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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 24, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma Motion Pictures Cease Beyond a Pointy To Be Merely Pictures and Become Voiceless Art Such Is "Broken BlossonuT-^Liberty Today die Cbentng VOLUME XVI. NUMBER 243ADA, OKLAHOMA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER -24, 1919 THREE CENTS THE COPY AN ANONYMOIS LI<7rTICIi FIG- GKNKKAL TASKER H. BLISS IX TKF C ASK AXD IS < SAYS FOOD SIWI.Y SHOVW BKIXG lXVI*>n'UiATICD BY    BK    POLliHD    AND    Pt'T UN- TNK AITtHHUTlKS    DRR    HRAB (So ®ur Jrifttba FRRMQIRR NITTI PROMISES A di*;finitb settlement of ADRIATIC QUESTION ON ms RETURN. THOUGHT THAT GRAND RAPIDS CANNOT ACCOMODATE LAW-YERS AND OTHERS AT SENATOR’S TRIAL th» Aa«(>ciat«d Prem LOS A.VGELES. Dec. 24. By th» AMoeiatMl PrcMi -Con- WASHINGTON. Dec.    24.—Eu- tiniiation of efforts of the defense rope’s most urgent need today is the to establish the alleged insanity of polling of its food supply and es-Henry New mas expected with the! tablishing prcn;>er utilities under a resumption of the trial bf New, director general, is the opinion of charged with the murder of his General Tasker H. Bliss, a member sweetheart Miss Lessner.    ' ^f the American peace delegation One anonymous letter on scented mrho reached Washington today from note paper and apparently written Paris. by a moman came from Detroit. Germany should be included in Michigan, and is as folloms.    the economic revolution. General “Dear Sir:—Perhaps it would in- Bliss said. With Germany exclud- / * Att A)t)}rrcUitUttt By tho AMoelated PrcM    By    the    Auociated    Pres* ROME. Dec. 24.--Premler Nlttil GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Dec. 24. informed the council of ministers!—The problems of providing ac- yesterday that he would leave on ‘ comodations for respondents, law-Thursday for Paris and return only yers, newspapermen and court at- terest you lo knom' that three per- ed he declared, there would be ele-sons m*ere in the party July 4. that ments of discontent which would resulted in the death of Miss Less- be certain to react on other coun-ner. Don’t convict an innocent man.’’ tries. This letter as given to the court General Bliss saw no possibility authorities for further investigation, of including Russia in the plan, but there being persistent reports that he said if the Russian so-called gov-a third party m*as connected in the ernment “would play fair mrith the j murder or at least a m*itness to the rest of the world for thirty days, shooting.    during that time the distribution of -----^--- necessities could be brought to In- INVENTIG.ATIDV WILL BK    elude Russia. f T is the season of Christmas cheer in all the I homes where subscribers to this paper dwell REGI LT AS TO DM’OR.ATIONS By the Associated Press washington. Dec. 2 4.—A congressional investigation it was indicated today might result from the controversy betmeen Admiral Sims and Secretary Daniels over the awards of the secret service medals in the Navy. The report of the declaration has White Way Plan \ Approved By The Executive Board Christmas also in the minds and hearts of you good friends of ours. after having obtained a definite settlement of tho Flume and Adriatic questions. In consideration of the question at Flume, another was taken on Sunday. It resulted' in 75 per cent of the votes being east in favor bf the Italian government’s proposal relative to future occupations of the laches when Senator Truman H. Newberry and 134 other persons indicted with him on charges of violating the election laws, are brought to trial late in January is causing United States district Judge Clarence W. Sessions some concern. All heavy furniture in the court city, according to the Giorale Talia.    ^    replaced    with    lighter Christmas, with all that term implies as to universal fellowship, bountequs unselfishness and renewed recognition of the fact that to give is actually better than to receive. Newspapers state the basis of agreement was as follows: The Italian government will k^p in its possession the armistic rights reaffirming the right of Fiume to decide its own fate. Note is taken of the wishes of the city as expressed October 30, 1918, and re- articles. Four rows of heavy benches in the rear of the room probably will be replaced by chairs, to seat twice as many persons. Judge Sessions also plans to turn over one of his private offices to stenographers and reporters. “I think I will be able to provide affirmed October 30, 1919, and it room for the respondents,’’ Judge is declared Italy will never accept Sessions declared, “but what am I another solution, j^ume will receive! to do with the newspaper men? I peninsular assistance, so if they be have been told there will be at least able to re-establish its life and re- 59 here.    