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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ada, Oklahoma Mary Richford in a the Little Princess at the Liberty today in connection with the Henry Roquemore show Don t fail to see it a progressive Piper in a progressive City Wyt Goa a Bentnra service to the Public % our Paramount object a volume xvii. Number 87 Ada Oklahoma wednesday june 23, 1920. Five cents the cop boy scout drive on Frida y Siri i. By news writer thinks Mcadoo withdrawal is sincere Wilsons humiliated if nominated. By h. N. Rackey. San Francisco june 22.�?the self elimination of Mcadoo from the contest for the democratic presidential nomination has created a situation of uncertainty More marked if possible than existed at Chicago a week before the opening of the convention. There Are those who still consider Mcadoo a candidate and read into his statement counting himself out a political trick to bring about his nomination As one drafted for service against his own protest. I hav amp no quarrel with those who hold to this View but i think they Are mistaken. Rickey lunched with Mcadoo about two months ago i lunched with Mcadoo in new York and we spent about two hours discussing the political situation in All of its aspects particularly with reference to the democratic nomination. While i am not at Liberty to quote anything that Mcadoo said on that occasion i feel that it is no violation of Confidence to say that his statement declaring himself out of the contest for the nomination was no Surprise to me and that i have no doubt whatever that he Means exactly what he says. Being As he is a human being with big ambitions Mcadoo would of course Lik to be president of the u. S. But he is too old at the political game and has far too keen a sense of Public sentiment not to know that even if he could get the nomination the a Crown Prince Issue would be fatal. My a Doc a real reason. In my opinion the real determining reason for the Mcadoo withdrawal is that he has too High a regard for his father in Law to accept a candidacy which would inevitably drag them into the Campaign in a Way that would be More or less humiliating to All concerned. On the Assumption then that Mcadoo who was the leading candidate is no longer to be considered we have left ten or a dozen Active contenders and receptive gentleman Ach of whom believes or claims to believe that the Mcadoo withdrawal betters his chances. The Palmer managers Are quite sure that their hero will fall heir to the greater part of the Mcadoo strength because of palmers connection with the administration and the fact the he has made his Cam cessation of hostilities in Londonderry formation of weather i new Cabinet for by the associated press Londonderry june 22. Tonight and thursday fair. Germany report warmer tonight and thursday j j a a la pres. In the East and Southern por a tons. London june 23 a formation of f a new German Cabinet a is reported pain for delegates As a too per there a was not cessation today in a. Battle Between unionist and j in a Berlin dispatch printed in a which have late edition of the times this morn cent Wilson Man. The Palmer partly right. Nationalist factions it is quite Likely that with Mcky pm Londonderry in a terror Atrik connant Tram London-1ing "ies58e says Quot men in state for some Days past. Dup Eek rape a con pan. Tram l j have been found tor two of the new ado out of the Way Palmer will go into the convention with Quot More votes in the Early ballots than he would have had otherwise. From which they kept up a con but he will be a Long Way from tenuous fire at times the shooting reached the intensity of follies. Continued on Page 4. A dispatch from the Exchange lest we forget. Editorial Bernstorff appealed to Berlin for More Money a to influence Congress As on former what those former occasions were and when they were is immaterial. How much Money he obtained on his last Call is unknown. How much Money had been used to influence Congress is not stated. But who got the Money that is the question that concerns americans. Who of the people s representatives were in the Kaiser s pay is a question that vitally concerns every Loyal american. While Congress has devoted an entire session to investigating those who won the War it has ignored the activities of those who tried to lose the War. It has ignored the blot that Bernstorff placed on its own reputation. Who is most Likely to have received German Money w Hose record lays him liable to suspicion Astl a Kaiser s paid servant who avoided suspicion by opposing everything the Kaiser wanted and by supporting everything the Kaiser did want who subjected himself to suspicion As the Kaiser s paid servant by supporting measures approved by the Kaiser and by opposing measures opposed by the Kaiser who of our congressmen probably received his measure of German a old who got the Money let the Congress of the people discover if it can and publish if it will the names of those who in the Day of peril sold their country for German in v the per ple demand the names of those who sold the people so that with a whip of scorpions they May drive them from Public life. Days past. A a ing the night the rival factions i Derry a ays Many dead and posts in the ministry. This Cabinet erected an additional barricade,11 ded Are lying j jeep in regarded As an emergency one it was reported that a body of dispatch quotes the tage Blatt As sinn seiners and also m body of j saying that newspaper adding that Irish volunteers were gathering ,.jt must walk Warny to maintain outside the City. J itself but Wall at least be Able to a _ _ go to the spa As representing a Campbell Russell Large majority of the German peo fails to get in an Peelier Berlin dispatch to the petition signers London times received in the news dispatch of tuesday night reported the collapse of the proposed Fehrenbach Cabinet because the majority socialists would decline their Aid in securing a vote of Confidence for it. Oklahoma City june 22.