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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Ada, Oklahoma The woman who committed Mirides became her Toter would not Toke her to the Kentucky Derby left in without knowing real excitement a political fight in Oklahoma Okchom v we Ather sunday and monday generally Cair. To Ada All the news while it is news volume xxx number 56 Aoa Oklahoma sunday May 20, 1923 five cents the copy a ruin a Imru in Errit a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a i baptists score dance a w a t a. A i run Ritu a tru re a into i i i a of Moi Good death is verdict unless a rebel forces receive1 n recognition mass meeting held american prisoner writes of danger existing unless action is taken it bar the associated press Pekin May for Eigners six of them americans some of them ill All of them weary bruised and foot sore poorly fed and worse Clad tonight Are looking death in the face in the a Kuuku Hills of the Shantung province As they approach the end it their second week As captives of the bandits who raided the Shanghai Pekin express near Suchor May b of the foreign and chinese governments Are unable to satisfy the brigands by tuesday that then terms for release of the prisoners will be met the robber chief wit make Good his threat and two americans and two britishers have but a Little More than 48 hours to live. # they will be shot As a warning that the marauders mean to fore compliance with their demand under their chiefs ultimatums a out saturday. A we Are pleading for our lives and unless Pekin Washington and London Realise that the bandits Are ready to sacrifice their own lives and those Cfall their Cap tires in their fight for reinstate ment in the Chinee government in Bine from punish Lunet Quot we Art surely doomed a is the statement made by Leon Friedman one of the americans speaking for All. By the Auci cd pre Kansas City to. May Southern Baptist convention in session Here today selectee Atlanta Georgia As the place for the convention next year endorsed the establishment of a Seminary for Negi ors. Iii Nashville Tennessee Ami approved plans for the erection of a two million Dol Lar Hospital in new Orleans. A a Marat Hon dances Quot were characterized As disgusting exhibitions mob volleyed whether by persons masked or unmasked Vias declared to Quot tramline Iii the dust every human right a and prohibition ought everywhere to speak in the Moat a Mph tic terms con Iava were endorsed in a report of the social service committee adopted tonight by the Contention. On the question of dancing the report said in Parta the Ever present and Ever insolent dance evil continues. The latest form of nauseating excess of which this destroyer of modesty of morals of Anniv Hood and womanhood has gone is the disgusting exhibition kit Puarly known As a Marathon dances. Such exhibitions serve to show Iii a new Light the incurable evil of an indulgence which in its very nature is fleshly and sinful. Our pastors Kerning such the a recent action of new York in repealing its enforce meat code la a disgrace to that state and an insult to the Fedora government Quot the re port said in commending the eighteenth amendment. Quot enforcement i new York will be some Fiat difficult but prohibition Quot ill go Forward no backward. A the question before the american people is not shall we have prohibition shall orderly government pro Commerce Secretary urges Aid be ended raising of building site fund. Fast life both associated press Chicago. May 19.-�?miss Irene j. Meed swallowed Poison late last j night after the Man she loved had refused to take her to the Kentucky Derby according to a sister of the Young woman. The girl la in a Hospital. ii i one warning swill reports from the committees appointed by the chamber of com a Meree to raise funds to buy land j for the Industrial site which will be needed to accommodate the new Glass factory show that about two till us of that City has been canvass property listing la c0u111 now Complete the closing of the assessment Rolls saturday by Nick heard Colin Sinclair a Colt Winner after losing in Preakness stakes race War is declared on the Speed maniac., u by the official dictation of mayor w. H. Fisher confirms the Point it of dim Faith with that Ada the Uffer Tny from a deluge Walton keeps Baith Vav in goed man4a and he a a to the labor group in his confirmation that speeding in Ada a Moat Cedre immediately. Appointment As a via rain speeders Tyro e a i arrests were made Friday evening All protests waived and heavy fines assessed in both instances. In passing on the cases Resolution of