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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 1

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Ada, Oklahoma The College paper editor who resents the invasion of girls on Many a assumed vice of smoking is in minority better encourage it to get better results from the fair sex. Sunday partly Cloudy and colder. Monday fair and warmer. The Ada Evering news All the news while it is news volume xxx number 258ada, Oklahoma sunday january 17, 1928 three cents the Coty of if death Trail leading to Little cemetery packed with funeral processions. Monism census Many claim Boyle forced use of Carbide lamps against their wishes. By the associated treat Wilburton Jan. 16 Wilburton tonight had buried most of its dead. The catastrophe that on wednesday snuffed out at least 91 lives in the Dunan Mcconnell mine no. 21 had retreated into memory. Aaa Walden Here for weeks court on special cases District judge j. W. Bolen will take a rest of a week from the Bench Here while special judge aaa Walden of Marietta assumes the roster to hear cases in which the i Ada Jurist is disqualified. He will again be on the Bench the follow-1 ing monday. Late saturday afternoon judge Bolen was hearing another Case in which the old conservative loan company was involved. A feature Case of saturday after-1 noon was the hearing of the Case of Bertie slate is Western Union Tele j graph company. A judgment of $500 was granted the plaintiff int the Case by the jury. The Tele a graph company was sued for failure to deliver a death message. Judge Bolen has been kept Busy during the past week with a number of important cases. A Are you an average american ii in by sector pushed Bael the two Days that by intervened while rescuers ranged the mine for bodies and undertakers foreshore sleep to hasten to care for the dead. Tonight sad eyed women and Little children who looked on without understanding had returned Home without husband and father to face the dreary Prospect of the future. Hundreds of relatives some of them almost in tatters had stood about the Long Row of Graves in the Wilburton cemetery or the Little Catholic burying ground watching to in final act in the tragic Story. More than 40 men were buried Here today. Some had been buried yesterday and a number were sent to other cities. Churches Homes and undertaking Parlours were scenes of pathos. Coffin after coffin was taken Down a the Western fail to the Little cemetery. Two Miles from town. Wilburton citizens watched one funeral procession after a other but the aur eation a a ios it funeral could not be answered. There were so Many in Wilburton today. Two bodies in Luch condition that they had to be buried taken direct a from the Norris maintains president has had secret understanding with aides. By the Apoc Intro in in i Washington Jan. 1�, Prest. I Dent Coolidge was charged in the i Senate today by senator Norris t Republican of Nebraska with violating the Laws of the Laud through i seem understanding with his appointees to Independent commis i in behalf of Resolution 1 for investigation of the Tariff com-1 Mission. Senator Norris declared that the president belong d to h group that believed All commis i Sious should be used for partisan purposes and that he had used his j High office to misconstrue the let Tor and spirit of the Tariff Law. I charged that or. Coolidge had reappointed David a. Lewis Democrat of Maryland to the commission for a political purposes and in bad before the appoint i ment was made. Senator Norris said the president requested Lewis to give him a Blanket letter of t once were nation. Which the president mine to the a Nind authorized to execute at any time. Although Lewis refused the letter the senator add appointment was made. College editor hits girls fags by the associated press Chicago Jan. 16�?�?oit�?Ts All right for co eds to smoke but they ought to provide their own supplies. This quotation of Fred Handschy editor of Circle student publication is contained in a sch ipod slum on College girls smoking it Rint de by the daily Maroon another student publication of the University of Chicago. Co eds smoke cigarettes with a zest that is alarming averred the editor of the daily and when they do they infringe on Many a hitherto exclusive vice forgetting a that civilization rests upon their Small one member of the undergraduate Council called the habit a a filthy. Another hoped that none smoked a to fake collegiate admiration. Sim to waive Hale and Ramsey appear in Federal court on arraignment in Case. A emitted they Reserve pleas until con vening of Federal court in Oklahoma City. Cec in Alfred Johnson a Bovear shown the in. S. Census Iii Rafiu s Repine Nientsu for the average american and Cecil Alfred John son who meets nearly every one of them. I Home is states. Coolidge i carrying around to hold Over Mem Job is of Independent he continued. A this is a very Force a Ful method of influencing commis in the common the dead men i men who had prolonged strike i non Union basis s. Ii cemetery Early today. Ministers from surrounding towns j to give i joined hands with the local clergy e j Tjie