�? Campbell Russell member of the state corporation commission who has been conducting a Campaign of criticism of governor Robertson a Pardon and parole a policy failed to secure a sufficient number amp to signatures to his petition i to initiate a proposed a Pardon and parole Board amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution. Russell did not abandon the Effort to secure approximately 30,000 signatures until practically the last moment among other methods he stationed is i Issue Hope of keeping prohibition closed doors at san Francisca is now abandoned. Of the associated Prest san Francisco june 23.�? rumblings of democratic discord Over the prohibition Issue becomes hourly More prominent today As delegates and party chiefs arrived in increasing numbers for the National convention. Hope that the gathering storm might spend itself behind the closed doors of the platform committee was virtually abandoned by the leaders and they prepared to face an outbreak of a tempestuous de Bate on the floor of the. Convention itself. T already Tho overshadowing Issue in pre convention conferences is the question of a platform declaration against 4he present a phone dry Law almost took the whole stage for itself today As the gathering delegation heard postmaster general Burleson a announcement for a modification of the volstead act. By Many accustomed to regard the postmaster general As a political spokesman for the White House the development was accepted As a warning of which Way the wind of administration influence would blow. Closely intertwined with the prohibition question is the problem of electing a nominee with views in Accord with the platform As finally agreed upon. The league of nations disagreement along with several other disputed platform issues has followed the question of candidates into temporary eclipse. A complicating feature of a convention floor fight would be the unit Rule under which Many state delegations Are instructed to vote As a body. It was suggested today however that there might be a general agreement to let each Delegate be counted according to his own conviction when the prohibition question came to its final showdown. William Jennings Bryan will be expected to Lead the a Bone Drys a although he is also expected to make a fight again soft the administration treaty Plank. The general belief of his friends he however is that he will Reserve his greatest Effort for the prohibition question. Such talk As there was today among arg ring candidates seemed to strengthen the prospects of the deadlock for several ballots. Mexican election dates now set by the associated press Mexico City june 23.�?a Call for National elections issued by Tike Secretary of the Interior today fixes film company to take scenes at Pittsburg Pittsburg okla., june 23.�? since it has become known that the Pathe film corporation will film the Riding and roping contest at the annual picnic at Pittsburg june 24, 25, 26, Jake Wear manager of the Riding and a a Oping contest has been besieged by applicants for entries. Or. Weaver says that in will use twice As Many steers this year As usual in order to take care of the number of contestants. After the contest at the Pitts Burg Park is finished an old time cattle round up will be staged for the Benefit of the Pathe people on the 77 ranch East of Pittsburg. About one thousand head of cattle will be used in making this picture. It will include a Complete outfit of riders horse wranglers Cook outfits of Twenty or Twenty five years ago. This will be of interest to those the Date for the congressional elec. Tion on sunday. August 1st, White he 1ba�?Tn,� to Quot such 4hl.�?~, or 51 tin so id inv a Illa Oil or non i in or canvassers at the Tabernacle in okla a new president will be chosen on sunday i sunday september 5th homa City where Billy has been conducting a revival Campaign. House to House solicitation also was used but although the number of signatures secured is not known he fell Short of the required number when time limit expired thursday afternoon. Russell s proposed amendment contemplated a Board of five members and required that a majority of these five should recommend before the governor could take favourable action on a Case of application for executive clemency. Three of the five state officers provided for in the amendment As the first a Pardon and parole Board were known As members Blue Birds nest Only in holes of tree trunks. Texas switchman strike. By the associated press Houston Texas june 23.�? not More than 50 or 60 switchman Are on strike Here according to a. J. Goggan chairman of the brotherhood of railway trainmen of the Southern Pacific lines. Leaders in the strike movement which developed suddenly yesterday claimed a much larger number of men were out but gave no figures. A and As the Lay of the surrounding country is especially favourable to such Aln Enterprise the Public May expect to see a Good picture. Information prepared to be submitted to Payne by the associated press Washington Jne 23.