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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 4

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Ada, Oklahoma Page fourth Ada evening news Ada Oklahoma sunday january 17, 1926 the Aoa evening news la ism t a do Little utter Broon Nott Bil h Mol ital of Letoi a put blushed by try Bren my except saturday and sunday Kanins y at Ada. Oklahoma by Tho Neva Public inf and Pron Tina cd by Carrier per week the aka we new mews by Carrier per month. By Kau. Per not bad a a a a a tear. In Advance to aka web Kilt Kiwi Bibl laced Beery thursday at per year a lie use Ioc .11.00 .11.00 Memmer of as80ciatkk Prim i associated press is exclusively entitled the the use Tor to Etall news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. In tired at the Post office at Ada. Oklahoma a second Cines mall matter. Telephones business office 4. Editorial department 807 the greatest love Bible thought for today god provides and the water in the bottle was spent and she ast the child under one of the shrubs. And god heard the voice of the lad and said what Amileth thee Hagar arise lift up the lad for i will make him a great nation. And god opened her eyes and saw a Well of water and she gave the lad to drink. A Gen. 21 15-19. Co operative marketing it looks very much like the co operative marketing idea is to be thoroughly tried out during the next few years and its merits and shortcomings fully brought out. For the first time in modern history a sincere Effort is being made to find a practical solution to the marketing problem it being realized at last that Little Relief can come through visionary schemes conjured up to help some candidate get an office and that something More than easy Loans the Panacea so often invoked must be devised. The idea of co operative marketing next presents itself and the varying degrees of Success attained by organizations formed for the purpose give Hope that ultimately some Good workable system will be devised that will put farming on a much safer basis than has heretofore been the Case. The great problem is How to carry Over crop surpluses and sell As the demands of the Market justify instead of dumping crops on the markets As fast As harvested. Somebody must carry the surplus and the question is who it shall be. Under present conditions dealers try to make themselves Safe and get a profit on their carryover surpluses. If a wheat dealer must hold his purchases for several months he is going to get interest on his investment and All the profit he can on the Deal hence he is not going to pay any fancy figure during the Rush Days of Harvest hence prices drop. Very few Farmers Are Able to carry their own surplus until prices Are rights not enough of them in fact to have much effect on the Market. Can a system of holding organizations be formed that will be Able to hold the surplus Over the Rush and prevent dumping of crops at Harvest time some of the Best minds of the nation Are now at work on this question and in spite of All opposition the matter is going to be tried out in various forms and the results carefully studied. When Adam and eve were driven from the Garden of Eden and had to face the realities of a new world they doubtless less regarded the judgment sent upon them As the act of an angry god rather than As the result of their own disobedience which brought its own punishment. They had accepted the Happy state in the Garden As a matter of course and Felt Little gratitude to the creator for his benefits. In every age and clime this state of mind has prevailed. Man has had the idea that whatever god he worshipped was a being to be feared and that the principal reason for worship was to appease the angry deity by whatever Means that occurred to the mind of the worshipper even to the sacrifice of his own children. When prosperous Man ascribed it to his own Genius and shrewdness and quickly wandered away heedless of the fact that retribution is a Stern Law of nature and is called Down on Man through his own conduct. If he violates this immutable Law of nature he must pay the penalty. However he has always ascribed these penalties to an angry god. The history of the israelite contains Many instances of the kind the nation turning away from god when prosperous and forgetting its duty of obedience although a Prophet always appeared on such occasions to plead with the people to remain True to their duty. When their misconduct brought natural consequences it was a matter with them of finding a Way to appease the Wrath of god rather than be intently admitting their own blame in the matter. It was not until Jesus appeared that the gospel of supreme love was fully set Forth although the prophets had often exhorted the people to remain True to their allegiance. John the Baptist paved the Way by preaching repentance in order that their hearts might be prepared to receive the message of supreme love which they were soon to hear. The third chapter of John May be classed As the Corner Stone of the new doctrine of Universal love. The occasion of this was the visit of Nicodemus a teacher of the mosaic Law and prominent in the religious life of the nation. Nicodemus was evidently a sincere Man Ond not a Mere formalist As were the majority of the leaders associated with him. He had heard of the miracles that Jesus had performed perhaps had witnessed some of them hence he readily acknowledged that Jesus was sent from god and possessed god Given Power else these works would have been impossible. Hence he came in the quiet Ai evening when they could be alone for a time to seek further information on the teachings of Jesus. This gave Jesus a Golden Opportunity to expound the great principle of the kingdom he came to set up love and the necessity of a spiritual birth to accompany it. Of Nicodemus grasped the meaning of a rebirth he did not admit it. His question was one of Surprise and incredulity a How can these things be a perhaps he would have admitted the need of regeneration in some with whom he had come in Contact but As for himself had he not kept the Laws of Moses from his youth up he was a Good Man according to the Standard of the world so what did he Lack or being prepared for the everlasting life in which he believed Why Tom when a crowd goes out Hunting the rabbits Are the ones who have the narrowest escapes. Street car conductors it in ver become evangelists. They get Nickels and pennies in their own business. Due to a shortage of underwear lots of Knees Are cold. The Needle is mightier than the pin. Nowadays it is almost impossible