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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - July 29, 1946, Ada, Oklahoma Don't discount Rep. Moy's obility-he has lots or he couldn't have at the"™'"‘ choi,mo"*d «" important wartime commirtee end seen to so mony love,, for so mony different people. NM June Paid emulation 8310 Member Vudn Bureau of ( imitation Mrd Year—No. SS THE ADA EVENING NEWS FINAL EDITION AHA. OKLAHOMA, MONDAY. JULY 29, 1916 HYK CISTS HIL COPY Heat Reaches 105 Degrees Here Sunday No Relief in Sight; Some Ranches Hove Already Had Big Posture Fires A AS the liottf I day * * Ii.* t i unless today t lorn an t ier up an 'I' ‘i two. And few if v auld la sui pi used an igh I •: dm J © a ‘ti « ;j I()5 dr than Saturday’s .nk of 104. t > low bi ought The minimum •**nd f »t until the »i nirk' v . Hum t<> permit anv Ice Plants Doing Best Producing More Than 'Ca pacify' But Demand Still Exceeds Supply Not ouiv is there a drought in the weather in Pontotoc county hut now there is a drought in re-j ’ id n e 'Pile three Ada ice plan!- have a ‘‘capacity” cif 96 Mons of ic e a day and are produce ln,‘ 101 bins daily. One plant ll no ice at all over its dock and the other two sell only a part of'theirs bv this method. The managers explain that Ad, and the area Ada ; ha I off southern and say that there ; for esse ut la I uses. I hey    J    |u, piddle j Iv w hat ice* is (that the ta serves isn’t as as a number of other (Oklahoma communities, is enough ice I trlv l! SIC** p s ti lichi > bad J Promise I .idee! n oi mn j? hadnt hem • • ’1 ‘ I *v* i f \ look up* cooling bi eeze t that md until ll o’clock t tile day wouldn't *e Saturday, hut the hi * c e faded and the awn with the ferocity expecting until rains to use on necessary, to know supply is being spread on •’» prorata basis, that milk supplies an* being taken care of as an e i ntl,d food source, and that Menial customers commercial and home are each getting their hare. 'I’hc ha Stonewall Girl Victim Of Car Crash One of Four Killed At Oklahoma City; Weekend Costs IO Lives in State Bv rhr Astor lated Pretm fen persons died over the weekend iii Oklahoma of injuries received in accidents eight in traffic mishaps, one in an airplane* crash and another when a shotgun was accidentally discharged. Many others were in hospitals. I he* highway patrol reported the traffic deaths brought the month’s total to 37. fourteen more than for tin last year and the JBO again I inn at this time in 194a. Byrnes Leaves for Paris Conference * — same period year’s mark to Community Ic Ti awe I, 42, Chick* a Chickasha bes in* was struck bv CWS Ii J late urn or s ranch Pea! al>out 60 acres burn- Qlliam Paul Iftsha, died in • capacity of 30 t»n7Ti%    pm    hi    irs    ,    i    v    - daily and is making 33. Of the ut* produced, about 16 tons are sold over the dock, in three one- Oklahoma killing four persons. The dead were Carrie Elbert O'Neal. ,Jr ani The and The 11 ucks nave last Wick and t ran, Ii is reported to I an    even    wider spread blaze' , . J*    '    t]    i- w extinguished. IMM Sprayer C alled On ixt n * Ranch sent to Okla Sa!rn da> for a 500 K    J'“«v *ng found that »n tank already avail d    int hold enough a    pasture blaze that Widely. Cod tli.it one ranch gang even put to to help ICS. one half hour periods daily. periods are morning, noon night when ice is available, other 17 tons of ice go on the to regular customers and a ( 150-fl DDT pi ave ung fi ll or all plant <>n pere is stnn v other commun tages are report-n i ti,si:d produc-K in the area. ap Mascot of Seabees Admits He's 'Wolf Clucky Lod in Hosptol Stays Cheerful, Is 'Sorto Sweet' On Nurse PH ILA Dr LPH IA Jin cot It . he i a july 29 1 ’ t ar rick, the if the navy Sea - be “a wolf.” P-!: 1 ’ db (Pa) youngster >P©d to a bed in the Banner's •■*-• for crippled children, ’rated his ninth birthday : ; t* ii.ng his mother ta sweet on one of lunges here” '    * souled I- tppiIv “But bdl anyone! They’ll think I won ” v    ’[    of Mr. and Mrs. 5    a s :    k.    