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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Ada, Oklahoma I France maintains its usual trends in these hard times Ora _ Nara to Mes por i onto dishes will no doubt soon be Dis Lavino a we a playing Honor of the. A . O foil "a, hot on generally a it i _ a a a. Generally fair sunday and monday somewhat cooler in Panhandle monday warmer sunday 37th year no. 86 the Ada evening news Ada Oklahoma sunday june 23, 1940 Dally May average feet paid cremation Mem Ber i audit Bureau of circulation Annial i Haiti a. A us 8 comics Price scents the top French Bow to hitlers puce demands food experts paint a traffic me a a it v a a Affa Quot a no and ?n5mhstr hot he Emen Pesu or. Linscheid to address Ozark Bible conference after Bitsy commencement season he has important a dates set miss summer solstice is now resident arrives saturday and settles Here until september us or Arrhues in Ada Sai ii Raj. La was he f St official Aii year though she hid after a Brief recess from sojourned Here nog speaking to High school seniors in it Oklahoma or. A. Linscheid present of East Central state col 35 training in bask industries to be available Here Federal government through East Central teaches vocational work Churchill asks Aid of free frenchmen in continuing War my nth at f a Dill Len griet and amaze appealed to j f acceptance of German armistice terms it r. F h frenchmen wherever they May be to i Fri ight against Dernlan Vas the Only Hope of finances eventual restoration to Liberty declaring that the British gov it Ern ment could not feel that a British air men smash at Germany Congress to Call Hall for week s rest billion Dollar Bill vanquished claim German terms Are not dishonourable a sect Mal a a Independent and constitutional French government could have submitted to the German armistice Churchill appealed to frenchmen Over the Heads of the main government a to Aid to the utmost of their strength the forces of liberation which Are enormous and which faithfully and resolutely used will assuredly despite the action of the Bordeaux government he said a victorious Britain will a cherish the cause of the French people a and pointed out to them that a Brit mvut0ry was a the Only possible Hope for the restoration of people6�?�and the Freedom of its Britain grieved fun Grill Quot a a a _ % the associated press four billion appropriation France capitulated saturday night to Germany s Arm. Sent to White House j Bee demands and agreed to the hitter peace Teras but a to stsltod2srish the cause of the French the terms of the grim document which wet eved French compte Quot orests Fere lot Joss. Of honorable a that so Ern ment described them As a hard but St a la a by a Quot it a a a a a a a Ranee Pound armament works. Plane factories air bases raid far As Berlin Washington june 22.�?cp Congress quit tonight for a the is Cess after Anding to Fox House a billion Dollar Tex Bill and Over $4,000,000,000 of appropriations legislation. For non so to Tenn of a a noes came i a Juno rape Quot that if they i t Hen housetdopted0 to Rote Quot i we uld have acted a hem. Tion which closed a ten hour Dav for the legislators and recessed Congress until july i. Acting swiftly on one it in aft a th-5 Senate Ari House sent to president Roosevelt a score of Bills during the Day including a $1,768,913,908 emergency defense measure and the annual appropriations foe i Lief the Jabor department and the a Quot a a a Iscis jugs Baric. Rat f Nii Lugn existing col Deaux. Day evening. June 25. Or. Lin i ? Yas heartily cursed eve i legs and schools the Vurnol a Thev p3n t i r a a i is Stuz s a ssaj1 a a is As Jacw a k. Is on june i. Or. Two a who have Only . This is to assure that there will men 5�?Tf�vs n Rhth or a a during last. Ern ment agencies to enter into nights far ranging Aerial raids i contracts totalling almost Nore by ministry denounced to or ,000.000.000 Jan hour and a half British action ted Toimi Anh has Mel de Sway at i an interlude for the r,1ub i Quot these and other objectives in National convention Germany and the Netherlands monday at Philadelphia and touching off numerous explosions ret vital appropriation Wippl a c it whue nazi stickers enacted into a i tests were carrying out their third new fiscal year St its on eels poss.e8sed a on june l or liner Noirl regt who ave Only this is to assure that Thor a Iii ment wifi morn a a a 20 Menc Quot Stow is Shah he men i of skid Crete dependence the Quot nether and ement addresses which were Dis turned re a industries of the country authority. Weiseler aircraft works the Roth-1 non Sjef Senate House com trint a Over i. -i-e.