and salvation army representatives wonder How Many similar in conducting the funerals. J resignation. President Coolidge i a sweetheart who was to have been married today followed the body of her Lover to one of the Graves. An a red Neero who Cam a unhurt from the smoking pit watched four of his sons so to their rest. Boyle a a til Rue now Union and non Union men forgot their differences sorrow. Most of were former uni it dropped out of the to accept work on and feeling was explosion came to Rier. De Boyle stat today began Bis checking up the Aster. Immediate had declared i the mine were r Day the statement he said that he i Many of the victim for years. Renewal of the mine chief on Hind to inspect damage it by the associated Tress Fairmount w. Va., Jan. 16. H. M. Lambie chief of the West Virginia department of mines arrived with exp Rte today to examine the no 8 mine of the Jamison Coal and Coke company at farm a says this country in ton in an Effort to Peter nine world. The cause of the blast which of by Roy j. Gibbons aka service Wriler Whitehall iud., Jan. 16�?at j last that average american citizen you have heard so much about has been found. He lives in this Remote Village i or 50 inhabitant eight Miles from a Railroad line. He pays $3 a month rent for his Home. He is married and has four children. He believes in god and is the Best in the i scout executive responsible for continuation of moral teachings. Five life of Christ schools were conducted this week with 55 boys and 78 girls in attendance for five Days. These schools were conduct-1 de at horse shoe ranch pleasant i Valley Sunshine Blue Mound and Laxton schools. Each of the teachers rendered very valuable assist i Ance in conducting these schools. I three moral hero schools were held at Latta Franks and Fitzhugh pres. A. Linscheid lectured at lat-1 to and at Fitzhugh on Roger Wil hams. Rev. R. T. Blackburn on i Samuel John Mills and Rev. O. E. Whitwell on Dwight l. Moody. All j of these men were greatly enjoy i de. Intense interest was Manifest j in these schools. At each of these schools there j was held a contest to determine More evidence has been received i much of four students could Tell Best orally the stones of the lives Here Ilia Young Barnes welcomes of Hesp Man at Latta scout Lee the Opportunity to again enter the j Welch won first prize miss Montie ring to face his abbreviated Antag-1 Scott won first place also in the contest with the girls. At Franks near the exact Center of population of tile United Darnes claims fight will be interesting i tit t bitter when shatter the Mil the bar 1 aspect or. Actual work of of the Dis a after the blast iat Green men in Spon sible but Iowa modified and ironed that one. Passing their Mission in of these was Murphy aged 8 and 2 Days. Hill. 1840 in Tennessee and by one the pioneers Are away their lift Well spent life accomplished. Samuel Houston years. 5 month e was born August Rutherford county died at Union Yal lad d b there whether electric lights should be mines has result Aster. Boyle had Carbide lamps. Sen Ted his action and s dared sine#1 the blast t never have happened i cont or a ised i id for Forre it Many rovers Over Irbid Cap i. Oklahoma in tile Dis i the use of miners regime had de it would the til in Tat and been wearing electric lights. By near Ston Wall tuesday morning. January 12, 1126. He was United in marriage to miss Susan Rebecca Hayne in 186 7 and to this Union was born 12 children. 1 boys and 8 girls. Or. Murphy with his companion and children moved to Travis county Shawnee and mrs. Sallie Aubrey to Stonewall. Okla. He served 4 years in flu civil War in the 2nd Tennessee regiment. At an Early age he professed religion and bad been a member of the Mil Hod iat Church for 52 years. Thursday night Cost the lives of 19 or the 39 men in the working. A final Cvack shows Iliad 20 escaped after Haring been entombed More than 18 hours. The. Coroner has named the jury to sit at an inquest which will be after the examination of the mine has been completed by the experts. The explosion the investigators said tonight affected an Aren about a mile or More Square. It a prevented from going Back in the tar reaches of the mine they said by the wide water Hole. It we a prevented from going outward through the Shaft because mine just previous to the blast had been thoroughly sprinkled for Soma distance Back. A a must face court for dogs death a Justice decrees Oklahoma City. Jan. 16. A Call which wag sent through Oklahoma for Money to help the destitute families of miners kill a in the explosion at Wilburton wednesday was met by than $3,96 0 up to tonight. From an Appeal broadcast 8 action Koo at Bristow radio of the state angered with by fans contributions amounting to More than $1,000. Bristow Lions club added $100 to the amount. Henryetta gave la 493. Collected in one intensive drive and my Abate $150 and other cities gave no estimation of their collections. A a a Pontotoc county poultry group elects officers at it recent county poultry the following ing year a e. Ratliff. Charley Bobbitt. Clyde Kaiser Sec Roy Meek assistant Weldon. Superino officers for the com president