hasn’t brin able aiK into la* was two years At that tune he was stricken t.;tw;colons of the spine. s navy didn t foi get ■' ' ; ! th day    and neither he hospital. S* a bees, who named the* offu • d n u rut in 1944. h    rn    a    16    inch model of h 1    *'    ca: : ;«    • The ho; pita I • r. .ol the ice <: earn I Fred or*e out of town delivery is made ti* Stonewall. Southern Ice reports that ifs machine has a maximum capacity of 36 tons of ice daily and it is making 38 None of the South (Continued on Page 2 Col. I) Two Ada Racers To Be in Cushing Race For Experience Two Ada soap box racers will I loaded onto a truck Tuesday morning for a trip to Cushing to , participate in a Soap Box Derby race there, but the local rachis will not have a chance to take honors as the owners will be rat ing for experience only, A i acor ow ned by Perry Don Alt Bloom arid sponsored by Free man Thrash Motor company will jacc m ( lass A. It was the light due job that took second place honors ^ in (Mass A in flu* Ada i ace The i act r was third in tho entire event, but had the second Retest heal time. I he second place winner here ! owned by Ham*! Spoons and w ill race the second place winner *ft Cushing. His racer is spon- M*ied In Blake Coca-Cola. Spoons won C lass Ii division here and also had the best designed racer Cushing has 14 racers ready for (the race there and preliminary and trial runs have been jilted. The official tile race will be ai y.ju pm. ; I uesday. A number of Ada people have made plans to attend the Cushing race and a few of that num-■ b* r ok* planning to attend the not luna I event at Akron. Ohio. when seootei A car carrying seven persons overturned on the outskirts of City early Sunday, L * !va McEwen. 1H, and Mane Elizabeth Lindgren. 19, all of Oklahoma City, and Zorah Lee (■ates, 15, Stonewall, Okla. ('/.avn Lee Gates was a daughter of R, ( Crates, Stonewall; funeral services will be held Tuos-*'d ll am. from Oak Avenue Baptist chinch in Ada. burial in Rosedale cemetery; other ruiviv ors are three sisters, Mrs. Aretta Chronist«*r and Ozetta May Gates of Pittstown and Mrs. Lucite Gentry of Oklahoma City: grand parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. elates of Stonewall and Mr. and Mrs G. p. \ ineyard of Nocona, Tex. Driver May Die The driver of the ear, James Edward Nelson. 20, also of Oklahoma City, was in a critical condition in an Oklahoma City hos- I pita!. The two others with minor hurts. Finis Marion nice. Ok la 'Everybody' Aller Money Official Says That's the Woy Profits Probe Shows Wartime Spirit By JOHN IV. HENDERSON WASHINGTON. July 29 pin 'Compte'oiler General Lindsay < VV al ien told senate investignt ors that ‘it has looked as if everybody and hi; brother were out to get the government during the lush war \ear; ” Warren made this statement to the senate war investigating committee At the same time, he appealed Rn greater powers for the general accounting office as ' tie* last bulwark for tile protection of taxpayers of tin country again t unbridled and illegal ex pendituies of public funds ” Some high officials of govern ment, he said, accepted enter • annuent, including Cocktail pat bes. hotel bills and even travel from conli aet,ors” while at the ame time drawing travel ex I lense and per diem (daily allow a nee > from the government.” This practice, he added, the* rule rather than tin lion ” was excep- Prcsident 'I i uman in his car, foreground, stops to pic k up Secre- la',f § i* J,amCS B>rms‘ S<‘nator T‘*"« Clinally and Sector Aithui Vandenbeig who arc descending the steps of the* State De partment rn that order between a guard of honor. Truman will accompany thorn to the National Airport in Washington, where ! inv hy PIant‘ for thc -1 nation conference (NEA Telephoto). in Fans. pi ac- escapcd Layton. 