legion Cut a a s St ample that would be followed in the future. Mayor Fisher states that several arrests have been made during. The past month indicators of the 19�?i Speed a rare prevalent with Ada keeping Faith with the Farmer-la-1 Mot it r8ts. Our groups that elected him gov-1 mayor Fisher intimated that it error Walton today stilled his ear. I was not his desire to interfere to the a clamor of Hie opposition with the pleasure St any but bus and placed George Wilson at tin. I duty directed him to adopt Stren head of Oklahoma a. And a. Cot-1 Potts measures to insure the safety lege. I of pedestrians. Mayor Fisher urged Wilson will Uke charge at Stilt that motorists adopt measures on water june i at a salary of $6, their Accord to Stop the endangering too a year a reduction of $15011 of lives through Moor Aro dents. Nary paid i re8ldent j a but a Quot a the Farmer labor reconstruction the to my inlays allege chief Justice took $10,000 from Carnegie corporation a brands soviet Heads 19. By Ike auctale4 pre Louisville by. May Zev Harry f. Sinclair a Brown Colt a the horse that came Back after finishing next to last in the $50,-000 Preakness a week ago entered Tho Hall of Fame when he won the 49th Kentucky Derby before a crowd of 75,000 persons the aside in naming of school head Hrut Aam Cucit i react Oklahoma City May the to and hoi Hall of Hek to assessor found Many. Property greatest throng that Ever witnessed fort to yet the $3,000 by the end a so a a pr0i�rt> on t6e Quot of this week As the land must Bej let a dwt. Bir heard stated. N0 general estimate could be league organizer and former lieu tenant of a. 0. Townley Chie of the non partisan league of North Dakota was appointed to the place despite a statewide protest that he was unfit tor he position. The protest of the state organization of the american legion was waived aside. No consideration was Given to the Resolution adopted but the legion state executive commit tee last night declaring that the legion opposed the appointment o of Ada. In by so the Light Brown Colt by _ a i finn miss Kearney Defeated Twenty j Wilson to a any position of Public listed henceforth of Besl Cree year Olds in the the committee after a hear the construction of the factory will be delayed. The committees report that a number of local property owners und some who have business interests in Ada have failed to come up made saturday on property valuations in the county personal or real estate since records will not be available until june i. It is Gener nation the largest Field that evening found that Wilson stated or started in the classic. I Atoka county in 1921, Quot i Nevei starting from tenth position fro Jeee an american legion Button the inner rail Zev shot into the without wanting to take a Gud local school now accredited member of North american association. Union of socialists Farmer labor and non partisan parties objective by the associated press new York May demand for the impeachment of William h. Taft chief Justice of the United states for accepting an alleged annuity of $10,000 from the Carnegie corporation and an attack in Lenine and Trotzky Brand of russian communism by Alexander Cahan editor of the jewish daily Forward featured the opening of the National convention of the soda list party today. Or. Cahan declared in a address that Trotzky was a a big bombastic windbag Quot but he believed he was sincere and that Leniner a physical breakdown was due in a great part to moral incapacity. The Resolution aimed at the chief Justice was adopted unanimously but none of the delegates expressed views on the subject. The committee on resolutions was instructed to obtain cooperation of trades unions and other bodies in making the demand for or. Tafts impeachment nation wide in its scope. Lead a few feet after leaving the Barrier and led the Field until the fall of the Flag crossing the wire a length ahead of Martingale owned by j. S. Cosdon. Walter a Sam and shoot a Hole through it. Claim party Victory borers of Oklahoma who alone to the standards of a Loyal citizen. Tad Are holding out expecting others of Quot it u Quot Sil Jehl me. Friedman message sent to Hie i t0 pay the Bill and themselves reap a a in Quot brother in Shanghai has stirred the Par of the benefits i rotary Ralph 0 m memento Are Exon Vigil water of the Prea Kne foreign communities of China Ini Turner said. Since Tho building of Ted o a Mado by the county i stake finished third one length a a pm. Walton. Shanghai tomorrow a mass meet-1 Ada is of or St importance and a Hoard of equalisation a when it he behind Martingale. Quot this is a tragedy it tag will Ida St so miss Smisl a june. With few in rafting at Oao add a Quarter ,5 demanding that Ute amm u and i hat malt e Ada a Mew All Shou Dubrea property valuations arc sex Milb wa3 run Over the track Light a. Whitehurst president of the British governments guarantee Tho help All to it posh nit can Anen to conform Wirtl the Opin. Promise of the chinese government i their help is Nied a and Teh Tom jul of the equalisation Hoard. The to the outlaws and win the Freedom Matt tend to "�?