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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - February 22, 1946, Ada, Oklahoma S"n" *** *■ b>t,,W'1 *—»■«. rfWoshingtan ta', solution rf .ital preM.M, Generally fair tonight and Saturday; becoming cloudy Sunday, light rain Sunday southeast. lot try,..,ta. ,.yta task rf^..ri.1^, wiHta. Mi, ta ta    owkw0[. 42nd Year—No. 264 Sulphur Takes Early Lead In Speech Heel Entrants Shaw Well In Class B; College-Sponsored Tourney Ends Saturday A large number of high school harris and individuals are taking part m the three-day invitational speech and debate tournament that began at East Central State college Thursday. Bv noon of Friday some of the S 5s j contests had been concluded and others were in the final stages. Banquet This Evening Following a banquet this evening at Knight Hall, the finalists in after dinner speaking will compete in that field. The boys are Eldon Seymour, 2)!k    City Northeastern, Robert Hammonds of Seminole and Louis Miller. The girls division finalists are Julia Beveto and Mouphida Hassen of Sulphur and fcveiyn Johnson of Purcell. Saturday morning the late rounds of debate will be carried out, with finals in early afternoon. The one-act play contest will begin early Saturday afternoon. Sulphur Leading Class B Sulohur entrants were well ahead of rival schools at the end contests    d°2en    Class    B eluded*11* t0 n0°n °* Friday in" Men s Address Reading:    Bob \L^?irCi»SuIphur’ first* Giles tit ii’ Byng. second; Jim Carleton. Purcell, third. inc0nc ^i?at1 °ratory—Evelyn Nobles. Sulphur: Juue Heidelberg, Horace Mann of Ada. Standard Oration—Betty Loy jingling Sulphur; Manley Car- Okemah ’*    Robinson> Women’s Extemp—Berlyn Miller Horace Mann: Julia Beveto, Sulphur; Geneva Cecil, Byng. mr ?jns, Address Reading— - louphida Hassen, Sulphur; Betty Lov Ymging, Sulphur; June Hei-q el be cg, Horace Mann. Mens Extemp—Jim Carleton, ras‘ii.ffi,rKr Su“,h“': - THE ADA EVENING NEWS BUY MORI WAR BONDS APA, OKLAHOMA, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22, IMC Now o Paacelimc Flying Team Here's How Cherry Tree Tale Began Farson Weems' Story One Poor George Washington Has Never Lived Down Va., Feb., uf’JT “7 George Washington’s birthday is probably a bad time ton o?*thhlS HP* *** in the °Pin* BtivhnnH u George Washington £JS?<SBr WSa aa tat ■* *”■ »* l9 J8 bit °f. historical heresay ,a* b*en Provided by the newly-organization for rebuilding Washington’s home at Ferrv farm—lust across the Rappahannock river from Fredericksburg —on the bas is of Parson Weems’ country. the father of 0ur sta^tPrt°alwif*emSu is the one who started all this cherry tree busin- u r*n Jhe strength of his about the tree the Fredericksburg chamber of commerce irlr^f,ar/ ago placed a marker at terry farm marking the soot where George Washington had his reported encounter with it How It Started* tbin/eI&rwrSSHS I E*jSF "J"*?’    - /non mIm1 . a    >    .    I    ~........... -a———, nv vTuouiijgi J.T, VoId to him by “M aged in/ i? a, distant restive and when a girl. spent much of her time in the Washington fami- fo!lowing anecdote is a mS°hiniPO* J* is to° valuable Jost- and too true to be eatento L lt*uwas cornmuni-1 ? ™e by the same excellent lady to whom I am indebted for the last,” he said •‘When George.' said she. -was ?ta sl* vears old, he was made of Jh!“L ?-J"Mter ot a hatchet, of which, like most little boys. wa, ™.,.”?,oden?tWy fond- «nd n?/„c°nsta"‘,v Boin about chop-pmg everything that came his whe» ta6 «ay> in the Barden, where he often amused himself (Continued on Page 2 Column I) FIVE CENTS THE COPY British Open Fire on Mobs In Bombay Now Wav# of Viola ne# Floras, Casualties Rising; Unconditional Surrandar Demanded By MILTON KELLY «h?r    Fe?”    22    ‘^—British shore batteries forced the surren- 'Phone Workers Plan Walkout! Government Offer* Aid in Adjusting Grievances- leer* Order. General Strike of 17 Affiliated Union* Merck 7 MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb. 22—(AP)-The nation’* on. ganized telephone workers girded today for an industry, paralyzing walkout on March 7 as the government offered it! aid in adjusting grievances. The executive board of the National Federation of Tela* ..........  