54, Ber-was struck and killed (two miles south of Grove Sunday when he stepped in front of an automobile. }} H* k automobile collision near Stilwell Saturday resulted in the death of Dan Thurman De Vaughn, 30. Sallisaw city policeman. Jene Bay, 16, Stilwell, was cutirallv injured and taken to a Prairie Grove, Ark Two others in the less se rious injuries. While playing rn a driveway Saturday in Oklahoma City, two-year old Marsha Lee ' Reise daughter of Mr*. Imogene Reise! mobil an<1 k‘IIPd by an auto Colton Meet Being Called Formers Moy Be Asked To Hold Entire '46 Crop Off Market; Price Dropping Senate Plans Quick Adion On Approving OPA Decontrol Board So It Can Get On Big Job in Hurry car hospital suffered ATLANTA. July 29 opt -State agriculture Commissioner j Tom lander said today a meet* I mg would In* held here next Mon-; day to ask cotton fat ruers to w itll hold 11 if* • r* entire 1946 crop from I the* market.    t I At tin* same time*, lander ! I charged the* department of agt i I I culture* and tin* department of state* were withholding export in | I formation from the farmers rn an 1 'effort com running of | boy. ca sees id 3 ca gland lows. Mrs. Garrick can t say enough for im-rs who helped Jimmy 1 th.- hospital.” c ' lull- happy here * ? hope that they’ll be d<» something lur him,*.’ • I i‘‘i. ; a id Citv lad apii pra\ aul Brice Thompson, Song leader, Dies Ada Man Devoted Most Of Lfe to Teaching, Encouragement of Singing B 'lane Crash Kills One ^J-yrftr-old Oklahoma William Fred Kelley, City died * * cria in pee la list; still ived that will L died Tiirnei rn i county by joy people lh* had his life to dinging and Sunday of injuries suffered when near rn!6d    plane crashed near Calvin in Hughes county In a critical condition in a Holdenville hospital was his companion Owen L. Edmisten, 17. Oklahoma Amos Ray Shreiner, 44, Bethany, was killed when his shot gun accidentally discharged he prepared to leave mg tup Saturday. By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH WASHINGTON. July 29 of. I he* senate hanking committee 1 o d a y unanimously approved President Truman’s three nominees for the new price dc*contiol hoard. The committee’s ac tion sent to the    senate    for    it; consideration, possibly    today    hut    more lik.*l\ tomorrow, these nomination; Roy L. Thompson, president of to drive down the puce of Federal Land Bank of New to!,"n    I Orleans, as chairman of tin* de Ho also expressed the* belief * control board; Daniel W. Bell. that the* present OPA law is un [former treasury undersecretary constitutional.    and George Ii Mead. ()., paper Thomas to Take Part    company executive, as members. Linder said he and J G Mc- I MranwhiJe, Mr. Truman ar-Donald, Texas commissioner of eastern shfndZ (V 315 p*nJ’ agriculture, I,ad called the meet- Me 5 Prellden3e,l i,mc) _ Wl,h rn* and that Senator Thomas (I). T v rh , es " J ,"',3 Ok la),    chairman    of    the    senate ■ era    Ross    told report- agriculture    c- o rn    mitt e e,    had ’ It g»»t so had in tile maritime commission, for instance,” War-1 sen said, “that I called personally Jon Admiral Land (chairman)—! whose name was not mentioned in any of the reports and also' wrote* him officially. He issued I an order condemning suc h , tires.” I Warren declared that lcgisla-jtion lihi-r.di/ing government con bact pi ac tic es din mg tin* w ar had greatly weakened the power of j the general accounting office to prevent extravagance or misuse I of public funds. Denouncing “abuse of the vast Iv broadened authority given to1 the procurement agencies, all un der the guise of war. as well ast the degeneration of moral st in > danis,” Warren declared that | “cost plus” procurement “is the « [ greatest device ever invented for « pumpin * out the treasury.” j Warren was called before the I committee, which has been rn VC ligating war profits of a mid-' western munitions combine, to give lie; .idvice to possible* new I anti profits legislation. Hungarians Are Unhappy Unofficial Delegation Knows News of Peoce Treaty Will Be Bad News B' A I GOLDBERG PARIS. July 29 ol* An un official delegation representing Hungary iii P,ii e pc.n f* confei enc*e circle w aited unhappily to day for tlo h i.j news it felt sure was contained in the purposed peace ti«\ draft for ti,.it coun 1 try. VA e re Ii■ -1 #* to attend our ca n funeral,” one member of th** del egation said. “an I it i n’t .