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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 4

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Ada Evening News, The (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Ada, OklahomaThe Ada sunday news Ada Oklahoma sunday May 12, 1974 the Ada sunday news sunday edition of the Ada evening news William d. Little or. George e. Gurley. Publisher editor Jack Purdy advertising manager Art Jilesjr. Circulation manager Dennis Graves City editor Helen tins by business record Marie Crabtree circulation records Marie. Hickey classified advertising published each evening monday through Friday and sunday morning by news publishing and printing co. 112-120 North Broadway Avenue Ada Oklahoma Telephone 332-4433 National advertising representatives Ward Griffith co., inc. Member of audit Bureau of circulations yearly subscription rates in Ada by Carrier in Oklahoma by mail outside Oklahoma by mail second class postage paid at Ada Oklahoma misused credit card can mean or Seaster there Are few things More necessary than a Wise use of credit. There Are few things More damaging than an abuse of it. In reasonably recent years an innocent appearing piece of plastic made its appearance on the american scene. The Little piece of plastic is now firmly established As an aspect of economic life. It is of course the credit card. Credit cards Are something like guns or Automo Biles. There is nothing inherently wrong with a credit card. It can t think or plan or perform by itself. It is the abuse of the credit card which gets people in trouble. Today credit cards Are dispensed with far greater concern for the financial reliability of the Holder. There was a time when they went out on almost a wholesale basis and if you wanted a card All you had to do was sneeze. Matter of fact you did t even have to sneeze. Many institutions sent them out on an unsolicited basis. That has All gone by the boards. No longer is it carte Blanche no Pun issuing firms Are exercising greater controls. More extensive credit checks Are being made and More and More cards Are being withdrawn for abusive use. Few things Are More convenient than a credit card. They permit holders to avoid carrying Large amounts of Cash. They Are almost universally accepted. They provide Good records and their intelligent use makes a great Deal of sense. There Are however those people who have the idea about credit cards. They Are using them in a decidedly dangerous fashion. If they took a Little time to add some figures and do some investigating of their own they would also discover that the unwise use of credit also become an extremely expensive sort of thing. The trouble is that some people use them As the basis for Short term financing. And in some cases financing even Over longer periods of time. They use them for purchasing certain items which May lie out Side their current resources or budgeting. Their reasoning is that they can pay the charges off Over a period of time. But those carrying charges can run up to As much As 18 per cent. Jenkin Lloyd Jones a Young couple can t really afford a vacation. Their Cash reserves Are at Law ebb. Instead they take what amounts to a credit card vacation and they wind up More strapped than they were before. All those Little slips of paper have a curious Way of coming Home to Roost. If you honestly could t afford the vacation the fact that you hold a credit card does not suddenly make the vacation an economically sound proposition. There is something else. Everyone has times in their lives when they need credit and need it badly. If credit has been abused it will not be available. In this computer age credit information is almost instantly available and a record of poor credit performance can have disastrous results later. There Are Many reasons Why Young marriages often wind up on the rocks. But unquestionably one of the major reasons is an irresponsible use of credit and a crippling Load of debts which always brings ten Sion recrimination and unhappiness on the Home front. By the Rev. A. Purn eix Bailey. . John a. Broadus did a most unusual thing on sunday morn ing. When his Ushers were about to take the offering he left his pulpit and followed one usher. He looked at every contribution that was put in the plate. One can imagine How some of the persons in that congregation Felt. Some were confused others were shamefaced and All were surprised. When the offering had been received or. Broadus walked Back to comment with this reflection my people if you take to heart that i have seen your offerings this Day and know just what sacrifices you have not made remember that the son of god your Saviour goes about these aisles with every usher and sees with his sleepless Eye every cent put in to the collection plate by his he that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in Luke copyright Gen. Fea the peach tree Symbol Wright Bryan former Edi Tor of the Atlanta journal and the Cleveland Plain dealer tells me that peach tree Street the famed main drag of Atlanta stands on a Divide. Rainwater flowing Down the East Gutter winds up in the Altamaha River and eventually the Atlantic Ocean. That flowing Down the West Gutter goes to the Chattahoochee and the Gulf of Mexico. It was Down this same peach tree Street that the Vic ious army of the Tennessee marched behind William Tecumseh Sherman on sept. 2, 1864, to begin the dismember ment of the confederacy. In the smoke of burning Covington and promised lands there was never really a the Brittle Plantation Economy was shattered and