lIle    surren    aff°,net^0rkerS    Iast    ni«ht    ordered    a    general strike of the 17 d*r °J mutinous Indian sailors    unions    which have filed strike notices. The walk- H^ndustan*in ICaratSii*harbo?*to* I T “    '    *    6 m‘ Ume Z0"e) Thursday, March day while in Rnmhn,. n_:i:-L I * At th<p„Mm< rime, Joseph A. Bel me. 35-year-old president of Fresh Labor Problems Are Bobbing Up Na Indications af Settlement af Major Strikes, Others Loaming for Spring President Leaves On Three-Day Trip Cruising Potomac On Presidential Yacht Hereford Heaven Association Will mlURdlMa jmaay tho1*? * % Patterson, president of b£,Hereford Heaven Association, mpmK^esloe a^ a meeting of Aldern ^uen?ay at noon in the thi n g * eh AU members of the association are expected to be present for the meeting Dean W. L. Blizzard, of Okla- WASHINGTON, Feb. 22.—(ZP) J. ^an w. L. Blizzard'of Okla-President Truman left thj homa A* and M. college and SPC l’Pl A    TAI*    it*    A      •    .    a wu.r ti ** uinan ieit the White House today for a three- on tbe Pot°mac river Sdmts'?)eUrPgreSldential yaCht‘ the The chief executive, whose de-Sr’“re coincided with an exodus It .1 Zn3 W °uk0rS f,0m the C»P- , Washington s birthday J ohda>, took along several members of his staff. The party left at I a.m east- Itoef ftime’ Mr- Tr^mans f es will return to Washington afternoon, but the pres- n°t go back to the ex- ^utive mansion until Sunday ev- ie?lr\JrlTa,n their daush-ii * "Jar6aret, will join him aboard the yacht Saturday night Aides accompanying Mr Truman were Presidential Secretari- G Ro« w-<r,°nnelIv- Charles JohnR ZI ' ,l!,am D- Bassett; ,jv ^teelman, presidential \WhL R,‘. Gen- Ham’ H. Graha- W V<de.u? Place^Sw?^s\tmthe‘ TYf°r, th? association ITnit^ cf Parlow..Ls out of the nited States, notified members of the meeting. W. A (Gu*) Delaney said that he expected be present. °f the member* to Hereford tour that is an ?« .St ev?nt of cattle breeders n this section of Oklahoma will be mad?Se an bas^c Plans will The annual Hereford Heaven addition Ctn W*i!! be, discussed in fJni Ho I j boi* business that Cation P 00    *    the    organ- New officers will also be elected. according to Mr. Delaney. Famous Pneumonia Physician Is Dead Firof to Usa Oxygen In Treating Disaasa YORK. Pa., Feb. 22.—(JP) Dr Ss    wh°    made New Charges From Russia Ixvosfia Says Bavin, King Trying to Undermine Growing International Authority • MOSCOW, Feb., 22, GB—Rus- f£^anaudlan alations deteriorated further today when the of-iical newspaper Izvestia charged Lr 3w TltOI?f1 tbat Prim^ Minist-RriticA McKenzie King and Forejgn Secretary Ernest mt»L *HWere tryin6 “to under-•* 5r?wm« international authority of the Soviet Union.” Dnly yesterday, the communist JJdy newspaper Pravda critiz-for his statement that Gin?dl,a"5£crets had been ferret-ed out by agents of a foreign mission. The Soviet Union an- atfanh^H^t uhe. Soviet military attache had obtained some information in Canada, but that it was unimportant. Russia said h“ military attache had been recall- Editorial Printed, Broadcast Izvestia printed its editorial a^adniS1817 morning under a headhne reading: “Downfall of King and His Friends.” The editorial was broadcast over the arufCfnroil»a 0n 150111 domestic aod foreign services. ♦nj j®aPosi.tion tak°n by Bevin,” to *ta nr,?. a?ser,od in reference to the Britons stand at the se- iiinly .^ouncil of the United Na-tions, was unalterably in con- Dles'anH0 t° democratic princi-P;os and.the principles of respect Lf cmzfn epfndence and rights <«Tn! peoples.    