-Dlrl. I a a use it becomes n i a such terms if Coburg Ai drome and air bases est1?.�2_the. Tax defers j of men nun major raid of the week on England. 5 the nazi held Wille Soord base in the Netherlands the july i. Relief Bill passed in addition to giving Quick approval to Senate House com were q1s_ Turner. 111 Aai purines of the Countis aut Nonty. A re Seier aircraft works the Roth non Mio do a noise com tribute widely Over this state. In it we run of. In Case it becomes necessary to a such terms if a rented Kern in g Ai cirome and air bases Bills Tho of acid defense these addresses he defended a i Quot ething in the air. Call men to the colors for the de frenchmen would Nian a i Assel and North of Hamburg a branches of con Erica principles in a Bat in i a Huw a we Cong committee lense of the nation against a i France but the Frith a y i were among objective offer i and sent al0 to son of american for Bas is Tontalo cession from abroad. Quot ent Teefy at the mercy and a a f a on a a Utasi Vijh Compromise the High school seniors. High f a Omri bite a gtd of v instruction non miliary Power of the German and Ita Ian i oter a diary establishments j Bill ski a App Patlon a a everything. Quot j up tents. Young men aged 13 or Over dictators. Quot and Vujan in a North sea attack the air As finally pass a the a 3ritish recon Bill was Shorny of i Sena a a tart Sank a Large r approved proposal for a War Van she fits top it carries pro is Bofto several hits were reported on increase the National j fire e factory buildings of the from $45,000,9 to $49 of Quot Ruinn Arni Ira re finn Ann. Flu k ass or Ais ii. No 121 Quot i hse Fias amp pfc Strong session class room reports would Uio Balv rpm Fin Hil f.2el Metal Wilding i Only would the soil of Frank Kosev Demeanour on the Caput and use of Tho i _ a a. Or the Library the Doc Tor commented further. One of the busiest citizens in Ukia homa in the business of fur therm of a miss solstice stated that she is thee?1 aut0 Mechan to work against their Alii j not in my apply ship would prob Abl remain Here in Blacksmith a. Work. W idling 1 Only would the soil of France be of ,1 hits were reported on til late september Tern and forging Pat used with the approval of the ? factory but it dings of the a Acab met making. Bordeaux government Asti App group at Essen. Direct a in i. Were said to have wrecked Civ a i i i i r j a ,000, her plans in the interim she pc by Neil a Keg Bordeaux government As the. 4upp gr0up at Essen direct 000,000 lower re Derso be me said. Are indefinite. She refused others to Hiya a i perhaps of attacking their allies. A wer a Sai to wrecked exemptions increases the to answer any More questions later. Hut the whole resources of the Flat supp Yand Muchion trains dumber of individual to Ltd a and in a a it ordered a Short e. Has in of neuf these Coure French Empire and the French tween �8nabruck and Bremen is by an estimated 2010 000 1 whatever on the Navy would speedily pass intone and Quot ear the in of Rhein. I imposes increased taxes on the 31 Nee s status with room in i Hance it 1, i. Violent Penl Neift. A i Torbe Iii of Young Citi Zens for functioning in a democracy is the president of the Cal College. He drives far and near to address any kind of an organization that invites him of course he has no other eng Ament for the period. The 20 commencement and baccalaureate addresses delivered Between april 25 and june i earned the College president Over thousands of Miles of okla homa territory. A Peculiar thing and had just ordered a Short a d/iyl0vnese Cours a renin Empire and the French ta.,w? j it whatever on the Navy would speedily pass into the any. Quot ear be town of Rhein. Imposes increased taxes on the jul main trainees status with referent in i hands of Thor a violent explosions followed i Ater tickets Cigar ets who Kev considered it hits on the Fokke Wulf Sasone and numerous other candidates therm education Bejou tote to a fan when v late or the a would speedily pass info Thea a 1eai my development of Young Citi tic delegation departed some the army Phlp reference to i baids of the adversary for the Zens for functioning in a demo what heatedly. Military be c1 and not full lament of his purpose. V k on the Cracy is the president of the real a inc a government confident p a Bremen the air ministry College. He drives far leap , free i a this majesty a government sad this no Barre Lur firmly believe that whatever ban be Salvo of bombs was re in ?strucx10ru and there will peas they will be Abe to Ca re ported to have a completely that a fee h to necessary it a 0n the War wherever it May be or Ukeda a train at Furstenau Iez. Be