. C. M. Loyd has t yet figured out How to Stop thorny the animals have worn trails and slides Over the dam where they have been bringing Wood into the Lake for transport to their Lodge in the Vicinity of the Monkey pit. The Lodge pushed Down and destroyed by Bulldozer while the Lake was dry has been rebuilt nearly to its former size. And recently the beavers have set to work at Felling an Ash tree about 18 inches in diameter near the a Duck Pond end of the Lake. Adding insult to proverbial injury the tree is almost directly across the Road from Loyd s own House. Loyd says City Pound Man e. M. Manuel and state game Ranger Virgil Williams have been consulted and that Manuel has improvised traps around the Lodge and on the slides. So far the beavers have stubbornly refused to be caught. Is Saigon apr North Viet-1ly causing heavy casualties. It this year just below the Delius namese regulars surrounded a could not be determined imme Tori Zed zone draw Large Amer e paratrooper battalion on a Diatel what caused the blast j ican forces away from thickly i Hill near the cambodian Border i the fighting perhaps the populated areas and pin them _ i j in South Vietnam scentral High most vicious yet in the High-1 Down in the sparsely settled 711 l l 11111111 i i of 111111111111111111111111 it lands today and with heavy lands Campaign came As . Mountains. Ground assaults and mortar at planes bombed the Hanoi Hai some 6,000 americans and tacks apparently inflicted heavy Phong area for the fifth straight 4,000 South vietnamese now Are casualties. An american Relief Day on sunday. The attacks in at Oak to 270 Miles North of Viet Cong Camps discovered inside cambodian Border by George Mcarthur and Horst Faas phenom penh Cambodia apr the discovery of a Viet Force reached the scene at dusk. The battalion of the . 173rd airborne brigade was Cut off for 24 hours before the reinforcements arrived to break the communist attack and bring out of accepts bid to Orange bowl Norman a the University of Oklahoma today official a accepted a spot opposite ten Lessee in College footballs or me bowl game new years Light. Word came shortly after bowl spokesmen officially extended he invitation. Bowl represent Ives were in Norman for the signing of the contract. University regents earlier had approved acceptance of the bid providing Oklahoma Defeated Kansas last saturday. The sooner currently the no. R ranked team in the nation vere sought by several other kiwis. However rumours of the it possible Oklahoma Tennessee Romney goes to Washington for show briefing Washington a Mich an gov. George Romney to a pays a visit to the City Here he Hopes some Day to old Down the no. I jobs pre sift of the United states. The 60-year-old Republican Hedu led the trip to the a ones capital for a television appearance on no cd so today How and planned tentatively i go also to the state depart Lent for a briefing for his euro san trip next month. Romney who declared his a Dudacy for the Republican residential nomination sat ably with a pledge to Lead this wintry out of the Vietnam War lid sunday that neutralizing Vietnam is a the most promising Ter native to the nations curare policy. A neutralization is a specific Ter native. It deserves very Reful study a declared rom a the first major figure in Citer party to declare his Intel sons to seek the presidential imitation. Romney spoke sunday on the is television program a face in the program was ipod saturday. He charged president Johnson Ith using a a Ping Pong Strate of in Vietnam escalating the a a Little calling for peace ten escalating the War again. The current administration ads the american people to Ard a a Mountain of false Hope Fly to fall Back in the Crevice sickening reality a the one match leaked out last week. The volunteers Are the nations no. 2 team. Both have 1 records. Official announcement of the teams acceptance came from Knoxville tenn., from William Lantaff Orange bowl president and Jack Baldwin chairman of die bowl team selection committee. A we think Tennessee and Oklahoma will make a Fine pair of bowl teams a Baldwin said. We followed Tennessee All season and we think it is the most exciting team in the the vols have played in 13 other bowls. Under coach Doug Dickey Tennessee beat Tulsa 27-6, in the 1965 Bluebonnet bowl and Defeated Syracuse 18-12, in the Gator bowl last year. In Norman okla., it was Learned that University of Oklahoma regents contacted last week when it became Clear that the sooner were in line for an Orange bid approved it on condition they beat Kansas. Oklahoma has played la bowl games including six Orange bowl classics. Oklahoma a first appearance in the Miami game was a 17-0 loss to Tennessee in 1939. Eluded blows against the fifth Saigon opposing an estimated and sixth targets to come off the 6,000 to 8,000 North vietnamese. Pentagon a restricted list in four North vietnamese soldiers Days. They Are a Concrete Plant j dug in on a Hill 14 Miles South and a Barge Yard near Hanoi West of Dak to killed 40 Para ,.