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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1940, Page 1

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Ada, Oklahoma Tomorrow prime minister Chamberlain will no Orve la Lai a a a ,s7,, m of rent a it a Polo Ramanoff Hisae Kun Quot a a a a. A a on a. Ag., but a a a chary a i., a p., Winston weather fair sunday and monday colder monday. 37th year no. 3 the Ada evening news Dally february a a erase aet paid 6463 member audit Bureau of circulation school count implies gain in head count county and Ada show distinct increase in school census since 1930 Ada Oklahoma sunday March 17,1940 # a a j 28 pages including 8 pages comics Georgia governor drafts fight to oppose jail sentence expected from Federal Judie of i re in if Marti i a a la i _ a a _ <8n____� Venin z years a ways inter be tween each Federal census it is rather difficult for a City or county to know Wheth-1 ,�ulaw0n s increasing or decreasing during the in be Ueen years but a reasonably accurate tally is visually found in children count my of school records in the office of Ray i c Stegall county superintendent of schools Tell the Story of the ups and Downs in the enrolments of i the county a school systems Dur my the past ten years and May j possibly give some insertion of what the Region can expect from if Federal population census which begins Here on the first of april. I High Point of the schools during the decade was 1937. In tha year there were 13,152 White school children and 380 coloured in Pontotoc county. Of ?-95j of he White pud 1s and 167 of the coloured scholars were enrolled in Ada schools. Before and after 1937, the to a Snar a somewhat smaller. In 1930 there were 10.481 White and 315 color d pupils in the county with the figures in Ada being respectively 3.602 and 139. The next year 1931. Saw a decline in Ada but an increase for the county As a whole. The fibres showed 10.767 White and 339 coloured pupils in the entire county with Adas count being 3.521 and 137, a decrease of almost too from the preceding 1 year. 6 but by 1934. The loss had been wiped out Here. That year i there were 3.696 White and 153 coloured pupils in Ada. The county total being 10.994 and 318. There was a comparatively a Sharp jump upward in 1935. I i v a it a it a a Ada 3 897 and 177. The county i Vii no a Leif tas a whole 11.812 and 341. A min j Vii Vul 1936 foreshadowed the Peak t ii a St Ai a a year of 1937, when the school a Alffa fill Pangili census counted 12. 63 White up 1 Vii Madill Pils in the county and 338 coloured ones. Adas count being 3,957 and 167. Tiler five cents the copy off stage in courtroom drama arrest made at close of night session of Georgia state teacher convention reported i cars May use entire National guard to keep of Coin to prison in dramatic test of court authority j amps Kisr he be a s unsmiling and frankly nonplussed at his arrest in a rcom Lewalt ,ntempv0f f6deral court an offshoot of a Bri fight to big Way chairmanship conflict he drafted Cansis a aptly in the Stocky governors Lap. He won his con next fridly by promising to return to mashed contempt0 Why he she a d not be Punk Russia s Box score for 27 wars in Early easter preparations move faster local churches plan special services Lawton pageant to draw Many ass courtroom. Mrs tensely1 she a Stu Quot Sev As 3 Blue ribbon jury slowly filed relayed to her her hushanrtyj01 an collapsed when it was Kell let. Had Beer convected of Daze fighter Emesel killing of degree manslaughter for the a of or. Waller engelbert"70 consume Irish can see Only Green for St. Pat s Day no processions As army Busy training scene switched for thirsty Secretary. It twice before he had avoided appearing before Deaver As state counsel asked the Jurist to dismiss contempt citations against the governor and adjutant general John e. Stoddard. These citations came after Rivers and his troop chief defied Beaver is i injunction against the military i tit re ousted Road chairman u ller guardsmen still bar Miller from the Highway building. Rivers charged today the state s sovereignty was jeopardizes w in by Federal court invasion. Dublin March 16.�?upi 1 a be vowed to meet a squarely and Irish official8 can see nothing Earls sly an Issue he defined As but the Green of shamrocks and i Federal judiciary regulation of Victory in Finland ends the latest of 27 major wars fought by russians since Prince Oleg of Kiev marched Down the Steppes on constantinople in the year 907. Solid lines on map indicate predominance of victorious campaigns for russians while dotted lines show losses or As in Napoleonic War a draw. Current 14-week Campaign took Russia twice As Long to conquer Karelia is it did to seize the whole of Finland in 1808. On drills Fem test Palms for Ireland tomorrow despite the ancient superstition that her streets will run red with blood when St. Patrick a Day and presidential Okay for grandstand other improvement we due to begin so in for the first Ime in til to do upwards of n addition modernizing a Bere we be no processions or4 if necessary to prevent his going of College athletic Field t"8 rate is tomorrow Honor to rail. P has Gong or h s Patron Saint. The Farrell also wrote that a Dro a to finn ,�?