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Ada Evening News, The (Newspaper) - May 29, 1977, Ada, OklahomaPage4a the Ada sunday news Ada Oklahoma sunday May 29, 1977, the Ada sunday news William d. Little George e. Gurley editor v a r scraping the Bottom Frank Swearingen advertising director Richard Gurgis. Circulation manager Henry Douve City editor Helen Tinsley business records Marie Crabtree circulation records Marie Hickey classified advertising published each evening monday through Friday and sunday morning by news publishing and printing co. 112-120 North Broadway Avenue Ada Oklahoma Telephone 332-4433 National advertising representatives Landon associates inc. Member of audit Bureau of circulations yearly Critton rates in Ada by Carrier in Oklahoma by mail j3s.25 outside Oklahoma by mail second class postage paid at Ada Oklahoma 74820 missing your paper monday Friday until 7 . Sunday until . For free delivery Call 33e4433 rising costs cause need for funds Ada voters go to the polls tuesday to decide if an additional one cent sales tax will be levied in the City. The City has attempted to spell out in detail As to How these additional funds will be used. Presentations have been made before civic clubs and Church groups and other organizations. Literature has been made available and Public meetings have been held. When All is said and done the explanation is quite simple. The City needs the additional Money. All of us Are familiar with inflation. We know first hand what it has done. As individuals we know its effects. The City likewise is effected by inflation. The City must Purchase supplies and equipment. It must operate from Day to Day. It must pay the men and women who Are in some form of municipal service. It takes More Money for these activities. Look around the state. See for yourself How Many communities already have the additional one cent tax in Force. Ada is one of the last major retail centers in the state to consider the extra tax. Ada is today ringed about with other cities and communities where the higher tax is already levied. It is True the City could secure Large amounts of additional Revenue by moving into a program of Utility increases. The City does not want to adopt this course. The sales tax is paid by Ada residents but it is also paid by people who come Here to shop and to use various services and functions. Some opposition has developed to the suggested tax. These people have every right to take the stand they Nave chosen. A Lack of enthusiasm about an additional tax Small though it be is understandable especially in certain quarters. People on fixed or Low incomes Are traditionally inclined to a More conservative Outlook. Many of these people Are older and they feel their Security is in some Wise threatened. These citizens might Well be far More adversely effected on the economic level by a raise in Utility rates than in the additional sales tax. There is something else for them to remember something All of us would do Well to keep in mind. If indeed the sales tax is Defeated these various problem areas that concern our City will not Sud Denly go away. The need for the City to secure additional funds for operating expenses and planned capital out lays will not suddenly cease. The needs and the problems will remain and ways must be found to Deal with them. It is easy to oppose something and to oppose it in terms of Broad generalities which sound Good but actually say and catchwords. The City Nas attempted to place before its Citi Zens in rather considerable detail How funds will be spent. In one Way or another All of us will reap some benefits. What some people seek perhaps unconsciously is the status quo or even retrenchment. But that is not possible. Cities and towns do not stand still. They change and they grow. Ada and especially the environs of the City have grown and every report indicates this growth. Down through the years this City has made remarkable strides. It has done some things which Are decidedly unique for a Community of this size. Some of them it did Well in Advance of other cities of comparable population. It did not do these things by looking Back or by embracing the status quo. Ada has built a reputation As a Fine Community in which to live and to raise a family. This reputation is not an Accident. It did not come about by trimming City services or functions. Residents want More Parks and recreational areas not less. Residents of Ada want More police and fire Protection not less. We want to expand and improve our sewage system not reduce it. We want to improve our streets not just keep them As they Are. The same thing can be said of almost every area where the City operates. Progressive residents of Ada Are thinking about what is needed tomorrow. They cannot afford to Deal in yesterdays. Jenkin Lloyd Jones the Golden trasher High up on my Library Wall is the shelf of what with apologies to Palgrave i Call my Golden it is a modest collection of some of the worst writing Ever produced in the English Lan Guage boys books from the Era 1850-1920. Here on pages bearing childish scrawls and Jam stains lie painful moral homilies sweetened by feats of Youthful derring do. Here grasping Squires and sycophant toadies fall to the Virtues of the honest poor. Here probity beset and mis understood contends with evil temporarily triumphant until the Angels swoop Down in the last 10 pages and set