* good feeling.” The group, headed by Laszlo r ai ago. economics expert, has not I>e*'n given a copy *>f the pro posed Hungarian treaty, but members have a pretty good idea | of what will bo demanded of them and how th** wi*stern pow ei-s ai.* split with Rn iii over I free* navigation on th** Danube Th** telega t ton is c*ompo:;«*d main Iv of now men and informa lion officials, prepared to argue unofficially out id** the council halls until Foreign Minister Jan*** Gyongyo i and his aides are sum mooed from Buda pc! t to attend th** council sessions and hear th** bad news officially. It was Russia’s announced at titude on Czechoslovakia’s treatment of Hungarian nationals in Slovakia which u.c proving most I galling to members of th** group. Russia has upheld Czechoslovakia in her announced desire tot depoit nearly 1,000.000 Hangar inns Hungary has protested! against any such deportation t ¥ Barge-Ferry (rash Causes Heavy Loss Of Life in River U. S. lo Urge Open Meetings Treat*©! for Axis Satellite! To Be Released for Pub- licohon Tuesday B* A I GDLDBf KG PARIS. J i iiv 2*), f h The 2 * nation peace conference, coltver i- c t f un ally in Luxembourg pi 1 - ace more th an a ' . ar after th ie end of th** s econ I Worl i VV.if i n, Europe, was summoned bv Pres dent George Bidault of Fran ■# today t*i ab* dish ”tl e plague c . 0 * ^ I war ” Addr* viny the I 500 delegat *v of the victor ion* albee on bcha - 0 of the host n • lion, Balau t plea J- The l« th* w e aff* o v •anrmr oh j t ion . I W ill get t ca In .ti apl Doited Stat said that v be attached th** p**ace War, a ** t hat f sn lur** great power cided part *n,t *nt o'nplct *t af ! ones ” •f crenel e i t and It , fever the R blam i hire to th# Rd.,ult e*>ul i o keep World fundamental cause of was that th.* two < vc ho had taken a dent the roe Hies * of ie arms remained on t- sidelines during th** olutmn of peace.” Plain Men Look Ti* Meeting I he hopes of plain men are turned tow a? I us to lay” he sa- I I concluding his Id-minute slow-!;■ spoken speech. Bi iault was then named provisional ch urman ,11 * di** confer en*-# on th# rn* ti S Secretary of Stsf# James F Bv r m s. Bidault to a pre hi to* ic* r Britain Accepting 'In Principal' U. S. Unify Proposal agreed to be present 'rile Georgia Three Nominees Willing fiosS added. in response to -in.,I that    I    n" find commission,*rs <»f agrieulturi will on a as hunt (Brice) Thompson, who! f his home. 729 South Saturday, will ho greatly ed throughout Pontotoc singers and song lox - Explosion Blows ' Woman lo Bits Husband Must Explain Warnings Against Tampering with Trunk f ►t her they kids walk. make nu* ne ha MIR I) H Cl IVC ever.- laced ill b< * July 29    <d* •tine, a. so* ad* lueatH»n id th** Oklahoma, has a sunny dis-n id; asserts, to i *-main on I months yet in a cad Hut worth it.” Born ncssee PORT! AND, Ore , July 29 * P) practically dedicated small trunk became th** cen the development of I 1    . investigation today **f an leaching «*f others in ‘‘^Pmsion which blew' Mrs. James v\. Borden to bits while sh** was •done in her home here City Detective Bard Purcell re ported Bowden, charged with illegal possession of explosives longing f»f religious songs. He I *1‘,s    conducted schools in Okla homa and also in Tennessee, front w hi* h state la* moved with I his family to Ada in 1920,    ........ in Potman county, Ten- J    and    without    bail, has'domed in 1878. he was married    explosives    *>r    any    know- m Miss Martha Jared in 1897.!    ^    of    how    his    w    ife    was killetl r ignt    children were born to    Saturday night. Dr pro- Um- lM***n ■\ e bu of th** university •: * .iv . lfe* live S**pt. including th* nu! ■ rat t» ti. i*lejiH ntary, un air high, will Ik* ' north campus. G cl R< ♦ ut ti: for Ada New them, three daughters and five .