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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 4

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Ada Evening News, The (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Ada, OklahomaTage 4 the Ada evening established in 1904 w. D. Little the Ada evening news Ada Oklahoma sunday May 12, 1951 news we. D. Little or. George e. Gurley _ editor business manager managing editor Eacutt Day except saturday and sunday morning by news publishing and printing co. H4-18 North the Ada evening news by Carrier in Ada per year _ by mat in Oklahoma per year by mall outside Oil Nama per year -113.00 _ 1.00 _ 13.20 member of audit Bureau of circulations member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the. Us. Tor Republican of All local news priced in newspaper As Well Ai All a news National Talvert sinc Burke Kuipers a Mahoney. Entered As second class mall matter at the Post of Sei Ada. Okla dec. I. 1903. Under act of March 1. 1871 Telephone fee my z-4433 no. 552 a column of comment How our system works governor Johnston Murray was criticized for not taking a stronger stand on Legisla Tion and putting pressure on the two Law making bodies to get his ideas enacted into Law. No doubt there Are those who now think governor Raymond Gary is exerting too much pressure. So it would seem regardless of which Way a governor goes he will get some approval and a lot of disapproval. The same thing will apply to presi dents. Theoretically Bills originate and Are passed by the legislature or the Congress with out assistance from the chief executive of the state or nation. The governments Are set up with three separate departments the legislative the executive and the judicial and neither is supposed to Cross Over the line into another. But it has not worked that Way of recent years. Actually it has never worked to any great extent that Way even in the Early Days of the Republic. The presidents whom the american peo ple generally consider the greatest Are Jef Ferson Jackson Lincoln Theodore and Franklin d. Roosevelt Wilson and maybe two or three others. Each of these had his legislative program and the legislative bodies followed in the main his recommendations. In other words the legislation did not originate in the Capitol but in the White House. T this state is Young and it is difficult now to determine which governors will be considered the strongest but it is almost cer Tain to be the governors who put on pres sure to get the legislation they had advocated when they ran for the office. To get elected a candidate for president formulates a platform. After election he feels he is Honor bound to put the platform into effect. So he not Only recommends to the Congress the Bills he wants to implement his platform but uses the tactics he deems necessary to get results. If a governor expects to sit Back and let the legislature originate and pass the Bills it wants without any assistance or Hin Drance he would not need a platform other than a Promise to enforce what Laws Are on the books or the legislature May put on the books. Do you think any candidate could get elected on platform and the courts do not refrain from doing some legislating also. Both state and fed eral courts have held Laws to mean some thing different from what the authors of such Laws intended. They have ruled one on the meaning of the Constitution or the meaning of individual Laws and with out further acts by the Law making bodies later ruled meaning entirely different. So in actual practice we find the executive and the judicial branches have crossed Over into the legislative. But apparently the people do not resent such intrusion As they have made no great protest. And they still think the Strong governor is Strong Only if he leads in enacting a legislative program. At Atlanta Georgia the other Day a United press reporter watched Bank Rob Bers Load their loot into a car but they were so matter of fact about it the reporter did not realize anything was out of the Way. The reporter William Tucker had the courage to write the Story about his failure to know what was going on. Ike s big budget foreign Aid program stir not in sight by James Marlow i associated press news analyst Washington a president Eisen Hower s budget and his foreign Aid program will still be big news for weeks to come. He had offered a record peacetime budget of almost 72 billion dollars including in for eign Aid. Nothing in Eisenhower s four White House years has exceeded the confusion Over this Bud get. The end is not in sight. Eisenhower had insisted Hia budget was As tight As he could make it. When the