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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 23, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma To'Our Dear Friends: We Wish That IF MOT HMR HOEM! RATIFICATION BEFORE JANUARY IM HAILED AB CHANCE FOR ANOTHER WET PERIOD OF FEW DAYE. lr ti* Anotia tad Fran WASHINGTON. Dec. IS. With AGED MICHIGAN WOMAN AC* CUM! MAN OF MURDERING HER DAUGHTER WITH IL-LBGAL OPERATION By tin LAWTON. Midi. Dec. 23.—A both sides apparently willing to signed statement, accusing Joseph give and take, the effort to reach' Virgo of performing an illegal op-a compromise agreement for ratifi-' oration upon Maud Tabor, has been cation of the peace treaty was re- made by Mrs. Sarah I. Tabor. 80 ported progressing satisfactorily st ymn Jd. motber of th, brilliant M TLT*1? -“if leaders, linguist whose body was found in of both sides. Early rati!ficaUon of a    in the basement of her the treaty was predicted by some home hm    prosecutor senators before January IC, which Glenn Warner, announced this would give President Wilson an opportunity to lift war-time prohibition and grant the country a wet period before the constitutional amendment becomes effective on that date. All senators remaining in Washington during the holidays probably will be called upon to participate in nutating. The stat omen v which is in direct contradiction to the story told) by the aged woman at the inquest; covers 30 pages and was made to; him, Warner declared, in jail at! Pawpaw, near here shortly after I the treaty conference. From present midnight. indications the senate is going ahead Mrs. Tabor says that Virgo, who with the compromise program with- wan married to Miss Tabor about out awaiting further words from a year before her disappearance in the White House. 1916, took her to a deserted farm house in the neighborhood of Lawton, kept her there three days and then brought her home where she died. The statement adds that Virgo crammed the body of his wife in what was to have been her hope ti/-* I  A * ^ v chest and conveyed it to the cellar WW IFlUOW i/ispiau after she had prevented him from chipping the trunk out of the state. - Virgo    has been held in the county jail at Pawpaw nearly a month on Ada Motor Co. Have a Unique Practically every merchant in the a warrant charging murder. windd/rr?.7^,^'al    ot.^e    IU her testimony at the luau st, hire prepared for the holiday., bu* fMr*' Tabor brought back from Cali- wfcen it comes to the automobile f°rnia' V **r    °“    » dealers, the Ada Motor Company char*e of murder, denied she had has one that even the other dealers anv ^mjwledgo of^the case, will have to admit is something out,    r    *    ’ of the ordinary.    COMMERCE COMMLSSlON The entire space of the commo-    REVISES FREIGHT RATES dkms show window in the southeast _    .    .    .    . ~ corner of the big building, fronting    ^ . on Main street, is taken up with the WASHINGTON, Dec. 23. Orders scheme. It is a most realistic snow    Memphis    southeastern in scene, arranged with cotton vprinh-f ^eetigations. made public today by led with silver confetti, and it is so the interstate commerce commission, near an approach to the real thing revi*ed virtually all freight rates be-that you begiu to shiver when you tween Memphis, St. Louis, Arkansas get in sight of it, even if -you have a Oklahoma and in el feet reaf-on your furs.    firmed the decision in the courts It represents a rugged roadway in that the,e must ** no discrimination a mountainous district, a steep hill or Prei“di^e between intrastate rates covered with snow is the main fea- compared with interstate rates. lure of the landscape and on the-    .    ..    .    — north side of Hie road a stone wall *    . Bhuts out the imaginary view be-    WASHINGTON,    Dec. 23. — The Raising Hell For Christ’s Sake Have you ever seen the Prince of Peace in a joy wagon? Have you ever seen roughnecks celebrating the message of Bethlehem by racing on Main street in an auto truck, firing torpedoes and six shooters? If you never have, then you were not on Main street in Ada last night When the curtains of Heaven roll back and angels come down to praise the advent of peace bn earth, it is one thing. When 1900 years have passed and a gang of American roughnecks violate speed regulations and light the streets with the flash of fire arms to celebrate the birthday of Christ it is another thing. An angel chorus above the hills of Bethlehem. An auto load of half-baked Americans filling the air with noise and profanity. Take your choice. More than nineteen hundred years have passed since the advent of Messiah. Nations have yielded to His gentle teaching and the races of men have taken knowledge of the message He brought to earth. Civilization has adjusted itself to the philosophy taught by a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. Yet time and teaching both are wasted on men who worship jake and gun powder and offensive noises. How much has the world learned since Mary wrapped the Child in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger? Judged by last night’s performance on Main street the world has learned nothing. Still there are those who express their joy at the birth of a Saviour by making unvarnished asses of themselves. WILL BL SUCCESS yond, giving .ll the" nectary Affect «■!»«“'; rfP°rt    by    Mrj    .J?* rChh^'"“ ^“Pt‘*Un J? of distance. Behind the wall along Damels’ made    findings:    j    United Charities in Ada begn jes- the hilly roadway is a dense cedar Prescribe a maximum scale of terday morning has already been woods, and perched high noon the’rat** for di8lance« not in excess of a pronounced success. The goal cliffs among the cedars is a large miles between points in Okla-; aet was a monthly budget of at deer, a buck, in fact. with horns horaa* Arkansas and southern Mis- least 6500.00, and this amount is that instantly identify the animal as souri*    .already in sight. Quite a number a fine specimen of the deer family. Declared existing second class5 of liberal-minded citixens are yet At the foot of the hill apparent- rate8 between Memphis and all points to be seen, but a sufficient auntly under full speed with no possi- on CIa** A rai,r°ad8 Arkansas toj ber have been seen to assure the bility of getting stuck even in a be unreasonable and unduly preju- committees that the desired amount snow drift, is a new, spick and span (1!C,al 10 Memphis to the extent that, ©pm 59 subscribed, five passenger Dodge, with lights    by Blore than reasonable it i8 an Unusually busy time, JLT SANTA CLAUS BOW tm OK HIS WAT TO AOA ADMI RAI. SIM* REFUSED ONE Dear News-HIMSELF ON THE GROUND THAT INJUSTICE HAD BERN DONE. Polar Bear City, Somewhere The Ada Evening News * Ada, Oklahoma, I have read your paper every day for the last three weeks, and know what the little folks of your city want. I had laid In a supply of good things for my Ada friends, but I notice that the Ada merchants COL. J. W. DAVIS HOLDS AUO* TION SALB LAST FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AT STATE'S LARGEST RANCH I Last Friday and Saturday wit-1 messed the dismantling of the fain-1 Otis Horseshoe Ranch, in tile ex-g jtreme southwest part of the conn-1 ty, when Col. J. W. Davis; auction-1 eer of this city, conducted a two! day sale of furniture, fixtures, tools J machinery* live stock etc.    I For the past several years thel property, embracing at the present! time over ten thousand acres, has I belonged to Judge George W. Arm-1 strong and his associates of Fort! Worth, Texas. A short time agog the ranch* was sold to P. A. Norris,! of this city, which accounts for thel fact that the present owners are! closing out their personal effects I on the ranGh.    