Some probably will not sume its activities under the return jtet seats. I will provide (or Grand of a free port. been trai'snriited to the Senate Nev-    .    . a1 Committee by Secretary Daniels proposed White W a> for Ada at the request of Chairman Page. ai me requesi 01 vaairman I'age.       V Representative Lufkin. Republican con>n»ltee of lite Chamber of Coiui of Massachusetts, member of the    »"<*    P»«‘ive steps have b-en for a similar report. PARENTS OFFER BABY FOK SALE AS SOON AS BORN SAN FRA.NCISCO, Dee. 2 4.—Mr. Tflent. A si»ecial committee composed • of C. V. Gowing. Harmon Ebey and James .M. Colman, has been ap-^ pointed to consider w'ays and means’ of opening the white way. The plans now in mind contem-| T plate a white way from the Frisco to the Katy along Main, with two blocks on Broadway, two on Townsend. and one on 12th. Just how many lights are to be Put in and’ and Mrs. Herbert Barnett are to-    financed    are day awaiting replies to the follow-    ,„atters    left for the coniinlttee's    de- ing advertisement they inserted in    termination the newspaper:    _J ^___ I “WWNTED- Some one to adopt    i child at birth: due about Christmas. references exchanged.”    J    VOO    JOftC    K^OSOS Barnett explained they already    1 As you have put into anything, that much will you get out of it Out of the interest you have taken in this paper during the past year we hope you have derived an equal personal pleasure. Your appreciation has made this paper’s issuance a congenial work to us of the staff. have two children, a girl 3 and boy 2. and that they cannot afford any more. He stated ihai whoever adopts the child .<0011 to be born, must pay for it ami in addition uaust guarantee a good home and future for the baby. Disposed of In Police Court And likewise in that same spirit which makes Christmastime what it is, we take this opportunity of expressing our thanks to the busine^ men of this community, and of the territory within which this paper circulates, for their cordial co-operation in practical ways which has made it possible for us regularly to present our best editorial efforts to the community in a creditable manner. % Cupid Raises Batting Average Rapids and Detroit reporters and probably for the principal press services, but I am afraid reporters from places outside the state will not get places.’’ The trial is set for January 27 th, and promises to be one of the most remarkable in the political history Jjg    Michigan.    Attorneys    for    the    de fense, having lost their first battle when their motion for a list of government witnesses was denied by All records or the sale of mar-!    Sessions, have until December riage licenses have been broken! 29th, to file notice of motions of demurrers. Unless these motions them during this month of December, according to Court Clerk A. R. Sugg, are over-ruled, hearing on Since the first day of the month! be held January' 25th. fifty-nine licenses have been issued*    -- -------Coleman    Perry    and    Morris    Par- BOSTON. Dec. 24.—“Mercy, how* nachie were arraigned before the terrible,” exclaimed Dr. Evangeline mayor in police court this morning. W. Young, widely known Back Bay xhe charge against these two citl-physician. when told today of the ^ens was that they had excefHied the offer of the San Franciseo couple to    imbibiiiK    the brew eell then- uitboii. babe, -I hope"    reverae* the memory of past continued Dr. \oun>:. -that ^e    auperinditcee    eonversa- who t ?'t    ,'h” 'kuu i; 'ion- Eo'h »»» asaeaeed $8.75 for (Ihar whoev«-r takev the child must .    ... pay for it. is incorrect, It is a hts delttiquency. May the kindly glow of this holiday season color Iffe for you and yours throughout the coming year. by the office in Ada. The high num- EXPORTS EXCEED .ber for any one day was reached I -last Saturday, when eleven licenses    IMPORTS IN ALL yesterday: The following were issued| AMERICAN PORTS I James E. Allen, 37, Longview,'    ---— Texas, to Vivian Armstrong, 20, By the Associated Press Ada.    I    NEW YORK. Dec.    23.--Foreign Noble B. Reeves, 24,. Ada, to trade handled in ten leading United Ollie Weir, ;i2, Ada.’ States customs listricts in IDI*', ac- Dallas Clark,    21,    Ada,    to    Ella    cording to statistics just made pub- Bush, 23, Ada.    ii<. here, aggregated $8,842,769,000 Henry Oliver,    27,    Ada,    to    Clara    in imports and exports of which I endleton, 21, Ada.    I New York led with 45.5 per cent. A .rvw^^Twwww Pi m -I This port’s proportion of the total JOU GENERAL LEONARD    imports handled was 44.3 percent. l^nbliBlfnra splendid thing to offer the infant a.s    i a gift. but to sell it that is loa    I.EAI>ERS    OI    THREE horrible to discuss, “Where a man and his wMfe have ST.