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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 1

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Ada, Oklahoma Sooner cynic observed Large numbers of adans in restaurants that were open sunday evening. Citizens obviously had their fill of traditional Holiday Bird. There was a run on hamburgers Ada weather High temperature sunday was 49 Low 33 Reading at 7 a m. Monday 36. The Ada evening news 62nd year no. 247 children crowd airwaves Miami Fla. Apr transistorized Walkie talkies a the Christmas gift for the kid who has everything a Are creating a traffic Jam on the airwaves. The Federal communications commission does t like some of the juvenile Patter its monitors Are picking up. The Fri is also listening with interest. Some children with Walkie talkies and a High powered vocabulary Are butting into the citizens radio band network wit i purple anecdotes and suggestions. The chatter is burning the ears of licensed radio operators tuned in on the same frequency. Most of the Walkie talkie conversations Are perfectly legitimate messages Between pals with a new toy. As Long As the talk is clean and no conscious attempt is made to interfere with regular traffic the acc has no objections. A Walkie talkie chatter is expected every Christmas a said Homer Thompson chief Engineer at the fecs Central monitoring station in Broward county he explained that the Battery powered sets Are pre regulated by die manufacturers to operate on one tenth Watt Power Over class d citizens band channels. Their Range Over land is one to three Miles. A actually the kids who Are abusing the use of the airwaves Don t come under our jurisdiction since they Are not licensed operators a a Thompson said. A but we do cooperate with the Fri when Federal statutes involving profane and indecent language is of More serious concern Are the false emergency messages being heard on some sets. One boy on Christmas Day had several radio operators worried Wrhen he broadcast an sos a pleading that he was in a sinking boat. His alarm turned out to be false. The citizens band is designed for both business and personal use a for delivery trucks and sportsmen. It is also the frequency for other radio use such As signals from electronic heating machines and Hospital heat treatment equipment. Ada Oklahoma monday december 27, 1965 today s chuckle sign on batteries in a garage a Wanna Start something a 8 pages 5 cents weekday to cents sunday soldiers will face fighting flares Over i Vietnam a cud . Large two gis with aiding the r 9 a planes remain Idle Naha Okinawa apr the . Army said today it has charged two gis with aiding the enemy during two years of Viet Cong imprisonment and is investigating to determine whether they will be put on trial. The two soldiers Are sgt. George e. Smith of Chester w.va., and spec. 4 Claude Mcclure of Chattanooga Tenn. Who were released by the Viet Cong last month. They will remain on Okinawa until a final decision on their cases the spokesman said. After an extensive i Vestiga Saigon South Vietnam apr for the third straight Day the United states kept its planes out of North Vietnam Stion he said. They were charged skies today but . Marines with preparing furnishing and killed 63 Viet Cong in ground delivering to the Viet Cong cer skirmishes after a Short inter Tain documents statements and erupted Christmas truce writings inimical to the interest the marines reported strikes of the United states. Against the communists during the spokesman said the two patrols around the big . Air special forces men have been base at Danang 380 Miles two hours later a Marine Pla also was reported in Low key for soldiers of the . 1st infantry Toon near Quang a no. 2, about the past 24 hours. Division hit a mine 30 mile s two nines southward was at beyond confirming the sus North of Saigon casualties were tacked by 75 \ Iet Cong armed pension of the Aerial War which reported heavy with automatic had been dosing in on the Viet Cong detonated a the americans called in a j1� Hanoi Haiphong Industrial mine at a government troop Tillery support tanks and armed Heit . Officials in Saigon at a dec 70 Miles helicopters. When the Brief in y that the orders came from Southwest of Saigon just As two counter was Over they counted Washington # vietnamese platoons were Start be bodies of 4i communists. This raised speculation that ing the work