mrs. Vice president teary treasurer Secretary j. F. Ident Renzo Cooper assistant superintendent. It was decided to hold the next annual show december 1-4 and w. C. Tallant was agreed on As judge provided his services pm be secured at that time. It was also decided to hold meetings in different places of the county if invitations Are extended. And Ever lived a consecrated Christian life. He was prominent in the moral and religious work of his Community. The funeral was held at his borne wednesday at 2 p. In. With the methodist my voter of Stonewall officiating. Interment was made in the Stonewall cemetery. Several bouquet of Flowers were sent which w re mute expressions of the High est pm in which he Wra held by friends there and Over the state. Or. Murphy in our Jed by his wife 4 sons and 8 daughters. 6 preceded him in death a veral years so. They Are w. W. Murphy Stonewall j. W. Murphy Stonewall mrs. I on French Vivian la. Or. Myrtle Mccullough. Manor Feas mrs. Daisy Blankenship. Shawnee and a Refl Sallie Aubrey Stonewall. Meeting Pontotoc Active pallbearers his grandsons Shocia Tion elected i a grew to Pat Ani Clyde French of Vivian la. John and Dick Murphy of Stonewall Bill Godley of Stonewall and Clyde Murphy of Shawnee All of the children were present except mrs. Myrtle Mccullough of Manor Texas. A v11j a youths get at of Mph is killing dogs in time of a mad dog epidemic and slaughtering the animals under other conditions Are entirely different matters it was cited Friday afternoon when Homer Danley was bound Over to await the action of District court on a charge of cruelty to an animal. Danley was alleged to have killed a dog on a Highway near Ada re-1 gently. I murder of the dog is a felony charge. Justice h. J. Brown explained and in finding the evidence sufficient to hold Danley placed his Bond at $500. The preliminary hearing for Danley brought out a Large crowd of court fans. J his name is Cecil Alfred Johnson. Besides being the closest resident to the National Center of population. Johnson qualifies closely in All the characteristics the u. 8. Census Bureau says the average american j citizen must have. The Center of population of the j United states is a big tree 1.9 Miles West of Whitehall. Mathematicians have figured it out to a hairs breadth. It shifts from year to j year. Johnson live Little More than a mile from the exact Center. What he should Rani the average american should earn $2150. Johnson earns $2100. The average american should be about 26 year old and weigh 148 1-2 pounds. His complexion should be a a intermediate. He should be a Mechanic. Johnson is 28 and has four Chil Dren instead of the required three but the rest of the data fits him like a Glove. Even his complexion and that of his wife fit the census requirements exactly. I s. Average american is supposed to be a few months under 23. Mrs. Johnson is 25. Her height weight and complexion Are almost Onist. Shorty Call former Allen favorite and erstwhile protege of a promoter a r. Dixon. In a letter directed to Call j Barnes states in emphatic terms his doubts about Call being Able to repeat the stunt that ended his of i forts in the seventh round of their last match. Barnes is firm in his i belief that he will remain the ten rounds and Call will be fondling j i the mat instead of himself. J the fighters meet Here on january 26 for their second match. Barnes asking the return engage a ment to retaliate his knockout Iii. 1 his last a toll. I in the meanwhile. Call is plug i Ging away at his training quarters j trying out another punch to reach vulnerable spots in Barnes defense. Last time Call sent a lightning j blow to Barnes Abdomen and Doub i led to the jaw to finish the match. I Barnes will be prepared for such a match on their second engagement a and Call intends to feed him some i new Brand of fighting. Fans who witnessed the last fist i cuff Between the two men were agreed that Barnes is a neat scrap j per and that Callas telling blow j came somewhat As a Surprise to j them. I by the associated press Guthrie Jan. 16�?rumored negotiations of Federal officials with the state for custody of w. K. Hale ranch Man of the Osage Hills were confirmed today simultaneously with Hales arraignment in the United states District court Here on an indictment charging him with the murder of Henry Roan a wealthy Osage Indian. Edwin Brown special assistant attorney general who has been in charge of the governments investigation of an alleged conspiracy to kill a number of wealthy Osage for their fortunes today asked governor m. E. Trapp for dismissal of a murder charge filed against Halo by the state and the surrender of the ranch Man to the governments custody. After a conference with the governor attorney general George f. Short said he would accede Only if the request came from the United states attorney general. Hale and John Ramsey jointly charged in a Federal indictment reserved their pleas until next tuesday when they were arraigned today. The pleas will be made in Oklahoma City As a new term of Federal District court will open there monday. Through a misunderstanding on the part of state officers Hale was not brought into