~intlarmyi1s-t�0 bus with an Carnation extending Marti maw a $59,000 grandstand and nth a n a 0 lying program in into certain sections of Bibb was very Little be pure Oil no. J qu7nton"lit for cent apr it a Ament project tummies Quot a to or possible a Zeyen county particularly in areas ads being 13 0.2 the a. C w x 1-2 be of 28�. In bide tial i and for Het of amp la the. Macon Federal build lower Tulip Creek has Oil and Gas. Mclish Sand test anxiously awaited in the Marshall Cumberland area of was a slight decline Between 1937 and 1938, the latter years figures being 13.067 and 391 for the county and 4,328 and 137 for Ada. It will be noted Here that although the general total dropped the number of White pupils in Ada showed an increase Over 1937. In 1939. There change the totals and 404 for the county and 4, 363 and 223 for the City. The 1940 school census just j taken a Drill Stern test at a depth completed. Shows that there Are of 5.080 feet in thrower Tulip Congress Lyle Boren to i .2? Day officially has the found state fore internal political affairs of geor Gia. Farrell political writer of d a a maj Auu lie Atlanta Constitution in a i Palm sunday fall on the same a a Pyrig ted Story appearing in Thev Oil a the sunday Issue wrote that the. Bey said they were taking governor was prepared to use a Quot y the a a usual precaution a the full Force of the George against disorders. National guard All of its 300 of ily Vole race picks up Speed in finish drive two meetings on night before tuesday balloting issues begin to appear Siree surfacing program spreading out Over ily widening of Block on South Townsend to Aid parking near Church 103 a full i a hold Hott Ernecl at 5.---. A a Ludl work Atli have i a begin late this month Day and actual work will Robab Upland will be Able to a a drove the Shamrock in their an armed Encampment taking notice of add Rovai woe c a u land. Own a the appearance of a wartime a a a a a up Rva Java sent by j Tho join. A a. Tented fortress is expected to now 12.259 White and 438 col Creek formation. The Well flow or a Linscheid Roll a i been Bone %1ncps Filto 2zrrhed i i sad no Waer according to local whirl for a funds win i tilth Quot and Hose who wanted to drink a03ec�,,s expect the largest cont Nicito Otto rent food in it do to the Quot Bordet Tato u&Quot-4 1940. There Are 4,465 72�tsudenirtuhng%httc"d�ef Uwe text Havstad several a architect Albert Ross said Sal or a grow h of very Pearl 20 r s vol since the test it Al ten Day he expected work would per cent in the Fento a. Irom 4 0 12-4.981 feet. When it Bek a Cath or late this month or. If the same Nerp Pitvor. Of wed barrels of Oil in 14 in t in Noddle of april. The pro or Unia Datrick a Day eve growth is maintained in Adas nutes. Packer was set for the j00 must be sent from Wash j1 an appear americans for ulu lation to a u Eop m t r j Quot eth time a Drill Stem test Langton to the ate spa office i Lux moral supp Rte to a Send ails in Adas school Vonu Lattinn Quot Nee Phi Seal difficulties Oklahoma City before actual j dismemberment of Ireland _the940 of Ada tests Prev runner of the present Republic school Hera in Ioan a pro. Vitay t i death of 5 300 in and draining of the land sur Aulsa sons in Ireland Are Pruni a in. Here in 19? 3-741 in feet about 200 feet Woof than rounding the athletic Field and 0n sundays and closed in �5fj and. Special counsel. In re Repir Conri general land part Ira or the. Ulster so the Marat inn of Ala i will a x so the Quot migrations of the thirsty will be reversed this year. Prime minister Eamon de Val then will be exactly 13,502. I Penknife surgery proves failure Spokane wash., March 16., to it a an emergency operation i loved by citizens of Ireland to the whole of the National territory. He referred to the Long struggle of Ireland Eire to i corpor a. Al . The is counties of Northern hour. Gas was Quot estimated at a Fand wil1 contain a band Shell a a Quot a remains minion cubic feet enough for a 100-piece set of United kingdom. Band. Y Jam confident that this task will be wl11 be atom need. The new grandstand some pure Oil co. Reported it flow-1 r?di�?