~,&Quot,0 i equalisation Board has made few Ada High school has been and i regard my election a. A clean roiled to membership in the North Cut Victory of the tamers and la-1 Centra association of colleges and secondary schools according Ning fast time being made the election of or. Waiter j letter to superintendent Hack a. U 1 Man from c. M. Howell chief for the ,bo�11 High school inspector. Prono Nee j recognition Means that new York May 19.�?nicolai Lenine Premier of soviet Russia was denounced As a a moral and a physical failure a and Leon Trotsky. Minister of War was characterized As a a great bombastic windbag by Abraham Cahan editor of the jewish daily Forward in an address before the annual convention of the socialist party Here today. In Ltd a a demand for the liberation of several Hundred socialists imprisoned in Russia and of political prisoners in All nations was made will not fail to meet the a quirk i ments of the new Glass Plant with Jolt it a acne a later Date. Sterling Colt. Ian investment of around half Mil-1 lion dollars and a $35,000 per Mouth pay Roll when the requirements Are that we get on it a Quot of their imprisoned nationals threats Are verified the Shadow of death has descended seven times this Wek on the bandits prisoners corralled in the part Zulu Hills. Two of the chinese prisoners were thrown Over a Cliff because their promised ransoms had not be a paid and five others were shot Down in cold blood for falling to obey orders. Oat Man Marcel Berube i renew i factory site that necessitates our Man of Shanghai yesterday Quot a j raising $3,000,�?� lie said Given his Freedom with inst Rue i a there Are Many Public spirited Lions from Wang the respect a. I men in Ada Liat believe in Forg j led scholarly Young Bandit Lead a cat and have often carried to go to Pekin and Lay before the Oad Fiat should be shared with chinese government and for under i others. Now is an opportune time i Plo Matic corps the desperate la is for All to get their system purifier ref the Rifle n captives. I with a Little Public spirit and Pride to us. Berube tomorrow win in his4q a Jiaren the Load alike a Waner collage president speaker a i taxpayers handled 111 t. Be a not it were ubi 1.� we Ute a exp Man Ionut the convention. Several Hundred minutes five and two fifth Sec Farmer labor leaders were Ohhi a Troa anti i. Manv or them women be slower than Tho record forint tonight. They wa.-1anyotthe Auen Vanve a oho of Hhd Rui favourable i Story and present the ultimatum of concluded the outlaws to the diplomats in eluding or. A cob Schurman american minister who has return to the capital irom a trip to Balshai and the Bandit zone. Stricken i puts victims in Graves commencement exercises for High school. To in a a t l competent manner by officials Here. Tim in nut workout ref will have a Day session until tuesday close with a Public at which the prints. Yunmo not Orloue question in other reputable a Pai speaker will be Eugene v. Wilsons Clevion Cane Al go schools la this or other Sootee Debs. International relations of Quoin us on the Board of Agri students who Mere graduate the socialist party win be discuss Coppo Initta on me Toaru Juji Agmi a a May Nerti Fislar reference to Sci Democrat of the Quot Board by calling the three this Marks the successful Fermi-1 a sch met a ast members to his Home. Nation of a Long struggle on the month in Hamburg. 1 after the Parley with their chief part of professor Hickman and the one of the most important tasks a a they returned and without further school Board to make Adas High before the convention it is stated Ludo chose Wilson. School As Good As there is in the will be an attempt to Lay the Toun Peter Coyne of Estella Henry m. Land. While in the past there Wasj Dalion for an american labor Par a Stillwell of Holdenville and h. A. No question about the High class to with the socialist party As t e i Hovee of Atoka voted for Wilson a of work done certain rules of the nucleus and including the non Par election while j. A. Whitehurst i association had to be met before a aug a f president of the Board and a. G i recognition was extended. Whitworth of Carmen Holdover ar4 Hickman is delighted with member voted against. I the recognition but says that it Flag is lowered does not come As a Surprise As Sti i water May 19.