Day marines in other scattered a the pause was a new invitation t flooded desert in arizonan normally Sun baked desert Willow guest ranch near normally dry Rillito River looks Liko this after a lot More rain than Normal. Picture made near Tucson a wire photo Over rare operation civil defense Issue Angeles a siamese twin girls separated Ini Berkeley Calif. Apr crop destruction by radiation three hour surgery shortly after two prominent scientists erosion and sterilization of the birth have a a hot apr than clashed today Over the value a land resulting from massive danger a of provided defense attorneys. In accordance with . Military procedure their cases now Are being studied to determine if they will face a trial by court martial. Smith 27, and Mcclure 25. Were captured in november 1963 when guerrillas overran the Hiep Hoa Camp Northeast of Saigon. They were released last nov. 27 at the cambodian Border during a period of demonstrations in the United states against the Vietnam War. After a week in phenom penh capital of Cambodia. The two were flown to Bangkok and then to Okinawa. They denied to american Tele-1 vision newsmen that they had told a news conference in Cambodia they we Ould return to the United states and join the Campaign against the War on Viet Nam. Northeast of Saigon. The americans reported taking Light casualties. A squad of leathernecks pounced on about 40 Viet Cong killing 15 at a Hamlet Quang a no. I. Tons against the reds de killing seven Viet Congo during the Day. Air attacks were made Only on suspected Viet Cong concen called orations in South Vietnam. U. S. Spokesmen said. Ground action report to North vietnamese president femur 3 �ls0&Quot report Hoch Minh s regime to comes it a us army officer to the peace table. . Officials declined to guess How Long the amp i an Favl compound for Lull would last. American advisers escaped the . In the South lists grew. A . Army truck carrying1 radially Force of the explosion. A second mine was found and disarmed. Death toll climbs to establish grim record for three Day Holiday is had Quot or ass0c,ated press haps the highest since records million vehicles enus lad been . Notion Dima Jimi rom. Have Hope in oui t Nim my Ltd. I j a n Murray birth have a better than even Chance of living their attending paediatrician says. The Mother of the infants when told of the emergency operation took the news Well. The babies were born Christmas Day with a common bladder and intestines. Sunday As mrs. Robin Man Tonya passed her 20th birthday at one Hospital daughters Marie and Sheila Norine of Wilkins endorses appeared to be holding their of the inventors of the atomic own at another. Bomb countered a a Strong said their paediatrician 36 civil defense is our Best Hope of hours after surgery a a they re preventing nuclear both still moving around which the two were scheduled is the most important sign to speakers in a symposium on us. Everything is functioning civil defense at the annual and their color is or danger a of proposals to destruction of vegetation and spend billions on antimissile the triggering of possibly Cata systems and fallout shelters. I strophic climatic a Reliance upon a defense sys a these As Well As immediate tem of such extraordinary com destruction from blast heat and Plecity May bring More risk radiation he said a Lead me to than safety a said or. Barry conclude that this nation its commoner head of the depart population its economic wealth ment of botany at Washington its social fabric a All that we University St. Louis to. Speak of As our civilization a or. Edward Teller. University j oud be irrevocably lost Fob California physicist and on e lowing a major nuclear War he conceded that some scientists would disagree with him ments correspondent a tors Ltd a a a a a the nation s three Day Christmas traffic death toll broke All were on the have been kept. Louisiana a Ssu Road during the 78-hour period per intendant of Public safety which started at 6 . Thurs Thomas Burbanks said that j Day and ended at Midnight san state s 32 was the worst toll Day night. Several accidents accounted for dozens of deaths. Shortly after the Start of the dec newsman Jack Perkins rl�?