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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ada, Oklahoma Page fourth Ada evening news Ada Oklahoma wednesday june 23, 1920. The Ada evening news j organization of which is now in Progress in Ada f by the news publishing and printing co. J j Ada Oklahoma Marvin Brown president and edit i j Luther Harrison associate de to entered at the Post office at Ada Oklahoma As second class mail matter j a published daily except sunday terms of subscription 15c by Carrier per week 50c by Carrier per month 50c by mail per month-------------------�?--------jit"___$5.00 member of associated press Quot a vast Swiss ass or or an news ump published herein. Presidential primaries what for a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a scout is trustworthy a scout s Honor is to be trusted. If he were to violate his Honor by telling a lie or by cheating or by not doing exactly a Given task when trusted on his Honor he May be directed to hand Over his scout badge. A scout is cheerful he smiles whenever he can. His obedience to orders is prompt and cheery. He never shirks nor grumbles at hardships. A a a a a a a a a a a a a scout is Loyal he is Loyal to All whom loyalty is due his scout Leader his Home and parents and country. Several groups of states recently went through the fire and Tow of presidential primary elections. Headquarters were opened in various cities. Pages of political appeals decked the country a leading dailies. Spell binders appeared in pub-1 lie Halls and on Street Corners singing the Praise of Fanon e candidates. Bill boards and Telephone poles were covered a with the highly developed lithographs of various friends of a the people. ,.a millions of Money was collected from interested parties j j and spent to Advance the interests of presidential aspirants. So lavish were Campaign funds in their totals that the Sena e was forced to make an investigation of political profligacy. Millions of voters cast their ballots in the wild hallucination that they were helping name the next president of the brute states. Delegates with swollen press were found at the doorway of a National convention and by the Force of Public opinion were compelled to disgorge. A then a National convention met and named for president a Man who never figured in a primary outside his own state All the excitement and agony and sweat and grime and har labor of the primaries were cast aside and an unknown Man a from a strategic state was told to Lead his party in the open a ing Campaign. The springtime primaries had More influx ence on the course of the convention than an egyptian Mummy a a scout is helpful he must be prepared at any time to save life help injured persons and share the Home duties. He must do at least one Good turn to somebody every Day. A scout is Thrifty he does not wantonly destroy property. H e works faithfully wastes nothing and makes the Best use of his opportunities. He saves his Money so that he May pay his own Way. Be generous to those in need and helpful to worthy objects. He May work for pay but must not receive tips for courtesies or Good turns. A scout is Friendly he is a Friend to All and a brother to every other scout. A scout is courteous he is polite to All especially to women children old people and the weak and helpless. He must not take pay for being helpful or courteous. A scout is Brave he has the courage to face danger in spite of fear and has to stand up for the right against the coaxing of friends or the jeers or threats of enemies and defeat does not Down him. A scout is kind he is a Friend to animals. He will not kill nor Hurt any living creature needlessly but will strive to save and protect All harmless life. A scout is clean he keeps clean in body and thought stands for clean speech clean sport clean habits and travels with a clean crowd. A scout is obedient he obeys his parents scoutmaster patrol Leader and All other duly constituted authorities. A scout is reverent he is reverent toward god. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the conviction of others in matters of custom and religion. Sims h. H. Hickey continued from Page i pit has on a column of vital statistics. Another great convention is even now convening. Many names will be presented to that convention. Many reasons will be advanced Why a certain candidate should receive his party a nomination. But the vote he polled in the presidential primaries will not be mentioned. It is doubtful if an Man who figured in one of these primaries will finally be chosen someone whose name never appeared on a primary ballot will than like a become the Standard bearer of his party More than liken become uie manual a the two thirds necessary to Nomi hence the Auery Why a presidential primary. Me presen Nate and in he Ever reaches that primary system is a meaningless farce we should have a National mandatory primary or we should destroy the piece in a egg t0 be a political impossibility. Ridiculous system Root and Branch. I it the Mcadoo ultimatum in �?