I This is the largest ranch yet in-1 tact In the state lf not la the en-1 tire southwest, and when the pres-1 lent owner divides it into small! farms, as he probably will do in! the near future, the transaction I will mark the passing of the old or-1 der as it was In the early pioneer! days.    I While #the weather was not con-! ducive to a good sale either Frf-J day or Saturday, several thousand! dollars worth of property was dis-1 posed of. Mr. Y. Q. McCammon, I manager of the ranch, is of the| opinion that he can dispose of the j rest of the live stock and personal I effects at private sale.    I I The editor of the News accompan-l led Col. Davis to the ranch awl re-1 mained for the full two days, thel guest of the McCammons, ‘and we I cannot refrain from deviating from I the stereotyped form of the news I narrative long enough to say that I I in all our experience we were never more royally entertained than while I [the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Y. Q. (McCammon at Horseshoe Rauch. I •—; i*   I JUDGE CRAIG ADVISES MOTHERS TO KEEP DAUGHTERS OF SCHOOL AGE AWAY FROM TRIAL. OW the Associated Press LOS ANGELES, Calif., Dec. 23.— Reading of depositions chiefly of residents of Indianapolis and Oklahoma City were expected to be resumed today by the defense at tho trial of Harry New, charged with the murder of Miss Lesser, his sweetheart. Depositions arleady offered on behalf of New, one by Mrs. Corder of Oklahoma City, who declared that he was known among his associates there as “Nutty New.” Another who gave a deposition was Theodore Taylor, fellow member with New in Indiana, who said he believed the defendant was insane, because he had a fondness for killing rattlesnakes when he did military duty on the Mexican border in 1916. Others state that he has * brooded over the alleged circumstances of his birth. Despite the advice of Judge Craig to mothers to keep their daughters of school age away from the trial, girls and women were predominant among hundreds seeking admittance to the court room. -Ic- Consorting Case Might Bust Up Happg Famitg London Coming to America to Learn The only case in police court this morning, was a consorting case, wherein a more or less prominent mere man was accused of Consorting with a more or less well known woman. The woman in like manner was accused of consorting with tho aforesaid mere man. The name of th© woman is. to this reporter unknown, while the name of the man is herewith suppressed because of a suggestion from hizzoner th*e mayor a » Ithdt publication of the name Telephone Problem ^*! explode a large and Violent I quantity of marital dynamite in an j otherwise peaceful and happy home. By the Associated Presa    —      4*--- By the Associated press WASHINGTON. Dec. 23.—Secre- have everything I need, so I am tart Daniels today ordered a com- sending my Polar Bear City supply uoape. wun lights Ti ~ V. Z Vt « to an unusually Dusty time,: Prehensile report on awarding of , to Arkansas where thev don't have burning full glare and lighting the    -SHUSS.    inakia«    it    rather    difficult    for    the    I    decorations    prepared    for    the    infor-|    so    ^any nice things. roadway.    "    ~    '    rat«s applicable for like distances:    comI11ittees to The window is somethin^ new for o    traffic    iii Arkansas. entailing quite a sacrum? un me ------    —«    *****    •«- this- section of the country and Thrin^itto^h^t ^e cUM    committeemen who have had to clade.al! rfco““iendatlon8 by lndi- vhoever did the work has the in-    allegation that the class rates    - gradients —----—ST.    Trunk It..... lannitnm    Ct.    C__ill. ova TV, 11 CV* VaUISBS V IHT till*.    I    lit?    I upon we everybody and I    Paf®    °1I„    tbe!    I am leaving for Ada this after- entailing quite a sacrifice on the fnalp P.8'*1 committee. It will In- noon to distribute my litUe tokens of joy to my more than five thou ed the work has the in- , 1 ne alle«all<>a that the class rates .    "    ™    “    A    "bllR    tldualg    or by boa.cis and the action)01    ,    a    .    uV    *7 of an artist in his makenn fr0ln po‘n,', °* ori*,n in Western ae ,beir worlt    a    b“*y    I    by the board* and the seeretonr 184    friends. There is one little boy Ii keUP- trunk lines territory to Ft. Smith. “a’°" *° “nTa8a ,b«_ ® f- ™® I Sfmself uponthe ecommeSSffl ,wo 11,U® *lrta wh« hay« ^ St- Jose,dr. Catholic Church Rev. Father Augustine Felder of sustained New Orleans will lecture at the Ark., and unduly prejudicial to that point and unduly preferential to points iii eastern Oklahoma was not Catholic Church tonight at 7:30. His ji-im;k amuckmov univ subject wlU be "Home Sweet Home”    —    T<>WAY Everyone is welcome. The lecture •    _ last night was very    interesting.    ibm A«oci.t«i Pre*. Father Augustino is a noted mis-; INDIANAPOLIS, Dec.’ 23. manner fafiDe speaJter' Mass at ander Howat, President of Kansas 9.30 Wednesday morning.    district of United Mine Workers of today by United District Judge A. rn * GOD HELP ODESSA ♦ - ♦ By the Associated Press: ♦ BERWICK. Eng., Dec. 22. following are the committees for the different wards: Ward I, A. 9,™**-    7?ar*a*nv    ‘“0, followed criticism of the T B B?ake and jarc Witherin'' !•“ Wh,cl1 some of ,he »*»rda were w.!i T Ln Vh.ir    I    dl,lribu,e|1 Pa l Of thia criticism ------7    „    t    ^ Chapman and Guy j wa(, made by Admiral Sims    who RELEABED ALEX HOWAT    Ward    4#    F.    L.    Finley    commanded American naval forces and J. E.% Hickman.    J    overseas during the war, in a letter All work of charity in Ada for to Secretary Baker. In the letter the year 1920 will be under the Admiral Sims declined a decoration supervision of United Charities and j of a distinguished service medal the support of this work will be > tendered bim personally on the by the monthly budget now being I grounds that injustice had been subscribed. It is the purpose of the I done to some officers in the disorganization to eliminhte street beg-1 tribution of the awards. LIMA, Ohio, Dec. 23.—London,!CAPTAIN CATE* AGAIN * England, is coming to the United! REMEMBERS NEWS FORCH States to have its telephone prob-i    ------ lems solved. London’e phone service j Captain J. C. Cates, pioneer eiti-has been notorious and leading news-, zen and prominent in Confederate papers have been Conducting agua-1 Veteran circles, is a staunch friend tion for a change for some time, i of the Evening News, and always A commission of British telephone remembers the force at Christmas experts recently visited lima, Ohio,1 time. Today he brought in a nice to inspect a unique system installed box of cigars and distributed the there. Cleveland, Ohio, also senf a same among the boys of the force, delegation and is considering adopt- The captain's head is now white ing the same system, known as the with the frosts of many winters, but “auto-manuai.''    j    his heart is as mellow as that of It is neither manual, as the old a child, as is attested by the follow* system generally ‘in use, nor is it^ing note which is addressed to the entirely automatic, but combines, it members of the News force on tho is claimed, the advantages of both occasion of this happy Yuletide* types aid eliminates their disad-j    ___ vantages. Unlike I To the News Forcfe: , ..    ,    .    system,    j    want to congratulate you and switchboard operators are employed thank you for your eood naner and Kilt tkre re) A faahiAVi.'vl    ak     *    «    *    ®    IMMR the automatic ecommendations. ^    “J™ J\\ "V!“u    but    the    old fashioned switchboard, wish    a    roerrv    Chrisom**    and The older was issued in response a „ Jcant take them any- witjl itg nluxs and cords.* is elim-1 „ k     _r______ tmasand to a request of Senator Page which!    