6 coosjstent defense by the Soviet delegation of the principles of democracy and in- anHta"'* °f s,ma11 eountries. and the proposal advanced by the Soviet delegation in accor- aroused    tH°Se Principles, roused sharp oDDosition Be0vr?nBeV.iV Such a Position of Bevin and his colleagues at the f^?l0fL V n?tura,,y could not but u 8 ne^ative attitude among the broad democratic cir-rn vanous countries. To Detract Attention it was imperative that helD be hurried to Bevin.”    P i j ,^in* statement was de- ”toreHi,'niended/or lhis Purpose, to disperse the thick storm No Beer Al Lacy9s Place Error Thursday in Boer License Report; Lacy's Serves Soft Drinks Only Beer license to be used at the North Pole was issued to Roy Clark and not to a Mr. Lacey, according to information given an Ada News reporter Thursday afternoon. Court Shown Lidice Film Sees Town Destroyed; Jodi Ordered Moscow, Leningrad Destroyed Even lf Reds Gave In BOLAND NORGAARD > HANBERG, Germany, Feb. r -  I »> * I  r\f    1_    *    ana    ata day while in Bombay British tommies opened fire with mach-1 me guns on frenzied mobs dem-onstrating for the striking sea-j . A* a Pew wave of violence w out in Bombay and elsewhere. A. E. Caffin, deputy po ice 1 commissioner of this city. dLclar- I "icn?nI y    ,n    a state of! absolute rebellion.”    ! Denies Many Revolting denied ?ocretarV ..Philip Mason denied, however, that conditions bfv ST WOurse in eith€r Bom-Karachi and said the number of mutinous Indian sailors was “rather les« thaw OOO.”    an    12»‘    n    ■v    Tse    A«soriated Tress Moving to meet th**    *u    « Goy.ernment officials, busv at- British- announced that a1?’ ll6 !nmp *?g end current strife on vanced headquarters of t h .    aI    t?n,‘ ,oda v southern Indian command ta5 ! I,, ! ? troubles which threat-been estahlienfri ,*« E t°d had en°d disruption of the country’s Ufa Tm    r,h tP,ephonc splvipa and workstop “suDreme    J    Lockhart    in    pages in vital industries Indian navy al^v an°d air /°yaI The.,abor Picture was gloomv in the Bombay area” forc*s as continuing labor disputes kept Lochart will    ,    ldlf an estimated 970.000 w ith no to naval personLef thL u ,ndications of immediate settle-said. Personnel, the British ment of the major strikes. The W* t S R'R'Yk MI ta rn ata *m. A a— S    A    a Attlee V^iHdon* Primc Minister ♦illtaf to,d commons “the mutineers have been told that only unconditional surrender will be SSM ” He said that “order restored in India” and Mf- and Mrs. Bill Lacy, w'ho 22.—(/pi—Movies of high S S* of- “rIii anwnni° .fir cust°mers as ricers strutting among the ruins Bill and Chris, operate Lacy’s of Lidice and vrinnma *i____ place, which is located just north of the North Pole. Lacy’s Place specializes in serv-mg s o ft drinks, sandwiches, steaks and 24 hour service No bC€r kl T-rnii or Urn oui . Lacy is now operating a riding academy, a drive inn, tourist courts and plans to open a ser-\ ice station in the near future. that ships of the royal navy in-ine Vr/ .atar“'?!r.: wer.e “Proceed- jn0 in 4uZ    *    wee    a- mg to the scene and will verv shortly arrive.”) —•«* o,:,u*'8 rums ^Bomber^Squadron Arrives anf grmnin« as they CAl. ° smaH British naval veg-tauhnT*    b    as‘in«.    and    ™ea?*h,Ie.    steamed into number was the lowest in more than a month but new controversies appeared nearing a head u te,ephone- electrical, coal and shipping industries. A strike affecting 250,000 tele-prone workers has been set for ^Jarch 7 by the National Federation of Telephone Workers’ Ex- fkPlltlVA    lf_______ al ^ '    prrMoeni    OI the independent labor organiza* tion, said the walkout would tx nationwide and would affect al] of the federation’s 250,000 workers. The 33 other affiliated union! y d aspect picket ’toes to be established by the striking unions.