°n All of the children have followed their father’s path in boosting community singing pro grams. Funeral services were held Monday at 4 p. in. from tim Ada Missionary Baptist church, with burial in Rosedale cemetery, Oakman Community from all cotton growing states had been asked to attend lander said also that Thomas had agreed to summon reprcsen latices from th** departments of agriculture and stab* before the senate committee to “explain v. by information vital to cotton grower:! has been withcld.” OPA Restoration ( lists Earmers Restoration of OPA, said Lin der, has cost the cotton farmer | $189,000,000 to date. Since congress passed the now' law. he **x-plained, the price of cotton has dropped the legal maximum of IOO points on th** cotton each day This, h«* continued, means that , "l,‘ price per bale ba*; dropped i $20 ll** added that effective to jday th** maximum fluctuation under the law becomes 200 points. 'Ibis year’s rntton crop is ,*.sti mated at approximately 9,000,000 bales. Iii a telegram to Thomas, Linder said he had information that lh,* departments of agriculture and stat** had a backlog of orders for cotton in excess of I,OOO,OOO bales and that the orders should be placed prior to August 1. amount nj Want Ad WEATHER Meeting Wednesday Saturday Night Thoro will be a mass meeting J iii** Oakman clnni'h    in..    A    nu    ...    i    ..... Purcell said the explosion is behoved to have originated in a foot looker" that Bowden’s two daughters. Doris, 13, and Shirley G. told him was kept padlocked in tho cellar. Both girls reported their fath-ei repeatedly warned the fatmiv not to tamper with the trunk or tty to open it. th** detective said Hit-Run Accident told Mr. Truman they accept lh** appointments. Thompson, president of the r edci a1 Land Bank <»f New ()i leans, said he expected to l**u\e today for th** capital “to get things lined up and ready to go at tin* earliest possible time.” The board’s first big assign meld is to decide by August 20 whether meats, dairy products, glams, cotton seed, soybeans and hundreds of products made from them should be placed back un der price controls at that time. If it makes no decision, ceilings automatically will he restored Under terms of the OPA revi-exchange [ val act, the board must hold pub-* lice hearings before it makes any ruling on these commodities. The pm p*>,e of Uhs is to obtain the views of consumer groups and in dusti y i cpi escntativ es. I lie revival law also bans res boation before Align: t 20 of ceil mgs on eggs, poultry, tobacco and petroleum. After that, consent of the board is required to re-establish controls. I he hoard also lias sweeping jurisdiction over decontrol of all other commodities, and it may restore ceilings on any item if it deems this necessary. announ- Oklahoma: Generally fair to-«*n i I ii- lay except scat red thunder showers along stern border tonight; not much *iT*£ temperature; highest *’ : - l- ' ■ JOO rn t uf slate. v !,1 he a mass meeting j Oakman church at tin* • bool house at 8 p m, Wednes-! ’>*. at which time a plan will he devised' whereby the church building will Ik* completed. I here will in* community sing-ing with visiting quartets from Ada and surrounding I tics. Oakman community residents are urged to attend and others fare wcleome. commum- A hit and run accident aecui red Saturday night *>nc and one half miles north of Ada on SH 99 at about 10:00 pm. A ear driven by Lester Myers of Bv-ars struck a car driven by J. \V. Law of Ada and did not stop but k(*i>t going, patrolmen reported. Myers was later apprehended by Patrolmen Glenn Clark and Harvey Hawkins and placed der arrest. Redden Driving Charged lo Myers Reckless driving charges were filed against Lester M\«*rs Monday moi nine by Count> Attorney f om D. McKcown after plaint was signed by Patrolman Glenn Clark. Myers is alleged t«» have diiven «* 1939 P*),(l from an unknown point t.i a point about one mile not th ..f Ada \\ ithout .In* to traffic existing there Tin* case was fil»*d rn the I cy Armstrong justice of com t. a com* Highway iegard cr-peace un Passenger car and truck output fot lh** first