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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 18, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma in Ada h i. W. Griffith'* in VOLUME XVI. NUMBER 238ADA, OKLAHOMA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1919 THREE CENTS THE COPT STAGE COMPANY POR CHRISTMAS ONLY WAY TO STOP HIGH CORT OF I JVI NG IR TO LAY OFF OF HGGH, FUR COATS AND UKE LUTCH!KH. UNITED STATES BUREAU < CROP ESTIMATES PUTH OK LAHOMA IN FOREFRONT IN WINTER WHEAT. NORTH AND NORTHEAST SUFFERING FROM FREEZING WEATHER; COAL SHORT-AGB WILL BB FELT. By the Associated Praos NEW YORK, Dec. IS.—(Business men of this metropolis, who are always doing something extraordinary in the way of commercial achiev ment, are going to move an entire industry—the garment trade—employing thousands of workers aud millions of capital and housed in hundreds of buildings from one section of New York * to another. The movement, known as the “Save Fifth Avenue’* project, started several years ago and has just now assumed tangible form. Factories which have long despoiled part of America’s most fa-famous shopping thoroughfare, scores of them, within, a few months will have packed up hag and baggage and transferred their activity to another area _<af Manhattan—west - of Seventh avenue from 30th to 39th street—there to establish the garment center of the United States.    t Fifth avenue for years has borne the reputation of being devoted to retail shops of high and most diversified types. Into this region of imposing business buildings and exclusive merchants, as time went on, the cloak and suit manufacturers, made their way. Soon the sewing machine bade fair to el;mi-nate the yard-stick. America’s promenade of elite trade and style was being transformed into a factory district where noon and closing hour whistles vied with limousine motor horns. These cloak and suit manufacturers, however, most of them patriotic Americans and jealous of the welfare of New York, got together and, co-operating with a group of men known as the “Save New York Committee,” formulated plans for the erection of factory buildings in a less exclusive section of the city. Carrying the idea of co-operation still further, they purchased many pieces of real estate, totalling 92,-000 square feet in the Seventh avenue section, and have obtained options on 102,000 square feet more. Plans now contemplate the construction of four co-operative factory buildings of sixteen stories each with a combined floor space pf 1,400,000 square feet at a yearly rental cost of approximately $700,-000, about 50. cents a* square foot as against $2.50 a square foot which many of the manufacturers are now Paying. The men interested in the project estimate a saving of not less than $S,OOO,OOO a year in rent alone, and another similar economies, they say. will “et#i tively slash ♦he h;<*h cost of livllfg as regards women’s garments." A reduction of from $1 to $T.25 per garment will be possible, they say, as a result of the stoppage of inflated rents. Sixty garment manufacturers with an annual output valued at $650„000,000 are to begin the new venture and other lines of trade are to be invited to join the movement as its practicality and wisdom are demonstrated. Br tb« Associated Press WASHINGTON, Dec. 18.—Below zero weather was registered last night and early today in parts of New York. state and New England. The lowest temperature reported to the weather bureau' was at Northfield, Vt., where the thermometer registered 22 degrees below, while the next report was 20 below at Canton, N. Y. Zero temperatures were registered in New York City and it was 5 below in Boston. The weather bureau’s forecast said temperatures would moderate somewhat in the Riddle Atlantic and New England states, the Ohio Valley and lower lake region tonight and Friday. Cold weather conditions are general over the west plateaus but comparatively mild temperatures prevailed over the west Gulf states and on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. CHICAGO, Dec. 18.—Women of Illinois will lead the campaigning against the high cost of living. A woman is ta take charge of the entire state organisation, being formed (o batter down prices. Mrs. Maud R. Turley, organiser of the Woman’s Division whose powers will be even greater than those of the state fair price commission, issued her first communication to women today. “Stop buying/’ she said, “refuse to pay luxury prices and unreasonable cost for common food stuffs. Stop eating $1.00 a dozen eggs and 90 cent butter. Postpone purchases of the fur coat and expensive suits for the present and prices will tumble. You are 90 per cent of the purchasing power. Use that power and watch the result.” / "AZIZ Mine* SNB \ MU BC HOMB AOA 7MB HOLIDAYS AND MU BALN* TWO SINI* O* TAB COMPANY WITM ABA- WHO HAMB NT J ANY HOMBS TO SO TO- j F. A. Jones of Ford Motor Co. and E. C. Kelly with the Vander-slice Motor Co. of the Tulsa district for Fordson Tractors were visitors Tuesday at Fleet Cooper’s Garage. the local dealers for the Fordson Tractor. Wayne Wadlington, County Attorney, is in receipt of a letter from Gov. J. B. A. Robertson to the effect that United States Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, will be in Oklahoma City for an address tomorrow morning at nine o’clock. .The attorney general will speak in the hall of representatives on the question of profiteering and the high cost of living, and the mayors of all cities in the state and the prosecuting attorneys of all counties in the state are invited to attend the meeting, as also is the invitation extended to all Interested citizens who care to attend. County Attorney Wadlington left on the Katy train this afternoon to attend the meeting. By t he Associated Press FIUME, Dec. 17.—Obstacles to the withdrawal of D’Anunzio forces brought about a new turn in the situation today and will block acceptance of the proposal made by General Radoglio, Italian chief of staff. Stronr pressure is being exerted by large numbers of soldiers who desire tc remain in Flume until formal an exation to Italy is promised, anc' there are also various elements of r e annexationists waiting for stron- guarantees, even insisting that t ie present garrison be maintained h re as a regular Lallan garrison vnder the command of D’Anunzio. Feeling is ' inning at the highest pitch preparr tory to the meeting which will br held tomorrow. Br th* Aaaocistqd Pre** WASHINGTON, Dec. 18.—Mexico’s reply to the latest American note in the ease of the American Consular agent Jenkins was received today at the State Department. The official text was said to differ only Hlightlv from that contained In the A. P. dispatches Tuesday night from Mexico City. While officials said they would have no comment to make until they ha d had time to thoroughly study the note, It was indicated that at first reading me communication bad not made a favorable impress- DAYS TO SHOP A ;

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