*1 he asserted. Approximately 150,000 env ployes are represented to the ll unions directly affected by tbs strike call. The other 100,000 employes of the American Tele-phone and Telegraph company will be affected by picketing. . One Picket Enough Beirne told a press conference: As long as one picket remains on a line anywhere to the country we will consider the industry picketed and strike-bound." He added: “The forceful removal of pickets (through injunctions) will not to the minds of strikers constitute the actual removal of those lines.” Beirne said he had received a or £ta '(ZU Srrrtary of Lab. or Schwellenbach in which the cabmet member said he would be happy to confer with us” ay^hfuI union official added that he would be in Wash. mgton next week. -Seems Inevitable” Earlier Beirne had sent a tele- f;1tta‘L^h*'iiipnbach »d th. b?ard* However.'the in- Kram to Schwellenbach and "ti fhw i?n UIJ >on officials said ^Ivphone company managme LliTi ^on]iooe.to meet with j saymg “a strike seems toewtab f    „    —    —vj    ,    .    —— ...... ,government officials to efforts to unless you intervene with inn hauling 2vorkmon blasting and Bf!iluameJn'yh,le* steamed into j tb® wa6e dispute.    I    suggested remedies.” tr^Lc g/ 8Way. thf Iast ytsible    BoI"bay harbor and a    squadron    . The 1,500,000 residents in the    Edgar L. Warren, director    * ^a^SOfrtbat Czechoslovak town    «ri. h"6?’ app?rentIy    bombers.    rlch Plttsburgh industrial district    the federal conciliation TrfZ?2Lesenied at the war crimes    fIeJ high overhead.    ~.-—   replied that his bureau “will trial today.    Mut|nous Indians retained con-1    on    3    Co,umn    D    Ider whatever assistant. ™ j® ,ta*k**^l. warships anchor-Sr-.M1 - h_e harbor. However, at IFN Reveals How ll Whipped Axis Fifth (oiumn Here Dy brack ccrryB fifeTTntoday when they were fly-t*1* the cease fire” flag. rililsh rein?drcements, includ-togBomh/va.r]ll.1J?,::^ere rus»»d trial today. ■ Jh* Pictorial story of the wip-tta ”U ? Lidice, which became I the symbol for many European cities and towns left to ashes by _ *lsOyas the Germans’ own ;n£, umciua-product. This captured film w*as    artillery, were rushed presented in evidence before the !hrS?L? ?h as e rioters surged nternational military tribunal by | Lav of 1 streets in the second the Soviet prosecution.    ay    ^arge-scale disorders. A 9 The nazi defendants, some of>rs!^aidULLiy,*»UHa^imposed Reut‘ whom were unable to face the    Police had opened fire 20 screen during the showing of ■ th?n an P' m“, and that more atrocity films watched the seines t to hostot^fSOM had been taken without visible emotion.    10    r®    P|h    k. washington! sacs. cb-isHSSs assistance —....    cl    <    i    a it. iv over a om,c bomb spying, the FBI dis- uSSi •i?day-how * fought and licked the axis wartime fifth column in America. FBI maintained its stoniest silence on the part it is now playing in guarding the secrets °L at°"llc Power. But the im-plication was clear that its guard is up, just as it was in the war’s opening days when it destroyed column™13" 3nd Japanese fifth In ruining axis hopes of a de- -Ve> fifth column shackling Americas war effort, the FBI to destroy Moscow" and LoJito-grad even if Russia offered to surrender. was_si*.".pd by de- that mRn,“'h,hPm p^ousIy.Tnd takLn r,tlsh Paratroopers had !?n«? unmSand °.f ,he ,h‘P and iJttv i,Pi..‘.h* Sut.mecrs on the fendant Col. Gen ^AlfrprT' lfSfi jettv a    mutineers    on    the command!*^ °f G°rman Wgh' 25*    ^diSd later of Moscow";    ° ceptcd, even if offered by the .    25 injured. toSFSSSSL'L ^.ni."«'?d or shoreBbat«ti;rfi>ednr^S *,S d    "Wtlator,    re, : after .the    tZl^SSLSSV ."I* (Continued on Page 3 Column I) Expects Definite GM and CIO-UAW Answers Tonight in^fZ^n^'nd’To the M-'dfy-oTd Tolee aA^erlcan T(______ General Motors strike special! a    Con??an3r    bas offer Labor Mediator James V    a    tor sa ta 7,kl.y rai« *o ope ».35*“3Jf jsrsif    * (awd* WW Reply To Russian Charge der whatever si hie.” Carlton W. Werkau of Was! NFTW J SeCI5tary ®E it tarv^Rritlf* I*?