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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Ada, OklahomaRecent conversation. Quot i d quit smoking Quot one Man said to another Quot but it gives me something to do with my hands. It s Quot suck your thumb Quot his Friend answered. First Man replied. Quot i m too Ada evening news 63rd year no. 257 Ada Oklahoma sunday january 8,1967 32 pages 5 cents weekday 10 cents sunday vietnamese infantrymen and rangers ride armoured personnel carriers through the run Csc of the Mekong Delta during a search and Clear operation Southwest of my Tho about 60 Miles from Saigon last week. Terrain of this kind is faced by several battalion of the . 25th division which have moved into this area of South Vietnam. A wire photo leathernecks launch massive Campaign in the Mekong Delta six die in bizarre vegas blast Las vegas Nev. A a three Story Motel was virtually destroyed saturday by an apparently suicidal blast that killed six persons and injured eight. The downtown area was rocked at 1 25 . By an sex Pic i Sion police believe was touched off by someone firing a Bullet into dynamite. Police said the blast entered in room 214 of the orbit inn registered to a or. And mrs. R. J. Paris of Hollywood Calif. They were driving a car with Florida License plates. State gets new governor monday As Dewey Bartlett takes the oath of office Oklahoma City apr centralized supervision All penal Dewey Follet Bartlett a oilman j and correctional institutions and Pilot legislators admittedly fac the parole and probation system. Chunk of growth f guard after Justice Robert e. Lavender of the supreme court administers the oath of office is the biggest Challenge of his life when he becomes a Oklah dist. Atty. George Franklin a a s governor monday. Or. Said a charred .25 Caliper j but Many of the signposts i automatic pistol was found indicate the 47-year old Tulsa re four years ago. The Alley behind the Motel close publican is Well equipped to the governor elect is fresh to a severed human hand. He meet the demands of his office. From f0ur years in the Senate said two rounds of ammunition Money As usual is in much the last two As assistant minor of the same Caliper were found Shorter Supply than the demands Ity Leader. And Bellmon As the r a for cold Cash from nearly every first gop governor since okla Saigon South Vietnam apr a . Marines struggled through Waist deep vehicle mining swamps saturday in the opening phase of an american Campaign in the Mekong River Delta that could make this the bloodiest year of the vietnamese War. The heavily populated Delta with mangrove thickets and Rice paddies laced by 25,000 Nativa ble Miles of Waterways has been out of the martial mainstream because of the Prospect that Sharp action against indigenous Viet Cong bands would mean heavy civilian casualties. Its hard for even a native to distinguish guerrillas from peaceful Panama Clad peasants. But the Delta has been a 20 years and now americans Are making the first big Ameri Are joining vietnamese troops can thrust into the Delta. Eight in an Effort to crush guerrilla bands estimated to total 100,000 vehicles had to be towed out. Enemy resistance to the 4,000-men. Vietnamese efforts Over j Man task Force which stormed the years had led but to a stale ashore by Landing Craft and Hel mate negating hard won gains copters on White Beach Friday from a flotilla of 12 . Navy ships was reported limited to scattered sniper fire. The operation called dec House five centers 55 Miles South of Saigon. From the air the Delta looks like a picture postcard land. But vietnamese troops regularly assigned there have found campaigning ugly business. It was with reluctance that . Military planners decided american obstacle units with the fantastic fire for the a Power of heavy artillery and american marines who in com s fighter bombers should move in farther North. The Viet congas extensive Delta organization feeds Large quantities of men supplies and Money to red units in other parts of the country. The Rice Harvest is on now in the Delta and Viet Cong tax agents Are levying Grain from the peasants in areas the communists control. Swamp mud and water initially proved a greater than the Viet Cong heartland of the communists for a Pany with vietnamese marines. To help their fear was a and is a that an aggressive military stance among the seven million or so Delta dwellers might Label . Forces a colonialist army. That is a tag avoided so far because the americans have been deployed where there were fewer people and More room to Man Euver. Experts figure a full infantry division 15,000 or so men is the minimum needed to really Start carving through the stalemate. They estimate the initial Cost of deployment of such a division and its supporting units at a billion dollars. The Call for helicopters Light armoured vehicles and River Craft would be larger than Normal in a Region of firmer ground. In the Florida car. Authorities said a Wallet with identification cards issued to r. J. Paris a and containing an Arizona permit to carry explosives a were found in what remained of room 214. The Wallet also contained a California Drivers License they said. Franklin said it appeared someone had fired the gun into the dynamite taken to the Motel room. Detective it. Paul Gulas said however that no suicide note had been found. Police found wires in the Back seat of the Florida car which they could not explain. Franklin said this was an indication someone had planned a suicide