week in July was estimated at 46.810 the pa sen "cr cars going to the guys vc ho live next door. r*    * Greater returns for amount in vc.,ted. Read Ada News Want Ads. Traffic Charges Filed on White H. F Whit** ha*; I><*e*11 charged with violation of th** rules of the road No. 5 by Highway P..tm! man Glenn Clark The ca *• wa ; lil«**l iii Franklin Bom land justice id peace court I he \ lolation is i mining to Hulett of the center **l an intersec-'*nn I h#" incident hajipened I* ii«lay night ah*mt *» tx e mile north of th** ell\ limit '!’h** complaint was signed by Patrolman Clark and til***! by County Attorney Tom D. McKcown. ¥ New t a hts Of Polio TULSA, Okla., July 29 -bpi The number «.f poliomyelitis casts at Hillcrest Memorial Hos pl tai stood at 22 today after adorn mn of mc* child each from Okmulgee, Chelsea aud Afton. W ASHINGTON. July 29 iP) I he state department announced today Britain has accepted in principle” this government’s proposal to unify occupation zones in Germany. I he department’s announce mcnt reiterated the hope that Russia and I* ranee likewise will accept. Despite this hope. the expectation among diplomats here is that the United States and Britain at once will work out details for unifying theii own zones econ omically, that France probably will join promptly and that Bus Ma will refu e to coo per a ti*. Th** announcement which may mark a *d«*p in the hardening of th** great power .split in Germany I came as S ** *• i ** t a r v of State j By rues nut with Prime Minis-I ter Attic** and Foreign Minister Molotov and Bidault in the first! day of the Paris peace* conference. I he stat** department cement said: "The department of state has been informed that th** British gov **i nm* ut has accepted in pi in » iph* the offer of Secretary By rn e t». jom the United States /ame «d o*s up it ion rn Germany with «<u\ other zones for th** pm po «* of treating th** zones so joined as an economic unit The depai tmcnt welcomes the announcement a a fn.-d *,t**p to waul easing the heavy financial burden resting on the two oecu jiving powers and relieving the distress which has resulted from Germany’s being divided four relatively watertight mic compartments. ” I’ll** department the other occupying find it possible to give an equal iv favorable response to Secretary Bvt nes’ offer. In the judgment of this government the greatest general advantage would accrue from prompt measures to achieve th** economic unity of J ••*! manv as prescribed bv th** Potsdam agt cement.” CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo, Juh 29. '.P* The mud iv Mississippi river w*as searched today' f»>r the bode s of at least ten persons, possibly more, who were believed to have perished in the collision of a ferry boat and two cit laden barges near here Hiirteen other occupants th* ferry were saved after th** boat overturned, dumping j Ic.* t five vehicles anti th Rcngers into the waters. lh,** accident Occurred at ti 20 P in last night SO yard; from th** Missouri short as the f J neared completion of if. , from th** Ten ne ce side The pilot of th** forty. Ed Hon (•ricks, who was saved when he ; was tossed on a barge in the crash was quoted as estimating that there were bet th* [ he su ,21 v peace * gary. te and I I Th* ever, Mon, For deput igh. mg t * Words wer*» gallery jammed i asion and thr* rambling phi h bu31 Ammon* d the delegati ■ a to** nations to f < f *r Italy, Romania . Bulgaria h the foreign mini-*ten nit* I States, Britain, Kl ranee ran approve Dissension There, Too conference convened, h in an atmo: oh ere of dis I as on a Hur.- and Finials* SS 13 **r. en- i**n flat at pa J* «*n u * r». rerrv fro sine ti Gi on fn ♦*en * or 20 and IX carr OW ll 25 persons in the i on the flat boat. I Other estimates ran as high a-; [30. (One survivor said the ferry Carried four automobiles and one pickup truck Th** f**irv tuc v..