�?i know att it would come a As Glor it floating proudly from the soon a8 the demands were met. Campus flagpole was lowered to a teachers College is a1 Tekin. May telegrams to the chinese government from Tsao Chw amp no. Near which fifteen Cap lives Are held by Mountain outlaw t of Shantung indicate that govern i Lent representatives Are on the Point of abandoning i Jip Uter stricken % Community fur the Reb a of the hostages be a cause of the bandits extravagant demands. Tisar. Leage the farm Clabor party and the labor unions and cooperative organizations. Dolde is ii senior class of Ada High school the first methodist a1� keeping with county expend i j Dent of the a. And . Some by the Amri Ltd press Camden s. C. May 19. The of Friday Bright at Church in their Comeno ement exer else the importance of higher education. Cleveland schoolhouse mar Here silent Linscheid Emph mind taudte warrants no indebtedness j engine where 73 persons perished thurs thei fact that a a Nedythe county. I Ishii nature Jug my Pekin. May 19.�?the term were that troops be with drawn from the province of Shan Tang the bandits to constitute in i Lovincia military Force. Minister of communications Gnu it is intimated that Wuyu lip has been in charge of the government Parley May be recalled Pekin. Lay night in a fire which destroy Catlon a not in expenditure hut led the Structure during the hold-1 investment and an investment Struc tors have All a skin per id which latest Oil f extra cites were which is the determining Factor in practically completes the fiscal year a Bury size the do today., the Ute of any India Luai or the hardly a family in the Community the speaker pointed out the practically All Rural schools being a aped loss of members and in Prosperity of any nation is deter Rev ral instances entire families mined by two sources natural re a Tare for this period of the year d. Student is supposed to a lower re Klinep in. Swaffar county treasurer an. De the Standard in of morn a full Lcoo noun cod. Jing. _ in probate Case with the exception of a few out-1 appear Aga n Brum prs Northampton mass., May 19 warrant for Rural we Hool in. J perfected to Cut the receipt of state Aid passed to mass., May operation Vosis a or. And mrs. R. E. Davies and a mrs. Clara Bingham who returned san Francisco May 19.�?a two weeks ago from Dublin where miniature diesel engine designed j thy had gone in Jui Effort to Iden to propel automobiles great Dis Williams names penalty when plea of guilty is entered both a woe i Ted press Oklahoma City May 19.�? tiny mrs. Bula Croker widow of Arnold c. Dolde former clerk of tames at nominal Cost with Elim the Tate Richard Croker United states District court for nation of the present gear shift i tammany Hall chief As mrs. Guy Western Oklahoma pleaded guilty has been perfected by engineers Malone for Miry of North amp to charges of embezzlement of new Gas rate is set for Oklahoma cities by Statel a a the a aged it ,tfurinas1 erf by attn. A a a a a a a a Comly a Tju str vis for a. Benn perfected by . _ _ _ today in the Beulah methodist wealthy in natural resources Werc Elt i and her of the Bethlehem ship build Fang Cor. To Gill love loft for new York. They Mcourt funds Here late today hmirivirt1 within Vil a of to in poverty for the Lark of wow Abl. To portion hero. Is was announced to-jaiin0zced that they will sail or , judge Robert i. It Lianto. In Bool House ruins in which they gence while nations poor in Nair rub to he fu1 Unn on th8 value a Day by Joseph j. Tynan vice or Ireland to be present at a probate he was sentenced t0 in a route. A net i ath Only three of the 62 it resources were extremely f the dlr tract. Dent and general manager of the Acob brought against mrs. Croker prison on each of three counts. I am eur and children who porous. Examples in the former 0 whup the Respondi Billy for in it up oration on the Coart by Cromer a children by his first the sentences to run concurrently. Shared the same grave were id in to Cise he named As China Mexico fund for he maintenance of courts j engine will propel a Small marriage. The Davies couple and decide will be started for the fed fied the others having been Burn and others while nations such As Griff s fees officials salaries and i automobile fifty Miles on two and hrs. Bingham have not made pay Jei Al prison at Leavenworth Kansas de beyond recognition. Three thou Holland and Switzerland were j commissioners expenditure Falun. A half cents