reaction set in demands in and out of Congress for cuts had second thoughts and began talking of ways reductions could be made. Most of them were bookkeeping reductions. Money he suggested be skipped this year would have to be voted in another so the reductions were postponements. Four months of this session of Congress have passed and he still has t explained to the Law makers in. Detail Why he wants the foreign Aid Money or what hell do with it. Hell do his explaining in a special message to Congress next week. Meanwhile after watching demands for Bud get cuts mount Eisenhower has decided to make two broadcasts appealing to the Public to put pressure on Congress to ease up its Zeal for axing the budget. Yesterday in preparation for the message he sends to Congress next week Eisenhower called congressional leaders to the White House. He suggested As he had previously that As much As 500 million might be chopped off foreign Aid. Later this writer asked two of those leaders for an explanation in some detail of what Eisen Hower had in mind. One was so vague he said All he knew was that a 500 million reduction was suggested. The other said he was so puzzled he was t sure what the administration had in mind. But even the 500 million Cut talked of by Eisenhower May be simply a bookkeeping re arrangement for this reason while telling Congress it can chop 500 Mil Lions off his foreign Aid Eisenhower May propose that it re appropriate 500 millions which was previously voted for this year but has t been obligated. Unless devoted it can t be spent Eisenhowe s love of old he manages to state with such earnestness that sometimes they sound almost like new Plati open the door for Congress to Rush in with its budget cutting a and a budget cutting desire. But in this the president had a major assist from Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey. A timetable of what the two men will show the. Origin of some the confusion. On Jan. 16, the Day Eisenhower sent his Bud get to Congress Humphrey said 1 it was As tight a budget As the administration could produce but 2 i think there Are a lot of places in this budget that can be at his Jan. 23 news conference Eisenhower echoed Humphrey. To said it was the Best Bud get that could be offered at this time. Then he stated his platitude if Congress can Cut the budget it s Congress duty to do so. Congress did t have to be told that. Under the Constitution it s Congress Job to control spending. Almost at once Congress was in a budget cutting Moody to suit Eisenhower. Budget cutting talk snowballed around the coun try. At his March 13 news conference Eisenhower said he had t asked Congress to do a Hatchet Job on his budget. All he meant to say he. Said was that if Congress could find a place to Cut it ought to Cut. It was the Day before the democrats in Congress threw the Ball Back to Eisenhower and asked him if he had any idea How savings could be made. On april 3 he told a news conference he saw no place where cuts of As much As two billion dollars could be made. And he still stuck he said to his Basic request of for foreign Aid. Then on april 18 he suggested to Congress where a reduction of almost might be made. This was the bookkeeping Cut. Previously 500 million of it com ing out of foreign Aid. Squander lust booming air freight Industry sees More profit tonnage with bigger faster planes by Sam Dawson new York planes to Day Are lifting the profits tonnage Lor the fledgling air freight Industry. Most major carriers report in creased cargo ton mileage this year Over last. Most expect additional speedier and bigger Craft to carry their sales volume to new Heights this year and next. For some the new equipment is particularly Handy. The end of the profitable air lift to Korea Hurt some of the All cargo carriers greatly. A few dipped into red Ink before the new planes were delivered. Their arrival Industry spokes men say should Herald the Day when the air cargo Industry As a whole can step into the r Anks of recognized american Industrial Money makers. Cut per ton Cost the new planes mean lower costs per ton mile As Well As greater capacity. Officials think the great potential now lies in air freight s ability to Aid manufacturers Cut distribution costs. This month flying Tiger began transcontinental operation with its new Fleet of 12 super h constellations. It says its scheduled air cargo service now can be carried on at 331 Miles per hour lifting pounds of freight Miles nonstop. The new planes Are More than one third larger than the line s old ones As Well As faster. For example one flight from los Angeles to new York with. A Stop at Chicago has an