graduates of col on the seas in the air and inn Northwest of Rhein. In and re ?rs1tifs�?T.nor enry red land to a successful conclusion Farber the air ministry an afo Foj Schoy -. Ork will begin a when great Britain is via a punched that Royal air Force the Var y after july 1 Tor Ous so ? will in spite of the p a a raided Berlin the Ger the forc a a a a a action of the Bordeaux govern d the raid which they ten Walt of a verse wu1 continue ment cherish the cause of the described As the first of the War in j j a trainee will French people and a British vie caused no Materia damage. The Couin or i Wuy on the one Lory is the Only possible hoop for British previously reported a raid trains. Be Enrols for the restoration of France and the on German capital training. It is apparent that he Freedom of ---1_ tic British officials said the Ger Bootlegger after Gyp Moonshiner claims he was Short measured on Moonshine contest for attorney is still guess four Man race now appears to be in Uncertain stage by politic from the time he emerged As something of a dark horse candidate two years ago to win his or a a county attorney Carloss wad Lugton has been something a Puzzle to political observers. He remains so in the current Campaign with a Veteran and two political youngsters pitted against i h1/1? a the race for the office which might Well be considered the most important of those in the county. Brusque mannered Moody and never a natural hand Shaker wad Lugton seems to be violating u rides be politicians the and getting away not that his nomination and re election Are a certainty. With the nightly political speaking meaning Little More than an Opportunity for voters to get together and discuss the european situation it is difficult to catch the trend of the Campaign but wad Lugton can certainly be considered one of the leading work is members and students on the the Georgia Moonshiner who Campus Seldom miss him from his i Short measured him on 40 5-Gal-y a extensive lecture iou cans of purported Georgia Proton is carried on they re Moonshine whisky. Hoof. My the cd Bege presi i Federal alcohol unit Di-1 College. �?~�?~accovinav111 us coif of Quot a t0 spend him Rector Joe Rollins said the Boot he intensive course will be Ltd in Rover Menf ii Nia Jestyn a self completely for the Sake of Legger complained to Federal july i and close not later than French Man u upon a11 his county and its theory of Edu Arents that he paid $250 for the i september to. The trainee is sex be to Aid they May Cating us youth. Whisky after being allowed to i it acted to put All of his Tim in strength the utmost of thei the address at Eureka Springs Nake the a taste test of thrust Tbs work. A which Are in orces 0 liberation tuesday is one of the Nav on. My a finder int Yoeh no i competent instructors faithfully and0n?esuosluted�?T will accent our i a a y used products. The income changes will cover 1940 incomes payable on March 15, 1941. The Exve in is 0me effective Imrie lately the president signs the legislation. Funds for army Navy the $1,768,913,908 a gency defense appropriation was the latest of president Roosevelt a recommended defense expenditures. The bulk of the fund will twuus9d for Jarmy planes tanks guns and other munitions a Quot a lip for Navy . In his Campaign he has Well defined the duties of the office As 1. Advice other county offi dais 2. Prosecute criminal cases and 3. Represent the county in civil actions. He pounces quickly on that thud item to Point to his record a Vil actions including a $3,-000 judgment against the Bonds haa11-0 rss gamer a $23,-000 judgment against the Board Conenna Corpany 3nd 3 Pendeg $80,000 suit against the Bondsmen of Tommy Ford former continued on Page 2 no. 2 i a Argentina june 22 it j the discovery of Contra-1 band munitions in camouflaged Truit cases in route to Uruguay from the North was reported re-1 Hably tonight from the federa Tion department a Border area. I i i ,. V Quot a a a Cwi of pings u1c Idle Lesi tuesday is one of the Many a is a linger into each Point men to or. Linscheid will fill sampling the contents through this summer. He appears later the Bootlegger said he before Church groups civic or-1 in und that the Moonshiner had a animations educational Confer soldered a pint Container inside fences Chambers of Commerce i be to Nib of each 5-gallon can and Many other Public gatherings and filled it with whisky. The each year. Remainder of the can was filled with Creek water. Coal county and Coalgate gaining population up Okmulgee Lincoln counties drop Tulsa june 22.