%TES IN A COX FERENCE by AMoriaf*-*] l‘i^« a number of children. lakiiij; into PITTSBURG. Kans., Dec. 24. consideration present economic con- August Dorsehy, district vice presi- ditions. I think it a splendid thing dent, and Thomas Harvey, district* XM-    WILL BE IN RACE and of the exports 46.3 perc^n'. Mitchel, S. D., Dec. 24. Word There was a lively competition was received at the Republican for second place it was said, be-headquarters here that Major Gen-if^.eon Boston, Philadelphia, Balti- I-    more. New Orleans. San Francisco president by the slate convention on and Seattle. New Orleans won for December-, will file a formal an-. fhe first time in several years. Phil-nouncement of his candidacy before. adelphia crowded New Orleans so January 7. ! close that an addition of a million I    : dollars to the v.alue of the former’s I    foreign    commerce    would    have    placed WK THANK YOl’ (or tht iu to bo willing to share their    T    '    .f.^tii childr.n with ottiers who loug for C't>' ‘“fay,    of    the, little ones in their houTes."    iinton o fictalB of haiisas. Oklahoma.! _    ^______ Missouri and Arkansas. Thomas Cunningham, traveling auditor in charge of the miners’ headquarters, E\< KED ^iXID.N DOI.LARS    attempting to establish coni- By the \saorieted Prew ~    iiiunication    With    Alexander Howat. TOI-EKA, KanB.. Dee. 24—For    7“ the first time In the hlaloir of the^J'>'"A*':..!®' EE Great White Victory Arch Being Pulled AIIREAT COAST AFFAIO' By the Asaociatiti Presh CHAISTMAC AT THE . HTE HOIHE OUIET • alate, the farm product* and live- 'J*®    ^    'h*    dlgtrlct    exMUtlTe Mock raised this year exceed , •><>»rd    ■>««"    l*»ued.    it    was billion dollars in Talus. The a^ual; report on farm production issued!f today by the alate board of SKrlcuI- of b«^* lure shows the aggregate ealuea to    _______ be 11.870,000.000. High price* fori farm products rather than unprece-; dented yield* were responsible for’ the showing, the report states. ' -k--♦ UNCIofK HAM WHiL QUIT    | HK.XDING GUNH TO MEXICO * NO PAPER TOMORROW In keeping with a custom of the News established at the beginning, as well as the custom of nearly all the newspapers in the country. By News' Special Service W’ASHfNGTON, Dec. 24.—Revoca-. Hon effective Jan. I of all licenses there will he no issue of the Issued by the war    trade    board    prior ^    tomorrow,    Christmas to last Sept. 30    for    the    ex    porta- ^ lion of arms or munitions of war to ? Mexico was announced today by thei^ state department.    ’ a..    ( * ----k--------- The baby girl of Roy Meeks, qity mall carrier, has been quite 111 with day. The pentiment that inspires the celebration of this holiday, prevalent throughout the Christian world, cannot hut approve of a day of rest and worship on the part of every human being that L«rlppe but I. reported to be    peHeve,    in    Him    Vho    Mid, great deal better today. Otic ef evsrythlfig yeu fat sa-aociy as PMI put R hup IL K you fool that ChHstmas has isgsfi-araM lets a msrs esmmsrclat bartw af pHH assi! Mis eaiaat la ■4c ii :4C it ♦ “My kingdom Is not of this this world.” The News again extends happy (ellcttatlQiis and most hearty greatlafs and good wfehes to every reader and every Jpb prliAlaf and ad-vertlsiaf palroM. May your tffho taaaaaaa. dad may you live loaf tad prosper. tty 'Im Aiiuclstsi PsMi SAN BERNARDINO. Calif.. Dec. 24.—More than 1,000.0000 oranges will he used by the citrus fruit growers of California to build their annual exposition, the National NEW YORK, Dec. 23.—The war ny special Servics la over (or New York. Workmen WASHINGTON. Dec. 24.- Christ- are bow pulling down the great day at the White House will be white “Victory Arch” ai Fifth j a quiet one. Owing to President Avenue and 23rd Street, erected that America’s victorious legions returning from France might march Orange Show, to celebrate the I60th beneath it in triumph. The “Wel-anniversary of the planting of. one come to our Returning Soldiers of California's first orange trees. by Padre Dumets. a Frandsean. The exposition will he held in San Bernardino, February IS to 23. Wilson’s illness his grandchildren will not come to Washington and there will he no Christmas tree. The President will eat hie Christmas dinner in his room. It will be serv- signs are being removed from the | od by Mrs. Wilson, municipal buildings. Orders have Tomorrow morning Mrs. Wilson been given for the removal from Florid, Will send fruit to compoU' i? in Mme of    the cltru,    fruit cluui-    5.^!^    edifices ficaUons.    erected    by soldier welfare organtsa- For IO    years the    citrus fruit    ^    ... growers of California have been en-* f wooden battleship still tertaining many thousands of people!    