~�lrfj5n?r a temperatures Over much of the Holiday period a bus travelling said Smith told him he was sub the Holiday fhe nation a what i said was that i would Ike to see Strong efforts made to end the War in the highways. The death toll reached 707 to since state police began keep Dav As late reports were Veri big records 25 years ago. Fied. The previous record tray rain sleet Snow and freezing Vas 706 for a four Day the christs weekend in 1956. Nation added to the expected on. Lcy pavement in Oregon Dent Johnson Twenty Miles Southwest of the Barracks a communist mine blew up a jeep killing two american soldiers and an american civilian. . Marines reported they killed 12 Viet Cong while taking Light casualties in 20 brushes with the communists during 233 patrols around the big u. S. Base at Danang 380 Miles Northeast of the capital. The air Force raised its toll of losses to communist missile fire Over North Vietnam to to planes. A spokesman said an f4 con nuts on Pago two a a a a chief executive still Hopes for a lasting truce i acted to a a poor Many a brain Wasl Jig a Perkins reported. Austin. Tex. A presi reportedly still but insisted a there can be no disagreement that it is absolutely impossible to be certain of our own Teller said Strong civil de major Winter storm moves across . Before the Holiday the nation hazards of Long distance travel i skidded out of control crashed retained a Glimmer of Hope foal safety Council had estimated minimum Day tight and roads turned Over. The Accident Day that the fighting in a Between 560 jammed with cars. Thursday took 13 lives. The safety Council said deaths would run and 660. I the toll included records in a number of individual states. In Ohio the state safety director j Warren c. Nelson said the 49 deaths made the highest toll for any weekend in 1965 and per a 80 continued on Pago two change Washington a the to relations service fully endorses its impending shift to the Justice department. Roger it. Wilkins. 33, discounts reports the change Low after ered morale in the govern Mouth he meeting of the american Asso sense measures Are vital As a Hie doctor added however,.elation for the advancement of deterrent. There is no Way to Tell what science a the largest scientific _ the end result will convention of the year attended the russians characteristic a or a Cally avoid taking Teller said. A if we have no shelters or antimissile systems they May by the associated press an intense storm hurled High winds rain and Snow at the Northwest today. Gale warnings went up on the Northern stretches of the Pacific the twins together weighing by More than 6,000. 12 pounds were born by Caesar. Ean Section at holy Cross Hospi difference of opinion Tai to suburban san Fernando came at a bnefin8 poor 10 the feel they can defeat us. But if Toast and heavy Snow warn. Then rushed to Cedars of Leba i podium. We put up a Strong civil defense Ine 0t a non Hospital where a team of 18 commoner an authority on i believe we will prevent attack. T inc Jofh a has by doctors nurses and technicians1 effects of radiation on i a the russians and the rain fell in coastal areas Johnson to ared the common performed the surgery. Mans environment. Accused chinese Are not mad. As Hitler i a �5 is mourns. Or. Stephen l. Gans. Who As Secretary of defense Robert s. Was it fortunate that we Are Ore. Thickened the Snow cover re a lev it am whirl sfh3 Melv Denutte Omre n0w by reasonable a a there to eight inches. Rated the girls said neither fully inadequate picture of the cents. I done to think they will breathed for several minutes immediate and eventual dam Ajit to Start a War unless they birth until Mouth to a8e rom nuclear War. Are sure they can defeat us. And in Fie govern Mouth resuscitation was a j he predicted a epidemics of they can t be sure if we have a sixteen die in Oklahoma Holiday traffic old soldiers never die they just keep eating their Hay i l til it is the la Northern by the associated press he s the Only ment s racial conciliation Agen pled. Cd. It has been in the Commerce department since its creation by the 1964 civil rights act. He vows to bring his own a great sense of personal anguish to Bear on the plight of minority group citizens in the slums of America s big cites j it was widely reported that1 acting director Calvin Kytle s resignation two weeks ago was j prompted by his opposition to the impending moves to Justice human and animal diseases Strong civil Hubert tries his wings in first overseas trip an Inch of Snow whitened Eastern Washington. Harsh cold spread from Montana across the Central Plains. Temperatures dropped to 22 below