court at la a. Rn., the scheduled hour of his arraignment. The court room was filled with spectators eager to see Tho Man who has been painted As one the winners were Orval Chambers and miss Flossie Chambers. The a winners in the life of Christ school of the leading spirits in the alleged were Sunshine octava Underhill. After a tie with Maudie Pitt and Ruth eager and the boy winning a new testament was Johnnie Jones. At pleasant Valley the Winner conspiracy. The room was cleared after judge John h. Cotteral announced the postponement of the formality until 2 p. Rn., and it was empty except for officials a few minutes was Nellie Pittman and the boy Pater when Hale and Ramsey heard a i the indictment read to them. After Tom Davis at Blue Mound the girl winning Wras Maggie Crisp and the boy t. J. Connor at horse shoe ranch Effie May Aiken won and Woodrow brents. A total of 348 boys and girls were reached this week in these eight schools of five Daws each and 378 Miles were travelled j a Fine musical program and in it text ailment program Wras taken to Francis thursday night for the Benefit of the expenses incurred in j connection with the moral heroes j course carried on there recently j the male quartet and the dramatic j i Art class of the College furnished j i the program. A hurried consultation by Telephone with the attorney general a office in Oklahoma City Hale had been brought to the Federal building by Tom Boggess sheriff of Logan county. Judge Cotteral was re called to the court room and the arraignment held forthwith. Lingley Hopes he will Mike i Hod prisoner dance orchestra to appear Here soon identical with those arrived at by j r the census Bureau statistics Lyl Lowil were arrived at after examination of 2,000 subjects whose forefathers had been americans for three Gen Erat Iona. Farming ranks second to median-1 Leal trades in the bureaus list of gainful occupations. Johnson has j been a Farmer too. And right now j occasionally pitches Iii when a neigh j Hor needs a hand. The chief a Ini of or Johnson is to rear their followers of the terpsichore Anu non Art in Ada will have an Opportunity j to to \ to Charleston to the jazz furnished by one of the Best known orchestras of tile Southland Here on the eve i neither powder has any or Short per Matty killed in Julian Tokyo. Jan. 16.--eighteen sons were reported to be k ill in 12 injured i a Railroad wreck near Here today. None of the victims by the a my Laird press Bartlesville. Jan. 16�?Dias. Rec lesion and Dias. N. White. Bartlesville youths pleaded guilty in the court or Memphis tenn., thin week to the charge of robbing with fire army and were each sentenced to a term of 15 years in the Tenn and i Penitentiary Cool Ding to i word received Here Friday by sheriff Creed. They pleaded guilty to trial of former marshal kor robbery under Way by the associated i re Pawhuska. Jan. 16.�?the trial of Joe Alvarado former Deputy United states marshal. Charged with the robbery of a Burbank store started in state District court this morning. Having completed tile testimony i and Cross examination of a a Whitey Hughes self confessed accomplice ii. The crime the state put on two i witnesses to Tell of stolen clothing being found the morning after the a Crim a was committed in the closet i of the guest House of the Sinclair i Oil company near Shidler where i Hughes stated the loot from the j store Watak a. A basketball a results j army 47 Georgetown 20. Of u. 40 Drake 25. I Ohio state 30 Illinois 18. Keota 23 Poteau 18. Purdue 30 Northwestern 35. Iowa 29 Indiana 22. Nebraska 24 Grinnell la. Michigan 38 Michigan state 15. Columbia 34 Cornell 22. Useful citizenship use for Rouge skirts. A the girls ought to rub some of the paint off so a fellow can see what he a says Johnson. Defends prohibition Johnson upholds the dry Law and does not believe in its modification in the slightest degree. A a in be taken a drink or two a he says. A but liquor does no Good. I 1 guess we can get along without besides there a too Many Biles Johnson while he fails to get a kick out of politics thinks presi Dent Coolidge is making Good a1-j is a Democrat a Ning of january 26. When the l. C. And mrs., Duncan Marin Southern entertain children to j a in no a a at the convention Hall. J Era appear from the basement of the convention Hall will Drift music from i the orchestra that has appeared in it a number of engagements in some i of the most popular dance places of the land. The orchestra comes to Ada direct from b. F. Keith a vaudeville circuit after a ten weeks run. The orchestra assisted in the opening of i i he new Peabody hotel in Memphis. Where it played for several weeks. I its closing dates were in a popular Atlanta ga., Jan. 16�?prisoner no. 21,516, former congressman John w. Langley of Kentucky to night had served his first Day of i the two year sentence in the at Lanta Federal Penitentiary imposed him for conspiracy to violate the National prohibition Law. Accompanied by Roy b. Williams chief United states marshal for the Eastern District of Kentucky the former congressman arrived Here Early today. The Brief formalities of a checking in were quickly completed Aud