** ZtTik* tary with strike headquartei ton 110131    561 up ** Washini Union demands include a til H / wage incr«ase. a 6 L ?it»r°nUrty U’,ngu minimura an L^. urn to a 40-hour week. X.e.AmcI!La? Telephone —      aiw    from management and union bv midnight tonight on all issues in the dispute. Earlier Dewey told newsmen I expect the company and the union to reach an agreement on dav ’1»SSUes’ eluding wages, to- When today’s session of Gener- \T Afnrc    *    & enemy, the order said. ‘“The Uarned to surrender3 v~n moraf justification for this mea-1 roun<is of heavy naval fire ore sure is clear to the whole world. sumably from the HindiisUn , p as ln Kiev, where our 1 were heard this morn inc the da^Per H,Cre Sub.Ject *° extreme ■communique added, and stray clanger through tim** A.nu shells    aul    .    stray uncovered fe^jes^ —«*** Dispatch** BOMBAY, FebT 22  (9 35 P ® >r^,~This ma>' be the mft R001 Htcd Press dispatch ii. Bombay tonight. The telegraph office is inside the curfew area in which the mJitarv has orders to shoot or mu any person seen moving on the streets between 9 p.m., and j    ihts ox wea pons and explosives which could coklf* en used in a widespread sabotage program. A|, kinds of maps and photographic materials were seized, as well as short ^e *jadios and code books On December 7, 1941. within attack FmrS,„aft,er ,he Japanese A. , a*ents arrested more I than 1,000 Japanese.    I ,.    ?• anticipating a declara-1 Iv PRrWar biV' rmany and Ila- 1 a still greater defirce in Mo" cow and Leningrad.” Defendant Hans Fritzsche, for- Train and bus service in Cal- ESL2T dlsrup,ed by demons. IS :p.,!yATpa,hy with t h e vJ^ateI jel£rns :or amount in-v ested Ada News Clcssified Ads Hah, . ufK.,n 1885 that Dr. Sftn ?pI,e dev,lsed the treatment u ithout knowledge that it had VWkUHd 3*®ars earlier 111 New York. His patient was Fred Ga- i hves° gansvRle, Pa., who still breathing, Dr. Holtz-apple administered oxygen he generated with a bucket of water an alcohol burner and other crude equipment. Gable’s face over ih*\ Z Tsemojy.* lo smooth createdby^vfn8" impressions selfKwhh!S?.k ‘i1** task upon him-Hon    shame,in the selec- tion or the means he employs— his anti-Soviet campaign, the r?ai? ai"J.of Which wls to dis! tract public opinion from the bLThIh °Wn and fai,ures of the British government at the United ^?ns* asse5ribty* and simultan- COLI Si V fn nn/TArwiiMta. ai__ r* «ans rritzsche, for- 'rations in sympathy with t rn to i «t*»!*rman deP°ty propaganda i striking sailors, dav    he na    remained    in    his    cell to-! ^ Barracks Situation Quiet >    because    of    a    slight    illness ; Reuters said another British I tto£nlVrY'qU?i dea°ribed the situa-inf at Castle barracks in Bom-. bay, where barricaded Indian » Sh0t if out yesterday with 1 12 hours5 QUlet durin* the last A considerable amount of A** k; ’ irilldineu m ms cell t day because of a slight illness. Eisenhower, Men In Hospital Have Joke WEATHER 4._____ n;5hilahoTa7TGenerally fair to-S . i o    Saturday; becoming ri°udy Sunday, light rain Sunday southeast: continued mild; low- south0111    35'4° north» 45-50 FORECAST FOR FEB. 22-26 and v°Hn’ Ka"sas’ Oklahoma and Nebraska—Rain or snow in Nebraska, north and west portions Kansas about Saturday, re- Oki?Her ° dlstrict Sunday and Oklahoma and Missouri M6nday* SSS lr11 moderate to heavy Hn'nit i Kansas, eastern Okla- b^kaeiSnHVKre lightL'colder Ne' and Kansas about Saturday’ anHmnifi nr °f district Sun-Mnn^v Oklahoma and Missouri Tuesday ST m°St °f district hn^\t ?d Kansas and Oklahoma Monday; temperatures will about 5-8 degrees above normal generally. t.