Zero in Broadus and Lewistown mont., and to -17 in Williston n.d., and Bemidji Minn. The Mercury shrank to -3 in North Platte neb., and -2 in rapid City . Cold air covered most of the nation. Freezing weather extended southward to the Central Sec chief i reel Kayla ritually n0 sleep we had Veteris cd i Asl a Reed Marians from Kansas state uni surviving Cav varsity giving him antibiotics i a As uni Sanaa rum airy Norse still in army care a and eventing else Day traffic toll soared to 16 j relic of a bygone Era very neg else with the deaths today of two but chief does t act like a seemed to understand he persons involved in accidents relic. Hell be 34 saturday an a As the topic of conversation during the Holiday period. A age horsemen Tim ate Rougny 3t the alleys tables third person was added to the equivalent to 102 in human nip a ars and a Alert Holiday death list late sunday beings. Parker laughed. A the always the toll for the period from a chiefs in better shape now a a i be whte a 1 come an he s been in a Irmo Limo a i a c figures i in Good for a Little extra sunday matches the toll for the 4l2 Day Holiday period last year. So far this year 715 persons have died in traffic accidents on state roads 56 below the toll for this time last year. The latest victims John w. Stoops 56, Sand Springs. Fighting j Nam will not return to pre Christmas ferocity. I the fact that the United states had not resumed bomb i Ings of North Vietnam even two Days after the end of the cease fire was seen As evidence i that Johnson still was seeking a a peaceful settlement. I when the United states and South Vietnam were considering last week a 39-hour Christmas cease fire so Long As their troops were not fired upon Johnson kept aloof from the eventual announcement and publicly the decision making. A a that a a matter to be decided in Saigon a said the Texas White House. Johnson made no Public comment on the cease fire even though he normally is Quick to identify himself with Good news. However one source close to the president cast Johnson a aloofness in a different Light by j saying a the is silent because he j is 6 . Thursday until Midnight than he s been in a Long time a a Vuk a 53 his caretaker ,6 Rober a Little b. Ben Parker. A a a we were in a Aam Umi me Oldie scared he was going to die la bran department announced official about a year ago. I went three Days and three nights with Vir and maybe some chopped Apple continued on Page two to lures Sank into the 30s Over Washington apr he coincidentally or otherwise j Humphrey will return ,.tort h. Humphrey wings toward the White House announced the Washington Jan. 2, eight Davs night in Northern Florida. Which will occur automatic Al the far East today on his first plans for Humphreys asian trip before Congress returns toll s1 jets Vith major overseas trip As vice after a Public opinion poll whose work. Findings apparently surprised the Humphrey party include Humphreys staff. Johnson said ing mrs. Humphrey and the vice he had selected Humphrey As presidents youngest son Doug Hir no. 2 Man because he was lass 18. Leave Andrews air equipped to be a Good president. Force base at mid afternoon bul the recent poll showed that Stop off at Elmendorf air Force. The majority of people sampled base Anchorage Alaska to his private talks with leaders of a not As sold on Humphrey As refuel and then head straight two Davs late but it was the ble the four Friendly governments. Johnson said he was. The foreign travel May also to accompany Humphrey to help strengthen Humphrey s the far East Johnson is Send r o i o m i miss Odell 16, Oklah Tion of the Gulf coast. Tempera a qty. Harold town 111. Purvis 40, George in 60 Days of submission of the president reorganization plan in january. The week log asian journey a live never opposed this to the Philippines Japan South move a the lean intense Wilkins Korea and nationalist China said in an interview. A it made a May be largely ceremonial. But lot of sense to me in a lot of the War in Vietnam Humphrey ways before the president an says will be a prime topic in continued on Pogo two bounced it. And these reports of Low morale Are highly exaggerated. Sure there was some uncertainty about the future in some people s minds. But we be out across the Pacific for Tokyo. Humphrey arrives in Tokyo Christmas party bottles up Hong seven perish Kong Waterways a terrible Kansas wreck Hong Kong a it came image at Home As it did for ing one of his own closest advis tuesday night has a luncheon Only had two resignations aside Richard m. Nixon and Lyndon ers presidential aide Jack Val meeting with prime minister from Rule is and they be both in. Johnson. Anti. Eisaku Sato and then leaves in been by Ause better jobs were although Johnson travelled to Humphrey said sunday on the the afternoon to Fly to Manila offered. 