�?infor-mation prepared for submission to Secretary Payne Torlay indicated that unless assurances were Given immediately to Railroad workers that a wage adjustment might be expected soon the unauthorized strike of trainmen at Philadelphia Baltimore and Many other Points might not be opposed further by the tion diction number of roads Are affected by brotherhood. W. N. Doak vice of the anti adm Nistra the absence of the switchman who i president of the brotherhood or a at the state House. Declare Thev arc a fair in or a Vafi Atyinn v. A a in hot Springs Are numerous in Formosa declare they Are a taking a vacation j Railroad trainmen who is expected railway officials asserted however to discuss the situation with or. That All regular trains were moving i Payne director general of the rail today. Road administration said today. Lions club of Ada will Foster movement to organize boy scouts and maintain the organization a $6,000 will be raised a Busby is head. For several months the Lions club of Ada has been laying plans for the organization and maintenance of the boy scout movement in this City. With the recent arrival of Maclain Wilson National Field scout executive the plans Are now perfected and on next Friday morning a drive will be started to raise six thousand dollars in the City for the purpose of bringing the organization to a focus provide scout quarters hire a scout master and provide maintenance for the organization for at least a year. Judge Orel Busby has accepted the chairmanship of the drive and will be in charge of the work. Committees and captains Are being selected today and judge Busby states that the machinery for the drive will be in Fine running order by Friday morning. Tonight and tomorrow night speakers will appear at both theatres of the City for five minute talks on the scout movement. Tomorrow afternoon at five of clock a big Parade will form at the City Hall and March throughput the business District of the City. The Parade will be headed by the Cadet band under the direction of prof. Fentem. The band will be followed by members of the american legion the Lions club and other organizations interested in making the boy scout movement a Success. Bradshaw s scout troop already organized will be in the Parade and All boys of the City from twelve years of age up Are invited to be on hand and March in the Parade. Tomorrow night also there will be a band concert and a general meeting of All citizens interested at which or. Wilson will make the principal address and Tell the people what the boy scout moment really Means and what is proposed in Ada. If the weather permits this meeting will be held in the open air Down town if not it will be held in the District court room on 12th Street. Or. Wilson states that the average available scout material in any american City is eight per cent and that we should easily have 850 members of the organization in Ada. If the plans go through As the Lions club have arranged or. Wilson says that Ada will be Given a county charter which will give her jurisdiction All Over the county and enable her to affiliate the troop units from All other Points in the county where an organization is effected. A every business Man every father of boys and in fact every Good citizen of the City is interested in this most vital movement and it is the Hope of the Lions club and the various committees working with the club that the desired amount of Money will be raised Friday and saturday without difficulty. Railway strikers reported going Back to work a by the associated press Philadelphia june 22.�? Pennsylvania and Reading Railroad officials today reported that some of the employed of those lines who joined the walkout Are applying for permission to return to work. While the number is not Large officials say they believe Many More will return later. Strike leaders however express Confidence that Many More men will join the strike within the next few Days. Union leaders Are said to be working hard to break the strike. Notice. To. E. S. Chapter 78 will meet in regular session thursday evening at 6 30. Business of importance. Members urged to come on time As masons want the Hall at 8 of clock. A Bird Nesbitt Secretary. 6-22-Ltd disastrous fire in Baltimore my. Wrecks building by the associated press Baltimore. Juno 23.�?starting within a bundled feet of where the great fire Iii 1904 originated which wiped Ort the Baltimore business District flames practically wrecked the seven Story building at 37th and Hopkins place and quickly spread to four other structures. The damage according to insurance men will Likely reach one million dollars which brings the fire damage for Baltimore in twelve hours to one million five Hundred thousand dollars. Only female Gad flies attack animals. A Mexico reported to be peaceful now by the associated press Mexico City june 23�?reports of revolts in various parts o Folie country were officially denied in a statement issued at the foreign office information Bureau today which says that with the exception of the Villa movement in Chihuahua the country was peaceful. Concerning the boy scouts editorial Friday morning the Lions club of Ada will begin a drive to raise six thousand dollars in Ada. This drive has been in the making for months. Its purpose is to provide scout Headquarters a scout master and maintenance fund for the boy scouts of Ada. It is believed that six thousand dollars is necessary to provide for All needs. Of All the drives undertaken in Ada none has been More important than the one to begin Friday. It is a Campaign for the conservation of morals and future manhood. It is an Endeavor to qualify the raw material of Ada s youth for future Good citizenship. It is a movement to drive the Idle and the careless from incipient schools of crime and train their better impulses in the right and proper Way. What Are our boys Worth who can place a monetary value on the lads of our City and say How much we should spend in preparing them for the life before them who v ill say that the task of Jiumsan and moral conservation is unimportant and that this Campaign should fail if this were Only a drive for Public improvement and for the establishment of some business institution there would be no doubt of its Success. Neither is there any doubt of the Success of this Campaign. On this occasion As on All former ones where the youth of Ada is concerned the Public spirited citizens will respond with alacrity to the Call to service and Wilf insure the Success of the venture the first Day

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