�11 in construction of cd after being open 50 minutes i be l-13 feet in on a Drdul Stem test at 4.995-5 104 i rows High and will feet and was let flow 27 min ? seating capacity of 2.000 Lutes at a rate of Fin barrel an i in a Ilion the grand the Wildcat was reported coring ahead. A South of Konawa was retorted the new grandstand will be i slut be completed As others erected on the East Side of the i chef cult have he t i i All re j j i. I Quin m n of a m a i _ a a upping up on Mulberry Street Macon late thursday night or Early Friday governor Rivers late today a be had a made no plans about procedure in Macon next Friday and will make none until a no Al with the attorney Gen j i a appear at the Macon apr a go to jail for you ii the Federal government is agreeable was tendered Rivers by his welfare director former representative Braswell Deen. At Macon the Georgia education today voted Down a motion to adjoin in Advance of the previously set closing hour As a protest against the arrest which came after the teachers had acclaimed Rivers the states a greatest Friend of the governor and mrs. Rivers a former teachers were made life members of the Gea. Fin hits Treth for the South Townsend Avenue hns it paved years Aso the now a of j. J tarted moving out in narrow hard surfacing was considered sufficient. But it Wasny to next sunday will be easter the earliest easter in a Quarter of a Century and one of the most promising in a Long time. Local churches Are already putting the finishing touches on their special easter services and local parishioners Are making their plans to be in Well dressed attendance. The easter pageant at Lawton will As always attract a Large number of Ada citizens to see the portrayal of the famous Christ la Quot picturing of the resurrection. The pagent at Sulphur sponsored by that City a Junior Cham a j Commerce has been cancelled this year because the attendance has become so heavy that accommodations Are insufficient to handle the crowds. How-gj0rj situation is being remedied and by 1941, the Sulphur Jaycees Promise a pageant More Beautiful than Ever and visible to the thousands who will attend. I each demands heard most obvious of the easter trends which have come to attention already is that the business indices of the nation show Market emphasis is shifting away from the demands of the european War Over to the quieter Usu ally past0l demands of peace the clothing Industry is due for a Good stiff shot in the Arm a shot Strong enough to have a coveted be efficient effect on the entire pattern of american Industry. A Duj perhaps even More import ant than this mercenary Benefit 1s. Be spiritual Benefit of new clothes and the general world wide Awakening of Spring. For indeed nothing is More psychically uplifting As the glorious raiment which will make its debut next sunday. Shopping quickens already the local shops Are feeling the pulse of the town grow quicker with the easter Parade just a Block or so Down the Street. And it is not an exclusively feminine Parade of course since the Winter worn in Sale As Well feels the urge to deck himself out in finery appropriate to the springtime. The egg Dye is being put out once again on the store counters and youngsters and their parents Are making great plans for the Gigantic boiling and painting scheduled to take place sometime the was that was predicted for it weeks ago and tuesday will see for Long candidates crossing the finish increase in use of automobiles nut la 1what.norder Only the resulted in Lack of parking space to to near the first methodist Church in re inc Rne Antime two Public at the Corner of fourteenth and x u next few Davs Al occasions have been announced Townsend and some years oct a Chi Rizir a closing Effort tothe Church made its first move to Sway the sentiment of Ada vol relieve this widening Pav to for the half blk cd adjoining monday night at convention the Church. Nail at 7 30 of clock there will Benow a further improvement is a pub Elf meeting at which All und a Way. As part of the Street is sj0r u three City com i or facing program which the Ada Sion offices have been invite j chamber of Commerce sponsored of to speak. Monday night a and the spa furnishes labor for mass meeting has been a noun More widening is under Way. Eed by local ministers for discus the entire West Side of present a d a a special statement. Performed with a Penknife in a was r a sorted that the Minton Struett me 1 i Lviv Tel v v desperate attempt to save the 1 Osborne no. I Barkus be Field a seating of Nail f life of Danny Noveh 7, proved in no new Section 10-5n-5e. Sem j proximately 4 too a 3p�?T futile today when the weakened of la 5fal is a g0od sawing the grandstand will contain youth died of a severe Throat a a Dohi of 2.532 feet ticket offices storage space and infection. A Quot a w to be put on pump Mon locker rooms age space and or. R. E. Stuard. City health i a Jyz a Perar reported 1.800 