a probably right in the Middle of downtown a then decided to detonate the dynamite in the Motel. Agency of state government. But state budget director Carl Williams a Sulphur Democrat says a Dewey Bartlett probably knows More about state finances than any other governor we have had. And that includes Raymond Gary a Madill Democrat earned a reputation for knowing All of the ins and outs of financing state government during his four years As governor 1955-1959. A major problem faced by Bartlett is political he is a Republican and the legislature continues to be dominated by democrats. But Bartlett has been working diligently toward a solution by keeping in close touch with the democratic leaders of both the biggest Money. One phase of Bartlett a plan Bartlett has a head Start in 11� raise a Little additional Mon to the new governor his relations with the legislature i a a a unclaimed property act a other activities of the Day to which gov Henry Bellmon did was introduced with bipartisan elude a 1 p. M. Reception for the not have when he took office support last week As the 31st Public in the Capitol Blue room Oklahoma legislature went to a 150-per-plate reception Ana work. Banquet at the Skirvin hotel at lawmakers meet at 11 . 6 . And an invitation Only monday in separate sessions i Ball at 9 p. M. At the Oklahoma preceding the inaugural Cere City Fairgrounds Arena monies which get under Way at the jazz Section of the okla-11 30 . On the South Steps of homa City symphony orchestra the Capitol. A we wont be doing a lot of legislating until Dewey delivers his budget message tuesday i afternoon �2 . A said Privett. Homa statehood has done much of the trailblazing in proving that a Republican can survive the Job. I am very encouraged with if True this would be the most houses. President pro tempore spectacular suicide yet in this Clem Mcspadden of Chelsea in famed gambling resort. The Senate and speaker Rex the 73-unit Motel virtually Privett of Maramec in the demolished by the blast is four a House blocks from a Cluster of Down Mcspadden and Privett have town casinos and two Miles met several times with Bartlett from the lavish Las vegas strip of gambling resorts. The dead were not identified immediately. Injured were Lewis Palmer 60, and his wife Laura 66, Preston Idaho Steve Merich 70, to discuss his budget and program and indicated general support for the incoming governors plans. Both lawmakers have agreed to be co authors for Bartlett a proposed department of Corree grisly to begins again for state soviet Russia takes a new look at the threat from red China per Moscow a an import by the associated press Tant shift in soviet policy has. Occurred. Signs indicate it two deaths in the Oklahoma j Means an increasingly serious vew of possible danger from China. Secrecy so far veils the new policy line. But things Here and there a newspaper articles and words from communist sources a show that China is preying on Kremlin minds As a potential threat. And As China gets More attention Vietnam gets less. Vietnam is a relatively Static problem some distance away China an explosively turbid problem along the soviet unions longest Border. The fact of an important shift in policy by the soviet communist party which sets the governments policies was published saturday in the party newspaper pravda in an indirect Way. In an article scheduled for publication in sundays pravda the toughness of policy toward China was indicated by a caustic report on a some new zigzags of the a great proletarian cultural the article Tass the soviet news Agency reported says the a new zigzags Are attended by a still More widely spread anti soviet Campaign unbridled propaganda of the great Power anti Leninist course of Mao tse Tung and his group which runs counter to the fundamental interests of the chinese the indirect confirmation of an important policy shift came in a news item on the front Page of saturdays pravda. Pravda reported that in recent Days seven party leaders had briefed regional party officials across european Russia and into Sibera and a China Border Region of soviet Central Asia. Earlier two top party men Leonid i. Brezhnev and Mikhail a. Suslov gave briefings in Moscow and Leningrad. The subject was the dec. 12-13 secret meetings of the party scentral committee and the speech Brezhnev made to it. City area saturday and two More fatalities from earlier accidents raised Oklahoma a 1967 traffic toll to 15 compared with 11 at the same time last year. The victims Carl Ream 34, the Village a suburb of Oklahoma City. Isaac Simpson 20, Midwest City. Paula Woods 14, Al Reno. Woodrow Gumm 53, it. 1, Butler. Ream was killed when his car crashed into a Bridge abutment on Oklahoma City a Northeast expressway saturday. Simpson was killed earlier in the Day when the car he was driving went out of control and hit a Utility pole in Northeast Oklahoma City. The Al Reno girl died saturday in an Oklahoma City Hospital of injuries suffered Friday night in a crash which left three other members of her family in critical condition. The car in which the Al Reno family was Riding crashed into a Bridge abutment 7vz Miles East of Chandler on the Turner Turnpike. In critical condition were the dead girls Mother mrs. Marjorie Alta Woods 39, Driver of the car the father Russell Woods 41, and a sister Mary 31. Huddleston sell a 1 Bank in Wewoka i i Wewoka a the 1 Sale of the first National a a Bank of Wewoka was am h bounced saturday. 