to respect Gray hairs. All of the Are dyed Black. Any flapper who likes to dance Cheek to Cheek will Tell you that two Heads Are better than one. A a buy it rent it sell it find it with a news want and. For every occasion gifts of jewelry a birthdays a anniversaries a favors a the gift of jewelry will please most for it is a gift that lasts. Quality jewelry phone 233 123 West main counting the suburbs that the census count of population of a City is far from accurate is proven in the Case of Shawnee and probably is equally True with other cities having suburban districts. An accurate count of the houses in districts immediately adjacent to the City of Shawnee but outside of its corporate limits discloses the fact that there Are 240 of such 200 of which were appear aptly occupied in 1920 when the census was taken. All of which Means that approximately 1,000 persons who Are really a part of this City were not news. Sure thing. Ada would have shown up at least 500 better if Portland Park and a fringe of houses All the Way around the City limits had been credited to this City but the census taker had no option in the matter. With the United states trying to break the British monopoly on rubber and great Britain trying to get away from the Cotton monopoly Long enjoyed by America some Lively times Are ahead. However there is a Radical difference in the merits of the two cases. British interests fix the Price of rubber exports and also largely fix the Price of the Cotton they buy thus catching us going and coming. The British have spent a lot of Money trying to grow Cotton in their own possessions but thus far have made no signal Success of it. The labor problem is generally in the Way. A current periodical arguing for the payment of the National debt As rapidly As possible makes Point that the Money paid out for retiring Bonds sets free that much More Active capital for investment in Industrial enterprises. There May be something in this for $20,000,000,000 tied up in nonproductive investments takes quite a lot of Money from the channels of Trade. The Sun is making noticeable Progress on his Way northward and every Day adds a Little to the length of his stay with us. Every Little bit added to a Little bit More makes a Little bit More and thus far our great luminary has added some 20 minutes to his daily visit. He has some three hours More to pick up but will get around to it in due season. German interests Are clamouring for a dictatorship As a Means of restoring the Prosperity of the country. They might order one from tammany Hall where a specially is made of dictators. The Coal strike Parley ended in failure neither Side being willing to Compromise. No matter who is right or wrong the Public will continue to shiver. Should he Humble himself i Jesus illustrated the working of the holy spirit by the w ind which was doubtless blowing softly about them As they j sat upon the roof of the House where Jesus lodged. No one knew whence it came or whither it went but there could j be no doubt about its existence. It could not be seen nor could it be halted in its course but that did not detract from its reality. Then came another striking assertion that As Moses lifted j up the Brazen Serpent in the wilderness Whitfi healed All who looked upon it after being bitten by one of the horde of i vipers that infested the israeli Tish Camp so must he the son j of Man be lifted up that All we believed in him might have everlasting life. The drama in the wilderness was a striking Symbol of his of n Mission. However in that Case it was Only physical life that was saved through a look at the Brazen j Serpent while in his Case those who looked and believed when he was lifted up on the Cross of Calvary were to have j life eternal. The whole purpose of his Mission is contained in the j 1 declaration that a god so loved the world that he gave his Only Begotten son that whosoever Beli Eveth in him should not j perish but have everlasting the next verse also brings out a Strong truth for it de j Claros that Jesus came not to judge the w orld but that the j world should he saved through him. On another occasion he asserted that no Man could j show greater love for a Friend than to Lay Down his life for j him. However in his own Case it was for his enemies As Well i As for his friends that he Laid Down his life. It was a supreme j sacrifice for All and every Man was left free to accept or reject it. In our every Day life we have seen Many striking instances of the effect of the new birth. Men and women steeped in sin have become substantial citizens and Earnest worker for the kingdom. The spirit had completely changed i their natures and they no longer found pleasure in the Cess i Pool of sin and degradation. Then too millions More would be in this same state of sin were it not for the working of the holy spirit. However a change of heart does not mean that satan has Given up the fight for ones soul. Temptations still abound and it is Only by clinging to the holy spirit that one is enabled to finally reach solid ground. Here is an illustration a of the difference Between the saved and unsaved clipped from the sunday school times a father what is the difference Between a Man who has received the holy ghost and one who has not asked a boy who had just attended a service on Whit sunday. A the same said his father a was the difference Between two Needles one of which has received an electric Shock while the other has not. The one has hidden Virtues which occasion will show the other has none. The electric Shock has rendered the one Needle into a Magnet which duly balanced will enable Man to find his Way across the trackless Ocean. As this Needle so May the soul be which has received the electric Shock of the holy spirit on the Ocean of a sinful world it will Point wanderers to the Haven of everlasting most failures in life May be ascribed to the inability of the average Man to realize the importance of making Hay while the Sun shines. The House approved the debt settlement agreed to by representatives of this country and Italy. While it was not As satisfactory As might have been desired it was a matter of half a loaf or none. Worlds largest Chain department store organization Al station wide institution Tunney department stores 107 West main Street no reliable Quality goods always at lower prices makes these values especially attractive mow women who insist on the most for their Money have Learned that our nation wide values actually out sail the sales every Day every Money every season. 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