the project also Calls for the officer performed the operation i d in Tbs saturday \ construction of a native Stone by veting Vich Home opening the j Odood at 2 432 funft0n Lime sewer to provide adequate Boj s Throat and inserting a met. Paid. Drainage and Graveling of a a a1 tube to restore the child a n i a a i i w Roadway completely around the 11.015-ton norwegian Ameri breathing. Danny lived for eight1 enl a 1 a Gilmore new new Field. I a Bergen fiord from sail to Jirs. Quote 0l2d-5n-8e is to resume Drill under the improvement there because officials of the line the father r. D. Novich gave no monday after a shutdown of will be parking space for an a. Refused. To United states liner helped As u. J. Nail refused new York March 16. _ customs officials tonight halted missing lad found crying but Safe Walsenburg colo., March a git a two and a permission to perform the Oner three Days for pairing diesel timoted 1.200 automobiles action with the knife deciding Byars pres0nt grandstand which time was too Short to Send for re j Bool a the Patsy As a seating capacity of i 700 surgical instruments. Co no 2 James East offset we i have some additional Stair a i he discovery Well Nene be added according to present of Sec. 16-5n-3e. Mcclain county Pla Quot a. A v was drilling at 2.400 feet. The Simpson Roodhouse n o. I weather i Noo Anouse no 4 i James Nese be or 9-5-3. Drilled the project also Calls for mails abroad. Below night. The line rejected the mail consignment officials said because a x x a. E Selp would be sub a j German attack if she carried any cargo or other matter sub Lect to British contraband ,�?4.--- j seizure. Mail they said continued on Page 2. No. 8 1 subject to such seizure. Surface pipe saturday a two and a hah year ,zju0yunilsiing overni8ht in the 9�i a i Huerfano Canon country i Mafes Northeast of Here was found late today sitting on the Edge of a mud Hole. Dangling his feet in water and crying loudly. States Samul. A a Ander Mcgee i Sample jr., was found by two 171 Myers of a searching party. Except for painful sunburn and seve hunger Alex seemed to Nave suffered no serious harm trom his exposure of nearly 24 hours. The child was last seen yesterday afternoon playing near the ranch Home of his parents at Cedarwood was Sion of the sunday show question. M and tuesday night the Ada news will Deal out the reports from the 16 local precincts As rapidly As they can be assembled at the news office on North Broadway. Every Effort will be made to expedite the moving of reports and a Public address system will make it easy for the usual big crowd outside the office to hear the reports. Issues heretofore Little heard from cropped up the past week with incumbents defending their records in office and their opponents pushing their own capacities and some of them introducing attacks on the work of the men now in office. Warming up also to the arguments pro and con on the thrice Defeated sunday movie proposal voters Are now doing More talking and giving indications that if the weather does no to turn bad there will be a heavy vote cast by 7 M. Tuesday evening. Weather Outlook for the week Missouri Kansas Oklahoma Little precipitation throughout the week colder monday and tif3jn at end wee warmer wednesday and thursday mean ii Xci Udys. /\1 though no statistics Are at present available from the local Bunny Rabbit curb Exchange it is optimistically expected that the Supply will be sufficient to meet the demand. Liquor operations charged to Lawton judge Vaught Hopes a real parties to be found m. Side of the Block is being prepared for widening by eight feet of paving and the remaining South half of the East Side will be similarly treat a trl5 Street surfacing program j Oklahoma City March is going ahead on East tenth -1 ma7ch Street the Block on nineteenth Between Broadway and Townsend will get Rock Asphalt and Asphalt will be used on twentieth Between Townsend and Stockton avenues. Property owners of any Block can get hard surfaced Street by svi10? up the Cost of materials spa furnishing the labor. A Horace Mann and Roff bands place take part in band festival at Shawnee past week the Horace Mann High school band was rated in the first Divi Sion of class b at the band festival held this weekend at Shawnee Many bands from Over this Section of the state participated in the Shawnee event. The -.xxxovxaj, Ulean Orace Mann band was one of temperature will be generally i it musical organizations in class above 40 in Northern portion of District and above 50 in Southern part of District. Oklahoma fair sunday and. Monday colder monday. Dpi ill. I t Kansas a increasing cloudiness j i 131 6111 sujacoitefwtn1 ordered closed portions sunday afternoon Mon Day fair and colder a Arkansas a fair sunday and no lond of