�?�?0. Error Cox of Ohio than for Palmer a Whit of Roderick then a or any of the other candidates where was Nuur Iyrel Ahdi. Cox in the strongest position there is hardly an anti Gore Man in Oklahoma who win today of All those mentioned for not concede that Gore is one of the most eloquent men in the the nomination of o country. As a campaigner he has few equals in any state. The big argument in his favor is but there is not a Loyal oklahoman who did not regret that the democrats cannot Hope to Cut Lii i a a to j a a a i win without carrying Ohio and that during the Days of War that Gore Wras not employ my is e republicans having nominated All Street Corners will be named free of Cost to City Railroad strike still spreading on the Midnight shift last night and that conditions gradually were approaching Normal although the tiv Inmom a v att movement of freight Ivan still More meeting called or less seriously affected. Strike leaders denied any break ii their ranks and said they were gaining accessions daily and predicted a general walkout in the Philadelphia District Friday. Vacation lists Quot As the strikers term themselves today issued a Call for a mass meeting Friday night. The purpose it is explained is to Lay before the Public the True Side of the present Railroad situation and just what Means have been employed to bring the present controversy to a successful conclusion. Philadelphia june 23.�?improvement in the Yard men a strike situation was reported today by both the Pennsylvania and the Reading Railroad. Officials said a number of men returned to work Chicago june 23�?the Railroad strikes which have broken out in a half dozen or More cities in the past week spread to Savannah ills., today when freight Crews from practically every line of this City walked out. The situation elsewhere in the Central Standb showed improvement according to reports to the brotherhood of railway train men officials Here. John Gronau. President of the Chicago Tard mensa association and Harold Reading president of Ibe United engine men a association the two organizations of a Railroad a Aall Anicita 9 9 a f a a a it a Man i atom a in a a a a a a a a a a a a a a i a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a theatre theatre William Fox presents an All Star cast Quot the she Tiger 99 a thrilling drama of the mexican Border. Every scene packed with sensation. Mexican raid on an american town pictured with startling realism. Also showing Fox news . 54 Chi coming thursday and Friday Tom mix the daredevil of the screen the Speed maniac the Why and the wherefore everybody knows that volume and Cash buying and Pash Selling is our Success. People realize that our system is right. They know they can save Money on every Purchase. They know we carry the popular priced Mdse for the masses. More $3.50, $3.00 and $2.50 Sample shirts at each $1.98 every shoe in our House shows you a saving of to per cent. Ladies chocolate and Black Vici kid colonials Beautiful buckle High heels All sizes Worth $8.50, our Price per pair $6.39 boys Manish gun Metal oxfords just like dads Worth $5.00, our june Price per pair________________________________$3.3 a White shoes galore at per pair $1.75, $1.98, $2.98 and $3.25 an Ohio Man Cox is the Only Democrat who has even a fighting Chance of carrying the state against him. It is said that palmers popularity with the members of the National committee of which he is one is of great advantage to him Quence in developing the War spirit of the nation. There is not a War speaker in Oklahoma who did not regret that Gore failed to participate As a speaker in every War drive. There is not a Man in Oklahoma today who managed a a a Mere is not a a of that sounds Well but presidential Liberty r6nd Campaign that does not regret the absence or Nora nations Are not a matter of Gore from the platform when those campaigns were under friendships. Way. There is not a Man who managed a red Cross drive that does not regret Gores silence when Money and members were being sought for the red Mac Csc skin. A n., than any other Man in the party we doubt if there is a single soul in Oklahoma who can of a. O. U. W. Lodge . 