^as so excited I thought I would have a fit,” the country doctor 47 years later told a medi-cal society. -The other folks in happened.” hOU*ht * mirac,e had tr^L.ta0l,tzapple'sJ ma‘hod of ^otment was used on the late King George V of England when TheWk?nttriCkfn Tith Pneumonia. iu n£ s?nt,a letter °f thanks to the York doctor. turned from blue to pink and his I    asse*J1biy; and simultan- i espiration was reduced from 80 • 4 undermine the growing to 60 within 20 minutes. ^ international authority of [hi I, was so excited I thouirhf t Soviet Union.” Gen. Hodge Says No lo Russians £RSMS* Ta» (Russian) news agency corres- Slfennisf?n I? visit south- crn Korea until Russian com-manders permit American news-men to visit northern Korea, an authoritative source said today. i ne Tass correspondent’s re-quest was directed to General MacArthur s headquarters, which I elayed it to Hodge as command- tnnn ■ American occupation zone m southern Korea. A theater commander has authority to grant or deny accreditation ‘with travel privileges. iul\ bu38 reporttd unofficially that the request was made for Marshowski, the first Russian newsman to apply for accreditation in the American zone in ■Korea. ^KILDREN back strikers phtt picket lines PHILADELPHIA, Feb., 22, (.P> --More than 200 children of f*    to    12    years old— pi°k^t lines today at Wes- Esslngton plSl™ Corporation's They carried such signs as: More money buys more milk.” I rn backing my daddy.” on I/rike ”B m6 r‘ght‘ my daddy’s ,, °ut pf school for the holiday marrhta ?ted ha'f 811 h°Ur th«> mai ohed to a restaurant for refreshments served by the United Electrical Workers CIO security. Beginning January 8, 1942, the JBI began spot-checking the homes and businesses of enemy aliens to determine whether they were turning over prohibited armer! t 35 ° red by the govern- Since then. 23,881 have been searched tuming up vast stocks of contraband articles. Since the beginning of World War II, 16.-062 enemy aliens have been arrested in the United States and its possessions, including 7.042 Germans and 5.428 Japanese. hard labor for jap „ YOKOHAMA, Feb 22 (>)_ CaPt- Shigeru Aono today was years imprison-hard labor by a U. S. eighth army war crimes commission which convicted him of maltreating allied prisoners when he was medical officer at Hakodate camp. Aono was acquitted of charges of contributing to the deaths of numerous prisoners. The prosecution had asked the death penalty. ’ amount OI SAN FRANCISCO. Feb.. 22 <.F> reSIovta'J.amn]“ni‘ion havf been —General Eisenhower, inspecting trol ”    mutineers’    con- patients at Letterman hospital; i -The rw?„„!nn°Uncement “id-stopped at the foot of a soldier^ feta ata water.-"* "°W Sh°rt of i    lhey    fe®ding you proper- flee* wa^ A?d*i that a P°s* ot- 0l ‘ta“ a?ked the | looted and tw?o *trfm‘shrite?* Ca^Icha^cibmet ^ Mot^sVnd'cTo UnTtta ^ Workers negotiators recessed for brief rente    - mutineer"hid    I ^beon Dewey said he had the d,*JtoLi 5^*?“ cba,:g lurrender *S?I SJL*1B‘Snd'? <•**« settle- ment of the costly strike might be fxpected by midnight. Tile strike has keDt 175.000 production workers idle at a cost to them, according to union estimates of $106,220,000 in w\*Lto    j    mission s inquiry into 'the e A Washington dispatch to the I f umstances surrounding! Detroit News today asserted that ’ leaka«c was expected before t L government action1 ^ eek'end* Detailed disclosur might be brought into the strike JJS not ^Peeled unta the col Parleys if an agreement is not JI ?10.n, completes its repoi cached promptly.    probably in about two weeks The news dispatch quoted an i* Russia frankly admitted th unnamed Washington official as £rr«?P!?Tntatl^es had obtaiix saying Detroit reports were to ff    m* Canada, but sa the effect that “they weren’t half jVas ,nsiKnificant informati< trying” to settle the "dispute    '    .a™!    ?nada    of This brought from Dewey the DLn "    anti-Soviet    can comment:    Paign. — ‘ — 0- — icpiy IC    _____ XuL/Tmion Kovemment n fbi 2 n ? ,Tanner unfriendly the Soviet Union to its disclosu Hon age of *«cret inform There was no indication win I rf>ply wou*d be made, but lost 1 “Jterim report on the royal co mission s inquiry into the - ■    —    vt alan iibhca me occupant, Cpl. Russell Nunes of Oakland. Calif. “No sir,” shot back the 21-year-old. A quick frown replaced the genet als famous smile and it stayed there until the flustered nu..rD0 u’as able to stammer: sir!”1 S °n a speciaI diet, The corporal grinned and the back, sharing their little joke on the nurse. A young fellow in the next bed was enjoying it too until the general whirled on him and demand- “Now don’t tell me YOU are not getting enough to eat?” then the general was gone. th^rT'lte "ere* not * 11A S, wouldn't be in there.”    1    in "he Grata® iJI0ad Pr0«rl demWWal.erdpUARW /ice ^    15 that th* R Re,uther agreed j McLaughlin, a state highwav V hfj iei wage question still was payment engineer    ^ a troublesome issue as today’s day.    K    >    sported    1 McLaughlin said one proii ^HC°/mpIete’ „three    « ished, four well under wav ai contracts let for three othe'rx. ........... ^i_ -----IOO! negotiations began, Salurday ioBe Springlike—Ihwi By The Auoclatci Presa chain department PHILLIPS OEA MANAGER STOCKHOLM, Feb. 22—</P)— The Swedish cabinet council officially deprived Prince Carl Jo- °f hls, rjght to succeed to the throne, his title and all other privileges as an hereditary NewCeY^aiiSe his marriage in York to Mrs. Kirstin Wij-mark, a Swedish citizen. The RS? fourth in line for the throne. He married without consent of King Gustaf. DURANT, Okla., Feb. 22— Up)    Feb-    22,    ^—United s ----- •today pointed Oklahoma Education As-10 'uanager effective April I, OEA President O. W. Davison announced. Phillips, who succeeds Joe ?S ^en head of Atoka schools for 14 years except for a recent leave of absence to serve Ik ? anavy* ls a niember of the state senate. v**?taHateIietSrns for amount invested—Ada News Classified Ads burned. Riots spread quickly through 'he city after a/lull during “ta ally morning 4>urs. a riotous Nat°ionJra?hod windo«* K»S Wh!ta I v BLank of New York, U0h‘ch, bopses »ha U. S. informa- sWSto’tssto’Ks 1* —    ta.    sprin.time Across the street from the bank row    ,hrough the same mob brok**    •    *' J ? ? Gklahomans may as well a British,.^:6 w^ows in get set for a bad weekend, the federal weather bureau said to! Skies will be partly cloudy to cloudy, with continued mild temperatures over the entire state through tomorrow’. The extended forecast, however. calls for rain or snow Sun-day and Monday-light over most f the state but moderate to heavy in eastern Oklahoma. Cold- Sunday " “ eXpec,ed to arriva i..Wa,r,mei wea'her will move in late Monday or Tuesday. No point in the state reported J freezing last night. Waynoka. Read the Ada News Want A a British store. crowder 5“." fire dispersed the gatherer? again!*1*’ ^ “ q“ickly asked Scotland Yard to help i/ the it® s *n alleged Plot to fire !25** S* army special services section offices and depot, which occupies four floors of a London Apartment store.    -     —    —    aw,ic    leporiea authorities said that large '    last    "'*h' Waynoka, doantities of motion picture film ;p“b    ’ a* the s'ate's coolest Kaj |”---  ,    pwiure    nim been unreeled in. the store ^£LS0Ct?n’ ?nd oth®r inflam-£abJ.e materials had been dis- ♦hr« ff’ e extinguishers on three floors occupied by the sec- t lOn IVOfR Pm ni iafI    J    — __ m TULSA Ok|a., Feb. 22—m— Ii iptt’ executive secretary of .tbe Tulsa retail grocers as- tion were emptied^andVmany56©! “crittoal"’ ,t02ay, described as them were snLhe^ m®ny °f I and,'to.!e* "solo?*1®** 01 ,aundry Mr. an* Mrs. Lem Wheelc celeb rated Washington’ birthday an’ buried Ifa hatchet ag in. If you ain’t wearin* over ans never make th’ mistaki o buvm a three-year-ol’ i chocolate bar on a warn ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Ada Evening News