Serit a of Clamp monday cooler in West and Cen 1 an a a a eng floras near trial portions monday. J a bras issued in District court East Texas Fai r in Interior a l Day j sources partly Cloudy to Cloudy on the Newelt shutdown a Ltd Ireland proper i wearin o coast sunday and monday slight a f i Quot but Mley a tavern Northern Ireland or Ulster per esl2 tag Hwy a in j2ljv with toil-1389 a. D. And died in 463�?o Irish Point Way to worldwide Good feeling others share in St. Patrick s a a a Quot a is directed by Harlo e. Mccall music head at East Central state College. A a the a Quot Cert band division Roff won first place in class Ern marching Roff took another class e first. Austin Kidwell is director of the Roff band of Federal judge Edgar Vaught declared today a Large scale liquor operations Are earned on in Lawton and said he hoped an investigation would re veal the a real parties responsible. Judge Vaught made his observations after sentencing six Law ton defendants on liquor charges. All defendants were placed on probation except Melvin Davis who was sentenced to six months in jail and fined $100. Warning Edd Flowers negro put on probation to stay out of the whiskey business Vaught asserted a a i know How hard it is to stay out of it at Lawton. You have so much company Down there you May want to be with the after he had placed Ray Lawrence and his wife Mary negroes on probation Vaught commented a i Hope some investigation Down there will reveal the real parties responsible for these Law violations. Certainly there is somebody there who is handling this on a Large cooler in North ant West a of the City highway"19 i 3 tinted mothers a a Hurt Seaf waa bom urges. Ireland is divided Tate a when Ald his use of the Shamrock As an i eluding the it let a illustration of the Trisy led to amp Seel a it ,3&Quot? the hts beg regarded As the i ziment a a Al sen divided into j the worlds an irishman and a the Green. Is reatus anal Yeii Bufi we Here Haithem gr6at Day comes is 1 really drove the snakes out of Birdhouse contest shown in display visible evidence of the Way the housing situation is being i the Pessimist by Hob Bijou. this sore of thing ought to get a Quot riled for feathered Folk the nip n of x j a spa Roe Roamn a v tons monday. K fadl2ck order was the result of a won brows 4 fair Colleno Ann us West Texas increasing Cloud Quot . A a Ali at the Pace a few 5menors. Los a probably in Ireland is problematical7 a g i 7le a a lying ought a get Lea mered Folk the mess sunday. Monday partly no Riga heart for some of to this classification Breaks or t in no Bantam and his Wells heretic that he is More i a than it does. Maybe a recreation project Bird Cloudy in South portion and offenders was held Friday. Down under the annual or it of f name was Succart. At six there were no Hariw ays we could get the germans to by is est was demonstrated sat Clouds with intermittent rain had1 Yarl a 1>ckun injunction of St Patrick a Day when mrs loft "hfrk0 6�?T lie was carried to drive out Nakes singing the Marseillaise and the Day. On Jap first door of the had closed the pastime j Almeus. Y u Hen. Mrs Oft by Irish marauders and pass-1 so for about i san French to me out with deut Al or can building. Quot a a some two dozen of the St Rue Star c0, North to City past me cd i Ritter to i has sul is Missouri or a a a a a Dan Fng a the Sari Jar i Quot a a a a a stain flemish in a same Patnock has bean Strong a Quot of and Missouri a fair sunday and monday warmer Southeast and East Central sunday colder North monday y n get colder skates a Toyama do Over is a the b a 1 Kilia pay China policy. It wants keep i loves the place that a a at a boiling Point in the today is of my. J water he was ordained Deacon Quot at Hope that Well evaporate. Dedicated to irelnd Moron 1 returned Inland and ii Elands Patron began the conversion of Ulster. County Antrim. But finally he escaped to the North coast of Gaul and 14 years looked upon Quot As a the a a apostle of i a Nglodh iaasfd�?Teatodbh4rchh 17 Quot As Peen Umb la thus but the Irish have own awful mddemocj1 0"18 Jefferson by unselfish about their special a Side a democrats pointing with Day and by this time Era Cicai. Gide now and then to Abraham very race under the in-1 continued on Pae 2, no. 6 Tures were on exhibit during the Day and Drew a number of spectators most of the houses were built by Ada school age children. Native africans in Dahomey a French Colony twist their Finger Knuckles until they crack upon greeting a Friend. Newt Lark has moved to Arkansas to escape the dangers of drinking Frum fruit jars. Or. And mrs. Bud Tate whose marriage Wiz one of the fashionable events of last month re Busy dividing up the wedding presents

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