there followed a tragedy lasting most of a Cen Tury. Even As late As the 1930s, malaria hookworm and Pel Lagra were problems and . S aide miss Frances Perkins dismissed the area As the shoeless on peach tree Street what will be the world s tallest hotel 70 stories is under construction. Put together Sher Man the hotel and the Divide and peach tree Street becomes a Symbol of the South. A Divide cannot be detected until you have considerable knowledge of the geography on both sides. And historical divides Are almost never re cognized at the time for this requires an understanding of the future. But on one Day during world War ii the water in the South which had been flowing mostly in one direction began flowing mostly in the other. Henry Grady s new South finally got going about 55 years after he had made his famous speech of Hope. It is ironic that one War should ruin the South and Ano ther should begin its resurrection. But the South has Good training weather and the hundreds of millions of dollars which the military ser vices poured into the Southern Camps started a new Ball game. Not All the i s from a distance cursed the mosque tos and the mud. Some looked around liked what they saw and came Back when the fighting was Over. World War ii marked the beginning of the mechanization of Southern agriculture particularly with the Cotton picker. Fortuitously at the moment much of the South s farm labor most of it Black might have been declared surplus the Northern Factor ies beckoned. The share crop Economy died. The 40-acres and a mule subsistence vanished almost overnight. In a Brief Quarter Century Rural Dixie was transformed. The gullies were terraced. Vetch and Les Pedreza healed the worn out Hardpan. Fat cattle Graze where human be Ings had grabbed. As the farm counties lost Popula Tion they gained vastly in per capita income. They la do it every time when the Funckes entertain he House a xxx like a Cantu factory a May 12, 1944 penicillin was used for the first time in Ada. The drug was obtained from a Hospital in Chickasha by army officers and was used to help a sol Dier suffering from pneumonia. A local Church honoured mothers on mothers Day by giving special Flowers to the old est Mother the youngest Mother and the Mother with the larges family present. There ou6hta0e at Leasta stub of a cantle some where cantle in the House i be looked Auu Over Trees were the biggest Mir Acle. The Humble Short Leaf and tall loblolly Pines suddenly assumed Bonanza value As the appetite for pulpwood and Timber rocketed. First the Kraft paper and then the newsprint Industry moved southward. Today millions of Pine seedlings surround the Stone chimneys which once served tenant Cabins. John Egerton in his gloomy Book the americanization of holds that the South and the North infected each other with their prob lems but not their Virtues. It is True that northerners Are finding that race matters Are not As simply As they had thought. It is True that Atlanta averages six armed robberies a Day and is the mafia s porno distributing Center for a dozen states. The South has lost some Charm and quaintness but it has also lost anachronisms and rigid Ity. It suffers from two mythologies. One is self created the idea of a vanished Golden age of Cavaliers and elegance in the mansions and Happy Young and Black folks Rollin on the Little Cabin floor. Yet reflections observations and diaries written in antebellum times reveal no such Halycon world. The grandchildren Over imagined. The second is the mythology of movies and to the South of bigots sadists and redneck sheriffs in a Heap o trouble with the Only decent White Man in town being the Liberal who is generally martyred. These scripts Are often written by characters who have fled Manhattan for Lily White bastions in. Westchester. The truth is that at Long last the South has simply risen. The Waters Are flowing strongly toward a better Ocean and Henry Grady would be proud. C general features w 5 to ttys i to w Art Buchwald Max Lerner the principle of excess the portuguese coup the French elections there was a Long the fall of the portuguese dictatorship and the likelihood of a socialist communist re Gime in Paris would have set tons of newsprint rolling in the u. S. Press. But today with the anguished drama of shame and guilt evoked by the Nixon transcripts it seems almost in american to interrupt the flow of water Gate reactions and pay some attention to a couple of coun tries on Europe s Sid of the Atlantic. But Europe will still be there after president Nixon s Fate is sealed one Way or another As it has been there for centuries. The kind of Europe it is will am Erica too. The United states has no monopoly of the principle of excess even with watergate. Operates whenever a re Gime is overthrown by Force. There Are no moderate coups. Even if there Are moderates among the leaders of a coup As is True of Gen. Antonio de Spinola the head of por Tugal s military Junta the Pace of events following a coup is terribly hard to control. The morning after the coup was Flower bedecked with Beautiful girls showering the soldiers with roses. But the portuguese people Are discovering on the morning after the morning after that in the Wake of the overthrow of an authoritarian regime the path Jim Fiebig phrases and poetry i be been thinking How Nice it would be to escape the hectic world of deadline writing and become a poet. Suck on a pipe and dip a Quill pen into the Well of lyrical images and beautifully metered verse. To toy with delicate descriptions like dappled and Gossamer wings and surly Bonds of