elapsed time of nine hours 20 minutes. In the first three months of 1957 cargo ton Miles increased by Over the first Quarter of 1956. A ton mile is one ton of freight carried one mile More capacity Speed Slick airways a southwestern no treatment for snoring by c. A. Dean. M. To. Editorial Many people become concerned about the noise we make during sleep known As snoring. This noise is caused by the air we breathe Rushing Over the relaxed Tongue and Larynx. It occurs mostly believable. A Rich oilman in Dallas can say to his Small Fry on Friday you be been Good ids this week. All of you knew j he words when you Sang the eyes of Texas Are upon you this week. So just to show you my pocketbook i mean my heart is n the right place i am going to take you to Disneyland Tomor and he does flies the family to International Airport on los Angeles Southern slope then by helicopter the 20 Miles to Disney land and when it is time to go Home they take the same route. The kids never see los Angeles. Who wants to see los Angeles the Only Way los Angeles will Ever achieve Fame again is to advertise itself As a suburb Dis Neyland. Los Angeles is not finished. It can still go places if it holds onto tha right Cattail. Donald Duck s. Year s Cotton crop to treat his family to a trip to the Texas Cen Tennial exposition at Dallas and fort Worth in 1936, was t it Worth it Cotton is Money but entertainment is memories. _ but however smart these fathers Are Walt Disney is smarter. That Cash Register ring at Disney land s front Gate is not sound effects. Copyright 1957, general features corp new Revenboer trick holding out sugar hits Moonshiner Washington. May 11 Ufa the government set out today to turn life sour for Moonshiner. You can t make drinking whisky without sugar and Uncle Sam p lans to see to it that As Little As possible of the Sweet stuff is diverted to illicit stills in the Backwoods. The internal Revenue service which worries about the liquor taxes that Moonshiner Don t pay. I is asking All sugar suppliers to refuse to make any sales to sus Disneyland consists of Advent 1 pet that would include Ture land fantasy land and i people who want unusually Large Frontier land. Los Angeles can amounts those who Are unknown be known As smog land. To the seller or Are known on second thought maybe . Moonshiner and those who should get rid of the smog. Visi tors Are supposed to come out of a Disney attraction laughing. Not choking. The fact that fathers All Over the country Are flying their off Spring to Disneyland and Back is some indication the country is still prosperous. But americans always a Premium prices. The plan was Given a trial run in new York and new Jersey recently and irs says it sent the Moonshiner into a dither. Some tried sugar substitutes. One reportedly even tried Maple syrup. Irs declined to say How his product tasted. Daily crossword cargo Toter with a transcontinental route is also adding Large equipment. Riddle airlines which flies freight Between. Puerto Ric Florida new York and midwes1 Ern cities is modifying its 32 c46 to obtain More capacity and Speed Seaboard Western airlines to Day starts its Lith year of trans Atlantic air. Freight service. New equipment has brought its Fleet to 10 super constellations and three dc4s. In the first three months of 1957 cargo ton Miles totalled an increase of per cent Over the carried in the first Quarter of 1956. In the profitable South Ameri can Field Tanagra reports its air cargo volume Rose 51 per cent during 1956 and is still gaining. It now carries on average four tons of cargo a Day on its routes in seven latin american coun tries. It has added two special c54 cargo planes to expand serv ice. Rural Roundup by the associated press Oklahoma Cotton Farmers Are overlooking a Good bet while Tex As profits from their oversight says George a state Extension specialist. Fifty nine per cent of the certified and registered Cotton seed planted in Oklahoma last year came from according to a Survey of winners. By Stroup. The Cotton expert said Oklahoma Cotton growers paid out 000 for seed from other states and Only for Oklahoma grown seed. Arkansas produced 10 per cent of the seed used Here geor Gia 8.7 per cent and Mississippi 5.6 per cent., Only 16. Per cent of the certified and registered Cotton seed planted by. Oklahoma Farmers originated in the state Stroup estimated the seed produced by growers of the okla homa crop improvement association in 1956 will Plant Only 3 per cent of the state s Cotton acreage. An increase from last year s 3. 