Maybe, if they are good, ITI think of them next time. Alex- A rn erie a, was released from Jail * B. Anderson. Howat agreed to join the inter- * national officials of United Mine * Workers, pending a telegram to the district executive board in Kansas ac 7    JI!    ‘    Odessa    in    ^ endeavor to have all strikes w is about 'dp times more than +\ fn vanM. roA.    on ♦ before t V, says Miss Rub- d Kansas coal fields ended. M sell, sis « the local food *: * controller, who has just mum- *    Elephant’s    Bone*    Shipped ^iMnist fro ii ♦ ed from that Russian city. She *| Kd Crabb, taxidermist from the ♦ lived there for two and one- * Oklahoma University, returned this 6c half years.    * morning after shipping tbs bones of 6c A pair of boots, she says, 6c the elephant belonging to the Honest 6c costs from 2.000 to 3,000 rn- 4c Bill Circus, which died recently, to 6c hies—a year’s salary—and a 4c the . University. It required three 6c dress was only to be had at a 6c large boxes to hold the bones, which 6c similar ruinous figure. In Odes- 6c> upon arrival will be remounted in 6c aa the day before she left the 6c! the museum for study and Inspse-6c English pound was equivalent 6c* Don. Mr. Crabb wishes to thank 6c .to 800 rubles instead of less 6c|Will Newton, better known as “Hon-6c than lo as in pre-war days. 4c! est Bill," and owner of the show, 6c “The Bolshevik!," she ex- 6c fof bis help, for he was most ac- Youra for a good time, SANTA CLAUS. -4t :- BOLSHEVIK! OFFENSIVE AGAINST POLAND PLANNED ging. Everyone soliciting aid will be sent to the regular organisation; in order that an investigation may1, be made and all worthy cases cared | for. In this way every worthy case 'mm * will receive the neeeesary assist-. anes and fake eoUcltons prevented from imposing on the public. -4c- The Old Selkirk Musket Still Goes Rounds of Museums LONDON. Dec. S3.—The musket! said to have been given to Alexander Selkirk when he was put ■ ashore on tho island of Joan Fe*-1 14c plained, “are Communists and    6 comodating' to he    and Prof.    Mao-] nandes, 400    miles off    the    Chilean 6c the principle of the Communists    4cj Millan. who had    charge of    tho, ^°SMt, has been going    the    rounds) 6i Is everything for themselves 4c: skinning of tho elephant to mount at British museums. It wee Sel-j 4c and nothing for the rest. The 4c at the Normal.    i kirk’* adventures upon which was 4c other, they say, have bad their 4c!    -*- j based DeFoe's famous story, Robtn-I 6i tarn, and they treat them with    6c1 LAW OPV1CKB0    OF THE    aoli Craton.    The musket    is in- 6c ruthless cruelty. Life for the    6c j    FROWN INDICT it awm scribed with    the name    “A.    Selkirk 4c educated people Is utterly Im-    4r    - I    Largo, 1771,“ It wa* purchased by 6c possible. Those who have money    6c    Br    th* Aaoeatd Pmmm    |    Randolph Berens for $6.25 but the! 6c ara fast eating into their    6c|    LONDON, Doc. 23.—Law    officers!    insured It for |10,000.| 14c capital; those who have not are    6cj0f    the clown held    a    mnltidMi. -Selkirk owned a tavern noarl 4c dying of starvation. That also 4c! with French and Belgian officers d&Pbam but died In 1723 at sea as 4c Ie an expensive business, for 4cl today with 4c the cost of coffins has reached 4c perors. It 4cit prohibitive figure."    4^    ferim. 4i    6ti *** ««***«*«*««««* Jj lieutonaot abo«rd a amt vqaaaL run Mi PERSHING I OUCHES HOHE TODAY Hf th* Associated Froes LACLEDE, Mo., Dec. 22.—John Pershing, General, laid aside all military formalities today and visited in this village, his birthplace and boyhood home, When he stepped from the platform of his special car doiens or his boyhood chums rushed to shake his hand. When the party was able to push through, they Were taken to his old home where dinner was served. They named him Jack, and Jack he was the remainder of the day. -4t- PREMIER LLOYD GEORGE TO Bi VI8IT PREMIER CLKMENCEAU 8, th. faul,M PNM LONDON, Dec. 38^Premier Lloyd George will go to Paris next week to confer with Premier Clemenceau, it was announced today^^^^^H • . " -I : . _ ,*• J By the Axaoelated Press GENVEA, Switz., Dec. 23.