All that Good poetry stuff. have Home mortgages too. So i picked up the latest copy of writer s digest an annual publication that tells who s buying what and How much they re paying. The editors were most encouraging. Trying to become a prominent poet they say is hardly Worth the trouble unless poetry matters More to you than anything else in that contradiction disqualified me immediately. Anyone who values poetry More than anything else in life is missing a lot of life. And if he s missing a lot of life hell probably make a Lousy poet. One reason the poetry Market is so Barren today is the pub Lic would rather look at a 25-Inch to screen than Between the lines of a Good poem. Another reason is the masses have become disenchanted with and closed their pocketbooks to majority of modern poets whose greatest fear is that Thev might be understood. When they buried Robert Frost they buried the last of the poor Man s poets. Exit the pipe and Quill to the cigarettes and electric typewriter. Progress has clipped my Gossamer wings. Copyright Gen. Fea a Little old Church going lady in the neighbourhood was highly confused after Reading excerpts from president Nixon s recently released watergate transcripts. Or. Nixon seems to have a favorite phrase i Don t under she said. It crops up in almost All his Conversa what s i asked. Expletive deleted she said. He s always saying expletive and it always appears in parentheses. I be never heard anyone use that that s because or. Nixon himself coined the i explained and it just has t caught on with the Public what does it it i said that or. Nixon despite All the pres sures of his office absolutely refuses to cuss. So every time he feels the need to say something in Strong language he catches himself and says expletive deleted " Well that settles she said. Settles yes indeed. Any Man Nice enough to say expletive deleted instead of a dirty word could t possibly be involved in any expletive i replied. Copyright Gen. Fea of a democracy is anything but roses. If the generals and colonels overthrow a left regime As in Chile and much earlier in Brazil there is a rapid move ment to the right. The crack Down by the military can be a tight one or As in the Case of Chile a brutal one. It May or May not have popular sup port but. In either event the army seizes control of both weapons and Media. If it can keep the Economy going such a Junta is hard to dislodge. In a military overthrow of a right Wing authoritarian re Gime As in Portugal there is a rapid movement toward the left not in he new Jun to but among the civilians. There Are ample reasons for this. The lid has been held on tight for years and once it is opened All the pent up bitterness explodes. The Busi iness groups and the Church Are on the defensive. The re Are no organized parties except the communists who have kept their cadres alive in secrecy during the repressive years and to a lesser extent the socialists. The Lack of democratic experience among the people makes it hard for centrist parties to emerge. That is Why the communist Leader Alvara Cuthal and the socialist Leader Mario so ares Are the men to reckon with in the months ahead. Gen. Spinola who wrote a Book last year asking for an end to the endless african War and an autonomy rather than Independence status for Mozambique Angola and Gui Nea May not have reckoned with the runaway Pace of events which sets in when no authority survives except the left parties and the Mili tary and when the by the nature of the coup dare not exercise crackdown Power. The example of Portugal is bound at some Point to have reverberations in Gen. Fran Cisco Franco s Spain unless excesses happen in Portugal which Lead either to extremism or chaos and which will strengthen Franco s hold in Spain. In France there is a Strong Prospect that the Runoff elections will end with Francois Mitterrand presiding Over a popular front government of socialists and communists. Charles de Gaulle and geor Ges Pompidou had several times rallied the marginal voters against such a Prospect and Giscard d Estwing might possibly carry it off again. But he will find it hard. Mitterrand has shrewdly played the respectability game to keep the voters from taking alarm. The left even gave up its May Day Parade in order to maintain a responsible image. What helped with de Gaulle and Pompidou dead was the absence of a commanding figure to oppose the coalition. C los Angeles times Salty language on oct. 13, 1960, John f. Kennedy debated Richard Nixon on television. At the time the question of Harry Truman s cussing came up. Or. Kennedy refused to apologize for or. Truman s Salty language but or. Nixon had Strong feelings that a president of the United states should not curse. He said in part one thing i have noted As i have travelled around the country is the tremor Nous number of children who come out to see the presidential candidates. I mothers holding up their babies so they can see a Man who might president of the United states. I know sen. Kennedy sees them. Too. It makes you realize that whoever is president is going to be a Man that All children of America look up to or look Down on and i can Only say i am very proud that presi Dent Eisenhower restored dignity and decency and frankly Pood language to the conduct of the presidency of the United states. And i Only Hope should i win this election. That i could an Roach president Eisenhower in maintaining the dignity of the office and see to it that whenever any Mother or father talks to his child he can look at the Man in the White House and whatever he May think of