�w>t the . Command announced troopers of the u. S. 173rd air dead and wounded. Heavy ene the loss of four planes bringing borne brigade and wounded 42 by ground fire kept Rescue Bel the total number of losses Over t in an All Day Battle sunday. The copters away. The North to 749 aircraft. The paratroopers swept the Barite associated press correspond four planes carried six Crew Field today but there was no Dent John Lengel reported from j men All of whom Are missing i immediate report of How Many i Aki _ Ito is Morv or a v Lei i Dak to about 15 Miles from the i the belief grew among Amer enemy bodies they found Rone ram St fair Miles in. Fighting the heavy communist ican commanders that the com j Field reports told of three be Cambodia is sneered fire set 0, a huge explosion in munits at Dak to Are trying to clashes within 800 Yards of each Prince Norato is Ltd a Side the us. Perimeter Sib do what they achieved earlier other. Raised doubts about his past de Nials that vietnamese communist forces were Given Sanctuary in his country. Cambodians ruling Prince re it Ledly regards the discovery by american newsmen As a fabrication and part of a Campaign against him by the . Press. We found the Viet Cong Camp very recently used on the Border opposite War zone a about 70 Miles Northwest of Saigon. It had been used for several months and was most probably armoured Boot to be tested the North vietnamese broke Contact after seven hours under a heavy bombardment by u. S. Fighter bombers and artillery. Elsewhere in the area two . 4th infantry division companies fought four Miles Smith of Dak to and the South vietnamese reported a Victory saturday on Hill 1416, five Miles Northeast of the Oak to Airstrip. The 4th division reported three . Infantrymen and Sev North vietnamese soldiers in Man my Ann a. Mensi a a re thu a Washington a the soldiers patrolling the truce line killed and 12 americans wound is sism Etna Anay soon will Field test in Viet in Korea where armed clashes cd. I t new narc modes away Quot am a new armoured Boot de with North korean infiltrators or a two month signed to save infantrymen occur from time to time. Al i to the outspoken Prince who from crippling wounds inflicted the Boot under development j my contends the United states is by communist and mines to n la the aggressor in Vietnam re mines and Booby traps have laboratories incorporates a Pacumio Tomc Portelly old intimates our in caused a higher proportion of stainless steel wedge filled with to kescu6 items Rev to Jerp Nart of a ram Mien american deaths and wounds in aluminium honeycomb and Cov j to inspired to he corned this War than in world War leered on top with aluminium under Gss threat in Saigon to justify military Opar Kore a. ,. J rations against Cambodia. Some 800 pairs of a new the wedge protects the he Enewton Ala. A bus we info Ned prime minister blast protective tropical combat and the Arch areas of the foot loads of residents darted Beck son Sann of the Camp site be Boot will be sent for Field Evalu and has a a shaped Cross Sec to their Homes for a few min fore the stories were published Adon to army and Marine Ion to deflect the blast upward utes sunday night to grab cloth his initial reaction was cautious troops in South and outward. T l l ing keepsakes and pets under a his a it Cliver anti Nuci a the protective Shank weighs threat of the escape of 100,000 wily seven ounces. Gallons of deadly chlorine Gas. Research by army experts a state agent said officials also has led to development of lowered barricades briefly to an Over Boot which was found to 4 m four busloads limited to increase the potential a a save of 0ne member of a household the foot from 45 to 90 per cent. He said More than too persons this Over Boot also guards the were allowed to Brave the Dan Bony Structure of the lower leg. Ger to bring out items essential according to the latest Avail for a second night away Fromble statistics mines and Booby Home for nearly 3,000 persons traps have accounted for about who fled saturday after a 41lcar 1 in 1 to or. Granite a the state 9 per cent of the combat deaths freight train derailed and dictated the Camp had been used Pardon and parole Board put in Vietnam. This compares with caught fire. Two boys were re for several months dating Back off a decision on Mary Kay a 3 per cent rate in world War ported missing after the evacuate last february. Bom Cooke a eighth try for Clem ii and 4 per cent in the korean Tion. And he said he would make an official investigation. However Prince Sihanouk reportedly act used us of hypocrisy said our evidence was doubtful and ques j toned whether the Camp site existed evidence of Viet Cong occupancy found in the Camp included military records written in vietnamese North vietnamese medical supplies and similar items. Dated scraps of paper in another too pairs will go to Board postpones parole decision on Cook woman special service set wednesday the annual Community thanksgiving service sponsor or by the Ada ministerial Alliance will be held at the free will Baptist Church wednesday at 7 30 p. In. The Church is located at 421 South Ash and the Rev. Lynn will be Host Paster. The Sermon will be Given by the Rev. Kay Mills minister of the first presbyterian Church and the offering trill be Given to the Ada ministerial Alliance. Participating in the service will be the Rev. Charles Mccaskey minister of the Cumberland presbyterian Church the Rev. Kenneth Riley minister of the Assembly of god Church the Rev. V. B. Cur Bess minister of Arlington Nazarene Church the Rev. Claire Payette minister of Asbury methodist Church and the Rev. George Vance minister of the Church of god. Organist will be mrs. Doug sic will Kindrick and special music be provided by a Trio consisting of mrs. Paul Murphy mrs. J. W. Dighton and mrs. Earl Collings. A special invitation is sex a amended to the entire Community in president of american to to participate in this annual 5 charged. I service. Rebuilt Beaver ledge it the City like it inspected a ruefully a by supt. Loyd. The old ledge wet Reed by Bulldozer when the Lake wet dry but the beavers Ere Back a Hutinett. White girls body found there were unmistakable ency sunday when one Board War. Signs that several Hundred men member said he would not vote probably from a major base. J without talking with her person a a a mrs. Cook is serving 12 years j at Mcalester state prison for the slaying