40. Meets every thursday night. Visiting members Welcome. J. W. Gay m. W. E. C. Lee financier. The City has Long been in need of More Street name posts for the convenience of the Public in general. Strangers and Home folks As Well find difficulty Many times in locating certain addresses. To eliminate this the commissioner of Public works or. Smith has Given or. S. Earle local sign Painter authority to paint posts and signs for the purpose. The posts will be made of Wood 4�?Tx4�?Txl0�?T. At the top of each Post will be placed a sign. Half of the sign will be Given to the Street name and the lower half will be Given to local advertisers. The sign boards will be l�?Tx2�?T giving ample space for Street name at the top. Two of these posts will be placed at each Street intersection one will Bear the name of the Avenue the other the Street. Some 700 or 800 posts will be needed for the purpose. Or. Earle states that every Street Corner in the corporate limits will Toje properly named by october 1st. The advertisement for the posts has already been subscribed by the leading business firms of the town. What the members of the National committee As Well As All of the other party leaders want is to win and the feeling is growing fast that Cox possesses More elements of strength As a candidate recall a single speech that Gore made during the War for the Liberty Loans the red Cross the salvation army or for the army and nary. Gore is very eloquent and very loquacious today. But during the Days of peril he maintained the silence of the damned. Of another thing that got lost in the shuffle at Chicago was the Mantle of Theodore Roosevelt. Marriage License. J. B. Cragin 22, Ada and Millie Jennings 19, Ada. -0 our idea of maudlin sympathy is for an american to shed tears of sorrow because the japs Are shooting bolsheviks in Siberia. Of Butler says that Wood was backed by Crooks and Wood says that Butler is a Fakir and a liar. A behold How Good and pleasant for Brethren to dwell together in $100,000 to loan on Good farms. While most All other companies Are out of Money we still hav plenty to loan. See us at once for there is absolutely amp Carpenter phone 502, Ada okla. 6-23-tf Hospital notes Phil Wimbley was operated on last saturday for appendicitis and was reported doing Well at the last report. We have said it before but maybe you will permit us to say it again matter who is elected senator from Oklahoma you will have your own living to make just the same. Of we put Faith in the assertion of a Coal county paper that Jake Hamon bought the Republican party in Oklahoma and sold it in Chicago. We done to believe Jake would take anything for his party. Of a a Ruben Geers says that Gore is going to sweep Johnson county like a Prairie fire. If you done to know who a Rube is he is the Tishomingo journalist who two years ago said that Bill Alexander was going to sweep Oklahoma like a Prairie fire. The Small son of Earle chamber lain was operated on yesterday morning for tonsillitis. Mrs. R. R. Robinson is reported considerably improved. ? mrs. Willie Haynes was recently operated on for appendicitis and j is doing nicely. Mrs. W. A. Henry of Chattanooga tenn., who is visiting mrs. T. H. Wyatt was operated on yesterday and is doing nicely today. $100,000 to loan on Good farms. While most All other companies Are out of Money we still have plenty to loan. See us at once for there is absolutely amp Carpenter phone 502, Ada okla. 6-23-tf i a a when eyes Are right they will never ache or smart. Cold winds will not cause them to water and Reading will not cause weariness of the eyes. But when they Are wrong a trouble begins. At first it is Only a sensation of tiredness after work. After a time your eyes will ache or smart occasionally. Then you probably will have a unaccounted for a headaches. There is Only one real remedy a glasses. At the first indication of trouble Call and let us make a scientific examination of your eyes. Coon jeweler and optometrist Ada okla. Make our store your Headquarters while in Ada. I i i a Why pay Mouet a a _ a a lace specials Loc and 15c Yard one lot filet edges i to 2 inches wide an extra value for______________10c Yard one lot of pure Linen and Cotton Cluny laces 1-2 to i Inch wide special value at only__________________________15c Yard specials in Glove Section one lot Long White silk gloves 12 Button length double Finger tips White Only special at--------$2.00 one lot Long White silk gloves 16 Button length White and Champagne Only special at______________$2.50 special values in stationery new lot of Fine stationery in White and assorted tints very special values at per box_________________________35c to $2.50 see window display. Established 1903 i Cimpson a ll5-Iit West main St. A a a a a a a a a a a a a i a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a $ a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a i

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