everything to right. So Oliver optic wrote 122 years ago in All aboard that Captain Sedley likes to have the boys enjoy them selves i everything that is reasonable and proper but not to the detriment of their manners and morals or to the neglect of their usual in Horatio Alger s Brave and after Robert Rushton the poor factory boy suffered snubs from Halbert Davis the vain Rich kid and was wooled around for 270 pages by various Das tards the Sun came out with a vengeance in the last Parag Raph the rumoured engage ment of Hester Paine and Robert is highly pleasing to both families. For if Hester is fair and attractive Robert is energetic and of excellent principles and possessed of precisely those qualities which under the favor of Providence will insure his Success in Tom Swift s Aerial War ship a dirigible armed with Cannon would draw hoots from knowledgeable mop pets of today for his solution to the problem of recoil that of firing water backward equal to the weight of the projectile going Forward would t work and most modern kids know it. But in the struggle with foreign spies intent on securing this priceless invention the stars and stripes is shamelessly waved and a grateful government predicts that Tom s squirting Gas bag will be the naval terror of the seas in any future the Rover boys in South Ern Waters were no More Able to rid themselves of the pest Ferous Dan Baxter than they had been in the Rover boys at school in the Jungle on the Ocean in the mountains out West Etc. But incessantly indeed and nausea there was drilled into formative minds that whenever a Beautiful girl like Dora Stanhope was embarrassed by the unwanted attentions of a Baxter it was incumbent upon All red blooded american boys like Dick Rover to put him Down for womanhood is sacred. So it goes with All the Yel Lowed and torn volumes in my Golden trasher. Unmitigated Corn. Unabashed Goody Good ism. Brainwash ing if you will in behalf of Jodeau by the associated press today is sunday May 29, the 149th Day of 1977. There Are 216 Days left in the year. Today s highlight in history on this Date in 1453, the capital of the byzantine Empire constantinople was captured by the turks. The Date is listed by some historians As the end of the Middle Ages. On this Date in 1736, the american Patriot Patrick Henry was born in Hanover county a. In 1790, Rhode Island ratified the . Constitution completing approval by All of the 13 original colonies. In 1848, Wisconsin joined the Union As the 30th state. In 1917, the 35th american president John f. Kennedy was born in Brookline mass. In 1943, the americans Defeated the japanese in the Pacific War Battle of Attu in the aleutians. In 1961, attorney general Robert Kennedy asked the interstate Commerce commission to take action against Segre gation on interstate buses. Ten years ago Pope Paul i named 27 new cardinals including four americans. Five years ago in Moscow president Richard m. Nixon and soviet communist party chief Leonid Brezhnev signed a declaration pledging the . And the .s.r. To an Era of peace Ful coexistence with a goal of total disarmament. One year ago mayor Richard Daley of Chicago gave City workers who lived outside Chicago until August 1 to move into the City or be dismissed. Today s birthdays dancer and choreographer Pearl Lang is 55. Comedienne Beatrice Lillie is 79. Patriotism honesty and courage. If one could View the future of the United states with the Cool detachment of a Dweller on one of the outer planets one might be intrigued at the Experiment now going on. For while the brainwashing of american youth is still proceeding its direction seems to have changed somewhat. For example basically clean movie plots Are dirtied up a Little because pm is bet ter Box office than g. The trick is to find that degree of four letter snicker ism that turns on adolescents without repelling parents. Pot is Good or at least not bad heroes Are flawed to the Point of making them indistinguishable from villains. Sacred womanhood is involved in the argument whether the High school nurse should Tell Dora s parents that she has asked for and obtained free birth control Pius. Whereas in the Alger Era fist fights were rare and skullduggery a bloody the youth of today witnesses each evening murderous assaults Pisto Lings Garot Tings and rapes in full color and sound. Cheating is a but on the other hand thing. The Escala Tion of cribbing is blamed on competitive the inflation of grades to the Point where some High school valedictorians require re medial Reading in College is billed As compassion. Finally patriotism is for the Birds. As one graduate student from Minnesota wrote recently those who refused to co operate with the . Military forces Are the nucleus of America s conscience All War resisters have a morally justifiable Max Lerner reason of state Richard Nixon continues to Surprise even when he does t persuade or con Vince. In the third of his to interviews he defends the Covert and illegal actions he took against Antiwar activists by invoking the inherent Power of a president in wartime to make otherwise illegal acts Legal because he orders them. When the president does it that Means it is not this is further than Nixon has Ever gone in rationalizing his conduct of the War against the Antiwar movement in 1970, which preceded water Gate. Obviously it is a bold extreme position he has decided to stake out As his claim to a place in