of her husband a Bartlesville dentist. The Board deadlocked 2 last swindle victim Dies sunday in Oklahoma City skeet Pate an Alabama department of Public safety agent said six tankers of ammonia were burning near tankers loaded with propane and a Tanker of chlorine Gas. He said the outer Hull of the double walled chlorine Tanker was cracked. The fires were being contained by civilian firefighters Oklahoma City apr the discovery of a child s Skull the Hunters w. E. Small Bones and the dress worn by one of two Little girls who saturday afternoon vanished last summer sent officers swarming into Eastern okla were walking. Boma county today. Bones a Whitt recalled. Mrs. Robert White of suburban Midwest City identified the looked at Blue and White dress found near a shallow grave As one she made for her missing daughter Brenda 6. But darkness the Bones a Are undoubtedly those of Brenda White a police Force base. Brace and Whitt had notified Floyd Stewart whose land and Brenda disappeared without a Trace aug. 3. Less than a month the neglected land where the grave is located and the men Virlier a on july 6 a another Little girl year-old Judith Ann sheriff. Affirm Midwest cite Nolice were called Oklahoma City a month and sunday Robert l. Seventy four year old Mary Pil Bailey of Norman Saidi Tai would ?t0va will never get Back her of Hun nearby it. Ruck not vote on any Case without me savings swindled from her p t if h. That Brace and c. M. Whitt found the Skull first talking with the prisoner. I earlier this month by two worn no t is tvs Imi he saw the Skull and picked it up and attractive blonde is in Cus Filatova of Tody. Officers sealed off the area sunday night and began a search ended it despite floodlights from tinker that thing 7s it Jwj a joins me neglected land were me grave is earlier a on july 6 a another Little girl year-old Judith Ann later notified sheriffs officers. Midwest City police were called Elwell had vanished from near her Home across Oklahoma City. The Case since they had originally investigated Brenda s two Quail Hunters stumbled across the Skull and Bones a Tor disappearance. Day afternoon police said. The men took the Skull to a resident of Neyer believed for sure that be was until now a said the area who returned with them sunday police recounted. Then detective q,., Blu for Nev a had always held Hope we d find Oklahoma county sheriffs officers were summoned. Her alive in the Home of someone who wanted a state medical examiner or. James Luke said the Bones Are. _. ,.those of a Small child about Brendan Sage but he said tests will massive searches involving Tad did 10 u Hilton to were conducted for each girl at the time Al the disappearances. Have Tobe conducted to be certain. The Only link Between the cases is their striking similarities a a we la make a detailed examination of the remains monday. Immigrant woman had saved former Colony High school from nearly half a Century of air i basketball coach James Davis 30, was rejected As a still too much of a risk to be returned to Davis is serving a life sentence for the beating and stabbing death of his wife. W. J. Tex Bynum of the parole and probation division said 16 a they can to Tow because there a. ,. .-,100,000 Gallons of chlorine in housekeeping to keep her in her the a. 6 old age. She was proud that she would a never have to take a and try to establish the cause of death a he said. The grave about 18 inches wide my three feet Long is just South of Reno Avenue near Harrah Oklahoma county sheriffs officers said. The grave is about too feet from an abandoned House and the Bones were littered Over a Square Block area. The Skull was about to feet from the grave and the dress was nearby police said. A pair of Small panties also was found. The Ages of the girls the absolute Lack of any Trace of them the Lack of witnesses. One of Judith Annas shoes was found near a demolished House behind her Home. Brenda s bicycle was found at a neighbourhood grocery store. In letters one carrying 123 Signa i purity benefits. Miss Filatova Tores were sent to the Board came to Oklahoma from czech Pate said Railroad workers might try to run a Spur track to a a to m m i the Tanker running in another a in act mrs. E. Patterson t Transfer a Gas. Said her aunt had not suffered _ severe hardship from the loss because she received social be protesting clemency for Davis. The Board recommended paroles for 30 prisoners and rejected four others besides Davis. Slovakia about 1920 and worked As a housekeeper. The two women conned her Leo Winters with the a a Pigeon drop a a con debts. Bulletin Oklahoma City apr gov. Dewey Bartlett announced today an investigation is under Way concerning state treasurer i his Campaign they Are Lorenzo Fowlkes 20, game As old As any police can it was revealed last week that remember. They showed miss Winters had incurred Large Filatova a Large amount of Mon debts possibly As much As $78,� by said they had found it on a too during is Campaign last Street and said they would i year. Winters said pressure bad share it with her if she put up been brought to Bear on the and a half years for larceny $7,000 in a Good Bank Banks concerned to Cal in his and Donald Lee Hurst 17, two officials tried unsuccessfully to notes and said he had to borrow both girls disappeared Early in the evening or late in the years for burglary from Tulsa talk her out of withdrawing the the Money to repay them from afternoon and both disappeared on a thursday four weeks apart county. I Money. 1 a dose Friend. Serving three years for burglary from Washington county Bill Greenwood 20, three years for burglary Pontotoc county Verd Henry Henshaw 19, two

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