1 or. And mrs. Charles g Huddleston owners of the h Bank for about eight 1 years said they have sold 1 their interest to Fred la a a Quement of Stroud. The 1 amount of Money involved a a in the transaction was not 1 announced. The speech was not made Public after the meeting meaning it was a hot item politically. The committee Resolution following it however said the great Power a anti soviet policy of Mao tse Tung and his group has entered a new dangerous it said the meeting had found it necessary to expose the wayward course a of the present chinese leaders to step up the struggle in defense of marxism leninism. A details of the danger of How to expose and to step up the struggle were not Given publicly. They Are the underlying policy. In fact non communist analysts Here say a shift on China became apparent in a pravda editorial nov. 27. It was the strongest denunciation of Mao a group in years. It held out for the first time the suggestion that the soviet Union was backing Mao a opponents in the chinese Power struggle. About the same time informed sources said sem Public meetings were being held to spread the party word about tensions on the China Border. The meetings were intended to Alert the Public to the existence of a possible future enemy. And his wife Katie 57, san per tons which would bring under Dro Calif. James Mahon 24, and his wife Bobbie 22, Las vegas and Charles Pearce. 73, and his wife Essie Bishop Calif. Palmer underwent surgery. The pearces were treated for minor injuries and released. Three bodies were found in one room two in another and one in a third. Thirty rooms were occupied at the time and about 60 persons were in the Motel. The Fine cooperation which Clem and Rex have Given me a bar a Lett commented Friday. A we have every Hope of working out a Good program for the a there will be give and take on both ends a he predicted earlier. In the area of finances Bartlett will be called upon to use All of the knowledge with which the budget director credited him. The state has about $17 million in growth Revenue to provide for additional programs in the coming year unless some still unseen source of new Money is found. The state supreme court last Spring struck Down As unconstitutional the traditional legislative practice of appropriating estimated surplus tax collections. The decision put the state Back on a Cash Only basis. A we think we have worked out a Good program on the basis of the Money which is available a Bartlett said recently warning not to expect anything earthshaking in the program the first two Days of the week belong to the a but we plan to get Busy again on wednesday a he said. The House is expected to get the department of corrections Bill this week. Congressional redistricting a a s have been introduced in houses and legislative leaders have said they Are hopeful of getting this political hot potato taken care of fairly Early in the session. Bartlett has promised to give Quick attention to pending appointments As soon As possible indicating some decisions will be announced this week. A 19-gun Salute and a symbolic Mace of office will Mark the inauguration of Bartlett As the states second Republican governor. The Torch shaped Mace an innovation devised by Bellmon will be passed to Bartlett by the out going governor a Symbol of the passing of authority. The 19-gun Salute will be fired by artillerymen of Oklahoma a education is expected to get 145th division of the National and count Basie a orchestra will alternate in providing music for the Ball. The banquet and Ball Are Black tie affairs marking a shift from the Bellmon inauguration at which the governor refused to Wear a Tuxedo. Bartlett has held a wide Range of interests on his Way to becoming governor of Oklahoma. A native of Ohio Bartlett was raised in a Lush truck farming area and says he held a number of farm jobs during the Summers before developing an interest in Oil. The Oil interest probably was inevitable however since his family founded the Keener Oil co. Which developed Oil in Ohio and Oklahoma Workings at Bartlesville Dewey Konawa and Wewoka at the turn of the Century. Bartlett was a student Leader and All Star basketball player at Princeton University. He moved to Oklahoma two decades ago As a newly discharged Marine dive bomber Pilot. Bartlett is married to the former Ann Smith of Seattle Wash and has three children Dewey jr., 18 Joan 17 and Mike 15. He is the first roman Catholic to become governor of Oklahoma since statehood. Cd Wanna an out opposition Hopes to strip chairmanship from Powell Washington apr some influential House liberals will ask that rep. Adam Clayton Power be removed As a committee chairman monday but that he be allowed to remain in Congress. The attempt to strip Powell of the chairmanship of the education and labor committee Wel be one of two attacks on the houses almost sacrosanct seniority system at the democratic party caucus a Day in Advance of the opening of Congress. The liberals will try also to prevent rep. William m. Col Mer d-miss., a conservative from moving into the vacant chairmanship of the important House rules committee. The pre caucus strategy has been worked out by leaders of the democratic study group which with a claimed membership of 145, represents a majority of the 248 democratic House members. In their Effort to topple two chairmen the Eberall will be going against the wishes of speaker John w. Mccormack d-mass., who regards the seniority system As a Cornerstone of congressional organization. If it succeeds the study group will have achieved a