�? i Coal county gained and Okmulgee and Oki a unit a j Lincoln counties lost population generally fair i rom 1930 to 1940. Figures an is Foy in my nday somewhat us de Toda it of census director -,.m 1 Panhandle monday a a Siegenthaler Shower. and ext refine i Coal county had 11,521 in 1930 partly Cloudy sunday 55? �?33738 and werrl10351 and cooler North 9�algate, Coal county seat est portions in afternoon Mon loaded from 2.064 to 2,114. In Thanh j Cloudy scattered Lincoln county. Davenport Drod my a a or East it la is. Ped from 1.072 to 97p Kansas inn p. Gamed from 1.299 to 1,417. Ind parti and moan uis from 894 vat Texas partly Cloudy to Covington files bankruptcy plea British freighters off with munitions Bayonne n. A. June 22.-i a three British freighters heavily Laden with munitions shipped out to sea tonight after three Days of feverish loading at the Bayonne port terminal. I. During the stay Crew members i As Lonec id longshoremen work i �?~t0 paper. While weather i i i i no intended for defense purposes at geared in other Outing Supply the Senate completed co Lares =s,&4 a a a Anc us re a 0u, a a a i Quot c n. 3 an advisory to 1/016 to gom ians Joah .5ma City june 22.�? before Tutto houses recess lne Bay pne port Termina is eni air w1,1pe set a up to Vun up the town of Covington Gar de they eni to the whue be during the so. Crew member wait Ossa i in u. Sakr iraqis a Jay i1 a a of Quot a a a of a a its Jaross a a piss jobs a a ass a a a Quot is or Quot work perhaps s me additional Frontier june 22. To Quot is also included in the measure work later on. A. Foo usand desert Tough petition listed a total of in in no under Federal regulation there r lighting men of the French 23,242 i outstanding Bonds must be not less than 12 nor -w1? their backs to the with $.22�?T242 of this amount held More than 20 students in each Tain a eld two in ing fund leaving $101, course. Young men interested i Aga it h today for the fifth Day a a in net outstanding Bonds. Should communicate immediately i to Henrian assault. A Covington is unable to meet with the College either be letter Fritch frown re of it other us debts As they develop ants or Telephone giving their name rounded Thev Fnu to lately sure 1 h,0liy insolvent a a the petition age residence number and two a bean fought on a8 a stated. Citizens As character references fighting is the t8 u s e i jul la Parker Oklahoma City i since the maximum number to legion tradition of the Bas been named representative of be instructed in any course is 20, the fort what a the bondholders. Jas Sarc Jug s a a Phil re sri r-5ir�2 # actual fighting in the once Lovely cities and Countryside of r Ranee continued on its weary course and will not cease until six hours after the French have concluded an armistice with Italy Germany a so newly belligerent ally the French delegates flew to Italy to hasten this consummation. Fighting continues the French government declared that the fighting was not in vain As it had enabled France to hold out for a a a soldiers a peace a with Germany. Marshal Hemy Philippe Petain the Premier who requested that peace got a vote of Confidence trom the French Senate. Prances ally. Great Britain gave proof of her determination a u 0n a one and unconquered by announcing heavy anal attacks on Germany a great j up armament works at Essen and on air plane factories and storage plants at Bremen Kassel Ruthenburg and gotten Gen la Duce now holds key actual combat Between the germans and the French is not to end until six hours after the r Rench sign an armistice with i Jyz a so newly belligerent ally of Germany. Basten that consummation the i Rench plenipotentiaries flew immediately toward Italy for a conference with Premier Mussolini. Raly took a More Active part the War yesterday by sending four Waves of bombing planes against the British naval base at Alexandria. Egypt and also bombing Jib uti French Samoli and. Damage was described As slight. Both French and British Fleet units fought Back. The French humiliation before the Power of Adolf Hitler was sealed in the same old comping be Woods where Germany the loser then yielded to Frances mar Shal Foch on nov. La 1919. The historic moment of this new armistice was put at 6 50 p. M. 10.50 a. In. Cost. Signer for Germany was Gen Wilhelm Keitel chief of toe nazi High command and for France general Charles Huntziker. Hitler not present one of the French wept. Adolf Hitler himself was not there. He had met the French on Fri Rye the cd railway car of. Arnbal Foch where the germans signed a losers peace in the last War to Tell them of his demands. Then he left. General Keitel spoke briefly in l j0 i a the French dead and asked All of the negotiators to Rise Faller?160 or those who bad then in