—Preparations for a great Bolshevik! offensive against Poland next spring is being planned by Lenine, Soviet Minister of War and Marine of Russia, according to a Warsaw dispatch received by the Ukranian news bureau here. Chinese troops who ara being recruited at the rate of 8,000 a day and trained in the soviet military school, will aid in the campaign, it is said. It is declared that Trotaky intends to use Chinese troops in carrying out his project of an invasion of^ Western Europe. "*"*  ......1    '■    IWM* I  .,    * EXPORTS EXCEED IMPORTS IN ALL AMERICAN PORTS Br th# Associated Press WASHINGTON, Dec, 33.—An explanation of the deportation of two hundred, and forty-nine radicals on the steamer, Buford, was cabled by the state department to various capitols today. The message said precaution had been taken to “request for them safe conduct and humane treatment at the hands of authorities under whose jurisdiction they will pass enroute to Soviet Russia.?'    -    ; : -    ._ teated**8 I) USS cords’ *is eliiu* a happy and prosperous Nev Yeari j and when you lie down to pleasant IU- ; A rAa rn q mar hKaoa    ___ Instead each girl sits at    an in-,    dreanis. may those    dreams be aa d.viduel desk, with three    mstru-    sweet    i ments resembling adding machines    thnt leaves thP    at th®    ®^ f before her. The first column    of the    peVfecTday.^As Tver'VoSr    friend    * key-board is devoted to prefixes    y    menu. and the others to numerals. When a call Is received an auto- J. W. CATES. w lieu a call is receive    an    auto-    FNGINFFU.    H un    til ¥ im matte “distributor”' starts    it    down    \\H° the line of desks until it Buds a ty the Arnold Press    HIMSELF girl who is not busy. If    one    who!    i it I ic    ^ has been passsed clears    her    desk the call jumps back to her. I    a    L1?1l8Lhl1 ***** which After she has punched th© proper; . ^    train today^ causing key the further processes of thev deaths, blew out his brains with call become automatic. An automatic!V*}Ver after asai»ting injured ringer notifies the subscriber that!passengers* his number is being rung, or if thek.aaaaA . line Is busy an automatic “busy J wk wk * 4t 4t 4i 4t 4t 4t 4t 4i 4t ¥ 4i ♦ signal" informs him of the fact. II __    4t The system is said to furnish an averag^o^fiftee^secon^serYiceTyJ while individual operators handle asu TO THE PUBLIC 4c 61 WIBPWBWiBBHBlHIHWBlBlBPBPBWHEThere is an ordinance against 4c many as three times the calls taken J discharge of firecrackers, 4c care of under tee old system.    l    Roman    candles    or    other    ex-    ,4c FRENCH* ABANDON HOPE OF KARLY PEACE TERMS By th# Associated Prat    * PARIS, Dec. 23.—Exchange of ratification of the German peace treaty before the end of the year is considered Impossible in French official circles* This opinion formed today when the head of the! J    ly- delegation here announced that hell JOHN RAWLS, Chief Police. 4e would he obliged to return to Berlin; J* *    g.    .    v, to consult with Jhe government the latest allied communication. — ♦ plosives within the fire limits 4c 6 of the city of A£a. With the 6c ♦ aproach of the holidays this 6i 4t ordinance has been violated 6c ♦ with impunity, making th© 4c ? J??1®- a nuisance. In view of 4c 6j this fact I desire to serve notice 4t i !at„il* wiM have K° stopped. 4t J u t be comP^lled to enforce 4c « the law. Take notice and be 4c ■■■■^^■41 WNE_LRADER_ ^QjAjL;^™ STRIKE j    KAN8ASK    ;    ti    ' ] By ti* A«ao#i*t»d Y^-i— I PITTSBURG, Kans., Dec. 23.—-I Seventeen Kansas coal mines where! I approximately 3,000 miners are em-! PlWwL wert. j#e today .-»gie mtoiwi ;

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