history. His chief interest lies less in what it shows about his actions than what it shows about his mental processes. In political and moral terms there is nothing novel about Nixon s claim. Nixon sees the president As having a Sovereign Power to Over ride even the Law of the state in order to save the state. This View has a Long tradition which goes Back to Machiavelli s historic Little Book the the the Heads of the european nations after Machiavelli All professed to be shocked by this doctrine but they All practice it. The French who found a phrase for everything called it reason of state Raison today we Call it National the phrase has changed but it amounts to the same thing. Since the chief of state is the protector of the state so Nixon reasons he must preserve it in an emergency even if he Breaks the Laws. For he is governed by a higher Law the need to preserved the state under any condition. This sounds plausible until you ask when a president can and cannot exercise this in Herent Power. Nixon s ans wer is that he can do it when there is a threat to internal peace and order of significant but who decides that obviously the president himself. But this is question begging. When it is exactly the president s judgment which is in ques Tion either because he is self interested or enraged and hate filled As Nixon put it How can we justify it by making his judgment the decisive element Ron Hendren grim prospects the state department is so far unwilling to accept or even to recognize it but the bold truth is that the impending election of Menahem begin As prime minister of Israel poses a potential threat to peace in the Middle East that could prove unmanageable. For the first time the shrill voice of Israel s Hawks will move from the Back benches and sidelines up to command the head lines. Begin not yet even in office visited the occupied West Bank last week and told jewish residents of an illegal Settle ment there that they were pioneers on liberated israeli soil. In the past inflammatory words like those would have been confined to the israeli press and occasionally to the Back pages of Western papers this time they made front pages and net work news shows. They also infuriated the arabs. By the time this column goes to press saudi Arabia s Crown Prince fahd will have arrived in Washington for talks with president Carter that Are certain to include a discussion of the begin problem. Even As begin was laying claim to the West Bank fahd was reportedly meeting with two other key Arab leaders Egypt s Anwar Sadat and Syria s Hafez Assad a prelude to fahd s visit to the United states. In Short the timing of begin s West Bank remarks could hardly have been planned to achieve Gre Ater aggravation. There is talk Here that As much As the resumption of conflict begin s election threatens new huge increases in Oil prices. Saudi Arabia has attempted to tie together the issues of peace and Oil and the feeling among some is that if fahd perceives peace going Down the tubes he could both decrease production and raise prices. But that is clearly the less important of the two prospects. It is not an exaggeration to say that if begin continues on the incredibly hard line path he has undertaken renewed fighting in the Middle East is inevitable. What is so frightening about that conclusion and this perhaps explains the state department s reluctance to accept reality is that the United states despite its enormous Aid to Israel Over Many years exercises very Little influence indeed Over begin and his supporters. It is a grim picture. C los Angeles times Nixon s answer is that in the american system the president has to go to con Gress for appropriations and besides he must go to the people to be re elected. This is a web of sophistry. His answer should have been that the president is subject to the judicial review of the sup reme courts even As commander in chief in War time. He did t use this answer for the very Good reason that the courts rejected his claim to an overriding presidential Power when it conflicted with specific constitutional safeguards. They rejected it in the Pentagon papers Case in the right of impoundment cases and in the final Case of the Nixon tapes which involved among other things the claim of executive privilege. If Nixon had not received a Pardon and if he had Ever been tried for his involve ment with the antics of the there is Little doubt that the supreme court would have been very Skepi Cal of his defense on the grounds of National Security and reason of alas David Frost was not equipped to Challenge him on this ground. He had been briefed on the vietnamese War but not on the Constitution. He seemed in a state of Shock when Nixon took the defense he did and could counter Only by asking whether Nixon s Power claim included the Power to order a murder. This is an interest ing moral and philosophical question but the real Issue was one Art Buchwald broken Barrier they said it could t be done but the u a. Air Force managed to do it. It developed an air plane that would Cost More than million. The by bomber which will be ready for production As soon As president Carter gives the word will be the most expensive aircraft in history and since the air Force wants to build 244 of them it will Cost the taxpayers conservatively billion including operating expenses. I went to the army Navy military Industrial Complex club As soon As the announcement