Langley lost his identity behind the prison number and became one of the three thousand inmates of the Gray walled prison. A i am going to do my Best to make a Good record he said As the j prison Gates were closed on him. J a and i have not Given up Hope of getting my situation cleared up before Atlanta. Ga., \ w. Langley for 20 Johnson at Here is his philosophy of though heart. And life a i Only want Money enough to get along on. What a Money any-1 How i just want to Lay away a j Jan. 16�?John w years Congress Automo-1 cafe in Chicago. Tile orchestra Man from Kentucky entered the Al a has appeared in such places As Tex a a Federal Penitentiary Here toss hotel it. Worth Winter Day to begin serving a two year sen Den. San Antonio Abeles cabaret j Fence on conviction of conspiracy Mexico City Yourse hotel in Shreve j to violate the National prohibition port and Many others. A a governor Trapp member of mexican Hunting party by the Prana Oklahoma City Jan. 16. A governor Trapp was a member of Law. Are the foreigners. Track and the train jump i 200 feet. A charge of hijacking the Ballan club in Memphis on december 18. La Kollette in action Washington. Jan. 16�?senator Man that a la Follette. Republican Wisconsin today introduced a Resolution asking the Secretary of state for information concerning the conditions under which the american resigns lion a granted to Mexico. I Little for a Rainy Day. J a i want the children to Chance. That a Why i live Small town. J could make fore j president of the Senate and acting j Money in a City. J lieutenant governor will act As a a Success is not Money. Success governor. Los having friends. Id rather have in the party with governor Trapp i for my friends the 50 people who i were h. L. Boulton of Sapulpa Ilive in Whitehall than go to a City j jewel Hicks of Oklahoma City and a and slave for riches or Fame. A a. H Daugherty of Durant. A if you have friends and they Alove you and you love them Why. Florida team by that Anim or it Corah Gables Collegia Teg today de Coral Gables fla., Jan. 16�? in Hunting party which left okla have a a Boma cite today for Matamoras i in this i Mexico. W. J. Holloway of Hugo j a i teacher but no it. Guthrie Jan. 16-judge John h. Cotteral this morning postponed the arraignment in Federal court of w k. Hale. A King of the Osage Hills on a Federal indictment. Charging him with the murder of Henry Roan wealthy Osage Indian until 2 of clock this afternoon after i Hale had failed to appear at the i hour scheduled. During a to min Ute recess Roy i Ewis u. S. District j attorney conferred by Telephone i with the state attorney general a of a fice and received permission for the i Logan county sheriff to bring hah i into court. The postponement was taken before Lewis had time to announce this development in court. The recess had been ordered to allow the attorney time to Iron out the misunderstanding. Hale is in state custody. Roy Lewis District attorney said it we As his understanding that the state of Oklahoma would produce Hale for arraignment. Hale is charged with the murder of a. E. Smith of Fairfax. John Ramsey charged jointly with Hale who is in Federal custody was brought into court by Ewers White u. S. Marshal. Judge Cotteral declined to Issue an order directing Hale to be brought into court. A Short recess was taken to Confer with state officials in an attempt to arrange for Hale s appearance. A we can to have an arraignment if we Haven to a prisoners judge Cotteral said. A we can to order his appearance because he is not under jurisdiction of this Lewis said Geo. Short state attorney general had Given his consent for Hale to appear in Federal court for arraignment and it was Lewis understanding that the state w Ould produce him. The courtroom was crowded at the hour of arraignment this morning and keen disappointment wa3 noted when Hale failed to appear. Every school child in Turkey must have surname. Nicknames May be used Only providing they do not signify anything insulting or vilified. After trailing for three periods the heated tiles new York giant 14 to 13, in a professional football game. Lake non mo., Jan. 16�?a school with a teacher but no pupils is being operated North of Pilot Grove near Here. The teacher goes to school every Day although she has not one to instruct. The school wishing to he on the Safe Side at the opening of the term employed a teacher although there had been a shortage of pupils for some time. It was Learned later that available pupils had enrolled in the school at Pilot Grove. The teacher however goes to the classroom every Day thus fulfilling her contract. Oklahoma City Jan. 16-surrender of w. K. Hale to United states government for prosecution on a murder charge and dismissal of state murder charges pending against him at Pawhuska was requested today by Edwin k. Brown assistant United states attorney general in a letter to governor. Trapp. War debt agreement approved Washington Jan. 16. A war1 debt agreement with Belgium Rumania. Latavia Esthonia. And Czecho Slovakia involving approximately $600,000,000 were approved today by the House in rapid

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