of fuel a my Tynan i us results of their first visit Sand persons among them Gover. Wealthy through their educational Der the jurisdiction of Tea county said. Quot it is already in a Perat a a to Ireland. For m Leod of South Carolina . The speaker both a a Ruff it pics Raj Tny w Rutto Rte Acius Lnu need the open air burial or vice Jim be by a be Oklahoma held As the went Down in the natural Gas company Wax inserts it the trap. Y. Fri of 2s-,Liv 2, the com k oink Wjk Tkach Kus in ups the it to corporation i dam anti commission. Niria Hamil the popular Ltd of members of the a Quot go Tom Ixion i College faculty a commencement natural Dis tributes Gas 1__. ,. Known i Tho font tha. Clerk financial problems in these concluded his and Are practically solved with suf Etc Dess by Quot stating that the Educ St Lent funds to Continuo for the Lineal Sonal invest spent should be proportionate with the earning capacity of the nation. Fifty four seniors were awarded diplomas by l. T. Walters president of the Ada Board of education. Xxx a a. I the High school orchestra and Era the Burner tip rate according speakers in in by to 1 Rev the girls chorus took part in Tho a a the Cedulie win be 66 cents tow., of the evening tor each fir 200,000 cubic feet pm 26 Ecru for each 100,000 Over Tel amount except Tulsa. Vogt it the top Cate will he 62 cents rth 26 cent for amount Over 200.000. Frank Certor. Can Lyman of the state corporation com Mission Saki the new Gate rate would a mean about to cent Gas in a Uhr red by local dlr butling the now rate i Ethel May 21 speeches this Spring and have been j forced to turn Down Many opportunities on account of conflicts with other dates. On Friday night the following delivered addresses Over the District it. R. Robinson at Wetumka r. G. Newcomb at Lehigh a. L. Fenton at Roff e. H. Nelson at Fitch Nib John Zimmerman at Al leu and a. Unschuld at and w Alker cup retained by Taw wrist Ftp by. Andrews. Seq land. May 19.�?the american Amateur Golf team retained poes Sklon of the Walker cup by defeat in Tine British learn or the two Day tournament ending today tilt matches to Ute with aaa Aal Raa it of j year. Fees in sheriff Soffio hair Exco Edo the budget but funds trill to Spiro print a for the remainder of the year. A a the new budget will be announced at the end of the fiscal year july i. A a Hagen la Defeated by to a Mac la led prs Leeds England May 19.�?j. C. Jolly the English professional Defeated Walter Hagen. Diff Crinan Holder or the British open championship title two up in the finals of the professional tournament Here today % i. Ii. Iii in i 1 ton hum imitation Ivory is made from the Tagus nut. Sizes about fifty Korse Poer was Dadami Quot installed in an old automobile of Ulvi Llcy live Oil it. Win a i not on file in. That dirt a flirt carved As an officer of the court. Dieh Iltz a Vasa % mini he a to we pit in Sud Standard make. We have run it several months and have eliminated All difficulties that originally s 1 j a a the fuel burned is a Light a roil papers in the Case of outline same that la now used in Nav j Gene Augustus have not yet been a1 flied id District court Here altho a Ltd Quot tit. 1 Quot a i granted by gov j. B. A. Robert Tail translation denied it a during his administration and later disposed of in fit Rah Jung by Tea a std ibis i up of pending matters by the pre late tonight. V auditors who examined the former court clerks books alleged that his shortage amounted to $15,-612.6$. For nearly 2,0 years Dolde had i Washington May 19.�? the ont administration recently a a Louis. Sau Francisco railway Augustus appealed the science judge Williams of t a. At hoist a a a a ii Tho Suasti Iti strict of the sat St. Company today was denied author i clemency act and signed the Neces it by the interstate Commerce papers through is attorney commission to Purchase control of John Crawford according to Anglo tee Northern Tony Railroad company in Texas. In. A i a a a Fri tee court Here the $$$1 try a news want add a emf. F a r v a. A. A a a a. A a jp#41 i Iii fail amp i a amp a j several months ago when an audit of his accounts was begun he mysteriously disappeared. When the shortage was disclosed he was dismissed from office and a warrant issued for hts Airest. After an absence of nearly a week Dolde returned to the Federal building Here and aur rendered. The Eastern District of the state rat in the Case today in place of judge John h. Cotters with whom Dolde had been associated a court officer for nearly a. Score of years. Or a to defy in Hill mad for few j i i Ifica k a a

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