marshal Foch sold i Asble Ned car the pens were put carriages aboard the Dalcross Pacific shipper and Araca Taca. Coast guards police and Pri-ajs2�yln� used a top treasure vate detectives stood guard Sec total of j was $20,000,000 to increase the i Recy surrounded the source of j0&Quot-- Quot continued on Page 2. Nett j of freighter a destination Fate of As less announcement of the extent of the French surrender i its details awaited the conclusion of the capitulation to Mussolin is Trueh seemed certain my Supply munitions that France has been com pelted to Promise a Complete Hal continued on Page 2. No. 8 French Fleet looms vital than colonies Einlein to Bol u. 5. Citizenship ,. Luse across the outstanding Bond have or Simpson Swiss Towry a usual la Sleeny a refunding plan and requested of the Frances overseas Call the t a peasant Folk the court to set time for hearing it Empire 18 of greater concern to a the Iov Tii nnnnair0s Joyeux within 90 Days. G be Large than even the me Joyful ones and keen a Fate of her Fleet now reported in Fri fill Urov a for eff Ortr nov Quot seas in Enace fo1 England deadly added Jan reach while Britain still nil Noire is of Are a the seas nor Shou d it be f fn4u a i a.1. I i a. A alg amp Rte a a a a it i for five drover the nex with St 2vt reign Sim Trenton. N. A. June 22., Mont Moin a is e veral Petlo a the among world no St kit to British hands. There Are definite limitations upon usefulness to the British of the French fleets fourth in size among world navies. Lacking the India ctr a.1__i____, a. In British hands the French i ton the �?oj01"� 11 be for Fleet is of less value Whilo no. F in dark hour b Viding Crews either of British u.�r6 fance Rea it bed the end j sailors or French Volunta ors to her end Jan and sought in a Man the ships would be easy i Ain proffered her fun British Industry is not geared to a Ythi a economic Union. French Navai specific hons any that loan e to it More than is German or thai Ion i i ii Lar be and great Britai keeping the French ships in z r n0o longer be two but or unit toned would be a terrific Rar cd British Union a said the Bej Jerric British proposed and French a Cloud vq., to Winn a 11 Maana Aloert Einstein advanced Ine North which Fel Colt Myrv s�?~p7r"�?~mond�aye partly Duke of Windsor America a Colfi Zjr a a be commander a. Quot exp Quot wouldst Bema terrific a a British Rifon Loudy u us thunderstorms South i Essen. Route Here from Barcel i a his final examination of Pont arlier received a Telon Hnyp Cen Annua in for the remaining he vow f fighting Force Job for British Industry British proposed and is a a a. Guss a suss astr amp a a a Asj tizi a a a a. North partly Cloudy South and Why the ambassador sir Sam i �?o4, Nimg colors a a 11 Irvn East Central portions continued . Quot ill not be the Duke s i e Momu a there is Juv a a to Wujs by to a sit the pa5ea a to ,"s3l a Quot it Glaub pair Quot a Freb a Day the Tulsa world ssh of s so Jyz. It u1 ammunition for its guns and spare parts for rr50mp ated mechanisms. Ai Unsay Par Tiv a Cloudy scattered thundershowers there is hardly room and somewhat cooler North and ambassador a a residence. West Central portions except Vi-1 entity of St. Louis. A j i Evans or amount in whales Are tested Ada new classified ads under water have political Liberty. Whales Are unable to breathe a a. Around the bulge Garreis is ois is Russ in. A i Ursuy Ana keeping a Srita inv Eta at Quot a ution of the uni maximum War Effe Vivenes to pr�9de for joint organs s to okla i a ass is so soft a sub. % a a or a res daily the its unit Nail so cd French Nava it engines and the thou a 1 Luiere was More of it to uni a was Long As i have and Choice a forts wel1 stocked with u Tulsa june 22.-lf okla Ain Voglr hat Brit Instein said in a radio broadcast Jed pres and ammunition Blok homa crude Oil production in that Kwh it defeat was her the examiner ii he Way of German troops at a creased 12,675 barred Dahl Thiu the the French Fleet a a at me Only stay Mac Norv when i the a a ,w6ek a i anal �?~hpusand7of"�?~spss the a a a a of it to in have political Are a Quot a the bulge Iba a Day the Tulsa world Ilion ii would of Alonfo Tefo Ger battleship v. A Man hands. Give the l be Ada news classified Torres a Day. Machines on a battleship differ from British German or italian specifications for like units. But Frances orphaned overseas colonies and possessions Are a a i i in Audru share All costs of War rehab lit Tion and presumably weave in a single nation the whole a world fabric of French and 3ri Luse of French naval apparatus to i definite a St Quot Cej Peg

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