411 acres to about is needed to meet present demands i wolves away. For certified and registered seed he said. Stroup said that while a whole Sale jump into the certified and registered cottonseed business is not recommended there is a definite Opportunity for additional growers in Oklahoma. Probably the Best solution he said is through organization of one variety gins to contract for production of Quality seed. Such a plan worked successfully last year in Greer county Stroup said. The Cotton specialist pointed out that 31 per cent of the seed sold by winners in Oklahoma last year was of unknown origin 29 per cent certified and 40 per cent registered. Importance of use of High qual Ity seed of the recommended varieties Stroup says is apparent in the fact that Cotton provides nearly 25 per cent of the Cash farm income in Oklahoma his amounted to 75 million dollars in 1955 but fell to 45 million last year a bad year for Cotton. County agent Tom Morris re ported that p. R. Long puts a few drops of Nic Otine sulfite on the neck and shoulders of his sheep. The. Odor is repulsive to dogs and wolves and according to Morris it s 100 per cent effective. The rancher makes the anti Wolf application once a week. It was t reported How the sheep like it. Oklahoma City May 11 us two Oklahoma county convicts walked away from the state Pris on s trusty building at Mcalester last the Oklahoma Highway patrol reported today the two Are Benin Tholos Cross. 23, of Bethany and Charles bes Siepe to Tyjohn 22. Oklahoma City. They left the building outside the Walls Between 7 and 10 p. M. Cross was serving five years for burglary and Pettyjohn three year for. Burglary. A Kiowa county sheep producer gives his flock to keep the All in a lifetime origin of murder it hard naw naw Don t give it so much Ca As wait i wish i was an expert enough order to zoom by and just nudge bit have to Back. Up a Sall a new idea in Short courses on agricultural topics is scheduled May 23 at Oklahoma col lege. It will Deal with improving egg Quality through use of electricity. Featured lecture will be on automation in tomorrow s egg by Jim Bass of a fort Atkinson wis., poultry equip ment manufacturing firm topics to be covered include re search on e go Cooling and temperature control cleaning and candling equipment and new develop ments in the Quality egg Market . Prepares to open sixth series of nuclear tests atomic test site Nev. Can the United states and the free. World be defended with atomic weapons possible answers will be sought in a series of nuclear tests be ginning on this bomb scarred Des Ert site thursday. A predawn explosion of an atomic device atop a 700-foot steel Tower will Send the United states into its sixth series of Nevada nuclear tests. It will be the atomic Energy commission s 46th blast since it began experiments on the Nevada , 70 Miles Northwest of Las vegas Jan. 27, 1951. The dec announced the two fold purpose of this series of nine detonations running to sept. 1 is development of weapons for the military defense of the United states and the free world. To provide important data contributing to a sound and effective civil defense conjecture by experts is that this series of tests will involve atomic artillery shells and a Nti a aircraft rockets. Read the news want ads. 19. Sup pose 22. Alco Holic. Beve rag a 24. Poem. 26. Pack ing Box 27. Self inter ested people 28. Places again 30. Set in motion. 31. Pc ran. Chapter 32. River for Ion crans a Hel 331333 Gas ebb rag n thu an ebb an a aaa Asiaa sous Saai Huau 34. Fertile in deserts 37. Wicked 39. Narrow Roadway 41. Doctrine 42. Exclamation. Across 2. Aura silk suffering worm 5. Title of 3. Type respect Meta burrs 9. A layer of 4. The in skin known god 10.type of Cit hindu 12. Egyptian 5. Meager goddess 6. Electrified 13. Ridicule particle 14. Man s 7. Book of 15. Pale the Bible 16. Game of 8. Fencing Cradle swords h. I 9. Having1 17. Music indicators note 11. Indian is. Mottled 13. Forbids 20. Compass 15. Saga com Point is. A nut abbr 21. Exit 23. River it 25. Two spot card 26. Apple drink 29. A curium sym 30. Riding Academy 31. River 33. With running knot 35. Esker 36. Employ 33. Hail 39. Falsehood 40. Correct 42. Malt Kiln 43. Stand up 44. 45. Trees 46. Malt Down 1. Commune 5-u cation daily crypt quote Here s How to work it a l o n g f e l l o w one letter simply stands for another. In Sample a ii used for the three x for the two o s. Etc. Single letters apostrophes the length and formation of the words Are All hints. Each Day the code letters Are different. A cryptogram quotation a nov a vib dab m u Ami Inep n v a Babi Goa . Crypt quote people ask you for criticism but they Only want Praise maugham. Kif sya4ic4tu 16

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