goal Long sought by advocates of congressional reforms. Although the study group has official by taken no stand on the Power Issue a motion to take the important chairmanship away from him will be made by a Leader of the group rep. Morris k. Daud Ariz. Udall said he wifi ask the democratic committee on committees which assigns members to committees and designates chairmen to name rep. Carl d. Perkins d-ky., chairman of the committee now headed by Power a negro Democrat from new York. Perkins now is second in seniority behind Power whose new ranking would be left to the democratic committee on committees. A i Wie then vote to seat Power a Udah told newsmen a on the grounds his constituents knowing All the circumstances about him elected him and would undoubtedly continue to elect him. Baker trial opens monday in capital Washington a Bobby Baker who built a Fortune while he worked As Secretary to the Senate a democratic majority goes to trial monday on charges of tax evasion theft and conspiracy. The trial May not have the sexy overtones of earlier Baker controversy but possible consequences of conviction a 48 years in prison and $47,000 in finest Are far greater than the Mere denunciation the Senate rules committee gave him in 1965. The trial in u. S. District court could also provide fuel for renewed poetical controversy. Guesses on the length of the Baker trial run to three months. The prosecution estimates a minimum of three weeks to present its Case against the 38-year-old onetime confidant of Many democratic senators including the majority Leader Lyndon b. Johnson. Baker was indicted one year ago Friday by a Federal grand jury foe owing a 15-month investigation. He has pleaded innocent. Selection of 12 jurors and six alternates is the expected first order of business in the proceedings before District judge Oliver Gasch. So far no new motion to delay the trial has been filed. Government prosecutor William o. Bittman fearing a delay motion if his plan of attack is pub sized in Advance declines to say How Many witnesses he Wie cae or to go into other details of prosecution tactics. He did speculate that it would take three or four weeks to present his Case adding. A obviously i done to know the length of the or. Orange Elbom probably j were afraid Pancho As we Call has the most unusual pet in i him would die in our cold Wea Bright Green. Ada. I ther especially during the plane on a Brown a real live iguana. Trip Back. We flew at 12,000 Brown. The local doctor and his wife feet at one Point a said Wel made a private plane trip to bom. Mexico dec. 28 in the Vicinity of puerto Vallary a. This is the Region where the movie a night Pancho survived the trip Al iguana Sulphur sets push for new Library of the banana tree he was last night lying Rug he turned Elbom said the mexican natives eat the iguana but said personally the idea does no to fas though he a Stel a bit stiff. The a Sinate him. Elbom said he has Sulphur staff an intensive drive for funds for a of the iguana was filmed and up in i amp us a Al is. St a it Quot a a a a a it in Sulphur it literally teems with the fierce room placing in they expressed interest m a looking reptiles. A a native was abusing the iguana blinding him in one Eye. In getting away he ran up a banana tree so we bought him As a pet for Mike our son. Of course that part of mex in a Large can along with a warm water soaked Blanket. He a three feet Long about average. A one of the interesting things about an iguana is that he changes colors according to scheduled to begin soon ing the iguana when he no Long Jeff Laird chairman of the or is desirable As a pet. Library Board said the goal a i mean you just done to keep will be $62,500, to match a fed an iguana around forever like Grant of an equal amount. You would Elbom. A dog a said or. Mrs. Ico is a tropical Jungle and we i what he son. When we got him Hearty Elbom Cut a i agree a in with a Money will be available under the Federal Libran services act which is administered through the state Library. Laird said Sulphur a application has been approved by the state Library subject to the raising of the local part of the Cost. The City of Sulphur has provided a site for the Buik Hng at the location of the old Frisco depot on Broadway. This will provide a Central location Laird noted equally accessible to citizens of East and West Sulphur. A 7,000 Square foot building is planned to House the Sulphur Branch of the Chickasaw Library system which has its Headquarters in Ardmore. The but Ding Wie be the property of the City of Sulphur. George l. Horsman is chairman of the building fund drive. Members of the executive committee Are Paul John. Bie Allen Jeff Laird and mrs. Royie. Brown Secretary. The first move in the Campaign has already been made. Collection boxes prepared by the Art club have been placed by the Roundup club. A civic clubs and other organizations have been asked to participate in the drive and various fund raising programs Are being planned. Or. And mrs. Joe Bruton Are in charge of coordinating organization activities. The Sulphur Ebsary currently occupies temporary quarters in a City owned building next to the City Hae on West Muskogee. It is supported by a two Mil and Valorme Levy which furnished about $2.35 per capita. General plans and requirements for the but Ding have been prepared and Laird said be expects detailed plans and an architects sketch of the finished Structure to be available soon. T %

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