28 countries when he was vice Mutual broadcasting systems for thursdays inauguration of Wilkins who has been com president Humphrey s in o s t a a reporters round up that philippine president Ferdinand Munith planning director in the talked about trip was the one he a was a vice president sir you Are e. Marcos. Sen ice since october 1964. Said did t make when Johnson not supposed to be at the front Humphrey leaves Manila sat floating clinic boats of project a d a Jonway Patroi trooper my a he has been working Cloady sent chief Justice Earl Warren of the Stag i Mno Ihor my to Mia now Voarse a up a i re Rathbun said Lawrence Blake i Gest Christmas party in Hong Kong. . Sailors and american medical missionaries today handed out 2.000 20-Inch dolls. 2,-000 other toys slabs of chocolate and hunks of cake to some 4,000 children of poor chinese families. Sublette Kan. Api seven persons were killed and seven others injured sunday afternoon near this Rural southwestern Kansas town when their1 autos collided at an intersection. Highway patrol trooper Gail with atty. Gen. Nicholas rat instead of the vice president to to be one of working with the Stop at Formosa and a luncheon medical Agency that treats Hun ran it was Senbach and other top Justice represent the United states at president working within the meeting �?4u it a it a driving West on 56. Blake officials since his nomination to sir Winston Churchill a funeral. I government and then to take the Days ago. Generally Humphrey has policies of the government out a i can say unequivocally that been kept on a Short tether la to the people to explain As Best i afternoon to Fly on to Korea their attitude toward the serv Boring As Liaison Between the can As to How this government where he will have conferences ice their intentions their sup White House and Congress and is attempting to fulfil its re sunday in Seoul with president port. Has been the Young giving speeches within the unit a possibilities continued on Pogo two de states. on the world with nationalist dress of patients daily in Hong chinese president Chiang Kai-1 Kong a refugee packed boat d ii a j Shek. He leaves Formosa that shelters. Ill j1 a Ines up and be bus. The party created a huge was James Simmons 25, and Ter ways traffic Jam. Scores of their son Todd 1simmons8 larger Junks and hundreds of "r5re. Y so mde a Small samoans brought the Chil gales Home in Dren to the clinic boats. J continued on Pogo two Chung Hee Park before heading for Home sunday night the Bride wore a respiratory mrs. Dorothy Fields polio victim paralysed from the Down is pictured at Chapel Hill n.c., with husband of a few Days. She said her marriage Quot has opened a new life Quot for her. She s been kept alive since 1959 with a mechanical Respirator which Bro Athos for a wire photo by that american troops had been ordered not to fire except in self defense even after the end of the 30-hour cease fire and that the subsequent fighting was described As the president and the first lady attended sunday service at the first Baptist Church in Johnson City. He Shook hands with everyone in sight a even one of his secret service bodyguards a and he signed autographs readily. Afterwards Johnson visited his boyhood Home and by coincidence gave his secret service bodyguard a scare. Just As Johnson drove to the old Homestead an 18-year-old Deer Hunter emerged from his grandfathers Home across the Street carrying a Rifle with telescopic sight. At that instant a 12-year-old girl in a Yard nearby Sei off a loud firecracker. Secret service agent Cliff Hill i a remembered for climbing aboard the limousine of president John f. Kennedy in Dallas at the time of the assassination a jumped from a Security car and advanced on the Rifle Holder with arms outstretched. The episode soon was forgotten when the train of coincidences were unravelled. After Johnson left the scene the youth drove away for some Hunting just As he had intended

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