*s demolished and sunk bv the impact of th** two oil barges, linked together and pushed bv two tug:; in a 'single train. Th** ferry turned an float** j (| I MV cr. :    Hu- two barges, carrying 43 OOO barrels of od iJf tream fnm : Jennings. La, bound for Mount {\crnon, Ind.. were th*- Zn ; the Fred B Zigler of the ( I Zii’lt f lowing (’*». J«*nning | F VV Rogers, Vicksburg, Miss. th** pilot on duty on th** tug pushing the barye at th** time of th** collision, sail he gave biink-©i signals tlint he was going to pa.«u upstream on the left or Missouri side. If** said he saw answer and that when he how close the boats were proaching it was too late to - cr the a riff B I* i anc State j mg c’ * five t ! four i CO!) I el If fin. the five tatcn et Ii p. n i (6 p rn Tuesday The with Secret confront th urging that fercnce ne* to tile pr* . Toda y * - P rn <11 (taut tin.** p. rn An Ame! deputy fore four j)! inn] the I ’n.ted Hic (ta agr* day to make more t in ?6 hour* lf» V foreign mini fers of th# pi * n i pa I po we rs B tau i e. Bu ct and th# United ; “d argued before agree* rn publication of th# v drafts prepared by th# era for submission! to t * *»ri s ag: < text • lisa j mvicl *d to r* aion * roemenl mean w eastern standard f ence also op* ne I r\ Byrn-*s ready to delegates with th# they make nil con-cgotiations wide open « of the world. s« Mon began st ! 4 a rn,, eastern and suspended at 4    ! 4 tan- 5    2d an iou urn mini ii pow States, I at a Public t comp!* Italy, gar ta . pr **par ie i • h Ie text* of th* Romania. Hu rid Finland th* •d bv the foi re# said stets of cis Britain. France and meeting to-amor i ow th** * treaties for ngary. Built have been reign minis- no saw ap (OJI Nothing Happened Telephone Coll Sold British Consuete Building in N.Y. To Be Bombed T into econo- la >J)«*S powers that VV 111 TI’LS.% MEGHANN DHS OF KEATING GIVEN BY ROBBERS 'TULSA. < >k la . J ii iv 2*» * r W K Yea tem an. 5l>. a city lines bus mechanic, died today of wound-* received v\ hen he was assaulted and robbed. Tile sheriffs office, which held two suspects briefly, said there were no new clues to the attack , early Friday morning. Ye Heman was found I ic* ting [and unconscious n.*ar his auto-} mobile parked ut a night spot. I And officers theorized Ii** was l.i n \\ itll ;i beer bottle II** died I without i caaming consciousness. NEW YORK. July 29 Radio cars, detectiv«*s and th** Police bomb squad were «*nt to th** building at I* * Brea Iway. in w In, ii th,* British conculate has! offices, this morning on report.* ! tin- building would lie bombed I Police said they were advised that a telephone call had been made to th* building bv a pet.son w Ii** sat I ( lear out Your building is going to Im* bomb* d m I ut es.” For t v tin«** minutes call w as i c< * iv ,**i at ll thei «* had b****n po ** ■ th# st! ll til! **,    |,„    .,t,.    | (clime I I ach rh**** d submitted enc#, wti! cation at mean time < (lard time) ' will bo acc* merits f: * >m » eign minuter Iud es on th** Still CX t Most tuff th lex already I officially, R texts sun ult bondon. W'adungton and Moscow had been advocated for several days bv th* United States ani it the British and Rus-i how much lo (mr \ intl rift.-., which Will be to th** peace confer-be released for pubh- * I p.rn. Greenwich • 5 p m . c« rh: «.I stan-f uesday. The texts companied by statern h of the four for* ^ giving their atti-d i sa err lei n ai* <»u . J * th I !* '.no \ n * ft.ii P Fram Mans had diff* red (Continued **n Pag 2 Column 4> i i » min TH' PESSIMIST lit Holt ll I ti nit*. Jr. financial batten. after th*' 22 < AED). • :plosion at amid the towers of lower M.»n V MUSKOGEE. Juh 29 Lt < 'i * I Clarence C Bates. * turf medical officer at the Veterans hospital litre, has received off lei a1 orders to proceed to Will Bog ors field hospital at Oklahoma (*itv where he will set v* liar capacity Col Bate fly** oi Oklahoma. ♦ College students au* getting away from th** midnight oil now an I spending their tune on other flames. in a j is a im na cts th’ a1’ St**! ** v. hi ald git a lemon h o’ ice cream f Dor*' I I live longer, lp i boul n it you cr a >th rf want ;

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