was made and there was great rejoicing and excitement. Aircraft contractors were buying drinks for everyone. The Navy scoffed at an air Force general said. The army laughed at us and the civilians in the Pentagon said we were out of our minds. They claimed no matter what we put on the plane we could never break the million How on Earth did you do i asked in admiration. We got together with our contractors and we told them we wanted the most expensive bomber that Money could buy. We wanted every sophisticated electronic gimmick they could think of. We wanted a plane that could Fly High a plane that could Fly Low a plane that could carry nuclear warheads supersonic missiles cruise missiles and anything else they could think of. We said we wanted the biggest Buck for the what did the contractors i asked. They were the general told me. No one had Ever challenged them to make million aircraft before. It was t easy to think up new ideas to add to the Cost but we promised to work with them closely. Ill never forget the Day the chief Engineer from he com Pany came in and said the Best we can do is build you a million bomber. We can t think of another piece of equipment to put on it Well we really blew our stacks and told him if his company could t come up with a million plane we d find one that could. We explained to him that the by bomber was the air Force s baby and the most vital strategic deterrent we had. If we could t make it expensive enough the Navy would t take it seriously. The Navy has been trying to sink the by Ever since we thought of it. If we brought in our plane for less than million the Navy could claim it was t a deterrent at that must have frightened the i said. Scares the pants off him. We sat Down with him and asked if he had thought of Windshield wipers and he said he had t then we asked him Why the plane did t have Whitewall tires. He could t explain it. We pointed out we needed leather seats and not the Vinyl ones he had decided on. He kept writing figures Down. The big breakthrough came though when someone thought of rear window defroster. The Engineer pro tested that if he put in rear window defroster they would have to completely redesign the plane. That s what you re paid we told him. Well it took some doing but we got the Price up to million and now the Navy is fit to be i wonder what their answer will i said. They la probably try to come up with a plane of their own to match it. But they re fighting among themselves. Half the Navy wants nuclear submarines and the other half wants nuclear carriers. There in t anybody in the air Force who does t want the by i asked. Because you can Fly it boy. What s the sense of having an air Force if you can t Fly a plane sure our missiles Are More accurate but that Means you have to sit in a Bunker feet underground. What the hell does that have to do with the wild Blue c los Angeles times Sydney j. Harris thoughts when older people say that what youth needs Are More they conveniently forget that youth loses its Early ideals by observing How older people fail to practice what they preach to others. Riches alone Don t make troubles better or worse they Sim ply remove one level of anxiety and replace it with another. And often the secondary level is harder to Cope with than the primary level which those who have never got beyond the primary level cannot comprehend. Waiting is an Art As much As an attitude if you merely wait for things to happen they rarely do but if you make things happen and then exercise the patience to wait for the consequences you have the Art. The cliche that All really great men Are modest is True with one proviso they Are not modest about what they know but about the much broader perimeters of ignorance that their knowledge has revealed to them. Virtue is much less its own Reward than vice is its own punishment. Nearly a half Century ago Ortega accurately forecast our modern zeitgeist when he observed laconically violence is the rhetoric of our period i labor unions were devised to emancipate workers from a repressive form of politics and they have largely evolved into their own repressive form of politics. We now seem to have a solid Phalanx of unions and Bosses marching shoulder to Shoul Der against the poor May z8, Wendell Thomas presi Dent of the Ada chamber of Commerce was requesting pictures of Homes in Ada to show living conditions. The pictures would go in an album to be taken on a North Ern Industrial tour. A local company was offer ing wallpaper with Dot for covering Walls and ceilings of children s rooms to protect from disease carrying in sects. Disney favourites and Jack and Jill were the motifs available. Our bal fun by the Rev. A. In Refl Bailey Horace Mann the eminent educator once delivered an address at the opening of a reformatory for boys. During the address he made the statement that if Only one boy were saved from ruin it would pay for All the Cost and care and labor of establishing such an institution. Later in private conversation a gentleman tested or. Mann on his statement did you not color that a Little when you said that All the expense and labor would be repaid if it saved Only one not if it was my replied Mann solemnly. Human values Are Best considered when we see the outcome affecting our own let us not be weary in Well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint Gal

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