his policies he will say Well there is a Man who maintains the kind of standards personally that i would want my child to follow i must admit that even though it s been 14 years since or. Nixon said this i was very moved. Perhaps. I thought for the first time in history this country would have a president who did t cuss. Although or. Nixon did t make it in i960, he did become president in 1968. And every time he drove by in the last five years i held univ son in my arms he s now 20 and said there s a president who has the kind of standards i want you to although Joel was rather heavy i Felt it was Worth the Strain on my Back. You can imagine my despair and disillusionment when the transcripts of the presidential lanes were released and it turned out or. Nixon might Havo been the cuss Gest presi Dent in our history. Almost every other word had an Enlet Ive and if you count the inaudible and unclear and it s enough to make a . Marine top ser Garft s hair stand on end. The question is what happened the time Nixon debated Ken Nedy and the time he became president of the United states. I sincerely believe or. Nixon was telling the truth when he said he was shocked by Harry Truman s language. I also believe in my heart he did t Start cussing until he lost the election to Kennedy. A Friend of or. Nixon told me. I never heard Dick use an expletive deleted until the 1960 Illinois results of the election came in. In 1962, he lost the race for governor in California and he let out one inaudible after another. I did t know there were that Many expletives in the English language. It was hard after that to have Dick Over to the House when the children were around. I thought when he became president and he was More secure he d Stop using but apparently once you Start using them it s hard to give them the Friend said. And so it turns out that president Nixon was no better than Harry Truman when it came to language and a lot worse than president Eisenhower. It s something Well All have to get used to. But i know one no longer going to hold up my 20-year-old son in my arms when the president drives by. Any president who promises to restore Good language to the presidency and then talks the Way he did is nothing but an inaudible in my Book. Copyright los Angeles times John p. Roche flood of hearsay As a consequence of the acquittal of John Mitchell ind Maurice stans there seems to be a sudden interest in the defects of the jury system. No one has yet suggested the reintroduction of the old British custom last employed in 1688, which permitted the judge to jail a jury which delivered the wrong verdict. But obviously something must be wrong with a system that lets off bad men like stans and Mitchell. The times has suggested that the defense managed to stack the jury and that the latter was dominated by a Svengali named Andrew Choa an educated articulate Man who be came de Facto Foreman. I admit that on the human level i would have loved to see John big Law and order Man who launched All those Lunatic conspiracy trials against the Chicago 7" and the like in Handcuffs. But the obligation of a Petty jury As distinct from a grand jury is to treat the accused As inno cent until it is unanimously convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. And i am prepared to say that As i closely followed the testimony in the stans Mitchell trial i became More and More convinced that it would not justify putting a dog in a Pound. To repeat this has nothing to do with my personal convictions about the defendants. At the time of the first Alger Hiss trial for perjury for example i was convinced of Hiss guilt but. If i had been on the jury i would have voted not the United states attorney simply did not present a Case adequate to eliminate reasonable doubt. The jury s reaction was similar it was unable to reach a verdict and Hiss tried to be retried this time by professionals who in my judgment locked up the Case. I might add parenthetically this kind of approach guarantees that i will never sit on a jury those of you who Are bored with my attacks on the Law of conspiracy can Stop Here. I can not resist any Opportunity that presents itself to vent my passionate conviction that the time has come to drop conspiracy raps from the criminal code. As one of the stans Mitchell jurors is quoted As saying we came out 10 different ways on that Well they might the conspiracy charges were founded on a flood of hearsay. Without attempting an authentic rerun the Gist of an accusation was that q told r that s had written a letter to y. And what is a jury supposed to think when one of the government s prize witnesses is an admitted perjured the common sense question is of course when did you decide to Stop which brings us to the whole business of a Normal jury s reaction to plea coppers which is going to play a major Rote in the trial of the watergate 7." special prosecutor Leon Jaworski has developed copping a plea into a science if you turn state s evidence the felony charge will be dropped. The train is just about to leave the station but there s still time to get on not a quote from Jaworski but a sum Mary of his method in the Normal run of copping plea might be a vital to obtain direct evidence of crime it you Tell us where the Money is hidden Well vet you off with a suspended sentence for grand theft the Canary sings the cops go to the appointed spot the Money is found and us plea Copper s accuracy is verified. But in a conspiracy Case there usually is no tangible Evi Dence to Back up a copped plea

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