center    of Union from many states at their exposl-’ Square, her Quaker guns dominating Hon. It win he laid out In a great} reaches of Broadway and Ftf-    _________ ___ ______ garden of    flowers at    a park and^®®^^*^    Street hut is being used i House, a large number being deliv- cltrus fruit communiUes of the state, solely for peaee-time recruiting forjered today. will vie with each otlftr In the splen. the navy. There is no indication ■    —__4t wilt distribute presents to friends of the family and to children who MVO on the countryside along the route to the country club in nearby Virginia where the President has played golf since he has been in the White House. Hundreds of presents and cards have been .received at the White dor of their works of art created when she will he scrapped as oh-i^J|p^^,^ PEACE DMMXIATB from the golden frolL    •    Bolete. The site of the orange show is to he the spot where the Franslscan CENSUS SUPERVISOR padre planted the first orange tree of the region. Prises will he awarded to the growers who produce the ehoicea of oranges, grapefmlt and lemons. LM year more than 100.000 people attended the expoeitlon, which has become one of California’s most famotts mld-wlnter eventa. -OE--- WILL VISIT 'ADA W. C. Geers of Tishomingo, cen-SUS supervisor of the Fourth Con-.^ ^J 5 ,1? ^ . OBJBCTS TO THE PLANS Hy thy A««oelstod Pr«M PARIS, Dec. 24.—Japan's sentatlve in the supreme a has objected to the mand'’ The Evening News desires io express its appreciation of the many compliments paid it for the appeal for a less noisy Christmas we«published yesterday afternoon. Many of Ada’s best people have seen fit to compliment our stand in this minter and to approve our taking such stand. Their iboughttulness is most gratifying to us. We join the peace-loving citizens of Ada in expressing our pleasure that all unnecessary hilarity has passed away. The over-zealous and her in the lead. Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Detroit, Baltimore, I Galveston and Buffalo followed in the order named. During the preceding fiscal year Seattle snatched second position f OI I Philadelphia, which had just achieved it for the first time in ^ i many years. ^ Baltimore and Galveston lead ^ Boston and San Francisco in the value of their but the ^ >aiu4T Kfi iiicti exports, ^ weakness of the first named ports ^ lies in'the paucity of their imports. ^ There is no^ ro”t in which imports ^ exceeded exports, although they ^ come nearer to balancing at Boston ,|ii Montreal led the North American 4t ‘ ports except New York, with a to-thoughtless have bowed to 4t)tal foreign trade of $700,00*0,000 the published request of the 4t!in value. ■kl--*- authorities for less noise and are today, refraining from -klCOAL INVEST7GATOR8 TO the promiscuous firing of torpedoes and other exploe sives on the business streetiL This is a real favor to wom- MEET AT PRESIDENT’S CAU4 Rjr th* Associated Press WASHINGTON, Dec. 24.—Presi dent Wilson today issued a call for en and children and the boys ♦ j a meeting here Monday of the spee- Isl commission appointed to investi- are to be commended for denying themselves a little 4t gate \:harges In the bituminous Wl gressional district, will he in Ada next Monday, December 29. Ms will meet the local eoumerators of Pontotoc county In tbs district court room at 2:80 P. M., and glvs thmn oral Instructions Im the census work. All tho enuaMmors are reqaestod to be preeent at this meeting Monday aftunMMM. on the Pacific 4ro>' ed. Time has the question meuL Meaiiwkll possession of MiMW Lola aas MIMrad Bowla loft jroatardar tw StnHist. SSM aor pts apass OkrMasK MBATmnr Fair toatgki sr Hi fast fun for the sake of others. The News appreciates the good will of the citisens and will continue to advocate what is for the hest interests of the better element. If anyone fails to approve our appeals for law and order, he is commended to the reds of Russia who have sworn eternal war on order and bath tubs and decency, and who will welcome to their midst anyone who thinks thst he has an inalienable right to make a nuieanee of himself. We seek to represent the better element only, and are always gratified when , are pleased with our ^taad on pfblit matfhrs. You where to place those disagree with this of wko, dmiy the luett.,ot:.;ffr atate-you are ♦ I industry. The commission at this time is expected to lay plans for its inquiry ani probably will continue several weeks. • --- BOLHHEVIKI FORCES MAKE A TREMENDOUS CAPTURE Ry thM AsMielMk^d PrMH LONDON, Dec. 24.—The Boishev-Ike captured 15 guns, 1000 horses and 300 men after defeating the forces of General Mamoutoff in the region of Staroniansk, according to Ija wireless dispatch received from ^ Moscow today. More than 1000 oos-sacks, including General Chelnokoff. were killed the dispatch adds. %t’k4i4i g Rsmemher this Chrlstiiiaa Amy MMU Isivo to tho sftrongest tklni ; In tbs umi4d, and Miat tho Men* •sd Ufs wtiicli ksgan in Belhw I tohsm to the iniags and the hrighttsss of the Kismgl Lsnik I ;

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