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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 22, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma att! SS. H3ffK303a .YAdVIOM .AMOHAJXO .AOA £W31t0VHVI3V3 3HT CWT 30A3 Winds Swaging the Betts of a Te: rn* rn old inWords--Libertg ires VOLUME XVI. NUMBER 211 ADA, OKLAHOMA, MONDAY, DECEMBE CENTS THE COPY Wedding License Issued To Many Principals Ainong the Throng Are Emma Goldman and Her Good Friend. Berkman. f ' et ^ ANXIOUS TO REACH* -AGREEMENT WITH GERMANY ON . REPARATIONS TO RUSH I X SIEVING of PROTOCOL WOMAN WHO BHH ARED HUSBAND HLAD EKEN wJhiIHW) LRD WR THAT ATTACKED AND BEAT POLICK. ■; agism® sc ismPm?rsPledge to Quit Three young men of the city of Ada were before Mayor Kitchens in police court this morning to give inside information concerning a game of poker in which the aforesaid three were engaged yesterday when rudely interrupted and apprehended by the city police. The young men were very penitent when One en t he apprehended* youths was moved to tears hy his own tragic story. He never played poker hj<H fore. He never had any luck anyway, only drawing a bobtailed flash: He would lose his job if the story got out. It would break his mother’s heart if she should hear of his downfall. The mayor assessed each of the boys $8.75 and received their promises never to play poker again so long as crass grows and water runs. Wallace Baggs was in police court this morning on a charge of getting entirely too full of that inspiring brew forbidden by the laws of state and nation. He received the nominal assessment of $8.75. W. E. Heady of patent medicine fame was before hizzoner this morning on a charge of disturbing the* peace. The star witness against him was one Henry Starbuck. Tt appears from the context that Heady and Starbuck are interested in the* sale of patent medicines and proprietary remedies ana spend their time travelling about the country1 sewing the aforesaid to all buyer*. It is said that Heady became ag** grieved because Starbuck trespassed' on his territory and proceeded to die turb the peace of the latter in w masher and form not approved by the statutes of the state of Okla* boma. $8.75.    *"    ■*'    * KANSAS CITY. Dec. 22.—Fiber of $100 each were assessed fifteen Russians said to be members1 of the communist's colleague court in Kau-’ sa$ * City. Kans., '*today for holding unlawful meetings. The men w«m» arrested yesterday wham the pollee raided a meeting alleged tto be radical. The fifteen men are being, held, for investigat ion by authorities* ,, f( DAYS LEFT TO of tho Untied ;

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